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realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump) 2017/4/21(金) 19:50

No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C. ), media will kill! 4542RT

OneKarawatt 4/21(金) 20:46
We're not media; we are voters who see Herr Trump runs an inept team of racist, unprepared, narcis…
Apachemom5 4/21(金) 20:46
That's because none of them could do what you have done. Caring people always get stomped on. That…
Angelo2Benjamin 4/21(金) 20:46
Still waiting to see you accomplish something
sur318 4/21(金) 20:46
You've created more problems then anything else!Systematically destroying our Country n Environmen…
Caren_CO_Now 4/21(金) 20:46
Well you have been an embarrassment every day, so at least that's consistent.
NorthShoreHM 4/21(金) 20:46
Stop focusing on them push on. Media continue's to discredit themselves, Healthcare, Immigration,…
BishYouCray2 4/21(金) 20:46
You ain't done shit.
liarsgetkarma00 4/21(金) 20:46
You've accomplished what Diet Coke president? NOTHING. Worst president ever. Universally agreed by the planet earth.
matthewdoull 4/21(金) 20:46
Lowest 100-day approval of any POTUS ever! Winning! You are a fucking idiot. And a traitor. And illegitimate. Now fuck off.
gypsyI70 4/21(金) 20:46
davidpmulder 4/21(金) 20:46
What planet do you live on.
carlyatessydney 4/21(金) 20:46
You're just a liar
ClubSheng 4/21(金) 20:46
Make America safer; high stocks make everyone richer; more jobs, more . / No quality HealthC. China policy??? Infighting.
Henriquesaenz 4/21(金) 20:46
Donald Jagoff Trump's policies are conservative because he let's other people tell him what to do.…
Sparklesrapture 4/21(金) 20:46
It's only been 100 days? Feels more like 100 yrs! Lord help us! You are dangerous and delusional a…
danmarcella8 4/21(金) 20:46
Ridiculous?! You said you'd have your ISIS plan in 30. YOU set your own impossible deadline. Or…
jedbettman 4/21(金) 20:46
By the way "S.C" was Mitch McConnell's accomplishment. You had nothing to do with it.
oSHOWoSTOPPERo 4/21(金) 20:46
you mean Bombs kill?
laura_ruebel 4/21(金) 20:46
michaelleves 4/21(金) 20:46
Accomplishments: broke major promise to American people that if elected he would release his taxes.
Kswan90805546 4/21(金) 20:46
NO ONE BUT YOU IS DESTROYING YOUR PRESIDENCY! You are a terrible horrible man/child who has lowere…
dickface_j 4/21(金) 20:46
Fuck you, dickface
HeyMonica1 4/21(金) 20:46
At this point, I don't care what you accomplish in 100 days, just don't sign/say anything & stop traveling & wasting money.
nancyleeny 4/21(金) 20:46
Um, travel ban? No. Lock her up? No. The wall? No. China manipulating? No. ISIS gone? No. Obamacar…
MrTy314 4/21(金) 20:46
And Lets Not Forget WASTING TAX PAYER Money To Screw Around IN Florida 3.6Milllion
A Trip To Be E…
DJBIGBEARNY 4/21(金) 20:46
Your a clown you have no idea whats goin on. You only care about yourself. Cause we see how u treat your wife in public
SteveSorrell1 4/21(金) 20:46
I voted for you but I am tired of hearing from your twitter feed how you are being bullied by the…
theramham 4/21(金) 20:46
you're a loser
skeenc25 4/21(金) 20:46
caitsidhe13 4/21(金) 20:46
You've allowed evil men to slaughter wolf pups and bear cubs in wildlife refuges. How is THAT something to brag about?
DiSolvedAnger 4/21(金) 20:46
2bad you neg tweeters refused 2use ur amazing memory 4 something profitable. U wo…
kellyjimusa 4/21(金) 20:46
Just do something
marybinky 4/21(金) 20:46
What the hell is S.C. ?
SuzyFnSunshine 4/21(金) 20:46
DPFlame16 4/21(金) 20:46
Hmm, you sure do get a lot of trolls who are obsessed with responding to your tweets. Just ignore…
TGielner 4/21(金) 20:46
Law enforcement must have yours & start doing their jobs to stop this b/s with the left where and…
gotenza_enza 4/21(金) 20:46
blackpol 4/21(金) 20:46
Wake Up Trumpett , your DREAMING again.
CFeitlin 4/21(金) 20:46
Go blow your nose, change your diaper. The go sit quietly in time out. Just remember, you have acc…
Edelman215 4/21(金) 20:46
It's S. Ct. or SCOTUS you halfwit.
JoanneTyree 4/21(金) 20:46
I am absolutely delighted you have accomplished none of your promises in the first 100 days and hope that trend continues
eileen_posner 4/21(金) 20:46
Is one of your accomplishments remembering more about the chocolate cake you just ate rather than…
yer2slw 4/21(金) 20:46
Someone must have smoked a lot of the pots yesterday.
5_0ShadesOfRed 4/21(金) 20:46
I Think Your Doing Amazing!!! You've gone above and beyond for our AMERICA, & I'm so PROUD of you…
bdc63 4/21(金) 20:47
We're proud of what you have accomplished for the American people. Godspeed.
loveylovett 4/21(金) 20:47
your record speaks for itself
elaine6511 4/21(金) 20:47
You're living proof that a failed reality TV celebrity can't make the cut as president either! Who…
sonarsu 4/21(金) 20:47
More lies, only the Rich great again.
NastyInAlabama 4/21(金) 20:47
Where is that report on the 3 mil illegal votes you promised?
brianhowell1 4/21(金) 20:47
Ignore the MSM, focus on the tasks and goals, know we are behind you and have your back.
sterlingraes 4/21(金) 20:47
Lmao. Oh you poor soul. I would not have wanted your life!!
elizrossintx 4/21(金) 20:47
Because you know you have been a shit President, the first 100 days is a ridiculous standard.
RussConsidine33 4/21(金) 20:47
Who cares about what the media reports? Who cares about poll The only that counted on 11-8-…
Blinky819 4/21(金) 20:47
Since when is @FoxNews and @foxandfriends not media? PS You haven't done shit but show what a shitshow you are.
XPIOLT 4/21(金) 20:47
Jealously. Jealous people always cry a lot. You can see in in infants when you have something they…
MaShaw76 4/21(金) 20:47
I'll give credit for reinforcing almost every negative stereotype concerning Amarica and her citizens.
1tbeller 4/21(金) 20:47
Even though tough work ahead, it will be peaceful, I know it! One day at a time we live and be tru…
mel567 4/21(金) 20:47
You've accomplished a lot in the area of self delusion
thiloeisenhardt 4/21(金) 20:47
Dou gotta cry now, you big baby.
DerekMaher3 4/21(金) 20:47
You are President so screw the media.
GetOffMyLawn23 4/21(金) 20:47
You're a disgrace to the office and to our country.
quidproquo61 4/21(金) 20:47
@realDonaldTrump I'm trying to think what you've accomplished, can you help me out ...what have you accomplished?
RMPrendergast 4/21(金) 20:47
Well, you did keep your promise to drain the swamp... and then you replaced it with a MUCH bigger…
Jillie1949 4/21(金) 20:47
TrumpCare failed, Yemen failure, small inauguration, Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions lying, Syria failur…
miamore__1 4/21(金) 20:47
We still support you President Trump. Don't let them get to you. Keep up the great work! We see it…
FontezAlbert 4/21(金) 20:47
Si on va vite dans le job, il faut prévoir d autres projets..simple..
