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realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump) 2017/3/21(火) 8:03

Thank you Louisville, Kentucky- on my way!

brward35 3/21(火) 8:40
stop tweeting and get to work!
LostPopularVote 3/21(火) 8:40
You lost the popular vote
billyrae54 3/21(火) 8:40
you need to fire Comey he is a snake in the grass
RogueConstitut1 3/21(火) 8:40
37% dipshit!!! You are a terrible person and a worse president! You are national embarrassment!!!
RebeccaMedrano0 3/21(火) 8:40
this really is hilarious. Sad, dumb, but so laughable.
jjrouth55 3/21(火) 8:40
are you still promising them new coal jobs? Are you going to tell them you're taking away their ins and black lung benefits
hawaiiflybro 3/21(火) 8:40
Sponsored by:
sargento_lewis 3/21(火) 8:40
it's hysterical you feed your ego in these safe white trash states.
50MaDeuce 3/21(火) 8:40
OK Russia's Puppet con man coward.
PresidentBanno1 3/21(火) 8:40
What a small, weak man you must be to constantly need approval and reassurance. Sad really.
talltxn14 3/21(火) 8:40
all paid supporters?
leemac20 3/21(火) 8:40
"A President who is loose with facts"...Understatement of all time. It'd be nice if you'd step down. Thanks.
meghanchel 3/21(火) 8:40
Lol. Sorry I don't believe a single picture you produce. You are a liar.
ellenwalker907 3/21(火) 8:40
Thank you Mr. president! I watched you come in for your landing this evening!
modlibbot1 3/21(火) 8:40
markrosenleaf1 3/21(火) 8:40
NBC Nightly News just did a collage of some of your biggest lies. You're such a douche. , eat
RollaWeedinOC 3/21(火) 8:40
you realize you are the president now, not campaigning.
oothoon 3/21(火) 8:40
Damn, they can have you. Just stay there.
thailady3 3/21(火) 8:40
. Watching Foxnews .God bless you Mr President!
PoshSpaz36 3/21(火) 8:40
It is honestly laughable how predictable and obvious your tactics are. I promise you he will make the rally about EVIL DEMS
HILIADA 3/21(火) 8:40
Dperry772Denise 3/21(火) 8:40
I'd stay home and sulk. Oh wait. You need your ego stroked.
Manic_Munkie 3/21(火) 8:40
don't you have more important things to do? like golfing? or backing up your lies about wiretapping?
JessRenae94 3/21(火) 8:40
could you just stay there...forever?
Grich53Richard 3/21(火) 8:41
The proverbial "shit" is about to hit the fan...
marc_mlblits1 3/21(火) 8:41
Today YOU have been proven to be a LIAR! Apologize!!!
Usa1camino 3/21(火) 8:41
on your way to the slammer donny! Where are you tax returns comrade?
Phil_H2O 3/21(火) 8:41
yes! Cut funding for programs that help the country and ruin legislation that hurts many people. Create more war!
darren45336667 3/21(火) 8:41
you go Don we needed someone strong in charge
CarryC10 3/21(火) 8:41
GTFOH with that campaign BS. You got bigger things to worry about than getting your balmy butt kissed.
nyeddie0715 3/21(火) 8:41
o boy , another paid for by trump rally , I'll go if ya pay me too lunkhead
sargento_lewis 3/21(火) 8:41
you are headed to jail soon. Bye
mariesantos2207 3/21(火) 8:41
Yes let's thank all the protesters!
lechute 3/21(火) 8:41
.please book @PhiladelphiaGov as part of your farewell tour.
Dirtratchip 3/21(火) 8:41
You are rocked Big D. Sorry. Mr. president.
foywizard 3/21(火) 8:41
watching you know!! I never miss your rally's!❤️
M_Nels 3/21(火) 8:41
watching our strong leader and loving every word God speed President Trump
MariW666 3/21(火) 8:41
You do a rally for 2020? You won´t even make it through this Presidency. Lol! The worst President ever: Donald Trump.
travisBnice 3/21(火) 8:41
come to CA, I'll cook. We can play Goldeneye.
