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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2018/11/21(水) 10:37 .

Thanks to the Chicago @FoodDepository team for all you do and to the volunteers who are doing great work and let me…

riverfang 11/21(水) 12:11
@FoodDepository I love you, Barack Obama!!’
franmahler 11/21(水) 12:11
@FoodDepository You’re the best ❤️❤️❤️
RMMac4 11/21(水) 12:11
@FoodDepository Look at that. Actual hands on help. Not throwing paper towels at ppl. Plz stop this no…
glassceiling02 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository When I see these genuine heartwarming videos of Obama, I know there’s hope for a bette…
motonerd14 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository Thanks to all of you folks for the work that you do. Happy Holidays. ⭐️
sjw1025 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository Thank You Sir for reminding me how it could be and will be again!
Adama25450461 11/21(水) 12:12
@FoodDepository God Bless Obama. President of the Century...You will forever be missed. I still Have c…
Lavisky_3 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Oh I so wish you were our president again
DebraHa23971190 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Thank You President Obama for helping Americans unlike the illegitimate schmuck putin…
Alejand27381769 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Thanks to God for life.
Blessings to all.
tyleigh64 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository I don’t agree with you on much but as one who has relied on Food Pantries I thank you…
lmcd9999_l 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository My President
LesbiaMRodrigue 11/21(水) 12:13
@FoodDepository Thank you sweethearts. I am thankful with my Lord when I see you guys work together fo…
76w10 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository I love this brother. Forever president
BetterThanChump 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository Oh you lucky rascals @FoodDepository
I'M JEALOUS! Please come back.
ModCommentator 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository Mr President, I tell you that you are a good human being and I admire your intellect, generosity and spirit.
MelissaNinety9 11/21(水) 12:14
@FoodDepository I'd be that little girl at the end lol No, but seriously.
lorik268 11/21(水) 12:15
@FoodDepository And thank you for stepping up to help out, sir!! You are a real hero!!
msranapss 11/21(水) 12:15
@FoodDepository Sir, good morning from India
MichaelSocialT 11/21(水) 12:15
@FoodDepository Thank you Mr President for reminding us that leaders can be compassionate. We miss you!
Marriners 11/21(水) 12:16
@FoodDepository Little kids and Obama in a video, that makes me smile.
JoannJanson 11/21(水) 12:16
@FoodDepository Thank you for continuing to remind us how a POTUS should behave. Happy Thanksgiving to your family!
MeganGarza20 11/21(水) 12:16
@FoodDepository I miss you Obama!
HDriscoll10 11/21(水) 12:17
I want to thank you for all the work you did prior to the midterms.…
fertile_soul 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository Thank you, President Obama, for continuing to be a president Americans can be proud of.
PnarBradford 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository I miss you.
rossyjimenez48 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository Esa sencillez lo hace grande no todos la tienen.
DanishQT 11/21(水) 12:18
@FoodDepository ❤
thetimnavigator 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Happy crashing Obama ! If that's what you want.
Nubbers_Natch 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Still leading America.
slkarosi 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Forever my President.
rollbarann 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Gosh darn it, I knew I should have volunteered for that shift.

Thank you Mr. Presiden…
BashirSaand 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository hi
seabrooks_lacey 11/21(水) 12:19
@FoodDepository Awesome President Obama always such a giving spirit.
L3Always 11/21(水) 12:20
@FoodDepository Thank you President Obama, for being a beacon of hope. Thank you for your work with th…
Pugmothersue 11/21(水) 12:20
@FoodDepository Now THIS is Presidential!!!
lisa_lgjg94 11/21(水) 12:20
@FoodDepository You are a gem Mr President
TinaHummel2 11/21(水) 12:21
@FoodDepository You are truly an inspiration!
mstweed151 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository All of the things a good President is! Thank you so much for your kind heart and beaut…
BazanNeddy 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository Still My President! Heart and Soul!
petitethirty1 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President. We miss you..
taxidancer1979 11/21(水) 12:22
@FoodDepository @BarackObama A National Treasure
SnarkyConservat 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository I guess if you couldn't create any jobs... You might as well try to make up for it. It…
dutchcookie1 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository Love you @BarackObama thank you for all you do
BrennaDawkins 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository We miss you!
SharekaJones6 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository Love it
nelliefran 11/21(水) 12:23
@FoodDepository You’re the best Barack Obama. So proud I got to have you as my President. Miss you.
BlueWaveAlways 11/21(水) 12:23
Matt2Marks 11/21(水) 12:24
@FoodDepository @kaitmarks84 ❤️
Angiethinks 11/21(水) 12:24
@FoodDepository WE MISS YOU SO BAD!!!!
hamadasalh2015 11/21(水) 12:24
@FoodDepository You were a real president
icl1005 11/21(水) 12:25
@FoodDepository We need you now so much
micahh64 11/21(水) 12:25
@FoodDepository A reminder: our current BLOTUS is on his way to Mar-a-lago while leaving 5K+ troop at the border ...
jurneekaKC 11/21(水) 12:25
@FoodDepository Thank you, President Obama ❤️
JCCBDM 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository You sir continue to make me proud.
stings1958 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository Oops a president!
Kafrica93 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository You are the President
P_harrell89 11/21(水) 12:26
@FoodDepository @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS
Hisladydiana 11/21(水) 12:27
@FoodDepository Still pretending you care? Justice is coming Barry! You violated our trust you lied to…
brudub23 11/21(水) 12:27
You're a great man
SteveKelsoColt 11/21(水) 12:27
@FoodDepository On behalf of the planet WE MISS YOU!
Any chance you could have a Little bit of work…
sarahmj23 11/21(水) 12:27
@FoodDepository Love you Obama!!
StormIsUponUs 11/21(水) 12:28
@FoodDepository Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.
MegKettlitz 11/21(水) 12:28
@FoodDepository Wish we didn’t have a 2 term limit
Thank you to you and your family
jmtann65 11/21(水) 12:28
@FoodDepository You were the worst, that is all!
MiekoT_VA 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository I love that amazing man! God you are missed beyond words!!
keto_n_makeup 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository It was sooo amazing seeing you there! You are the best sir ❤️
DebraAl38705558 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving
marylockelabour 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository Let’s see tories do this here Rudd McVey May JRM et all
BeezzyD 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository @BobBuckhorn
Blk_widow79 11/21(水) 12:29
@FoodDepository Thank you for being such a great man & a great role model for future generations. We…
tlgs1Tiffanys 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository ❤
KatGkannon 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository Why is Hussein on my feed?
kristenhagen2 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository This is how a true president behaves. Not golfing at his own golf club on the taxpayers’ dime.
peacediva7 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving President Obama!!
BeatriceHazele2 11/21(水) 12:30
@FoodDepository This is a president, Obama. We are orphans now. We don't have a true leader.
ringwac 11/21(水) 12:31
@FoodDepository We miss you Mr. President
tlgs1Tiffanys 11/21(水) 12:31
HeagleWayne 11/21(水) 12:31
@FoodDepository Truly a presidential, classy person.
Dina_Marie0221 11/21(水) 12:31
@FoodDepository This is what a REAL president would do.I wish you could run again! Can’t we make an ex…
ash_erika 11/21(水) 12:31
@savagexrebel @FoodDepository Thank you, sir, for all you and your family have done and dealt with for…
Scr11822 11/21(水) 12:32
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving to you Mr. President and your lovey family!!
Mezzacorona1035 11/21(水) 12:32
@glasslake_ @FoodDepository Could u imagine the greeting the current POTUS would get...NOTHING like th…
P_harrell89 11/21(水) 12:32
@FoodDepository WE NEED YOU...I am spending too much on wine ; rescue us from the pit of....
HibdonT 11/21(水) 12:33
@FoodDepository What about gun violence?
murgatr0id 11/21(水) 12:33
@FoodDepository Full of Americans with “mommy issues” amirite?
nancyfisk 11/21(水) 12:34
@FoodDepository We are all that little girl who got hugged by Obama.
JosephMadridSr2 11/21(水) 12:35
@FoodDepository Thas why I'm missing Obama you can see clear
Mechway 11/21(水) 12:35
@FoodDepository You are the BEST Sir! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family
douglass_price 11/21(水) 12:36
You'll be in prison soon.
fnkybach 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository Please come back.
