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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/3/22(金) 0:43 .

Just in the nick of time: My brackets have never been my one shining moment, but here we go again. You can check ou…

roxforman 3/22(金) 5:08
You made a mistake Syracuse is winning
Only1KevSteele 3/22(金) 5:08
Whoh. Hold the phones. Seriously hold your phones lol joking anyways lol hey now really??…
darnelldepalma1 3/22(金) 5:08
I don’t understand any of this? Is this the same as fantasy football?
bkhwaja 3/22(金) 5:09
@ivancie your profile pic looks remarkably similar to Obummer's
LoLLowkey 3/22(金) 5:10
PinkToeNails 3/22(金) 5:10
Sorry Prez, we’ve let you down once again
GamersvsPanel 3/22(金) 5:10
Where’s houston
lisa_contos 3/22(金) 5:12
Shame on you!! You took Florida over Nevada. Sorry to see you lose your brackets so early
earlworthington 3/22(金) 5:12
I just rushed my brackets cuz I'm in middle of showing Michael Madigan I know how 2 properly fund rais…
lifeisgud9 3/22(金) 5:13
IDK Mr Prez...I think MSU will be meeting UNC at the big game! Thanks for always sharing, I miss you
AndrewN87944621 3/22(金) 5:13
When can we impeach Trump for putting poor immogrant children in jails and treating immogrants from ho…
realHeidiHo 3/22(金) 5:14
Dcassimatis 3/22(金) 5:14
Mr. President, Abraham Lincoln won presidency because of electoral college…It makes me wonder where pe…
Redwave1776_ 3/22(金) 5:15
patrick_hanks 3/22(金) 5:15
way to go you jinx Duke
mgags71 3/22(金) 5:16
That’s what you cared about all the time you were in office you will go down the worst President in my book.
SupporterIi 3/22(金) 5:17
TracyLynny 3/22(金) 5:17
Showing some love for our Ducks! Hopefully we’ll make you proud. (And, if you haven’t seen him play, y…
AndrewN87944621 3/22(金) 5:18
Trump hates Hispanics and immogrants from hondoris and Mexico and he lies and said Democrats hate Jews…
RioebWE2LcybA9v 3/22(金) 5:18
good luck
30ACTruth 3/22(金) 5:19
@riotwomennn I love Duke “Blue Devils” University! Coach K is the best.
jleizerman 3/22(金) 5:19
@YpsiGal Ahem. Mr. President, We’re trying to win Ohio in the next election. Picking Iowa St. over OSU…
rgsharl 3/22(金) 5:19
Zag’s beating Cuse r u nutz man!
MOORESCNR 3/22(金) 5:19
Colaman1952 3/22(金) 5:21
Now, if only you had spent that can of energy running the nation for eight years!
MJMELMAC 3/22(金) 5:21
please come back...we miss you
This is a never ending nightmare. We wish you all the best, Mr. President ❤️
Kirk83386360 3/22(金) 5:22
Ever think of visiting Jamaica again?
HNSeal2 3/22(金) 5:22
Was feeling bad about my New Mexico State pick but then I saw that President Obama made the same pick…
Jimmyplaya 3/22(金) 5:23
With all due respect, screw the brackets. Start standing up to this idiot Trump. Forget about proto…
BillSundheim 3/22(金) 5:23
Happy to say you were a far better President than bracket picker. And you can be sure that Trump’s bra…
CodyWitt18 3/22(金) 5:24
Looks like we both had too much faith in New Mexico State.
Oneacremustangs 3/22(金) 5:25
Stay retired.
Desirable46 3/22(金) 5:27
I love you Mr. President but I must say not this year. It's a different season and Duke is going down.
memicou46 3/22(金) 5:28
I was waiting to see when you would have this ready : )
AmyBNestor 3/22(金) 5:29
Great men’s picks... but the Women’s bracket is way off. Notre Dame for the win!
_ChrisP9009 3/22(金) 5:31
War Eagle Mr. President.... WAR WAGLE
Wraythe68 3/22(金) 5:31
I've never watched a pro basketball game in my life, but I used to love playing it. My nickname on the…
ddfuell 3/22(金) 5:32
So you're still doing the exact same things as when you were the world's most terrible President ever! Nothing!!
FedUpAmerican04 3/22(金) 5:33
The women’s Ducks are going to do better than you predict. But I still love you!
Lorali1 3/22(金) 5:33
We love you!! Come back!!
FrankSerra3 3/22(金) 5:34
You should have built the wall
Johnnyfutbol21 3/22(金) 5:35
mgcanmore 3/22(金) 5:35
Shoot- everybody knows Old Dominion is going to take it all . . .
politicalnook 3/22(金) 5:35
When normal is extraordinary!!!! 2019
RosemarieT15 3/22(金) 5:36
Even you sir , can't be perfect at everything so just enjoy the game, bust all the brackets you want…
drwk1 3/22(金) 5:36
I pick Michelle to win it all...
mister_loudface 3/22(金) 5:36
I'm gonna kick your ass at March Madness again, Mr President.
karenjesaitis 3/22(金) 5:38
Fawaz_Nimerr 3/22(金) 5:39
You need to run for president again, Donald Trump is just Messing up america instead of making it great
albertokang1776 3/22(金) 5:40
CribbJackie 3/22(金) 5:40
pismo333 3/22(金) 5:40
Duke! You took Duke? That’s crazy. Go Tarheels.
manners2029 3/22(金) 5:40
The screen shot is not very clear .I donot find any aproposity in your flow diagram.
DowdellRoben 3/22(金) 5:41
Go Blue!!
OneShiningMomen 3/22(金) 5:41
Thanks for the shout out! I got @MSU_Basketball however! @marchmadness
DariaSaysWTF 3/22(金) 5:42
Well, Auburn messed up yo bracket.
UnionCity260 3/22(金) 5:42
Too bad Donald Trump's brackets consists of those from his campaign that have either been INDICTED, IN…
MAnne2131 3/22(金) 5:42
You got this pres. good luck with your picks.
PatienceofJoe 3/22(金) 5:43
And now, here are Donald Trump’s brackets: [[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]
Me27228077 3/22(金) 5:43
You've done so well at predicting jobs would never come back, breaking our welfare and social programs…
danize2224 3/22(金) 5:44
[ naughty]
johnbramundo 3/22(金) 5:45
I’ll baby Barack nobody cares about your brackets. We are thankful president Trump has defeated Isis t…
RyRyDeVay 3/22(金) 5:45
Don’t swear off Auburn just because they tend to wear tan suits!
myhuntjoy 3/22(金) 5:47
Just a shout to Abilene Christian so happy !
gotravvydotcom 3/22(金) 5:48
@BarackObama I voted for you, twice. Campaigned for you, twice. You signed both books for me, and I sa…
jwagz22 3/22(金) 5:48
No YOU left just in time. This was the problem. Too interested in your apology tour and sports. Ins…
TaraPierman 3/22(金) 5:48
Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more, you pick my @DukeMBB Blue Devils to win it all!
gudu1987 3/22(金) 5:50

Jacinda Ardren PM New Zealand
johnsoftty 3/22(金) 5:51
Maybe this could be the year.
edgonzal1976 3/22(金) 5:51
graciekat 3/22(金) 5:51
Florida St. over Gonzaga? Have to disagree there, Mr. President. Agree Duke winner.
paigeewil 3/22(金) 5:52
you had all my love until you had Kansas losing in the elite 8
bach_kenneth 3/22(金) 5:52
my son Jarett needs help please vote
meechebucco 3/22(金) 5:52
Thank you for including the Women’s bracket as well.
TinaCondon 3/22(金) 5:54
watts_mrwatts75 3/22(金) 5:54
This is why is Mr.Obama is the smartest president the country every had for the fact that he picked Michigan State
Trouble64573301 3/22(金) 5:54
Who really gives a shit?