Ja04037903Sarah 4/21(金) 20:47
That's so true. They are like scavengers. mostly from @cnn and @MSNBC @maddow they are the liber…
IAmKatieMacM 4/21(金) 20:47
Ashish_Peace82 4/21(金) 20:47

Do your Best and Let your work fo the talk.

Cheers for happiness and safety.
mewendy5 4/21(金) 20:47
Failures: Attempts Discrimination against Muslims, treating your Wife as a shadow, developing a vi…
courn_pop 4/21(金) 20:47
resistcda 4/21(金) 20:47
@CitizenKayS U R Nothing! Obese Ugly Stupid Troll
mdesimone05 4/21(金) 20:47
Just keep doing what is right. Smart people will appreciate.
dsilverman1234 4/21(金) 20:47
elaine_mazoch 4/21(金) 20:47
Who cares - you're doing a great job. Thanks!
stopgunkilling 4/21(金) 20:47
LOL. You're a loser and everyone knows it. Tax returns coward.
GSantagiovani 4/21(金) 20:47
Mainstream media in bed with leftist Democrats and radical base. Only attack Conservatives and their views. Underhanded.
TurtlesgaloreMR 4/21(金) 20:47
Obama did set that bar very high, didn't he? Who knew Presidenting would be so much work. Time to…
kp_saravana 4/21(金) 20:47
Did u notice that your likes have gone down? Because you turned your back on your supporters, lied…
pmagnani 4/21(金) 20:47
let's not forget you managed to get the fewest percentage of approvals in history.
RHLipton 4/21(金) 20:47
Wah, wah, wah. Geez you whine a lot
MusikMan01 4/21(金) 20:47
You've accomplished nothing. Well, I suppose getting other leaders to hate you and bringing your c…
BarbaraHardt5 4/21(金) 20:47
My momma taught me "Self-praise is no recommendation."
JeremyCarter15 4/21(金) 20:47
Most would be impressed if you just had a hair cut
taylorcl62 4/21(金) 20:47
U have began gutting Key programs that would help the middle class and the poor
utkarshpatel31 4/21(金) 20:47
Mr. Donald Trump Sir,
You are welcome in India and gives patidar justice.
Stephen75878636 4/21(金) 20:47
Just saw that you are "great friends" with Luciano Pavarotti who has been dead for 10 years. Can't…
M79NL 4/21(金) 20:47
You set your own standard! And now you whine about it?
SchanUnser 4/21(金) 20:47
WigginsArmelle 4/21(金) 20:47
We know Mr.President. Don't worry about the fake news
rdrishel 4/21(金) 20:47
You are a failure at everything, the media is so right! Just resign, before it is really embarrassing
ScottPresler 4/21(金) 20:47
I'm thankful I voted for you. You've accomplished more than many other Presidents.

ldsunshine68 4/21(金) 20:47
it's pretty clear to me that your only agenda since becoming president is reversing every single t…
american_cj 4/21(金) 20:47
We are behind you. You are the best President AMERICA has ever had. Stay safe Mr. President.( i pr…
wintermagnolias 4/21(金) 20:47
I do believe when the American people & the media see you accomplish something no matter how TINY…
agac1221 4/21(金) 20:47
Most of the American people are not stupid no matter how many lies you try an push. You may not read but most of is do.
MarkSeifried 4/21(金) 20:47
What happened to all your promises? Healthcare for everyone? Defeat ISIS? Report on Russiagate? In…
Jilly379 4/21(金) 20:47
Hmm let's just concentrate on what you said would do
Replace ACA - nope
Rid of Isis- nope
Tax pla…
pcon89 4/21(金) 20:47
You haven't done squat except lie.
jkTrump 4/21(金) 20:47
Notbuyingthisbs 4/21(金) 20:47
Accomplish? You have shown you are the most corrupt, incompetent and delusory windbag ever to take…
mkgold73 4/21(金) 20:47
I am not media I that is sick inside ofball the emvay??9mn
RayMart49098224 4/21(金) 20:47
@Terra__S Keep up the good work. Fight the left and push ahead. We support you President Trump
jammer1027 4/21(金) 20:47
Poor @POTUS It's an uphill battle.
CraccoJames 4/21(金) 20:47
Paris wish! Everything will be fine again. I hope Mr.president will be ok
anneetoniiahh 4/21(金) 20:47
The fact no one can ever name any of your accomplishments, including yourself, just proves the lack of them
awessendorf 4/21(金) 20:47
Um, what? Aren't you the one who kept telling your delusional fawning followers you were going to…
RPogachnik 4/21(金) 20:47
Hardly a ridiculous standard, It's an indication of how accomplished and in your case,…
njgirlinmd 4/21(金) 20:47
Well don't leave us hanging. Details please! How many birdies? What was your lowest round? Favorite meal at Mar-a-Lago?
pfmjr1 4/21(金) 20:47
tell the liberal media to buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride we have more than 1300 more days left???
designerhippies 4/21(金) 20:47
Fuck off you cockwomble and take responsibility for the fact you are a walking disaster that puts the whole world on edge.
jkbowen2 4/21(金) 20:47
We support you and we're praying for you,your staff and your family.
JustusRoberts33 4/21(金) 20:47
Ha , I think your statement will end up being more true than you even know… but I suspect you do…
ibreznak 4/21(金) 20:47
Trump care, losing the Armada, small crowds, Flynn, O'Reilly, Low approval,embarrassing your country, yeah a lot
SuzanneKelleher 4/21(金) 20:47
You were elected because voters went to polls believing the wrong candidate was under FBI investigation.
daedwa 4/21(金) 20:47
Oh you poor baby If paid as much attention to what's happening in America as you do your own ego...
NCarlosPinto 4/21(金) 20:47
You used to be all about on day 1, plan in 30 days, hacking report by da…
stefsealy 4/21(金) 20:47
If by "a lot" you mean nothing, you're right.
MoonWomanGlow 4/21(金) 20:47
Who knew acting like a so-called POTUS could be so hard?
sallyntexas 4/21(金) 20:47
100 days-Republicans had 7 years to come up with a plan-FAIL
Feisty_momma2 4/21(金) 20:47
Maybe because you're undoing all of these you gigantic POS
Kerrykj 4/21(金) 20:47
You haven't done shit. You suck and I hope you choke.
ofchappee 4/21(金) 20:47
You could cure cancer and there are those that would still complain about something
teajacobson 4/21(金) 20:48
This sounds vaguely like "if I lose the election, know it was rigged".
JasonAYunker 4/21(金) 20:48
that's because you're a failure. A loser. A fraud.
NHadgisava 4/21(金) 20:48
Nope. It's been a little.
EhhcoG 4/21(金) 20:48
kingranch1952 4/21(金) 20:48
. Thank You Mr. President. Keep going.
payattention29 4/21(金) 20:48
You're horribly unfit. You are a shame. Please resign.
mixup_1 4/21(金) 20:48
You're a lying scumbag!!
sandilands 4/21(金) 20:48
Still waiting on your promised report on Russia before 90 day deadline, and report on fake voters. Oh and tax returns.
Debby_Ami 4/21(金) 20:48
@jenniferdraiss You're Keeping promises and making America great again is all we care about. Ignor…
viphires 4/21(金) 20:48
-Fastest NSA resignation (Flynn )
-Fastest FBI investigation
-Most unpopular in history
-Most ethic…
caitsidhe13 4/21(金) 20:48
Youve appointed an idiot to SCOTUS who can't get through a single trial without major mistakes.
