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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2018/3/20(火) 6:48

Our most important task as a nation is to make sure all our young people can achieve their dreams. We’ve started th… 4533RT

liar_chief 3/20(火) 6:48
@MBK_Alliance Please help us!
Matt_Cheney 3/20(火) 6:48
@MBK_Alliance Come back
elegantjohn1 3/20(火) 6:48
OfficialJonZal 3/20(火) 6:48
@MBK_Alliance Dear Mr. President,

Other than my time in uniform, I have never been more proud to be a…
jackdoud 3/20(火) 6:48
@MBK_Alliance Dad come back
juckshotj 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance My president
stiIlhere_ 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance WE MISS YOU!!!
carsperi 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance We mis you
McCartyConnor 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Save us Mr President
Jzarsxo 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance we miss you
brahtism 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance You suck. So glad you're gone.
susanmathai 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Thank you Mr. President!
damnitsriley 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance so true!
Zelliplier 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Plz come back!
kaniiiii_1988 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance afrin
ePicHdez 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Activo el morenooo
PS4sos21 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Hey dude, you're dumb!
RepStevenSmith 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Just starting, huh?
Chief_Chidi 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Miss. You. Everyday.
CreoleContessa 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Breath of fresh air!!❤️❤️❤️
FilthySpaceman 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Why do you wear fake tan sometimes!?
ukiahtesla 3/20(火) 6:49
ZFed116 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Here come the “come backs”
EastTillman 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance I so wish you'd come back
LoveRunandPray 3/20(火) 6:49
tmtweetz 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance We miss you!!
imthemadridista 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Thank you for continuing to speak out on important issues!
justdeexo 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Please come back
hheidylopez 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance yes Mr. President
Catherine_md_ 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance You are missed.
NY_futureMLB 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Like this tweet if you miss Barack
Gypsysister58 3/20(火) 6:49
lioness20001 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance PLEASE come back.
bilarichfield 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance We miss you Uncle Barry!
PDi161 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance We miss your class, intelligence and integrity so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
EdKrassen 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Thanks for all you do! We miss you!
MerylLeah912 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Come back
pettymuch99 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance we miss you
JstTheTp 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance I miss real Presidential tweets like this!
Alicoco38 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance I love you barack
RandyInbBlock 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance THIS is a leader !
PhilyRepub90 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance If you spent less time harping on people's race and gender, Trump wouldn't be President. Pretty pathetic legacy.
faber_river 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Please Save us!!
N8D351GN 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance You’re the best!
edenrunyon 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance I love u
noircpride 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance we miss u
b140tweet 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Obama.
JoeyBenedetto5 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance You could’ve invested more in kids rather than sending billions in cash for ransom to Ir…
fighting_doggo 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance We need you
realGrimWilliam 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance needs you!
bkruer3 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Get on fortnite I need another for squad
raye8405 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Please HELP US‼️
onaldincer 3/20(火) 6:49
1smus 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Yes help your people
TheAllyWalker 3/20(火) 6:49
wizzardsd 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Obama destroyed his Nation worst President in history
AnnaNotaro22 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Please save us
JohnMolsonEX 3/20(火) 6:49
Muzaffe02885907 3/20(火) 6:49
kd_k110 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Whatever you say. Miss you dearly
DCraigUSA 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance The eight years you had as president and you let everyone down.
Oh thank you for the bump stocks
MTKigz 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Here! Here!
You’re dearly missed Barack!
JuanMarrero25 3/20(火) 6:49
TobinEcht 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Thank you, Mr. President!
0_ksa_7 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance We always being inspired by you and your hope and change.
You're an example of success f…
perrycomo_ 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance The only DREAM I have is getting this ORANGE porn humper out of office...
cjjefferson 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance We need you. Thank you for all you fo❤️
_paulsandman 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Start in the worst neighborhoods in Chicago!!!
Marc827 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Please come back
CordiaBoissieri 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Thank you Dad
smartpoliticsUS 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance @BarackObama you need to stand up to @realDonaldTrump ! He's destroying our democracy an…
ResistMyStickrs 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Barack is the man! We miss you.
AlimonteLina 3/20(火) 6:49
@MBK_Alliance Please President Obama come back and restore the country
ThatOneGuy2393 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Stop playing around and come back! Please!
marypatcormier 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Baby, come baaaacccckkkk. We miss you sooooo much.
fazfarrell93 3/20(火) 6:50
kafevisa 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Real Leader.!!! There should be a position that you can be a global executor, the world needs someone like you
DorrothaE 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Biden and Obama ticket 2020!
knowlton_erika 3/20(火) 6:50
JarrysEgosEgo 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance hello obama, how are you?
ddshelby 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Please come back and rescue us!
nijelthames 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance @Zendaya
1MaryAyala 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Spoken like a true President.
6Mademoiszelle 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance So true ❤️
DrissikaMU 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Ur number one of American !
TeaTraitors 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Come back!
Trishalla2012 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Well Said, Mr. President...
TheReales_Tee 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Your Legacy
Raff19970 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Still miss you, very much
Sustainablehero 3/20(火) 6:50
virender_bawa 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Your ideology is very good in a nation's interest.
BreakandEnterTV 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Nothing but respect for MY PRESIDENT!
__ShirMcC__ 3/20(火) 6:50
Come back Barack. The @GOP is a fuck up of worldwide proportions.
jayrobs55 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance My son is a senior. If you're broke then you can get a lot of college paid for through…
ShallahGaykwon 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance I love youuuu. You need to be pres again.
InsaanYoraj 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance We are with you sir. God bless America
johnnyt74 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance ❤️
danielorourke81 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance This is how a person Tweets
CJgrandstaff 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance I’m still mad at you. Barry.
AmethystgalNV 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Miss you!!
fucksfuckinsake 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance i love you
aIInightlmj 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance PLEASE come back.
SandyHaf 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Sir, with all due respect, our most important task is to ensure we have a nation left on…
Success_Mentor 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance I’m doing my part @BarackObama changing the health and lives of this great nation lead b…
DayoBeverly 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance What a relief you still care!!
AndrewBeken4 3/20(火) 6:50
roglemasroger3 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Love President Obama!
Nwaforkinstonc4 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Good ideas
nickiknowsnada 3/20(火) 6:50
ShahreareJoy 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Sup
CedricYeldell 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Whats up Obama
Mousefox13 3/20(火) 6:50
Moonwake 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance We sure do miss having a rational President.
BigAlDell 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Meanwhile: @realDonaldTrump WITCH HUNT!

Damn, I miss @BarackObama and adults running America
BFaqiri 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Your an institution to learn from lots respect and love for U sir
marymiller0901 3/20(火) 6:50
@MBK_Alliance Hello
pharaon_alain 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance La fraternité doit être au-dessus de tout,pour avenir de nos enfants amitiés sincères fraternelles
realAliTweets 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Come back Mr. President.
nik5298 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Go away!!!
SIIPCampaigns 3/20(火) 6:51
timwashington77 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance We Miss U President Obama!!!
Emecs 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Pres Obama is the greatest President America ever produced.
mmcmahon1987 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Lot of poor white folks out here too no thanks to one Barack Obama and 8 years of bad government
PeakyValar 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Wsh Barack vous pensez quoi de la série designated survivor ?
w55unicorn 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Thank You for continuing to work for us we miss our president
ResistMyStickrs 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Remember when we had a president that spoke with grace and compassion?
sproduction_r 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Like it.....
wyntermitchell 3/20(火) 6:51
fitcst 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Thanks for saying that.
Lrex 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Sure do miss you and your family.
tarawalkr 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance I Love you your family and your being president but you really did an injustice to Chattanooga
londonshopping2 3/20(火) 6:51
___ughzack___ 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Skinny Legend
virender_bawa 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance If I like any President of the world then he is you and miss you a lot.
rkgambleatwp 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Thank you, Mr. President. Count me in.
theaddamstweets 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance The world miss you already.
kd_k110 3/20(火) 6:51
jackjack440 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance This is how to use Social Media @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
suit_case 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance I want to be a teacher who carries a gun.
