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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2018/11/19(月) 8:32 .

When someone shares their story, we see the world through their eyes. I’m looking forward to hearing a few from lea…

MartyCattaneo 11/19(月) 11:01
@ObamaFoundation Mr. President please provide updates for the world to share.
Deplorablechic2 11/19(月) 11:01
EKLOCYRAG 11/19(月) 11:02
@ObamaFoundation U always make America proud. Taking solace in these troubled political times knowing…
NijinskyReina 11/19(月) 11:02
@ObamaFoundation Miss ur and ur beautiful family's grace & power. Plz come back President Obamawe r in hell
lady_spearman 11/19(月) 11:03
@ObamaFoundation My President!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤
GwinChristopher 11/19(月) 11:03
@ObamaFoundation Love that you include local farmers and color guard fun in the montage! Thank you, Ob…
RmuribeRoberto 11/19(月) 11:04
@ObamaFoundation I just drew this picture of you. I wish there would be a way you could autograph it,…
PeterEllisTKD 11/19(月) 11:05
@ObamaFoundation From Ottawa, Canada. We will watch you lead the way, as you always did, as you always…
ThelmaB06893137 11/19(月) 11:05
@ObamaFoundation .@BarackObama you were never interested in hearing anything from the working class be…
DRMz4u 11/19(月) 11:05
@ObamaFoundation I too believe the import of story telling as a method of preserving history often untold, especially economic.
Vg5nDKiJhgOhDFC 11/19(月) 11:05
@ObamaFoundation نعم تاما الله اكبر
hesheorit 11/19(月) 11:06
@ObamaFoundation I like Barack Obama.
barbeaux 11/19(月) 11:08
@ObamaFoundation My President.
Otis26116060 11/19(月) 11:08
@ObamaFoundation That's my classy President
buddyabc123 11/19(月) 11:08
@ObamaFoundation We know you’re story, 8years of nothing!!! Supporting P.P. To KILL BABIES, there’s no…
francaisouvrer 11/19(月) 11:11
@ObamaFoundation Wonderful- teach love
Bluesky3552 11/19(月) 11:11
@ObamaFoundation I’m looking forward to hearing the truth about and what you and your cronies a…
Magsprettykitty 11/19(月) 11:11
@ObamaFoundation God I miss you!
Seeds91004324 11/19(月) 11:12
@ObamaFoundation Superb sir...
9ljsBk 11/19(月) 11:12
@ObamaFoundation Great
MisterCrow50000 11/19(月) 11:12
you gave the greatest speech i ever heard when you came to Dublin
MarieBartolome4 11/19(月) 11:13
@ObamaFoundation My President
owaishussains 11/19(月) 11:14
HamidAliChatha 11/19(月) 11:15
@ObamaFoundation May you succeed in your mission. God Bless you.
Tim54774558 11/19(月) 11:15
@ObamaFoundation French Cameroon Military on Ambazonia yesterday, and it goes on, we have not heard fr…
TriggsGary 11/19(月) 11:15
@ObamaFoundation By the way mr. Obama thank you for your service.
I live here in Hawaii and and have a…
Obama2point0 11/19(月) 11:16
@ObamaFoundation You are the BEST POTUS EVER! Thank You
BasirRauf 11/19(月) 11:17
@ObamaFoundation Well Brother no one has time for my story to help me
scottburgess19 11/19(月) 11:17
@ObamaFoundation Thank you for your service to our country sir. You were a great president.
jilindaphd 11/19(月) 11:18
@ObamaFoundation Come and visit us in St. Louis! The scholars of Ferguson and other surrounding commun…
SylviaG6918 11/19(月) 11:18
@ObamaFoundation Oh awesome! Wish I could be there. What a great time!
Svenharry111 11/19(月) 11:19
@ObamaFoundation You have the nerve to show your face in the city you abandonded? Chicago? How many ha…
ArunavaTalukdar 11/19(月) 11:21
@Sarkar563 @ObamaFoundation Obama sir
WORLD misusing you. as human.. as friend....
bankofbiology 11/19(月) 11:21
AlysiaDempsey 11/19(月) 11:22
@ObamaFoundation “Through our stories we will gain an understanding of each other. All can share the…
HAPPYTIMESJD 11/19(月) 11:22
@ObamaFoundation Sad But 100% True ObamaBushes Clinton's OLD NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL ELITES ZIONISTS Cu…
therealwettboy 11/19(月) 11:23
I miss you when are you gonna come over again barry?
DarenLawrence2 11/19(月) 11:23
@ObamaFoundation You're the leader this country still needs.
ArunavaTalukdar 11/19(月) 11:23
@Sarkar563 @ObamaFoundation come again to public services sir..
we need you...
world need you.....
RaymondCrowe5 11/19(月) 11:23
@ObamaFoundation I love you man..
probasic69 11/19(月) 11:25
@ObamaFoundation Escucho a la gente decirme espabila ........ Vuelves a tu rincón entre las piedras ..…
b_richardn 11/19(月) 11:25
@ObamaFoundation And always look out for youtpr thoughts and views!
johngeiger9 11/19(月) 11:25
@ObamaFoundation I Like It Sir. God Bless.
GusVonHollon 11/19(月) 11:26
@ObamaFoundation You should share this one...
dogdeldiabo 11/19(月) 11:27
@ObamaFoundation You want us in the welfare slavery confederate plantation
ktomsfreese 11/19(月) 11:27
@ObamaFoundation Please ask Mr. Trump to stop sharing his story.
HAPPYTIMESJD 11/19(月) 11:27
@ObamaFoundation Second Project Deception Deep STATE SES CIA To Destroy America Yours and The Failed O…
Rodsterling17 11/19(月) 11:27
Kanacha49899730 11/19(月) 11:29
@ObamaFoundation Hi! and more - - - - !⚜️
Please Listen to Your Story!
Let’s Conversat…
deetmar61 11/19(月) 11:30
@ObamaFoundation I bet Trump won't be there. He has to much golfing and tweets to do. But you might…
onyeuko 11/19(月) 11:31
@ObamaFoundation You always inspire us. Keep improving humanity. I only wish to meet you in person to…
Manjularuhuna10 11/19(月) 11:31
frobbit134 11/19(月) 11:32
@ObamaFoundation Miss them.
sanjayk51816004 11/19(月) 11:32
kwsalsero 11/19(月) 11:33
@ObamaFoundation Miss you
THOUGHTFULCAUSE 11/19(月) 11:33
@bjcreigh @ObamaFoundation Real Sharing.
VgMarula 11/19(月) 11:33
@ObamaFoundation Respected Former President Of America
Real facts Must distribute through News(North…
ChrisCr20180368 11/19(月) 11:34
@ObamaFoundation Thank you for all your support mr president Barack Obama. We as Latinos are so proud…
sosradioshow1 11/19(月) 11:34
@ObamaFoundation Sharing our story takes courage, insight and vulnerability! It allows others to striv…
FelineFancy 11/19(月) 11:34
@Goss30Goss @ObamaFoundation I enjoyed every minute of the summit!
HAPPYTIMESJD 11/19(月) 11:34
@ObamaFoundation You and your friends better get ready for bunk beds and Free Gym Pass Free Rent Free…
sporlando 11/19(月) 11:35
@ObamaFoundation The worst president ever, you used our agencies to break rules, the law, cheat , & yo…
JayeshG84269085 11/19(月) 11:35
@ObamaFoundation it.. keep it up☺☺
AllBright_ 11/19(月) 11:35
@ObamaFoundation No thank you......
Shinyvelvetgarb 11/19(月) 11:36
Tory08403311 11/19(月) 11:37
MikeHes52772147 11/19(月) 11:37
PalmacciA 11/19(月) 11:37
@ObamaFoundation I do not to see any Twitter from you .
