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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/4/24(水) 6:02 .

Dominique’s story is a reminder to us that where you’re from shouldn’t define what you can achieve. I’m proud of he…

gwsmani 4/24(水) 6:02
i miss u
thestout79 4/24(水) 6:02
katy_sos 4/24(水) 6:02
I love you!!!!!!!!!
TevinBarksdale1 4/24(水) 6:02
Best president ever
PatrickJamaal 4/24(水) 6:02
Hi Mr. President!
jeremynunez44 4/24(水) 6:02
We miss you! Please come back!
Htygrett1 4/24(水) 6:03
aaron_idtap 4/24(水) 6:03
Miss you Barack
littlecharlie55 4/24(水) 6:03
Trump is better than you
sunflowerinsea 4/24(水) 6:03
You’re so amazing!
DJNanaSickBeats 4/24(水) 6:03
Hot_Toddy_GGSN 4/24(水) 6:03
Can’t wait until everyone is successful because college is going to be free!
P4Hi1sFatty 4/24(水) 6:03
Like for Obama
glamelegance 4/24(水) 6:03
I miss having a caring President. ❤️
DLS617 4/24(水) 6:03
TweetOfAllah_ 4/24(水) 6:03
gabrji2013 4/24(水) 6:03
What your favorite cartoon?
Araya_Hope____ 4/24(水) 6:03
I love you..!!!
LWalshNHL 4/24(水) 6:03
Hereiam956 4/24(水) 6:03
Thank you President Obama ❣️❣️
Obaidrizwan3 4/24(水) 6:03
I miss u Mr Obama. Plz come back. America needs you!!!!!
EdKrassen 4/24(水) 6:03
I want to get back to a time when people are welcome to America no matter where they are from. We miss you!
barnaby8787 4/24(水) 6:03
If only we had a president who believed in the same.
helenkaren94 4/24(水) 6:03
We are proud of you Obama, you're an inspiration to this generation.
HellenaQueen3 4/24(水) 6:03
So proud !
koushikspeaknow 4/24(水) 6:03
Sir, Great Steps... Excellent..
PhilMuhammad 4/24(水) 6:03
Barack Obama is the devil
NotBeerus 4/24(水) 6:03
GlammaHunny 4/24(水) 6:03
Nothing but Love and respect sent your way❤️
UhmdM 4/24(水) 6:03
Keep the humanity great again...
BillJoh14440504 4/24(水) 6:03
Brian__195 4/24(水) 6:03
Still my President!!
Emiliekjenn 4/24(水) 6:03
DTWriters 4/24(水) 6:03
Go, Dominique!!
glamelegance 4/24(水) 6:03
I miss President Obama. ❤️
ItsAbhishek_IND 4/24(水) 6:03
JoeRomo10 4/24(水) 6:03
Inspired to hear your words Obama.

Things are very different in the White House today....
kireau 4/24(水) 6:04
please stay safe, Mr President Obama, i just read the militia are trying to assasinate you.
SassySwift1 4/24(水) 6:04
It must be awesome to wake up being you every day!! XO
WildSoCali 4/24(水) 6:04
AJITH877892 4/24(水) 6:04
Hlo @BarackObama
AmandaGanzburg 4/24(水) 6:04
Education is a road to a happy and successful life and everyone should walk it.
3parenthesescat 4/24(水) 6:04
Please come back. Please. Please.
MariaJacobelli1 4/24(水) 6:04
Malverne QRA
Kewe11628614 4/24(水) 6:04
Fe_FightsBack 4/24(水) 6:04
I recently opened an online shop to fund projects that support domestic violence survivors in Chicago.…
blessedkide5 4/24(水) 6:04
Since y'all are here,follow me..I follow back ASAP
fandedrossXD 4/24(水) 6:04
I'm also proud of it, hey Mr Obama how is your family doing?
shinashyne 4/24(水) 6:04
Great. Mr President✊
cafcaf1975 4/24(水) 6:04
Best President ever xx
imnita69 4/24(水) 6:04
You are missed, President and First Lady Obama!
beachinbeth 4/24(水) 6:04
Go to jail where you belong Barry. How much money did you swindle through the "nobama foundation" agai…
nickamin20 4/24(水) 6:05
Mr.'re dope..