TronaldJDump16 4/21(金) 20:48
Stop. You're embarrassing your children. They just want to stay in the will.
DMMadora 4/21(金) 20:48
Your right Mr. President. The persecution you receive for everything you do is absurd. We know the truth. Keep the faith!
taylorcl62 4/21(金) 20:48
The very thing u accused HRC and Barack of u r doing
justbuffs 4/21(金) 20:48
Mr President cant favor one and not another We know Fox tepublican cnn. Demorcrat. Nothing fair or balanced just l
AliciaBeck20 4/21(金) 20:48
a lot? What? Except display total ignorance. Embarrassing. Please go!
MikeFlame1 4/21(金) 20:48
Yeah youve managed to piss off the world while achieving nothing at home!
melandjay7475 4/21(金) 20:48
Here on Earth, you're the biggest failure of a person ever to exist. Have fun on Earth 2 where ap…
LeePeterborough 4/21(金) 20:48
You've accomplished nothing! LOSER. Sad. MALIGNANT NARCISSIST 25th amendment now!
rubberhaarrtt 4/21(金) 20:48
Ur being introverted ur carrying on like a burnt out mole theirs no sympathy 4 the devil (figure…
GinaMasserini 4/21(金) 20:48
We know the truth, the media is disgusting
stilltimeleft 4/21(金) 20:48
GOP controls both houses yet no major legislation. Weak leadership.
michaelleves 4/21(金) 20:48
Accomplishments: more conflict of interests and secrecy than any other POTUS in history
hillbillionair1 4/21(金) 20:48
Before trump became president... Obama disgracefully said we were no longer a Christian nation. Tr…
freethebill 4/21(金) 20:48
That's about right. Probably because you are a complete amateur.
needToBeReal 4/21(金) 20:48
The world is destabilized, your constituents confused, your agenda laughable...time to go.
YefimBinder 4/21(金) 20:48
We love you Mr. PRESIDENT.
NinyPurple 4/21(金) 20:48
All I can read here is, as a French baby would say: "ouin ouin ouin"
Craigcotsmire 4/21(金) 20:48
The media and the American people have gotten used to Lazy ignorant do-nothing politicians they do…
HollieOrr 4/21(金) 20:48
Donnie, serious question. What have you actually improved? Honestly. You've DONE a lot if things,…
WalterBotchak 4/21(金) 20:48
Shut the fuck up, Donny! You're out of your element!
1ASpeech 4/21(金) 20:48
Imagine the turmoil is this mentally ill man's mind.
Debby_Ami 4/21(金) 20:48
@jenniferdraiss Keep up the good work!
studiousrose 4/21(金) 20:48
Thought you were savior of world.Hello!You've donenothingin100days. Forshame! You insulted the med…
Billiam7 4/21(金) 20:48
Oh, poor guy... You've done nothing outside of continuously disgracing this nation! You want to be…
QBuy_biz 4/21(金) 20:48
like... defaming the intelligence agency of a core U.S. ally, for the sake of defending the infallibility of your tweets?
ProfessorJester 4/21(金) 20:48
"No one thought 100 days would be this short. No one could have known it ended after only a hundre…
willeye2560 4/21(金) 20:48
The only thing you have acomplished is embarrass oir country and spend our money. You are the FRAUD!
DeirdreFlanagan 4/21(金) 20:48
Incompetent & deplorable
GSantagiovani 4/21(金) 20:48
Mainstream media is a failure and will eventually die out.
randy_o1970 4/21(金) 20:48
Cry baby and chief
jinbmore 4/21(金) 20:48
LOL you had to break the government to manage Gorsuch.
RevTMcK 4/21(金) 20:48
This is just more "locker room talk" from a guy who should have been cut from the team long ago.
Mum2LadiesGents 4/21(金) 20:48
You said the media is fake, so why do you care? Start doing your job. You've failed at all your promises thus far.
Porkins_Lives 4/21(金) 20:48
Well folks, this is as close to an admission of failure as we'll get from him. Remember..he lies,…
pakalamazoo 4/21(金) 20:48
The only thing you have accomplished is lower your approval rating.
RussConsidine33 4/21(金) 20:48
Stop wasting your time fretting over approval ratings and media reports. No one who voted for you…
Donnietheconman 4/21(金) 20:48
You didn't accomplish shit but rounds of golf asshole
NHadgisava 4/21(金) 20:48
It's only a lot if you count golf.
SueJank 4/21(金) 20:48
Do what most intelligent people do, ignore MSM. I no longer watch it and I don't read liberal news…
becauseofyomama 4/21(金) 20:48
looking down at your small pee pee
777Deplorable 4/21(金) 20:48
@JediRocky Try to ignore the media whores. They are either paid for puppets or stuck on Stupid. Do…
DebrulerSharon 4/21(金) 20:48
Did the dog eat your homework sweetie?
MaryLouBolger 4/21(金) 20:48
Heritage foundation picked him, @SenateMajLdr used the nuclear options! No ban, wall, repeal and r…
dlu2hnbh 4/21(金) 20:48
The media. Fox News is the media too. Why haven't they has such good things to say about your 100…
LanceLib 4/21(金) 20:48
Your supposed to be doing this job for the American People, not ypur inflated ego Moron
taylorcl62 4/21(金) 20:48
So yes u should be ridiculed and sent packing
MaryWeglarz 4/21(金) 20:48
You've alienated allies, insulted world leaders and endangered our country with your reckless stup…
DoremusJess 4/21(金) 20:48
Naah you suck. It was only Gorsuch and that had nothing to do with you aside from picking the guy.
clarosa41 4/21(金) 20:48
Just move on. Reduce taxes. Simplify tax code. Eliminate inefficient regulations. Do it right. Good for America!
rickandrews84 4/21(金) 20:48
Your first 100 days has been pretty good in large part because of all the things you have failed t…
AKADonaldTrump 4/21(金) 20:48
Heres some stuff you did Im sure youre proud of.....
Drumpher 4/21(金) 20:48
Empty words from an empty man. So sad
RobinSvend 4/21(金) 20:48
Funny how you put that "ridiculous standard" out on the campaign and are now mad that the media is…
backyardprairie 4/21(金) 20:48
michaelleves 4/21(金) 20:48
Accomplishments: first POTUS to actually be a pathological liar who lies every single day.
franksskintags 4/21(金) 20:48
YOU are the one claiming all the great things you were gonna do. Pitter patter. Let's get at her.
wyetrip 4/21(金) 20:49
You've done nothing, most Americans didn't vote for you the ones that did regret it. The gang that couldn't shoot straight
DRStwo 4/21(金) 20:49
An executive order is not leadership of a president. It's bad government & demonstrates you cant…
phipps_billy 4/21(金) 20:49
Please list those accomplishments? Wait, let me make some popcorn first...........ok, GO!
mannerlymutts 4/21(金) 20:49
ILLEGITIMATE TRAITOROUS 45, your crowning accomplishment will be jail for life at the conclusion o…
Itsmyright88 4/21(金) 20:49
you are killing it all on your own. With your twitter Rants, Lies, No Tax Returns, No Visitor Logs and a lot of hipocracy!
KRRBot 4/21(金) 20:49
Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!
J25657843J 4/21(金) 20:49
That's because you have accomplished nothing you brainless jackass.