MIResistanceNow 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance We miss you! God bless.
compassionsays 3/20(火) 6:51
WonderWoman3Way 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Like what exactly?
mariejolie61 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Is it true that Joe Biden is running for president and he is choosing you as VP?
AnadxDenmark 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Come back
jsherri211 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance I read most of the article and the findings were sad
Cindy_Tewes 3/20(火) 6:51
@MBK_Alliance Please come back. We need you.
RosannePRoss 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Thanks for your love of our country Mr President ❤
CraftJimmy 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Completely agree, how about you come out to Austin Tx and we can sit down over a cup of…
EPIKJMK 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance @realDonaldTrump
JimmyCee1702 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Like you did for the kids in ?
msamson56 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance We need you and Joe to come back We love you guys
RichardTulk 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Hi
travelong6 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance The good old days when we had a respectable President!
BetseyHobelmann 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance @Boys2college is changing the narrative for in
KSkipperFoster 3/20(火) 6:52
@UpshotNYT All boats rise when everyone is given a chance. Thank you for not giving up and for forging ahead.
Zieschla 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance You have to come back NOW. Seriously.
joonietaetae 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Come back we miss you
anogushumanist 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Look how our country went to hell when you left. Didn't take 400 plus days to make Ameri…
wtfdoicare33 3/20(火) 6:52
beckemp 3/20(火) 6:52
Elakir28 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance We need you !
patday292 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance YOU!can start by removing liberal indoctrination from our schools!YOU! can pack your hap…
GabbyIRosa 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Back to the White House please!!!❤️
crawfordjames79 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance It's on All of us
mvwinsen 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance We need you. We NEED you. We need YOU. And we simultaneously hope you’re enjoying the new role you’re playing.
eckelmann1 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Everybody hopes he hears you...
llambchops 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance You are telling them their dreams. You have installed indoctrination of your ideologies…
MiKEC00L_ 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance i like what you doing out here, Barry. let’s link up and build my g... check your DM
ImAlwayzRight 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Thank you for being such an AMAZING leader, and for inspiring and encouraging young people.
phillips_allen1 3/20(火) 6:52
@MBK_Alliance Thank you sir. We do miss you.
beckemp 3/20(火) 6:52
CPthunder2 3/20(火) 12:03
@MBK_Alliance Our most important task is to get you as far away from our children as possible. You're…
MisterCAU 3/20(火) 12:03
@MBK_Alliance Truth.
gregorovich512 3/20(火) 12:04
ranjamart 3/20(火) 12:04
@MBK_Alliance Today is a good day to be reminded of how we can change the life of youngsters, yet agai…
trishacullen 3/20(火) 12:05
@MBK_Alliance God I love you! No, seriously, GOD I LOVE YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
HyrakMyron 3/20(火) 12:05
@MBK_Alliance Yes Mr President. That and ensuring they survive high school.
mackan_tosh 3/20(火) 12:05
A true Statesman
Moshpitmom 3/20(火) 12:05
@MBK_Alliance Thank you Mr President, the world had the pleasure of the Obama experience which brou…
Angelrubyring 3/20(火) 12:05
@MBK_Alliance If only this mattered to our current president such as he is! We miss your steadfastness…
julieboyer24 3/20(火) 12:06
@MBK_Alliance GREAT....
MansaOmary2 3/20(火) 12:07
@MBK_Alliance Upo Sawa
dino_gdino 3/20(火) 12:08
@MBK_Alliance President OBama I listed you as a personal reference today
Howllie 3/20(火) 12:10
@MBK_Alliance Why don’t you get off your high horse and go after the insane swamp monster in the WH?!?…
DraculaGreat 3/20(火) 12:10
@MBK_Alliance Great Job Mr. Obama...
beckron99 3/20(火) 12:10
@TrickFreee @MBK_Alliance Why didn’t anyone do anything in 2015? All this devastation. I may die bef…
hujundang 3/20(火) 12:12
@MBK_Alliance 用中国话说你就嘴巴比较溜,做事跟trump差远了
DocAdams1 3/20(火) 12:12
@MBK_Alliance Thank you, Mr. President, you are dearly missed.
woodchippell 3/20(火) 12:13
@MBK_Alliance Thank you I miss you, I’m not sure what Trump thinks about our young he can’t stop talking about himself.
CraigMoyle1 3/20(火) 12:14
@MBK_Alliance Wow think you should look into a Lawyer Sir. Everything is pointing towards you rigging…
tommcg7 3/20(火) 12:14
@MBK_Alliance No disrespect ment but nobody made sure about me achieving my dream,I did that
ajs1275 3/20(火) 12:15
@MBK_Alliance We miss you @BarackObama we have a “President” who wouldn’t understand your tweet. He’s…
GlendaKlein13 3/20(火) 12:15
@MBK_Alliance we need your help or this country is lost and the dictator Trump is destroying our country.
Noel67710816 3/20(火) 12:16
@MBK_Alliance Barack Obama a true leader of the people of the world.
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 12:17
@MBK_Alliance Your dump Moslem Nazis ass should be in prison on death Rowe traitor!
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 12:17
CharlesDeMeo2 3/20(火) 12:17
@MBK_Alliance Everyone expects things handed to them instead of working for them and that’s real prob…
SinghReeta2 3/20(火) 12:18
@MBK_Alliance Wish you Happy Easter to all family members.
frey_1 3/20(火) 12:18
@MBK_Alliance However we need to be sure our children CAN grow up. Gun control, healthcare for all, ec…
19921974 3/20(火) 12:18
@MBK_Alliance Stand Up Clap’n, Whistles & CheersWell Said “Mr.President Obama” Here Here! Words Of…
raebeanie 3/20(火) 12:19
@MBK_Alliance What about women? And LGBTQ people?
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 12:20
@MBK_Alliance HaShem will Curse your Barry for the rest of your days!
angepurs 3/20(火) 12:21
@MBK_Alliance and I suppose white folks are once again to blame for all of this...?
hsmith2053 3/20(火) 12:22
@MBK_Alliance Mr President, thank you helping to allow young people to get educated. Great work so far…
mrswheatsclass 3/20(火) 12:22
@MBK_Alliance Please guid me as to what I can do! A worker bee here, ready for action!
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 12:22
jonesbl01 3/20(火) 12:23
@MBK_Alliance Give them Jesus Christ!
vickielshack 3/20(火) 12:24
@MBK_Alliance Well if it isn't the race baiter himself, starting again. How about going and talking…
valvista55 3/20(火) 12:25
@MBK_Alliance Don't you ever stop with how unfair America is. Isn't there a beach you should be on in Hawaii?
WhirChunk 3/20(火) 12:28
@MBK_Alliance Strange, I don't recall the word "dreams" appearing in the US Constitution…
cnbc_cynic 3/20(火) 12:28
pumkin4444 3/20(火) 12:28
@MBK_Alliance I agree.
fedager 3/20(火) 12:30
@MBK_Alliance We miss you...
HShirlain 3/20(火) 12:31
@MBK_Alliance Mr President Obama please come back as an impersonator n teach how run this country
b_hitc2018 3/20(火) 12:32
@MBK_Alliance Greatest president ever. Obama is the King.
angelo03334792 3/20(火) 12:33
teddyfinch 3/20(火) 12:34
@MBK_Alliance Sadly, I felt raising my girls could not be done properly in the US so we left the count…
HalFairchild 3/20(火) 12:34
@MBK_Alliance @Potus44: The greatest of all time!