MountainDream90 3/22(金) 5:55
COACHTHARRIS10 3/22(金) 5:57
You picked against my wildcats on the women’s bracket; if BCU upsets ND you pay a visit to the campus…
TimWA69 3/22(金) 5:57
Seems your brackets ARE your ONLY shining moment! Thank you for this moment. For me, your admin was l…
Vinay24 3/22(金) 6:00
Can you do a Democratic presidential nomination bracket next?
patbrown1950 3/22(金) 6:00
Geeez Barack, I can't read your writing, did you become a Dr after you left office
noneofy04415954 3/22(金) 6:01
Shit up BUNDY!!!!
cabldogplus 3/22(金) 6:02
You never were president they put you in there that's all they had so they had to lie to get you there…
Callen27G 3/22(金) 6:02
New Mexico St got us. Tried for that 12-5. I feel ya.
Jadeinnm 3/22(金) 6:02
On behalf of NM State.... we're sorry...
Pavlo_Kavetskiy 3/22(金) 6:04
Читаючи твітер Американських громадян, розумію, що всі цінують і поважають Б.Обаму, я теж.
Треба п.…
PennyD777 3/22(金) 6:04
fidalwilkinsx 3/22(金) 6:05
keep it
DavidTh94535989 3/22(金) 6:05
I want Trump’s!!!
rosagreene2020 3/22(金) 6:06
Is that all you got? Now, come on..
NFLisFIXED36 3/22(金) 6:08
Nobody cares, Barack Hussein!
AAlvicia 3/22(金) 6:10
More Blessings to you and your entire family my president.
PeteFidler 3/22(金) 6:10
Cool I have Uc Irvine in my bracket too
mallary_william 3/22(金) 6:11
Mr president they were nice picks but the Tar Heels could maybe cut down the nets in Minnesota
BrySol1 3/22(金) 6:11
Here are my brackets
RonaldGulley3 3/22(金) 6:11
That's about all you did as president. Pick losers.
ElBlancoHombre_ 3/22(金) 6:12
Duke huh? *pretends to be shocked*
Ndiasseseye61 3/22(金) 6:12
Ndiasseseye61 3/22(金) 6:12
ALBERTJORDAN4 3/22(金) 6:14
very good..
DelJerBytez 3/22(金) 6:15
Are you batting .320 in the rd. of 64, skipper?
omar_castillon 3/22(金) 6:17
dannypatsmith 3/22(金) 6:17
Come on @BarackObama... Everyone knows @ndwbb is going to win! ☘️
oreillyp 3/22(金) 6:17
Tar Heels! Thank you for your service Mr. President!
Marquezr17 3/22(金) 6:18

Thanks for believing in @nmsu though!
ftleeace 3/22(金) 6:19
@cykelly1718 Good luck, Mr. President!
DonMarlo32 3/22(金) 6:21
I love how he fills out a women's bracket, such a candy ass.
Christina_0827 3/22(金) 6:21
Thanks for rooting for the aggies!
godiskeisha 3/22(金) 6:22
I just came here to enjoy the appropriate presidential trash talking
jsupreme777 3/22(金) 6:22
MIA2ChiTown 3/22(金) 6:22
You and I are in sync except I didn’t pick New Mex. St., Mr President! Gotta love
mandysmom1997 3/22(金) 6:24
NO! NO! NO! C’mon president O. ......
Redskins283321 3/22(金) 6:25
Your Elite 8 is exactly like mine! :0
AnneLind64 3/22(金) 6:25
You are the guy for the world.....allways...
Trickadlington 3/22(金) 6:25

Just kidding who gives a shit?
nucleargirl 3/22(金) 6:26
Love you President Obama but you have the UCF-Duke result wrong. UCF. I want to see Michelle…
pamanormal_gal 3/22(金) 6:27
At least I'm in good company going down in flames in the first round.
cheermom6 3/22(金) 6:28
Go Villanova!!!!
jjshortiii 3/22(金) 6:28
@irishcurry Obama likes that final matchup
Annettehamel 3/22(金) 6:28
Michigan State all the way, Mr. President : )
aenordland 3/22(金) 6:29
I look forward to you having your brackets blown in the 2nd round. : )
ArtProfessorCB 3/22(金) 6:30
Thanks for picking my alma mater to win boss. Solid pick. And Carolina's got nothing on us. Miss ya.
jeffsutherlan14 3/22(金) 6:30
If Trump university isn’t winning it all its fake news. Fake CNN NCAA bracket. Missed everyday.
LordFrisco 3/22(金) 6:30
What we betting?
grlnxtdoorisblk 3/22(金) 6:32
I love that this is still a thing.

That guy in the White House could never.
imghadeer 3/22(金) 6:32
Can you autograph your bracket and mail it to me?
boredinohio2 3/22(金) 6:32
I love you but I hope OSU busts your bracket
OYERAZA1 3/22(金) 6:33
Ugh! NMSU! Three point foul and he only gets one! Sorry Barack
kdonatelle 3/22(金) 6:34
Should have picked Minnesota @GopherMBB
KenKane40771913 3/22(金) 6:34
Looking good, playing safe this year.
characterjohn 3/22(金) 6:34
I disappointed in you Obama! Go Heels!
BrewmeisterSTC 3/22(金) 6:35
When are you coming back? We need a President again
gabrielskinny1 3/22(金) 6:36
if zion is healthy. duke all day!
hallrock78 3/22(金) 6:36
Neither was your presidency a bright moment
SmallStakes 3/22(金) 6:36
I don’t know sports, but just looking at your handwriting makes me happy. Miss you, President!
BorisBadenov19 3/22(金) 6:38
Any comment as to why you would follow this twitter site? Did you and @Jason_Pollock enjoy this adult…
flixfreak 3/22(金) 6:38
No love for my Sooners, I see. ☹️
jastone29 3/22(金) 6:41
Remember that time fox news had a meltdown bc you wore a bike helmet
TheMaheegan 3/22(金) 6:41
TonyTheAUTiger 3/22(金) 6:42
Oof bad pick there going against Auburn.
JORMO 3/22(金) 6:44
Haa. I have Duke winning too. and miss you President O!
ElaineVind 3/22(金) 6:44
A true gentleman
harold4vicki 3/22(金) 6:44
Who cares?
herk_willem 3/22(金) 6:44
Zion will lead Duke to victory.
Lisa_L_Reynolds 3/22(金) 6:44
Your one shining moment was the tan suit. That's the only thing I liked about you.
STOCKLION20 3/22(金) 6:45
One of my favourite presidents of the world. Most compassion ever displayed by a president. Dammit whe…
RenEWin24 3/22(金) 6:45
Well that perfect brackett didn't last long. Poor Lousiville.
harold4vicki 3/22(金) 6:45
jeanneskotnicki 3/22(金) 6:45
All due respect sir, no way are @UBwomenshoops and @UBmenshoops getting knocked out in the first and second rounds.
LML10013591 3/22(金) 6:46
Mr. President,
Are you picking Nevada or Florida tonight?
stevens24451261 3/22(金) 6:46
Who cares,Hussain!
Kerfuffle25 3/22(金) 6:48
I disagree.
kjfloves 3/22(金) 6:49
Go Aggies! @USUAggies
Jettknew 3/22(金) 6:49
No thanks
GDellanno84 3/22(金) 6:49
queeniecity 3/22(金) 6:50
we dont give ’s
buckeyegirlMap 3/22(金) 6:50
Hb is out with Berkshire Hathaway. Bummer
1_sportsfanatic 3/22(金) 6:50
frank_virgili 3/22(金) 6:51
Nobody cares
Alphastooge 3/22(金) 6:52
Love and miss you man, but you spelled Duke's V-I-R-G-I-N-I-A
GDellanno84 3/22(金) 6:53
Hey Hussein- did you help “close friend” Alan Krueger with his bracket before he committed “suicide”
dweobong 3/22(金) 6:53
And then Louisville played...
tweetofpug 3/22(金) 6:53
I can't believe you have Indiana beating the Oregon women in the second round. Come on, Mr. President!