You lied to the American people and did more d…
denniswhitting9 11/19(月) 11:37
@ObamaFoundation Thank you
collinscomley 11/19(月) 11:38
@ObamaFoundation Since u helped blacks in Chicago, NOT! U are about helping everyone but Americans
peacesweetpie 11/19(月) 11:39
ValentinoHero 11/19(月) 11:40
Drzillurrkhan 11/19(月) 11:40
@ObamaFoundation Beautifully Put I shared our story on the struggles of Independence and emergence o…
TeixeiraSJC 11/19(月) 11:41
@ObamaFoundation You can translade it but I am from Brazil and I Will say it in portuguese: Obama voc…
CRyczak 11/19(月) 11:41
@ObamaFoundation OK why don’t you invite me
Philip96420329 11/19(月) 11:42
@ObamaFoundation You are extremely corrupt and dangerous to all Americans nothing good about you mr hot winds
AcroneAdvisors 11/19(月) 11:42
@ObamaFoundation President Obama, When will you take one iota of action to diminish the poverty and h…
loydsdaman 11/19(月) 11:42
@ObamaFoundation Awesome
Janet24245747 11/19(月) 11:44
@ObamaFoundation May your message be heard around the world
Kafrica93 11/19(月) 11:44
@ObamaFoundation The best President
rolynla17 11/19(月) 11:44
@ObamaFoundation Why are you still here?
annies2016 11/19(月) 11:45
@ObamaFoundation Love you
Mike11886215 11/19(月) 11:46
@ObamaFoundation Shame on you. What did you do except disaster .
Craig_D_Vincent 11/19(月) 11:47
@ObamaFoundation We miss the class and dignity, not to mention the honesty and integrity you brought t…
Otan007 11/19(月) 11:47
@ObamaFoundation What is the chance that the Democratic party could "donate" some new high capacity vo…
2020Vision15 11/19(月) 11:48
@ObamaFoundation You did this...Obama: Bigger problem... The U.S. faces a "crisis of national securit…
riklegaree 11/19(月) 11:49
@ObamaFoundation How Kool are you. Thank you Barack for instilling the thing I miss most from my child…
GFCAcademy 11/19(月) 11:50
@ObamaFoundation Awesome!
cnnpost 11/19(月) 11:50
@ObamaFoundation I love a good story. Here's one going on in Missippissi. We have one more canidate wa…
Peter488 11/19(月) 11:51
@ObamaFoundation Nice one the real president!
Hotmirandaj7 11/19(月) 11:52
MongSamen 11/19(月) 11:53
@ObamaFoundation Hello sir
BulletTaxi002 11/19(月) 11:54
@ObamaFoundation 오바마 오랫만이노? 뭐하고 지내시옹? 궁금타 ^^
문 열어 드릴깡?
quanajose 11/19(月) 11:54
@ObamaFoundation Nobody wants to see you! You destroyed our Country!
karmat_bhutan 11/19(月) 11:55
@ObamaFoundation Mr. President, I am so happy with your works..I will be happy to share mine even thou…
Vikgrossmann22 11/19(月) 11:57
@ObamaFoundation You changed my life when I flew to Washington DC and had lunch with you. Thank you fo…
CumbyBob 11/19(月) 12:01
@ObamaFoundation So enjoyed your post president show with David Letterman. Your intelligence is sadly…
missbespoke 11/19(月) 12:02
@ObamaFoundation Thank you.
reebocspeed 11/19(月) 12:05
@ObamaFoundation My president for life
KirimiKilymi 11/19(月) 12:07
@ObamaFoundation Awesomeness of comforting others here.
Elvis87616377 11/19(月) 12:08
@ObamaFoundation We miss you Mr. President!!
iriesessionsapp 11/19(月) 12:09
Ran721xmChris 11/19(月) 12:09
@ObamaFoundation I miss you sir.
andycarter03 11/19(月) 12:09
JanetDi89406537 11/19(月) 12:11
@ObamaFoundation Don't miss you!!!
ussmcclelland 11/19(月) 12:11
stringfeller1 11/19(月) 12:11
@ObamaFoundation Did you invite your buddy Putin?
Starteller 11/19(月) 12:11
@ObamaFoundation We miss you terribly!
menlopez21 11/19(月) 12:12
@ObamaFoundation That is why I would like to share my history, the cuban history. We need you míster p…
JanetDi89406537 11/19(月) 12:13
@ObamaFoundation KEMP WON!!!!
ChagantiPrakash 11/19(月) 12:13
@ObamaFoundation Nice thought Mr Obama
jessybaby2244 11/19(月) 12:14
@ObamaFoundation I love you so much how I wish you will come back
tibbsgreen 11/19(月) 12:15
@ObamaFoundation Maybe mention how there’s more shootings than Afghanistan and Illinois just voted in…
Ronak02107960 11/19(月) 12:16
@ObamaFoundation @BarackObama, Thank you, your excellency President Barack Obama. You have made this world a better place
WESCOLOMBIA 11/19(月) 12:17
@ObamaFoundation Excelent idea. Do you know Colombian Foundations?
FOSTERD00207614 11/19(月) 12:18
SauerTresa 11/19(月) 12:18
@ObamaFoundation You’re my most favorite President ever. EVER! Keep on rockin’ (voting ) in the free world.
TimWalk03314527 11/19(月) 12:18
@ObamaFoundation No one gives a damn about what u say or do. U need prison a traitor to America. Ne…
kbauerLV 11/19(月) 12:19
@ObamaFoundation If America is having to pay for this party. It’s time to close it off early.
FitriaRachman_ 11/19(月) 12:20
@ObamaFoundation I hope that if you becomes President again.!
beals_lyn 11/19(月) 12:21
@ObamaFoundation God Bless you . I’m saddened to see our beautiful country to be run in the ground . B…
TerryJWalker1 11/19(月) 12:21
@ObamaFoundation Thank you and Michelle for your integrity and kindness that you maintain and share in…
LisaObermiller 11/19(月) 12:21
@ObamaFoundation I miss you, Mr. and Mrs. Obama! @BarackObama
DouglassPatti 11/19(月) 12:21
@ObamaFoundation You were a loser as president and you can not act as other president before you. Do…
graceomalley122 11/19(月) 12:22
@ObamaFoundation All our lives are narratives
JackieLeeWriter 11/19(月) 12:24
@ObamaFoundation I miss you President Obama❤️
Valerie91670680 11/19(月) 12:24
@ObamaFoundation Sure
JennyLynnO1 11/19(月) 12:25
@ObamaFoundation Oh now you care about Chicago?
NightScripted 11/19(月) 12:27
@ObamaFoundation And the whole Yao verse was created by an explosion where lightning struck a rock whi…
SeanRMurphy1 11/19(月) 12:27
@ObamaFoundation Hey, Barry!
Twitch_Grip 11/19(月) 12:30
@ObamaFoundation I would love to hear your stories. The real ones.
Chander35475450 11/19(月) 12:31
@ObamaFoundation MY Best friend Obama g ❤
williamvercetti 11/19(月) 12:32
@ObamaFoundation i thought you were about to drag someone for copyright infringement
constitution621 11/19(月) 12:32
@ObamaFoundation I want to be part of that world.
realchanandlerb 11/19(月) 12:32
@ObamaFoundation I miss you so much.
ahmednajemabdul 11/19(月) 12:34
@ObamaFoundation Let's go to change
LesegoDiavolos 11/19(月) 12:34
@ObamaFoundation One guy is busy calling people 'Schitt'!