nagi3575752 4/24(水) 6:05
السعودية مستعدة لتزويدالنفط الى الدول المستثناةمن عقوبات امريكا على ايران. استدعاء الفصائل المسلحة من…
frutillitas71 4/24(水) 6:05
Vos sos un gran ejemplo Obama ! Mi sueño, seria conocerte. Tengo profunda admiracion hacia vos ! Desde…
Madoka79641830 4/24(水) 6:05
Although I m Chinese , I also think Obama is the best present
HarrisM28034 4/24(水) 6:05
states in 2014 you allowed the Russians to hack Democrats email servers. Why didn't you…
xXFaithxX6 4/24(水) 6:05
The world needs @BarackObama to be American President again! If only the world was that lucky.
abhinavbillaiya 4/24(水) 6:05
बेस्ट प्रेजिडेंट
krupali 4/24(水) 6:05
Miss you!
YallahKhair 4/24(水) 6:05
I think she looks like your wife ...
david_lenza 4/24(水) 6:05
Truer words have never been tweeted!
michellehasnuts 4/24(水) 6:06
Not to mention the fact that your wife is a dude.
ComRishav 4/24(水) 6:06
Mr Obama our PM @narendramodi jee still take 3 hours sleep
sogccd 4/24(水) 6:06
miss you<3
247Opinions 4/24(水) 6:06
Worst President of all-time
Vlgarza2u 4/24(水) 6:06
randarchist 4/24(水) 6:06
Which is why I HOPE endorse Bernie Sanders. Stand up for the things you originally ran on for a CHANGE…
Hofwof1 4/24(水) 6:06
Your dream was to move out of Chicago. Mission accomplished.
MsLiXjnR0Q7o5nl 4/24(水) 6:07
Thank you sir thank you very much
stoptheshamble 4/24(水) 6:07
You need to clone yourself sir,
America needs more leaders like YOU!
DougFar3 4/24(水) 6:07
So, why did you allow Russia to interfere in 2016 election? Why did you allow your FBI and DOJ violate…
lnbartholin76 4/24(水) 6:07
Be proud and go ahead
Revelry6 4/24(水) 6:07
You’re the best ever!! Miss your leadership EVERYDAY!!
mrcash1013 4/24(水) 8:11
Elvis88697556 4/24(水) 8:11
@BarackObama @MichelleObama
ManuelA49039984 4/24(水) 8:12
Jeder Mensch träumt fürs besser Zukunft,je mehr der Anstrengung ist,desto besser Leistung erbringen ka…
Mountaingirl757 4/24(水) 8:12
You are a sad reminder of how our country fell under your hand!
MallusDe 4/24(水) 8:17
Não estão mais colocando o Tradutor da sua Microsoft, e não tenho a obrigação de falar sua língua. Por…
haphaze 4/24(水) 8:18
Racist Barry o
bigpopp50620396 4/24(水) 8:18
Is Jussie smuglett one of the Obama fellows to?
Danielpeters123 4/24(水) 8:19
Yes, Mr Easter Worshipper...
Donna68277187 4/24(水) 8:20
I like reading your tweets, it reminds of what a Legitimate President sounds and look like.
LFrisling 4/24(水) 8:20
Weird man is potus!! Miss u
DannyMesser5 4/24(水) 8:21
I agree with that as long as they're legal immigrants.
Miasportsmensch 4/24(水) 8:22
I know that you're a constitutional scholar Mr. President but I think it's still possible for you to b…
stpetemab 4/24(水) 8:22
sinoperated 4/24(水) 8:24
Where was your place of birth again???????
Dsmith72658 4/24(水) 8:28
Dsmith72658 4/24(水) 8:28
Dsmith72658 4/24(水) 8:29
darngo 4/24(水) 8:30
Congratulations, and thank you for good news!
jopenquint 4/24(水) 8:32
We really miss a truly, professional, dignified President in every way. You are the President who can…
okpoppa 4/24(水) 8:32
RICO ACT is what you will be CHARGED WITH. It looks like Three ( 3 ) LIFETIME SENTENCES.…
MartinPuebla7 4/24(水) 8:33
Best President ever!
gulssuni 4/24(水) 8:43
They have been not only unfair and unjustice thieves but tricksters and liers and got rid of time and…
SAxg1KkEhf4azL2 4/24(水) 8:44
Where you're from shouldn't define what you can achieve.
