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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2018/2/23(金) 1:00

Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless stu… 244574RT

dissidentcog 2/23(金) 8:18
@MichaelRPollard Wait but you were president. You didn’t have to wait for kids to get shot but...
FreeHippyGirl 2/23(金) 8:18
Love you man, wish you were still our President. We miss you!!
EL_SADIQ16 2/23(金) 8:18
Great words from a great leader
jh1129 2/23(金) 8:18
@AMarch4OurLives Could not have said it better - thank you!
beachsweeps 2/23(金) 8:18
I love you and your family!
AllanHavens 2/23(金) 8:18
Are ypu going to encourage victims of illegal aliens to march as well???? Didn't think so, Kates parents dont eithed
SjahnOMoth 2/23(金) 8:18
Fully support but it’s a shame that the countless young people who have fought for this for nearly 20…
brandonbl_ 2/23(金) 8:18
This is what @realDonaldTrump ‘s tweets should be like, not mindlessly blaming everything on mental health
BrandyRoberds 2/23(金) 8:19
GraceJelsnik 2/23(金) 8:19
A coherent, well-written tweet from a president. I think I'm going to cry. Thank you, President Obama!
Kenneth1577 2/23(金) 8:19
Pleeeaasseee! Scripted statements and media led kids with little to no knowledge of the issues and co…
J1Roxas 2/23(金) 8:19
Piss off.
PROUDFOOTEP 2/23(金) 8:19
Obama could have resolved this issue during his presidency, but did NOTHING! He is a talker, NOT a doer. Pathetic loser.
Joya_Schneider 2/23(金) 8:19
MarkRankins 2/23(金) 8:19
You gave everyone that courage and hope miss you please come back
DennisDoiron 2/23(金) 8:19
rickholsclaw 2/23(金) 8:19
Thank you!
TruxTrains 2/23(金) 8:19
For sure and then some.....
PowerBrower 2/23(金) 8:19
And a child will lead them
ChuckUmeboshi 2/23(金) 8:19
I call BS on Barry Soetoro. He had 8 years and did
drcwhos 2/23(金) 8:19
Thanks @realDonaldTrump for helping make the next generation of Americans great again by your inane po…
AkGrandz 2/23(金) 8:19
Best president ever!!
TheHarre1 2/23(金) 8:19
@HamillHimself Shame you didn’t lead when in power really. 8 years to lead the change and like all pre…
FingersGeri 2/23(金) 8:19
Yes we do My Dear President. Thank you for the many years of Inspiration. May God Bless You and your Family Always.
Christo33231857 2/23(金) 8:20
very strong words
J1Roxas 2/23(金) 8:20
Why didn't you make it safe for them? You killed Americans overseas and at home. You're going down.
farah74975136 2/23(金) 8:20
Peace, how are you? Sir, we need help for a patient who is coming for surgery in Turkey and a large amount is needed
PatriciaJCampbe 2/23(金) 8:20
I want you back.
DonnaSchoon8 2/23(金) 8:20
Not my kid....he says it's his right to have an education.and he says remember momma you never leave a…
co_mommy 2/23(金) 8:20
Still My President!
IsaacBa20712226 2/23(金) 8:20
I prey for these childrens safety that survive a shooting. I wish you can be president again Obama. Make things right again.
hokielionmomma 2/23(金) 8:20
@MSavourian And what did you do about Sandy Hook @BarackObama? Maybe more people would be alive today…
GoAwayOftenTrav 2/23(金) 8:20
Since you did nothing in this regard of any import...
dansical7 2/23(金) 8:20
Pure chaos in America and worldwide...Russia and China are taking advantage and America is going down…
sharongorberg1 2/23(金) 8:20
PREACH Barak Obama!!! We love you and MISS YOU and MICHELLE!
kaufmannmd 2/23(金) 8:20
Unfortunately, the response to this inspiring Tweet is lukewarm.
HancheyErik 2/23(金) 8:20
We love you and miss you President Obama!
Not2ShabbyAtAll 2/23(金) 8:21
Yes, Mr President
GlyndaAllison 2/23(金) 8:21
We must support this young Americans as we all stand against the gun violence in our schools, churches…
SEAHAWKSfaninAZ 2/23(金) 8:21
Young people... and minorities... I’m so proud of each and everyone of the kids and people that are in…
MayMoeFino 2/23(金) 8:21
This movement has given me hope. A tragedy turned into something positive that can really save lives.…
5blaclk 2/23(金) 8:21
Shadowcat22 2/23(金) 8:21
@HamillHimself where were the ROTC students and the Boy and Girl Scouts.
JimmyMorabito 2/23(金) 8:21
Young people have helped lead all the world's worst movements too. All of them. Remember the 60's, th…
Tousheigh 2/23(金) 8:21
please come save us from this deranged yam we have to call president now :(((((((((
Angelah76741837 2/23(金) 8:21
I wouldn't let my child go to school where,teachers are carrying .
safelyshawn 2/23(金) 8:21
Thank you, Mr. President
whhiskyy 2/23(金) 8:21
Bro get back in this bitch before @realDonaldTrump fucks us over
DavidCr08308412 2/23(金) 8:21
I think this could be the beginning of the next big protest movement. Nice to think that maybe this ti…
CapanoStina 2/23(金) 8:21
Oh dear God how we miss you! Our White House has been hijacked by the Russians nepotism has clouded ou…
JimboRef 2/23(金) 8:21
Thank you Mr. President.
KerryCav313 2/23(金) 8:21
Right...keep telling yourself that.
AubrieRose2 2/23(金) 8:21
i love you
BushaRoger 2/23(金) 8:21
@robreiner You are an idiot mister former president
_AshWilliams_ 2/23(金) 8:21
Yes some of these kids can read CNN scripts pretty well. What about the ones that went off script and are made out to be liars?
TomSelleckApp 2/23(金) 8:21
@HamillHimself Mr Obama is there any loophole that you can get your old job back. Before that trumpmup…
Dwiharyanto021 2/23(金) 8:21
make clear rules about the use of weapons, in order for the younger generation to be saved
LaloRamos71 2/23(金) 8:21
Yeah in about a week they'll go back to eating their tide pods.
JanitWilliams 2/23(金) 8:21
cheryl_lindahl 2/23(金) 8:21
Your sheep are awaiting your command We should all learn to think and search out the truth for ours…
chaqqn 2/23(金) 8:21
No, Barack. Replace your official portrait instead. It's disgraceful. You deserve better.
donsmith71 2/23(金) 8:22
Amen! Thank you for lending your smart and strong voice to try and balance the craziness that is being spewed on this issue!
DrChantalGagnon 2/23(金) 8:22
The important thing is to have their backs! Please retweet to remind all of us adults who get too scar…
RealJimHall 2/23(金) 8:22
@GavinNewsom @BarackObama I am so glad you are not president anymore. F u very much.
Weishampel 2/23(金) 8:22
Or our leaders could be good. Have fun ice fishing or whatever
ruthryan 2/23(金) 8:22
Would have been great if you as a President had have done this already.
AndreaM84595067 2/23(金) 8:22
We miss you as president!
jmdady 2/23(金) 8:22
Shut up
KathyWhittle3 2/23(金) 8:22
Yeah. Who is we? Not you. You didn’t help anyone but yourself while in office. Trying to make your Mu…
ChantalGeorgett 2/23(金) 8:22
Dear Joy & Hillary & Rosie, please invite Barry to join in the burka shopping spree overseas; girls just wanna have fun!!!!
taxmeister99 2/23(金) 8:22
Too bad you never bothered talking to them when you were president and you were relevant
Perveza57946310 2/23(金) 8:22
It's great to hear you again . And the young people need direction and encouragement
sharon_wil 2/23(金) 8:22
@JoniDanielsUK I miss having an educated gentleman for a president!!
megator111 2/23(金) 8:22
@brycetache You rock, Barack.
JeffRoeD51 2/23(金) 8:22
Young people are clueless because they've been indoctrinated by idiots like you. That's not inspiring. It's pitiful.
jhrn1973 2/23(金) 8:22
gaminette 2/23(金) 8:22
ashlxy21 2/23(金) 8:22
My president. My hero❤
PamCham78 2/23(金) 8:22
@Kim_pulsive Truly inspired!!
