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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2018/11/16(金) 22:25 .

The future is bright for the world’s poorest farmers because of innovative companies like @myAgroFarms:…

PrasunK5 11/16(金) 22:25
@myAgroFarms Awesome sir
Nurgissa5 11/16(金) 22:25
@myAgroFarms You?
synergiator 11/16(金) 22:26
@myAgroFarms great!
frazzledjazz 11/16(金) 22:26
@myAgroFarms joke about that and zimbabwe on ebay.... 10 trillion dollar (fake ) notes...(they stop at million )
shailuyadav11 11/16(金) 22:26
@myAgroFarms Sir Bill Gates I am not trying to explain to you anywhere. I'm just going to tell you that…
shahjhan_malikk 11/16(金) 22:26
@myAgroFarms “A bigger harvest could mean the difference between affording to send your kids to school o…
DrPoona83749288 11/16(金) 22:26
@myAgroFarms Very good Sir
hunzaie 11/16(金) 22:26
@myAgroFarms Right ❤️
Anthonyswords3 11/16(金) 22:27
@myAgroFarms Love what you fo Bill..alot of admiration...
GopiKorla 11/16(金) 22:27
@myAgroFarms Hi Very Nice providing Agro Card.....
Sensitive_arse 11/16(金) 22:27
@myAgroFarms Hope things change for the better.
supervee20 11/16(金) 22:28
@myAgroFarms Not Those From Nigeria
seanjohnwan 11/16(金) 22:28
@myAgroFarms I asked Bill Gates a silly question on reddit once and he responded when everyone else was…
GopiKorla 11/16(金) 22:29
@myAgroFarms Hi
How Can i Get a Agro Card.
malvision1 11/16(金) 22:29
@myAgroFarms What in Earth ❤️
sabhyayadav1 11/16(金) 22:29
@myAgroFarms This is very good initiative
JhaAmit91 11/16(金) 22:30
@myAgroFarms Good Sir
i_KrystianDuda 11/16(金) 22:31
awaleed1997 11/16(金) 22:31
NurseRabbi 11/16(金) 22:31
@myAgroFarms Manchurians on ur own medication u mixed up urself @USSupremeCourt u unlicensed services in…
JasminePhyllis3 11/16(金) 22:31
ankitdehraj1 11/16(金) 22:32
@myAgroFarms Is it available in several countries ???
sherrysparkle 11/16(金) 22:33
@myAgroFarms cool
kamitotaira 11/16(金) 22:34
soniya_deshmukh 11/16(金) 22:34
@myAgroFarms Amen
sh3j35t3r 11/16(金) 22:34
@myAgroFarms Good morning, Mr. Gates.
MoDwedar10 11/16(金) 22:35
@myAgroFarms @BillGates You are my idol, I hope to become like you.
But unfortunately I do not have mone…
colemansblog99 11/16(金) 22:35
@myAgroFarms Keep the inovations coming
PalashCreative 11/16(金) 22:35
@myAgroFarms Not only for Microsoft but also for humanitarian activities indiscriminately the future gen…
SchillerWalther 11/16(金) 22:35
@myAgroFarms And me who though their future is bright because of permaculture .
aholelei_okusi 11/16(金) 22:35
@myAgroFarms Of course Bill,,,it's only takes a little touch to make something AMAZING!!! FANTASTIC...
JamieMcKeeMJS 11/16(金) 22:36
@myAgroFarms @GrameenFdn
Goniissak 11/16(金) 22:36
@myAgroFarms UN news In 1820, 94% of the world's population lived in extreme poverty. In 1990, 34.8%, an…
SCHENKERFreder1 11/16(金) 22:37
@myAgroFarms Excusez-moi je vous réponds en français car je souffre de gros problèmes de concentration j…
uHfESkdS3k7VIRb 11/16(金) 22:40
simver10 11/16(金) 22:40
NeddoNatsud 11/16(金) 22:45
@myAgroFarms "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."
