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realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump) 2017/3/21(火) 11:18

Thank you Louisville, Kentucky. Together, we will MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN! 4977RT

elyasd 3/21(火) 12:38
here's the thing about you President Trump, I think you would respond to me, when you find the time. Loved u since the 80's
Hsweeet 3/21(火) 12:38
djsellin1984 3/21(火) 12:38
Doony. Why don't you visit a state that didn't vote for you? Chicken?
elpapi1967 3/21(火) 12:38
Be nice please, all he's trying to do is make "America great again" You go chump! Oh sorry i meant…
magnifiquemm 3/21(火) 12:38
Did every American who still supports you come to Kentucky tonight? They needed to say their goodbye before you go to jail.
krissyjrude 3/21(火) 12:38
FAKE president!!
DebraMcNamara4 3/21(火) 12:38
no thank you !!!
shootingstar249 3/21(火) 12:38
Why do u show video from before you were elected.Have you seen the polls people still do not like u and never will
kickhlis 3/21(火) 12:38
until they realize that the ACA and Obamacare are same thing., and realize they are screwed.
vochoa839 3/21(火) 12:38
....We wnt b safe as long as ur potus...NMP
chrissyjoymac 3/21(火) 12:38
you got booed
Bonniecindy 3/21(火) 12:38
God Bless you!!!
TappedBigly 3/21(火) 12:38
Thank you Kentucky - for stroking my ego!
ZodandDrea 3/21(火) 12:38
> Remember back a couple of months ago when presidents actually did stuff? Like work and do their jobs? I miss that.
randyfrey51 3/21(火) 12:38
I see you needed another shot of adulation to satisfy that bloated ego of yours.
oreo_tinker 3/21(火) 12:38
I don't trust anything you say. You lie too much. Worst president ever!
bmiller21502 3/21(火) 12:38
how come you don't talk to Kentuckians about butchering the ARC and screwing coal miners out of OSHA protections?
miro_emir 3/21(火) 12:38
Nah, Americans work for dollars and not for rubles
killerbee805 3/21(火) 12:38
the IRONY ❗️❗️❗️
rickrdz1970 3/21(火) 12:38
JM7777_14 3/21(火) 12:38
Ruining America one tweet at a time.
jannyjan47 3/21(火) 12:38
u and ur minions are delusional!! Can't wait til ur gone... along with the MAJORITY of Americans!! LOSER!!
DebraMcNamara4 3/21(火) 12:38
great work so far !!! And Yes keep tweeting !
desert_sea_love 3/21(火) 12:39
that's right S4BRAINS! MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN! You are at 37% and going down
CandyHewins 3/21(火) 12:39
like sheep to slaughter...sad
YahnelE 3/21(火) 12:39
wake up and clean house at the FBI, CIA, NSA and IRS. The Country is counting on you Mr. President. Enough is enough.
FlowsDownHill 3/21(火) 12:39
This little film wouldn't happen to be titled "Triumph of the Will" perchance?
xbellachellax 3/21(火) 12:39
hccpal 3/21(火) 12:39
CarolBlanton7 3/21(火) 12:39
I heard about 2000 Protestors were outside.
njfeds 3/21(火) 12:39
Really still need to get up on a stage and have the people who still don't get how you are screwing them fawn all over you?
rubin_lloyd 3/21(火) 12:39
u belong in jail
maclark94 3/21(火) 12:39
You're a pathetic excuse of a "president". Try acting your age for a change, you insecure POS.
micnorm1969 3/21(火) 12:39
LowePatti 3/21(火) 12:39
they booed you when Air Force One landed! Yes THANK YOU
DeeCeeCats 3/21(火) 12:39
Skip past ppl who hate America, they tweet 10 times in a row, can't handle how Great America is growing again
therealdmg3 3/21(火) 12:39
has Putin approved all this travel you're doing?
EFortmiller 3/21(火) 12:39
Circuitbard 3/21(火) 12:39
how about you stop campaigning and do your damn job? God you are such fascist trash.
BrianKurth7 3/21(火) 12:39
, sweet dreams of Comey, Manafort, Flynn and Putin tonight there in Kentucky, Don. Oh, and get ready to
CollinBMcKinney 3/21(火) 12:39
You make America better one day at a time. I'm so proud to have you. No racism. No sexism. You are a genius and deserve it
sandiedennis 3/21(火) 12:39
I am so thrilled u r on ur way out. LOCK HIM UP. Traitor. Impeach NOW. Lying loser.
carol02878 3/21(火) 12:39
Again you're out and about wasting tax payer money???? Get your ass back to Washington and knock off the nonsense!!!!
llaxof 3/21(火) 12:40
OMG ashamed of my home state. Release your full taxes Shady Donald.