DarrellJErv 3/21(火) 8:41
I'll Tune in on rsbn for the rally
DianeBergens 3/21(火) 8:41
Odds are 4:1 you won't last a year! You just have to find a face-saving way to blame someone else!
proudmaryc 3/21(火) 8:41
ReamerHill 3/21(火) 8:41
It is so sad how pathetic and needy the libtards are. So hateful.
Dye1935 3/21(火) 8:41
are those protesters in their pink pussycst hats outside? Thank you Comey for Russia collusion investigation
Bobgunnersrun48 3/21(火) 8:41
stay in the white house and do the job you were elected to do
TNChick67 3/21(火) 8:41
JPardeeORG 3/21(火) 8:41
nancyleeny 3/21(火) 8:41
You need your fix from your cult members?? You offering free KoolAid tonight?? Going to deny your treason? Sad!
KelleyLarionRie 3/21(火) 8:41
your fan base is dwindling because your mother never taught you right from wrong. You lie, lie, lie. No respect for you.
ROOFER711 3/21(火) 8:41
@BarackObama still has more twitter followers too
18_MACHINE 3/21(火) 8:41
Campaigning to be Louisville's Head of Sanitation for 2020 ... Should be a shoe in cuz we all know…
BrendaK8881 3/21(火) 8:41
wish I could be there
stylist62 3/21(火) 8:41
God bless you protect you.
DaquidoBazzini 3/21(火) 8:41
Once again..Rotund DonTrump comes out clapping (ala KimJongUn ) to a tribe of TrumpBillies in Redneckland
iupmadsquatt 3/21(火) 8:41
why are u like this! You are such an egotistical asshole, do anything to divert attention.
cweselby 3/21(火) 8:41
Your approval rating's gotta hurt. Sad!
jeromy_knight 3/21(火) 8:41
Get used to hearing "LOCK HIM UP" chants.. cause your days of freedom are growing short, like your hands/dick. SAD!!
rfdeex 3/21(火) 8:41
you don't fool the educated.
ellenwalker907 3/21(火) 8:41
That beautiful plane came right over our home. It was so beautiful, thanks for that too!
michell80195990 3/21(火) 8:42
FFS, Do your damn job. This is repugnant.
ludomania99 3/21(火) 8:42
Hey Mr. Trump, shouldnt you adress you lies about Obama listening in, worse then watergate you said ? A lying President ???
jwsweet 3/21(火) 8:42
How brave you are, going places where you know nobody will challenge you. You continue to appall me.
Akaflighty 3/21(火) 8:42
Great pics and hope you didn't work to hard to enjoy yourself! I enjoy you using this platform &get it out to non tweeters
1gubber 3/21(火) 8:42
Mel_Bosworth 3/21(火) 8:42
yer a clown. time to resign.
Makati94 3/21(火) 8:42
lisagabrieletv 3/21(火) 8:42
agarc69 3/21(火) 8:42
you can keep trying to deflect attention to your problems by doing this unnecessary on our dime costing us taxpayers HUGE$
DeahLieurance 3/21(火) 8:42
this is a rally...this is not work....and you a conman.
tonileone 3/21(火) 8:42
, time to inflate the ego, again......
Inovog61 3/21(火) 8:42
go tell all those nice people why their school kids won't get lunch and they all won't have healthcare
CrockerNP 3/21(火) 8:42
Damn this is gonna be hilarious. Wonder when your crowds start the Lock Him Up chant!
beth_samford 3/21(火) 8:42
deezworld3900 3/21(火) 8:42
Pssssst!!! The campaign is OVER!!! Do your fucking job cocksucker
PoshSpaz36 3/21(火) 8:42
There is only so much lying the Republicans will take before they get on board with impeachment. You're not untouchable! : )
arnogilmour 3/21(火) 8:42
Food stamp line up?
Erika4Jordan 3/21(火) 8:42
ANOTHER rally? You don't care about America, our health and education. You just want applause
CountKrory 3/21(火) 8:42
not addressing that the senate committe fact checked you in real time then?