UrValsson 11/16(金) 22:47
@myAgroFarms Did anyone participate this when entering the BIOS was a must skill to not lose sanity? MSD…
krueger_khan 11/16(金) 22:51
@myAgroFarms Hey Bill I think this could work on Mexico too, please look at it.
felah_el 11/16(金) 22:54
@myAgroFarms Thank you for these opportunities to save small farming and may be, we may think to Little…
haricruise007 11/16(金) 22:58
@myAgroFarms Sir your intention about the agrofarm is fantastic, but its never reaches to farmers, it’s…
MocoYousouf 11/16(金) 22:58
@myAgroFarms How to harvest seeds for sale or to increase crop & use compost or manure as fertilizers in…
Mirko68863210 11/16(金) 23:02
@myAgroFarms Real example of an entrepreneur!
shayamanofarai 11/16(金) 23:04
@myAgroFarms GREAT @myAgroFarms . Africa is in
shayamanofarai 11/16(金) 23:05
@myAgroFarms great
goldiology 11/16(金) 23:05
@myAgroFarms We just need1% of your brain to make our country Nigeria work again, we gathered bunch of…
BrianEStewart1 11/16(金) 23:06
@myAgroFarms Are they allowed to grow Hemp there?
universeandi 11/16(金) 23:14
@myAgroFarms I hope they can buy ANY fertilizer and seeds.
I hope the fertilizer is organic and do not l…
Musbey 11/16(金) 23:15
@myAgroFarms Very nice., to get best and most crops, innovative farmers very important.. ️
MocoYousouf 11/16(金) 23:23
@myAgroFarms Am back again, as a thinker doers are the others like retired persons. Why don’t they go st…
ghamessmona 11/16(金) 23:24
@myAgroFarms Doucement mais sûrement @dikul_net
Artfor 11/16(金) 23:31
@myAgroFarms And if we go see those poor farmers in 5 or 10 years from now (assuming they're still farmi…
hapawriter 11/16(金) 23:32
@myAgroFarms I support them 100%...not the corporate farmers who pay for perks under the table...and the…
dipanshumansinh 11/16(金) 23:36
@myAgroFarms @RadhamohanBJP @narendramodi @siddheshb
Philip00852643 11/16(金) 23:46
@myAgroFarms Sir for thinking about the poor farmers. How will farmers benefit from this your farm project?
AirdropExplorer 11/16(金) 23:47
@myAgroFarms Yeah i agree... But its better to educate them also in digital money too.
NBalakr62245579 11/16(金) 23:48
@myAgroFarms How can this thing possible
ParaneetharanA1 11/16(金) 23:56
@myAgroFarms Wow great for future
Brad_Milo1 11/17(土) 0:01
@myAgroFarms This would pair well with @SkySpaceGlobal tech once it is live
Raihanu35263799 11/17(土) 0:12
@myAgroFarms I think your idea always good for poor farmer.Thank you sir...
BaruUikey 11/17(土) 0:19
@myAgroFarms Congratulations sir and Thanks for the Innovation AgroFarms
wezhirawezheve 11/17(土) 0:24
@myAgroFarms Kkkkkk very fun how Jewish communities chat way forward in every opportunity. Being Zimbabw…
Isaiah21452669 11/17(土) 0:25
@myAgroFarms right Bill
even here kenya and africa in future we shall assist farmers
tyler41891983 11/17(土) 0:34
@myAgroFarms Thank you so much gates God's good
sonia_singh2001 11/17(土) 0:55
@myAgroFarms Farmers r back bone of democracy.
ashokangadi7291 11/17(土) 1:02
@myAgroFarms Sir really ur doing very good work.U have vision for poor farmers & for others needing for…
plkc2244 11/17(土) 1:15
@myAgroFarms Thank-you @myargrofarms
HilciasBarrios 11/17(土) 1:22
@myAgroFarms Great news!