DebESull 3/22(金) 6:53
❤️ don’t sleep on the Jayhawks
brcj1228 3/22(金) 6:54
I'm going for it this year. I'll check out your brackets for some assistance. Didn't do to bad today;…
nesir23 3/22(金) 6:54
Gooo Maryland
LGarushia 3/22(金) 6:54
you have harded,thanks for
LarryHuddlesto6 3/22(金) 6:54
So this is what Young Retired People Do in their spare time! I’m in!
ClatisC 3/22(金) 6:55
Here we have a man who was/is confident enough to ignore Trump's insults and false accusations and all…
RafaelR32866395 3/22(金) 6:55
Very good Barack Obama.
algielc3 3/22(金) 6:55
I forgive you Mr. President for picking Duke - when you know UNC!!!
Show some basketball ball love to…
Janiska803 3/22(金) 6:58
Where is Nevada?
rjm676_rick 3/22(金) 6:58
Who cares.
Deirdre10025Rad 3/22(金) 6:59
We miss you.
AnchorSewer 3/22(金) 7:00
QAnon has March Madness Brackets, too. I have not seen them filled in. The suggestion is for Anons t…
TheBigBroVoice 3/22(金) 7:01
Sr Jean needs to make corrections. LOL
UncleChino2 3/22(金) 7:02
Ok @BarackObama
Noaffiliation2 3/22(金) 7:02
Mr. President with all due respect, how could you omit Trump university from sweet 16.
HBN1 3/22(金) 7:03
I want to see @realDonaldTrump brackets! Somebody teach what it means..please.
Team_SMSD 3/22(金) 7:03
wwinddbjchaser 3/22(金) 7:03
Wish you had gone with UNC
Arcticman7 3/22(金) 7:03
He only knows how to make a street sign bracket with Georgetown winning it all.
gumdrop92 3/22(金) 7:04
Smh you put this up late on purpose...I was totally going to copy you
leslieshawNC 3/22(金) 7:04
My man!! I hope you're right!!
wowGeekwow 3/22(金) 7:05
Lol I bet Trump would just mark No Collusion and Witch hunt all over his!
SoupWise 3/22(金) 7:06
You know, I didn't care for some, not all, of your politics but, man I sure liked you! I'm a conserva…
embracehope2020 3/22(金) 7:06
I miss you so much
pos_josh 3/22(金) 7:06
IU women’s to the Sweet 16!!
hstgerard 3/22(金) 7:06
And to think, that conservatives thought you were wasting your time as president filling out this brac…
mrapp2368 3/22(金) 7:07
stephenbroome 3/22(金) 7:07
44 knows what’s up
JaySpeaking 3/22(金) 7:07
Loving your champ pick!
vickie_baron 3/22(金) 7:07
When are you & Michelle coming home? The babysitter is weird and tells creepy stories...
loftins4 3/22(金) 7:08
xetti81 3/22(金) 7:08
PaulaSBickley 3/22(金) 7:08
Virginia losing to Tennessee? Please tell me I didn’t see that.
WGreg67 3/22(金) 7:09
I'll pick the opposite
Every thing you touch turns to crap.
AtticusWalker 3/22(金) 7:56
I cannot support college basketball because of the way it has been commercialised to the tune of billi…
polo_man404 3/22(金) 7:56
But your bracket ain’t finished
RitaZ143 3/22(金) 7:57
If only you led our Nation as much as you proclaim you like BBall!
mnhusker1962 3/22(金) 7:59
Congratulations on picking the same bracket as my daughter who doesn’t know anything about the game. O…
Marissia 3/22(金) 8:00
Come back Barack! Oh how we miss you!
antonio_daniels 3/22(金) 8:00
I have the same final 4 and same champion.
ryanrss 3/22(金) 8:00
Respectfully, sir, I believe Villanova can go further
C_T_Moore 3/22(金) 8:01
45 wont do a bracket. No one will thank him.
iamrob67 3/22(金) 8:02
Damn. I have the exact same final four..I'm out
Katadhin 3/22(金) 8:03
Just another reason why I love you President Obama!!
SamusAran2020 3/22(金) 8:04
Bookmarking this tweet so I can check back and see how right or wrong you were.
MastersShelby 3/22(金) 8:05
Did you even try when you were @Potus? Our countries economy is the envy of the world now! I can not i…
sterlingpr 3/22(金) 8:05
Zion >
KingmoneyJosh 3/22(金) 8:06
I don’t see duke up there
JWC0506 3/22(金) 8:06
No one gives a shit
sachshar08 3/22(金) 8:09
Sleepin on Murray State.
Godspeed2 3/22(金) 8:10
I highly doubt Oregon women lose to Indiana
acislo51 3/22(金) 8:10
Auburn already busted your bracket.
weareunitedto 3/22(金) 8:10
Up yours Communist
twit_tnot 3/22(金) 8:11
Go Ganzaga!!!
rkbaker57 3/22(金) 8:12
Go Jackrabbits of South Dakota State!!
ReedMuellz22 3/22(金) 8:12
williamsloane 3/22(金) 8:13
TMS13435009 3/22(金) 8:13
SDSU_BigMarty 3/22(金) 8:15
SarahResister 3/22(金) 8:15
Trump is too scared to fill out a bracket. He couldn't stomach losing to Amerca's favorite President y…
_A_Med 3/22(金) 8:18
President Obama & I have the same final 4 & championship game outcome. I feel honored
damatanina 3/22(金) 8:19
TomChap21719319 3/22(金) 8:19
A little free time at I see.
sped4all 3/22(金) 8:19
SSSWEET, President Obama selected Duke to win NCAA!!! Couldn’t happen to a better tea…
BrandonPerraul1 3/22(金) 8:20
brianla22135759 3/22(金) 8:20
At last, a president with “normal” interests and comments. We miss you,, please come back!
captainstaum775 3/22(金) 8:20
You hung with celebrities, vacationed with family, stoked the fires of racism & filled out brackets du…
StopSpendingUSA 3/22(金) 8:20
Who cares!
Bhuvpkumar 3/22(金) 8:20
MicheleMccullin 3/22(金) 8:21
I love you, but nooooooo!!! Go Hoos!
Clupee9 3/22(金) 8:21
Duke!! Ugh !NO
jrclifton 3/22(金) 8:23
What WAS your shining moment??? I guess I missed it
jackiesic 3/22(金) 8:23
for Yay!
wilson_delton 3/22(金) 8:23
Why are you not in Prison for Treason, or human trafficking? Who is covering your as, The Clinton's? O…
nurse_heather 3/22(金) 8:25
Everything looks good until the very last...
coppertime 3/22(金) 8:25
Just seeing your brackets makes me miss you. Enjoy March Madness!
Derek_J_Manley 3/22(金) 8:26
New Mexico....?? Dang .. Barkley might never speak to you again after sweating that game.....
TMS13435009 3/22(金) 8:26
A President who doesn’t think himself perfect, but to us you are perfect, funny, wonderful, a great ro…
BahiaHonda76 3/22(金) 8:27
...and the Pres gets burned by the Gophers
DanPric66223490 3/22(金) 8:28
Thank you for your service and being the stability we need as a nation.
theolgeezer 3/22(金) 8:30
I was tearing it up in my brackets Mr President..... And then the second game tipped off and I was no longer perfect
JohnWhicc 3/22(金) 8:30
LisaPolivick 3/22(金) 8:30
You missed Murray State beating Marquette by about 20 points!
therockguykeith 3/22(金) 8:30
I think dropping 26,000 bombs on Syria in your final year was your only shining moment.
TruthScarecrow 3/22(金) 8:31
Really Duke over UCF? Come‘ on Mr. President.
Eric19830430 3/22(金) 8:31
LauraHausch 3/22(金) 8:31
NOOOO!!! Boiler up!!!
BonnyBrazil 3/22(金) 8:33
Good luck
realbadgrandpa 3/22(金) 8:33
Some bad picks there B.O. - Sometimes you gota say Fork it!