ZavaletEli 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President
Boomers12 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository FAILURE44 Worst Ever.
jean_oristano 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository I love you. You make our country and our world a better place by leading by example. T…
jack_rubye 11/21(水) 12:36
@FoodDepository There's always a surplus of volunteers during the holidays. We should really try to help on the other days too.
RavenRoseNevad1 11/21(水) 12:37
@FoodDepository @BarackObama ty for doing such a great job for helping the food depository. Hope that…
v4therighteous 11/21(水) 12:37
@FoodDepository Glad you are finally doing something for Chicago. You left people hangin
michaelfsmith7 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository Legend!
apruthie 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository When we show love, we receive love.
hgirmat 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving day my president Barack
Rocky1878406426 11/21(水) 12:38
@FoodDepository You are such a good himan being...
Ignatius4DJT 11/21(水) 12:38
Ignatius4DJT 11/21(水) 12:39
rachel1970 11/21(水) 12:39
@FoodDepository It was always fun to watch you pardoning turkeys...wishing you all a happy thanksgiving
pattycakes324xo 11/21(水) 12:40
Mitchy314 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository All class Mr President .
sa4819 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository Now here’s a man who sets a standard we should all follow.
dekenyanorris 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository BEST POTUS EVA!!! Where’s the lie?
mZ7q7Mfj9EqH5Ns 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository FKyo--BLk--As--yo-AND-STND-SOLTAN
FletchHawk 11/21(水) 12:40
@FoodDepository Miss you
KrisannDePasqu3 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving
CaraClayton805 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository An authentic man and leader.
theopenedmirror 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository The little girl at the end would be me for the rest of my life I ever got to meet you.
CeilGross 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository God, I miss you!
bobandannie 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository The Man !!
pthebnyc 11/21(水) 12:41
@FoodDepository Yeah, you and Rahm really have gone out of your way to help chicago.
Tashaz305 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository Miss you.
Nic5697 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository A class act!
mcDragonmama 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository Thank you, sir for continuing to be an inspiration.
bluelives90 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository My president!
cornell_vickie 11/21(水) 12:42
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, may you have a blessed day and may it be fi…
FULtiltBoogIE 11/21(水) 12:43
@FoodDepository What a REAL MAN does!
Altruis73378251 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository I miss you! And I missed you!
JamesBaranPhoto 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository Bravo, Mr. President.
WendyDavitto 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository I bet @realDonaldTrump has NEVER had a day of serving the needy IN HIS LIFE!!!
RJMBob 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository .
Not very long ago, I would have been the first one to support Pres. Obama, just as I…
family_adamo 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository Gaaaahd I miss this man!
gesualdagw 11/21(水) 12:44
@FoodDepository We miss you!
heart4rocknlove 11/21(水) 12:46
@FoodDepository You still remain a shining example of a wonderful person to admire. We miss you
goodxs789 11/21(水) 12:46
@FoodDepository NEW "Q"
Nov 20 2018 21:42:33 (EST )

[D]ec 5
Nothing can…
saeed0584n 11/21(水) 12:47
@FoodDepository تو فوق العاده بودی مرد
PattiDeGroat1 11/21(水) 12:47
@FoodDepository This made me smile!!!!
1UNITEDSTATES1 11/21(水) 12:48
DCDav333 11/21(水) 12:48
@FoodDepository Thank you, sir, for your continued service and compassionate actions. You are a true leader!
PaTresha10 11/21(水) 12:48
@FoodDepository Thank you Mr. President. Always the best, and most kind and giving. May God bless you and your family, always
His_Only_G 11/21(水) 12:48
@FoodDepository This is what a PRESIDENT LOOKS LIKE out there in the community spreading hope and reas…
Scott9357Scott 11/21(水) 12:48
@FoodDepository This is what a president does. Orange haired ding dong watches a tree delivered and wa…
LynneMarie15 11/21(水) 12:49
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Forever my President.
LynnHen18519850 11/21(水) 12:49
@FoodDepository You are the essence of what America needs. Funny, I can't picture the sitting presiden…
theClaudiaInez 11/21(水) 12:49
@monicasloves @FoodDepository The only thing Trump would volunteer at

Is a coverup to conceal a journalist's murder.
TTurtlenation 11/21(水) 12:49
Your the best
renejp 11/21(水) 12:50
prina_stone 11/21(水) 12:50
@FoodDepository I missed out on the trukey.
flucyhalstead 11/21(水) 12:50
@FoodDepository That’s a real President
QuanJackson83 11/21(水) 12:51
@FoodDepository ❤❤❤
LucyFeliciano7 11/21(水) 12:51
@FoodDepository Thank You, Obama Happy Thanksgivingto u & family
ironrookie 11/21(水) 12:51
FreedricksonRio 11/21(水) 12:52
@FoodDepository If only he was still prez..........
Larhond98223835 11/21(水) 12:52
@FoodDepository Thank you
theno8erica 11/21(水) 12:53
@FoodDepository Your leadership is sorely missed.
CarlEricJensen1 11/21(水) 12:53
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving to you Obama! And to Michelle as well!
ItsGazab 11/21(水) 12:54
@FoodDepository Wish was there to break bread with Chicago family. God bless and A very…
masa_kawasaki 11/21(水) 12:54
@FoodDepository オバマさん。申し訳ないですが撤退させていただきます。これ以上報酬なしでは報復は受けられません。あなたが当方に行ったことは、人権侵害・犯罪です。できうる限り正当な額を直近でお…
tamer_lisa 11/21(水) 12:54
@FoodDepository Miss you and your sane family
TFriedrice 11/21(水) 12:55
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President!
e473gilbert 11/21(水) 12:55
@FoodDepository Barack it’s always wonderful to see a real caring President Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Pr…
ChgoKpk 11/21(水) 12:56
@FoodDepository You are the best!
Granny2Shoos 11/21(水) 12:56
@FoodDepository Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all
dgbuilder 11/21(水) 12:56
@FoodDepository Great man! Great organization!! Great day!!! Lots of thanks to give...
staceyshute2 11/21(水) 12:57
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving !!! Wishing you and your family a very blessed day.
runningscott59 11/21(水) 12:57
@SheriBentsen @FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President.
jeff_boisvert 11/21(水) 12:58
@FoodDepository I think ovomit should do something about the black on black crime in that city..cause…
bigmia 11/21(水) 12:58
@FoodDepository Thank you President Obama!❤️
camacho_resists 11/21(水) 12:58
@FoodDepository Who's ready to start restoring all of President Obama's programs and policies once we…
BrianFlatt72 11/21(水) 12:59
@FoodDepository Sadly, you stand the risk of being shot there in Chicago standing in line for the food.
seanlford83 11/21(水) 12:59
@FoodDepository Yah
CumiScott 11/21(水) 12:59
@FoodDepository My President
smartinez411 11/21(水) 12:59
@FoodDepository Dear @BarackObama - I’m thankful for you, reminding my family that a President can be…
sunnydaze_20 11/21(水) 12:59
@FoodDepository The best president ever! Love that guy!
SwabySandra 11/21(水) 12:59
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving to u Mr &Ms Obama God u bless both
VeganBoots 11/21(水) 13:00
@davidmweissman @FoodDepository Here we have the former President stepping up to fill the void left by…
yeabateeshet 11/21(水) 13:00
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President!
matti2de 11/21(水) 13:00
@FoodDepository Pure class!
lapIdEQ3EbG0FTR 11/21(水) 13:00
@FoodDepository thank God ever and for ever
Michele60178944 11/21(水) 13:01
@FoodDepository Love you President Obama,xoxo . You make our Thanksgiving a lot brighter. Wishing you…
BDizzMySchnizz 11/21(水) 13:02
@FoodDepository Pure class
chefpaul62 11/21(水) 13:02
@FoodDepository Why do we need food banks? They are the clearest sign that the system is wrong.
CindyPDX 11/21(水) 13:02
@FoodDepository WE Miss you! And you know that! Happy Thanksgiving your way too!
Maelogi93 11/21(水) 13:02
@FoodDepository Leadership
AnsbachBarbara 11/21(水) 13:03
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving mr president.