NicoleJaxx 4/21(金) 20:49
We don't consider your undoing of all the great things Obama put forth as accomplishments..SC is t…
TrollHaterVet 4/21(金) 20:49
They, and the leftards aren't self aware enough to realize they are giving you a $hit load of ammo for 2020!!!! Go Trump
BadHombreTrump 4/21(金) 20:49

You really haven't done !
But, that's OK ... we prefer you do 0
stevie_chick 4/21(金) 20:49
If you don't like it you can always quit.
Milmore 4/21(金) 20:49
You couldn't get Trumpcare through a GOP House, your travel ban didn't hold up in court, Mexico is…
MMsimning 4/21(金) 20:49
Truth hurts, but you have made many ridiculous decisions. Many with tweets and that is not fake news.
Wearetheleavers 4/21(金) 20:49
You've done nothing but sign a bunch of executive orders and fail otherwise. Well, you lied a lot…
judith_dite 4/21(金) 20:49
That's the reason why we should not care about what the media says!we get our news from you & your…
Dawnm90 4/21(金) 20:49
You took the lead for most golf games played in the 1st 100 days while dropping the most bombs. Y…
caitsidhe13 4/21(金) 20:49
You've appointed Russian agents and sympathizers to be government officials.
daveede66 4/21(金) 20:49
does any of that make sense to anyone?? just asking...
anneetoniiahh 4/21(金) 20:49
This "ridiculous standard" was easily fulfilled by mostly every other U.S. president
Debby_Ami 4/21(金) 20:49
@jenniferdraiss America ❤️'s our President!
TimmWallace 4/21(金) 20:49
Aww, there there - it'll soon be over!!
Shellyforchrist 4/21(金) 20:49
do it for the family and the ppl that elected you. not for the media.
spider30240 4/21(金) 20:49
Thank you sir!!
connierainie 4/21(金) 20:49
Like WHAT Name a few. Difficult huh?No healthcare, lost your armada, no wall, fired staff, again
foxtdavidc 4/21(金) 20:49
You're already letting those pesky leftists get close! Remember "Drain the Swamp!"
harleychick79 4/21(金) 20:49
All these haters even wait for his tweets. They secretly like him. secretmajority
ScarletJedi 4/21(金) 20:49
You've done enough to make our country a laughingstock. Oh but Wikileaks rules, right?
nickg_uk 4/21(金) 20:49
Huh? You haven't accomplished anything yet. All your claimed accomplishments are
audioking 4/21(金) 20:49
No worries Mr President. The silent majority stands with you, not the press.
LeePeterborough 4/21(金) 20:49
Failure. Blaming the media for your failure will not save you. You're a puppet. Sad.
VPiccirello 4/21(金) 20:49
DOING GREAT!@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
XOGOSSIPGIRLDC1 4/21(金) 20:49
Ridiculous standard?
trenton_leigh 4/21(金) 20:49
You picked a name off a list from heritage and the senate had to do all the heavy lifting for you…
GregoryJKent1 4/21(金) 20:49
Yes Mr . President, you have accomplished alot! Keep up the great work Sir!!!
1960Doe 4/21(金) 20:49
Wah, wah, wah...stop whining little Donny & step up to the plate. Time to start behaving like a ma…
CoastalDame 4/21(金) 20:49
And Korea used to be a part of China.... You continue to be an embarrassment to the USA.
GreenGenii 4/21(金) 20:49
Accomplished? Golfed, signed a bunch of crap, golfed, bombed a couple things, golfed, "campaign" rallies, golfed.
jredwards78 4/21(金) 20:49
Keep up the great work America needs it!
RealDerek_Moody 4/21(金) 20:49
That's because you "accomplished" jack and only added to the damage we already have.
AnthonyMerkley1 4/21(金) 20:49
A lot of Americans are behind you and appreciate what you've done and the direction your heading b…
UsaPeretz 4/21(金) 20:49
oh it's a ridiculous standard now... the blame-shifting starts...LOSER.
dawn_maltese 4/21(金) 20:49
OhmsParty 4/21(金) 20:49
Oh why, oh why, don't people like me? I've done everything that @putinrf and the oil companies told me to!
michaelleves 4/21(金) 20:49
Accomplishments: firstmpotus to call China a currency manipulator one day and then change his mind the next
AnthonyT1970 4/21(金) 20:49
America is on to your con. No chance of u winning if vote were held today, even with Russian help.…
truthtellerand 4/21(金) 20:49
Stop golfing you one trick pony. Go join the navy like a true patriot or something then you might not lose another ship.
dolphinladee 4/21(金) 20:49
But look at all the glorious golfing!!
wolffree 4/21(金) 20:49
True that....How's that golf game coming along? Can u take cake along
jazzmankyle 4/21(金) 20:49
It's really sad that u consider being an average-to-good prez in the 1st 100 days a ridiculous sta…
DonnaKayLiles1 4/21(金) 20:49
dragginflyy 4/21(金) 20:49
Hell ya, just forget that 100 day mark. Tell yourself whatever makes you
Anthony19458497 4/21(金) 20:49
You dumb butthole ? You have done notting we all wish your Heart would stop! Oh please Lord stop it now !
dgilmore810 4/21(金) 20:49
Yes you are right President Trump. We don't have any media that we can trust.
WalhornKnight 4/21(金) 20:49
1200 days left.. Ticking slowly
russell_josh 4/21(金) 20:49
You have accomplished nothing of import and likely never will. All you have done is destroy Americ…
danielmhopkins 4/21(金) 20:49
You have accomplished NOTHING. No. Thing. Except to golf and travel to FL on the taxpayers dime. Y…
beakerson 4/21(金) 20:49
Remind us again, what have you 'accomplished'?
dimejibabalola 4/21(金) 20:49
astronautchick_ 4/21(金) 20:49
Media is responsible for 70% and you do the rest, with all due respect. ehh mmm, IRAQ, when it was Syria.
nancy_talarico 4/21(金) 20:49
Why don't you just go away! Presidency seems too hard for you!!
Debby_Ami 4/21(金) 20:49
@jenniferdraiss ❤️
Lilleth59 4/21(金) 20:49
Wait... you mean no matter how hard you've tried to destroy USA, you couldn't get pats on the back…
CEO_Of_Petty 4/21(金) 20:49
Omg! You must write the stuff on the toilet. No early morning loving for ur wife huh? Must have se…
Johnhur48481738 4/21(金) 20:49
I'm going to publish a coffee table book of Trump hater post. Something to laugh at later. Lol
june_bueno 4/21(金) 20:49
Even Panetta gave you an overall grade so far a C.But it is Friday and you know what that means Do…
scue 4/21(金) 20:49
You haven't done shit!
LeePeterborough 4/21(金) 20:49
You should walk away. Art of the Loser. Sad.
Ryeonce_slay 4/21(金) 20:49
It hasn't been much dude
CaptainLombard3 4/21(金) 20:49
Well the thing is, Donnie....You accomplished zero. Even your Supreme Court pick only made it thro…
SchanUnser 4/21(金) 20:49
BayBye2010 4/21(金) 20:49
don't forget over 20 mil on travel..Obama spent 89 mil in 8 years & Trump will beat that in 1st year but no meals on wheels
QBuy_biz 4/21(金) 20:49
like... Giving your daughter an office in the White House and a security clearance while keeping h…
JillLummus 4/21(金) 20:49
Stop tweeting the "Oh Poor Pitiful Me Crap" and get the job done these tweets aren't helping
giddywithglee 4/21(金) 20:49
Uh, S.C.