@howaboutafresca @RadioPal1580…
ttoot05 3/22(金) 8:34
Go UNC!!
jbaushkegoblue 3/22(金) 8:36
OhioHondas 3/22(金) 8:38
I’m with you! Now F1, I have an ack for that.
ConstlGovt 3/22(金) 8:39
Just kidding, we don’t care. Btw, your presidency wasn’t exactly a shining moment either.
dkozmom 3/22(金) 8:39
Lots of peeps hating on Trump. Isis is now was, was. Thanks, Pres. Trump.
Kalex_b_me 3/22(金) 8:40
Oh are a Duke hater? Say it isn’t so Mr. President!! I though you had some ties to my Duk…
DominicanFarmer 3/22(金) 8:41
Oblama reporting from Gitmo.
realperkdaddy 3/22(金) 8:42
@daLman1423 this is an outrage
NanaqQanon 3/22(金) 8:43
Check out my brackets
PeggyGarrison 3/22(金) 8:44
Mr. President - as one of your most ardent fans from Kentucky, I have to respectfully disagree with yo…
MoCoWomen1 3/22(金) 8:44
Sorry. UNC for the win!!
sonya_lasagna 3/22(金) 8:45
This seems like a missed for a play on words. 2019 Barack-ets!
italkpolitics 3/22(金) 8:45
I love you
mark_michael_51 3/22(金) 8:46
Thank you Mr. President. I've got Virginia.
TrumpTraitor2 3/22(金) 8:48
My favorite President. You’re still my president until further notice.
Michael28593480 3/22(金) 8:49
Glad to hear from you.
eddyedwards99 3/22(金) 8:49
Please just go away! You’ve done enough damage
rtaborn 3/22(金) 8:49
I can't believe you picked against the Heels!
nomad_luvz_flix 3/22(金) 8:50
Wow - big risks there... all chalk but like 2 games.
Sure to be a disaster - just like YOUR PRESIDENCY
Lakisha00522400 3/22(金) 8:51
runningscott59 3/22(金) 8:52
@thatmags Murray State will go very far. Beautiful passing.
ckovash 3/22(金) 8:53
I feel good having seen your picks and mine are similar.
curlytopqt69 3/22(金) 8:53
My President
Miss_Caseyy 3/22(金) 8:53
Why does this not say “Barackets”
LouMcCool12 3/22(金) 8:53
Mr. President, if you’d ever seen Ja Morant of Murray State play, you’d have another win under your belt. Kid is amazing!
KingReagan41 3/22(金) 8:55
Im sure they're not good...just like your policies....just like your economy...just like your deal w I…
molly_kraus 3/22(金) 8:55
@ReggieLove33 made you do it, didn’t he?
TheWhalebone 3/22(金) 8:56
Sir I love you, but you should have down better homework on my Alma mater... Murray State U. They are…
kylebliven 3/22(金) 8:58
What's your pick for when Brennan goes down ? Nelly Ohr ? Lynch ? Clapper ?
gapsworld 3/22(金) 8:59
War criminal!
Jpkalifas 3/22(金) 8:59
Nothing has...No, REALLY !
MachinePeeved 3/22(金) 8:59
Neither has your Presidency
Shrimedianet 3/22(金) 8:59
I love that you share with people this way, and that they look forward to it every year. ❤️❤️❤️
jlucitti 3/22(金) 8:59
I have such a similar bracket including the final 4 and winner. We loved seeing you at the Duke / UNC game recently!
itsSandraDee 3/22(金) 9:00
Man. I miss you. I’m just happy that you’re bringing comfort to us with these tweets and public appear…
REVOLTSOLDIER 3/22(金) 9:00
Give the population bread and circuses and they will never revolt
Harifamily 3/22(金) 9:01
You broke my heart Mr President. How could you do this? I
vthokies24 3/22(金) 9:01
You are simply the best!
Franee61 3/22(金) 9:01
You're doing better than I am.
I have had to let the brackets go this year & just enjoy the games.
amentoall 3/22(金) 9:02
We love you President OBAMA
DerrickDig 3/22(金) 9:03
He’s the coolest president that got nothing done
Dixenstein 3/22(金) 9:04
Is this gridiron?
JusevitchToby 3/22(金) 9:06
Pres, you're wrong. Noles going to final four
EnterNameHere01 3/22(金) 9:08
Your JV team just got bounced!
exegete55 3/22(金) 9:08
You are a smart fellow.
AdaMontalvo3 3/22(金) 9:08
I was just thinking about your bracket after I had finished mine : ) nice to see you still playing along!
NetteAnders 3/22(金) 9:09
Happy to see you did the women’s BB too! (But seriously, go Hoos! UVA to the end!!! )
pattie541 3/22(金) 9:09
My non-sports fan daughter will be forced to watch her Anteaters play tomorrow!
RayWillion 3/22(金) 9:10
Nobody with any integrity at all likes you Obama. Go away!

You put us 8 trillion more in debt and set…
tallyanneknox 3/22(金) 9:11
shivashrotriya 3/22(金) 9:11
Go Green, President Obama!
Bennett041 3/22(金) 9:12
I only see two mistakes. You good though.
amarah31 3/22(金) 9:12
@HD4safety_USAF Nice penmanship!!
Rightwingguy 3/22(金) 9:12
No one cares
DarkCircles67 3/22(金) 9:12
Go Duke!
MayorOfSnark 3/22(金) 9:13
I have Duke too!
ksimmons1262 3/22(金) 9:13
You’ve been charmed by the devil, Obama. Heaven is Carolina blue.
Mr___Sub 3/22(金) 9:14
@dumptrump33 Best of luck, sir!
puppybreath1026 3/22(金) 9:15
I am going to have to challenge you, how long have you been filling out these brackets? LOL
KdubbaU 3/22(金) 9:15
It’s confirmed! @shara_smiff UNC will be in the finals!
PennyMollo 3/22(金) 9:16
Go Duke!
GrabowIman 3/22(金) 9:21
i heard he's smoking again.. prob newports
kuualohanani 3/22(金) 9:22
Mahalo for honest sharing
kelly_kakgxf 3/22(金) 9:22
We still love you!
gleagibbs 3/22(金) 9:23
Go Nevada!!!
genealogy_jill 3/22(金) 9:23
Heck, yeah @DukeMBB!
NYCKBF 3/22(金) 9:25
el_rico_ 3/22(金) 9:25
File this under who gives a crap.
Bauthues 3/22(金) 9:26
Go ZAGs! (okay, grad school alma mater and they're pretty lovable :D )
aww_sha 3/22(金) 9:27
Don’t you mean barackets??
Jeb_Fingerling 3/22(金) 9:27
econdevgirl 3/22(金) 9:28
I adore you, and you’re my forever POTUS, but you transposed the winner and the finalist.
Remember thi…
BradWil98343937 3/22(金) 9:30
Your brackets were as bad as your Presidency!
TammyGVegas 3/22(金) 9:30
How come u didn’t pick UK wildcats to be in any of ur bracket
pgarciachicago 3/22(金) 9:32
Mr. President... I needed them sooner! C’mon man!
ajcacr 3/22(金) 9:32
Oh, no! Your bracket's already broken!
CoachCorona 3/22(金) 9:33
I like it 44
TonyDaHeels 3/22(金) 9:34
Well you picked a North Carolina team, but your bracket is busted by 8 miles.

Miss you as a leader...…
conklerocku2 3/22(金) 9:35
Mr. President, I am so sorry our Murray State beat your Marquette. :(
undeadpaulbales 3/22(金) 9:35
Ugh! Baseball!
timmy16_ 3/22(金) 9:35
Hope you pick better than you throw a baseball
ShootaClothing 3/22(金) 9:36
Great pics!!! We miss you in office!!!!
bhoffman182 3/22(金) 9:36
Sorry you burst your bubble. We are here to shock the world.
KYWonder_Woman 3/22(金) 9:36
@Tyler_Block1 Maaannnnn...he WAS my favorite President until THIS! GO CATS!!
