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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2018/11/21(水) 10:37 .

Thanks to the Chicago @FoodDepository team for all you do and to the volunteers who are doing great work and let me…

riverfang 11/21(水) 12:11
@FoodDepository I love you, Barack Obama!!’
franmahler 11/21(水) 12:11
@FoodDepository You’re the best ❤️❤️❤️
RMMac4 11/21(水) 12:11
@FoodDepository Look at that. Actual hands on help. Not throwing paper towels at ppl. Plz stop this no…
glassceiling02 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository When I see these genuine heartwarming videos of Obama, I know there’s hope for a bette…
motonerd14 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository Thanks to all of you folks for the work that you do. Happy Holidays. ⭐️
sjw1025 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository Thank You Sir for reminding me how it could be and will be again!
Adama25450461 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository God Bless Obama. President of the Century...You will forever be missed. I still Have c…
Lavisky_3 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Oh I so wish you were our president again
DebraHa23971190 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Thank You President Obama for helping Americans unlike the illegitimate schmuck putin…
Alejand27381769 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Thanks to God for life.
Blessings to all.
tyleigh64 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository I don’t agree with you on much but as one who has relied on Food Pantries I thank you…
lmcd9999_l 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository My President
LesbiaMRodrigue 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Thank you sweethearts. I am thankful with my Lord when I see you guys work together fo…
76w10 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository I love this brother. Forever president
BetterThanChump 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository Oh you lucky rascals @FoodDepository
I'M JEALOUS! Please come back.
ModCommentator 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository Mr President, I tell you that you are a good human being and I admire your intellect, generosity and spirit.
MelissaNinety9 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository I'd be that little girl at the end lol No, but seriously.
lorik268 11/21(水) 12:15
@FoodDepository And thank you for stepping up to help out, sir!! You are a real hero!!
msranapss 11/21(水) 12:15
@FoodDepository Sir, good morning from India
MichaelSocialT 11/21(水) 12:15
@FoodDepository Thank you Mr President for reminding us that leaders can be compassionate. We miss you!
Marriners 11/21(水) 12:16
@FoodDepository Little kids and Obama in a video, that makes me smile.
JoannJanson 11/21(水) 12:16
@FoodDepository Thank you for continuing to remind us how a POTUS should behave. Happy Thanksgiving to your family!
MeganGarza20 11/21(水) 12:16
@FoodDepository I miss you Obama!
HDriscoll10 11/21(水) 12:17
I want to thank you for all the work you did prior to the midterms.…
fertile_soul 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository Thank you, President Obama, for continuing to be a president Americans can be proud of.
PnarBradford 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository I miss you.
rossyjimenez48 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository Esa sencillez lo hace grande no todos la tienen.
DanishQT 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository ❤
thetimnavigator 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Happy crashing Obama ! If that's what you want.
Nubbers_Natch 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Still leading America.
slkarosi 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Forever my President.
rollbarann 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Gosh darn it, I knew I should have volunteered for that shift.