Zanoliza 3/20(火) 12:38
SeanSean2929 3/20(火) 12:38
@MBK_Alliance @UpshotNYT @nytimes you sold the drugs in Mexico and Afghanistan. Then you perpetuated m…
ausdiva 3/20(火) 12:38
@MBK_Alliance We miss you so much - your care, compassion, intelligence, elegance, and high moral stan…
msjoaniewalker 3/20(火) 12:38
@MBK_Alliance So very, very true! !!!!!
J_LongStanding 3/20(火) 12:38
@MBK_Alliance OMG, I miss you!
FrankyLamouche 3/20(火) 12:39
@MBK_Alliance vapid rhetoric. you have made a career of it.
PotteryQueen 3/20(火) 12:42
@bmcrell @MBK_Alliance Thank U, Barack!
My God, what an incredible Light U R in this world!
And, such…
Michael36532788 3/20(火) 12:42
@MBK_Alliance Hey buddy go shit in your hat. You screwed us over enough. You rodent.
pal55arc 3/20(火) 12:43
@MBK_Alliance I love this response from a great Man........and ....a republican
mspatppl 3/20(火) 12:43
@MBK_Alliance I agree and thanks for all you and Michelle do..keep up the good work
janice_siderias 3/20(火) 12:43
@MBK_Alliance I wish you could be a more vocal and visible leader of the resistance. Sometimes I feel…
simscards1 3/20(火) 12:44
@MBK_Alliance Worst president in history
VioletK98399773 3/20(火) 12:45
@MBK_Alliance It starts with parenting. Teaching your children young that we are all equal.
Rudy75230788 3/20(火) 12:46
@MBK_Alliance Agree. With B.Obama stand with the youth. But like to add when the leader fail to b…
emack4 3/20(火) 12:46
@MBK_Alliance @BarackObama translation young people please go to a YMCA near you join and gover…
faydth1 3/20(火) 12:48
@MBK_Alliance facts
vickielshack 3/20(火) 12:48
@MBK_Alliance So glad I never have to see you again. Worst president ever.
RicardoOchoa 3/20(火) 12:48
@MBK_Alliance I love you man! But this is how you write this tweet: “young ppl CAN archive their dream…
dalila201888 3/20(火) 12:50
@MBK_Alliance Bravo
AnonZeroSec 3/20(火) 12:50
@MBK_Alliance No, most important task is to put you behind bars
PstJeffDianga 3/20(火) 12:50
lamya46362169 3/20(火) 12:53
@MBK_Alliance So now that you aren’t president anymore and you don’t need to be all proper and shit co…
mwererucougars1 3/20(火) 12:54
@MBK_Alliance @Barack Obama Tolerance is the highest form of education and working with SPLCONCAMPUS i…
LAangel_Camilla 3/20(火) 12:55
@MBK_Alliance Thank you for all you do. I miss you as POTUS. Your family is awesome! Wish we could turn back the hands of time!
finepix 3/20(火) 12:55
@MBK_Alliance We achieved our dream. Put your party out of office.
sbz_sonia 3/20(火) 12:57
debsstar57 3/20(火) 12:57
@MBK_Alliance Really? Why didn’t you do it when in office. And where was your gun control when you had…
rrshangloo 3/20(火) 12:59
@MBK_Alliance Great sir
KeithConnelly3 3/20(火) 13:00
@MBK_Alliance Plan on teaching them to depend on government and how to use system to break the laws of the land?
JulieLulubel 3/20(火) 13:02
onecaliberal 3/20(火) 13:02
@omar1966 @MBK_Alliance Please come back. My family misses you so very much.
SheryBrown18 3/20(火) 13:04
@MBK_Alliance Thank you President Obama for showing real courage! And for saving this country!
AllenCramer 3/20(火) 13:05
@MBK_Alliance How aout helping a brother out?
DreamvilleCoach 3/20(火) 13:08
@MBK_Alliance Amen
Al7ouria 3/20(火) 13:08
@MBK_Alliance What about syria children’s
LeonardoGGomez4 3/20(火) 13:09
@MBK_Alliance Hey Obama there is no way young people can achieve their dreams, if they are getting sho…
EnjoyingTR 3/20(火) 13:11
@MBK_Alliance Hard to do when they cut budget to the federal government because this it’s not in the presidents priotities
mkvimmxiv 3/20(火) 13:12
@MBK_Alliance If you could kindly step in and declare dictatorship, I’d greatly appreciate it.…
ajones31 3/20(火) 13:12
@MBK_Alliance We have to make sure all kids are enrolling in the most rigorous classes such as higher level math and science.
jdubsmyth 3/20(火) 13:12
@MBK_Alliance Bravo, Mr. President!
seitzinator 3/20(火) 13:13
@Croala @MBK_Alliance Rather than bail out/cater to WallSt/BigBiz & ⬆️ wasteful devastating wars, Lead…
sirlogh 3/20(火) 13:15
@MBK_Alliance Great work Mr President......
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:16
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:16
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:17
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:17
demerrill86 3/20(火) 13:17
@MBK_Alliance Hell yeah
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:17
@MBK_Alliance THANK GOD WE HAVE @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
blampfs 3/20(火) 13:18
@MBK_Alliance Pls
isberg8 3/20(火) 13:19
@MBK_Alliance it won’t matter if we don’t focus on saving our democracy first
Nouri61078992 3/20(火) 13:19
@MBK_Alliance As life grows, we realize that life does not deserve all this pain, it leaves troubles a…
gfreethoughts 3/20(火) 13:19
@MBK_Alliance Why aren't you aggressively trying to take down Trump? These platitudes will not reignit…
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:19
@MBK_Alliance Thank God for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
keddle01 3/20(火) 13:20
@MBK_Alliance Oh how you are missed, can you please come back
filterkimbro 3/20(火) 13:20
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:21
EmelBilir4 3/20(火) 13:21
@MBK_Alliance America is big country and turkey and the other country are big and if they want i belei…
Daniela0325 3/20(火) 13:21
Catchup_PS 3/20(火) 13:22
@MBK_Alliance I wish we could have you back for third time
AslamH818P 3/20(火) 13:22
@MBK_Alliance There was a day all americans are blessed but now lol.
rivera_lou 3/20(火) 13:23
@MBK_Alliance Keep telling black boys that @TheDemocrats and @nytimes. Keep telling them they need the…
muchappreci8ed 3/20(火) 13:23
@MBK_Alliance OBAMA was so full of shit when he was first elected and said he would appoint czars to o…
bendogz221 3/20(火) 13:25
janice_cappelli 3/20(火) 13:27
@MBK_Alliance DACA
JosieAbq 3/20(火) 13:28
@MBK_Alliance This song goes out to @BarackObama & @MichelleObama ❤❤❤
Claus9410 3/20(火) 13:29
@MBK_Alliance Excelente propuesta, maravilloso Lider Presidente Obama.
Furryouonly 3/20(火) 13:30
@MBK_Alliance Leave government out of this especially. What part of 20+trillion in debt you left us don't you get?
DavidWJacobs1 3/20(火) 13:32
@MBK_Alliance Thank you President Obama. We miss your leadership as president but welcome your continu…
curry_summer 3/20(火) 13:34
@MBK_Alliance It needs to be healed and straight.
MikeBassilious 3/20(火) 13:34
@MBK_Alliance @BarackObama it’s not just about the parents but the culture of mediocrity within that micro-community.