Bibhuti81793218 11/19(月) 12:34
@ObamaFoundation Nice perspective!
bolamano 11/19(月) 12:37
@ObamaFoundation I wouldn’t identify as a leader. But I have a story. Raised in poverty,recovering fro…
mrjnc16 11/19(月) 12:38
@ObamaFoundation This looks amazing. We love you Obama family.
SouthlandPaint1 11/19(月) 12:38
@ObamaFoundation Ahahahahhaahah!!
NAXQUE 11/19(月) 12:39
@ObamaFoundation Pls support our 7th annual adopt 100 families 4 the holidays in STL by donating at $B…
Timber2112 11/19(月) 12:40
CiderCurley 11/19(月) 12:40
@ObamaFoundation You try so hard, but your basic premise is wrong.
WildcatLover70 11/19(月) 12:42
@ObamaFoundation No. I refuse to tune to your liberal channel and let my children be brainwashed by yo…
johntamayo78 11/19(月) 12:46
@ObamaFoundation ñ
mikk_mr 11/19(月) 12:46
@ObamaFoundation How have you been Mr. President?
SuzyKenski 11/19(月) 12:48
@ObamaFoundation I’m thankful for you your family, & your administration. I was teaching 3rd graders w…
Summer10293930 11/19(月) 12:48
@ObamaFoundation Such an inspiring man & family. Thank you @BarackObama for continuing to inspire hope…
sal_salvadori 11/19(月) 12:50
tosinmajewa 11/19(月) 12:50
@ObamaFoundation Sorry, bad English. Rather say: "When someone shares His or Her story".
Note. Capitalization intentional.
DrRRBanik2 11/19(月) 12:50
@ObamaFoundation Keep it up. Thanks
EleniceEmidio 11/19(月) 12:51
@ObamaFoundation You are the best!!!!
NicoleT52030112 11/19(月) 12:54
@ObamaFoundation Oh my God I'm in tears, I wish that everybody could feel that way about everybody, th…
fQ7SqZNAULHTFKn 11/19(月) 12:56
DrPatriciaD 11/19(月) 12:59
@ObamaFoundation We miss you Sir
SeanLF1973 11/19(月) 12:59
@DennisS66176560 @ObamaFoundation How about a common person shared their story with you would that int…
watermalon6666 11/19(月) 13:00
@ObamaFoundation ถ้าทรัมป์หมดวาระท่านกลับมาเล่นการเมืองลงสมัครประธานาธิบดีอีกได้ไหมครับ.
AirheadedAviatR 11/19(月) 13:00
@ObamaFoundation One day I want to this level. Maybe it will start when I can persue things with no fe…
TiffanyRamnanan 11/19(月) 13:02
@ObamaFoundation Love you and your huge heart. Forever my President.
RobinHa42675429 11/19(月) 13:05
@ObamaFoundation Love and miss the best President and 1st Lady EVER! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Marinelizz 11/19(月) 13:05
@ObamaFoundation World's President. Thanks POTUS44 for being with us though.
sherr444 11/19(月) 13:05
@ObamaFoundation Retire
ProjectXConstru 11/19(月) 13:09
@ObamaFoundation Maybe you will learn something?
arpashok1 11/19(月) 13:09
@ObamaFoundation Fabulous
cjtruth 11/19(月) 13:10
@ObamaFoundation Please campaign for every Democrat candidate in 2020
staceyshute2 11/19(月) 13:11
@ObamaFoundation I can't wait!
hemraj14091629 11/19(月) 13:11
@ObamaFoundation Sir it's great...
kazeapari 11/19(月) 13:12
@ObamaFoundation انتم الديمقراطية وانتم تحبون الانسان انتم مثال للحرية
JohnMo2010 11/19(月) 13:12
@ObamaFoundation You’re a great guy with heart and mind. I wish I could help and support you. Maybe my…
BaconByWire 11/19(月) 13:12
@ObamaFoundation Still my dude
tweetersaidwhat 11/19(月) 14:32
@ObamaFoundation I love you, please come back. I can't take him any longer!
Diallo49590492 11/19(月) 14:33
p0peyelang 11/19(月) 14:36
@ObamaFoundation Could you be a more obvious criminal?
chiefmoronus 11/19(月) 14:36
@ObamaFoundation OBAMA 2020!!!!

The WORLD needs YOU!!!
SpringPeony21 11/19(月) 14:36
PriscillaScot19 11/19(月) 14:37
@ObamaFoundation I met you8 years ago I’m LV. I shook your hand so tight you said ouch. Your detail sa…
shu32155323 11/19(月) 14:38
@ObamaFoundation 貴方の考えを現大統領が共有していれば必ず状況は変わるはずです。日本の頑固親父の偏りが今の世界を混迷させている事実です。
felol9 11/19(月) 14:40
Real_JohnQ 11/19(月) 14:40
@ObamaFoundation Do you want to hear my story? You don't owe me of course...but i am a human being and…
bhattjacob 11/19(月) 14:41
@ObamaFoundation Good morning
MikeHunt_08 11/19(月) 14:42
@ObamaFoundation How come you were for secure borders, deportation, separating families, etc. before b…
MikeHunt_08 11/19(月) 14:42
tejonarko 11/19(月) 14:42
@ObamaFoundation The next world, enjoying peace & hapiness...not protective thingking..
MikeHunt_08 11/19(月) 14:42
crislake 11/19(月) 14:43
@panhandleprims @ObamaFoundation
BakhaledAhmed 11/19(月) 14:44
@ObamaFoundation yeah .good idea .thank you very much mister president Obama
crislake 11/19(月) 14:47
@panhandleprims @ObamaFoundation
kranzmaryann 11/19(月) 14:48
@ObamaFoundation Good for you. What did you actually do for us? Once you stop graduating yourself. For…
baxtor945 11/19(月) 14:52
@ObamaFoundation I sincerely respect you. Mr. Obama.. You have did a lot of good things so far for hum…
TermLimits13 11/19(月) 14:54
@riotwomennn @ObamaFoundation
rashpelp 11/19(月) 14:56
@ObamaFoundation Thank you Obama! Just wish I were in Chicago to be part of this golden narrative!
CherylDTrainer 11/19(月) 14:57
@ObamaFoundation Still my President.....WE MISS YOU
kranzmaryann 11/19(月) 14:57
@ObamaFoundation Not the president anymore! In psychology it's called denial. It's okay, you'll learn…
cjnitelife 11/19(月) 14:58
@ObamaFoundation Please invite me. Your law partners came to me and asked a solid for your first fund…
CheisTuck 11/19(月) 14:59
@ObamaFoundation Your story is: You're the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Well…
cjnitelife 11/19(月) 14:59
@ObamaFoundation Legit. I will bartendZ
stevens_brownie 11/19(月) 14:59
@ObamaFoundation For your library..
LomelaStar 11/19(月) 15:00
@ObamaFoundation Where is invitation from your foundation?
Leader fails in modellimg,as intercellular…
ExecutiveGrind6 11/19(月) 15:00
@ObamaFoundation Amen
KevinJa93091041 11/19(月) 15:00
@ObamaFoundation It is what you are
theClaudiaInez 11/19(月) 15:04
@Ptmurf1016 @ObamaFoundation Normal people can see the world through other people's eyes.

But, as Am…
LomelaStar 11/19(月) 15:04
@ObamaFoundation New school,New weeds,right undet and what prevents you to be 'SIR' live leaders forma…
ewbock8 11/19(月) 15:04
@ObamaFoundation A wonderful leader, and person that works to unite people. God bless President Obama. Thank you.
diaphinia 11/19(月) 15:09
@ObamaFoundation I miss you.