Integrallynne 3/21(火) 8:42
We want SCOTUS appt. postponed until FBI & IC clear U from being illegitimate potus.
HoarseWisperer 3/21(火) 8:42
If I was under investigation by half the federal gov, I'd run away too.
FakeSnewz 3/21(火) 8:42
Oh shit! Campain is over slugger. Time to pay the piper. You sorry sap. They were using you. Where…
Kablooo 3/21(火) 8:42
apologize to Obama.
mattbluth1 3/21(火) 8:42
go after spreading of fake news: Bowling Green, Sweden and wire taps- lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nanasjt 3/21(火) 8:42
You definitely are NOT making America great. You're pulling it into your overflowing swamp! This is so sad.
andy_webbo 3/21(火) 8:42
Will you splill the beans about Russia doing mind-control on them (aka extreme micro-surgery, since they are drumpfites )?
RealKimJongUn2 3/21(火) 8:42
you can explain to them how you LIED and how you're cutting their healthcare benefits.
Keith6222 3/21(火) 8:42
Great. Hope you have some good lies for them
WeeklyBulletin 3/21(火) 8:42
JM7777_14 3/21(火) 8:42
RipleyFord1 3/21(火) 8:42
@CNN @NBCNews Trump is addicted to the adulation of crowds. His performance as POTUS is way low, but he keeps "campaigning"
glynnmbattye 3/21(火) 8:42
hellofromaname5 3/21(火) 8:42
Groundhog0001 3/21(火) 8:42
Pmurt Dlanod!
rkadius 3/21(火) 8:43
hopefully you got some good news for us, like when the ban on Muslims will take place and what's up with the illegals
stewdodge 3/21(火) 8:43
Orange Man
ofthemajority 3/21(火) 8:43
Soon they will get to visit you in prison. They should be waving a surrender flag ️
PegTeague 3/21(火) 8:43
You are a two bit con artist with a 35% approval rating. Quit pretending you are doing us any good. SHAMEFUL!
bobbytwoboots 3/21(火) 8:43
i gotta hand it to ya. lotta marks bought your shitinasoapbottle but the end is nigh talkers are walkers
SnakeMannn 3/21(火) 8:43
Main Camera is BLURRY!!!! But the people behind you are in Focus!!!
BPellz 3/21(火) 8:43
why don't you tell these people the truth? You owe it to them. They were the ones who believed your lies. Be honest!
MJK98123 3/21(火) 8:43
keep up the great work
Wdhamann 3/21(火) 8:43
I heard them talking about your tax returns today you want to clear your name w Russia..that's what we need!
KassiusKlee 3/21(火) 8:43
Very tight television edit on Chumpski rally to hide lack of supporters at unnecessary presidential rally. Fake president!!
pamjoy67 3/21(火) 8:43
how about that hearing...
JohnKurman 3/21(火) 8:43
KY removing all cheap rugs, so there will be no easy comparative references to you.
PatriotRogue 3/21(火) 8:43
Still smaller than the smallest Trump protest.
EricIgnacioVas1 3/21(火) 8:43
I wish we had Republican
Support in numbers here in California
KentSearight 3/21(火) 8:43
My oh my, so many tweets from you today. Something get under your thin skin? Like confirmation that u r being investigated?
manofvintage 3/21(火) 8:43
fuck you and fuck Amerikkka
JeanniePugh 3/21(火) 8:43
you disgust me. You lie!!
daretosin1 3/21(火) 8:43
you are a menace to American integrity u beta retire quickly. am an African 4rm Naija!! @cnni…
SystemsCwindows 3/21(火) 8:43
Louis ky has your back
CPTBillyBoy 3/21(火) 8:43
Washington a little to hot for @POTUS. Run, run, run.
JohnWCartlidge 3/21(火) 8:43
run everybody run
The blob is coming
IxusLXXIX 3/21(火) 8:43
If you arrested everyone in that room you could have ended this country's war on heroin. Golden opportunity missed.
anarchoglobal 3/21(火) 8:43
all those sheep are related
myedicoop 3/21(火) 8:43
congratulations on the new member of the Trump family!