LisaSmi38025729 11/21(水) 13:03
@FoodDepository My man.....
Dr_Nate__ 11/21(水) 13:03
Still doing more than our current president, just amazing. Doing what a man at your stature, should do. Thank you
mutantmutt 11/21(水) 13:04
@FoodDepository Bless you @BarackObama
itz_mindnight 11/21(水) 13:04
@FoodDepository I wish I could meet you!!!!!
ChandaFinch 11/21(水) 13:05
@FoodDepository Obama is so darn ...
hdrapeaux 11/21(水) 13:05
@FoodDepository hands out food for the needy, President Carter builds home for the needy and g…
Brisco49647973 11/21(水) 13:05
@FoodDepository Stay away from the "hot dogs."
littlewing628 11/21(水) 13:05
@FoodDepository Help others ... kindness & caring makes our world better ❤️
MyPoliApp 11/21(水) 13:06
@FoodDepository I believe you know, President Obama; that you are still POTUS. Thank you. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Sir!!!
gorgiegurl 11/21(水) 13:06
@FoodDepository Things a real President does!!! ... you are missed!!!
adamgizzi 11/21(水) 13:07
@FoodDepository This vs that
AutismMom68 11/21(水) 13:07
@FoodDepository President Obama is the best ❤️
2FRRe6PYcIX9Q3l 11/21(水) 13:09
@FoodDepository مشروع مهم وهذه الحصص تعبر عن تكافل اجتماعي بين الناس دون تمييز وتطور بالمستوي الاخلاقي .
Christi41676106 11/21(水) 13:10
@FoodDepository LOVE 44!
lennypowers7 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository Thanks for reminding us what a real president does. Wish you had a 3rd term.
Van1953 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository A real President.
Ricardo99657900 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository Lo mejor de lo mejor..El abrazo a esas niñas....
manovak43 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository Miss him every day.
alan5422 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository President Obama - please consider running for office again. Although the presidency is…
runscreamingly 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository You are just the best!
82013Pravin 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving.
theadonaibrown 11/21(水) 13:12
@FoodDepository Hey ma Hpy Obama day U myt b a Niga f U wish Hussain (handsome baby boy n Arabic ) stil…
rscottfitzgera1 11/21(水) 13:13
@FoodDepository You mucked-up, twice. The bigger..carried the line on one more significant ball-tighte…
ThatDonne 11/21(水) 13:13
@FoodDepository Showboat somewhere else
Rurba002 11/21(水) 13:14
@FoodDepository Awesome ‼️
491olmeda 11/21(水) 13:14
@FoodDepository I miss this kind of White House
Mg77Rig 11/21(水) 16:56
@FoodDepository trump would never lower himself to do any form of labor for the good of another person…
andymoss67ajm 11/21(水) 16:58
@EdwardJWHunter @FoodDepository Liked yer serpant kehinde hid in yer painting antichrist with a t rex…
khalif_1973 11/21(水) 16:59
Andrewmayers11 11/21(水) 16:59
@FoodDepository He is a good heart!!! Wish he back to be President again!! throw Pence and CRooked Trump to impeachment!!
curiousbits 11/21(水) 17:01
@FoodDepository This is how presidents should act as normal, caring, compassionate human beings. I miss that...
Zazen_Koan 11/21(水) 17:01
edesignerz2 11/21(水) 17:03
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Wow you are the most out-of-touch person I've ever seen in my life.
iamChanMann 11/21(水) 17:05
@FoodDepository I wanna be part of shit like this with everything being given
saucy_jp93 11/21(水) 17:10
@kanyewest @FoodDepository First time you do something for Chicago
samchrismccoy 11/21(水) 17:11
@FoodDepository Hope your aware of damages u caused in Nigeria....thunder that will fire you is still…
StevenCats1 11/21(水) 17:11
@FoodDepository Best President in my lifetime (I'm 46 ) and you, Sir, with your intelligent and measure…
lale9809 11/21(水) 17:13
@FoodDepository That's a very good thing. 4 real Brack OBama. Happy Thanksgiving to you and hometown C…
Falconer084 11/21(水) 17:14
@FoodDepository Not an American Mr President so I do not celebrate this day unless an American friend…
DianneR22958158 11/21(水) 17:14
AnneMBatt1 11/21(水) 17:14
@Texas_Dexter @FoodDepository Thanks for being who you are, happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family ❤
karltex11 11/21(水) 17:15
LOduyale 11/21(水) 17:16
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving!
sherribabywade 11/21(水) 17:16
@FoodDepository Community activist
randall1014 11/21(水) 17:16
@FoodDepository Miss President Obama
KevinODwyer1 11/21(水) 17:17
@FoodDepository Class is permanent!!
JARINSURE 11/21(水) 17:17
@FoodDepository Hey Bama you no longer live in Chicago
zaidan1960 11/21(水) 17:19
@FoodDepository Thanks president Obama for all your hard work for the people of Chicago & the United S…
MargaretBenett 11/21(水) 17:21
@FoodDepository Gotta L❤️VE that man! Barack Obama Leads by Example. He has a loving and caring natu…
Cynjok 11/21(水) 17:21
@FoodDepository What?!? No heading off to a private club you own & charge the Secret Service for using…
fedorawest 11/21(水) 17:24
@FoodDepository Now that is Presidential the way it is suppose to be. Thank you Blessings for your con…
Saul_say 11/21(水) 17:24
@FoodDepository that's what I call a great person congratulations friend?
sreednak 11/21(水) 17:25
@FoodDepository I love you Mr President
jereth_samson 11/21(水) 17:27
@FoodDepository This is how a president acts.
How are the dogs sir
celinamojica8 11/21(水) 17:27
@FoodDepository Gracias por ese gesto tan Bello .Bendiciones
nextforme 11/21(水) 17:27
@FoodDepository That's what it is all about! Thank you for always giving back! Happy Thanksgiving to y…
ChristineSupey 11/21(水) 17:29
@FoodDepository Two of the richest countries in the world have food banks!
We are so broken.
hasbro989 11/21(水) 17:29
@FoodDepository lay off the cheesecake cheeseball! your jelly rolls don’t look good on a bald stutterer. Stuttermaster.
kristanlocklea2 11/21(水) 17:29
@FoodDepository Remember when we had a POTUS who knew what it means to help others? An HONEST presiden…
PatsySosa61 11/21(水) 17:29
@FoodDepository You Barack Obama are the world's President. Happy Thanksgiving Sir......we love, and miss you !!!!!!
wilcher_sharon 11/21(水) 17:29
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.
Jade_Gryphon 11/21(水) 17:31
@FoodDepository You're a good man, sir. Much happiness and love to you and yours!
culturewars 11/21(水) 17:35
@FoodDepository My president till further notice ❤️❤️
peaceandprotect 11/21(水) 17:35
@FoodDepository So someone could literally walk in there...shoot everyone...and they would just get pr…
aliabdesigns 11/21(水) 17:36
@FoodDepository A true president, not like the present incumbent at all.
wlg2017 11/21(水) 17:37
@FoodDepository @BarackObama you are the best!!! We miss you so much!
Mij14441909 11/21(水) 17:37
@FoodDepository We will never ever see anything like this from our worthless president trump
mybikeandme 11/21(水) 17:38
@FoodDepository Only politician in last 35yrs I've rated. Smart, well spoken, humble, generous and the…
om_sahem 11/21(水) 17:38
@FoodDepository Great job.!!
Thanks all for your humanity and happy thanksgiving everyone
OEimhear 11/21(水) 17:38
@FoodDepository I’m not crying........ much. Every time I see Obama, it reminds me of how much has changed
GukwaNick 11/21(水) 17:39
@FoodDepository That is leadership par excellence. It inspires and gives hope to humanity across the b…
probasic69 11/21(水) 17:41
@FoodDepository Ok
Jennysmum 11/21(水) 17:43
@AnnaNotaro22 @FoodDepository He's the best. God,I wish he was still prez.
abiri_jones 11/21(水) 17:45
@FoodDepository The electoral process you influenced in Nigeria in 2015 when you were the president in US, where are you now?
barazi1477 11/21(水) 17:45
@FoodDepository HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND TO YOUR FAMILY. Also who ever is celebrating in the USA
MartinFFM75 11/21(水) 17:48
@FoodDepository Crash? Is it that what you are looking for?