Bellabl29767003 11/19(月) 15:10
@ObamaFoundation We are all unique as uniqueness is one of the kind, and we are all different and we m…
I_Love_Atheism 11/19(月) 15:10
PujanggaDewata 11/19(月) 15:11
@ObamaFoundation Hho
chdlstlsshl 11/19(月) 15:11
@ObamaFoundation 아직도 세치혀로 사람들 농락 중인 오마
1UNITEDSTATES1 11/19(月) 15:14
neroaduke 11/19(月) 15:15
@ObamaFoundation Are we invited?
ShahSlvador 11/19(月) 15:15
@ObamaFoundation ❤️❤️
stevens_brownie 11/19(月) 15:16
@ObamaFoundation Proof is in the pudding..8 years of phones..hate police officers..riots…
ElleBago 11/19(月) 15:17
@ObamaFoundation NO Kidding!!!!
1saddleup 11/19(月) 15:17
@ObamaFoundation See it through my eyes
16NationalChamp 11/19(月) 15:18
@ObamaFoundation Is that like the Clinton Foundation??
WAJAHATALIII 11/19(月) 15:21
@ObamaFoundation Hope Almighty Bless
wani62altaf 11/19(月) 15:23
@ObamaFoundation Nice plateform to raise Kashmir issue.
GeeNVee 11/19(月) 15:24
@ObamaFoundation Very well said Mr. President
AjmeriHammad 11/19(月) 15:26
@ObamaFoundation You was a great President of usa .i LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOO
misslilsagion 11/19(月) 15:26
@ObamaFoundation You are a real good man and decent human being
npinnock 11/19(月) 15:28
@ObamaFoundation Simply and inspiration guiding us to reach our destination!
arifobdan 11/19(月) 15:33
@ObamaFoundation then, why were you in Syria ???
Kisekka83841091 11/19(月) 15:34
hadams7240 11/19(月) 15:36
@ObamaFoundation You mean the foreign investor summit? Will you be meeting with leaders of NWO summit?
whizzy16 11/19(月) 15:37
@ObamaFoundation Not in US but love this PRESIDENT......the BEST
Roserosi12 11/19(月) 15:38
@ObamaFoundation We like your vision
Tab321cc 11/19(月) 15:38
@ObamaFoundation Here is all you need to know about the treasonous, racist, American hating, Marxist M…
glendamurphtgm1 11/19(月) 15:39
@ObamaFoundation I've done a lot of that through the years I too look forward to sharing my story with…
AvvSheikh 11/19(月) 15:41
@ObamaFoundation I like president obama, ever
glendamurphtgm1 11/19(月) 15:41
@ObamaFoundation Though I have never Left the USA I have insighfully been around the world in vissions and in dreams
Omayra53787415 11/19(月) 15:44
@ObamaFoundation Good morning Mr. Obama wanted to ask if we can Add Puerto Rico to your Foundation. Af…
TDXY 11/19(月) 15:45
uchennanjoku47 11/19(月) 15:47
good morning sir help me anything no food pls 1012153289 UBA bank Njoku Uche
honeymoe3 11/19(月) 15:47
@ObamaFoundation Hi
HASHIMALBILLY 11/19(月) 15:48
@ObamaFoundation Very interesting
RisingSolis 11/19(月) 15:53
@ObamaFoundation Tell us your story, @BarackObama how it felt to murder US citizens by drone, one of t…
dinosanto71 11/19(月) 15:54
@ObamaFoundation Haven’t you destroyed our country enough? Please go crawl in a hole and take Hillary with you and shut up!
trumpseattle 11/19(月) 15:57
jhallevicharblo 11/19(月) 16:00
@ObamaFoundation True !one should not confine to his own limited ideology
FullOfLavenders 11/19(月) 16:04
@ObamaFoundation Obama why do you think the USA has superiority over the rest of the world?
subybritto 11/19(月) 16:05
@ObamaFoundation Hi President - "Our Big Brother"
peacewoman9 11/19(月) 16:12
@ObamaFoundation That didn’t say anything to me...a bunch of spliced outtakes
Livelifenow262 11/19(月) 16:14
@ObamaFoundation Thank you for taking the time to make this movie clip. Peace.
GregoryRoth7 11/19(月) 16:15
@ObamaFoundation Your story has nothing new, and we don't want to hear it again.
SavaAnderson94 11/19(月) 16:19
@ObamaFoundation How nice can be a man
how nice can be a president
Thank you, Obama, cause you were a democrat president
alrssam_ahmed 11/19(月) 16:20
@ObamaFoundation God bless you
Nyanzi55 11/19(月) 16:21
@ObamaFoundation Just wish could be party i believe this will be not only exemplary but intresting to…
Abdul76Hakeem 11/19(月) 16:22
@ObamaFoundation Maybe we should focus on the 3 billion people who live in poverty or the stories of p…
jkmaben 11/19(月) 16:22
@ObamaFoundation Thank you. Your leadership is like water on dry ground.
lordofloveloves 11/19(月) 16:24
NzukoB 11/19(月) 16:25
@ObamaFoundation I can't to tune in and listen to the former US president Barrack Obama
ajaychebbi 11/19(月) 16:27
@ObamaFoundation This is so profound. "When some one tells a story , you see the world through their e…
cpoppa2 11/19(月) 16:28
@ObamaFoundation Keep ya head up my dude
markiejoseph_08 11/19(月) 16:29
@ObamaFoundation We miss you Mr. President!
Advertiser_1 11/19(月) 16:31
@ObamaFoundation Here is a story>
pintubhai21 11/19(月) 16:33
@ObamaFoundation You are like the bright corner wherever you go
Melhart1151 11/19(月) 16:34
@ObamaFoundation Pulse share
Melhart1151 11/19(月) 16:34
@ObamaFoundation Plse
LouisaMayHope 11/19(月) 16:36
@ObamaFoundation Wishing from Sydney, to be with you all there in Chicago. Blessings to you, I hope it…
PlainTalkingHR 11/19(月) 16:38
@ObamaFoundation I’ll be tuning in. X
EugeniaMaryDon1 11/19(月) 16:41
@ObamaFoundation @BarackObama Will you EVER go away!!
Your 8 years are up, you tormented us enough!!…
CosmeAndrade4 11/19(月) 16:42
Philip96420329 11/19(月) 16:48
@ObamaFoundation You really haven’t a clue no leader in the right mind will stand next to you is all g…
BelgieEmmanuel 11/19(月) 16:49
@ObamaFoundation Islamic terrorist gone right from the day ur plans failed to install Clinton as ur pr…
SARABJE03650984 11/19(月) 16:55
@ObamaFoundation R/Obama Sir
Nice very nice sir
Here2Health 11/19(月) 17:02
@ObamaFoundation Well I'm dying slowly, I know it, the bus contributes as does the welfare system and…
Gabrieldegratia 11/19(月) 17:02
@ObamaFoundation cool
frankienash54 11/19(月) 17:04
@ObamaFoundation got a great story including proving people and the world wrong against all od…
JAMESWI90509820 11/19(月) 17:04
@ObamaFoundation Good idea. Maybe get those gangsters that shoot up your city , and ask them WHY.
fabdo49 11/19(月) 17:09
@ObamaFoundation U R one of the greatest leaders I like them who has respect to others, Allah bless you !!