6Indivisible 3/21(火) 8:43
VoteCount2016 3/21(火) 8:43
Hillary Clinton: 65,844,610 votes; Donald Trump: 62,979,636 votes; Difference: HRC by 2,864,974 legitimate votes
lmbolas 3/21(火) 8:43
Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in his grave with EMBARASSMENT that u used him in your speech! DISASTER!
HayvinMiss 3/21(火) 8:43
a rally for what? You've done nothing but golf. You're campaigning like you lost the election. Interesting.
upinrunnin2 3/21(火) 8:43
Nothing like having a mentally ill person leading the country or a mentally ill person being used by Bannon and Miller.
BMURF 3/21(火) 8:43
you're pathetic
medizzy7 3/21(火) 8:43
Oh no, ur ego was hurt as u were called out on ur lies! Gotta go have a rally and get fake love and ego boost
juliedeacs 3/21(火) 8:43
Why are you still holding campaign rallies and playing golf every weekend instead of working for America?
rustad_judy 3/21(火) 8:43
GOD...someone stop him
chitowprincess1 3/21(火) 8:43
M_Nels 3/21(火) 8:43
that's what we want to hear taking care of our country
fifiwhiscuit 3/21(火) 8:43
So Louisville lost the bet, huh?
Button0703 3/21(火) 8:43
aw are you going to tell them how much of a lier you are and you love golf more than fixing healthcare?
Trapiavelli_ 3/21(火) 8:43
look bruh, idk you and you dont know me, but every mistake ever made goes away if you legalize weed
PhilBundy1 3/21(火) 12:38
Hey Little Hands, 37%
ConjureBlk 3/21(火) 12:38
what's funny is that they will be the hardest hit but your plans
jondavis023 3/21(火) 12:39
some role model you are for our kids with all the lies. At least @POTUS44 was a great model for our kids..you jealous!
xbellachellax 3/21(火) 12:39
please block me
rodsquad59 3/21(火) 12:40
,it's not one hundredth the size of some of the marches against you the day after so few showed up to watch you take
AlysPopTown 3/21(火) 12:40
when do you actually work?
Nina_Eckhoff 3/21(火) 12:40
starsoundsinc 3/21(火) 12:40
you do realize the campaign is over... right?
brooknichelle06 3/21(火) 12:41
my city : )
borus23 3/21(火) 12:41
hope you enjoyed my empty seats
BabyGurl_1213 3/21(火) 12:41
fake news at its finest...when a man has to constantly rant about his size!!!
KateinNJ 3/21(火) 12:41
After the hearing today and you still insist your wires were tapped? Get over it. Just stop. Embarrassing.
pjsbazaar23581 3/21(火) 12:42
would you please resign go back to Trump Tower. The World doesn't like you. People like to sleep at night. You tweet.
ERoscetti 3/21(火) 12:42
President Obama's crowd would have been 100x bigger.
bellaluciagirl 3/21(火) 12:42
stop holding rallies an do UR f*ing job! Having UR dick stroked feels good, but try working 4A change!
rodsquad59 3/21(火) 12:42
, oath, it's a cute sized crowd.
Too bad you did nothing but lie to them, just like you do, every time you open your mouth.
SisterBelle27 3/21(火) 12:42
45 - They were protesters. How much do you pay the cast at your rallies?
renekai 3/21(火) 12:42
did you see the protest in Nebraska
chitadelmundo 3/21(火) 16:29
k4nia_ 3/21(火) 16:29
do this people have a job? Who the hell has time for these events, meetings etc.
chitadelmundo 3/21(火) 16:29
nothing! low turn out. per usual.
chitadelmundo 3/21(火) 16:30
campaign still
Isoboerner 3/21(火) 16:30
Why is he doing rallys already? Doesnt he know that he won?
Derekepping 3/21(火) 16:31
great job sir. True to ur word. "PUT IN" AMERICA 1ST..