CliftonFWillin1 2/23(金) 8:23
Every time a young person die we lose a American mine stop gun violence
elwood_jack 2/23(金) 8:23
You should be tweeting from prison.
mjavierito 2/23(金) 8:23
Community Organizer in Chief.
Queenbee7788 2/23(金) 8:23
@HamillHimself Why didn't you change gun regulations??
hylton_angie 2/23(金) 8:23
Republicans don't though. They have the NRAs backs
Robynx1x2 2/23(金) 8:23
Shut the fuck upno good 4 nothing
chandrapntx 2/23(金) 8:23
@VivienneCafe There were more mass shootings during your 8 year's, what did you do? Were you not list…
ifstonefan 2/23(金) 8:23
How about this young person, you killed him with a drone, for no apparent reason...
Arnieongrant2 2/23(金) 8:23
Hope sombodies get to these Lobbyist's
pbrown324 2/23(金) 8:23
@vanessamt2016 This message is "Presidential" in tone and quality. It inspires. It conveys hope. It en…
reignofgold 2/23(金) 8:23
Why aren't you still our president? You're the kind of leader we need right now
danandph1lL 2/23(金) 8:23
For a second I thought he was still out president
duhhhhhneese 2/23(金) 8:23
NattIkolas 2/23(金) 8:23
Fucking stupid idea, especially a Muslim saying this in about a Christian and jewish country. Take way guns u got a NWO
iAmTattalicious 2/23(金) 8:23
Carolyn80513641 2/23(金) 8:23
@hqcqms I miss you SO much!
brent_plyler 2/23(金) 8:23
I don’t listen to anti gun propaganda from the fast and furious screw up
joanncasanova31 2/23(金) 8:23
What a beautiful message. Your presidency is dearly missed!
credfernjr 2/23(金) 8:23
Mr. President, could you come back?
BrayCristle 2/23(金) 8:23
I’m so proud and encouraged by these smart, diligent young people! They will be the ones to change our leadership.
newyorkmech 2/23(金) 8:23
We wouldn't be where we are today without the great many leaders that have taken us to this extraordin…
fredhoskins 2/23(金) 8:23
Where were you the last 8 Year’s??
durkadurker 2/23(金) 8:23
Stay out of politics. You have done enough damage. Why didn’t you stand up to NRA after Sandy Hook????
GriddleJim 2/23(金) 8:23
@snarecha When young Iranians -- by the millions -- marched for freedom throughout their country,…
xojonasboysxo 2/23(金) 8:23
I miss you wow, thank you for this
MNKAZ 2/23(金) 8:23
Yes to this in every way. Thank you.
NdRonin1401 2/23(金) 8:23
How? Exactly how pls?
TonyTucker1964 2/23(金) 8:23
resiman84 2/23(金) 8:23
You killed a load of innocents in the middle east, with your drones.
rosie97213 2/23(金) 8:23
TexasSpeedDemon 2/23(金) 8:24
@LWashingtonTV Why didn’t you fix this when you were President?
TimBarreras 2/23(金) 8:24
@IMKristenBell These are the same young people who are eating Tide Pods.
TonyTucker1964 2/23(金) 8:24
TamaraAmen 2/23(金) 8:24
@kevbrown618 Now this is a leader!! @realDonaldTrump
Jettagirl2040 2/23(金) 8:24
@HamillHimself You’re an asshole. You put us in this position to begin with
asskickerofyou 2/23(金) 8:24
Damn, I miss you man.
Dagoodlife007 2/23(金) 8:24
Way to spread your Socialist agenda Jerkoff.. Turning America into Europe but sorry Barry your poisonous ways are about to end.
crazeleeann 2/23(金) 8:24
Yes it is they know they have a is all action and not just talk!!
CarolFrancoi 2/23(金) 8:24
Yes indeed
jwoodsnickers47 2/23(金) 8:24
@auslanderUSA Love this man
acciofabi 2/23(金) 8:24
I miss you so much
TonyTucker1964 2/23(金) 8:24
protect4ever 2/23(金) 8:24
gillianleonee 2/23(金) 8:24
Thank you for everything
UrielsUniquity 2/23(金) 8:24
Be the eagle, the lion, the dragon, the flame. Be the Seraphim. Bring knowledge to the forefront of yo…
ChadTylerNelson 2/23(金) 8:24
@cameron_kasky Obama = evil incarnate
NancyMaslanik 2/23(金) 8:24
Amen Mr President
sonicgott 2/23(金) 8:24
Your service as President to our country will be forever honored and never forgotten. Thank you. ❤️
Hugh_Dickinson 2/23(金) 8:24
I don't want to hear from Barack Obama's press team. I want to hear from Barack Obama. Probably the mo…
RandyAl55272426 2/23(金) 8:24
Lol.... Obozo the tratiorus clown.... What a joke
CapanoStina 2/23(金) 8:24
Please tell me Trump doesn’t know all of our national secrets it’s like giving a 10-year-old that like…
CherylNapier 2/23(金) 8:24
Yes we do❣️
PettyBigdan6161 2/23(金) 8:24
MrMelGlibson 2/23(金) 8:25
Not during your presidency you didn't.
TonyTucker1964 2/23(金) 8:25
WmGHansen 2/23(金) 8:25
Well said.
l_kek123 2/23(金) 8:25
Thanks for being awesome :- )
ScottWhitWoller 2/23(金) 8:25
Holy hell are you Osama supporters stupid. You credit him with the economy? You’re as in touch with…
marthac1235 2/23(金) 8:25
neofights2k9 2/23(金) 8:25
@HamillHimself We miss you Mr. President.
lalomonito 2/23(金) 8:25
eurekajimbob 2/23(金) 8:25
Whatever. You’re going to prison, traitor. How much do your 9 lawyers cost? Pretty hefty retainer I im…
NattIkolas 2/23(金) 8:25
Your not being the next president again, I Am the next president, not just USA, but all nations of the world, you will kneel
bianca208 2/23(金) 8:25
Gosh, I miss you so much!
Rachel_Emily_13 2/23(金) 8:25
@LisaMoorish Can we have you back please?
MookieDingo 2/23(金) 8:25
Awwww.....such a sympathetic and caring man. did NOTHING.
Shandy556 2/23(金) 8:25
☝️ Presidential
adambart 2/23(金) 8:25
Miss you xoxo
TJStevens13 2/23(金) 8:25
Really Barry? Now how are you going to help these CNN scripted teenagers from behind bars? Think Trump…
HennieInglis 2/23(金) 8:25
I love you, Barack. But if you couldn't legislate against mass shootings, these amazing, brave childre…
AdeleJay7 2/23(金) 8:25
@khristiepaulson We’ve been waiting for you. Yes we have! Stand up and be heard.
STEELERS4EVE 2/23(金) 8:25
“We’ve been waiting for you?” That’s your excuse for doing nothing during your 8 year term?
EthanCa74184983 2/23(金) 8:25
Would that world be one where only the military and police are armed? As Thomas Jefferson said,” I’d…
MatthewAaron01 2/23(金) 8:25
How about Laws that punish the Gun Owners who's fine result in crimes being committed?

Parents of th…
MarciaCloutier 2/23(金) 8:26
Can I love this tweet more than once?
mbue_ngozi 2/23(金) 8:26
It was inspiring and emotional as I listen to those kids last night...had tears on my eyes.
jamesmac1954 2/23(金) 8:26
Shut your mouth your out bathhouse barry leave while you can . USA MAGA
TerryHe33574171 2/23(金) 8:26
BethDehler 2/23(金) 8:26
katybos505 2/23(金) 8:26
Love this! ♥️
hwdnce 2/23(金) 8:26
Pres obama - your leadership is so greatly missed
jzak0928 2/23(金) 8:26
@HamillHimself I wouldn’t mind having Bill back.... anyone else???
christ371 2/23(金) 8:26
@HamillHimself Fuck you, Obama.
NoLeftTurn2 2/23(金) 8:26
Please let us know the passage of your gun legislation over 8 years? And don’t blame bipartisan suppor…
Stang0002 2/23(金) 8:26
You got their backs trying to dismantle our rights? If one is bad they all are.