PupsNaB1rd 3/20(火) 13:35
@ImNotYourVenus @MBK_Alliance Still Presidential, even when he doesn’t have to be. (SIGH )
timesaburning 3/20(火) 13:36
@MBK_Alliance Don't leave out gas them you Nazi shit!!!
eeneemeaneeminn 3/20(火) 13:38
@MBK_Alliance OMG I miss you so much
LoularCynthiai 3/20(火) 13:39
igolo_zydeco 3/20(火) 13:39
@MBK_Alliance President I love so much, Barack Obama.
missionsjapan 3/20(火) 13:39
@MBK_Alliance God bless your work.
harald1947 3/20(火) 13:41
@MBK_Alliance ⭐️
lily21951 3/20(火) 13:42
@MBK_Alliance ❤️❤️
qxnash 3/20(火) 13:42
@MBK_Alliance Trump is a lier.
nikatashe 3/20(火) 13:42
@MBK_Alliance I understand that you are a constitutional lawyer, please save America from this tyrant.
muchappreci8ed 3/20(火) 13:43
@MBK_Alliance Man, some of you are just stuck hard on stupid. What do you do sit down and watch the fa…
alhddad98 3/20(火) 13:44
@MBK_Alliance Don’t forget you damage our dream in Egypt, you are False, deceitful and dishonest, our…
qxnash 3/20(火) 13:44
@MBK_Alliance We need Obama back.
CathyLanigan 3/20(火) 13:46
@MBK_Alliance We miss you President Obama’s
ChinaAmerican 3/20(火) 13:48
@raphaelha67 @MBK_Alliance Obama, you failed to change the odds for millions of Born Black American ch…
KyamaggwaPeter 3/20(火) 13:49
@MBK_Alliance Says the man Him self ✊
Welding001 3/20(火) 13:53
@MBK_Alliance Why do Republicans want to supreme education, woman's rights etc.? Conservatism is a me…
aNobleGuyy 3/20(火) 13:54
@MBK_Alliance sure as hell didnt care when you were in office, all your attention was focused on the m…
Carolyn44944001 3/20(火) 13:54
@MBK_Alliance Thank you President Obama. We miss you and your family more now than we could have imagi…
BuffyBusyBuzzBu 3/20(火) 13:54
DanceDialogue 3/20(火) 13:56
@MBK_Alliance I created a program which now serves over 1,700 teens from every corner of Los Angeles,…
JillGre79317850 3/20(火) 14:00
@MBK_Alliance I miss you and your compassionate and brilliant leadership,
Ellen102646 3/20(火) 14:01
@theReal_KPHILL @MBK_Alliance Thank you. I'm 67 and still working to make it better for this remarkabl…
IllustrateShare 3/20(火) 14:02
caceres2011 3/20(火) 14:03
@MBK_Alliance Mr. X President, as you found out a while back that we have been Deceived! So why bother talking bs
JMMP78340550 3/20(火) 14:05
@MBK_Alliance You had 8 years to do it! All the $$$ to Iran would have helped‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
AnotherKenya 3/20(火) 14:05
@raphael223 @MBK_Alliance
Melissa40340691 3/20(火) 14:05
@MBK_Alliance Anything for money for your Foundation
Nina74799217 3/20(火) 14:05
@MBK_Alliance This page always inspiring no negativity! This is where I come and your page reminds me…
EdilbertoCorit1 3/20(火) 14:05
@MBK_Alliance Thank you President
Veg_W_Me 3/20(火) 14:09
@MBK_Alliance I'm just here for the
popbooty_camp 3/20(火) 14:09
@MBK_Alliance Come back!
DhariceUnique 3/20(火) 14:10
Hrgenaral1 3/20(火) 14:11
@MBK_Alliance why are you killing the young people of other countries?
RhondaSimonett1 3/20(火) 14:12
@MBK_Alliance Amen !!
Hrgenaral1 3/20(火) 14:12
@MBK_Alliance You are making a very disgusting policy.
NicholasABearce 3/20(火) 14:12
@MBK_Alliance Stilll working on it Mr. Obama!
Kami_Lerner 3/20(火) 14:17
@MBK_Alliance Please come back!!!
WithWatching 3/20(火) 14:17
@MBK_Alliance @realDonaldTrump Man Donald , Barack doesn't Tweet much but Boy he gets TWICE the Likes…
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 14:19
@MBK_Alliance Barry, such a bloody disgrace you are! Your shameless Jew/Israel hatred exposed! HaShem…
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 14:21
@MBK_Alliance Prison charges for you Barry! Just a matter of time before you’re arrested for treasonou…
MufaraElvis 3/20(火) 14:21
@MBK_Alliance Yes we can....go Barak go....
EBOlady 3/20(火) 14:21
@MARathier @MBK_Alliance Johnny vs Jamal.
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 14:23
Jumakenya2 3/20(火) 14:25
@MBK_Alliance My role model
LIVINGDEADGRRL2 3/20(火) 14:25
@AUlady_ALL_IN @MBK_Alliance We miss yoooooooou!!!! Where's Michelle???
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 14:26
you’re exposed! Barry on the down low!
DavePOfficial 3/20(火) 14:26
@MBK_Alliance Thank you @BarackObama you are the best president that inspires and lifts up courage! Real talk. God bless
doubleda75 3/20(火) 14:28
@MBK_Alliance Like you gave a damn
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 14:29
Barry obama you are in deep trouble with G-d/HaShem! HaShem has…
Dargamogirl 3/20(火) 14:29
You are such an amazing man. We miss you Sir
GarrySt93322083 3/20(火) 14:30
@MBK_Alliance Barry. So easy to spout after the fact. .the fact is you did Nada for 8 years. Go away...
tjfields545 3/20(火) 14:30
@MBK_Alliance Well said...
If one believes all american’s are being helped, you are blind! Better yet…
CEG_Iowa 3/20(火) 14:33
@MBK_Alliance Using color to cause division-one of your few lasting legacies
ohio52 3/20(火) 14:34
@MBK_Alliance Trump isn't taking care of nothing but his pocket. What thoughs kids are doing is turnin…
BoubertEliese 3/20(火) 14:34
ValuedVote 3/20(火) 14:36
@MBK_Alliance I would say our most important task is to re-educate many graduated adults what a FACT i…
aramtrojan 3/20(火) 14:37
@MBK_Alliance Just shut up and go away. Phony.
RHeathervaughn 3/20(火) 14:38
@MBK_Alliance Come back!
PZagbai 3/20(火) 14:39
@MBK_Alliance Papa Obama je suis ivoirien de cote d ivoire en Afrique . la guerre nous très appauvri .…
Djibril04531376 3/20(火) 14:42
@MBK_Alliance Visionnaire
labmom2015 3/20(火) 14:42
@MBK_Alliance We miss you so much
JRomo_23 3/20(火) 14:43
@MBK_Alliance No it's not. That's their job as individuals. Our nations job is to keep its people safe.
capgmac 3/20(火) 14:43
@MBK_Alliance Teach lies
JNzlstar 3/20(火) 14:45
@MBK_Alliance you'll be here soon, Mr President. autumn weather is magnificent in your honour. cant…
bosshawk83 3/20(火) 14:46
@MBK_Alliance I read this in his voice
WNH77 3/20(火) 14:46
@MBK_Alliance Thank you President Obama.
I hope Trump changes the law so presidents can serve as many…
PradPrak 3/20(火) 14:46
@MBK_Alliance Dear Sir,
Pardon me for this - but I sincerely think that comparison should stop and an…
OluDesire 3/20(火) 14:47
@MBK_Alliance Rich black men need to start exploring how to expand their businesses to Africa and othe…
nyr_nning 3/20(火) 14:48
Rmznozn_07 3/20(火) 14:48
@MBK_Alliance Adamım sugruye diye bir ulusu yok ettiniz pislikler
Carlosthepastor 3/20(火) 14:49
@MBK_Alliance I’m in @BarackObama
jdubba_u 3/20(火) 14:49
@DrTJC @MBK_Alliance Here is the rewritten/edited headline for anyone wondering
alexespind 3/20(火) 14:49
@SDCITIZEN @MBK_Alliance Unfair, inhumane, and a huge loss of phenomenal talent. SAD!
dsr68 3/20(火) 14:51
@MBK_Alliance Thanks Barack Drone Obama
DMChampion68 3/20(火) 14:52
@joimonki @MBK_Alliance ✌️♥️
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 14:53
@MBK_Alliance Mr Carson is way smarter the you Barry!