TheRealRiese 3/21(火) 12:40
Such a fragile ego, you have to keep having "rallies" in areas that support you so u can hear applause. U R disgusting!
Alfredrico1 3/21(火) 12:40
wow you'll get the nomination for sure. Idiot
gou_jack 3/21(火) 12:40
Obama abandoned his grassroot movement after he won, which led to the Tea Party. Trump is a better leader.
callmyownshots 3/21(火) 12:40
omg dude, they BOOED YOU! Yo really live in an alternate universe!
Paradelphia 3/21(火) 12:40
did you get your ego stroked? Good. You're still going to jail.
LGriff9 3/21(火) 12:40
Fuck off
jeankilpatric15 3/21(火) 12:40
make America proud again . resign please
onionsarcasm 3/21(火) 12:40
The election is over Donny
DebraMcNamara4 3/21(火) 12:40
this Russia stuff is a joke !!! Drain the swamp !
smellybush 3/21(火) 12:40
You need to start firing people big time. Fire the head of the IRS. Fire Comey if you can. He needs to go.
Mycatsreallyfat 3/21(火) 12:40
America will be safe and great again once your the HELL out of the Whitehouse.
Moxie210 3/21(火) 12:40
love everything your doing... mr. President
mattFalcor 3/21(火) 12:40
Itsalla59292900 3/21(火) 12:40
Somebody in the 1930's love to show large crowds too.As if those seeing the crowds give a rat's ass. Another bad day for 45
DuchessBoucles 3/21(火) 12:40
get my hometown's name out of you're fucking mouth you orange piece of shit.
Nezrana89 3/21(火) 12:40
you are so obsessed with a number
RickDuff 3/21(火) 12:40
lvuback1 3/21(火) 12:40
Aryans unite!
Aoxxi23 3/21(火) 12:40
Quit campaigning and do some actual work.
JoshHodgkins1 3/21(火) 12:40
(MAGA ) millionaire asshole golfing again.
gou_jack 3/21(火) 12:41
freakindumb 3/21(火) 12:41
We have our friend Putin to back me up if help is needed. Wait, did I use my inside voice?
nannorris 3/21(火) 12:41
release your taxes , like you said you would comrade .......your going down in history , for all the wrong reasons
AnnaGaiter 3/21(火) 12:41
U r sad. U r not campaigning. U do these rallies to appease ur ego. How many of these folks r gonna lose health benefits?
b_beb2014 3/21(火) 12:41
As an Independent, not blind, deaf, and dumb party loyalist...I despise lying, repulsive, immoral, self-serving, trump
SamEstes10 3/21(火) 12:41
The Socialist are scared to death
madpat69 3/21(火) 12:41
Did anyone else laugh hard af at the song choice? You cant always get what you want by the stones hahah
LaDiablita1665 3/21(火) 12:41
Nice turn out at the Klan rally. It was yuge
MirtaMferna 3/21(火) 12:41
Your goose is cooked. Not looking good for you but you will just keep lying. Try acting like an adult for a change.
nzrnruth 3/21(火) 12:41
Stop flying to Florida every weekend to play golf and then poor and disabled will be able to eat
sgtbuc 3/21(火) 12:41
bobbybear14 3/21(火) 12:41
Hiopefully, after the FBI investigates and prosecutes. Safe and great again. GLAD
kmsmulhall 3/21(火) 12:41
Say together now America IS great and will be safe once our government is restored - taxes, businesses, associates Russia
CollinBMcKinney 3/21(火) 12:41
If you were a kardashian and she did the same thing you did, the media would love her. It's ridiculous
ataltheonlyone 3/21(火) 12:41
What do u feel sir now AMERICA is not GREAT and SAFE
VictorStueve 3/21(火) 12:41
Thanks for coming to Louisville Mr. President
fldavis50 3/21(火) 12:41
You just have one city, in one State to help you.? And you want us to believe you, now.? Why.?