SalibaAm 2/23(金) 8:26
You know nothing about great movements. Except the bowel movement America had when it elected you.
TonyTucker1964 2/23(金) 8:26
MoonChild317 2/23(金) 8:26
We miss you so much!! Come back!!!
CrashMjF 2/23(金) 8:26
And yet you and your party did nothing substantial on the matter while you were in power. Only thing y…
beacopforaday 2/23(金) 8:26
Why didn’t you have their backs in the 8 years you held office? You literally did nothing to secure schools.
Kimmar36027332 2/23(金) 8:26
You really need to shut the fuck up,you did nothing for our race relations,you inspired hate and divis…
NicholasRees1 2/23(金) 8:26
We’ve got your backs, is about as useful a statement as saying you have our hopes and prayers
Leen_Salamoun 2/23(金) 8:26
So glad that young people geting there chance,Not like here in Syria, ISIS and all the creminal that w…
mkrueckert 2/23(金) 8:26
Thank god for you!
eastcoastgal22 2/23(金) 8:26
we definitely have their backs!!!
karyn_devlin 2/23(金) 8:26
i miss you
campagfan 2/23(金) 8:26
Run for congress! Be the John Quincy Adams we need right now.
bathcandies 2/23(金) 8:27
@antistraights I love you so much
HubbardMiller1 2/23(金) 8:27
@evansilva you had both House and Senate Dem control in 09 and 10 but chise NOT to do gun control legi…
MikeDangerZone2 2/23(金) 8:27
i want you to be president again
jazzmine_reilly 2/23(金) 8:27
Just what exactly do you mean by "remake world as it should be"? and Who is the "WE've" been waiting for you?
markiejoseph_08 2/23(金) 8:27
We miss you Mr. President!
DavidGoodernu 2/23(金) 8:27
It’s truly awesome and inspiring to see. It brings back memories of the late 60s and early 70s when we…
susie72475783 2/23(金) 8:27
You always know what to say!!
Perfect. Love and miss you!!
raziel2404 2/23(金) 8:27
@HamillHimself I'm just going to leave this here...
Ms711 2/23(金) 8:27
Thank You, Mr President! I truly feel the same way! I was involved in many protest when I was younger…
JamesRodden 2/23(金) 8:27
@deborah_linz Leading from behind again. Crawl back under your rock.
rdallen178 2/23(金) 8:27
Well said. You are the only President who cares!!
1ladyintexas 2/23(金) 8:27
President Obama, You are the inspiration for our young people today. Thank you for serving our countr…
DeannaDeanna061 2/23(金) 8:27
@poohnash Someone needs to tell you that you are not the president, quit trying to influence the young…
A1FLGrandpa 2/23(金) 8:27
@Emma4Change We need you so much right now Mr. Obama. Thanks for your words of encouragement to our b…
TheTrumpublican 2/23(金) 8:28
You sir, might be the only President in our nations history that put other Countries and THEIR citizen…
Charles92908056 2/23(金) 8:28
Go fuck yourselves and Obama too
puttycatz97 2/23(金) 8:28
@BobbyPanahi They are our future....But yet they have selective hearing and snack on Tide Pods we should be worried...
McCahillJim 2/23(金) 8:28
You cheap talkin traitor! 8 years of your BS now shut the hell up. The next time we want to hear from you is at your trial.
KennethAston 2/23(金) 8:28
Even if you’re not POTUS, you will always be MY President
cmack00d 2/23(金) 8:28
Please crawl back into your hole Barry
Dark_MatterNews 2/23(金) 8:28
"fearless students standing up for their right to be safe" because Obama did nothing to protect them d…
raglanbotanical 2/23(金) 8:28
lalas122 2/23(金) 8:28
RomulusMagnelah 2/23(金) 8:28
@Hari060702 Robots that note if one gets messed with, too, and shoot non-lethal, tranquilizer. :0 Th…
bzazzie 2/23(金) 8:28
You're worse than a teenager. STHU. Oh. And you did EXACTLY ZERO on this issue when the Democrats owne…
ritapettit8 2/23(金) 8:28
I agree!
TIBORFOTO 2/23(金) 8:28
Why do you sell assault guns in USA?
Annette26553338 2/23(金) 8:28
Thank you Sir! You are always a voice for the people! my President!
needtobeunited 2/23(金) 8:28
Thank God for Trump who will keep kids safe from your child trafficking​ business tell me Iran was wor…
SteveCravey 2/23(金) 8:28
@RaheelaMahomed That man did so much harm to our country during his 8 years in office. He increased th…
carol_kehoe2 2/23(金) 8:28
Very gratifying to know these young people aren’t afraid to confront “the man”. They are our future. I have hope.
TLorriwils 2/23(金) 8:28
cute_0911 2/23(金) 8:28
We miss you obama
wilson_bolero 2/23(金) 8:28
Yes we do!
MichaelJaikison 2/23(金) 8:28
@BabaGlocal Just like you did when you were drone bombing the shit out of the kids in other parts of the world..
mcclose66 2/23(金) 8:28
@JustTheJune0101 How very nice to hear from you. Finely something positive coming from anyone in your…
BestmanAlways 2/23(金) 8:28
Yes, I agreed but we as adults should allow these youth to grow and not stimy there opportunity to mad…
Scru10izer63 2/23(金) 8:29
Miss you
KennJDodgerBlue 2/23(金) 8:29

gagouuxx 2/23(金) 8:29
ta gueule
JuanSomewhere 2/23(金) 8:29
@TheDemCoalition Obama 2020. WE MISS YOUR LEADERSHIP!
bigdaddytizz 2/23(金) 8:29
How quickly people forget how manipulative and hopeless you were
JWhittig 2/23(金) 8:29
That sounds like common sense, let the country be led by children walking out of school with no real l…
JustLisa61 2/23(金) 8:29
Been waiting to hear your voice on this. Thank you so much for continuing to be a voice of reason. We…
NamVet14 2/23(金) 8:29
Just shut up you have done enough damage
Estelle4267 2/23(金) 8:29
@JohnJHarwood So you support them disobeying school rules, Mr. Obama?
DavidHoug 2/23(金) 8:29
Barry, you did nothing
Shut your pie hole
Jmt0418 2/23(金) 8:29
The only backs you've ever had are those of terrorist countries, you never cared how many Americans m…
Marissia 2/23(金) 8:29
These kids are so intelligent and change happens, people forget that these kids will be able to vote s…
chaysecarr 2/23(金) 8:29
So why didn't you do something when you were in power????
ceetamtam003 2/23(金) 8:29
Our man Barack Obama...a leader for all people. Just looking @ his face & reading his encouraging word…
Knighthawk1776 2/23(金) 8:29
Which movements would that be? Facism? Communism? Marxism? You need to shut up and sit down.
Qlbabs 2/23(金) 8:29
LorettaG_LISW 2/23(金) 8:29
Y'all can keep arguing about Obama vs Trump, but in the meantime these kids are marching us into a bet…
EngMohdshahjal2 2/23(金) 8:29
This is the brutal is going on in @bnpbangladesh Protested peacefully against…
Rita71857580 2/23(金) 8:30
TacomaCharras 2/23(金) 8:30
Numerous mass shooting while you occupied our WHITE HOUSE and you didn't do shit. You kicked the can d…
DeniseM8084613 2/23(金) 8:30
We miss you Mr. President. Thank you for your eloquence and humanity.
MelissaB12 2/23(金) 8:30
You're the real MVP
khaled6829 2/23(金) 8:30
هلا @BarackObama
اش اخبارك ...طمنا عليك
TwoUncommon 2/23(金) 8:30
Those who want to live in gun free zones are free to move to Australia or the UK. You try to take a…
DaileyInk 2/23(金) 8:30
AntoneSage 2/23(金) 8:30
Yeah, when they're not eating tide pods.
mayamono 2/23(金) 8:30
We miss you Mr. President!
Harryhadulias1 2/23(金) 8:30
You are truly a jerk. Why did you not have their back while you were in office????
dmorgan045 2/23(金) 8:30
Yeah because you did something about guns in your time, shut up!