Loumk46 11/19(月) 17:11
@ObamaFoundation Why that twat Trump got in is beyond me.... And to think he represents the American p…
institutcvci 11/19(月) 17:11
RhondaMangan3 11/19(月) 17:16
@ObamaFoundation Such a fabulous tweet!
robin904845 11/19(月) 17:27
Hai sir

Iam Robin
from India
benjyswann 11/19(月) 17:30
@ObamaFoundation What happens when a crooked Detective in NZ who doesn't follow protocol. . and tries…
Glorified33 11/19(月) 17:30
@ObamaFoundation Wisdom usually comes from the unknown people. Knowledge comes from world leaders. T…
Ddw898My 11/19(月) 17:35
@ObamaFoundation Hey mr. President when is your Presidential Library going to be finished I would love…
ubaidullaharo 11/19(月) 17:37
Tofaan9 11/19(月) 17:39
SMaweiwei 11/19(月) 17:41
@ObamaFoundation The Iranian government loves you
pelonencajoso11 11/19(月) 17:45
@ObamaFoundation If you have been such a good president. Democrats wouldn’t have lost... so very fine…
firestlove35_dl 11/19(月) 17:58
@ObamaFoundation thoring or the world war deverpenu but healmen statily open eye to share!!! the best beautiful! nice day
CalebAlc 11/19(月) 18:09
@ObamaFoundation Cool
abdulla79936344 11/19(月) 18:12
@ObamaFoundation good morning sir
Mr Barack Obama
how are u
Shahada08031665 11/19(月) 18:15
kcramie 11/19(月) 18:18
@ObamaFoundation Right like you care so how long is this war in Chicago going to last
Samadansari456 11/19(月) 18:22
@ObamaFoundation You are rocking sir all that you have done is awesome....i hope that someone like you…
glynisw 11/19(月) 18:23
@ObamaFoundation I'm waiting for you and your man wife to be safely ensconced in GITMO. Tick Tock.
Ibrah96652790 11/19(月) 18:25
@ObamaFoundation Morning
GloriaB97418680 11/19(月) 18:31
@ObamaFoundation Still doing great work's for the people of this country,thank you once again
drewstafford155 11/19(月) 18:33
enturbulant 11/19(月) 18:34
@ObamaFoundation Miss you...
JonassonUni 11/19(月) 18:39
@ObamaFoundation ❤️.
kiporapin 11/19(月) 18:40
@ObamaFoundation Sharing is are blessing thanks for remembering your people.
kiporapin 11/19(月) 18:41
FodeAime 11/19(月) 18:43
@ObamaFoundation Translate in french
Lorensparkles92 11/19(月) 18:46
Llorens05 11/19(月) 18:49
@ObamaFoundation Bueno días mi señor debiera escribir un libro de su trayectoria y como presidente par…
Johan58379970 11/19(月) 18:49
@ObamaFoundation Thanks Mr president
LocoDivergirl 11/19(月) 18:49
@ObamaFoundation Please tell me you working behind the scenes to take the down. A sign, maybe?
littlewing628 11/19(月) 18:53
@ObamaFoundation Love your passion! It’s infectious!!❤️
NomadicStar 11/19(月) 18:54
@ObamaFoundation Great story!
alokshukla76 11/19(月) 18:55
@ObamaFoundation Please invite Mr. @POTUS too.he actually changed the world around the DC these day. H…
Jaime48282222 11/19(月) 18:56
@ObamaFoundation Grande presidente se le extraña mucho, desde Chile saludos amigo
UjwalThapa12 11/19(月) 19:02
@ObamaFoundation Obama is Great@@
rollcakejp1 11/19(月) 19:03
@ObamaFoundation You are doing very well.
I love it.
Gramma_of_12 11/19(月) 19:05
@ObamaFoundation I miss you. Hope you and Michelle are enjoying you “quiet time” together. Still miss you though!
southshore78 11/19(月) 19:10
@ObamaFoundation How much money is in it for you?
chrisuttle1 11/19(月) 19:11
@ObamaFoundation It will be a great relief hearing from you Sire....
BasiaPeter1 11/19(月) 19:13
@ObamaFoundation Hello Barack. Miss you both so so much!!
dtarrance3858 11/19(月) 19:13
@ObamaFoundation Tweets like a real POTUS! ❤
HTSKp7J8y14N0zm 11/19(月) 19:15
@ObamaFoundation ワイはアメリカ行ったとしても生活はあんまり変えないよ。
PianaMarcos 11/19(月) 19:18
@ObamaFoundation Red
LarryThomboy64 11/19(月) 19:20
@ObamaFoundation Amen...
CigarsandSEO 11/19(月) 19:21
@ObamaFoundation Barack Obama, the Homosexual, Muslim, Communist, anti-semite was without question, th…
K_A_43 11/19(月) 19:22
@ObamaFoundation Yes sir.
peacegalaxy 11/19(月) 19:24
@ObamaFoundation You are such a positive force in the world! Thank you!
XavierDax4 11/19(月) 19:29
@ObamaFoundation We will win the future. Maybe if we will do the thnKs for the People.

Of Course.
oncelovedfatima 11/19(月) 19:33
@ObamaFoundation It should've been a president after Obama. We would have keep him. How much stronger can you get?
Jeanniel_77 11/19(月) 19:33
@ObamaFoundation How coolest these voices
rameshram8847 11/19(月) 19:34
@ObamaFoundation Hi sir.,
mackenzie1623 11/19(月) 19:36
@bvega53 @ObamaFoundation Hey Barry..going to talk about the New World Order?? Why don't you come out…
surisudarshan 11/19(月) 19:39
@ObamaFoundation Your Excellency, we miss your Golden Era! I dare say, ever since you have left, the n…
HojjatJet 11/19(月) 19:39
@ObamaFoundation You had your chance to make the world better but you know you didn’t so plz don’t ask…
pissedoffjoe64 11/19(月) 19:40
@ObamaFoundation your story of lies a deceit cover ups and corruption ?
Carolyn25032673 11/19(月) 19:41
@ObamaFoundation I'm looking forward to the day when your face doesn't pop up!
b_sbartle1 11/19(月) 19:42
@ObamaFoundation You mean the money pit that you forcing down the throats of the city you left behind?…
Dibyend93415897 11/19(月) 19:50
@ObamaFoundation Sir. A foundation can control a working automation system?
ma1sa02mi1 11/19(月) 19:53
@ObamaFoundation 私達が変えて行く力はあります
abdemuneim 11/19(月) 19:54
@ObamaFoundation بحبك يا افريقي
LOVEYHUN 11/19(月) 19:57
pius_lerch 11/19(月) 20:04
@ObamaFoundation 9
Bob15513950 11/19(月) 20:04
@ObamaFoundation U were the worse president ever. Why don’t u just go away
pilaneprince 11/19(月) 22:46
@ObamaFoundation Thanks we meet their,thanks
ChampOhio 11/19(月) 22:49
@ObamaFoundation LOL you must not like them if you invite them to Chicago.
granitegriz 11/19(月) 22:50
@ObamaFoundation How would we verify stories? Obama had plenty of which most likely were not true!
RedRove35788002 11/19(月) 22:51
@ObamaFoundation I’ll admit, Obama was good at deception and deflection. Not much else.
Yiasoureh 11/19(月) 22:53
@ObamaFoundation Hoping that you will start acting more presidential at this summit. You need to offen…
saigonpaul 11/19(月) 22:54
@ObamaFoundation I would love to hear THEIR story but NOT with your SPIN on it.
perduebb 11/19(月) 22:57
@ObamaFoundation Thanks for letting us know be bless brother
novak5_novak 11/19(月) 22:59
@ObamaFoundation That is as long as they see the world your way. You put the world ahead on Kansas . I don’t like you anymore.
PatRumbaughPlay 11/19(月) 22:59
@ObamaFoundation I am absolutely loving Michelle's story. Real life stories fascinate me. You and Mich…
BKlimik 11/19(月) 23:00
@ObamaFoundation America missed u soooo very much. Such a class act u were as @POTUS
ngneer81 11/19(月) 23:03
@sisneros_jody @ObamaFoundation MAN WHAT A FRAUD YOU WERE AS PRESIDENT!
barbberkowitz 11/19(月) 23:03
@ObamaFoundation you only see one color black I dislike you intensely
QuriousQanon99 11/19(月) 23:04
ngneer81 11/19(月) 23:05
@sisneros_jody @ObamaFoundation "What magic wand does trump have?"
jazoulay_2004 11/19(月) 23:06
@ObamaFoundation Sorry! Your stories have long gone undetected of B.S. and lies. You are nothing but t…
Maraohh923 11/19(月) 23:07
@ObamaFoundation You are still the man in my eyes. Respect and love to you and Michelle always.