LindTraci 3/21(火) 12:41
hey aren't you under FBI investigation? Hmmmm! Should u be holding office? Nyet!
biat500 3/21(火) 12:41
yeah, they all have teeth missing and wear their ballcap, backward . And you no brains, no headaches
MsG54pdx 3/21(火) 12:41
It's going to take more than one small town to boost your approval. Bet your approval rating in Russia is high.
MyMerkle 3/21(火) 12:41
What will you do have your buddies in KBG make us SAFE AGAIN lying cheating Scumbag
SaidAflow 3/21(火) 12:41
Hey FAKE PRESIDENT,its MAKING not MAKE,you are already a president dumbass
kahnfaul 3/21(火) 12:41
Are you really being serious right now?! PATHETIC!!! OMG!
tellthetruthdon 3/21(火) 12:41
you can't keep campaigning. It's time to learn your job and get to work.
MAGardiner2 3/21(火) 12:41
Is that how you MAGA? Selling our democratic process to the Kremlin? You need to go to prison!!!
MSpencerDavidso 3/21(火) 12:41
Make America Great Again:
hells_no 3/21(火) 12:41
america would be safer if you resigned. thanks and gah bless
CollinBMcKinney 3/21(火) 12:41
you are a genius and they blame everything they can on you when you have already made the country better!!!
SumanGReal 3/21(火) 12:41
Running away from disaster in swamp you failed to drain? Bad day at work? Collusion? Even FoxNews?Sad Grampa Cheeto
yonagzi 3/21(火) 12:42
Q.E.D., - give them "circus & circus"
brooknichelle06 3/21(火) 12:42
i love Kentucky i love living here
ShePersisted123 3/21(火) 12:42
you're on your own, Kentucky. Good luck.
StaceTravers 3/21(火) 12:42
but not healthy again...
rath_22 3/21(火) 12:42
Let's revisit the times Trump surrogates said you can't elect someone under FBI investigation…
florencembaru 3/21(火) 12:42
hi mr president may God give u strengh for the hard work
rdranch62 3/21(火) 12:42
oh my mr trump
You have yourself in a pickle. Deflections didn't work so well.
MikeBro50439622 3/21(火) 12:42
Chump and his Dumbfuckistanians lol
chicadeees 3/21(火) 12:42
PROPAGANDA & Fake news. U want to withdraw funds from NYC security bec. they didn't vote for u! We know you demagogue
mickie_grandma 3/21(火) 12:42
do Not cut Meals on Wheels for Senior citizens it is a good program
CollinBMcKinney 3/21(火) 12:42
I finally believe this country could make me proud again. Obama ruined it for me and you can make me proud again!
Burmysito 3/21(火) 12:42
you do know that Louisville had to bring in FBI because too many cops were raping children, don't you?
oxfordlove 3/21(火) 12:42
you're gone...bye bye
panahifeyzabi 3/21(火) 12:42
shut up you idiot, USA won't be safe as long as you are leader
MicheleBryant8 3/21(火) 12:42
Sparse and No Enthusiasm. Poor you.
DorisKayFoster 3/21(火) 12:42
Donald keep you heart where it's been warm and ready to fight for us
LindaRidge6 3/21(火) 12:42
On behalf of the Louisville Democrats who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary, you aren't welcome.
veselkov_oleg 3/21(火) 12:42
Python0159 3/21(火) 12:42
Beware, unemployable anti-American trolls lurking below aka 24/7 mom's basement dwellers.…
Twistib1 3/21(火) 12:42
So I guess the rest of the country can fuck off? You represent ALL of US you tool!; take the silver spoon out of your ass!
nzrnruth 3/21(火) 12:42
Comey was your BFF back in November. Don't pull that FAKE News out your fat butt now.
Pitto2016 3/21(火) 12:42
Why do you continue to campaign?? Don't you have presidential duties you should be doing??
JoseASoto93 3/21(火) 12:43
God bless you Mr. President,America,your family,your administration..LORD give us love and wisdom to comeback to you!
Lad3878 3/21(火) 12:43
how about a visit to Chicago Trump Lol
jk68688 3/21(火) 12:43
You are such a dreamer.& a hypothetical pathetic liar.u r ruining AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. GO AWAY...
BlakeMitchell30 3/21(火) 12:43
"you can't always get what you want" chiming in the background
rocksiphone 3/21(火) 12:43
ngraham62 3/21(火) 12:43
sure you will, you idiot. Nobody likes you, or believes you!!!