0iZMB88ikrvxs0N 2/23(金) 8:30
Kurtgboyer 2/23(金) 8:30
Miss you so very much sir
doctorblcarter 2/23(金) 8:30
When young people speaks it speaks volume!!! I am so glade to see our young people stand up for a big cause.
DennisMilbrodt 2/23(金) 8:30
We are waiting for a solution and I'm sorry for your losses. I want the gun lobby to listen to these k…
RomulusMagnelah 2/23(金) 8:30
@Hari060702 ...simultaneously forces premises treatments, and forces fact treatment nature tricks/rack…
MissJoValentine 2/23(金) 8:30
tabbythekitty 2/23(金) 8:31
@danedehaan 自分の時は何もしなかったし
jahandokht 2/23(金) 8:31
Our young people need a leader n president like you, they can rely on his support and reassurance!
KAS_SB 2/23(金) 8:31
Shameful What did you ever do in 8 years to improve school security?
HArghavani 2/23(金) 8:31
Arm our teachers! What a stupid idea. Thank you President Obama for voicing your opinion and encouraging these young kids.
Kelli_Kluever 2/23(金) 8:31
@xDamo09 Barack Obama’s supports you ❤️✌
AntoneSage 2/23(金) 8:31
You are responsible for more gun sales than any man in the history of the world.
wolfymewmew 2/23(金) 8:31
D'aaaaw! Thank you for that.
cklegette 2/23(金) 8:31
Ignore the haters - keep being positive and encouraging. We appreciated your leadership as POTUS and your sanity as a citizen.
Loryce1 2/23(金) 8:31
Miss this President!
donailin 2/23(金) 8:31
Right on, Mr.President. We will support and defend every effort they make and I hope they know that.
Jzaff411 2/23(金) 8:31
Man we miss you!
VSauceKing121 2/23(金) 8:31
Your are the best! Plz reply
ValSurendra 2/23(金) 8:31
Thank President Obama for reminding us what presidential behavior looks like! Your grace and courage is really missed.
RobertPBrodeur2 2/23(金) 8:31
With leaders like you who needs enemies.
EmilyRussell16 2/23(金) 8:31
what a guy
creativeliberty 2/23(金) 8:31
The first two years of your presidency you had both the house and senate on your side and you did noth…
Rob_Doesje 2/23(金) 8:31
@HamillHimself Please come back
AVAFields31 2/23(金) 8:31
Why did we pass the XXII Amendment? I, and many others, so badly wish you were still in office. The na…
M1St3R__X 2/23(金) 8:31
Can you think about teaming with all of the living presidents in denouncing Trump? Publicly. Repeate…
AdplanetMedia 2/23(金) 8:31
Good one from our everlasting President
CGoelling 2/23(金) 8:32
TimothyRyans 2/23(金) 8:32
@HamillHimself Just like from 2009-2011 when you had the house and senate and nothing was done. ‍♂️
loganbell907 2/23(金) 8:32
Jokersgirl1978 2/23(金) 8:32
@HamillHimself Indeed we do.
papagiorgio114 2/23(金) 8:32
Go away!
HArghavani 2/23(金) 8:32
Trump’s stupid idea of arming teachers does come from his narrow view of the world a well as his bank account
idea46 2/23(金) 8:32
CaptJrAmerica 2/23(金) 8:32
You aren’t American. Your birth certificate is proven to be doctored. You armed isis. You’ve tried und…
DELETEOBSOLETE1 2/23(金) 8:32
@HamillHimself Just like the youth lead a “great”movement in China....Just like the youth lead a “grea…
manthatknows 2/23(金) 8:32
Strange, you did nothing as President about gun laws, while witnessing massacres under your watch but…
horgag 2/23(金) 8:33
MsMommyof3 2/23(金) 8:33
dwsNY 2/23(金) 8:33
Co-sign. Anything I can do to help these kids, I’m there.
NCNastyWoman 2/23(金) 8:33
@RicardoEPerez1 I
sdgphotography 2/23(金) 8:33
This is a presidential tweet. Take notes trump
RomulusMagnelah 2/23(金) 8:33
@Hari060702 Evidences reception bodies were/are maintained facilitated propagated to roles facilitated…
dickweed76 2/23(金) 8:33
Adolf f****g Hitler is back in the twisted form of Muslim terrorist Barack Obama. "We've been waiting…
fanshisi1 2/23(金) 8:33
But I still feel shame to pass this problem to young people
ThenewPavarotti 2/23(金) 8:33
Tel_J13 2/23(金) 8:33
King of the drones
dominiclilly 2/23(金) 8:33
@polyrhythmic_bw Step by step
Marciaw95734927 2/23(金) 8:33
I aint got your back im President Trump back we got president not you Mr.Trump our president love Trump not you!!!
Ants81748625 2/23(金) 8:33
The muder rate in the inner cities escalated under you .
olga670106 2/23(金) 8:33
dlh8 2/23(金) 8:33
How do you have their backs Barry? Just what is it you will do? You were the worst President in history. Just go away.
kvconstant 2/23(金) 8:33
Please speak more to the issues that are hurting America by this Congress and White House - We need yo…
CecileandMighty 2/23(金) 8:33
If you have our back then we will go on fighting for peace,unity and most of all Equality...
GinaHutzler 2/23(金) 8:33
Yes!! : ) Dangit I miss you!
_jackie_harris_ 2/23(金) 8:33
please come back we love you
ADR_Rocks 2/23(金) 8:33
@larry_kurtz Where have all the real conservatives gone? Reasonable and quick to call bullshit...…
PendulousGnads 2/23(金) 8:33
Yes many thanks to the paid young crisis actors, and thank god for cnn's scripted questions.
GarethThomson1 2/23(金) 8:33
@elpresidente54 You done fuck all when mass shootings happened in your term
mrdefender1983 2/23(金) 8:33
Come back....
mycameltoe78 2/23(金) 8:33
Preach Obama
BeltranNick 2/23(金) 8:33
I miss inspiring leaders and Presidents.
Ricey36 2/23(金) 8:33
This is rhetoric bullshit, you will say the same thing when the next massacre happens, go live in a lo…
mikerobins21 2/23(金) 8:33
But a month ago they got tide pods locked up.
EricWaymire3 2/23(金) 8:33
liberal_jane 2/23(金) 8:34
And I'm a liberal and I Know your wrong!!!! First of all, kids of 18 can fight 4 R country but can't b…
Gmoneoh 2/23(金) 8:34
So you admit you are all backing these “movements” of kids quitting class to march when they should be…
yenners535 2/23(金) 8:34
150Ordained 2/23(金) 8:34
Well said President Obama,one of God's ambassador die my prayers goes out to Franklin Graham and the Billy Graham family
Adams3439 2/23(金) 8:34
LOVE this man! How a President should sound. Thank you! Love or hate his policies, the man has class!
DaFakeJonC 2/23(金) 8:34
@TNJAquarian This shit did numbers Obama
fight1461 2/23(金) 8:34
Fearless students are the change they’ve been waiting for, to paraphrase a GREAT MAN. Thank you for yo…
nntxhi 2/23(金) 8:34
please come back, mr. president; we miss you.
TrendyNewsBits 2/23(金) 8:34
maccassi 2/23(金) 8:34
Dear Mr. President, you are a true leader. We have your back. These brave young kids gave the heart an…
Lysastrata 2/23(金) 8:34
Before you ran for president, you and I used to correspond about the issues of the day. Even with Bush…
noel_noelarcher 2/23(金) 8:34
@HamillHimself Your all bots
RSimons75 2/23(金) 8:34
Exactly what did you do during your four long (and i do mean long ) years to make our kids safer?
jpalmer724 2/23(金) 8:34
160+ mass shootings during your 2 terms and not to mention the amount of lives taken by guns in your h…
PeggyPeggy0727 2/23(金) 8:34
Where have you gone Mr. President? Our nation turns its weeping eyes to you...❤️
missgigip 2/23(金) 8:34
Miss you and your words and most importantly your leadership
LyndaLou1943 2/23(金) 8:35
We miss you, Obama!
Debra42546375 2/23(金) 8:35
what are people talking about being asfe
heywhytheface 2/23(金) 8:35
wazzel 2/23(金) 8:35
Now THIS is what "Leadership" looks like. Thanks for giving people hope for something better.