SoumalaSavadog7 11/17(土) 1:25
@myAgroFarms Give me a half million to transforme life of my village. Then, the lack of finance ressourc…
SoumalaSavadog7 11/17(土) 1:27
@myAgroFarms Then, you could come to visite their and decide after. The accurent value is the agriculture and gardening cultures.
patricia_hosea 11/17(土) 1:28
@myAgroFarms It is such a Blessing to know that we have an individual like you who not just cares but ge…
nefesologia 11/17(土) 1:33
@myAgroFarms Promueva una ley mundial en cual ordene el destino de la tierra para los vulnerables trabajadores.
Ahmad31144407 11/17(土) 1:39
@myAgroFarms Peace be upon you and God 's mercy and blessings Possible phone number if you allow
sourav_jini 11/17(土) 1:53
@myAgroFarms AI will make cultivation easier sooner.

can imagine that real.
SavdasKaravadr1 11/17(土) 4:17
@myAgroFarms im proud ofyou
DenisTekah 11/17(土) 4:19
@myAgroFarms Congratulations
tomaszkruk123 11/17(土) 5:10
@myAgroFarms Nice.
youyang2009 11/17(土) 6:08
RafatHajia 11/17(土) 6:37
@myAgroFarms Very informative
joaquindiaz83 11/17(土) 6:43
@myAgroFarms You are the best,thanks.
Big man,big human.
kamalamin20 11/17(土) 6:54
@myAgroFarms Mr. Gates: usually these companies have fees for their services. Also all the chemicals, fe…
Limliefung1 11/17(土) 7:45
@myAgroFarms ❤❤❤❤❤
krmmzlm61 11/17(土) 7:55
@myAgroFarms heartless elegance of her
TomWinchester15 11/17(土) 8:29
@myAgroFarms How about our aboriginal families??? They need your help....
SusanaC06946009 11/17(土) 8:59
@myAgroFarms It's nice to help people
oren_clyde 11/17(土) 9:00
@myAgroFarms Dear mr. Bill Gate I think you should work closely with Elon Musk on some of the project an…
oren_clyde 11/17(土) 9:01
@myAgroFarms Please consider this together with you and Elon Musk Bill Gate if you work together you wil…
marvelcairo 11/17(土) 9:16
@myAgroFarms Heroism >
SuryawanshiSam5 11/17(土) 9:18
@myAgroFarms Great
KamrajChalak 11/17(土) 10:17
@myAgroFarms Superb
kon18210793 11/17(土) 10:20
@myAgroFarms 綺麗な街たくさん作ってください
Danocowboy 11/17(土) 10:20
@myAgroFarms Bill gates would rather help foreign interest. He could care less about elderly or poor in America
PanudetSeebut 11/17(土) 10:31
@myAgroFarms Dear Mr.Gates you are kind good man so I wish you visit Thailand and
help many poorest people here too
Samjgettygmail1 11/17(土) 10:41
@myAgroFarms Mr Gates I am on a disability and I travel to Saskatchewan from BC several times a year and…
ChagantiPrakash 11/17(土) 11:01
@myAgroFarms Very Good News
PariyavaranS 11/17(土) 11:08
@myAgroFarms Bill gates is bill gates
AichaAouad1 11/17(土) 11:16
@myAgroFarms Let's hope SO!
aahmet25 11/17(土) 11:27
@myAgroFarms Bill bize sponsor olurmusun 500 bin ABD doları lütfen
asadmr 11/17(土) 11:29
@myAgroFarms One of the GREATNESS of Bill Gates I found he works for poor without boundaries even withou…
Robin29768657 11/17(土) 11:38
@myAgroFarms Ok helping the poorest farmers that's awesome! What about america's poorest family's ? One day at a time huh.