RhondaSimonett1 3/22(金) 9:36
Good luck Mr President
gypsy1586 3/22(金) 9:37
@andylassner Miss having an intelligent president. ;(
But hey, great Barackets!
CharlesGSnyder 3/22(金) 9:38
This is why I can't trust you. You visit OUR campus and instead you have Dook winning. Shame. @GoHeels
BrodeyHornby12 3/22(金) 9:39
Good bracket
Jeff95461296 3/22(金) 9:39
If you win, you can give it to iran.
CalkinsShane 3/22(金) 9:40
AbeAintThisGOP 3/22(金) 9:41
i smell smoke
victori19522219 3/22(金) 9:41
bradfield_betty 3/22(金) 9:42
So glad to see you still share your bracket.
constructivist4 3/22(金) 9:42
You had me at Virginia.
mallard34591397 3/22(金) 9:43
What about the JV teams?
YousefianSina 3/22(金) 9:43
Miss you “norouz” congrates... although they were fake, but i loved them... ☺️
Lionesss67 3/22(金) 9:43
Really? Who gives a shit?
HelaineWeinberg 3/22(金) 9:44
Of course Duke.
kayakingsmith 3/22(金) 9:44
My man!?
You picked against Auburn?

iviegail 3/22(金) 9:45
Go Duke!
BmartThe 3/22(金) 9:46
Hopefully, this is your last bracket as a free criminal!
ranmah 3/22(金) 9:48
No love for the buckeyes? Maybe maryland? Happy watching!
RichardCohn3 3/22(金) 9:49
Where did you put Buffalo in your bracket! Why is it cut off!!! Those boys worked hard this year Mr President
DiluigiJoe 3/22(金) 9:49
So you claimed you didn't know Hillary had a private server?Right well its obvious you emailed her for…
Rdr48 3/22(金) 9:49
We didn’t appreciate you enough We love and miss you so much, I’m seeing a therapist and taking anti-anxiety meds.
beveunc 3/22(金) 9:50
Oh no - how could you pick so wrongly
cwj144 3/22(金) 9:50
Dont forget the women and I have Uconn to make to the final four only.
fleetofeet7 3/22(金) 9:50
Thanks for doing this. It reminds me some presidents are normal.
maddiepritchar1 3/22(金) 9:51
SunCityWest1 3/22(金) 9:53
Michell would have been a much greater President than mulatto Barock.
JaydonWike 3/22(金) 9:53
You’re gonna be pretty upset when NDSU knocks out Duke first round ‍♂️
DinahRupert7 3/22(金) 9:53
Good Luck on this one! Looks pretty good.
paulamacd1 3/22(金) 9:55
Dear President Obama, I dearly respect you, but not picking my @Auburnbasketball team was a big mistake. War Eagle!
wil4art 3/22(金) 9:55
My oh my ... duke vs unc is a ncaa tourney dream come true
DalBurgoyne 3/22(金) 9:57
You got that right and you never had a shining moment as president either. Now we have a president tha…
ruby4416 3/22(金) 9:59
Happy to see you included Buffalo! They have had a great year.
JCDWorld 3/22(金) 9:59
luthersmommy 3/22(金) 9:59
Good luck. Miss you.
AllTrump2020 3/22(金) 10:00
Where is the bracket for you and Hillary in jail?
paulywhitewalls 3/22(金) 10:00
Barack’s a failure
eddyedwards99 3/22(金) 10:00
Sorry many brainwashed folks. After all the crap this guy pulled and covered up, you’re still blind.…
emignone2 3/22(金) 10:01
I love it that you are so "normal." Miss having a normal person in the WH. Glad you are enjoying
didinyc 3/22(金) 10:01
Sorry, .@umichbball gonna take it all!
ChroniclesMommy 3/22(金) 10:03
JBittensky 3/22(金) 10:03
Sir, take a closer look at the Houston Cougars. They have a great coach in Kelvin Sampson, play a bea…
JanelPrice 3/22(金) 10:04
I still love my President.
H2PITTBlue1 3/22(金) 10:05
Who Cares!!
NewtonPdx432 3/22(金) 10:05
Neither was your presidency!
jdbanker1 3/22(金) 10:05
Why have you given up on Michigan State? It was your and my choice last year. They won't let us down this time!
shelly2628 3/22(金) 10:05
I lost all my respect for you
NancyKing6 3/22(金) 10:05
Our family is in Oahu. Looking for you at every turn. Hope your bracket pans out better than last ye…
CrashMacDuff 3/22(金) 11:24
Harpo23 3/22(金) 11:26
We miss your moral leadership from the White House but hope you continue to contribute to the well being of our country.
supyles 3/22(金) 11:26
TyrrelWiddicom1 3/22(金) 11:26
President Obama told an audience ordinary Americans are "too small-minded to govern their own affairs"…
leqtepie 3/22(金) 11:27
We miss you so much!
BabbDustin 3/22(金) 11:28
Well, I hope my Vols go as far as you predict.
GarySeitz9 3/22(金) 11:28
Get to gitmo
cooperhawke 3/22(金) 11:28
Thank you for including women too.
ZevYoung 3/22(金) 11:29
No one cares. Was the worst TV ever. You always lose. Like Hillary.
kylschul 3/22(金) 11:29
Missed a really@good opportunity to trade mark Barackets!
suey2121 3/22(金) 11:29
All you people that love this man have some serious issues. Can’t wait for him and all of his cronies to be thrown in prison!!
liberalgirl70 3/22(金) 11:30
Can you do a bracket breakdown of the 2020 election next?
kathygcarr 3/22(金) 11:30
Hope you picked Auburn!
PastorGolphin 3/22(金) 11:32
Virginia over Kentucky? Really Mr President?
UsmcCraig 3/22(金) 11:32
I tired this last year but I guess you never saw it. So I will give it another try. A gentlemen bet, c…
bobbiescat 3/22(金) 11:33
Hello President Obama!...Are you watching the Baylor /Syracuse game??...Go ‘Cuse!
cldrpl 3/22(金) 11:34
I was hoping you would submit your bracket, thanks!

I have Duke over Virginia.
kbrazel 3/22(金) 11:36
Can you show a little more live for Kentucky?
JohnnyAmerica33 3/22(金) 11:37
Looks like you’re wrong again
SandyK812 3/22(金) 11:37
I don’t really care about March Madness (sorry! ) but seeing your post makes me happy!! Good luck Mr. President!!☮️
BhamYank 3/22(金) 11:39
@AuburnMBB prevails! You missed that one.
TeresaCornelia7 3/22(金) 11:41
We miss you!
leezalester 3/22(金) 11:41
I've only fucked up once so far and that's on period
TroyArm12464791 3/22(金) 11:41
Where are the Muslim teams?
rossiesmom 3/22(金) 11:43
Only this afternoon I thought, “hey, where’s his bracket?”
rsouthon 3/22(金) 11:43
Ah yes! A reminder of the days when I’d only be embarrassed by our President once a year - when he wo…
Lavern07521473 3/22(金) 11:44
Wow! Looks like I have similar picks!! It’s going to be interesting!!
anthonytonytay2 3/22(金) 11:49
Good luck
BearDown1335 3/22(金) 11:51
Nobody cares about your opinions anymore!
RCH1BCH 3/22(金) 11:51
Go Zags!
beth95cooper 3/22(金) 11:54
FakeNewsCop 3/22(金) 11:55
Want to win your pool? Pick all the teams he didn’t.
ghostiebois 3/22(金) 11:55
Can you pleeeease ask Michelle to run for 2020?
jjsauby 3/22(金) 12:05
This is so played out and old.
HireMe2Onion 3/22(金) 12:08
Roy > Reggie
Brujr71 3/22(金) 12:08
You are sorely missed Mr President
djofraleigh 3/22(金) 12:12
You caught a fly in your hand on TV. You picked one champion. You can do it again
HanyuuHiiragi 3/22(金) 12:16
Well at least Michigan is in the final four, but if they do go head to head with Duke you're probably right.