KeepLadyWarm 2/23(金) 8:35
I came of age during the era. We rose up against that war because we saw friends & peers l…
sasha6S 2/23(金) 8:35
I am amazed by them and proud of them!
Ke_iki 2/23(金) 8:35
You should be educating the youth on the constitution and what a bill of rights means. Solutions are n…
EllenWeilbre 2/23(金) 8:35
How true. This all is. The sane of the wirld do have your backs and we are proud of you
tonypimages 2/23(金) 8:35
I totally agree! So inspiring! Man, we miss you and Michelle!
guty316 2/23(金) 8:35
Obama you are useless today,always and forever. A useless President who did absolutely nothing but destroyed the country.
fowler_jenn 2/23(金) 8:35
Your words bring tears to my eyes. I truly hope they can inspire change.
RomulusMagnelah 2/23(金) 8:35
@Hari060702 is one answer, and were/are recorded missed crime acts, methods, and natures involved with…
EllenWeilbre 2/23(金) 8:35
dadaeliot 2/23(金) 8:35
We miss you man... as a president, as a human-being, as a friend. You are a great guy and a good presi…
vivanari 2/23(金) 8:35
Using this tragedy to get votes shame on you!
allycat11222 2/23(金) 8:35
Respectful, Encouraging and Supportivethank you
BernattSue 2/23(金) 8:36
What did you do after Sandy Hook? Apparently not enough!
timothykenkel 2/23(金) 8:36
Of course you do
kathryn22506362 2/23(金) 8:36
I agree with you Barack these young ppl are our future when we gone they will still be here it with th…
Kimmar36027332 2/23(金) 8:36
B= Bitch
A= abhor
M= Malevolence
A - abomination
advocative 2/23(金) 8:36
President Obama, You message and words will continue to empower and support the amazing young people w…
SrDerrett 2/23(金) 8:36
Thank you Mr. President.
purespoken 2/23(金) 8:36
My wife and I have been without healthcare since ur law took effect. I hate u with a passion and woul…
turbo_66 2/23(金) 8:36
Yeah like you did anything weak president like trump won t arms buisness is big money $$$$$$$$
lalalod 2/23(金) 8:36
An unruly mob was always your thang - Baltimore Ferguson Chicago - never let a good crisis go to waste…
lynne_colcombe 2/23(金) 8:36
JaySabicus 2/23(金) 8:36
andreacochran74 2/23(金) 8:36
@MichelleObama While in Tallahassee enroute to rally, I found this appropriate, Mr. President.
sgreenm 2/23(金) 8:36
We miss you!!!!!!!!
RobertJRosa 2/23(金) 8:36
You full of shot!!!
MGraham124 2/23(金) 8:36
They also eat tide pods.
ccotterell47 2/23(金) 8:36
Yes we do have your backs
weatherbee_lisa 2/23(金) 8:37
We miss your encouraging words and reassuring voice.Thank you for having the backs of America's childr…
JohnSpayd 2/23(金) 8:37
Yeah Obama you had 8 freakin years to make schools safe and you didnt do shit, expect spent a ton of m…
patrickT07 2/23(金) 8:37
@samswey Except blacks kids.
EllaO86 2/23(金) 8:37
@LibertyVeterans Thank you, President Obama
andy_gobler 2/23(金) 8:37
Help stop Trump from pulling off this genocide
Jeanne_vanced 2/23(金) 8:37
PhilosoGeekDad 2/23(金) 8:37
Thank you for being a true leader Mr. President.
boundlessa1 2/23(金) 8:37
scooterLK 2/23(金) 8:37
You are so missed
NoiceTom 2/23(金) 8:37
You did nothing to protect anybody your nothing but a COWARD!
Balthiersgirl1 2/23(金) 8:37
Mr Obama you are an amazing man
AWEN24Junco 2/23(金) 8:37
Beautifully stated as always President Obama. No wonder the world admires you as the best of America.…
Paul20517138 2/23(金) 8:37
Yeah, gun control worked out so well in Chicago. Unfortunately that isn’t our vision for the country.
PrincessYasamin 2/23(金) 8:37
Come back
sgpn77 2/23(金) 8:37
@barrackobama you ARE a stupid idiot. I wouldn’t want our teachers armed but with better security in o…
Catdaddy42065 2/23(金) 8:37
Enjoy jail racist.
socalicc 2/23(金) 8:37
Thank you for trying against all odds to make a change in gun laws
Jeanne_vanced 2/23(金) 8:37
AshrafElHADI1 2/23(金) 8:37
You are responsible about all that happen to Libya right now
ROTY_33_1974 2/23(金) 8:37
@DennisNap23 Of course that doesn't include Abdulrahman al-Awlaki the 16 y.o. American you had execute…
florenceperey 2/23(金) 8:37
These kids are making more progress about guns laws in just a week than us adults in decades. We are v…
Chyler_Leigh22 2/23(金) 8:38
we love You
wheresKR 2/23(金) 8:38
Holy shit come back
Juniebug7 2/23(金) 8:38
Tell us it’s going to be ok. Please try to assure us that we will survive elections. We know we have t…
Mindcite_US 2/23(金) 8:38
mkmm3dogs 2/23(金) 8:38
You ask for no guns yet this man sold more guns in office then any other president. What about the Rus…
FirstStationMan 2/23(金) 8:38
And you, Waste of Space Barry, did shit.
501Wittmann 2/23(金) 8:38
Brainwashed little mosters trying to destroy America spred hate Divison and Terrorism. Just like yolru Buddy Bill Ayers
JonBrow82345448 2/23(金) 8:38
If Trump actually solves this problem, will you, Bush & Clinton apologise to the American people?
JeffreyGerardi2 2/23(金) 8:38
@Holistic_Hottie What a moron!This guy was in office for more mass shootings in and out of schools tha…
ursulakoenig 2/23(金) 8:38
Yes yes yes.
Jeanne_vanced 2/23(金) 8:38
Tortass 2/23(金) 8:38
And you led the worst 8 years in American history. You’re a fraud and communist.
SomeInfidel 2/23(金) 8:38
The US constitution gives them the right to safety! It definitely does not give any of us the right to have guns.
Kurllyk97993045 2/23(金) 8:38
These kids have a better vocabulary, than your President Trump ... Bring Michele Obama, and Barack Obama...
marilyn_groover 2/23(金) 8:39
Why didnt you do anything
GregoryScottLaR 2/23(金) 8:39
You marxist fugg , we don't want your kind round here , dont EVER come to Phx. as long as I live here…
AgentTank007 2/23(金) 8:39
rpathak13 2/23(金) 8:39
Missing u, is totally an understatement. And I’m not even American. Speaks volume about global leader,…
nikki_coyle 2/23(金) 8:39
@MichelleObama Said the traitor that sold out America with the Clintons. Very hypercritical too... you…
Jaydy2007 2/23(金) 8:39
@HamillHimself Wonderful words - but it feels even worse now to see how Trump disrespects these young…
mkennedycomedy 2/23(金) 8:39
@BarackObama I recently saw the picture of you sitting in the classroom. You are…
Ryan44Patrick 2/23(金) 8:39
162 mass shootings on your watch and you didn't do a damn thing. Piss off and crawl back under ur rock
jsmalls131313 2/23(金) 8:39
And by the time they are 18, they will realize that were manipulated and abused by adult democrats. Th…
jlspeakup 2/23(金) 8:39
We wish you could come back!!

Please go visit the parkland survivors!! They need some Obama love!!
Meooowser 2/23(金) 8:39
Preach!!!! We miss you!!!
GenColeCrash 2/23(金) 8:39
I’ll keep myself safe the way that worked for me when i was 14 and someone tried to break into my hous…
nodems16 2/23(金) 8:39
Your an asshole go away
TheRealJG13 2/23(金) 8:39
@IMKristenBell Says the guy who did nothing productive in 8 years including anything about the violence in our schools!
njmaz7 2/23(金) 8:39
If you had their backs you would’ve done something after Sandy hook. All talk as usual. 8yrs of it
Wolfmomma0524 2/23(金) 8:39
I'm TOTALLY with these kids 100% - but our Indigenous People are still forgotten. They're called terr…
jhd4141 2/23(金) 8:39
@dkelliher1321 Thank you Mr. President.