CenterIf 3/20(火) 14:54
@MBK_Alliance Being Black in America is like the effects of the Chernobyl melt down: the deadly tissue…
TomInnes2 3/20(火) 14:54
@MBK_Alliance Shut up you ridiculous fraud.
Eagle4913 3/20(火) 14:55
@MBK_Alliance the old american dream!!! Now with Trump it's a nightmare!
PeterMichelson5 3/20(火) 14:56
@MBK_Alliance You Barry on the down low failed at keeping America safe! This is what you refused to en…
CalvinL78556143 3/20(火) 15:00
@MBK_Alliance When the Hispanics unemployment went to 3.3 percent the Black unemployment climbed to 7.…
summiprasad 3/20(火) 15:00
@MBK_Alliance In India Narendra Modi Spoiling Student Life and Future... No Humanity No Justice…
Soullessdotx3 3/20(火) 15:03
@MBK_Alliance I see it more as a worldwide issue that needs addressing, but if America can get its act…
RamChallagundla 3/20(火) 15:05
@MBK_Alliance Thank you for support youth dear Obama

Political leaders may learn lot of things from…
lifesafeast 3/20(火) 15:18
@VABVOX @MBK_Alliance I love that you continue your incredible work. You are still our President.
Victori02626328 3/20(火) 15:21
@MBK_Alliance Mr President, it was a privilege to have worked hard on your campaign! There’s so much m…
mindthegap7 3/20(火) 15:23
@MBK_Alliance What do you think about EMF pollution and health?! Influence of EMF pollutio…
calumjmckenzie 3/20(火) 15:25
@MBK_Alliance I agree but removing guns has to be a first choice
doh_adil 3/20(火) 15:26
@MBK_Alliance Yet your daughter is using drugs, you do nothing.
KennethShortt 3/20(火) 15:27
@MBK_Alliance We don't need you Interfering with an already broken academia, your fascist liberal age…
Saeedaqs 3/20(火) 15:28
@MBK_Alliance I want to see GOD punish you as soon as possible , how many muslims have been killed in IRAQ , YEMEN by you ?
andersonmaura 3/20(火) 15:29
@MBK_Alliance We can all help and try to change that. It is so true.
Kephanb 3/20(火) 15:30
@MBK_Alliance Why start now ?
KennethShortt 3/20(火) 15:32
@MBK_Alliance Let me be more precise. FUCK OFF. Just crawl back into what ever Kenyan hole you crawled out of.
SongBir61085170 3/20(火) 15:33
@MBK_Alliance I love you President @BarackObama !!
IkhileChristop1 3/20(火) 15:33
@MBK_Alliance This is Paramount.
Rohit70337744 3/20(火) 15:37
@MBK_Alliance ha moj ha..
egenti_charles 3/20(火) 15:38
@MBK_Alliance For America still strong black & white are dsame equal right
SusanKulstad 3/20(火) 15:42
@MBK_Alliance It’s pretty bad when a 5 year old knows more about the presidency and presidents, than t…
SusanKulstad 3/20(火) 15:42
@MBK_Alliance Exact, but I’m pretty close. Not to mention the tone and implication behind it.
okjdc1 3/20(火) 15:43
@MBK_Alliance Obama is a POS . Always was always will be. Just another con man, like the Clintons and…
Christo88926047 3/20(火) 15:44
@MBK_Alliance Shit, ask my.. y'all should have been trying to get a step by step instructions for the…
MaryWal44193597 3/20(火) 15:48
@MBK_Alliance The TRUTH the whole truth& nothing but besides our children will inherit this mess that…
DonnaLBabel 3/20(火) 15:52
@MBK_Alliance Go far, far away...USA tired of your lies!
magdasbarr 3/20(火) 15:55
@MBK_Alliance Admiro tanto emotividad en dar a conocer su proyecto lo cual me llena de emocion gracias…
duckky007 3/20(火) 15:56
@MBK_Alliance Still playing the race card barry
AcourtJamea 3/20(火) 16:04
@MBK_Alliance Thought it was to keep citizens safe??
Bykuya2 3/20(火) 16:04
@MBK_Alliance I agree with you ,I am tired of just working hard studying ,but forgetting my dream as a boy from China
GmamaBP 3/20(火) 16:04
@MBK_Alliance Mr. President you’re sorely missed. It’s pathetic, painful, & embarrassing to see who’s…
seanstu70754051 3/20(火) 16:58
@MBK_Alliance Completely unrealistic
By the way your not government mate
GGrancsay 3/20(火) 16:59
CaetanoPinto1 3/20(火) 16:59
@MBK_Alliance This reflexion is a great example of the exaltation of the common good for our youth. It…
ToshihiroHirai 3/20(火) 17:03
@MBK_Alliance I think probably dreams come true.
CngKrp 3/20(火) 17:04
@MBK_Alliance Sizinkiler çocuk ortadoğudakiler çocuk değilmi terrorist üretip çocukları öldürüyosunuz siz terrorist siniz
NandakumarMani 3/20(火) 17:05
@MBK_Alliance Good Afternoon,How is shasha?
NandakumarMani 3/20(火) 17:05
@MBK_Alliance Good evening,Please have a nice day?
RebeccaDoss4 3/20(火) 17:07
@MBK_Alliance I miss you my president and love you so much!
OomiSatoru 3/20(火) 17:08
@MBK_Alliance こんにちは近江哲よろしくお願いします
Itsasecretshhh1 3/20(火) 17:15
@MBK_Alliance Thank you President Obama for your gracefulness n compassion that u still give now n the…
JenniferRBailey 3/20(火) 17:17
@MBK_Alliance Really Obama?!? are definitely going down soon!
Xhy7VSUiU2Gw6fW 3/20(火) 17:19
@MBK_Alliance HI Obama
Shalz87352315 3/20(火) 17:22
@MBK_Alliance Save kurdush childrean from ardogan
1pie3 3/20(火) 17:24
@MBK_Alliance Sorry bug admirer for many reasons but the world you left to the young is inhabited by a…
1pie3 3/20(火) 17:25
@MBK_Alliance Big
ColsonRalph 3/20(火) 17:27
@MBK_Alliance For two years you had a chance to to do so much for the American people and you let that…
ColsonRalph 3/20(火) 17:27
@MBK_Alliance P.S. Fuck You
ericacane90 3/20(火) 17:35
@MBK_Alliance Beautiful our wonderful president
DavidGraystone1 3/20(火) 17:35
@MBK_Alliance You, sir, are a hypocrite of the worst sort. NOW all your young people are important? NO…
kamiskami 3/20(火) 17:40
thaonguyenu92 3/20(火) 17:44
coolth8ught 3/20(火) 17:45
@MBK_Alliance We focus on the grassroots level. One kid at a time and inspire others to follow. Those…
preyeBenson 3/20(火) 17:45
@MBK_Alliance very important
HeelasEphraim 3/20(火) 17:46
@MBK_Alliance @obyezeks and @AishaYesufu, thought you might like this...
BlakeBoy9746 3/20(火) 17:50
@MBK_Alliance Wow Barack! Great job, who gave you the hammer? Because you hit that nail on the head!
MelissaSCranda1 3/20(火) 17:51
@MBK_Alliance I agree
vinithaharshan 3/20(火) 17:51
patsy_hathaway 3/20(火) 17:53
@MBK_Alliance Thank you Mr President For Your Service To the World And Making It a Better Place For all of Us
MelissaSCranda1 3/20(火) 17:54
@MBK_Alliance I wanna be Prego with Ismail hussien ameen
Bold_Alhadit 3/20(火) 18:00
@MBK_Alliance Following me please all
Elder076 3/20(火) 18:00
@MBK_Alliance Thank you Mr.President
jahansi50382040 3/20(火) 18:01
@MBK_Alliance bharat me u.p ka shiksha mitra pal 2 mar raha he bhajpa ki galat netiyo ke karan sarkar…
hamzah335 3/20(火) 18:02
@MBK_Alliance يا اوباما مبروك 100مليون متابع
yahyayuksel 3/20(火) 18:03
@MBK_Alliance It’s expensive to be poor, especially when more than half of new income earnings go to t…
amBhgPsalm 3/20(火) 18:05
@MBK_Alliance Morning Sir ,i'm a graduate aspiring to be a professional photographer buh no financial…
mstrata 3/20(火) 18:10
@MBK_Alliance Thank you Mr. President. We love and miss you!!