Al33133448 11/21(水) 17:49
@FoodDepository You can do great work in a city known for death. It cries out for your leadership, you…
KittyNikolai 11/21(水) 17:50
@FoodDepository We could really use a visit from a REAL President in Chico Ca! One can actually remember the name, Paradise.
hazy_chris 11/21(水) 17:50
@FoodDepository You’re the best President ever❤️❤️
YouTubeHowToDIY 11/21(水) 17:51
@FoodDepository Lots of food
queridalink 11/21(水) 17:54
@FoodDepository Best president
JanPav56 11/21(水) 17:57
@FoodDepository Dude...sit down and shut up already. You think an awful lot of yourself. You had eight…
rekha68610253 11/21(水) 17:57
Manolis18430774 11/21(水) 17:58
@FoodDepository Food bank could be all over the world
SpiritualSandra 11/21(水) 18:00
@FoodDepository This is a real president, class ,integrity and empathy xx
the1smokingun 11/21(水) 18:01
@FoodDepository The best thing you've done in the white house was leave
CucinottaNoemi 11/21(水) 18:01
@FoodDepository Cada día lo quiero más.
ctvdecosta 11/21(水) 18:02
@FoodDepository Very Good can v also look into whats really going on South of the border. Some nations…
RachelW62855400 11/21(水) 18:07
@FoodDepository GOD I LOVE YOU @BarackObama & @FoodDepository
patal_tal 11/21(水) 18:08
@FoodDepository Monsieur Obama
Your policy was not and still is not mine, as being human, I would like you better than Mr Trump
DorothyFarias1 11/21(水) 18:09
@FoodDepository ❤️❤️
lloudamy 11/21(水) 18:10
@Htygrett1 @FoodDepository Now THAT is presidential! I miss you so much!!!! Please come back and wak…
EdwardMaxdakul 11/21(水) 18:12
@FoodDepository And thank you for making so many food banks NECESSARY! Give my love to all your Wall Street BFFs as well!
matt_perriss 11/21(水) 18:15
@FoodDepository There’s a real President.
ademonnery 11/21(水) 18:15
@FoodDepository Although I’m viewing this in the U.K. I can honestly say that you sir are an inspirati…
Mayorsky88 11/21(水) 18:16
tosupermousejp 11/21(水) 18:18
@FoodDepository Japanese always try to twist a user's words.Mediater always smile in glee.

I grow old…
tosupermousejp 11/21(水) 18:18
@FoodDepository 2sentence,2sentence,2sentence.Up down left right.Because of Recipient can understand…
gilleeflower 11/21(水) 18:20
@FoodDepository Here is a true man, a compassionate man, an honest man and a man who cares for the people.
Leaha_Luv 11/21(水) 18:22
nawksi 11/21(水) 18:22
@FoodDepository As POTUS, you did a few things I disagree with, but you’re still the best President I’…
anitaosul 11/21(水) 18:22
@FoodDepository Isn’t this the type of stuff a president should be doing?!
DeeJargon 11/21(水) 18:27
@FoodDepository — Mr. President! You & your family are greatly missed! Have a very happy holiday!
cestus727 11/21(水) 18:27
@FoodDepository Brarack always takes time to show someone love and give a hug or a handshake. Bless yo…
Neelofa02506458 11/21(水) 18:30
@FoodDepository nice
PathakBullet 11/21(水) 18:31
@FoodDepository I am so proud of your service....

From India country
abbyangel04 11/21(水) 18:32
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Why is it all of a sudden you care about Chicago? May it be because you wa…
McthaddenBetty 11/21(水) 18:32
@magstweets8 @FoodDepository HE AINT NO..T.U.R.K.E.Y...CHEETO!!☄
Banbarb 11/21(水) 18:32
AJarmil 11/21(水) 18:32
@FoodDepository Kartoffeln ist eine Grundnahrungsmittel in meine Kultur eine Delikatesse für mich auf…
paulwongrealtor 11/21(水) 18:33
Winners786 11/21(水) 18:34
@FoodDepository He's the only President I care @BarackObama
toiletfixer 11/21(水) 18:35
@kanyewest @FoodDepository You should have done more for Chicago when you where in office
Wilhelm709 11/21(水) 18:35
@FoodDepository Thanks to you fo your service to this country.
RRRMAGA1 11/21(水) 18:38
@FoodDepository Thanks to your ignorant chicago fools Dr. Ben Carson’s School named after him is loosi…
andikharper 11/21(水) 18:39
@FoodDepository May be your last as a free terrorist .
SusanSt51 11/21(水) 18:41
@FoodDepository But this shouldn’t be needed... just like food banks in U.K., immoral.
paulodfatima 11/21(水) 18:41
@FoodDepository Congratulations mister president Obama
paulodfatima 11/21(水) 18:42
@FoodDepository Good Day
sophieur11 11/21(水) 18:42
@FoodDepository Happy thanksgiving”
President obama-family
gsurgeon 11/21(水) 18:42
@FoodDepository Lead by example. Be blessed ❤
KingThobelaniN 11/21(水) 18:44
@FoodDepository @MichelleObama Happy Thanksgiving Barack, Michelle & the Team. God Bless You All
JuiciestFruitPM 11/21(水) 18:45
@kanyewest @FoodDepository MRS. OBAMA get down! I did it I stopped racism.
llilsugar 11/21(水) 18:47
@FoodDepository Awesome!!!
HistoryChanging 11/21(水) 18:49
@FoodDepository The law should change and Barak Obama should be allowed to run for President in 2020.…
AFlemingDorsey 11/21(水) 18:50
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, President Obama. Enjoy. Gobble til you wobble. Be Blessed. (-_- )
Lady_Mykel 11/21(水) 18:51
@FoodDepository And to you and the family, too, Mr. President. God Bless.
holly_bfit 11/21(水) 18:51
@FoodDepository You make me proud.
amcguirejobs 11/21(水) 18:52
@FoodDepository Sir the world needs you back in the White house
SmsSousa67 11/21(水) 18:53
@FoodDepository I miss you.
clauchris122 11/21(水) 18:53
@FoodDepository Você é o máximo ❤️❤️❤️
paintingbrat 11/21(水) 18:54
@alaskawater @FoodDepository Why are your people and Clinton's people working behind the scenes with l…
oshaugnessy 11/21(水) 18:55
@FoodDepository Still more presidential than the sitting President... we miss you and Michelle more th…
whosaidlifeis 11/21(水) 18:56
@FoodDepository What a great President.
JellyMojito 11/21(水) 18:56
@FoodDepository Still acting like a President even though he’s not, doing a better job than the actual…
deestrik2595 11/21(水) 18:56
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Well isn't that special? BO finally decided to bless Chicago with his presence.
ndiasseseye613 11/21(水) 18:58
@FoodDepository merci beaucou
Wallbuilder58 11/21(水) 19:00
@kanyewest @FoodDepository I’m surprised he remembers where Chicago is.
BevOwen1989 11/21(水) 19:03
@FoodDepository You are the greatest. We love you and your dear family! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
MaryPatHyland 11/21(水) 19:06
Wishing you, Michelle, and the family a blessed Thanksgiving!
Troy2k 11/21(水) 19:06
@SouthernKat60 @FoodDepository Thank you for your service Sir. We miss you!!! And I really mean that now more than ever!!!
JamamalikKhan 11/21(水) 19:07
@FoodDepository Good to true social workers. Can’t say the same about pathetic Aussie premier “Austr…
msannbrown1 11/21(水) 19:10
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Obama
8Zhpkn8owvSNROE 11/21(水) 19:11
@FoodDepository ياهطف وينك مختفي . هههههههه
elutzcrawley 11/21(水) 19:13
@FoodDepository Simply amazing. What a godsend he and his family are for such a time as this. I thank…
PetrouDino 11/21(水) 19:14
raymondejoseph7 11/21(水) 19:14
@FoodDepository This little girl is so thrilled about her hug. She won't forget this ever.
KatisSophia 11/21(水) 19:15
@FoodDepository You were out speaking during the Midterms CONSTANTLY.....and the REPUBLICANS gained se…
KatisSophia 11/21(水) 19:17
@FoodDepository You fill your party with hatred, resistance, anger....just b/c your candidate LOST in…
CharlieBagley8 11/21(水) 19:17
@FoodDepository Another set up by the media... ohhh look what he does to help the people!! Come on ser…
shaggyskunk 11/21(水) 19:19
@FoodDepository When Great Men do Awesome things!