Are you talking about hiring foreigners at your winery?
Or the THEFT?
NancyGe64436230 4/21(金) 20:50
Debby_Ami 4/21(金) 20:50
@jenniferdraiss Keep th faith! MAGA
scalguy 4/21(金) 20:50
At least your golf game has improved
Lawrence_n_DC 4/21(金) 20:50
What's it like being a Russian slave? Your only accomplishment is turning the WH into Uncle Vladimir's Cabin.
JamaroJro 4/21(金) 20:50
Voters knew you'd keep your finger on the pulse; of the country from one corner to the next. Keep…
bobibouche 4/21(金) 20:50
Maybe dont spend 1/4 of your first 100 days vacationing at your private resort
AmercanFox 4/21(金) 20:50
Don't worry mr. President we are quite aware of what's going on and we know how much you've accomp…
SubagioHermanto 4/21(金) 20:50
.For sale anciend Chinese Ceramic and Chair Hardwood ( Motif and Wood )= in Forbiden City/Tien An Men Beijing Tiongkok.
HelenHodgin 4/21(金) 20:50
Donnietheconman 4/21(金) 20:50
sfriedenberg 4/21(金) 20:50
ALL u have accomplished is gorsuch . U can't get a bill passed.
KathrynTomashu1 4/21(金) 20:50
Please - you accomplished nothing but destroyed much Iike the credibility of your Administration a…
CanuckRacer 4/21(金) 20:50
"ridiculous standard" Trying out your excuses for FAILURE? You're even FAILING at excuses you fuck…
DCMIKEBURKE 4/21(金) 20:50
Will you get Wall funding put into next week's must pass Continuing Resolution?
NonnaDuke 4/21(金) 20:50
The media is ridiculous, the American people will eventually see that. Meanwhile keep on fighting and wining
September43 4/21(金) 20:50
You haven't accomplished anything.
admnordin 4/21(金) 20:50
You are confused
You can not set a goal or be convincing
I think you and Obama have drawn a final plate
CEO_Of_Petty 4/21(金) 20:50
Loricawohl 4/21(金) 20:50
Congrats on your golf game... I hear it's improved
bannerite 4/21(金) 20:50
It's all downhill from here.
themidnightrid1 4/21(金) 20:50
Nobody cares what the Democratic Party (Media ) has to say. We need those tax cuts, Obama care and regulations gone.
Chadguyinsac 4/21(金) 20:50
You are a pathetic joke and will always be known as WORST POTUS EVER
sgknight23 4/21(金) 20:50
DMBtheideaofyou 4/21(金) 20:50
Aren't you the one that set the standard for what YOU were going to accomplish in the first 100 da…
MillenialIdiot 4/21(金) 20:50
Didn't you promise to single handedly fix everything? The only promise you didn't make was to turn water into Smirnoff Ice.
RussConsidine33 4/21(金) 20:50
If you replace ObamaNoCare & reduce corporate (1st priority ) & individual taxes & build a wall, yo…
JasonRHowe 4/21(金) 20:50
So now that you have failed completely in your first 100 days it's "ridiculous standards"? Try rai…
jmdd53 4/21(金) 20:50
How much golf did you play Have you showed us your taxes
BuggsMcGhee 4/21(金) 20:50
You're an utter idiot. Nothing you do or say matters, as all your mistakes will be corrected when you're impeached
SiouXeee 4/21(金) 20:50
if you are making people mad, then you are making progress.
jgagegirl 4/21(金) 20:50
The REAL American people see what you've done and are pleased. Thank you President Trump!!!
BLiebesman 4/21(金) 20:50
.Why can't cnn fake news ever report on the money that hillary Clinton received from China for classified information
cannibalnutz 4/21(金) 20:50
You guys will never be happy just thank God or what ever you believe in that you don't live under…
jmathi22_jmat 4/21(金) 20:50
You might gain a microscopic amount of respect if you just own your failures & LEARN from them, Instead of making excuses
Cathy98320538 4/21(金) 20:50
You've accomplished NOTHING. God, you are so dumb and a national embarrassment. GO AWAY
BobbyCWright1 4/21(金) 20:50
:Presidents Reagan,Clinton,GW Bush Redistributed $7.5 Trillion Dollars from S.S. to pay for Tax Cuts for the 1%. Remove Cap!
dlu2hnbh 4/21(金) 20:50
You've started conflicts in 5 different countries with no strategy or plan to win. Remember your c…
gordon_dgordon 4/21(金) 20:50
Maybe if you accomplished one simple thing they would chill out. Get out and DO SOMETHING, anything just DO IT.
diaryofthetrump 4/21(金) 20:50
You haven't done shit and media has been easy on you

Grow a pair of balls, President McSmallcock,…
Zainiac1 4/21(金) 20:50
GinnyOsborne3 4/21(金) 20:50
You are doing great Mr. President!
FiddleSpider 4/21(金) 20:50
You can keep telling yourself that, lying to yourself like you lie to us, but any intelligent pers…
lawhawk 4/21(金) 20:50
Lies. It's all you ever do. You didn't accomplish anything other than show you're completely addle…
DontheWrong1 4/21(金) 20:50
Donald Trump, I've come to bargain.
caitsidhe13 4/21(金) 20:50
You've nearly started 2 wars, not for lack of trying, and murdered many civilians with your stupid bombs.
TonyKotwicki 4/21(金) 20:50
Delusional orange man child whining in twitter again.
jessescuz 4/21(金) 20:50
exactly what have you accomplished? Other than making a fool of yourself and this country.
dulangme 4/21(金) 20:50
All you have accomplished is the most lies told. Your head is big for nothing.
TuomasKyr 4/21(金) 20:50
Sinä osaat ja pystyt, kun vain uskot itseesi. Mikään ei ole mahdotonta.
emilnicole 4/21(金) 20:50
You have not accomplished anything 99.9% of everything you have passed is through ''execution acti…
kle317 4/21(金) 20:50
You are such an embarrassment.
sharon_sjackson 4/21(金) 20:50
You have not accomplished a damn thing. Quit your lying to the American people. Get out. The Amer…
BloopJustSayin 4/21(金) 20:50
You've accomplished to make the U.S look like idiots.... You're the ring leader... Congrats
JBehr84 4/21(金) 20:50
moni_casarez 4/21(金) 20:50
But don't be dismayed, if the Lord is with us, who can be against us!? Together we'll make
JeffWadeTN 4/21(金) 20:50
Turned on ABC and the dem hack this morning just to see how negative they are ... wh…
michaelleves 4/21(金) 20:50
Accomplishments: 1st POTUS to accuse previous POTUS of wire tapping him, which is crime, libel! Th…
sethedel 4/21(金) 20:50
Had to change 200 years of rules to get your SC pick dick
lapyap 4/21(金) 20:50
Just do your job ! Shut up about the media. The public is smart enough to discern what is true from what is not!
elston_jeffrey 4/21(金) 20:50
Admit being the weakest most thin skin POTUS? Nope it must be everyone else's fault! Sad POS. I mean POTUS.
ScarletJedi 4/21(金) 20:50
You've golfed more in 100 days than Ibama did in 8 years. Warmongering with NK. Russian collusion.…
earlrg49 4/21(金) 20:50
The world laughed at BO and now the libs/snowflakes can't take it. You've done in 100 days more then BO did in 8 yrs.