Marine4evermore 3/21(火) 12:43
you have more support in America that you probably imagined... keep up the good job
tforshage1 3/21(火) 12:43
lyl753 3/21(火) 12:43
good luck ~*
True_Thoughts 3/21(火) 12:43
You stated to your supporters that the "Democrats jammed ACA through Congress." So NOT TRUE.
SodaJones17 3/21(火) 12:43
JwWoolley 3/21(火) 16:28
thank you Louisville, Kentucky we will make America isolated again
David96706 3/21(火) 16:28
Scientology still tax exempt in 2017.Receiving millions taxfree. Can you accomplish what no one else has?
sugarb40 3/21(火) 16:28
Sheli82519467 3/21(火) 16:29
You FeRGOT to take thar phones to check fer LEAKERS un look fur sum weapons that cud be used to blow pot. Redneck spellin.
RightsideHis 3/21(火) 16:29
Getting you out would be a start. dt is a turd
MTH4747 3/21(火) 16:29
How many of those attending your rally are going to lose their health insurance because of Trumpcare?
LuxVeritas2016 3/21(火) 16:29
Oh wow! You are going to jail!
PhilSmith2017 3/21(火) 16:29
@jrpsaki @PressSec Jen,7h ago,was that u in CNN?So a show then?or was just cancelled?i remember once upon a time,I saw
donald17drumpf 3/21(火) 16:30
Just like Louisville BBall...you're a loser!!
denisemourges 3/21(火) 16:30
Safe from you and your Russian deals, I hope.
Artdansfrance 3/21(火) 16:30
, Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is In The Toilet https://twitter.com/Artdansfrance/status/844088767594090496/photo/1
Leigh2DD 3/21(火) 16:30
has it not occurred to you that the election is over?
kennzinn11 3/21(火) 16:30
1EstebanAlvarez 3/21(火) 16:30
What about the FBI are you scared about Trump? Such a big "winner" is scared? learn one thing positive from Putin. Be a man
msrachel6 3/21(火) 16:30
you do know you are no longer campaigning right?? Do your job..get off twitter and act like a president!
Hayleykeffer517 3/21(火) 16:30
b n a 70yr old man, we can only scratch how much of a criminal u r! Ur golden tower, nah, jail with a golden shower bro.
_ParisGirl 3/21(火) 16:31
You're a real piece of work. Things heat up in D.C. and you run away. How cowardly - and typical.
nosuals 3/21(火) 16:31
America has always been great always was always will.
truluvguy2011 3/21(火) 16:31
Someday you Americans will believe in Donald Trump. Come to Nigeria and see how boko haram kill innocent people.
TRUMPGRABPUSSY 3/21(火) 16:32
shameful president your days are numbered president GRAB pussy
SandraDuffy123 3/21(火) 16:32
threatening to ruin any team that signed the humanitarian Kaepernick. Another addition to your corruption list.
b_tcooper 3/21(火) 16:32
The Trump family is a criminal organization! Show us your tax returns!
RispaFrances 3/21(火) 16:33
You, sir, are making America grate again. You've lost all credibility in the eyes of the world. You're a . An orange one.
bettychen2008 3/21(火) 16:33
GOD bless you.
EnModestMan 3/21(火) 16:33
How sad a grown up man must pay people to cheer on in and pretend to be his friend.
videoloops1 3/21(火) 16:33
only 1.5 % of louisville population attended your tiny rally. terrible cheetos, so sadly
goramsey 3/21(火) 16:33
Hilarious, they cheer for a lying, pervert, traitor.
rustysray 3/21(火) 16:34
that's gonna be kinda hard to do from behind bars isn't it
fR4jIqlMZm4IKMk 3/21(火) 16:34
born_2_vent 3/21(火) 16:34
- get off Twitter, get off the golf course, turn off Fox News and do your damn job!
lawngoon 3/21(火) 16:34
Stop campaigning. Do your job. Health care for all as you promised.
peacockface 3/21(火) 16:34
@mitchellvii @KellyannePolls @GenFlynn @WayneDupreeShow @PeteSessions WITH ALL THE PRESSURE WILL YOU STILL DRAIN THE SWAMP?