JesseCibrian6 11/21(水) 19:21
@FoodDepository Very nice pictures and beautiful
ceckodama 11/21(水) 19:23
@FoodDepository Thank you for your ongoing example and reminder- this is what good looks like.
benbrookjohn 11/21(水) 19:24
@FoodDepository A President with compassion. @realDonaldTrump you're a mess.
REAPPOINTED 11/21(水) 19:24
@FoodDepository Action is everything! Thank you Mr. PRESIDENT
KatieSueKelley 11/21(水) 19:26
@SandraCNJ7 @FoodDepository I so miss this beautiful family. Just seeing them, just hearing President…
AllThingsGuru 11/21(水) 19:26
@FoodDepository I am that little girl who skipped away grinning
ShoebKh38154045 11/21(水) 19:26
@FoodDepository Salute to Mr. Barrack Obama
AllThingsGuru 11/21(水) 19:27
@FoodDepository Still my President! Love you sir!
MiquelCorcoll 11/21(水) 19:28
@FoodDepository Humbling experience...Mr Trump.
brotherbrownsez 11/21(水) 19:28
@FoodDepository Barack is a very welled dressed man, which makes him smart.
DMChampion68 11/21(水) 19:31
@FoodDepository You are a lovely and special human being! Thank you for that✌️♥️
gaylamccann 11/21(水) 19:32
@FoodDepository And where IS the current President? Obama we miss you!
GeneColacchio 11/21(水) 19:34
@FoodDepository Now here is a President that puts America First.
krmaehr 11/21(水) 19:35
@FoodDepository Thanks @BarackObama and your colleagues @ObamaFoundation for rolling up your sleeves -…
KaralynGmail 11/21(水) 19:36
@FoodDepository Wow, can barely remember when we used to have class. Thanks for not throwing a turkey…
rob4duce1 11/21(水) 19:36
@FoodDepository Chicago BoaKa Arts ya ya yahooooo Obama!!!!!
bobleethompson 11/21(水) 19:37
@FoodDepository Your time has come Barrack! You're going down!
sahlee28196274 11/21(水) 19:38
@FoodDepository Is he campaigning???
kcramie 11/21(水) 19:39
@FoodDepository Okay so you do a photo op but what about the war zone never gave a shit during your 8 years
uppitymermaid 11/21(水) 19:41
@FoodDepository Nice! After the holidays I'd love for you to come by the food bank where I volunteer.…
marykay_stein 11/21(水) 19:43
@EngagednEnraged @FoodDepository Thanks to you! You are awesome! The best POTUS ever!!! Happy thanksgi…
jujubblgum 11/21(水) 19:45
@FoodDepository Thank you for showing us and the world what a Real President does both during his presidency and after
Buster216 11/21(水) 19:45
@FoodDepository Oh, oblunder hanging out with the low lifes,,,, right
Just1nTwelve 11/21(水) 19:46
Still no safer than before you. You failed Chicago. Sold them out.
WritersBlockMom 11/21(水) 19:46
AngelaAbbotts1 11/21(水) 19:46
@Emilio63279558 @FoodDepository Amazing.
Barack you never cease to inspire us.
Thank you for being a w…
UmbraAnimo 11/21(水) 19:48
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Oh look! The food stamp guy!
serendipitypaws 11/21(水) 19:48
@FoodDepository Compassion and class.
criscrosscat 11/21(水) 19:48
@FoodDepository Take note...this is a real leader. Thank you President Obama. You are truly missed.
bluturn 11/21(水) 19:49
@FoodDepository If we Can and multiple times, can you change to run for again
stephendmalloy 11/21(水) 19:49
@FoodDepository Miss you!
chezvee 11/21(水) 19:50
@FoodDepository This warms my heart and gives me hope for our country. Thank you President Obama
blowfish8888 11/21(水) 19:51
@FoodDepository That little girl’s reaction is all that is right with this world. She knows a hero when she sees one....
DirectWeapon 11/21(水) 19:53
@FoodDepository Oh wise and noble Obama, you are the best political figure. I am in aspiring politicia…
6packbook 11/21(水) 19:53
@FoodDepository Hey Pres. Happy belated. And let's look forward to seasons greetings (so I'm not late )
Star5916 11/21(水) 19:53
juvaques 11/21(水) 19:54
@FoodDepository Eu sempre serei sua admiradora . Feliz dia de Ação de Graças “
robertpicker2 11/21(水) 19:55
@FoodDepository Now that is what a president should do.
JOEYOUNG40 11/21(水) 19:55
@FoodDepository Your a real pos.
KP_Barrus 11/21(水) 19:56
@FoodDepository I’d be as giddy as a school girl
davybaby5 11/21(水) 19:57
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Another photo op go back home it was nice not hearing ur voice last couple years
KP_Barrus 11/21(水) 19:58
@FoodDepository Thank you for what you and your family do for this country to try to make it a better…
Fidelis712 11/21(水) 19:59
@FoodDepository ❤️❤️❤️
mahbub26213344 11/21(水) 20:01
EarthLove245 11/21(水) 20:02
@FoodDepository The same to you, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha, Mr. President. :^ )
Julie_Daniel11 11/21(水) 20:02
@FoodDepository Thank you for helping.. you are a true public servant. America misses your leadership.
guimosaby 11/21(水) 20:03
@FoodDepository Now he cares about Chicago......
LouiseHallqvis1 11/21(水) 20:03
@FoodDepository Thats our Obama ❤️
bbglo1 11/21(水) 20:03
@FoodDepository That little girl at the end. ❤️
TheBigIDEA9 11/21(水) 20:03
@FoodDepository Awesome!
PrestonCombs5 11/21(水) 20:04
@FoodDepository What are you doing about the slaughter of blacks in Chicago. Obama, most failed POTUS in history
lalinny1 11/21(水) 20:04
@FoodDepository I miss Obama
janet667 11/21(水) 20:06
@FoodDepository Every time I see @BarackObama it instantly brings a smile to my face! Thank you for co…
JoeMastro15 11/22(木) 0:11
@FoodDepository Luv u man! You Rock!❤️❤️❤️
ACarpentersLife 11/22(木) 0:11
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Isn't Chiraq a gun free zone
iowarobinhood 11/22(木) 0:12
@FoodDepository God, I like him
SALIOU12685520 11/22(木) 0:12
GailOwe07773465 11/22(木) 0:14
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Define "crash"
Sam10211021 11/22(木) 0:14
@FoodDepository How much taxpayer money are you taking from them for your "library"? You deserve nothing except a jail cell.
yaakovsladder 11/22(木) 0:14
@FoodDepository You are my flipping hero!
leigh33479 11/22(木) 0:14
@FoodDepository When’s the book coming out titled “ Dreams of my mother” the sequel? Only fair since t…
Collins1971Russ 11/22(木) 0:14
@FoodDepository Who has "Mommy issues?" Insulting Americans who support President Trump. like Hillary'…
jkraszewski7 11/22(木) 0:14
@kanyewest @FoodDepository This the first thing I’ve seen Obama do to help Americans. A good first step.
2hearts5 11/22(木) 0:15
@FoodDepository ♥️ SWEET OK
dynababy58 11/22(木) 0:16
StefaniaBoscia 11/22(木) 0:16
@FoodDepository happy thanksgiving Barack and first lady Mchelle Obama...... while the president is wo…
GrobeRichnee 11/22(木) 0:16
@FoodDepository Thank you
ronbissel 11/22(木) 0:17
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Sox hat smh.