Cookee5683 2/23(金) 8:39
Oflashforest 2/23(金) 8:39
It's not a human right to be safe. We have a right to self protection and self preservation when faced with sub humans though.
EdMill66 2/23(金) 8:40
Oh good lord...what great movement are you trying to claim now ? Are you or are you not the guy who a…
JoyceCardy1 2/23(金) 8:40
Please just please GO AWAY BARRY!!!
SnarkAlexthe 2/23(金) 8:40
@MichelleObama We miss you, Mr. President.
CherylMichaels1 2/23(金) 8:40
.50 years ago it was students marching and rallying against the immoral war in Vietnam. 100 years ago…
maracopland 2/23(金) 8:40
....can you come back now? I think they learned their lesson.
yolandamn15 2/23(金) 8:40
We miss you !
orellana_man 2/23(金) 8:40
It is awful to see how politicians, presidents or diverse government people, who do not support studen…
Taravina 2/23(金) 8:40
You are truly missed!
CalTexMix 2/23(金) 8:40
And yet a simple reading of any paper will prove that nobody had their backs. FBI issued statement of…
2015gardener 2/23(金) 8:40
Yes target the young before they realize the target they were HARVEY KEVIN couple of BILLS now you ugl…
chris_paretti 2/23(金) 8:40
Shut up
yesits_jhansi 2/23(金) 8:40
Agreed! And that is how a President is supposed to respond.
Airsoft_macky17 2/23(金) 8:40
Young people are also eating tide pods and calling for socialism. So I mean there’s that.
Lewis_Tumlunsun 2/23(金) 8:40
Thank you for our support. It’s about time us kids are heard and taken seriously about what’s happenin…
PamelaLiegey 2/23(金) 8:40
So true. Thank you.
dbundra 2/23(金) 8:40
First indoctrinating those kids for the last four presidents. Now trying to mobilize them into anothe…
Marilynn0927 2/23(金) 8:40
I miss you and your family representing our country. From class to ass. SMH
mac__davis 2/23(金) 8:40
@Emma4Change It's so sad that we have to stand up for our RIGHTS, but proud to say this is my generation
therealjudyo 2/23(金) 8:40 are SO missed. ☮️
janners808 2/23(金) 8:40
I stand with the students 100%
fubar_news 2/23(金) 8:40
they'll come for leaders next that bomb children in 7 countries.
MelRoseBench 2/23(金) 8:40
Thank you young kids for picking up the slack and pulling fFOR our country! ❤️
McDeviance 2/23(金) 8:40
Thank you, President Obama.
RetFFMike 2/23(金) 8:40
@KEeosFight Again, with your pen and phone, why didn't you do anything? You just kicked the can. You s…
CharmaineManley 2/23(金) 8:40
"We've been waiting for you."
waterscilan 2/23(金) 8:41
Maybe they have our backs...
benjac1234 2/23(金) 8:41
Interesting! This was never your response each year, when tens of thousands of our young people march…
JeffCrank5 2/23(金) 8:41
mikelm31 2/23(金) 8:41
@activist360 Great Speech . Yes we Can !
Redevolution06 2/23(金) 8:41
"We've been waiting for you". So kids need to speak up for themselves before we protect them? Clearly…
APO_AE_01973 2/23(金) 8:41
WOw such garbage.
FreddieVC90 2/23(金) 8:41
Come back lol
tndreaming2 2/23(金) 8:41
I miss you Sir.
smokAWM 2/23(金) 8:41
stevieo775 2/23(金) 8:41
Stephen57177799 2/23(金) 8:41
Dear Mr President, it's great to hear a voice of reason. I am a UK citizen and we are appalled at what…
Mar2vin 2/23(金) 8:41
denisestravels 2/23(金) 8:41
I love you Barack Obama and I miss you!
aneetacarol 2/23(金) 8:41
You talking about those young people who are eating Tide pods. How inspiring......and fearless. Who is "WE" ? You Nazi.
CKassube 2/23(金) 8:41
htFWtv4Nsjw1PL1 2/23(金) 8:41
Me too
JeffCrank5 2/23(金) 8:42
masterwang69 2/23(金) 8:42
Lol, holy shit what a joke.
mimifriedman1 2/23(金) 8:42
Yes. so proud to see this movement take hold. Like the 60s, change will happen. The lives lost will be…
pisolicitor 2/23(金) 8:42
They need a leader.....
SuzanneRamsay2 2/23(金) 8:42
You were a president that people could look up to, mostly our future generations.
HorribleD 2/23(金) 8:42
Thank you, Mr. President!
stephkaminski5 2/23(金) 8:42
@realDonaldTrump you should take notes.
Genez108 2/23(金) 8:42
If you had their backs you sure didn’t show in eight years. You had no ones back but your own.
Sambyhere 2/23(金) 8:42
You had 162 mass shootings under your watch?
cichorackigirl 2/23(金) 8:42
I love you Obama❤️
ainnapelegro 2/23(金) 8:42
i want you back as america's president :/
Meyouirene46 2/23(金) 8:42
This is why we need to invest in our children’s future they have so much to bring to the world!…
Kleachy71 2/23(金) 14:01
This country has gone back & fourth with presidents but I’ve never seen this kind of hate and anger in…
_yogking 2/23(金) 14:01
There you have your useful idiots Barack. When are you going to send another billion or two to Iran so…
Solis7272 2/23(金) 14:01
@setsuwa_happy You are leader
Black2016Black 2/23(金) 14:01
I wish you were President again!
RandmSeedDesign 2/23(金) 14:01
dlbuff 2/23(金) 14:02
Barry, Barry, Barry... kids rights to be safe were taken away, along with every American, the moment y…
MikefromWCH 2/23(金) 14:02
We miss you sir!!
RickyDiiLo 2/23(金) 14:02
Right on Prez!!
OriginalJoBabes 2/23(金) 14:02
lollar10 2/23(金) 14:02
I hate you for being so articulate. You make me even more depressed when I listen to our so called president.
Lisamcgonagle 2/23(金) 14:02
They are your generation Sir. Yours and President Bush. They are thoughtful, respectful, kind, and kno…
GwynDanny 2/23(金) 14:02
It gives me hope for the country in knowing those young people are our future leaders!
JerzeyBoy69 2/23(金) 14:02
Damn president obama we miss you so much, how sad having a true leader like yourself and stuck with a…
DizzyDial 2/23(金) 14:03
That is our future. A future of adults that willingly give up their rights.
HarisSahukar 2/23(金) 14:03
Best president US had in my time.
genesismarcum 2/23(金) 14:03
Cite something noble young people have led.
Harryswartz3 2/23(金) 14:03
There was never a machine gun ever. Another liberal twisting things to their benefit.
janluna1 2/23(金) 14:03
Thank you Mr. President. We miss you and Mrs. Obama.
God Bless you and your family.
dino_hollywood 2/23(金) 14:03
And you like em’ young. 65k in Hotdogs.
trovato2997 2/23(金) 14:03
Obama you have no clue what your talking about. You just need to shut up and go the hell away. We do…
HealTheNation45 2/23(金) 14:03
Oh shut the hell up. I hope you picked out your new curtains and bed sheets for your cell in Gitmo. Ma…
arklatexyankee 2/23(金) 14:03
Waiting?! Yep. Cuz you sure as Heck didn't do anything about in 8 years. Way to delegate Presidential…
TTennessen 2/23(金) 14:04
I love hearing your voice. We need to hear you now more than ever. Thank you, Mr. President.
Jessiethekid16 2/23(金) 14:04
He does look like you Barry he has your ears.
denverSports99 2/23(金) 14:04
Just not the babies murdered at Planned Parenthood every year. Good point Osama
sadieshelter 2/23(金) 14:04
Love you and miss you guys. There are no words...
Elsweka541 2/23(金) 14:04
@HamillHimself I miss you so much please come back and be our president again
Wieneraaron 2/23(金) 14:04
Barry come back, any kind of fool could see, we were wrong, and we just can't live without you.