AshokKu20345399 11/17(土) 11:41
@myAgroFarms Sir, in India lacs of farmers committed suicide since India went under globalization. Why ?
sunegalinda 11/17(土) 11:42
@myAgroFarms Todos contra a inteligencia artificial ou seu progresso de forma desinfreada pois um dia es…
xycywx1 11/17(土) 11:53
@myAgroFarms 可小雨自己想的可能被窃了,小雨怎么做呢
C38fYva0HU6GDkF 11/17(土) 11:59
@myAgroFarms you said the alphabetical truth. Because not in the world, even in a small town, there is…
C38fYva0HU6GDkF 11/17(土) 12:01
@myAgroFarms There is no mercy for humanity, humanity and other leaders.......
JWickramarathn1 11/17(土) 12:09
@myAgroFarms I want to please ask you something. always you halp to forign famers it good. Last 8 years…
uchennanjoku47 11/17(土) 13:16
@myAgroFarms sir help me I need work no food to eat 1012153289 UBA bank uche Njoku pls help the poor pls
TheGoForItGroup 11/17(土) 13:50
BoatnegYaw 11/17(土) 13:54
@myAgroFarms I like your motivation billGate I think that every great man think future.
EQQzwECm8Kkrrgv 11/17(土) 14:05
@myAgroFarms Hi.
Give me Microsoft copyright
bluemoon3632 11/17(土) 14:18
@myAgroFarms Hello ,Hello,Hello.
Mouna43452266 11/17(土) 14:21
@myAgroFarms Thanks for your support to Africa, God bless you
BaderQader 11/17(土) 14:29
@myAgroFarms Bill gates pls launch new windows operating system. I m using windows 10 for almost 2 years. Thk u
Ishrat08046010 11/17(土) 14:29
EthiopianTable 11/17(土) 15:32
@myAgroFarms Please help me x
OneilMatthewMa4 11/17(土) 16:35
@myAgroFarms Beg you a donation
pakgome 11/17(土) 17:22
@myAgroFarms I have a stupid question for you, have you ever wondered what was born of which I then crea…
OneilMatthewMa4 11/17(土) 18:26
@myAgroFarms Dead because them born
josemon1954 11/17(土) 18:34
@myAgroFarms my dear great BILL GATES i feel what i had requested for a help for recovering from the flo…
libbyclement1 11/17(土) 18:50
@myAgroFarms Bill, no words just
loloe2212 11/17(土) 19:06
@myAgroFarms How can Zimbabwe also benefit from MyAgro cause farmers are facing the same thing. Also far…
MALIKMCCLAIN10 11/17(土) 19:13
@myAgroFarms I'm glad that they will get a break and can enhance their agricultural skills as much as possible. Thanks Bill.
kingherculese8 11/17(土) 19:29
kingherculese8 11/17(土) 19:39
mrmcpool 11/17(土) 20:34
bankofbiology 11/17(土) 20:55
Danielbrown864 11/17(土) 20:56
@myAgroFarms I love bill gates honestly
UwizeyimanaXav3 11/17(土) 21:44
@myAgroFarms Yeah will facilitate them to improve their innovation
Hamzata64528930 11/17(土) 22:28
@myAgroFarms How dear let us kw
Bishoponasis 11/18(日) 0:28
DMWagner4 11/18(日) 0:55
@myAgroFarms Beautiful. Thank you Mr. Gates for all that you do to make our world better.
ideamix_it 11/18(日) 0:57
@myAgroFarms Ma pensi di guadagnarti il paradiso dando delle mancette ai piu' bisognosi?
Sushmit98449311 11/18(日) 1:08
HENRYHS42738193 11/18(日) 2:21
@myAgroFarms Bill send me money $ 500.000 to my email Paypal : you have send me money thank you
imAnkitjangid 11/18(日) 3:30
@myAgroFarms Ryt
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 3:36
@myAgroFarms "Happy Thanksgiving to All"
May God Bless America
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 3:43
@myAgroFarms Creativity is the key ingredient to drive the USA nation to reach stars and wonderful place…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 3:46
@myAgroFarms Creativity of mankind allows us to create AI and all AI-based technologies and useful produ…
alfastring 11/18(日) 3:47
@myAgroFarms Einstein did not explain the photoelectric effect.