Ernesto34158901 3/21(火) 16:31
so what . You ate so self centered
Realpaceman 3/21(火) 16:31
You can always fool the fools. But when you're own wife (like the two before ) can't stand to be near you.. You truly know.
orengijyusu 3/21(火) 16:32
You certainly are on your way...
Corinne0721 3/21(火) 16:32
will make them die!
RichardLue3 3/21(火) 16:34
tried to sound like he knows about UK basketball, didn't even know that they won and are in sweet 16
patthatfro 3/21(火) 16:36
boy, you are UNDER INVESTIGATION. WHY ARE YOU CAMPAIGNING? I guess you need your ego stroke.
Realpaceman 3/21(火) 16:36
You do know that only tin pot dictators hold rally's after they have seized power? Well done Kim Jong-Trump !
Ryan6237 3/21(火) 16:37
I've seen more people @3doorsdown concert...In Russia!
MrsSnark 3/21(火) 16:38
You REALLY didn't want to be president, did you? The decisions you're making will soon change that crowd to a mob!
mohammadsaediya 3/21(火) 16:38
plz blow up iran
Wolfgang9905 3/21(火) 16:40
bruised ego gets a quick fix by having a pep rally sad and just plain dumb
azammit 3/21(火) 16:40
Why don't you have a rally in San Francisco?
CJPKeane 3/21(火) 16:41
Congrats on another pointless rally, is that bruised ego feeling better now? maybe you could get s…
XinyuWang13 3/21(火) 16:41
Could you please give me a response ?
lash_has 3/21(火) 16:43
Trump says "Thank you Russia, on my way"
81Jgalvan 3/21(火) 16:43
MuchasPersonaz 3/21(火) 16:45
Trump supporter thinks her family is being helped by Trump Care.
ShaunHudgins 3/21(火) 16:47
look how obsessed this dude is with his crowd size being acknowledged. How petty. SAD!
HouseBitchTim 3/22(水) 1:45
the same ppl who voted against their own interests. 37% Approval rating! Lowest EVAH ...
Kassandra19693 3/22(水) 1:46
u liar get out of the white house.
Zapz1234 3/22(水) 1:46
I knew there was a foul stench in the air here yesterday!
bburckey 3/22(水) 1:47
Instead of seeking cheering criwds to stroke your ego, how about getting some work done?
2208Hanna 3/22(水) 1:48
Fire Sessions, he is not tough enough. Get Gowdy, Cruz, Guliani, etc. Sessions hurt u badly by be…
Elightman 3/22(水) 1:48
Look at the size of the crowds! In seriousness it's sad, like the abused who can't leave the abuser. All losing healthcare.
marylizbeth7 3/22(水) 1:50
Stop campaigning and get to work!
Kali_Destroyer 3/22(水) 1:51
Narcissists love attention. You are a disgrace to the office.
sellijfb 3/22(水) 12:43
looks like an ant colony waiting for its queen. Where's my magnifying glass!
the2ndQT 3/22(水) 12:45
look at all those hillbillies...probably thought they were in line for Dolly Parton
Canadianprotest 3/22(水) 12:48
How many you "pay" to go? Just between us. How much/what did u "give" them?

out numbers in the thousands.
amiresmaili53 3/22(水) 17:37
خايه مالي
MrWealthUche 3/22(水) 22:42
Safe Journey POTUS
MariaRo46839099 3/23(木) 0:40
Metalbox2011 3/23(木) 0:40
Xianghan666 3/23(木) 0:40
really good
sjurczyk98 3/23(木) 9:43
Yes President Trump, you are the best!!
cyj5188 3/23(木) 9:44
misterpie 3/23(木) 17:34
what are they queuing for? Pappy Van Winkle?
fiesta5 3/23(木) 21:49
- pictures look more like a EGO rally
samvanrooy 3/24(金) 12:42
No other president has ever been so shallow as to even care about crowd size, yet still you tweet. Fucking idiot.
ShanePringle1 3/24(金) 17:29
Instead of complaining about the mess you inherited why not start making America great again? All talk no action Trump!
BaittyJulie 3/24(金) 17:37
wow look at all the IP addresses from Russia who support Donald. Helps the FBI investigation

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