RustamK63732012 2/23(金) 14:04
Good morning dear sir you are right person your family very nice
raghuvanshirag1 2/23(金) 14:04
Tiny_CPR 2/23(金) 14:04
r_dibi 2/23(金) 14:04
Thank you sir.
DebraMiclette1 2/23(金) 14:04
akszule 2/23(金) 14:05
God, u are evil
heyheyjo1 2/23(金) 14:05
We miss you ❤️
TharpJanice 2/23(金) 14:05
Oh how I miss you Mr. President.
GQ2 2/23(金) 14:05
These children “young adults “ give me three things, life without the NRA, life without Trump, and hope for our future!
SotoYvettesoto 2/23(金) 14:05
neurrutia 2/23(金) 14:05
Thank you, for encapsulating in one tweet the brilliant activism of the students, and…
joseph_hambor 2/23(金) 14:05
We who grew up in the ‘60s have definitely got your back, young people of America. You are the change…
KennyKim79 2/23(金) 14:05
Still the leader of the free world
David53696257 2/23(金) 14:05
We should up school security with trained officers
billwarren23 2/23(金) 14:05
What? We're in good hands...wait, nevermind.
LItllisa119 2/23(金) 14:06
your greatest movement involved
MissSecrets444 2/23(金) 14:06
@elkaycee Why can’t you still be this country’s leader
M2McAdo 2/23(金) 14:06
Give me $10T and I’ll get the economy moving too!
soyboricua180 2/23(金) 14:06
Come back and be our president again...
We all miss you Mr.Barack Obama.❤
JaysenKBaker 2/23(金) 14:06
Wow. Last week they were eating soap and now you want to let them make gun laws?? No sir. Also Until y…
1970luxury 2/23(金) 14:06
Hope your running for president again
1Herring 2/23(金) 14:06
Your corrupt. Hope you get locked up. Go away. Hillary likes the woods guessing you will get lost.
KarenDiana__ 2/23(金) 14:06
@daisymarquez_ Still my president
AizazShariff 2/23(金) 14:06
We've been waiting for you. And we've got your backs. And we've got your fronts.
Let the kids rule.…
ldyhawkel 2/23(金) 14:06
By all means, I sincerely wish and echo all the sentiments. I wish you were our President still. We don't have one right now!
RustamK63732012 2/23(金) 14:06
IAM India siwan Bihar I like your family nice
caleeds77 2/23(金) 14:06
Hoping election boards across the nation are at these rallies signing up all these young voters!!! Can…
gshell1234 2/23(金) 14:07
@Emma4Change Says the man that let the FBI give real full auto guns to mexican drug cartell... like MS…
MamaGlove 2/23(金) 14:07
You will be in handcuffs soon! You sick sob.
feminism62 2/23(金) 14:07
Thank you, President Obama. You’re leadership is still sorely needed. The young people stepping out…
RustamK63732012 2/23(金) 14:07
You are right spike dear sir
ShanLines1 2/23(金) 14:07
Thank you Mr President.
noahfinkleweiss 2/23(金) 14:08
Do you need a good attorney? My brother Hymie is one of the best.
MariProvi 2/23(金) 14:08
Please come back!
RenataBl04 2/23(金) 14:08
yes we will
TespGames 2/23(金) 14:08
You spied on a political campaign.
NanoPuff1 2/23(金) 14:08
Amazing kids. Thanks for chiming in. Don't be a stranger. We need your voice. We need a touch of sanit…
tbeaux29 2/23(金) 14:08
Creepy.... Soros Corruption is behind the Young Liberals.... of today. FUNDING Not only the Protesters…
MARALTA1 2/23(金) 14:08
Super, así es juventud empoderese pero con voz propia, dejen atraz a las generaciones que les llegaron…
Loreenmello2 2/23(金) 14:08
livesimply4all 2/23(金) 14:08
So true, thank you students and thank you President Obama! We so miss your wisdom and leadership. Pl…
LoveThatHouseR1 2/23(金) 14:08
ladyoutlaw10yah 2/23(金) 14:08
Who's got Thier backs Nobama?Your nothing,not our President anymore Muzzie take your "wife"and leave t…
Renata144Renata 2/23(金) 14:08
I’m so Proud of All of you. You give us Hope for the Future.
cbrentmcknight 2/23(金) 14:08
For 8 years this happened how many times on your watch?
MsNykke 2/23(金) 14:09
1211Robert 2/23(金) 14:09
Miss you.
Inalouisa 2/23(金) 14:09
Including ushering you in to office!
sdurantfisher 2/23(金) 14:09
Dear Gold we miss you Mr President
suredevi08 2/23(金) 14:09
Good Morning sir
Whackytees2 2/23(金) 14:09
Yes exactly what we need, teenagers making gun laws Can we see the FBI actually do their job? That…
edie_x3 2/23(金) 14:09
To hear Obama say "we've been waiting for you" is like hearing an invitation to heaven itself
ErinSexology707 2/23(金) 14:09
They are showing incredible resilience, courage, and determination. These young people are being SEEN…
abhay_abhinav 2/23(金) 14:09
Be our President again
GayPatriot 2/23(金) 14:09
JLeeBaggle 2/23(金) 14:09
@snarrky Can you come back home?
BelilaYasser 2/23(金) 14:09
We love we miss you
sydnyariel 2/23(金) 14:09
Thank you, Mr. President.
ajhilliard2003 2/23(金) 14:10
They have no rights! Parents do your job. This is what is wrong with society
aksaid22 2/23(金) 14:10
micheleyosto 2/23(金) 14:10
We have been waiting. We are with you.
tilksh 2/23(金) 14:10
@markwagner I remember the line in the sand you dre in Syria. You’re not credible Barry!
mickeygranny 2/23(金) 14:11
We so miss you! Please don’t stop being the wonderful example you have always been. Knowing you and…
HappyMiddleNC 2/23(金) 14:11
Well said...... but unfortunately, only some of us have their backs. I pray there are enough of us to…
daniellemde 2/23(金) 14:11
Good night
NightwriterMl5 2/23(金) 14:11
Demon. Traitor.
BusterPat72 2/23(金) 14:11
One thing it Young people who are running around with with guns all these years killing each other and…
loujiangtao 2/23(金) 14:11
DocKeithBell 2/23(金) 14:11
And you failed them
fergiedurgish 2/23(金) 14:11
Sad to say if they follow you they will fall in a ditch right along with you and time and time again y…
Whackytees2 2/23(金) 14:12
-Seriously bro?
jaimecardona 2/23(金) 14:12
feminism62 2/23(金) 14:12
“In order to form a more perfect union...” “ We are who we’ve been waiting for...”. Finally. Sad it…
Revelation_Nws 2/23(金) 14:12
What qualifies these highschool kids to talk about something as serious as second amendment rights bei…
Ivyyeung1120Ivy 2/23(金) 14:12
Bama, I need your help with something but I can't remember what it is. I think it was about the movem…
gregorymaloypu4 2/23(金) 14:12
You should be the president until 2030 like honestly we need you
Kira95038140 2/23(金) 14:12
Be our President again plaese.
1jophus1 2/23(金) 14:12
Two weeks ago they were eating tide pods...
iceprincess1963 2/23(金) 14:12
You didn't have their backs while you was president but now you do ? What a joke
JJHutchis 2/23(金) 14:12
Ah sanity. Thank you
HrhHammer 2/23(金) 14:13
I know you need to hold back, but when these kids come to there somehow
fishtflop 2/23(金) 14:13
Thank You Mr. President!
CKy_Anarchy 2/23(金) 14:13
Who’s “we’ve”
MdSharifUddinA 2/23(金) 14:13
U R The Best in the world.
Love U So Much
rominguito 2/23(金) 14:13
@sarahgrafferty Always hard to fight agains the nra, no president have done it during term. its always easy after period
godemons27 2/23(金) 14:13
Wow a tweet from a @potus that will inspire ppl
SummorDee 2/23(金) 14:13
All your *movements* do is stir the pot. You did nothing about gun violence when you were that farce o…
jennabeandream 2/23(金) 14:13
Wisdom from our former President. We miss you B.
MZG146 2/23(金) 14:13
You were President for 8 years, why didn't you do something?
wesraym 2/23(金) 14:14
So when young people March and organize against facism and capitalism you've got their backs?