Sudden10 3/22(金) 12:17
I have 3 of your final 4. I got Gonzaga going to the Final 4, you have Michigan. The finals are the sa…
shelia_bayes 3/22(金) 12:18
I was a registered republican and I voted for you but Duke is where I draw the line!! True blue KY Cats!!!
cincyboy39 3/22(金) 12:20
We don't see a seed for Trump University...….
Shales454 3/22(金) 12:20
Charles58122185 3/22(金) 12:25
3KhhVLW5CjCfCCK 3/22(金) 12:27
ElleBago 3/22(金) 12:29
No kidding! Who cares!?!?!?!
ElleBago 3/22(金) 12:30
Trump is the President. He's in charge!!
ness_fromonett 3/22(金) 12:30
Wow your bracket got fucked first day grub
ness_fromonett 3/22(金) 12:30
Suten 3/22(金) 12:35
I love you baby daddy and your bracket
sintaye00792847 3/22(金) 12:36
Barack you know what? The world poltics, economy, change, diplomacy, decision making and equality with…
Mycenaean 3/22(金) 12:37
Yes! You have Oregon going to the Sweet 16. Bless you.
soakupthesun121 3/22(金) 12:42
Too late for me!
CHARHARTMAN 3/22(金) 12:44
I can't believe you picked Duke over my Alma mater. Just kidding.
hnlupkes1 3/22(金) 12:45
Mr. President why are you not calling it your "Barack-et"?
Dproffy1 3/22(金) 12:54
Trump picks America and Prosperity!!!! Guess he must be waving that magic wand eh?
Aus19Mac 3/22(金) 12:56
You’ve never had a shining moment.
JessicaOYeah1 3/22(金) 12:57
While you are doing this, Devin Nunes is having a cow. @DevinCow Love the March madness!!
scottmorrow5 3/22(金) 12:57
Couldn't have said it better myself Barack.
Jessyeli094 3/22(金) 12:59
Lol in 2019 even former president use clickbait!
OverShareFlare 3/22(金) 12:59
sking77 3/22(金) 13:03
I like your bracket. My Vols can win it all. p.s. miss u like crazy.
WhalenBeth 3/22(金) 13:05
@andylassner You're busted already Mr. Prez. Murray State beat Marquette. Don't you hate when you have a day one bust!!
SeaBaileyetal 3/22(金) 13:06
Our brackets are almost twins and are in the final 8, 4, 2 and 1 : )
CarenKhach 3/22(金) 13:06
papaspeedo 3/22(金) 13:07
Who cares????
JimOrte39109374 3/22(金) 13:10
Your last prediction had Hillary winning it all. Duke is screwed.
Jeanniel_77 3/22(金) 13:11
Follow you ~
bradthorne22 3/22(金) 13:12
only thing i liked about your presidency. but thanks for keeping it up
ArceneauxZach 3/22(金) 13:13
your bracket will shine more than your time in office , even if u lose every game.
ParsecPulju5 3/22(金) 13:15
Don’t ever discount MN, Mr. President! Go gophers!!!!
CassandraBrannn 3/22(金) 13:16
I really dont understand how u can destroy MY country and still have the balls to think anyone cares a…
wario_chalmers 3/22(金) 13:18
if you like your new mexico state, you can keep your new mexico state
zodiac_wolf 3/22(金) 13:19
So, then what’s your “one shining moment”? Was it Obamacare? Was it Syria or ISIS? Was it the economy?…
Johnwoodlawn 3/22(金) 13:20
Left off Auburn-
jdh0019 3/22(金) 13:21
You’re terrible at this.
kvrstine 3/22(金) 13:22
Yes! Duke vs. NC!
chercheusec 3/22(金) 13:23
Like others, busted already! But thanks, always enjoy your bracket
PrisKoole 3/22(金) 13:23
come back and be president full time
larpmjt 3/22(金) 13:24
jimbryant 3/22(金) 13:24
Marquette never had a chance! Florida state will fall to Murray too.
jrbaltmd57 3/22(金) 13:24
Oh well.... ☔
RooAngry 3/22(金) 13:28
Heard a fraudster was on this line.
tuxedocatgirls 3/22(金) 13:28
Solid bracket IMO. Good Final Four!
mbp1350 3/22(金) 13:39
Miss your leadership, grace and dignity. Every day is like a year now. Come back!
7gnat 3/22(金) 13:41
I miss you and don't sweat the brackets. It's impossible this year.
SiennaGalvez 3/22(金) 13:44
I think he means his BARACKets
GaryFifer2 3/22(金) 13:46
@GAVAPeach Did you do one for the NIT too?
Curious where you put Indiana.
traptearsss 3/22(金) 13:46
we love a fsu stan
GPreceptor 3/22(金) 13:47
Ooooh wow that's great idea boss
IguessIwillswim 3/22(金) 13:47
Basketball brackets were Presidential priority for the Obama administration!
julysixteenth 3/22(金) 13:49
lol you picked Seton Hall
Caesardus 3/22(金) 13:51
So I was s8tting with DeVore she so pretty and the sheriiff says hes pretty fast on stumps 8lI said th…
KKTannah 3/22(金) 13:59
Ah, sweet normalcy. Savoring this moment. Good luck Mr. President!
AdmiralWaugh 3/22(金) 14:01
Thanks Obama
_FlowerBeast_ 3/22(金) 14:01
I miss you and your beautiful family so much! Good luck with your picks!
alaysia_jenal 3/22(金) 14:03
Maryland over LSU ☹️
jhallon10 3/22(金) 14:05
Let me look into the future: You know who will say he had the winning bracket (that beat Obama’s so ba…
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:09
I dont say this al9t but Dad she looks awesome
nananastee 3/22(金) 14:10
Miss you Mr. President! P.S. I haven’t used those words since Jan 2017.
schneiderTye 3/22(金) 14:13
Who cares
bdcostley 3/22(金) 14:14
baybeveexo 3/22(金) 14:16
ASavageboar 3/22(金) 14:22
With all due respect - Gonzaga is going to win.
BraxtonLeBron 3/22(金) 14:23
When you came out with your first bracket and you had Duke on top. I knew again for the hundredth time…
facenorth1 3/22(金) 14:27
and nobody really cares...
starree 3/22(金) 14:30
@BarackObama I’ve been waiting for this, Sir! Thank you! By the way, where’s @JoeBiden bracket?
ChaiseTooHype55 3/22(金) 14:31
Duke won’t be Carolina again. That’s for Roy Williams.
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:35
He broke John Gottis nose Trump thinks hes tough Im protecting him I cant have that I cant
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:39
Hodgens saved him thats fked up Mueller to have them arrest him on camera like that I saved Hodgens I…
Bing7557 3/22(金) 14:41
Why is this still a thing? This is the same fraudster who wore a Chicago White Sox hat and couldn't na…
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:42
He was pissed he wanted him to serve the life sentence dead : )
jonthes 3/22(金) 14:44
You'll just pick NC again.
JASE11346248 3/22(金) 14:44
Nothing has been your shining moment, you and Hillary conspire too destroy President TRUMP to keep you…
ARL2222 3/22(金) 14:45
Can you please make an appearance, a speech, or something to warm up this heart that has been depressed since you left office?
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:45
You dont think I found him Im the best sheriff you got
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:48
He said he knew she despised her father thats tough for Dove good for DeVore
tupadreway 3/22(金) 14:51
Gonzaga losing to Florida State?
Scooty516 3/22(金) 14:52
Say less
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:53
I want him to run for president because of her I like her love at first sight in a mom way dad whats u…
ItsMeCathi 3/22(金) 14:53
I know absolutely nothing about college basketball, Mr. President, but man oh man I miss you and your…
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:55
You cant wear the Edward in a portrait
roseofsharon58 3/22(金) 14:58
I have compared my bracket to yours the last five years! We are similar but Michigan will clinch it
Caesardus 3/22(金) 14:58
Listen Im plowing the way with Trump where handling it she needs to consider running I spent alot of t…
Caesardus 3/22(金) 15:01
Better than putting your head down when i say hi
K2thebizA 3/22(金) 15:02
Go Zags!
