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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2019/2/11(月) 21:43 .

.@PMEthiopia Abiy Ahmed is a champion for diversity and gender equality. I enjoyed talking with him while in Addis…

IamTeamIK1 2/11(月) 21:44
@PMEthiopia Ifb
yuichiho 2/11(月) 21:44
@PMEthiopia Nice smiles : )
MSalman1926 2/11(月) 21:44
@PMEthiopia Good One.. In Future best of luck@BillGates
wasabi 2/11(月) 21:44
@PMEthiopia You're the man, Bill.
imbibuu1 2/11(月) 21:45
@PMEthiopia Paypal me please im poor.
SardarH98836193 2/11(月) 21:45
@PMEthiopia sir please any job in usa for me
BitcoinHTMLcoin 2/11(月) 21:45
pushpeshkamal 2/11(月) 21:45
@PMEthiopia Sir Bill Gates is doing a great work with many people . Respect his work
MUDASSI66716040 2/11(月) 21:46
@PMEthiopia 9th comment wwwaaaaaaahaaaaahhh
Musbey 2/11(月) 21:46
@PMEthiopia Bill Gates still young: )
Behailuwolde 2/11(月) 21:46
@PMEthiopia yes he is, thank you for endorsing him!
BhanuRa53789150 2/11(月) 21:46
@PMEthiopia Please keep up the good work, Bill Gates ji.
eMRooCxFcnutPnQ 2/11(月) 21:46
@PMEthiopia Hello brother, I am your brother from Syria, refugees in Jordan, very difficult situations,…
Durgesh24081999 2/11(月) 21:46
@PMEthiopia You are the of all
All bills go through your gate
haleluowen 2/11(月) 21:47
@PMEthiopia Dear Abbiy, please tell that dude that he will bever be able to test the unapproved immuniza…
lmudhebha1 2/11(月) 21:47
@PMEthiopia @matigary @advocatemahere @hwendec @daddyhope this is the real new dispensation
Manish3144 2/11(月) 21:47
@PMEthiopia Nice effort Abiey sir and thnks Gates sir you are big motivator ....its fantastic
Anudeep10195854 2/11(月) 21:48
@PMEthiopia Hello sir I don't if you would read this reply but if you do please help me I am trying to s…
AkintoyeOmotola 2/11(月) 21:48
@PMEthiopia respect
2013BBRYP 2/11(月) 21:48
@PMEthiopia Great work Sir
Durgesh24081999 2/11(月) 21:48
@PMEthiopia Sir... If your all assets may transform into Can you raise it in your hands witho…
BhavnaNaik20 2/11(月) 21:50
Durgesh24081999 2/11(月) 21:50
@PMEthiopia He is talking about and you on
ManishJ07247610 2/11(月) 21:50
@PMEthiopia Honorable,,
Superrrr ..ur great man
Sell_buy_land 2/11(月) 21:50
@PMEthiopia Me too sir
adamajacoby 2/11(月) 21:51
@PMEthiopia Bill 84.7% of the population live in less than $5.50 per day. What is he doing about that?
Dharamveer1979 2/11(月) 21:52
@PMEthiopia Sir ji.... Please doing help me because my brother's family in deep trouble
ramchet_ 2/11(月) 21:54
@PMEthiopia # Please get some work done.
Please give me