Susanne2264 2/23(金) 14:14
I love you, Barack!
Vchenzo305 2/23(金) 14:14
Just like the Townhall on CNN when they asked survivors to write their own questions but only CNN rewr…
derekdrb1960 2/23(金) 14:14
Thank you President Obama i support you thanks my day has silver liining maybe god bless you
UdoLaue 2/23(金) 14:14
Nanette4MAGA 2/23(金) 14:14
That’s funny coming from you.
Laymanterms2 2/23(金) 14:14
And Bush never commented on you when were President. Classy guys give the new President the keys and s…
EsOh1234 2/23(金) 14:14
@scarcasticbitch Amen. You da man!
AUTOMOTIONALS 2/23(金) 14:14
Trump and Putin at that first meeting at the UN SUMMIT. Look closely they shake hands,Trump says "than…
cjmema2015 2/23(金) 14:14
Very inspiring & encouraging tweet; this is why you are the true epitome of a POTUS❤!!
Richard96773175 2/23(金) 14:14
Don't worry you bum, Trump will make them safe he is actually going to arm staff and teachers to prote…
MonkeyB90662992 2/23(金) 14:14
Where were you after Sandyhook ?
Oh they were too young to vote ?
PATHETIC as You always were!
Elizabe07588904 2/23(金) 14:14
He is no longer in office
ParameshwarGali 2/23(金) 14:14
Hi your is my only inspiration in my career and life to achieve my goals and ambition s
cwillis580 2/23(金) 14:14
What happen with Sandy hook you did so much NOT!
RossTy5_N 2/23(金) 14:14
@BeSeriousUSA Love YOU OBAMA❤️
jerkinsreal 2/23(金) 14:14
@LaurieHosken God bless you and your family. We love ❤️ you.
wahbinajm46 2/23(金) 14:15
Absolutely right
AustinChild3 2/23(金) 14:15
Young people have lead all our great movements? Really
saderman 2/23(金) 14:15
Amen. If only 45 could see it this way!
iamshankarrao 2/23(金) 14:15
Sir Come to India, Your Tajmahal visit is pending...
When are you coming Sir.
Ricks2Right 2/23(金) 14:15
Wow even though you’re out of The White House every time I see your name I still think Larry Sinclair…
pcbullshit 2/23(金) 14:15
Almost compelling as "We're the ones we've been waiting for." Your comments are hollow, time to fade away Barry
taptap44527959 2/23(金) 14:15
TTPexclusive 2/23(金) 14:15
There's a weird clamy rich dude in office taking credit for your hard work. I'm sure you're aware. Let…
Charo10221 2/23(金) 14:15
Make a movie!
JAndersonStewa2 2/23(金) 14:16
Joshnewcomb4 2/23(金) 14:16
Marching where?
Ivyyeung1120Ivy 2/23(金) 14:16
There are President person who is Calvin Klein who is so strongly weak and soft. Yet no one put a foot…
TriAtheist 2/23(金) 14:16
@FarmerForFLSen You have blood on your hands. Some of us know you’re true agenda to give this country away.
PaulGreene5 2/23(金) 14:16
You've got their backs? Are you serious, sir? They just killed 17 more of them and our government, th…
bluznshuz 2/23(金) 14:16
If you would’ve had young people’s backs, you would’ve had gun reform, grew the economy and jobs.
ds2cent 2/23(金) 14:16
You again? ... Didn’t you get your 8 years?! ... Stay in your lane...
OldSoul_1111 2/23(金) 14:16
I want to hug all of them and tell them how brave and wonderful they are! They will save the babies bo…
UdoLaue 2/23(金) 14:16
CoonOkieWan 2/23(金) 14:16
You need to shut the fuck up and slink back under the rock you crawled out from under. You are a waste…
Marilyn99601527 2/23(金) 14:17
I do agree. I hope they feel the hope, love and courage we see in them. Their actions fill my heart wi…
elmagnifico0912 2/23(金) 14:17
since when you fuck, remember their were school shootings when you were POTUS. didn't see you doing an…
Xi_Chao 2/23(金) 14:17
gary_chili 2/23(金) 14:17
Yeah, obviously you and your cronie Democrats didn’t have a backbone to do something about it when you…
Ken_PNW 2/23(金) 14:17
Says the asshole who did what?
dmmdena 2/23(金) 14:17
Go away Obama! Worst POTUS in American history. STFU
LosPhoton 2/23(金) 14:17
Oh dear, those mean teenagers were politically incorrect and offended the feelings of gun lovers.
onwardcaro 2/23(金) 14:17
History is never past.
kimb225 2/23(金) 14:17
Dude, your are the best. Miss your leadership so much. Thank you, Times 1 billion.
mymuddylife 2/23(金) 14:18
@BeSeriousUSA My President. xo
UdoLaue 2/23(金) 14:18
Marilyn99601527 2/23(金) 14:18
dhiggins53 2/23(金) 14:18
Ken_PNW 2/23(金) 14:18
God I am glad you are irrelevant.
freakinlauren1 2/23(金) 14:18
a actual dad, an actual icon, an actual legend
Michael81549255 2/23(金) 14:18
I think the US is ready to join us (Australia, New Zealand, Canada and others ) in the Commonwealth of…
madude2 2/23(金) 14:18
@realDonaldTrump learn.
HeatherRez 2/23(金) 14:18
@MindfulMajority Love u Obama.
SharonHooks8 2/23(金) 14:18
That’s my President, Barack Obama
trump_shadow 2/23(金) 14:18
I wish you did more on gun control through leadership instead declining to meet to es…
loredit 2/23(金) 14:18
Right on!
DonStell 2/23(金) 14:19
Remake the world, don’t you mean with less white people? Having these little snowflakes believe your s…
Jchi78 2/23(金) 14:19
Thank you for being you!!!!
orangeblue_fan 2/23(金) 14:19
Like u had their backs when you did absolutely NOTHING during the 162 active shooter incidents in the…
SonHyunwoosGirl 2/23(金) 14:19
Nothing but love and respect for MY president
ladyfaith 2/23(金) 14:20
Thank you for continuing to lead us. You are a true public servant. <3
funkypo 2/23(金) 14:20
Well said where the fuck is that flux capacitor?.....
always_on_hold 2/23(金) 14:20
Why didn't you and your party enact some legislation when you had the WH, Senate, and House of Representatives?
ShirleysTweetn 2/23(金) 14:20
baakrose5 2/23(金) 14:21
Amen AMUN Áse Selah
OpalescentMoon 2/23(金) 14:21
Shut up, you are so irrelevant
Neo_tokyo2525 2/23(金) 14:21
Yeah! Nothing could be better than this! GALE BOOMERANG!
Juanita33663229 2/23(金) 14:21
Young people are about to change the world I'm a keep watching change the world love you my president Barack Obama
cru52terry 2/23(金) 14:21
ChibiPineapple 2/23(金) 14:21
@eveeluvzyooh Oboma. Help.
GregReilly718 2/23(金) 14:21
Cannot wait till you are under oath & have to explain what you knew and when you knew it-you’ve lied a…
VVideoneon 2/23(金) 14:21
It is more like Obama did not show up :p
CindyAn21966358 2/23(金) 14:21
Yeaaa!! President OBama! Thank you! We miss you soo much! And yes we have their backs!
deenaremiel 2/23(金) 14:22
Proud of my daughter, who is one of those taking a stand. Thanks for having her and other young kids backs.
TheRealBexist 2/23(金) 14:22
@IMKristenBell Never thought your complete sentences and proper grammar would be one of the things I m…
OGKingGeorge 2/23(金) 14:22
But then again they're stupid enough to eat a tide pod
OpalescentMoon 2/23(金) 14:22
You preach yet YOU DID NOTHING IN 8 shut your clanging pie hole!!
kapoor_saleem 2/23(金) 14:22
f461e99d31eb47f 2/23(金) 14:22
Way to go president Obama. You will always be my President
Ch_Raja 2/23(金) 14:22
@LakshmiManchu May we know what have done to the gun laws in your 8yr term as President Sir?
chrissyzee 2/23(金) 14:22
its how we build strength, character, and individuals who stand up for family, friends, and their country.
7SisterStars 2/23(金) 14:22