TimFlight57211 3/21(火) 16:35
Sorry to burst your bubble. You're just not as great as you think you are. Most Americans know that or will very soon.
ilovespunky8 3/21(火) 16:35
ecozentro 3/21(火) 16:35
you are going down Donnie and your bunch will understand why. You are a fraud and pet for Putin
IroczBeats 3/21(火) 16:36
Always remember tomorrow comes after the dark @2pac
ofgurz 3/21(火) 16:36
Terrorism is not religious. The real terror is ignorance. The real struggle must be with ignorance.
Thank you ...
willowberry401 3/21(火) 16:36
great rally Rand Paul should get on board the repeal/replace health care bill.
michellesawyer6 3/21(火) 16:36
Why are you campaigning? I would be worried about jail not only been in office for 2 months.
Jasminexxx11 3/21(火) 16:36
Yesterday was a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, NO GOOD, SAD, VERY BAD for you. Did yet another vanity rally help make you feel better?
nurseratshit 3/21(火) 16:36
The country will be safe again-once you are thrown out of office.
michellesawyer6 3/21(火) 16:36
I give you one more month in office
alan_mhgl 3/21(火) 16:37
why are you still holding campaign rallies? go to work.
kateemerson88 3/21(火) 16:37
Why is an elected President still acting like he is on the campaign trail? Don't you have a country to look after?
Bruton65Paula 3/21(火) 16:37
You are a pathological lying, mentally ill man. You are pitiful!!
onewendy 3/21(火) 16:37
The election is over, Donny.
abmcneil 3/21(火) 16:37
Healthcare makes us safer. The chance of dying in a terrorist attack is 1 in 20 million. The chanc…
michellesawyer6 3/21(火) 16:37
YNovakMatz 3/21(火) 16:38
I know your fragile ego needs this, but time to stop the fantasy campaigning and start Presidenting.
gordon_dgordon 3/21(火) 16:38
I hope they use a stiff rope when they hang you by the neck for Treason.
glr4cblaw 3/21(火) 16:38
How about doing your job instead of golfing and campaigning at taxpayer expense. You're a freeloader!
bobs_626 3/21(火) 16:38
Love it, all these losers are going down!!!
justly0125 3/21(火) 16:39
AntheRhodes 3/21(火) 16:39
Keep playing to the converted. It's what Wallace did. Time eventually caught up, so keep running, your life depends on it.
PhilSmith2017 3/21(火) 16:39
@CIA @FBI @NSAGov @PressSec I'm not expert,my hearing not too good,so u professional ideas on 4748s here?
humanitypleaze 3/21(火) 16:39
so you are drunk again Donald or off your Meds?? Another crazed twitter day. Such a phsyco.
videoloops1 3/21(火) 16:39
klawue 3/21(火) 16:39
Idiots accepts also a liar
Jimintheatl 3/21(火) 16:39
Ryan6237 3/21(火) 16:40
trying to Make Christians Feel Safe Again... Spread Fear... Oh and Lies!
MaryEH428 3/21(火) 16:40
Thank you Mr. Trump for working so hard for the "good" of all. So sad some are still blinded by their bitter heart.
JeffOlso 3/21(火) 16:40
Thank you Donald for making America hated even more than it was already. Such a loser. What a joke. Just leave
bdockb 3/21(火) 16:40
No Fake President, KY. Is already great except for your Cronies. We don't need your kind of help. We have great Patriots!
joahei 3/21(火) 16:41
Always distracting from his defeat
tinmom4 3/21(火) 16:41
paid people again.
leekeywest 3/21(火) 16:41
he can't even stop them from jumping fence at WH let alone build a wall that will work. Grrrrr
SeekinAnswers 3/21(火) 16:41
you won't make America great again if you keep listening to Gorka. why are you giving our money to Islam?
lash_has 3/21(火) 16:42
you should say 'Thank you Russia'. Sad.
Uneed2C 3/21(火) 16:42
SAFE(? ) .you are destroying America's credibility around the world.....making our soldiers less safe....GO AWAY!
luchadorporpaz 3/21(火) 16:42


maxbuc70 3/21(火) 16:42
exactly when was America "great" in your opinion?
donaldjohnchump 3/21(火) 16:43
toryboy69 3/21(火) 16:43
How are you making America safe again when you let any retard buy firearms? Not having a good week are you Donald.
Bambambic 3/21(火) 16:43
Wake up. You are just sad.
patthatfro 3/21(火) 16:43
this speech is old &tired, just like you. what about these terrorist WHO were/are USA…
tombellino 3/21(火) 16:43
remember how Kynect and Obamacare insured hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians? You want them to lose insurance.