HeidiLe29667622 11/22(木) 0:17
@FoodDepository Your such a great advocate.
mariposalinda 11/22(木) 0:17
@FoodDepository I love this man ...he is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world
roch20 11/22(木) 0:17
@FoodDepository Thank you, Mr. President. Happy Thanksgiving!
iLoveiDevices 11/22(木) 0:18
@FoodDepository Why are you wishing? You shipped all the high jobs out of USA . You hate Americans and…
PickeringBrunel 11/22(木) 0:18
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving!
presidouche45 11/22(木) 0:19
@FoodDepository We love you, President Obama. We are rudderless in a sea of deceit, thievery, rascism…
THEHONEY63 11/22(木) 0:19
marebear2439 11/22(木) 0:20
@FoodDepository MY PRESIDENT!! THE END.
wxixl 11/22(木) 0:20
@FoodDepository You are sorely missed!!!
womenpowerrise 11/22(木) 0:20
@FoodDepository Please President Obama don't fall back, and don't retreat into your own personal comfy…
DavidHasslehawk 11/22(木) 0:20
@FoodDepository Stay. Focus. Make a difference.
steve1204 11/22(木) 0:21
@susiebo14 @FoodDepository Same to you, Mr. President...…….
jamaicansmiami 11/22(木) 0:22
@FoodDepository Thank you Mr.President for never stop being an exemplary servant to the people. God Bl…
vishal9313 11/22(木) 0:22
@FoodDepository Very nice sir
ChuckHaffner2 11/22(木) 0:23
MdmSyntax 11/22(木) 0:23
@FoodDepository And that, @realDonaldTrump, is what a real man looks like. And how a real president be…
RoyJame46836565 11/22(木) 0:24
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Mr President...
Peace2Palestine 11/22(木) 0:24
@FoodDepository Is that a picture of Venezuela or the USA?
tootsie88 11/22(木) 0:24
@FoodDepository You are sorely missed! ❤️
Claudialibra7 11/22(木) 0:25
@FoodDepository You are going to be my favorite president of the USA for ever, God Bless you
William59288022 11/22(木) 0:27
@FoodDepository So,Obama never handed out anything as president,left our men to die in bengazi, traded…
SakalaNever 11/22(木) 0:28
@FoodDepository Thank you the Obama Foundation for that humanitarian gesture.
aczapata1726 11/22(木) 0:28
@FoodDepository Best President ever!
nicsavo83 11/22(木) 0:29
@FoodDepository This was great to see, I’m currently organising a collection for my town’s local food…
rhondafitch55 11/22(木) 0:29
@FoodDepository No thanks to you for helping your country
mzmizery40 11/22(木) 0:30
Heard someone say something about mommy issues...
mbrewer566 11/22(木) 0:30
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Thanks for helping out the people your policies helped be needy.
ladyliberty641 11/22(木) 0:30
@FoodDepository That’s why you will always be my President, you’re compassionate!
RubeCruz 11/22(木) 0:31
@FoodDepository That guy is The Man!
BentInfinity 11/22(木) 0:32
@r_middagh @FoodDepository This made my day. Happy Thanksgiving Mr President!
MTresler99 11/22(木) 0:32
@FoodDepository Man I really miss him great man, great presidents
Smitten_224 11/22(木) 0:33
@FoodDepository You're still our President, Mr. Obama. We're lucky to have you.
JohnUmana 11/22(木) 0:34
@FoodDepository Great work, Barry!
Kaytray63 11/22(木) 0:35
@FoodDepository The character of a great man! Giving back to his community! Thank you, Barack Obama!
nancymo35641784 11/22(木) 0:35
@FoodDepository God bless you My president!!
hectorjdiazg 11/22(木) 0:36
@kanyewest @FoodDepository First you make them poor, depending on government then you feed them ...
limoclassof90 11/22(木) 0:36
@FoodDepository What a Jackass!!!! Obama n Opera couldn’t poll there Libs over the finish line in Geor…
joro5969 11/22(木) 0:37
@FoodDepository Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mr. President!
liligouvea 11/22(木) 0:37
@FoodDepository You are the man....congratulations
EugeneWalton15 11/22(木) 0:37
@FoodDepository I miss you every day!
wdlv2014 11/22(木) 0:38
@FoodDepository You should really take a long vacation...about 6 years would be great!!
limoclassof90 11/22(木) 0:42
@FoodDepository PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more in 22 months than Obama did in 8 yrs !! N no this isn’t…
fuklil_trump 11/22(木) 0:42
@FoodDepository You the man Barack. We miss you!
USHistoryR 11/22(木) 0:42
@FoodDepository Our President.
DSGBCOL 11/22(木) 0:43
@FoodDepository We miss you Mr.President much love,you're one cool cat!
TheRedInspector 11/22(木) 0:44
@FoodDepository What in the hell have YOU ever done for Chicago?!
sanusi1962 11/22(木) 0:45
@FoodDepository Oke tq obama
marcianhgirl 11/22(木) 0:46
@FoodDepository This is what a REAL president does for people thank you thank you thank you
DeniseYorkyork 11/22(木) 0:46
@FoodDepository Shitcago black on black killing spree's is all that City is worth !
RentersRevolt 11/22(木) 0:48
@FoodDepository Distracting from his chief of staffs failures as mayor of Chicago
tinalouise37 11/22(木) 0:48
@FoodDepository Rock Star
IrisDia47439862 11/22(木) 0:49
@FoodDepository Humble pie. Nice Mr. Obama
1flyfishgirl 11/22(木) 0:49
@FoodDepository And another place we will never see the current president go. Helping others....not his thing
melvague 11/22(木) 0:49
@FoodDepository What a real President looks like!
BrentJCohen 11/22(木) 0:52
@FoodDepository One of my favorite holiday memories is volunteering at the DC Central Kitchen with…
jenstilmanydots 11/22(木) 0:53
@FoodDepository Best POTUS ever, miss you and FLOTUS every single day
MarhaT69 11/22(木) 0:54
@FoodDepository This is what a real President looks like America !!
sosayu3 11/22(木) 0:55
@FoodDepository We all miss your thoughtfulness, decency & intelligence. I am thankful this Thanksgivi…
Bubbles63879261 11/22(木) 0:56
@FoodDepository Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!!! I truly miss you and your family...
laughchem 11/22(木) 0:56
Moses88215432 11/22(木) 0:56
@FoodDepository We need someone like you over here Mr B
LeeanneSnow 11/22(木) 0:56
@FoodDepository Love you Mr. President
kimbay18 11/22(木) 0:57
@FoodDepository Aw ... thank you to all of you. A breath of fresh air.
KimGarvey20 11/22(木) 0:58
@FoodDepository Thank you for continuing to give us light in dark times.
Splitfairways12 11/22(木) 0:58
@FoodDepository A touch of class that is deeply missed. Thank you sir.
MonkEarnest 11/22(木) 0:58
@FoodDepository Thank you Mr President for continuing to be a honorable man and showing everyone what…
beth34683652 11/22(木) 0:58
@FoodDepository How we miss him in the White House
CharlieLinn4 11/22(木) 0:59
@FoodDepository All Americans should be thankful for Pres Obama who continues to give back and inspire.
Christi88102741 11/22(木) 0:59
@FoodDepository A TRUE Presidential Leader!❤️
RoseSta89427612 11/22(木) 1:00
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving sir. But you know it's Native Heritage Month and Thanksgiving celeb…
dad_doggie 11/22(木) 1:01
@FoodDepository What? For 8 years, you had all the power. What exactly did you do to help stop the v…
sparky6vi6 11/22(木) 1:01
@FoodDepository Now THAT is a man.
ktmoorestown 11/22(木) 1:03
@FoodDepository Thank you @BarackObama for all u did for our country and all you and @MichelleObama co…
laughchem 11/22(木) 1:03
@FoodDepository What I saw in my Twitter feed. Mr. Happy. What a contrast.
PatriciaLJacks5 11/22(木) 1:03
@FoodDepository That's "MY" President 4ever.
RafaelLenti 11/22(木) 1:03
@FoodDepository I love you Sir!!!
wolf4rmflatbush 11/22(木) 1:04
@FoodDepository What side of Chicago is that
sapphirestonez1 11/22(木) 1:04
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Your first time there? Bum, years in multiple offices and 0 to help anyone…
russchelle_dawn 11/22(木) 9:22
@FoodDepository Thank you
Tony14M5fan 11/22(木) 9:24
@FoodDepository Presidential in every sense. God bless you.
pinella1947_jo 11/22(木) 9:24
@RealRonHoward @FoodDepository Thank you! Mr. President!