EasyOkosuns 3/20(火) 18:10
tlaslion 3/20(火) 18:11
@MBK_Alliance @UpshotNYT all the best.!.
papatribble 3/20(火) 18:13
@MBK_Alliance You are so full of shit! Worst president ever!
jds9973 3/20(火) 18:16
@MBK_Alliance Important yes, but our most important task is our national security. It looks now like…
Patrick93868344 3/20(火) 18:18
@MBK_Alliance Well done Barack well said
yuri6870 3/20(火) 18:19
@MBK_Alliance با سیاست های کس شرت ریدی تو منطقه بعد رفتی...جوری شده قورباغه هم تو خاورمیانه هفت تیر میکشه
PeterZhao8712 3/20(火) 18:22
@MBK_Alliance Long live the People's Repulic of China!a
GardCorey 3/20(火) 18:29
fizzring 3/20(火) 18:33
@MBK_Alliance it would be better for every young leader to make sure what are the elements to give cha…
RobertThelan 3/20(火) 18:34
@MBK_Alliance Control your guns. They will be a lot safer
IsaacSamben 3/20(火) 18:37
@MBK_Alliance Too late to discuss
jamesgarrett570 3/20(火) 18:38
@MBK_Alliance Still trying to divide the country along racial lines. Classic Obama. News flash, you a…
LarryFlaherty14 3/20(火) 18:45
@MBK_Alliance Im sure you want to share the millions you have made over the last 9 years.. you didnt d…
spmullin 3/20(火) 18:45
@MBK_Alliance Corruption leads to poverty.
Rofowojr 3/20(火) 18:48
@MBK_Alliance By any definition a racist organization.
Mrs_Veals 3/20(火) 18:48
@MBK_Alliance I miss you, Mr. President.
Hardingr81 3/20(火) 18:49
@MBK_Alliance The world still needs you!
RashmiP60725058 3/20(火) 18:53
ClarkePanther 3/20(火) 18:53
@MBK_Alliance I just want you to know you are missed every day even here in Scotland, we had to stand…
Aaron61895364 3/20(火) 18:56
@MBK_Alliance MBK, Muslim Brotherhood Klan?
awesomelyrad 3/20(火) 19:04
@MBK_Alliance Prison is getting coser
guzzo_peter 3/20(火) 19:04
@MBK_Alliance Thanks @BarackObama @MBK_Alliance for your plans. But why don't you discussed about an e…
Shakira046 3/20(火) 19:05
guzzo_peter 3/20(火) 19:07
@MBK_Alliance Because without elders may we were not where we are.
jammopo2014 3/20(火) 19:07
@MBK_Alliance Thank you President Obama & Michelle for ALL that you do for the children
HTSKp7J8y14N0zm 3/20(火) 19:07
@MBK_Alliance オバマ大統領
tja853741 3/20(火) 19:07
GreatMiais 3/20(火) 19:08
@MBK_Alliance We definitely need to start working on making America better for the younger citizens so…
bleugazza1759 3/20(火) 19:08
@MBK_Alliance Well done @BarackObama God bless you for all your efforts. @AsoRock @MBuhari…
BBanks710 3/20(火) 19:08
@MBK_Alliance Could be said, “The most important thing we can do as a nation, is to teach our children…
BookieShonuga 3/20(火) 19:13
@MBK_Alliance As single parents like me struggle to do the best for our kids, especially our young bla…
muhamma74220935 3/20(火) 19:13
@MBK_Alliance thanks obama
Lissa_Battle 3/20(火) 19:14
@MBK_Alliance Acting locally thinking globally
CYGreen205 3/20(火) 19:14
@Latasse39 @MBK_Alliance We have to get rid of the Dotard that's occupying the Whitehouse right now. I…
L9jxnHCpSxo1UDe 3/20(火) 19:16
@MBK_Alliance 先生您好!
RobertHost 3/20(火) 19:17
@MBK_Alliance U had a chance to do that when u were potus, did nothing
BethCalvertNYC 3/20(火) 19:18
@MBK_Alliance ❤️ America misses you !
nevisollie 3/20(火) 19:19
debbielee1956 3/20(火) 19:20
@MBK_Alliance You were a Great President miss you so much.
Jackmeh04461964 3/20(火) 19:22
@MBK_Alliance Enjoy GITMO
DanDanschiefs 3/20(火) 19:22
danasaman2 3/20(火) 19:22
rmpl01 3/20(火) 19:23
@MBK_Alliance You think that’s bad..try being a minority fighting for a job. Yet we don’t complain. We make it!
Suvendu76661111 3/20(火) 19:23
@MBK_Alliance This is pleasure to know this. I think this is a bast task for our kids that how they…
denisem_p 3/20(火) 19:29
@cinnamongirl107 @MBK_Alliance There's a more urgent task to attend to first.
HydenDouglas 3/20(火) 19:31
@MBK_Alliance Are you busier now or when you where President?
golfnuts2 3/20(火) 19:34
@MBK_Alliance First we need to impeach the idiot @realDonaldTrump & put in a person with integrity & honor in the WH
Domianafilhos 3/20(火) 19:34
@MBK_Alliance O meu presidente. Desculpa ao atraso feliz dia do pai.
Antoine41370743 3/20(火) 19:36
@MBK_Alliance SECTOR
GaleSinner666 3/20(火) 19:37
@MBK_Alliance Barack you are always so lovely. God bless you and your family
RaymondGrass4 3/20(火) 19:38
@MBK_Alliance We agree and miss you
Kayo173 3/20(火) 19:39
@MBK_Alliance History is filled with tragic examples of wars that result from diplomatic impasse. Whet…
DexterghostmanB 3/20(火) 19:39
@MBK_Alliance Thanks for staying involved
KeatonHerzer 3/20(火) 19:40
@MBK_Alliance Dude come back please?
macabr 3/20(火) 19:40
@MBK_Alliance You are sorely missed Mr. President
sjpap 3/20(火) 19:41
@Josephdoke23 @MBK_Alliance Democrats lost, you won two terms, now you and fellow Democrats can relax…
I_sing_the_love 3/20(火) 19:45
@MBK_Alliance I am waiting for the day to confirm my dreams
OchuPrincess 3/20(火) 19:45
@MBK_Alliance Nc
GTimlin2 3/20(火) 19:45
@MBK_Alliance I’ve been pondering the idea lately of when trump begins the push to extend the presiden…
thegrays13 3/20(火) 19:46
@MBK_Alliance We desperately need your inspiration and hope for unity in our country again. Please speak more on unity.
rb2best 3/20(火) 19:48
@MBK_Alliance Yes we can! You missed the world Mr President...
ozzie1963 3/20(火) 19:56
@MBK_Alliance Obama, take a seat....! You had your chance and drove America to it’s lowest point in Hi…
makemebelieve1 3/20(火) 19:57
@MBK_Alliance Miss u!✌
LisaNipper2 3/20(火) 19:58
@MBK_Alliance That's right! You go former President Barack Obama!
NancyLChapman 3/20(火) 20:02
@MBK_Alliance What did you do for the kids in your hometown of Chicago?

BillyR3 3/20(火) 20:04
E7Starman 3/20(火) 20:05
@MBK_Alliance Good morning President Obama. Thank you for making a difference for our democracy and fr…
joeydomz 3/20(火) 20:06
@MBK_Alliance Come back King of America I miss you ugh
robertsgang73 3/20(火) 20:08
@MBK_Alliance Worst president in history, sit back and watch how a real man runs the country.
tafkam08 3/20(火) 20:09
@MBK_Alliance Thanks for all that you do!