McraeNeil 4/21(金) 20:50
I love this parody account. So much funnier than @TrumpPressRoom
APeckOfPickles 4/21(金) 20:50
.@realDonaldTrump Just checking if it is still legal to tell the president to go fuck himself:

th3R3al1st 4/21(金) 20:50
You set the standard numb nuts !
RealDerek_Moody 4/21(金) 20:50
juzperfict 4/21(金) 20:50
please enlighten me ... just what have you done? i only see failed replacement on healthcare, and you playing golf ...
RPogachnik 4/21(金) 20:50
Well, you've accomplished more than any and that goes as far back as
ThummBrian 4/21(金) 20:50
Have Great Day today Mr. President
RomeRoss15 4/21(金) 20:50
@tjfromthebloc Hahaha! You're actually pretty funny sometimes.
PeterDub2741 4/21(金) 20:50
You haven't done shit except golf, talk shit and put all our lives in danger. You have failed at p…
LeedyRandall 4/21(金) 20:50
Feeling a bit whiny today Maybe you go play more golf
jimtypes 4/21(金) 20:51
If you followed Bill OReilly and what media did to him, you are correct. If you followed media on…
JoyKathy 4/21(金) 20:51
What did you accomplish? You don't belong in OUR White House.
EsVillafane 4/21(金) 20:51
Bring some justice to Venezuela,
SCalaisS 4/21(金) 20:51
MORE news about to break..

Look at him blaming everything anything but himself..
davejr1200 4/21(金) 23:39
I think they are measuring how much you fuck up and, let's face it, that's a colossal amount.
alixemur 4/21(金) 23:39
Sorry; you've DONE next to nothing. Hollow exec orders -- or worse,illegal e-o's. No policies, p…
str8upcowboy76 4/21(金) 23:39
Nevermind all the bs. The left won't let u do anything. Starts with that B word Nancy Pilosi. She…
majikk22 4/21(金) 23:39
you have way too much time on your hands. Go golfing and relax..... Oh wait!
thismyshow 4/21(金) 23:39
How is that 30 day plan to defeat ISIS going? You're presidency is failing
KarmaIsABitch76 4/21(金) 23:39
Speaking of killing; Trump administration behind the bombing of Syria/Afghanistan and not to menti…
RABBITHOLE4444 4/21(金) 23:39
Yes because the media are the opposition party and they are at war with you ! I suggest you treat…
DenisNelson5 4/21(金) 23:39
Boohoo, boohoo.... what a whiner!
tracynrob 4/21(金) 23:39
the only thing you have done is weaken this country and undo progress that will take years to recover from.
TessDeco 4/21(金) 23:39
Your lie about the military fleet headed to North Korea when it was actually going to Australia wa…
hambone_tori 4/21(金) 23:39
You sir flip flop more than fish in the sea. If you had accomplished anything in 100 days you wou…
AndreaTobias8 4/21(金) 23:39
Cerpin47 4/21(金) 23:39
grifter in Chief! Baaaahahahahaaaaa
lety02 4/21(金) 23:39
Expectation is low...You're a pathetic "president"
WillyDog8 4/21(金) 23:39
You're such an embarrassment
JudyFStanley 4/21(金) 23:39
NOW YOU GET IT. It's the nature of the beast. Take your heart OFF of your shoulder and place it back inside.
SallyAnnBaker1 4/21(金) 23:39
Just shut up. You are so embarrassing.
SpaceMajikc 4/21(金) 23:39
Lol cry baby bitch boy
c0ulda_w0ulda 4/21(金) 23:39
Avoid accountability much? Daily reminder: You are an embarrassment to the USA.
PNWEngOfDoom 4/21(金) 23:39
You'vee accomplished NOTHING. All of your "wins" were left over from the Obama admin. Everything you've tried has failed.
Carlos112060 4/21(金) 23:40
You set the bar for your "Inevitable" accomplishments during the campaign, Mr. President. Or can y…
MikeisSatan 4/21(金) 23:40
You have done jack shit. Asshole.
tcman70 4/21(金) 23:40
You haven't accomplished much, and we're judging you on what YOU said YOU WOULD DO!! Now we nothi…
jackduck1105 4/21(金) 23:40
Dude, may I remind you of your promises about your first 100 days? You really are mentally ill.
MikeVooss 4/21(金) 23:40
"On my very first day in office..."
DixiewhoD 4/21(金) 23:40
Yes you have tweeted mightily since becoming president. And golfed frequently. And signed orders given by Putin.
arobin1409 4/21(金) 23:40
Now it's a ridiculous standard?? You can't admit you're failing. The world is closing in and your…
JeanneWoods18 4/21(金) 23:40
Sure wish it were your last 100 days. Then we could vote for change!
ldngeist 4/21(金) 23:40
Weren't you talking about accomplishing lots bigly day one? You're only moving the goalpost becaus…
coopNben 4/21(金) 23:40
YOU set your own bar of what you'd do in first 100 days. NOT MEDIA. You GUARANTEED AMERICANS. You…
elgalan415 4/21(金) 23:40
Your greatest accomplishment so far is you played more golf in 1st 100 days than any other pres. a…
rdstinson0625 4/21(金) 23:40
"Fake news" Dumb ass you set your own time line on multiple issues! You haven't made any of them! https://twitter.com/rdstinson0625/status/855430969406435329/photo/1
norahmarie 4/21(金) 23:40
Old man you have only accomplished EO! If you would listen to the 3mill. That didn't vote for you,…
WDust00 4/21(金) 23:40
You've gone golfing almost every weekend! You didn't even know what was in your healthcare bill! T…
betosando 4/21(金) 23:40
All you are is a bunch of excuses for how you can't match up! Worthless actually! Nothing you've d…
LeggingDealer 4/21(金) 23:40
You are an embarrassment.
SRing1962 4/21(金) 23:40
Media reports FACTS. Not your make believe dreams . Your approach and your intent is revolting . Y…
tjlatty 4/21(金) 23:40
So bad!
lrmorellana 4/21(金) 23:40
1. U hvnt accomplished single thing, except steal scotus! 2. U set urself up on this! 3. U r a YUG…
mclozano1111 4/21(金) 23:40
accomplished zero but since you take responsibility for nothing, now the 100 days standard is absu…
Gaberull 4/21(金) 23:40
But you yourself set the 1st 100 day deadline by announcing all of the things you will accomplish…
AndreaTobias8 4/21(金) 23:40
Simonmisseso 4/21(金) 23:40
Btw, you set those ridiculous 1, 30, and 90 day standards (all of which you whiffed ) just to trick…
Voter20162 4/21(金) 23:40
@RebekahWorsham It will backfire on them.. The trap they make for you the evil doers will fall int…
frankdenauw 4/21(金) 23:40
The is totally biased against our Populist @POTUS! is a true threat to our Dem…
stefanodipeduci 4/21(金) 23:40
ohh the standard is the issue?
michelepessa 4/21(金) 23:40
Mr. President stop taking the bait. You are so predictable it is laughable.
DeFlip95 4/21(金) 23:40
Other than a bunch of executive orders, you haven't passed asingle piece of legislation. I call that a fail. A BIGLY fail!
kenyderby 4/21(金) 23:40
It's because you've accomplished nothing but divisiveness and fear. You suck. Resign.
RowanGrey 4/21(金) 23:40
That's funny, I remember YOU being the one who laid out a 100 day plan, not the media.