RufusOnya 11/22(木) 9:27
@FoodDepository @renoomokri @realFFK @realDonaldTrump @MaziNnamdiKanu @akaebube Thank you Mr President…
RedhotAwareness 11/22(木) 9:27
@fineingredients @FoodDepository pander to the needy, chronic victims, plantation and anyone else you…
1938kalel 11/22(木) 9:28
@RealRonHoward @FoodDepository Simply put, this is what a real leader does!
blu_mindy 11/22(木) 9:29
@FoodDepository You are the real hero @BarackObama
RealJimGault 11/22(木) 9:30
@FoodDepository Now how many people died in Chicago under your watch? What did you do to improve the d…
MPMPHD1 11/22(木) 9:32
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving!
jackie_965 11/22(木) 9:35
@FoodDepository Thanks you and happy holidays.
JoeFagone 11/22(木) 9:37
@FoodDepository When was the last time I saw trump doing anything remotely like this? Does throwing…
momoffafa 11/22(木) 9:37
@FoodDepository I agree, we should help the truly less fortunate, great example of human kindness
Jimgray7582 11/22(木) 9:38
@INTPNews @FoodDepository
humanoid75 11/22(木) 9:43
@FoodDepository Thank you Mr. President! It hurts my heart to see you, I miss you so much!! Happy Than…
dvaughan01 11/22(木) 9:43
@FoodDepository A true Presidential man! ❤️
Webber7Fred 11/22(木) 9:43
@FoodDepository Thanks Obama!
305Resistance 11/22(木) 9:45
@FoodDepository I miss you!
jonsey2000 11/22(木) 9:46
@FoodDepository Such a class act. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
tleighb7 11/22(木) 9:47
@FoodDepository Thank you for demonstrating strength of leadership. Your example is perhaps more impor…
charbone1 11/22(木) 9:51
@MalcolmNance @FoodDepository As a Food Bank Volunteer in my community on West Coast of BC, pleased to…
terrybarnett55 11/22(木) 9:57
@FoodDepository ❤️
motordrift 11/22(木) 10:01
@FoodDepository THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
sudamabera1212 11/22(木) 10:02
WallyStrong2 11/22(木) 10:03
@FoodDepository Chitcogo is worthless.
AmerJustice 11/22(木) 12:07
@FoodDepository Probably made a million dollars for volunteering.
AntonioScottArt 11/22(木) 12:14
@FoodDepository Awesome! I love it!
Schlarr 11/22(木) 12:15
@FoodDepository HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Love you @BarackObama @MichelleObama
SamMccall15 11/22(木) 12:15
@FoodDepository Great job. My President
vanjimbo 11/22(木) 12:19
@FoodDepository Barack Obama doing something to help Black people right now being sold in Libya's open…
DrSarwarHussain 11/22(木) 12:22
@FoodDepository Miss u Mr ex-president
connie_valeri 11/22(木) 12:25
@FoodDepository Bravo
david_boulden 11/22(木) 12:29
@FoodDepository A great example of a man was the President but still comes back to his roots to help f…
budbud2000 11/22(木) 12:31
@bengin1003 @FoodDepository
BloftusBloftus1 11/22(木) 12:32
@FoodDepository I can’t find where President Trump is volunteering. Anyone know?
MorfinR 11/22(木) 12:45
Themichaellive1 11/22(木) 12:51
@FoodDepository I love this guy!!!
bburrill1 11/22(木) 12:52
@FoodDepository Miss President and Mrs. Obama every flippin’ day.
PissedOffMomMom 11/22(木) 13:04
@FoodDepository We miss you Mister President! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family!
tyrusdjh 11/23(金) 1:06
@FoodDepository K I N G
Strivinginsc 11/23(金) 1:09
@JoyRoseM @FoodDepository Thank you for your continued service!
harrylongman 11/23(金) 1:20
@FoodDepository Let's make America care again.
EppichHarris 11/23(金) 1:39
@FoodDepository Those who humble themselves shall be exalted. You’re amazing, sir. I’m thankful for yo…
dae40 11/23(金) 1:41
@FoodDepository You know alot about the poor.. After all you created millions more of them
dae40 11/23(金) 1:43
@FoodDepository Trump did not create the hatred by the left.. He just exposed it.. Obama the most divi…
rickl1953 11/23(金) 1:43
@FoodDepository The real President
EvylDyva 11/23(金) 1:49
@FoodDepository Thank You Sir. Forever showing the compassion of a True President!!
moesydoats 11/23(金) 1:50
HurMaritza 11/23(金) 1:56
@FoodDepository Thanks for caring.
MilagrosJP8 11/23(金) 1:58
@FoodDepository Thank YOU Sir for continuing to be an example to this nation.
LucyWatts1 11/23(金) 2:01
@FoodDepository Wishing you and your beautiful family a Happy & Hopeful Thanksgiving.
flagandlamb 11/23(金) 19:50
@xXxCLEOBABYxXx @FoodDepository Are you going to give all your money to the poor, Barack?
Damo8513 11/23(金) 20:17
@FoodDepository I miss you man!
TessLanei 11/23(金) 20:33
@FoodDepository What did you ever do for Chicago except thank orhers for doing something?
cindycrum 11/23(金) 20:40
@DarlaWoodfork @FoodDepository Come baaaaaack
SpeakMyMindBob 11/23(金) 20:56
@FoodDepository The root causes of hunger are mostly a reliance on government and getting "free" stuff…
Shalon74942292 11/23(金) 21:25
@FoodDepository Love it God Bless you
BrynLilly 11/23(金) 21:34
@FoodDepository Oh gosh we surely do miss you POTUS! Every time we see you & the FLOTIS we’re reminde…
NohNeeOO 11/23(金) 21:46
@FoodDepository Thank you Obama for thinking of others who have less. I will join you in my part of to…
BeckyTroute 11/23(金) 21:54
@FoodDepository Miss you as our President and leader. You are the example of what a leader is.
I hope…
neeneenat 11/23(金) 22:16
@FoodDepository You are back to being small potatoes.
WashingtonNtle1 11/23(金) 22:16
@FoodDepository Thanks Mr President Obama
RelicDeplorable 11/23(金) 22:30
reikipaty 11/23(金) 22:43
@FoodDepository Siempre tan hermoso ser humano Dios bendiga Paz y Bien.
lchahal 11/24(土) 2:27
@FoodDepository Mr Obama, we miss you and Michelle so much! It's terrible for me to say this. How coul…
kanizfarzana2 11/24(土) 2:43
Turningin2myMom 11/24(土) 2:49
@FoodDepository Chicago. The city you ignored when you could have made a difference.
US_1st 11/24(土) 3:08
@FoodDepository No food for some!
KeeverShannon 11/24(土) 3:14
@FoodDepository Thank you for serving, Mr. President!
KatzChristin 11/24(土) 3:26
@FoodDepository Pretty much the most you ever did for any citizens of this country that you clearly hate. Virtue signaling!
CountryPhy 11/24(土) 3:48
@FoodDepository All the money Illinois gave your for the Obama library would do wonders for the poor i…
sunwalker64 11/24(土) 4:02
etuchenco1 11/24(土) 4:05
@FoodDepository Creer, crear, así se avanza, buenos ejemplos.
robinscott30 11/24(土) 10:17
@FoodDepository I miss you.
FindingAnswers 11/24(土) 10:17
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Dear Kanye, Give a man a fish and you give him supper. Teach a man to fish…
PatriciaRoy246 11/24(土) 10:21
@FoodDepository President Obama, we miss having a man of integrity in the White House.
Steele_Foster 11/24(土) 10:22
@FoodDepository screw the rest of the year right!
RobertSolich 11/24(土) 10:54
@FoodDepository Thank you President Obama?