Vander33704519 3/20(火) 20:09
@MBK_Alliance Pregava aversão verdadeira do verdadeiro evangelho, não por dinheiro ou por status e sim…
winborneb 3/20(火) 20:09
@DrTJC @MBK_Alliance
faaizalishah 3/20(火) 20:10
@MBK_Alliance Hi
ccowartdavid777 3/20(火) 20:12
@MBK_Alliance Proud to be the inspiration for my brother's keeper. I hope it help many. You see, we w…
sehawkins9595 3/20(火) 20:14
@MBK_Alliance Thank you Mr. President!
AdamHileman 3/20(火) 20:14
@MBK_Alliance I so cant wait till November and to see this take over, this demagogue isn…
supertr00pa 3/21(水) 1:00
@MBK_Alliance Sounds good Barry but remember when you said this? The camera never forgets even if your…
erouus 3/21(水) 1:01
@MBK_Alliance He sparked hope -- and got blindsided
leebernice88 3/21(水) 1:01
@MBK_Alliance I love and miss your caring ass soooo much! We never appreciate the good things until th…
GaryPet71783495 3/21(水) 1:02
IngridSealsHer 3/21(水) 1:03
@MBK_Alliance @BarackObama @MBK_Alliance hi President Obama anything that you're affiliated with and…
AdanniaT 3/21(水) 1:03
@MBK_Alliance Thank you so much my president of all time. We love and miss you every single day. May G…
meganrohn 3/21(水) 1:05
@cmclymer @MBK_Alliance @extua hehe
get_trumped101 3/21(水) 1:05
@MBK_Alliance The young people of Libya had dreams too
rockstarjazzcat 3/21(水) 1:06
@MBK_Alliance @BarackObama I think it's to make sure they have a healthy planet to achieve their dream…
BuzzFakeNews 3/21(水) 1:06
@MBK_Alliance Let there be light!

indravyas1 3/21(水) 1:09
@MBK_Alliance I want India gov tell every peson who can earn that my imployee and india gov with him
THEBEARTRUTH28 3/21(水) 1:10
@MBK_Alliance Yes maybe they can all apply for foreign aid and student loans kind of like you did…
N7MV4FRCucnyUnA 3/21(水) 1:12
@MBK_Alliance 私をCIA に入社させて下さい。
OlakunleObase 3/21(水) 1:13
@MBK_Alliance True talk sir
RonKaplan67 3/21(水) 1:14
@MBK_Alliance We need a constitutional amendment so you can be President for 8 more years!
Salonckim 3/21(水) 1:16
@MBK_Alliance Mr. President, the voice of reason. Our children need your words of comfort understandin…
GoiabaytO 3/21(水) 1:18
Hi Barack! I'm brazilian, but i like so much you and your family! I see all the notices of you. I love…
PaulMcGlashan2 3/21(水) 1:19
@MBK_Alliance Thanks Mr. Obama message from Paul A McGlashan O thanks for your service.
1T3tdzK3DujTfN1 3/21(水) 1:20
@MBK_Alliance brother keeper
HinsaOumar 3/21(水) 1:20
@MBK_Alliance together people can achieve everything
shullfamily05 3/21(水) 1:23
budbuddy123 3/21(水) 1:24
@MBK_Alliance Like you helped Chicago with your community organizing? You’re a joke!
shullfamily05 3/21(水) 1:25
@MBK_Alliance Why is it always about race with you, you some kind of color nazi.
IaTeYoUrMuFfInx 3/21(水) 1:25
ali427457 3/21(水) 1:27
@MBK_Alliance What about the kids in Syria mr ex-president?
Did you and anyone of your Institutions think of them??
jab425493 3/21(水) 1:27
@MBK_Alliance Your dumb ass had 8 years to get things done and you pissed it away doing what your handle wanted you to do.
brendashoger 3/21(水) 1:28
@MBK_Alliance You did nothing to help your race while you were president if nothing else you aggravate…
ChrisRichardsPD 3/21(水) 1:31
@wielechowski @MBK_Alliance @AKSenateDems Please do not retweet Barack Obama.
AplaZg 3/21(水) 1:31
@MBK_Alliance Yes,We can,china
MBKHouston 3/21(水) 1:32
@MBK_Alliance As adults, we should ensure our ceilings in life are the floor boards of our young people start in life!
robert35427671 3/21(水) 1:35
@MBK_Alliance Come back please.....
LockerRoom101 3/21(水) 1:35
@MBK_Alliance I’d be interested to see the statistics on this subject for girls. Why is this just boys…
BrownsBbarB101 3/21(水) 1:36
@MBK_Alliance You want change all right you lousy progressive. You started with brainwashing our kids in schools.
IsmaelOsman11 3/21(水) 1:39
@MBK_Alliance Great Goals sweet human Barack Obama. Thanks so much
Sandie84255111 3/21(水) 1:40
@MBK_Alliance I enjoy listening to a real President!!
MLK_VISION 3/21(水) 1:40
@MBK_Alliance Amen
SpeziaNancy 3/21(水) 1:42
@MBK_Alliance Yes,, another school shooting
GaminZitro 3/21(水) 1:43
@MBK_Alliance Teach the kids for a brighter AMERICA
VincentKrausz_ 3/21(水) 1:45
@MBK_Alliance It starts by putting American citizens first!!!
DugeHouchebag 3/21(水) 1:46
@MBK_Alliance Does that include forcing them to pay for health insurance they cannot afford nor use?
RobertD64200897 3/21(水) 1:46
@neeratanden @MBK_Alliance You mean the dreams of Illegal Aliens, right Barry?
CarlEricJensen1 3/21(水) 1:48
@MBK_Alliance Amazing words Obama miss you!
dkhsum 3/21(水) 1:48
@MBK_Alliance Hey Barrack, first thing is to keep our kids safe. I’m curious, what did you think of th…
Elizabeth904397 3/21(水) 1:48
@guavate86 @MBK_Alliance I wish you were still our president Mr Obama.
imflyfishman 3/21(水) 1:49
@MBK_Alliance @UpshotNYT @nytimes Black children need to know we will hold their hands in unity against inequality and racism!
Kamo87752214 3/21(水) 1:52
@MBK_Alliance Yes ,you are right.
TLaCostranostra 3/21(水) 1:53
@sadies_dogpal @MBK_Alliance
FuryToyou 3/21(水) 1:53
@MBK_Alliance Our youth have given up on the adults currently leading their future.When the reality of…
dananorell1 3/21(水) 1:54
@MBK_Alliance I am glad to hear from u I don't like way he s behavior terrible I do miss u too and ur daughter smile
KountaBounama 3/21(水) 1:57
@MBK_Alliance Salut Obama comment tu vas et là-bas ça marche vraiment je suis content de toi beaucoup…
ew2721 3/21(水) 1:58
@MBK_Alliance Blah didn't do anything but decorate celebrities with medals and hang out wit…
LookDownRange 3/21(水) 1:58
@MBK_Alliance Go Fuck yourself,leave My Country and take your Rat Pack with you !
RuttRowe 3/21(水) 2:00
brinaanne1776 3/21(水) 2:05
@MBK_Alliance The progressive democrat socialist communist party pushes for diversity rather than see…
LuciDixon 3/21(水) 2:09
@MBK_Alliance You will go down in history as the most divisive President ! You are slowly undoing all…
Shortt47r 3/21(水) 2:09
@MBK_Alliance Keep up the good work you are sorely missed.
Mahdar23 3/21(水) 2:10
@MBK_Alliance welcom mister Obama vous éte un brave homme le debil Trump n'est pas un president
mgall8961 3/21(水) 2:10
@MBK_Alliance Go away.