Richreal411 3/21(火) 16:44
the republicans had to think out the box like the great Socrates !!! $$ so they nominated D Trump and they won !!!
restorit2 3/21(火) 16:45
No you lie to everyone - especially your base - nothing Great about anything you do - sad sad little man
Madamewoo 3/21(火) 16:45
You are such an embarrassment.
JasonMooreAMR 3/21(火) 16:45
Why are you such an asshole?
Gerry_Parker69 3/21(火) 16:45
Seefelder2017 3/21(火) 16:45
office in White House ? I thought you pledged to - was that more ?
Uneed2C 3/21(火) 16:46
SAD...latest headlines "Trump Exposed As A Hopeless Conspiracy Theorist By Basically Everyone Who Matters"
Younique_ala_M 3/21(火) 16:46
Stop campaigning and start governing! How about staying in the WH and working? Apologize 2 Pres Obama, GB & US!!!
Nive_Youzyo 3/21(火) 16:46
You are popular friends!
Keisha11620 3/21(火) 16:47
poor souls
Basquelady2u 3/21(火) 16:47
Great job POTUS you can still pack the house like no other.God Bless.
brucephilosphy 3/22(水) 1:43
what a farce you are making yourself and your cronies rich while you make Americans sick and poor
PcHonkeyBoy 3/22(水) 1:44
not if youre fired.
chappie_cat 3/22(水) 1:44
Your IMPEACHMENT will make America Safe
bobnde79 3/22(水) 1:44
Thomas15412582 3/22(水) 1:44
no minimum for day trading in atocks
VglntGrandma 3/22(水) 1:44
Diplomacy and world view will keep America safe. The activity just feeds your ego.
Superstitionsee 3/22(水) 1:44
Get back to work glory-hound. You still have work to do covering up your Russian conspiracy.
mzkimi 3/22(水) 1:45
EliciaRE 3/22(水) 1:45
America was already one of the safest countries on the planet - YOU are putting us in danger. Ruining America day by day.
ryanwarren78 3/22(水) 1:45
Well, Kentucky is where the good lord in heaven intended for man to come from
kwrubel 3/22(水) 1:45
Reslly. Just have ti keep putting on the show. Pathetic
mozartfozart 3/22(水) 1:45
you are such a snake. America should be far far more afraid of you, the Al Baghdadi of than any foreigner.
dogthecat3 3/22(水) 1:45
Really. Americanese. You bloody people are ridiculous. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEANT YOU HORSE'S ASS.
Superstitionsee 3/22(水) 1:45
The election is over, now you're just trying to prevent impeachment.
Andreaellenj 3/22(水) 1:46
the world now knows for a FACT that you're under investigation and you hold a rally!?
EDhemmenwaygirl 3/22(水) 1:46
there is a law that's been passed and I blame you trump doctors are now allowed to lie to pregnant women about their baby
EBRAHEEMMOUSTA1 3/22(水) 1:46
اكلت فول
Algernon33 3/22(水) 1:47
GeorgeTMartine2 3/22(水) 1:47
The election is over you tangerine twit! Stop rubbing your own rhubarb and playing golf and get ready for the investigation
ScopingItOut 3/22(水) 1:47
2208Hanna 3/22(水) 1:47
Fire Sessions, he is not tough enough. Get Gowdy, Cruz, Guliani, etc. Sessions hurt u badly by bei…
fabcatkc 3/22(水) 1:47
haha wannabe thug...lifetime failure
Zapz1234 3/22(水) 1:47
Nuremberg got nothin' on you. A lot of empty seats.
7thSense5 3/22(水) 1:47
cant wait till those red neck deplorable's realize you won't do shit to help them
tigerlilyon 3/22(水) 1:48
you infantile, impotent man baby. Immigration isnt even that much of a problem.
ozzysonit 3/22(水) 1:48
KellyAnn0122 3/22(水) 1:48
VegasDC143 3/22(水) 1:48
thats a whole lotta deplorables in one room
AraceliRomeroV4 3/22(水) 1:48
all the deplorables
HenslerKate 3/22(水) 1:48
You're Welcome!!!