MoooNezo 11/19(月) 23:08
@ObamaFoundation X
JalelSalem1 11/19(月) 23:13
@ObamaFoundation Try to see the world through Obama's eyes: a world where we fine people too poor to p…
zcelida 11/19(月) 23:16
@ObamaFoundation Shame on you, you will pass on to history,as the worst president ever!
Joanfox33440282 11/19(月) 23:16
@ObamaFoundation Boy do I miss you
TribbettDorris 11/19(月) 23:18
Sherry09 11/19(月) 23:18
@ObamaFoundation Too bad you haven’t shared the truth about your life!
uspotential 11/19(月) 23:20
@ObamaFoundation Sharing your tells how you got to the and all those who contr…
scorpi8 11/19(月) 23:20
@ObamaFoundation PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Be Our First Gentleman in 20/20 @ My LITTLE SISTER Always Fir…
actionp24 11/19(月) 23:21
drewstafford155 11/19(月) 23:23
memicou46 11/19(月) 23:26
@ObamaFoundation Love you
Tracyjam2 11/19(月) 23:26
@ObamaFoundation Hello! im Tracy James, I'm a black american, positive & thoughtful, 51-yrs woman, my…
Terri27903773 11/19(月) 23:27
@ObamaFoundation Let Michelle run for president! I would vote for her in a heart beat!
kathyfr35675161 11/19(月) 23:27
@ObamaFoundation Hearing your story and knowing even the best of marriages have taken a toll is refres…
Steele_Foster 11/19(月) 23:29
@ObamaFoundation ya gonna show your love of the muslim brotherhood??
kathyfr35675161 11/19(月) 23:29
@ObamaFoundation I also want to add I love you and miss you both so much, still my president too
Carolwh83463236 11/19(月) 23:30
@ObamaFoundation This is such a wonderful replacement from what’s happening now
MicheleShank2 11/19(月) 23:33
@ObamaFoundation So glad you're still with us. I like to pretend youre still our president.
JayFreshhhhh 11/19(月) 23:33
@ObamaFoundation Great.... another fund to make guys rich .... SCANDAL FREE
Kaz56871187 11/19(月) 23:34
LDHFab40 11/19(月) 23:35
@ObamaFoundation Love what you are continuing to do for our community, for our country.
moeosman7 11/19(月) 23:37
@ObamaFoundation WELL SAID SIR❤
badarud94558808 11/19(月) 23:38
@ObamaFoundation what Matching All human are brothers. Islamic message
amyjo7168 11/19(月) 23:39
@ObamaFoundation Will topics include how you lied to US Mr ex President? How do you sleep at night?
prozands1 11/19(月) 23:39
Does everyone need to bring a gun for protection in that war zone
andrenebonner 11/19(月) 23:42
@ObamaFoundation Brilliant concept, President Obama. Can't wait. One love.
adri_han_solo 11/19(月) 23:45
@ObamaFoundation Yes, like when I saw the story of a president that forgive a bank gang who made the 2…
josue__king 11/19(月) 23:45
@ObamaFoundation Miss you
jbagtasjr 11/19(月) 23:45
@ObamaFoundation Thank you, sir, for staying in our lives even now that you are no longer our Commander in Chief.
ENataliepullman 11/19(月) 23:48
@ObamaFoundation Great post
jennjones80 11/19(月) 23:49
lrldlflghhhhgglgglggguhhhhs. Bfghg
cbent79 11/19(月) 23:50
@ObamaFoundation I wish I could be there but I have no transportation to Chicago. But I have faith tha…
NeverWasABot 11/19(月) 23:51
@ObamaFoundation The problem is, @BarackObama, some visions of the world (ideology ) don't mix well wit…
farus_larry 11/19(月) 23:51
@ObamaFoundation We heard you misguided story for eight long years and survived. Now the recovery is w…
Hannoki_toyo 11/19(月) 23:52
@ObamaFoundation I love you from Japan. I am too sexy to marry you.
jeromederemaux 11/19(月) 23:52
@ObamaFoundation You believe Mister Macron to speak of Obama Foundation i don't think so !
CHieron825 11/19(月) 23:52
CHieron825 11/19(月) 23:53
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
aligndesigncorp 11/19(月) 23:54
@ObamaFoundation Thank you President Obama for encouraging an environment of compassion and inspiratio…
DeniseMFrasca 11/19(月) 23:55
@ObamaFoundation Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do to move us forward. Readin…
TopogluOsman 11/19(月) 23:57
@ObamaFoundation Hadi bakalım
susanxpsu 11/20(火) 0:03
@ObamaFoundation I’ll tune in. Will there be accessible services? I’m hearing impaired.
phyllis331 11/20(火) 0:07
@ObamaFoundation We miss you and Michelle
KimWarner4 11/20(火) 0:10
@ObamaFoundation This so hopeful! We need to see what brings us together instead of what divides us. Thank you Mr. President
QHajara 11/20(火) 0:12
@ObamaFoundation It is good to listen because every body has a story to tell. on Obama
StevenB58477994 11/20(火) 0:17
@yolalindayola @ObamaFoundation My favorite pic of you ever. I’ve been told that this is you and your…
GoGoReyna88 11/20(火) 0:17
@ObamaFoundation Eh he
AliciaHosendov3 11/20(火) 0:18
@ObamaFoundation That man who is at the White House,He CAN'T TOUCH YOUR SWAG MR.(PRESIDENT )OBAMA!!
demfascists 11/20(火) 0:18
@ObamaFoundation The first time he's gone back lol..
sofiballen 11/20(火) 0:22
@ObamaFoundation Love it & look forward. It will be nice to hear positive stories. Still believe in ‘Yes We Can’ !!!
ronaldh78576984 11/20(火) 0:30
@ObamaFoundation You and your wife all to be ashamed of yourself because you lie to black America abou…
ondoa_lazare 11/20(火) 0:31
@ObamaFoundation Très instructif
SbienvenuSr 11/20(火) 0:33
@ObamaFoundation Disappear already
parvez_foysol 11/20(火) 0:34
@ObamaFoundation great initiatives......
Pumbah3 11/20(火) 0:35
@ObamaFoundation Michelle Obama is a racist against European-Americans
laforand 11/20(火) 0:36
@ObamaFoundation @barackobama... miss you and your family so much. Do classy... instead we have trashy now ...
GregCastle16 11/20(火) 0:38
@ObamaFoundation This is now you know why this man ran for POTUS, not to help country, not even to hel…
mcruz7823 11/20(火) 0:39
@ObamaFoundation I will Never Forgive you for leaving my family without healthcare! I voted for you. I…
ronaldh78576984 11/20(火) 0:40
@ObamaFoundation 8years you had the chance to change the wrongful laws that unfairly punish blacks and…
william09128149 11/20(火) 0:42
@ObamaFoundation Just can't get off the stage, eh, Obama.
tcharmed1247 11/20(火) 0:45
@ObamaFoundation Thanks to you and Michelle for staying in the public eye and holding this country tog…
KomaraPeaceful 11/20(火) 0:45
@ObamaFoundation Cool
ronaldh78576984 11/20(火) 0:46
@ObamaFoundation I only want to see things from Amercian eyes not the worlds eyes because the world do…
michael_ja74 11/20(火) 0:47
SadiqAmin01 11/20(火) 0:49
@ObamaFoundation Sir,
Its really not difficult for you
If give me
JAHistheway 11/20(火) 0:50
@ObamaFoundation Hear our story . @ObamaCBA
bebymuyoko 11/20(火) 0:53
@ObamaFoundation Cool
Bubbefish 11/20(火) 0:53
@JJohnson2u @ObamaFoundation Can’t wait!