CIREKCIR 4/24(水) 8:44
SandiRyan115 4/24(水) 8:49
You’re going to achieve INMATE STATUS, Barry... right along with your pal, @HillaryClinton
tobie132 4/24(水) 8:50
Your future is gitmo
PeterLijoi 4/24(水) 8:53
Great work from a great man and President
howardchemen 4/24(水) 8:55
Thanks for the kindness.
KSchmit41614787 4/24(水) 8:55
TonyEason10 4/24(水) 8:59
Time for you to answer who started the fake fisa warrants on 45...getting nervous yet?
JimMeMule 4/24(水) 15:57
Your gonna loose.
yusufenebe 4/24(水) 16:02
@ObamaFoundation @ChicagoScholars @djtspeaks ure great
HRHRebel 4/24(水) 16:13
I’d rather have an illegal immigrant be President then you Hussein! Wait a minute????
breenelle1 4/24(水) 16:24
Thats great
Neter29865802 4/24(水) 16:25
Wow great but look up the situation about the bees .No bees no food no students in the future i wrote…
rox63873397 4/24(水) 16:27
Unico, grande presidente degli Stati Uniti d’America
WritingCommuni1 4/24(水) 16:29
Hubertine19 4/24(水) 16:29
Yes that is So true! Greetings from Holland
JoeNicotra3 4/24(水) 16:32
I'm so glad that I still thank God everyday since crooked hillary lost and barack opiece ofshit left o…
IbrahimaMato 4/24(水) 16:32
Well said Mr president
Udinyoung1 4/24(水) 16:40
Nice job my President
DSaiwaan 4/24(水) 16:42
It's always good and amazing, thank you.
CapiccioniSusie 4/24(水) 16:51
I miss the President and the First Lady, and daughters of coursecongratulations
IbrahimaMato 4/24(水) 16:53
We thank her and support her by her speeches
StellaHans5 4/24(水) 16:54
Pls kindly follow back.tnx
El_BlackKnight 4/24(水) 16:56
You should apologise for helping to destabilize Libya. You also contributed to the rise of Buhari's pr…
woofy825 4/24(水) 17:04
Totally agree,
When you stuck in ur past, there no moving future. Use ur past as a learning leason.
addayjon 4/24(水) 17:13
خوشا به حال مردم آمریکا که دنیا رهبرانی چون شما دارد .
و بدا به حال مردم ایران که آمریکا رهبری چون شما…
kumar_hosanna 4/24(水) 17:29
Thanks u sir sending for beautiful message
isaac_alt 4/24(水) 17:42
MorgaenV 4/24(水) 17:45
Forgot the liberal brainwashing too.
89fingerslouie 4/25(木) 0:47
jewell_taft 4/25(木) 0:47
❤️ Allowing “All To Shine”
TeamChange2016 4/25(木) 0:47
I love everything about you and Mrs Obama.
MortezaAghighi 4/25(木) 1:24
ای دیوث
BrettMercuri 4/25(木) 1:26
More of this please. No matter where you are from, you can.
socorro51 4/25(木) 1:44
Very good
Honeybadger2013 4/25(木) 1:50
Had 8 years to do something about Chicago. This is nothing.
AungTunAye3 4/25(木) 2:01
luthersmommy 4/25(木) 2:02
Miss you.
maddogmpm 4/25(木) 2:05
Sofa56856312 4/25(木) 2:06
MarioTolisano1 4/25(木) 14:00
jack1492 4/25(木) 14:04
10 and 2, soon, very soon.
Sidy80868800 4/25(木) 14:08
We Love you President Obama.