Mgv19118 3/22(水) 1:48
HenslerKate 3/22(水) 1:49
kissaj 3/22(水) 1:49
News flash you are not campaigning anymore. Try doing actual work instead of making long ass redundant speeches
Kych2009 3/22(水) 1:49
lying Donny
flm22 3/22(水) 1:49
@PatriciaDameron Americans are behind you & proud of you President Trump! Stay the course!
aliciabella 3/22(水) 1:49
Stop wasting tax payers money for your I need a hug tours will you
MitchPrefach 3/22(水) 1:49
we love you sooooo much
bac_dennplhpklp 3/22(水) 1:49
I got a Job .I start at 2pm .
RoelSantosJr 3/22(水) 1:49
nothing special at a rally full of bigots
kdg1000 3/22(水) 1:49
Schwarzenegger's ratings on The Apprentice are now higher than Trump's as POTUS.
Zapz1234 3/22(水) 1:49
Lie liar liar liar! What an egotistical maniac you are!
DrJRestainoJr 3/22(水) 1:49
America is ALREADY safe and GREAT!
wargodbob 3/22(水) 1:49
what makes places safer is teaching kids right in school with good programs to keep them from joining gangs
CGenoris 3/22(水) 1:50
if you think that you a making American great pls you have to have a rethink
IndianaTVjunkie 3/22(水) 1:50
only way to make America great again. Is for you to be impeached. We dont want ur . We deserve better
mrd11inya 3/22(水) 1:50
US Pen. McCreary is a nice jail Donnie. Very close to Louisville! Putting you there would be a good start on Bettering USA
subil009 3/22(水) 1:50
u r doing good job
stevenrusso21 3/22(水) 1:50
@POTUS I have direct evidence of a large solar company defrauding American tax payers out of millions. Pls follow and dm
Smelanie2016 3/22(水) 1:50
things aren't looking so good for you. Remember Paul Manafort? He may be looking for a plea deal soon.
blalallaaa 3/22(水) 1:50
Election is over Twitler. Do your fuckin job while you have it.
VegasDC143 3/22(水) 1:50
still not that many people no matter what the camera angle is ....your a joke and no one likes you
Kali_Destroyer 3/22(水) 1:50
The only way you'll make it GREAT again is by being LOCKED UP for treason!
kissaj 3/22(水) 1:50
BTW a real man would apologize for the false accusations you made about Obama..but I digress. Your not a man
Tureiyari 3/22(水) 1:51
wow. Iput them all together There is at least 5 full sets of teeth. They can expect to lose even more, under trumpcare
_KhaliahJ 3/22(水) 12:41
@_JordanAdryanna I am disgusted
genpenjeep 3/22(水) 12:43
DELAY THE HEALTHCARE VOTE. Get House R to pass something, anything! Can fix in Senate.
Johannag63 3/22(水) 12:44
you mean making America the feared laughing stock of the world? Mission accomplished you disgrace to the office
melva1212 3/22(水) 12:44
Did you even think of taking a drive outside of Louisville to see how the people live? 15 min away is Muldraugh! SAD!
GingerSnapper46 3/22(水) 12:45
Considering how little time you have left as good luck w/that, most treasonous, corrupt, unethical, liar.
311c076ae99743c 3/22(水) 12:45
We were great before you became We will be safe again once you are Impeached!
Hello9447 3/22(水) 12:48
you can keep repeating we will make America Great again, but in reality you are going to destroy its already greatness.
CheetahkitD1 3/22(水) 12:49
! Tell us another fairy tale & maybe we'll believe that one! You are not making us safer in any way, shape, or form!
IvyAllstarz 3/22(水) 12:49
wait, isn't he working right now to make America great again? Liiiikkke um...will we just never be great enough?
needtruthhope 3/22(水) 12:49
as a favor to America, please disclose your taxes. We actually do care... at least 74% of us do. You did promise after all.
spikelynn 3/22(水) 12:49
only way to make it great again is to get rid you Trump the Traitor!
GeorgeBeckett7 3/22(水) 17:25
abelrosen 3/22(水) 17:26
Why no pictures of the entire auditorium? Empty??
abelrosen 3/22(水) 17:32
Obama's PERSONAL Twitter account STILL has SIXTY MILLION more followers than you!
tmrter1982 3/22(水) 17:33
the Health Care bill will never make it out of the house. That's going to be embarrassing.
LindaDec1 3/22(水) 17:35
I voted for you. I am so tired of you wasting taxpayer money on rallies and weekend trips to Florida. Do your job!