“In the photoelectric effect the photo…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 3:52
@myAgroFarms The world does need more inventors, innovators, scientists, theorists etc. to create a more…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 3:57
@myAgroFarms The exploding of uncontrolled human birth rates of several nations such as China, India, In…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 4:00
@myAgroFarms The most urgent approach for all concerned visionaries is how to de-accelerate the explosio…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 4:04
@myAgroFarms are the root causes of all global chaos and miseries of all finds and all sorts of treacher…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 4:06
@myAgroFarms And point "B" has become victim of point "A" such as the USA has become never-ending victim…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 4:10
@myAgroFarms In a global vision, today, the massive and relentless movements of asylum-seekers and illeg…
ImpeccableVisi1 11/18(日) 4:13
@myAgroFarms can be seen as the global threats for all victimized nations such as USA, EU nation, Japan,…
leonellaleopar5 11/18(日) 4:36
pierrotleouf67 11/18(日) 4:48
@myAgroFarms infinitely dearer to me
salmetrio 11/18(日) 5:05
@myAgroFarms My proyects in my comunity of GOOGLE: PORTAFOLIO DE INVERSIONES alexander navas acuña. Pric…
FaithLo59417033 11/18(日) 6:05
@myAgroFarms Thank you so much for your love that moves you to do what you do much love to you
YouMe780 11/18(日) 7:10
@myAgroFarms Amen Mr Gates holla at me …"DJ Youme" aka Akeem Ricardo Wade Ross* amen Im also wondering w…
amfirs 11/18(日) 8:09
@myAgroFarms There should be more active efforts to add more similar companies in this world, to make br…
john8atrye 11/18(日) 8:18
@myAgroFarms The reason why you're successful is because you didn't feed the reward system from a piece…
natekarprash 11/18(日) 11:00
@myAgroFarms Very few farmers adopt it, it’s too difficult to convince the farmers to go with technology.
Melkyli26953969 11/18(日) 11:12
@myAgroFarms Hello? Good morning. Mr. Gates. How are you? How about you? Would you like to share with me…
josemon1954 11/18(日) 11:21
@myAgroFarms odear great bill gates,let god bless u abundantly with wealth peace and love,give your hand…
ajinantoo 11/18(日) 12:21
@myAgroFarms Please make sure they're using bio fertilizers or the after effect will be much more drasti…
salawa94 11/18(日) 13:04
@myAgroFarms how poorest farmers will benefit from this?
975hverma 11/18(日) 14:20
@myAgroFarms I am owner of microsoft
hng42050654 11/18(日) 14:51
Jilaloo1 11/18(日) 16:10
@myAgroFarms Mrs Bill Gate what on your mind about Ethiopia?
salgau 11/18(日) 18:50
@myAgroFarms Hi sir want to meet u regarding want finance to develop my company
oladipoomole 11/18(日) 18:53
@myAgroFarms Awesome.
WaseemM10575751 11/18(日) 19:33
@myAgroFarms Hello sir how are you I am like your your very nice man really sir I am like your so big ma…
nzaleA 11/18(日) 19:34
@myAgroFarms 02
ROA_Gint 11/18(日) 19:50
@myAgroFarms The riskier the road, the greater the profit.
AlfredSchrader1 11/18(日) 20:07
@myAgroFarms Hard work will solve any problem including ending poverty.
Photo is the fundamental technol…
BbScrimp 11/18(日) 20:19
@myAgroFarms Yes, thank you. Can we provide these resources & business model to impoverished, displaced,…
adeyemiakinolaa 11/18(日) 20:20
@myAgroFarms Please help
adeyemiakinolaa 11/18(日) 20:27
please help me with anything sir
Mrinmoy45781548 11/18(日) 21:18
@myAgroFarms Great job really inspiring
okache_thomas 11/18(日) 21:49
@myAgroFarms I want to be part of the innovations
ghogare_baba 11/18(日) 22:13
@myAgroFarms Please sir help mi

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