HumThose 4/25(木) 14:10
Jrtv39701511 4/25(木) 14:11
The foundation is not goin to help
jsringel 4/25(木) 14:12
Why do people bother following you? You know what you did to our country. Thank God for PRESIDENT TRUM…
EangSherolinnah 4/25(木) 14:32
FREE Assange. Tell us the Truth suurender yourself
Tahoejrd 4/25(木) 14:42
Barack, for 4 years 2012-2016, you allowed the FBI to break the law and spy on American citizens. You…
ruthie_taylor57 4/25(木) 14:47
Your foundation isn’t going to have such meaning once you’re busted out for high crimes and treason r/…
JiangoooB 4/25(木) 14:53
Mr President when is your book coming out?
jennife57097358 4/25(木) 14:56
We know you did
Raul10202 4/25(木) 15:01
Hi Iam not able to get any tweet of yours
DONALDT16743026 4/25(木) 15:05
The Obama foundation is the new Clinton foundation . In other words money money hiding thiev…
Jordan3_0 4/25(木) 16:07
BennieWierks 4/25(木) 16:32
How do former President get so wealthy just for being President ? I thought their pay was 400,000$ a y…
CasadJames 4/25(木) 17:02
So glad you're not my President.
Tammyaragon 4/25(木) 17:08
DreamchaserMag 4/25(木) 17:40
Bobi Wine escapes from House Arrest, his whereabouts unknown. The police of…
asbnraja 4/25(木) 17:51
It’s not where u come from, it’s where u r going
juliust14751404 4/25(木) 18:40
Phmhng03330735 4/25(木) 19:01
b_taxlady 4/25(木) 19:04
"That is a beautiful story, I love it when some one does well, it doesn:t matter to me, as long as they do well.
ArnauldDanny 4/25(木) 22:12
I want my Doctor back pos
Vikingscott2 4/25(木) 22:16
Hey Obama! You know anything about U.K. Italy and Australia spying on the trump campaign? They claim you are involved! Uh oh!
MoveWithMD 4/25(木) 22:22
Sir, please Follow me
Encuerado1 4/25(木) 22:28
without seeing gender, or stories, it is good to work for the poor ... but they must also be re-taught…
Countrymama43 4/25(木) 22:41
PatriotsBeacon 4/25(木) 22:46
Of course, you can be from Kenya and lie and scam your way all the way to Washington DC. Justice is c…
chrispe70834101 4/25(木) 22:54
If I donate some Fine Art, can I get a write off? "America's Cop Killer".
xfire96 4/25(木) 22:58
mukk_1234 4/25(木) 23:00
Pumterqs 4/25(木) 23:04
Mastiller 4/25(木) 23:05
And this is a reminder that you used your powers and the full weight of USA government agencies to spy…
QueenBDivine 4/25(木) 23:05
aginbd4 4/25(木) 23:10
You as act like you care about people only selfish on what you can get out of it for you and Michelle…
Ndiasseseye61 4/26(金) 3:22
MichelEvertonR1 4/26(金) 3:32
Dear President! Jon Biden, Yes or Not?
EricDrapper 4/26(金) 3:36
Go Away!
KnippenSheree 4/26(金) 3:42
nocandodo 4/26(金) 3:43
Twiddlediddley 4/26(金) 3:48
Obama foundation? Clinton Foundation? Treason? Sedition?
NTolybayev 4/26(金) 4:01
Barack Obama nice
MichaelBlueIII 4/26(金) 4:03
How to be anti-American the Barack Obama way.
wisenaive 4/26(金) 4:08
You must be so excited and proud that your old pal Joe is running, yeah?
SwissTechie 4/26(金) 7:58
Then stop criminally harming locals who vote from another location, with immoral and unethical discrimination
AlexN1952 4/26(金) 8:06
No obstruction no collusion.Trump2020
ArigatoOmedeto 4/26(金) 8:09
A young killed by some peace and love Worshipers.
Lindamariadelar 4/26(金) 12:58
Lindamariadelar 4/26(金) 12:59
Why did you pick RENEGADE as your USSS code name?????????
VeBullard 4/26(金) 13:14
Yo, eminem exp. CSIS. Please come back to gsp & explain the sigint trace request someone duplicated u…
lucyblu65130939 4/26(金) 13:17
MW80080401 4/26(金) 13:18
Traitor in Chief
kiwi_once 4/26(金) 13:29
Get ready for prison, Barry!