FirebirdHank 11/20(火) 0:55
@ObamaFoundation What's going on with u Barry...

Not looking well lately...
Om_Prakash7308 11/20(火) 0:55
@ObamaFoundation कल सुप्रीम कोर्ट में राफेल केस की सुनवाई हुई।

बड़े हैरत की बात है कि इतने अहम केस को…
ALPApilotCarlos 11/20(火) 0:56
@ObamaFoundation The world misses you @POTUS44
WIBeetle 11/20(火) 0:56
@hardhouz13 @ObamaFoundation God I miss this man as our president SO much! He always says the right thing for the right moment.
S246278910 11/20(火) 0:56
erikalee1976 11/20(火) 0:57
@ObamaFoundation What have you done to help Chicago be a safer city lately?
lanier_nona 11/20(火) 1:03
@ObamaFoundation When we see the world through their eyes we understand they are not that different fr…
noutchaprudenc1 11/20(火) 1:03
@ObamaFoundation The difference on our fingers was not a creation mistake or accident .But it is out t…
SekharGogoi1 11/20(火) 1:04
@UrvashiRautela @ObamaFoundation My Urvashi WIFEY
DevorahJacoby 11/20(火) 1:04
@ObamaFoundation Omg waking up today in terrible smoke filled northern California, feeling so incredib…
JoseMechica 11/20(火) 1:06
@ObamaFoundation Wonderful!!!
MARLENE51191783 11/20(火) 1:06
BettieClayton13 11/20(火) 3:24
@ObamaFoundation Bettie.these are just a few again it's easy to forget the bridge but I had to…
MrJim1973 11/20(火) 3:25
@ObamaFoundation Are you kidding? Your health care plan penalized people who couldn't already afford i…
jodieagle2 11/20(火) 3:26
BettieClayton13 11/20(火) 3:29
@ObamaFoundation knew it was something to help with this 21cengenof demographics.look me up I ha…
iicrakdamirror 11/20(火) 3:30
Deel8K 11/20(火) 3:40
@ObamaFoundation Make sure you tell the truth
SavdasKaravadr1 11/20(火) 3:44
@ObamaFoundation Yes amen
kleppek1 11/20(火) 3:44
@ObamaFoundation Mr. President, just hearing your voice brings comfort to my soul we miss you every da…
zakariaabdikad6 11/20(火) 3:45
@ObamaFoundation thank u so much for your inspiring heads-up
hamiltonfaray 11/20(火) 3:46
@ObamaFoundation God bless you Don't forget this
Johnson16678624 11/20(火) 3:54
@ObamaFoundation We really miss you.
MsHoefler 11/20(火) 3:56
@ObamaFoundation Those kids being trafficked through Haiti by you and the Clintons have a story too.
247beatman 11/20(火) 3:57
@ObamaFoundation Obama stop this mess
sharonsteven671 11/20(火) 3:59
@ObamaFoundation please come back we miss you...
bari54244443 11/20(火) 4:00
AyoBabubright 11/20(火) 4:06
@ObamaFoundation Yes Mr Obama I too have got many stories to share with you
scornedly 11/20(火) 4:09
@ObamaFoundation I like it.....You are so well spoken about the simple things in our lives. Thank you.
jgp700 11/20(火) 4:12
@ObamaFoundation Look obama, look what you created. We all know you love this.
stevedavenport1 11/20(火) 4:14
@ObamaFoundation No
Debba99 11/20(火) 4:19
@ObamaFoundation There's a growing poor black community in Chicago whilst U and Ur ilk live like Kings…
Debba99 11/20(火) 4:21
@ObamaFoundation enTITLEments R a Drug that appeals to the human Vanity and U bought it hook, line and…
connor_skelly_ 11/20(火) 4:23
@HopeForTheDay @ObamaFoundation Hey it’s @HopeForTheDay !!
BrockwayBug 11/20(火) 4:29
@ObamaFoundation I just love you and your family. We all miss y'all in the white house.
nhutnguyen13 11/20(火) 4:34
@ObamaFoundation I watched u sharing ur story but i figured it was all made up
MarkOlsonSATX 11/20(火) 4:36
JoramAdhola1 11/20(火) 4:39
@ObamaFoundation Good work Barrack remember the people of Kogelo and even me.
uchenna_iwuoha 11/20(火) 4:47
@ObamaFoundation Thank you Mr. president. Can our club in Nigeria here partner with your foundation?i…
Younghartedsoul 11/20(火) 4:48
@ObamaFoundation My little girl departed two years ago from this earth in an unexpected way. Her dream…
BettieClayton13 11/20(火) 4:48
@ObamaFoundation Sometimes the leaders are right in sight of us we have to rembember how wen were look…
mychael15 11/20(火) 4:57
@ObamaFoundation We love and miss you Mr. President!!! Good job with this charity!!!
lralvarado 11/20(火) 5:00
@ObamaFoundation Please keep writing your story, it inspires so many of us. Wish you'd been around wh…
siminy178 11/20(火) 5:01
@ObamaFoundation What story Obama
Adding more DEBT than 43 PRESIDENTS combined
Creating ISIS
AradhanaChaudh6 11/20(火) 5:01
@ObamaFoundation Perfectly said!
as Has a & reveals and…
Roro23544588 11/20(火) 5:04
waqar_qaed 11/20(火) 5:10
zualbeta7 11/20(火) 5:10
@ObamaFoundation Please Mr X president think before you say
SkyKingAK 11/20(火) 5:13
@ObamaFoundation Too bad you weren't interested in looking at the world through they eyes of conservat…
siminy178 11/20(火) 5:18
@sherry_kiskunas @ObamaFoundation
TheKene1 11/20(火) 5:19
@ObamaFoundation "...for everyone you meet has a unique story to tell.....".
jbyork68 11/20(火) 5:19
@ObamaFoundation THIS is what leadership looks like. Inclusion not division. I fear for this country.
usmfgmgr 11/20(火) 5:19
@ObamaFoundation Obama foundation !? LMAO !
brandy444 11/20(火) 5:20
@ObamaFoundation You keep our hearts in America and our faith in the good in our country. Never stop.…
usmfgmgr 11/20(火) 5:29
@ObamaFoundation Is it going to be anything like the Obama presidency ?
tosupermousejp 11/20(火) 5:33
@ObamaFoundation Was your order as leader "Don't leave an impression"?

American didn't pay profits.Am…
devinhchung 11/20(火) 5:34
HmmdiM 11/20(火) 5:35
@ObamaFoundation Ooh that's so touching Mr OUBAMA
StaciCo82289935 11/20(火) 5:35
@ObamaFoundation You are so dearly missed...
ClaudiaMilan33 11/20(火) 5:36
@ObamaFoundation race baiter in chief.... thanks to you our country has never been more divided.
bluefaith42 11/20(火) 5:37
@ObamaFoundation Four more years!
NancyHance3 11/20(火) 5:40
ShieldedM 11/20(火) 5:42
@ObamaFoundation Why do you still list yourself as a President? You are a former President - as in not a president any longer.