BarbaraYarbro16 11/24(土) 11:31
@FoodDepository Heart of gold
madmother57 11/24(土) 11:52
@FoodDepository You are Chicago's biggest regret
Breanna67641414 11/24(土) 12:12
@FoodDepository I want you to be president again Donald Trump is sh**
MirellaBenel 11/24(土) 12:51
@FoodDepository We need more presidents like Barack Obama in the world.
singson79744177 11/24(土) 13:35
@FoodDepository Human beings worship. They have to have a god, something outside of their own miserabl…
wheetz 11/24(土) 14:08
@FoodDepository A real president
NathanLovettJr 11/24(土) 14:58
@FoodDepository @rankinlady
ylmzblt520 11/24(土) 15:42
@FoodDepository Happy Thanksgiving!
bicizombie 11/24(土) 16:06
brit2lady 11/24(土) 17:17
@FoodDepository Sir, has it ever occurred to u that we saw u for eight long years and millions of us r…
AdamFregoso 11/24(土) 17:25
@FoodDepository So glad you're not president anymore
Libslayer3 11/24(土) 18:28
@FoodDepository Obama could care less about Chicago. Their crime is as high as ever. Obama just enjo…
mart2090 11/24(土) 19:14
@FoodDepository Michelle Obama for President for eight years
Bossanovalady76 11/24(土) 19:24
@FoodDepository And thank you to you Mr. President for showing the world what a real president looks l…
cukc1ncuk3rz 11/24(土) 20:33
@FoodDepository cuk00c1v1l
hayder24234306 11/24(土) 20:46
@FoodDepository We thank the Lord for all blessings
geli2j 11/24(土) 20:58
MariaRivers1234 11/25(日) 0:26
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Stop looking for attention!!
barak_maryam 11/25(日) 1:11
CameronTheRodge 11/25(日) 2:04
@FoodDepository Yes, it really is sterling work from these volunteers. They’re pretty great. However,…
HLVCruz 11/25(日) 2:33
@FoodDepository Mr. President, you are an example for the humanity.
1958sadie 11/25(日) 3:15
taxladyballard 11/25(日) 4:03
@FoodDepository I love and miss you so much. You are the truth.
OrganizeMe1964 11/25(日) 4:11
@FoodDepository Thank you, for being a great person and a great President! We miss you and your whole family.
hampton_giles 11/25(日) 5:16
jr_usen 11/25(日) 5:16
@kanyewest @FoodDepository so humble
MrRayFed 11/25(日) 5:17
@FoodDepository pretty sure this was a photo op to promote this douche bags speaking tour where he get…
hampton_giles 11/25(日) 5:21
@FoodDepository You are considered by many to be the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!
QuraishiFateh 11/25(日) 5:33
@FoodDepository Mr Obama, love your humanitarian work. God bless!
dragonman007at1 11/25(日) 5:51
@FoodDepository Patting yourself on the back again, junior? That’s pretty lowbrow
barak_maryam 11/27(火) 1:14
Lavin_who 11/27(火) 1:16
@FoodDepository Go Trump. Trump equals unity and hope
Mattyj4370 11/27(火) 1:45
@FoodDepository U continue to inspire future generations!!
BrianHKearney 11/27(火) 1:57
@FoodDepository Progress Land of Lincoln
AnthonyJ9703 11/27(火) 1:59
@mamaglay48 @FoodDepository
susan_kahaner 11/27(火) 12:44
@FoodDepository Barak- I wish Michelle would run for President!! ❤
onier79 11/27(火) 13:50
@FoodDepository We miss you
JamesRa86487365 11/27(火) 15:12
@FoodDepository Just go away please!!
DaTeOla 11/27(火) 18:38
@TwoLightsOfHope @FoodDepository Thank you @BarackObama
GabonesManuel 11/27(火) 20:31
@FoodDepository Bonjour Barak Obama super jolie ok A+.
Hermethel 11/27(火) 21:19
@FoodDepository Yes you are grateful so you can indoctrinate them into your liberal thinking of transg…
FFRYANJ 11/27(火) 21:40
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Aww isn’t that sweet... the same guy that forgot Chicago now wants to show…
NassariIsaack 11/28(水) 8:07
@FoodDepository Nice father
NazOsama_ 11/28(水) 8:28
@kanyewest @FoodDepository
stellamcolere 11/28(水) 8:58
BYzHsBzwDxLdTLy 11/28(水) 19:34
@FoodDepository 老表,许久不见。
jgp700 11/29(木) 6:03
@FoodDepository You don't say CRASH, you say thank you for allowing me to volunteer.
Oh I forgot, no…
LS1_KILLER_91 11/29(木) 6:56
@FoodDepository Cant wait to see you behind odummy!!!
Delta4Mitch 11/29(木) 7:07
@FoodDepository Move back to Chicago where bullets are flying. You belong in your home town. You’s peoples need you there.
voicemy1opinion 11/29(木) 9:46
@FoodDepository Obama created more racit division in this country people baught it
DigiacomoSusie 11/29(木) 10:31
@FoodDepository Maybe you should fix Chicago. Oh don’t care!
RamendranNair 11/29(木) 13:04
@FoodDepository To Obama - u did a great job when u were President & now u continue doing the same gre…
jbsny131 11/29(木) 13:15
@FoodDepository great photo op!
auntwishy1 11/29(木) 14:16
GospelofKanye 11/29(木) 15:11
Kanye 38:8
cwinn414 11/29(木) 21:18
@FoodDepository You virtually left Chicago the same way it was when you became President. In fact, Lou…
camper2018 11/29(木) 21:26
@FoodDepository Should have been working to address murder rate in Chicago
jeffbaker201 11/29(木) 22:18
@FoodDepository GDP growth staggered along at 1.5 percent in Mr. Obama's final six full quarters in of…
jeffbaker201 11/29(木) 22:20
@FoodDepository Obama's pathetic attempt to take credit for the fruits of his successor’s policies whi…
barak_maryam 11/29(木) 23:06
gabixmaltese 11/30(金) 9:26
@FoodDepository Please get out of politics now.

You've stolen enough already.
RealPamelaAnne 11/30(金) 9:30
@kanyewest @FoodDepository He brought his own film crew. Matt 6:1 "Be careful not to practice your rig…
BradJenniff 11/30(金) 11:35
@FoodDepository You did a whole lot for Chicago
nictroys 11/30(金) 13:53
@FoodDepository hello barack
eray591 11/30(金) 14:12
@FoodDepository BAMM!
uncabure 11/30(金) 14:25
@FoodDepository It kinda felt like you crashed back in 08
Gregory87500011 11/30(金) 15:09
@FoodDepository Mr. Barrack Obama never told Gregory Ramirez
Stableharleymom 12/1(土) 7:05
JefferyDeaver1 12/1(土) 8:03
@FoodDepository Man Get there early
chrisparadise1 12/1(土) 18:56
@FoodDepository Your the antichrist
wkinca 12/4(火) 10:00
@FoodDepository Please go back to Chicago & stay there quietly for a long, long time.
JesstheMess0430 12/4(火) 21:53
@FoodDepository Just another reminder how compassionate Obama is!!
Singleton_cw 12/4(火) 22:03
AchiengmercM 12/5(水) 5:01
@FoodDepository @ObamaFoundation
Waltermdixon1 12/5(水) 17:40
@FoodDepository Love him alway helping. Out
Reidisreal1 12/5(水) 21:42
@FoodDepository Sir, I trust that you and daughters and Mrs Obama had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I appreciate your Presidency.
SesslarMark 12/5(水) 22:24
@FoodDepository Did you drive there in your Chevy Volt as promised? Or was that yet another lie?
Ana76333719 12/6(木) 6:57
@FoodDepository God bless
PlaysInnaMud 12/6(木) 10:24
@FoodDepository Please come back and bring civility with you...I will vote for your kids!
Vernon C. Simmons 135th AHC
Norma26081062 12/6(木) 11:39
click link if you love this man
AceLarry3 12/6(木) 15:59
BenPars87210399 12/6(木) 21:30
1sonfun 12/7(金) 3:57
Jah_twizzle 12/7(金) 21:42
Jah_twizzle 12/7(金) 21:43
cjyoung53 12/8(土) 20:30
@FoodDepository How could you shake hands with the Devil?? Just wondering because the Clintons just sa…
sammajimmy 12/8(土) 21:07
ChouihaNasser 12/8(土) 21:09
@FoodDepository يعطيك الف عافية يا باراك أوباما أحبك
apondbone 12/9(日) 14:31
@FoodDepository 44>45
ResistanceGold1 12/10(月) 5:53
@FoodDepository Remember...


We all need help this winter!
ToriBolling 12/10(月) 5:58
@kanyewest @FoodDepository Thank you former President Obama
Singapore95 12/10(月) 11:22
@FoodDepository STHU! You never cared about Chicago!!! You are all talk and did/ do nothing. Preside…
bamafanonly 12/12(水) 1:04
@kanyewest @FoodDepository If only he would have fought for this country like our current @POTUS does.
eatwalloons1 12/15(土) 2:43
@FoodDepository I like this guy
DustinCreppel 1/16(水) 13:33