The Obama Administration used foreign intelligence agents instead of the…
StoopidLiberals 4/26(金) 13:33
BurkeTribe 4/26(金) 13:44
kirti_mohanty5 4/26(金) 13:55
Happy to see you working in support of others, not only America, but the world also our india loves yo…
Richie78170932 4/26(金) 14:13
Hey Barry or should I say Renegade. You pooping your pants yer? Got those tickets to Kenya booked?
Scoop2Cosmic 4/26(金) 14:39
A Green Future pls !
dan_0611781 4/26(金) 15:09
PeaceLvTeachAll 4/26(金) 15:22
whoo hoo!
KWLDF8wpDwQR6gw 4/26(金) 15:29
JTPaar 4/26(金) 15:53
So much for your "scandal free" administration! But we knew you ran THE MOST CORRUPT administration i…
artdsanti 4/26(金) 17:19
artdsanti 4/26(金) 17:21
0e3g27TbQMvgIUu 4/26(金) 17:47
Anon17173 4/26(金) 18:03
Q sent me
Anon17173 4/26(金) 18:04
ArnePetter5 4/26(金) 18:45
ArnePetter5 4/26(金) 18:46
ArnePetter5 4/26(金) 18:46
Prudence013 4/26(金) 18:48
jackiegirl31 4/26(金) 18:54
Doesn't matter where you're would know
bibby199 4/26(金) 19:13
helo barc omaaba
mann_bah 4/26(金) 19:34
Tre Jolie
mrsparklys 4/27(土) 3:39
Dad, husband, President, citizen. ? president?
Obamasson1 4/27(土) 3:45
moIZEgAfTV7LCmG 4/27(土) 3:52
Обама ты в каком чулане спратался
JesusChrist2019 4/27(土) 3:59
Your father is proud of you. He is sorry for his ignorance. He asks you for forgiveness.
Your mother sends you love.
Mike26058885 4/27(土) 4:55
Holly717b 4/27(土) 5:00
sjstaebler 4/27(土) 5:03
carmanucci30 4/28(日) 8:58
Pres. Obama, I think you need to step in and hold union rallies for the country - with the specific pu…
karinakat571 4/28(日) 9:13
sgtdaddy1974 4/28(日) 9:17
Watch out.......that is Republican talk, Mr. President.
kenspack 4/28(日) 10:05
You are my Forever President!! We miss you so much!!!
s_holyturtle60 4/28(日) 10:11
If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a de…
DebbieABelcher1 4/28(日) 10:52
Yep you've been caught

UnknowP77959212 4/28(日) 17:26
Just realized,someone played Minecraft and made a thing saying "Herobama"
CNaldina 4/29(月) 21:35
Who define what you will be in the future is yourself. With hard work, dedication, with purpose in you…
NAWN24 4/29(月) 21:48
For instance, if you’re born in Kenya, you can be an American President. Isn’t that right, Barry?
CoHaluan 4/29(月) 23:32
jfphillips1029 4/30(火) 10:25
You are a traitor, you sent billions of dollars to Iran and other Muslim countries for terror, you all…
allenjonessr 4/30(火) 10:58
President Obama say hello to my Grandson Exavier Jones at SMU he is Graduating this may 2019 but he ha…
yasmine_pahlavi 4/30(火) 11:14
RockinTrump 4/30(火) 11:36
You have blood on your hands! Illegal Alien Released by Obama’s DHS Charged with Killing Father of Ten.
Jordan3_0 5/1(水) 9:25
DerickJonesss 5/1(水) 9:30
twistdesignsllc 5/2(木) 1:16
TavGorgo 5/2(木) 21:22
Daje Barack sei sempre il migliore e convinci la tua grande consorte a presentarsi alle prossime elezi…
NkenEric 5/2(木) 22:31
I grant you my excelent
humayunsal 5/3(金) 11:23
People daying Europe seek protection get ideanty paper.....aa
whaisatweet377 5/3(金) 12:18
Get the financials of this
Kevin20339709 5/3(金) 17:16
NazPam 5/5(日) 4:36
mikeedw56668977 5/5(日) 5:31
@AllResistNews HELP PLEASE
yaserar12728762 5/5(日) 19:05
Halo Mr Presiden
InclusiBot 5/15(水) 23:59
Seamos inclusivos. Digamos: Dominique’s stery is a reminder to us thet where you’re frem shoeldn’t def…

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