Tedswayze 11/20(火) 5:48
@ObamaFoundation You going to share how it felt to drop a bomb on average every 20mins for 8yrs on mos…
SSteveLamar 11/20(火) 5:52
@ObamaFoundation HIRE UNCONVENTIONAL “ME” at B.A.S.E. for President of the U.S. 2020! Why? “U.S.E. Car…
seantbrown 11/20(火) 5:54
@ObamaFoundation I’ve recently heard some ask “what has Obama done for black people?”, What the Obama…
a_kind_soul 11/20(火) 5:58
@ObamaFoundation I love you. I hate @realDonaldTrump
SergeAkpokli 11/20(火) 6:01
@ObamaFoundation We miss your decency Mr President!
borgeatino 11/20(火) 10:40
@ObamaFoundation M a que se dedica su fundación mtr BarackObama ?
ReynaCarrasco2 11/20(火) 11:07
@ObamaFoundation I love my president and his beautiful family
RichJensen11 11/20(火) 11:10
@ObamaFoundation If only you could still be President. If you still wanted to be... Would definitely m…
1pmrJ8uOufWERAI 11/20(火) 11:13
@ObamaFoundation 看不懂
MarissaVarcho 11/20(火) 11:16
@ObamaFoundation @RoyalFamily @APA @MichelleObama @kendricklamar @girlsalliance @letitiawright @Marvel
Michael62830082 11/20(火) 12:08
@ObamaFoundation @BarackObama If you didn't ruin my life, if you are a man, you pick the show, I chall…
4Eternalspirit 11/20(火) 12:13
@ObamaFoundation Just finished listening to your Kenya family story and was moved by it. I feel I know…
realmiyambar 11/20(火) 12:16
@ObamaFoundation Mr. President. while you're there, pls don't do power naps like someone I know, okay?
sterlingwaworld 11/20(火) 12:21
@ObamaFoundation I imagine your story will include your mother Ann, you lost her so young to
Bettyyy67795516 11/20(火) 12:21
@ObamaFoundation love u ,bama
ComradeXiangyu 11/20(火) 12:37
@ObamaFoundation I agree, which is why we should listen to the stories told by victims of US imperiali…
mcredlips 11/20(火) 12:43
@ObamaFoundation The gay master . pls leave trump alone
Dre_Sage 11/20(火) 12:47
BenevolentQness 11/20(火) 12:54
yangXiang520 11/20(火) 12:57
@ObamaFoundation When you were president, Well done!
ron_samad 11/20(火) 13:05
@ObamaFoundation Wonderful.
VictoriaVogt5 11/20(火) 13:14
@BradParrTX @ObamaFoundation "If your just willing to listen"...
Now, HE is the epitome of an AMERICA…
dutchesjim 11/20(火) 13:28
@ObamaFoundation Don’t be fooled guys, it’s all about him making money.
gracerx1 11/20(火) 13:31
@ObamaFoundation Miss you!
DSutton00613100 11/20(火) 13:35
@ObamaFoundation Screw You odor !
Yogarajahsgygm1 11/20(火) 13:44
@ObamaFoundation The way of request praiseworthy : reactions must be positive . Need of present Era, W…
cjhjoker 11/20(火) 13:51
@ObamaFoundation So Obama it's been 2 years officially PRD Donald J Trump has been voted to take your…
FNhial 11/20(火) 14:13
@ObamaFoundation Obama is indeed a great initiative which help almost whole world. Thanks for being ki…
Bellais90905671 11/20(火) 14:15
@ObamaFoundation I hope you'll run for president again...not only Americans but the world misses u..
ABDALLA32855091 11/20(火) 14:20
@ObamaFoundation I liké it
wangchunliangd1 11/20(火) 14:20
@ObamaFoundation 王春亮推拿按摩学堂疗愈所官方网站论坛
junior4run 11/20(火) 14:25
@ObamaFoundation Am not American but you will always be the president of the world in my eyes not just America
LisaFree3 11/20(火) 15:14
@ObamaFoundation This is what a real looks like.
stryker_m 11/20(火) 15:23
@ObamaFoundation I will be listening and watching, hopefully televised, the summit. Great expectations!
ankneyla 11/20(火) 15:31
@ObamaFoundation I LOVE hearing the stories of others. I learn so much.
nickospaticus 11/20(火) 15:32
@ObamaFoundation Yeah. I’m not voting for Michelle cause you didn’t tweet about New Zealand. Just sayi…
PatriciaCosby11 11/20(火) 15:44
@ObamaFoundation I love This!☝️
KhurrumM 11/20(火) 16:01
@ObamaFoundation Yes, we need to encourage more people to share their stories and what they've learned.
Vincent57938926 11/20(火) 16:10
@ObamaFoundation good job
jkdetail 11/20(火) 16:21
@ObamaFoundation When you first ran you said it a lot transform America I new what you wanted transfor…
jkdetail 11/20(火) 16:24
@ObamaFoundation Well thank God TRUMP most people woke up voted for MR Trump our President I don’t thi…
Latinanegra45 11/20(火) 16:51
@ObamaFoundation We miss you Mr Obama.
MonichanAnapar5 11/20(火) 16:54
@ObamaFoundation Ok
MelGeeee 11/20(火) 17:55
@ObamaFoundation Clinton Foundation ?
GailSchaeffer7 11/20(火) 18:09
@ObamaFoundation Awesome Mr.President ! ✌
pn7e7fIkgT3qOsY 11/20(火) 18:16
@ObamaFoundation Да что бы друг с кем можно подилиться и он. Тебя понимал давал совет
pn7e7fIkgT3qOsY 11/20(火) 18:17
@ObamaFoundation А. Не завистливо язвил
wiolak2 11/20(火) 18:49
hailykim 11/20(火) 20:30
aclombessirich1 11/20(火) 21:10
@ObamaFoundation Nous devons toujours à ce Partienter, car la vie n'est pas pour personnes.
BenPars87210399 11/20(火) 21:24
@ObamaFoundation You are distracting from yourself.
BenPars87210399 11/20(火) 21:36
Stableharleymom 11/20(火) 21:36
fakenewsagain 11/20(火) 21:43
@ObamaFoundation Great job on those fires Barry - congratulations - how many dead? - how many “moved o…
LaJollaGOP 11/20(火) 21:44
@ObamaFoundation Chicago is dangerous, why didnt you help them?
cargoman44 11/20(火) 21:46
@ObamaFoundation Don't undermine what Trump is doing but as an American respect the office and the sys…
MajidSuleimany 11/20(火) 21:57
@ObamaFoundation Dear Mr. President Do you think the world is going to give you a fair deal on your le…
Danielolal5 11/20(火) 22:00
@ObamaFoundation Friends am kindly requesting for your help and support. Am staying with my brother's…
MajidSuleimany 11/20(火) 22:00
@ObamaFoundation Secondly the minorities including Afro Americans are worse now than ever before with…
MajidSuleimany 11/20(火) 22:01
@ObamaFoundation Samahaani Muzee!
MajidSuleimany 11/20(火) 22:02
@ObamaFoundation My books here
MarcusMcEachern 11/20(火) 22:09
TurnerBeatrice 11/20(火) 23:45
@ObamaFoundation I’m so glad and thank god everyday YOU and your classless wife are not only in the WH…
idavidadams2 11/20(火) 23:54
@ObamaFoundation you were the worst
Snooks617strong 11/20(火) 23:56
@ObamaFoundation Wish you were still in office. You brought hope with your honesty & translucent polic…
Mansour89799764 11/21(水) 0:05
@ObamaFoundation I’m an Iranian but I consider you as my president.
You’re the best, God bless you,
barak_maryam 11/21(水) 0:06
kanizfarzana2 11/21(水) 0:12
Lozange_ru 11/21(水) 0:35
@ObamaFoundation Good idea )
VeritasCocktail 11/21(水) 0:43
@ObamaFoundation So Trump has “mommy” issues, says the guy with a book dedicated to DADDY ISSUES. But…