Thank you Mr. Presiden…
BashirSaand 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository hi
seabrooks_lacey 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Awesome President Obama always such a giving spirit.
L3Always 11/21(水) 12:20
@FoodDepository Thank you President Obama, for being a beacon of hope. Thank you for your work with th…
Pugmothersue 11/21(水) 12:20
@FoodDepository Now THIS is Presidential!!!
lisa_lgjg94 11/21(水) 12:20
@FoodDepository You are a gem Mr President
TinaHummel2 11/21(水) 12:21
@FoodDepository You are truly an inspiration!
mstweed151 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository All of the things a good President is! Thank you so much for your kind heart and beaut…
BazanNeddy 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository Still My President! Heart and Soul!
petitethirty1 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President. We miss you..
taxidancer1979 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository @BarackObama A National Treasure
SnarkyConservat 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository I guess if you couldn't create any jobs... You might as well try to make up for it. It…
dutchcookie1 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository Love you @BarackObama thank you for all you do
BrennaDawkins 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository We miss you!
SharekaJones6 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository Love it
nelliefran 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository You’re the best Barack Obama. So proud I got to have you as my President. Miss you.
BlueWaveAlways 11/21(水) 12:23
Matt2Marks 11/21(水) 12:24
@FoodDepository @kaitmarks84 ❤️
Angiethinks 11/21(水) 12:24
@FoodDepository WE MISS YOU SO BAD!!!!
hamadasalh2015 11/21(水) 12:24
@FoodDepository You were a real president
icl1005 11/21(水) 12:25
@FoodDepository We need you now so much
micahh64 11/21(水) 12:25
@FoodDepository A reminder: our current BLOTUS is on his way to Mar-a-lago while leaving 5K+ troop at the border ...
jurneekaKC 11/21(水) 12:25
@FoodDepository Thank you, President Obama ❤️
JCCBDM 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository You sir continue to make me proud.
stings1958 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository Oops a president!
Kafrica93 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository You are the President
P_harrell89 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS
Hisladydiana 11/21(水) 12:27
@FoodDepository Still pretending you care? Justice is coming Barry! You violated our trust you lied to…
brudub23 11/21(水) 12:27
You're a great man
SteveKelsoColt 11/21(水) 12:27
@FoodDepository On behalf of the planet WE MISS YOU!
Any chance you could have a Little bit of work…
sarahmj23 11/21(水) 12:27
@FoodDepository Love you Obama!!
StormIsUponUs 11/21(水) 12:28
@FoodDepository Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.
MegKettlitz 11/21(水) 12:28
@FoodDepository Wish we didn’t have a 2 term limit
Thank you to you and your family
jmtann65 11/21(水) 12:28
@FoodDepository You were the worst, that is all!
MiekoT_VA 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository I love that amazing man! God you are missed beyond words!!
keto_n_makeup 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository It was sooo amazing seeing you there! You are the best sir ❤️
DebraAl38705558 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving
marylockelabour 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository Let’s see tories do this here Rudd McVey May JRM et all
BeezzyD 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository @BobBuckhorn
Blk_widow79 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository Thank you for being such a great man & a great role model for future generations. We…
tlgs1Tiffanys 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository ❤
KatGkannon 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository Why is Hussein on my feed?
kristenhagen2 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository This is how a true president behaves. Not golfing at his own golf club on the taxpayers’ dime.
peacediva7 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving President Obama!!
BeatriceHazele2 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository This is a president, Obama. We are orphans now. We don't have a true leader.
ringwac 11/21(水) 12:31
@FoodDepository We miss you Mr. President
tlgs1Tiffanys 11/21(水) 12:31
HeagleWayne 11/21(水) 12:31
@FoodDepository Truly a presidential, classy person.
Dina_Marie0221 11/21(水) 12:31
@FoodDepository This is what a REAL president would do.I wish you could run again! Can’t we make an ex…
ash_erika 11/21(水) 12:31
@savagexrebel @FoodDepository Thank you, sir, for all you and your family have done and dealt with for…
Scr11822 11/21(水) 12:32
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving to you Mr. President and your lovey family!!
Mezzacorona1035 11/21(水) 12:32
@glasslake_ @FoodDepository Could u imagine the greeting the current POTUS would get...NOTHING like th…
P_harrell89 11/21(水) 12:32
@FoodDepository WE NEED YOU...I am spending too much on wine ; rescue us from the pit of....
HibdonT 11/21(水) 12:33
@FoodDepository What about gun violence?
murgatr0id 11/21(水) 12:33
@FoodDepository Full of Americans with “mommy issues” amirite?
nancyfisk 11/21(水) 12:34
@FoodDepository We are all that little girl who got hugged by Obama.
JosephMadridSr2 11/21(水) 12:35
@FoodDepository Thas why I'm missing Obama you can see clear
Mechway 11/21(水) 12:35
@FoodDepository You are the BEST Sir! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family
douglass_price 11/21(水) 12:36
You'll be in prison soon.
fnkybach 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository Please come back.
ZavaletEli 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President
Boomers12 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository FAILURE44 Worst Ever.
jean_oristano 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository I love you. You make our country and our world a better place by leading by example. T…
jack_rubye 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository There's always a surplus of volunteers during the holidays. We should really try to help on the other days too.
RavenRoseNevad1 11/21(水) 12:37
@FoodDepository @BarackObama ty for doing such a great job for helping the food depository. Hope that…
v4therighteous 11/21(水) 12:37
@FoodDepository Glad you are finally doing something for Chicago. You left people hangin
michaelfsmith7 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository Legend!
apruthie 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository When we show love, we receive love.
hgirmat 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving day my president Barack
Rocky1878406426 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository You are such a good himan being...
Ignatius4DJT 11/21(水) 12:38
Ignatius4DJT 11/21(水) 12:39
rachel1970 11/21(水) 12:39
@FoodDepository It was always fun to watch you pardoning turkeys...wishing you all a happy thanksgiving
pattycakes324xo 11/21(水) 12:40
Mitchy314 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository All class Mr President .
sa4819 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository Now here’s a man who sets a standard we should all follow.
dekenyanorris 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository BEST POTUS EVA!!! Where’s the lie?
mZ7q7Mfj9EqH5Ns 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository FKyo--BLk--As--yo-AND-STND-SOLTAN
FletchHawk 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository Miss you
KrisannDePasqu3 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving
CaraClayton805 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository An authentic man and leader.
theopenedmirror 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository The little girl at the end would be me for the rest of my life I ever got to meet you.
CeilGross 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository God, I miss you!
bobandannie 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository The Man !!
pthebnyc 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository Yeah, you and Rahm really have gone out of your way to help chicago.
Tashaz305 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository Miss you.
Nic5697 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository A class act!
mcDragonmama 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository Thank you, sir for continuing to be an inspiration.
bluelives90 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository My president!
cornell_vickie 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, may you have a blessed day and may it be fi…
FULtiltBoogIE 11/21(水) 12:43
@FoodDepository What a REAL MAN does!
Altruis73378251 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository I miss you! And I missed you!
JamesBaranPhoto 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository Bravo, Mr. President.
WendyDavitto 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository I bet @realDonaldTrump has NEVER had a day of serving the needy IN HIS LIFE!!!
RJMBob 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository .
Not very long ago, I would have been the first one to support Pres. Obama, just as I…
family_adamo 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository Gaaaahd I miss this man!
gesualdagw 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository We miss you!
heart4rocknlove 11/21(水) 12:46
@FoodDepository You still remain a shining example of a wonderful person to admire. We miss you
goodxs789 11/21(水) 12:46
@FoodDepository NEW "Q"
Nov 20 2018 21:42:33 (EST )

[D]ec 5
Nothing can…
saeed0584n 11/21(水) 12:47
@FoodDepository تو فوق العاده بودی مرد
PattiDeGroat1 11/21(水) 12:47
@FoodDepository This made me smile!!!!
1UNITEDSTATES1 11/21(水) 12:48