GraceSaoirse 3/22(水) 17:35
you need to help those when it comes to injustice & those seeking freedom. Hope you care as much as you claim Thanks SG
pines_lois 3/22(水) 17:36
awesome rally. Snowflakes are jealous
_ables 3/22(水) 17:37
- you couldn't begin to make anything safe-draft dodging cowatd! Over 58,000 POW/MIA's took your place-the Wall is shamed!
tmrter1982 3/22(水) 17:39
Investors are concerned about the slow pace in Washington
ZarakiKempach10 3/22(水) 17:41
bunch of ignorant rednecks
unhmom02 3/22(水) 17:42
Stop rallying and DO YOUR JOB.
bsnbrysp8 3/22(水) 17:44
More ppl hate you daily
JaneAliceCox 3/22(水) 17:44
Don't you just LOVE the autobots our POTUS uses to create 'likes' on every tweet?
kuelrama 3/22(水) 17:47
Maybe you should stay in kentucky? see if you could run that for a year? I have my doubts.
omvny_phillips 3/22(水) 17:48
The Russian Elect treats Ivanka as his wife and Melania as an illegal immigrant mistress. Who knows what is going on?
Goodshittaken 3/22(水) 17:53
And HOW will you do that Mr. President?
HeavensAngels7 3/22(水) 17:54
Kapernick is a better leader of men I'm the one with the pissy face and stubbornly won't stand for your rights as kings KO
MuchasPersonaz 3/22(水) 22:41
Many people are saying, "Thank them again after the mid term elections."
DonnyNeve 3/22(水) 22:42
why do you continue to preach on fear? You're a flaming pile of garbage.
Brogeytdog 3/22(水) 22:43
great crowds and love you yanking the medias chain.
beckyhitner 3/22(水) 22:43
Thank you President Trump!
mjv131313 3/22(水) 22:45
the same people who didn't know Lincoln was GOP are the same people who don't know you are a Democrat.
kehoedas 3/23(木) 0:36
campaign is over. I know, no one tells you these things....
kehoedas 3/23(木) 0:36
You are so very impressed by yourself bigly! How presidential ....
hollypearlgray 3/23(木) 0:37
karenlewis1028 3/23(木) 0:39
And while u were taking very unprofessional pot shots @ Colin Kaepernick, he donated $50,000 2 Meals on Wheels. U r a dick
jheatt 3/23(木) 0:39
wait til they feel the horrible impact of your lies. You better start coming up w more lies to feed them later
gratefulgrip 3/23(木) 5:37
retieebigrigger 3/23(木) 5:38
dem.all voting no tomorrow...they think is all about big comp.
Money little guy wont be able to afford it and no mental
retieebigrigger 3/23(木) 5:42
mental health medicaid wont have enough money to cover child birth or mental health..they say 24 million people dont have i
msmaggiemay18 3/23(木) 5:43
ShirleyHusar 3/23(木) 5:43
retieebigrigger 3/23(木) 5:43
work with dems get this american health care worked out with us...promise you made ..stand up for rual and less rich
retieebigrigger 3/23(木) 5:44
its on cspan dems are pushing a new vote
joey_holmes1 3/23(木) 13:48
it was a great talk to Louisville. I guess we need to hear from you from time to time too jeep the adrenaline flowing.
kinggreenbean 3/23(木) 21:49
I've seen that many people at roller derby events.
detroit48216 3/23(木) 21:49
Fake Donnie @POTUS supporters should pay for them.
ETLspeaks 3/24(金) 8:47
it will be safe when you resign. Yayyy
davwain 3/24(金) 12:46
@potus (1/x ) Your administration's is why yet another in has decided to cancel trips to
davwain 3/24(金) 12:46
@potus (2/2 ) your country (
). How does discriminating against
Ninamezencev 3/24(金) 17:20
malmbergjack 3/24(金) 17:36
Does this not prove the allegations of The President's failing approval rating? Horse Puckey.Any more no news is good news
AnnaBanana59 3/25(土) 0:45
I'll bet you forgot to mention you were taking away their health care. AND their jobs.
SharronWhatson 3/26(日) 17:30
If I were your mirror I would commit suicide
SharronWhatson 3/26(日) 17:36
If I gave you a penny for your thoughts, I'd get change.
SharronWhatson 3/26(日) 17:45
I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works.
lot9b2 3/27(月) 9:42
how about respect at rallies and official functions with Hail to Chief playing maybe sink in to some

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