SandraMaz 4/21(金) 23:40
We remember
MarkChavezTX 4/21(金) 23:40
-Appoint Agent as NSA
-Under FBI investigation
-Stoke Nuclear Wa…
RABBITHOLE4444 4/21(金) 23:40
As far as I am concerned the MSM should be taken down in any or all ways possible by your admin !…
FootballExpert 4/21(金) 23:40
You took a list created by @Heritage & picked a judge on that list. Then @SenateMajLdr did all wor…
VickyDurieux 4/21(金) 23:40
If you had even the *slightest clue* what you were doing, the standard would not seem "ridiculous"…
Zanitza 4/21(金) 23:40
stay positive, your supporters know the truth
sharon_a29 4/21(金) 23:40
You have accomplised nothing
AgentBee9 4/21(金) 23:40
You've accomplished sooo much BWAHAHAHAHA
fukalubitchez 4/21(金) 23:41
This is absolutely no one's fault but your own. It's time to grow up, be a man and accept responsi…
MSB_128 4/21(金) 23:41
maybe they were just going off the list of things you promised in your first 100?
KingRaf01 4/21(金) 23:41
Ummm didn't YOU mention it with YOUR first 100 day action plan?
downsCAM 4/21(金) 23:41
No you don't get to campaign as an ignorant bafoonish populist & then say, well it's hard and it d…
EdgeOfMyTweet 4/21(金) 23:41
What's with this shit?
WheatSuzanne 4/21(金) 23:41
@UniqueMarique Don't worry! Keep pushing through.Gods with you even more than you know! Let Him g…
iglooslice 4/21(金) 23:41
So far, all you've accomplished is prove that you are a willfully ignorant whining narcissist whos…
StockViking 4/21(金) 23:41
Ugh, you're such a crybaby.
JesiB030 4/21(金) 23:41
Don't forget @POTUS. You did successfully create a "magamilitia" that has become the terror truly…
onissey 4/21(金) 23:41
Whine, whine, whine. Don't blame the media for this, take responsibility. Keep tweeting
koobrstoobn 4/21(金) 23:41
Hahahahaha! You haven't accomplished anything except the lowest approval rating and many rounds of golf. Loser.
lilmaggie186 4/21(金) 23:41
Gov shut down
Spending Taxes $…
SpaceMajikc 4/21(金) 23:41
Spitfirehill 4/21(金) 23:41
Your thoughts on the media make me all the more willing to believe what they say about you. You are a bounder and a fool.
WendyKrause5 4/21(金) 23:41
Accomplishments -

Praised Bill O'Reilly as being a "Good man"...Oops, didn't matter...O'Reilly s…
notgatorDD 4/21(金) 23:41
You're damned idiot if you really want to do something presidential resign
Gasguzzler_ 4/21(金) 23:41
Stay on the backs of those who are slowing you down.
NanPitre 4/21(金) 23:41
jberndtwojo 4/21(金) 23:41
What a shit show your has been. Sad.
pavich74 4/21(金) 23:41
Maybe check in with Presidents Bannon and Kushner and see how they feel about their administration's progress.
JustaPack 4/21(金) 23:41
only a weak pathetic man blames his problems and shortcomings on others. Do the world a favor and resign.
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:41
LindenfeldOre 4/21(金) 23:41
That is the difference between a real president and an fat orange pig with tiny hands and a baby's…
SchmittRomney 4/21(金) 23:41
A lot of nothing!
MckeehanSteve 4/21(金) 23:41
AndreaTobias8 4/21(金) 23:41
rcpilotjohn 4/21(金) 23:41
I must have missed it mixed in with all of your wins we have to keep track of. How did you screw the country in S.C?
leese_susan 4/21(金) 23:41
You have accomplished NOTHING but rape the earth and make yourself & your friends richer.
DHbsnBlndChfr33 4/21(金) 23:41
Yes Donny. You have been busy. But please do tell us how this makes America great for the average…
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:41
bebe_bichon 4/21(金) 23:41
You over-promised and under-delivered which is no surprise to the majority of Americans who voted…
grose65511 4/21(金) 23:41
DevonNoll2 4/21(金) 23:41
If you mean alienating most of America and the world; and laying foundation for destroying our dem…
krueckd 4/21(金) 23:41
@JeremyHubbard What???
TimothyTrummell 4/21(金) 23:41
The liberal media is doing what they did during the election... Turning America against Democrats.…
Anastas48819550 4/21(金) 23:41
Youve filled swamp with haters,neonatzis,managed to insult most allies, tax payer money for wkly g…
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:41
OregonScorpio 4/21(金) 23:41
@Stonewall_77 You have four years to accomplish things. Take your time and do it right. We are patient.
ThetaLanguish 4/21(金) 23:41
no one cares about the media. We are just watching your actions. You said nationalism. Not globalism. it gave me hope.
Carolcourtney14 4/21(金) 23:41
90% of people aren't happy with ur executive orders so I would say not news that kills its u that…
virgied222 4/21(金) 23:41
@KattyKayBBC Drumpf you have not accomplished a thing, however you are destroying our country and…
AFRAPUE 4/21(金) 23:41
@realDonaldTrump The world is laughing... you're and embarrassment for this country.
JadyJacobson 4/21(金) 23:41
GerardH02624829 4/21(金) 23:41
no legislation has been passed................................................
joanschroer 4/21(金) 23:41
Keep up the great job! The American people know what your doing!! Thank you!!
reecee79 4/21(金) 23:41
I hear you, @realDonaldTrump. This job is real tough and you're not winning. Who knew it would be…
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:41
nastychicksrock 4/21(金) 23:41
betosando 4/21(金) 23:41
bob_falconi 4/21(金) 23:41
What does this mean, in English?
Daakusutepsu 4/21(金) 23:41
If you don't stop lying, people are going to figure out that you're really Hillary wearing a Donal…
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:41
soldbygail 4/21(金) 23:42
Hard left "progressives" are less popular and are helping endear Trump to more people .Regular ha…
downsCAM 4/21(金) 23:42
@realDonaldTrump @AARP you campaigned as a bafoonish populist but were lying tooth & nail, tried t…
ClareDa34279952 4/21(金) 23:42
Well .. that will be because in fact you will have achieved nothing.
RiseUpAbove 4/21(金) 23:42
You haven't done jack shit. One Word: RUSSIA
medie 4/21(金) 23:42
How's that sekrit plan to defeat ISIS going?
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:42
HermanfromHartf 4/21(金) 23:42
Ignore the media, they lie, they are democrats. Keep doing MAGA.
christi05152911 4/21(金) 23:42
Exactly what did you accomplish of a positive nature for the people for Democracy?
I have to be ho…
JenniferMBella2 4/21(金) 23:42
You accomplished a lot of golf and most of us despise you. That's something.
bummeritsme 4/21(金) 23:42
Yup....da baby is whining....again!!
waureganct 4/21(金) 23:42
No matter how badly you fail, you will always lie and claim you're the greatest! You're a national disgrace!
DravenSwann13 4/21(金) 23:42
The ONLY thing you've managed to accomplish is SC. Wall, nope. Muslim ban, nope. Hillary in jail,…
noncnfrmGreg 4/21(金) 23:42
Whine whine whine
juliecarp57 4/21(金) 23:42
Oh Donny, your try at blaming someone else is just too damned transparent. You'll have to try har…
RABBITHOLE4444 4/21(金) 23:42
Sue MSM in court for liable or slander or revoke their licencing ect... or defund them, anything t…
bobw6206 4/21(金) 23:42
@CitizenKayS Trumps done a lot of crap!