Caesardus 3/22(金) 15:05
Michelle Obama is running I would vote for her thats my straw poll before the last election
Caesardus 3/22(金) 15:06
The Obamas back in the White House nobody said that
jacks97tz 3/22(金) 15:09
Check out Andrew yang is running for president! He is great! He probably needs your help!
Caesardus 3/22(金) 15:14
I got the Mighty on both Im sticking with them
blacqbostic 3/22(金) 15:16
44 can you help free our people or SOMETHING to assist us. Thanks
Jeff44Foothills 3/22(金) 15:18
My man!
MiguelLafuent20 3/22(金) 15:19
btron3030 3/22(金) 15:20
Remember when people would get so "outraged" when he would fill in his brackets as President?

JoyceShepard73 3/22(金) 15:21
@Saintsfan5348 I have a pick for you. I've been tweeting it for over a couple of months. Joe Biden and…
mymidnight11 3/22(金) 15:26
This should read Former President Obama.
the title of president should be reserved for the incumbent …
Caesardus 3/22(金) 15:33
They keep dragging us in to win Championships where retired from sports it was fun but the bettings out of control
iposw 3/22(金) 15:36
The anti-thesis of Trump. This is meant as the greatest compliment.
Magjoy17 3/22(金) 15:41
Obama, you have never had a shining moment! Why start now?
Caesardus 3/22(金) 15:44
You know something he got hurt and people where happy he was playing his heart out to impress you he m…
sakatarinaarne3 3/22(金) 15:50
Wish for fair games :be one with the basketteam if possible
toblerone12112 3/22(金) 15:52
Dear sir, I need help.
tomservo1976 3/22(金) 15:56
Ya know trumps gonna copy this just so he can blame you if he loses. Miss you!
Rabbijunior1 3/22(金) 15:57
His Ex. Pres. Please can you help me join the Illuminati. I'm willing to join but i don't know the pro…
glockfaced 3/22(金) 16:01
DanAnd1313 3/22(金) 16:03
@andrewssports Omg we have the same bracket!!!
MwMarlaweaver 3/22(金) 16:14
Love you, Michelle and your daughters. Can you bracket the 2020 hopefuls ?
ZachCMyers 3/22(金) 16:17
Aggies FTW! Thanks Obama!
toddgothberg 3/22(金) 16:26
WOFFORD baby! With all due respect sir, you underestimated my Terriers and Fletcher Magee
UmbreonUntamed 3/22(金) 16:31
This shit busted already... Shame
BoilingSky 3/22(金) 16:34
I am all about Wofford. Think you may miss a pretty good run!
sharonshay01 3/22(金) 16:40
So far, 1st Game - Three teams loss that I picked. Not bad for a 1st timer.
wthisagigawatt 3/22(金) 16:40
This is the only thing you did as President and you didnt even do that well.
k_leen022 3/22(金) 17:01
seleidapaivaya1 3/22(金) 17:05
Can you run the elections in Brazil and become our President? Pleaseeeeee!
Crewchief1477 3/22(金) 17:08
Glad you’re gone
NibandhSahitya 3/22(金) 17:16
Yes Mr President you. Are our Inspiration.. Always..Guru
kcgogirl 3/22(金) 17:35
I miss you President Obama❣️❣️❣️
QAnonPatriot 3/22(金) 17:50
I prefer this bracket instead!

bluewavebeto 3/22(金) 17:51
Love your bracket posts
de_hammo 3/22(金) 18:00
Stop trying to pretend your a person
arthworth 3/22(金) 18:05
This Black woman tells the facts about the Democratic Plantation. The KKK was spawned from the Democra…
Gemini34252291 3/22(金) 18:16
Any thoughts on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ? I'm very interested in knowing how you see things and why the law…
thedkmommy 3/22(金) 18:18
As a lifelong Wofford fan since I started making my bracket on Monday, I am so proud of this team and…
SuburbianSnowf1 3/22(金) 18:28
Biden-Obama????? In the nick of time.
joemansilla 3/22(金) 18:36
Who cares what your bracket is... if you're lips are moving than someone is getting screwed... you are…
cant4get 3/22(金) 18:40
Wish you could have been more passionate about helping out middle class America as you are with this bracket stuff.
gregorovich512 3/22(金) 18:55
MermaidsInHeels 3/22(金) 19:05
Good morning Sir! In 2000, I chose Gonzaga because of their purple uniforms. I went on to win (points )…
RachelTomQuinn 3/22(金) 22:10
@Vol_Hoops Go Vols!!
Kaargav 3/22(金) 22:11
Don't believe the hype!
msyhome 3/22(金) 22:11
THE president of my lifetime and sorely missed.
denise_carlin 3/22(金) 22:12
I love that you do this.....❤️
Baillybailly972 3/22(金) 22:15
President Obama never mind I still loving you. You and Michelle are good persons. Take care ❤
milkpreegoodngl 3/22(金) 22:18
Mr. Pres is out here
Ndiasseseye61 3/22(金) 22:23
Hugo71875983 3/22(金) 22:23
Great president wish you could come back
arthworth 3/22(金) 22:25
macvanhoc 3/22(金) 22:26
I do not understand?
veeegggaaa 3/22(金) 22:26
Michael_Liuzza 3/22(金) 22:29
You picked Maryland to defeat @LSU
You broke my heart!
Halaja1Lori 3/22(金) 22:29
The Baracket 2019
Myarou13 3/22(金) 22:32
@Will15Yeguete h got you out early bruh
susanwilson0161 3/22(金) 22:34
I'll bet March Madness is FAR more enjoyable for u out of the WH. Much deserved time after so many yea…
SteveBryant52 3/22(金) 22:36
You underestimated Ja Morant?
Disprop43323127 3/22(金) 22:36
Oh Obama your time is coming. We know you used the server also.
GggirlMary 3/22(金) 22:36
Go Blue!!!!
mary36006015 3/22(金) 22:39
Love your picks. Go Duke!!!!
StephanieESmit3 3/22(金) 22:42
Maryland is going down... LSU BABY!!
JohnRuane79 3/22(金) 22:44
Just like your economy!!
omegageoff 3/22(金) 22:45
I finally agree !
sportsguychat 3/22(金) 22:47
Obama ...LSU will beat Maryland.... ... Duke and Gonzaga will square off unless LSU beats Duke....
Remy04911969 3/22(金) 22:49
MASCOGDT 3/22(金) 22:54
I cannot understand your writing but your right
Michael82771066 3/22(金) 22:54
We have some of the same pics for March madness. May the best man win.
j_brewster 3/22(金) 22:56
George58929448 3/22(金) 23:00
brayha7 3/23(土) 7:14
Zags all the way!
overrunbydogs 3/23(土) 7:17
How about those Anteaters! My Alma Mater! First time! So excited.
gmapam2016 3/23(土) 7:19
Thank you Sir, enjoy!!!☺
We so desperately miss y'all.
God Bless you, yours, and ours.
Thank you again…
Strohbro_Virgil 3/23(土) 7:20
Tick tock. Your time is coming
pdanield 3/23(土) 7:25
Your shining moment was the speech on Hope Sir.
Anything else is just gravy.