Mrsssssmaryjane 3/21(水) 2:11
@MBK_Alliance Yes
idea46 3/21(水) 2:11
@MBK_Alliance Love u President Obama
rickyha38401941 3/21(水) 2:11
@MBK_Alliance I’m reminded daily by the work of the current administration..... just how big of a dud…
snakeboned 3/21(水) 2:12
@MBK_Alliance Yo Barry remember me ? I used to supply your drug dealer in Hawaii. And I know what you’re all about!
Lyndac1027 3/21(水) 2:13
@MBK_Alliance Final checker. You have got to go. Blocking your sorry arse.
philmur70281134 3/21(水) 2:14
@MBK_Alliance Indeed
philmur70281134 3/21(水) 2:15
@MBK_Alliance Indeed Mr. President
dotcomlandlordz 3/21(水) 2:16
Tushar160588 3/21(水) 2:16
@MBK_Alliance Great my Sir
asiedu_adwoa 3/21(水) 2:18
@MBK_Alliance Love you
EileenMarable 3/21(水) 2:18
@MBK_Alliance Inspirational words, to which I’d humbly add we should teach our children to evaluate th…
y58MuqQkg7vyzNS 3/21(水) 2:18
@MBK_Alliance 嘿 老头 老头
MomzReVolution 3/21(水) 2:19
@MBK_Alliance Let us also protect young people and their mothers from Domestic Terrorism right here in…
SLSheda11 3/21(水) 2:20
@MBK_Alliance I miss you! This country needs a president like you again.
MartyMcthighs 3/21(水) 2:23
@MBK_Alliance Hey Obama! I would love to work with mbk i have a youtube series called MEN CRY about ma…
Manish17298832 3/21(水) 2:28
@MBK_Alliance How are you
DarraghFarrel11 3/21(水) 2:30
@MBK_Alliance Dude you are missed by the entire universe!?! We need you back!?! Some mad man has taken…
hssplrsul 3/21(水) 2:31
@MBK_Alliance billion incach.. the Same Zabrina
BCOFBRAVE 3/21(水) 2:32
@MBK_Alliance Constitutional Law is Coming ...YOU CAN RUN BARRY WE SEE YOU ...AND BEYOND BABY @realDonaldTrump
TChr1stopher 3/21(水) 2:32
@MBK_Alliance Good ol Barack. Not even in office anymore and still waging the race war. America is pro…
Kenneth66611407 3/21(水) 2:33
@MBK_Alliance Absolutely agree Mr. President
BamaWatchtower 3/21(水) 2:34
@MBK_Alliance @willboydforAL agrees with you President Obama! We are fighting hard in Alabama to make…
Harperk1Kevin 3/21(水) 2:38
@MBK_Alliance And not just in America, Sir. But America can take the Trump that is! ✔️
vonhonderwitz 3/21(水) 2:39
@MBK_Alliance Keep government and community leaders like yourself out of the equation and things would…
RudeDogma2 3/21(水) 2:41
@MBK_Alliance You sir, have a perpwalk waiting for you.
R_KWhitehead 3/21(水) 2:42
@MBK_Alliance This is bullshit!
MicahadairMicah 3/21(水) 4:10
@autumnleigh33 @MBK_Alliance Thank you Mr President for all the good working you are doing!
dee_sojournal 3/21(水) 4:11
@MBK_Alliance Q says hi.
7md9a81TYmkaEf7 3/21(水) 4:11
dee_sojournal 3/21(水) 4:12
DrEmeryAiles 3/21(水) 4:13
@MBK_Alliance well said sir
Train2020Trump 3/21(水) 4:14
BTLovin 3/21(水) 4:14
@MBK_Alliance "We the People"... "provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and sec…
tiohobbes 3/21(水) 4:14
@MBK_Alliance One step would be interest free student loans
SouthernBohemia 3/21(水) 4:16
@fcummings @MBK_Alliance Come back
Ph_Law_29 3/21(水) 4:17
@MBK_Alliance US Senate votes military intervention in Yemen war
We hope that this intervention will b…
124_dw 3/21(水) 4:20
@autumnleigh33 @MBK_Alliance Obama Why didn't you do this when you were President ???
no2_kay 3/21(水) 4:21
@MBK_Alliance Dear President Obama Have I told you lately that I love you????? ❌❌❌❌
PaulB118 3/21(水) 4:23
@MBK_Alliance ,
ms9530 3/21(水) 4:23
ronHOLDER 3/21(水) 4:25
@MBK_Alliance Especially legal kids and NOT illegals, right Barry?
BlackAmerica7 3/21(水) 4:27
@MBK_Alliance Mr President you are very much mess in our White House you and the First Lady was such a…
sbj181 3/21(水) 4:28
@MBK_Alliance Yea Bama! Miss having a positive uplifting voice for American Leadership
raquellivewell 3/21(水) 4:29
@MBK_Alliance Ready and willing to serve!!
fredtarbox 3/21(水) 4:29
@Nylons @MBK_Alliance Why is this tace thing all of a sudden out of control now that your out of offic…
didieu_brad 3/21(水) 4:30
@MBK_Alliance Come back!!!!! PLEASE.
zilla705 3/21(水) 4:30
@MBK_Alliance via DuckDuckGo for Android
Puppet President Obama
givewin_darwin 3/21(水) 4:32
@MBK_Alliance Mr. Obama you are great...!!!
AonghusMahon 3/21(水) 4:32
@MBK_Alliance Your flock of idiots don’t even look at what you wrote. None of them have responded with…
tja853741 3/21(水) 4:35
Libertad28P 3/21(水) 4:36
@MBK_Alliance Bien por usted!!!
ReesieRulz 3/21(水) 4:36
@MBK_Alliance Whatcha gonna do in New Zealand ? Enquiring minds want to know .
MichaelBPierce1 3/21(水) 4:36
@MBK_Alliance We sure miss you as President
Beckermangmail1 3/21(水) 4:39
@MBK_Alliance That is a great vision for any leads who things about posterity
MEAS_PCS 3/21(水) 4:42
@MBK_Alliance We are doing our part...Charter school in rural Maryland.
JanAbel32985578 3/21(水) 4:44
Keller4Liberty 3/21(水) 4:46
@MBK_Alliance I agree - but we need to help ALL kids, not just ones with a certain skin color.
5YAGgHbPzRkR 3/21(水) 4:47
@MBK_Alliance Obama confessed that he's government created daesh
5YAGgHbPzRkR 3/21(水) 4:47
@MBK_Alliance Hilary clinton confessed that the white house created al qaeda and taliban
5YAGgHbPzRkR 3/21(水) 4:47
@MBK_Alliance «Syrian fathers find their children among the killed» را در YouTube تماشا کنید
Rustyinthehigh 3/21(水) 4:49
@MBK_Alliance I love how his tweets are kind, thoughtful, sincere, supportive and grammatically correct. Awesome!!
SimonLane6 3/21(水) 4:49
@MBK_Alliance Not just the young older people have dreams to.
FredMdavadi 3/21(水) 4:50
@UpshotNYT yea bt most leaders don't think the same all is for their own Good and goals sir,,,,
robjames62 3/21(水) 4:50
@MBK_Alliance Why don't you do us all a favor and be like other presidents. Stop interfering, and just go away!
NildaLFernandez 3/21(水) 4:52
@MBK_Alliance Collaboration, collaboration collaboration is the key!
dgold1054 3/21(水) 4:59
@JohnLaprise @MBK_Alliance These young warriors 18 yrs old young will help bring back our nation from…
amjjed222 3/21(水) 5:00
@MBK_Alliance Is that more about keeping hold or its about giving more to others?
Killerharris1 3/21(水) 5:01
@MBK_Alliance My family and I miss you. Thank you for the
MachyIam 3/21(水) 5:02
@MBK_Alliance I love you so much sir... You are the president of the people by the people and for the…
gardeningnut2 3/21(水) 5:03
@MBK_Alliance Past progress, such as it’s been, is now stymied and even ridiculed by a surprising numb…
MCandotto 3/21(水) 5:04
@MBK_Alliance Dream it’s a dream- reality it’s a reality... l hope in a dream that it will became reality