Letting Coal Waste get dump in rivers, gonna be terrible!…
phbalanced808 4/21(金) 23:42
Sounds like Donald needs his dirty diaper changed again because here he is whining like a baby aga…
gassaway540 4/21(金) 23:42
Pissed Off ally's yes! Accolmplished? No!
stormfighter48 4/21(金) 23:42
A lot yeah u have spent a lot of tax payer money playing golf a lot
Laura_3333333 4/21(金) 23:42
Look in the mirror. It's all YOU!
BBakhshandeh 4/21(金) 23:42
please do tell us what you have ACCOMPLISHED? Oh nothing! Hopefully is happy with you!
LLfromnyc 4/21(金) 23:42
Oh BOO HOO 2 YOU!! What do u expect when u behave and speak like you're 9?When u talk military it…
AndreaTobias8 4/21(金) 23:42
LAangel_Camilla 4/21(金) 23:42
What does it tell YOU when OUR State Department is SO depleted right now? AND @jeffsessions that d…
J4E6P 4/21(金) 23:42
You're to blame!! YOU are HYPER-critical but expect the standards by which you use to judge others…
hockymom5 4/21(金) 23:42
@DarLovesAmerica The wants to brainwash the public into socialism. only can find neg…
kristenpetroff 4/21(金) 23:42
Uh...yea...you have very few days left and I can guarantee you haven't and won't accomplish shit.…
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:42
jhamilton1024 4/21(金) 23:42
You are very delusional
fumbler00ski 4/21(金) 23:42
JenniferMBella2 4/21(金) 23:42
You have lost most of your Twitter support.
DaveInTurn4 4/21(金) 23:42
Your first 100 days has been a huge failure. What a waste of time and tax dollars.
DebraAnnGW 4/21(金) 23:42
Most people know that most of the media sucks.
buddyjobear1 4/21(金) 23:42
Ur accomplishments; ticked off, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, England & Canada. Failed on racist ban,…
JerryLStirewalt 4/21(金) 23:42
Lied about your taxes, destroy safety in America, and your a traitor to America
rainlemongum 4/21(金) 23:42
You right POTUS!!! Y'all leave the man alone, he is working super hard! Don't you know how much ti…
tjpst15 4/21(金) 23:42
what have you done? still waiting on proof of crowd size…
PamJohn25722918 4/21(金) 23:42
Media kills itself, your 100% success is still happening, and majority of citizens are well infor…
MDTeresa 4/21(金) 23:42
You've no legislative accomplishments. We don't need media to tell us you've achieved practically nothing compared w/Obama!
Christian_Cru2 4/21(金) 23:42
Shut up you whiny bitch
cleotiger17 4/21(金) 23:42
Do you really THINK anyone believes you when we've heard for ourselves seen with our eyes?YOU ARE…
kls2842 4/21(金) 23:42
Try not being such a narcissistic a hole.
KathiUpdike 4/21(金) 23:42
You set the standard..."I will build a wall and repeal Obamacare in my first 30 days! Not as easy…
seppisigh 4/21(金) 23:42
Muslim Ban 1&2 ❌
Trumpcare 1&2 ❌
legislation passed ️
stealing from the American people ✅
jones_michalle 4/21(金) 23:42
You are an idiot.
RhondaWelch 4/21(金) 23:42
Remember this Donny...this was from you.
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:42
Timmbarton123T 4/21(金) 23:42
TRUTH eludes 45
abbyilene 4/21(金) 23:42
Like what?
dfarago 4/21(金) 23:42
So...please list off your accomplishments...stolen SC pick. Bombs. Exec. Orders that put $$s in yo…
chuckmll 4/21(金) 23:42
Climate change Real Trumpcare false cutting meals on wheels Real Tax reform no way America First f…
ArtQuijada 4/21(金) 23:42
No matter how much? Still waiting on anything. You've accomplished being a national embarrassment. Does that count?
bartaking 4/21(金) 23:42
You just full of excuses.
blackholetalos 4/21(金) 23:43
Worst 100 first days ever. Weak.
1gubber 4/21(金) 23:43
Eyeseeyrpt 4/21(金) 23:43
We stood behind you & voted you in know your incredible work ethics & are proud of your numerous a…
Sumiriously 4/21(金) 23:43
AgentBee9 4/21(金) 23:43
You gonna go back to that circus in florida on everyone elses dime for closing ceremonies?
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:43
ksb929 4/21(金) 23:43
Stay the course! The People have your back. ❤
schachin 4/21(金) 23:43
you've accomplished the honor of wasting the most tax payer money on golfing vacations in the first 100 days
DrKathieMathis 4/21(金) 23:43
Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. You…
fixingthings 4/21(金) 23:43
The Media Is Clearly Being Supported By Leftist, Crooked Corupt People. I See This 1st Hand Here I…
palegail 4/21(金) 23:43
Just cancelled our 1 week May golfing in & our 10 day trip. Canada's actions NOT a disgrace!
KathiNorton1 4/21(金) 23:43
Already prepping the followers for your big failures? First President (and I say that with chagrin…
ruffstar 4/21(金) 23:43
You are such a gross human being
muttyBeard 4/21(金) 23:43
Ladies and gentlemen, the laughing stock of the world ⬆️
the3hound 4/21(金) 23:43
You mean spending more than any president in history? More golf than any in history? More lawsuits…
kevinkopacko16 4/21(金) 23:43
No. Its a standard benchmark that every modern president has been held to. We arent chaning that so you can reach par.
JenniferMBella2 4/21(金) 23:43
And every time you open your mouth you sound incompetent and borderline deranged...
tcman70 4/21(金) 23:43
YOU said repeal and replace would probably happen the day the secretary was sworn in. YOUR WORDS,…
fonis90 4/21(金) 23:43
Sounds like whining. Whining doesn't get anything done. Just like you. What kind of cheese do you want with that whine?
jjoel22 4/21(金) 23:43
oh Donnie- when will you grow up, you ignorant little child?
bobmiller42 4/21(金) 23:43
Stop acting like a 3yr. old,wanting a lollipop , as you p-p in the BIG pottie.Ur supposed to be a President,Act like one.
FiredupBethy 4/21(金) 23:43
You live in a fantasy world of your own making. Sad.
felicia014 4/21(金) 23:43
You use an embarrassingly large number of exclamation points for a 70 year old man
iNvAdeR_sLiM 4/21(金) 23:43
You are the one who made the ridiculous promises! Not the medias fault you can't deliver!
gjwach 4/21(金) 23:43
Including S.C.? That is the only thing you accomplished & that was stolen. You have an over inflat…
mikup941 4/21(金) 23:43
Don't worry be happy
PoliticalDoodle 4/21(金) 23:43
Signed no major legislation, crucial posts still vacant, no concrete foreign policy, unsuccessful…
Hell_HasCome 4/21(金) 23:43
Republican self-pity is an unattractive phenomenon, but Republican authoritarianism is an even more unattractive one
Tamaraciocci 4/21(金) 23:43
You've failed.
ndb4ever 4/21(金) 23:43
Forget the Fake News media Mr. President. We the people recognize your accomplishments & say Thank you. God bless you & USA
ALT_uscis 4/21(金) 23:43
A cul de sac HOA accomplishes more in 100 days than you
dianesummers6 4/21(金) 23:43
cmerry 4/21(金) 23:43
clairewee1 4/21(金) 23:43