Im voting for your off g…
menhinickm 3/23(土) 7:32
Mr Obama' any thoughts at all about the US sanctions on Iran and Venezuela and Hyper Inflation? The th…
deirdre06107 3/23(土) 7:45
Thank you for the vote of confidence sir Go Huskies!
longbow3122 3/23(土) 7:46
Better than your lack of presidency
KeliPastor 3/23(土) 7:55
You really haven’t had a shining moment; unless you thought it was flushing middle class healthcare down the ’er
lubitzv 3/23(土) 7:59
I know it will never happen but I would really like to meet you!
hwy_178 3/23(土) 7:59
Haha no collusion! You and Hillary are next! Time to investigate your Administration. Can't wait.
horacehepburn 3/23(土) 8:01
TH3_BMC 3/23(土) 8:05
Is it weird that Obama has the same exact picks as me when it comes to elite 8 final 4 & championship game & winner wtf
Scarlet1970nj 3/23(土) 8:05
I almost agreed with you but in the End I have NC wining
Brandon13299923 3/23(土) 8:12
Dude, go to hell already.
armyvet91 3/23(土) 8:20
armyvet91 3/23(土) 8:21
armyvet91 3/23(土) 8:21
ChalingaMV 3/23(土) 8:22
UC Irvine!! WOO HOO!! From a So Cal gal!!!
armyvet91 3/23(土) 8:25
MoonNtdtv 3/23(土) 8:32
being greedy snobbish arrogant and seeking self attention Contracting a 250 million dollar deal when i…
marinedad12 3/23(土) 8:34
Your brackets can take a leap
OneStamps 3/23(土) 8:34
Who cares isn’t news
cplworm 3/23(土) 8:45
No love to the Gophers though Mr. President...
sandyf41002 3/23(土) 8:46
Mueller Report is finished. 960 pages with no indictments against Trump, but lots of other investigat…
SKrege 3/23(土) 8:49
You picked Buffalo correctly! Go Bulls
marmiller8 3/23(土) 8:53
Hopefully the Iowa teams make a mess of your brackets.
sony_user 3/23(土) 9:03
Bread and circus. Don’t let Them know what we have been up to.
Slongco 3/23(土) 9:04
When will you be testifying about your part in spying on the Trump campaign?
GreenIzeGirl 3/23(土) 9:06
Dano13301 3/23(土) 9:08
BrehimaSamake1 3/23(土) 9:08
C'est super
AndrewJ56120906 3/23(土) 12:16
Your going to be in the middle of Q’s bracket!
7777gods777sun 3/23(土) 12:23
70birdie70 3/23(土) 12:29
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
tritterhouse 3/23(土) 12:33
I blame you for the 'Cats loss against Irvine today, just so ya know.
gapam1124 3/23(土) 12:33
@x_markdaspot Why, why why does Michigan State have to be in the East? Dang it,Duke! Hoping Michigan t…
ksilv642 3/23(土) 12:36
Uh oh : ) times up
Preside29981396 3/23(土) 12:41
Chalk all over the place
brcj1228 3/23(土) 12:44
How you doing with your brackets tonight @BarackObama ?
claudio00180764 3/23(土) 12:44
Is IRAN playing ?
RockinTrump 3/23(土) 12:44
NO one gives a rip what you think.
LAKEoftheDEAD1 3/23(土) 12:46
I hope you lose, like you made our country lose for 8 years
praetor38 3/23(土) 12:50
mehboobalam333 3/23(土) 13:02
ginniedj1 3/23(土) 13:03
Why are taxpayers subsidizing ex-Presidents who are multi- millionaires? This has to stop!
RobertFHallIii2 3/23(土) 13:04
Not interested
LisaWis43390621 3/23(土) 13:08
We weren’t bracket busters tonight! Thanks for believing in Hooiser women’s basketball!
kavik_5 3/23(土) 13:13
Too bad you don’t have a bracket on fixing the inner cities like Chicago and Baltimore. I’m sad that y…
bcelsey 3/23(土) 13:27
Mr. President my name is Luzetta Collick Jones my brother Lester Collick worked at the White House di…
pn7e7fIkgT3qOsY 3/23(土) 13:27
Разбор полетов на будущее это крута
Pang_a_lang 3/23(土) 13:35
UC Irvine was solid
danbianchi1 3/23(土) 13:35
well Jinxed my team and made our arch rival win - I went to Iowa State - yo…
kog1 3/23(土) 13:42
It’s Shameful, Mr. President, that you are not supporting VP Biden for President ... after he was loya…
JaclynCee 3/23(土) 13:47
Explains why Obama has been in hiding...
AmmarA55953230 3/23(土) 13:58
PavelMelnik3 3/23(土) 14:26
Really... this is all you have to say. After a US President has been has been harrassed for 2 years! Y…
markbeme 3/23(土) 14:28
I’ve watched you throw a baseball like a little girl and toss around 5 pound dumbbells in Poland
AmmarA55953230 3/23(土) 14:33
jmac6094 3/23(土) 14:38
Can’t wait to see you prosecuted for your crimes against the USA.
Canuck632 3/23(土) 14:49
TAwakened1 3/23(土) 14:51
[BarackObama] is too. And yes, you are in the brackets. Must be tou…
TBsaltlife 3/23(土) 15:00
GREAT bracket! The bigger they are, the harder they fall
BerniMwj 3/23(土) 15:03
Haa president après avoir dirigé un grand pays, maintenant c'est le repos.
Haa President, after being…
mansoor11066 3/23(土) 15:09
VLavellemaildc2 3/23(土) 15:28
Happy 46th Anniversary of the Nixon tape
SassyNVirginia 3/23(土) 15:59
markswife2004 3/24(日) 3:26
Came to check your bracket. Tie game. LSU vs Maryland. Rooting for your pick
monkeysex1629 3/24(日) 3:26
kellygibbons110 3/24(日) 3:32
Sorry already out with Maryland losing. Never count out LSU
Nini_cherrybomb 3/24(日) 3:35
maryj2202 3/24(日) 3:36
Sorry @BarackObama LSU just got you!
Reecenutsin 3/24(日) 3:41
kandieman 3/24(日) 3:43
Sorry to mess you bracket up Mr. President but go Tigers.
prozands1 3/24(日) 3:51
KimKimbrough 3/24(日) 3:56
Anybody care that I got up at 5 am to put in a tile floor in a kitchen so I could be done by the first…
NJOZIKZN 3/24(日) 3:57
Another madness is that even till today countries across the globe are still being forced to trade in…
shumer_lies 3/24(日) 3:59
Heres a bracket!!! [obama] [hillary][brenan][comey] [strzok] [mccabe] [rice][swalwell] [sciff] [clapper]
Nini_cherrybomb 3/24(日) 4:03
DaveCooperfone 3/24(日) 4:03
Smooth statement.
"No one in my administration got indicted"

So they all got away with their crimes,?…
ericathein 3/24(日) 4:05
Love that you complete both the men’s and women’s brackets
4truthbombs 3/24(日) 4:09
GeauxTigers516 3/24(日) 4:12
Geaux Tigers!
skywalkr83 3/24(日) 4:14
MD robbed again. Three steps equals traveling.
rassoliafg 3/24(日) 4:17
Hello m r Obama have are you I am from Afghanistan

I love Barack Obama ❤❤
torriedavis27 3/24(日) 4:18
We miss you guys in the white house
savedjamieh 3/24(日) 4:46
DorvinKintner 3/24(日) 4:52
Bless your heart!
ArntsonRagnar 3/24(日) 4:54
BSekhery 3/24(日) 5:12
Hi mr x president of usa
Change ur display line in twitter
Not Dad on first
First is Husband so
JlioDaCunhaRod2 3/24(日) 5:24
Really dude
RELR52 3/24(日) 5:30
Here are other dark moment, they are a job team, can’t grow 3%, Bengazhi,giving away billions in cash, want more!
Oysterhaven 3/24(日) 5:41
Did you spell Syracuse right this time ? Tick tick tick tock.
Michael80380499 3/24(日) 5:50
I was a Precinct Captain for your campaign and the only thing I have to add if I would love to get a s…
cheryl7w 3/24(日) 6:05
Looks to me like he is saving more than just our country, his…
TKtdavis46 3/24(日) 10:56
It looks like my Purdue team is about to bust your bracket, Mr. President.
Patri_011 3/24(日) 11:00
samson_jena 3/24(日) 11:01
is it weird we have the same bracket?
DC_RFD 3/24(日) 11:19
No comment on mueller?