by adding elephants to you

Do not thin…
2Avichi 2/11(月) 21:54
@PMEthiopia the scientist with politician, u are both bright light for people.
long live !!
ThraxNYC1 2/11(月) 21:55
@PMEthiopia Uber rich gone astray!
WHAT a waste of brain & wealth when such people embrace anti nature c…
noahamberber 2/11(月) 21:55
@PMEthiopia My Best favourite guys!!!!
MattMil37970569 2/11(月) 21:55
@PMEthiopia Bill is just a likable guy doing good things with his blessings. I admire both Bill and Melissa.
danniilartey 2/11(月) 21:57
@PMEthiopia @PMEthiopia. I believe there are many of such advocates, in Ethiopia, here in Ghana, we are…
Matala08527255 2/11(月) 21:59
@PMEthiopia Mr. Gate must go here in Congo Kinshasa, see what happens here too
88rpLtWwU5wXp6X 2/11(月) 22:02
@PMEthiopia 人性的光辉往往在于对所有生命的尊重!
DayryDayry 2/11(月) 22:04
@PMEthiopia Hi! Bill! You had a good time.(^O^ )人(日▽日 )人(^谷^ )
You may want to meet a lot of people.(…
Arap_Talai 2/11(月) 22:05
@PMEthiopia Thanks @BillGates When you come come back to Africa [kenya] in specific remember me.
Robert81394550 2/11(月) 22:05
@PMEthiopia What U do Bill is great but it will never & I mean never be better because Bull will scrambl…
Sandeep32203888 2/11(月) 22:05
@PMEthiopia Good meeting sir
mimtiyez1989 2/11(月) 22:05
@PMEthiopia Yeah my humble guy, how fa about making me billionaire! u are an honorable guy make it happen
miraioritekita 2/11(月) 22:06
@PMEthiopia Bill Gates さん

@PMEthiopia Abiy Ahmed is a champion for diversity and ◯◯ equality. I enjoyed…
NafiTarik 2/11(月) 22:07
@PMEthiopia I need help m'y Paypal is
WAHIDALi756 2/11(月) 22:07
@PMEthiopia If you like a Muslim, you know today, there is a worse situation in our country.
mbolden 2/11(月) 22:08
@PMEthiopia Gates. Who. 'U.'
bluemoon3632 2/11(月) 22:11
@PMEthiopia Who are you?
wisniewski_jed 2/11(月) 22:12
@PMEthiopia I am truly grateful for the philanthropic work you do Mr.Gates. May you continue to find integrity over despair
sahita 2/11(月) 22:12
@PMEthiopia Education motivation and building love worldwide.
Abhishek_S_T 2/11(月) 22:12
@PMEthiopia You are champion too @BillGates
GreyHouseDan 2/11(月) 22:13
@PMEthiopia Diversity and gender equality are concepts no better than racism and sexism. We should be ch…
KArchiekins 2/11(月) 22:16
@PMEthiopia IFB
AII_hiroyukiota 2/11(月) 22:18
@PMEthiopia Humans who are in the may have a time when they don’t have to drive. Age when ter…
gbigeyo 2/11(月) 22:20
@TheoGiyan @PMEthiopia Mr Billgates just help African countries which are trying to stand on their foot…
MediAlem 2/11(月) 22:20
@PMEthiopia How about his admiration of tyranny in
tibo4567246 2/11(月) 22:21
@PMEthiopia he wants your money. you want him to push your ideas
gbigeyo 2/11(月) 22:26
@TheoGiyan @PMEthiopia Mr billgates just. Look what our beloved president is doing in Tanzania ,just sup…
AltafAn47689262 2/11(月) 22:34
@PMEthiopia when to meeting sir
mimisho4 2/11(月) 22:36
@PMEthiopia Ohooo that's ma prime minister we r lucky having you
tpaddy41 2/11(月) 22:37
@PMEthiopia This Ahmed has changed his country in the shortest time, he’s a world class champion
Imam_Tabroni85 2/11(月) 22:37
mimisho4 2/11(月) 22:39
@PMEthiopia Ohooo that's ma PM we r lucky having you
Jackey23357457 2/11(月) 22:45
@PMEthiopia 盖茨先生还是很帅的
nononoureddine 2/11(月) 22:46
@PMEthiopia Félicitations messieurs.
RajaNav95108620 2/11(月) 22:47
@PMEthiopia Great interaction.
PLuzwilo 2/11(月) 22:53
@PMEthiopia Shemeji yao wa taifa @MariaSTsehai una lolote la kusema hapo labda?!
MrDavidDeMarco 2/11(月) 22:56
@PMEthiopia You better have eaten some authentic Ethiopian food!
wgjnwj88 2/11(月) 22:57
@PMEthiopia 人类杰出贡献者,比尔盖茨。一位至力于提高全人类福祉的真正善良的天才型慈善家。
GetachewAbiye 2/11(月) 23:04
@PMEthiopia You welcome
AymanRa94938653 2/11(月) 23:04
tarik_a 2/11(月) 23:06
@PMEthiopia is a rock star! Thank you for the leadership, both!
nuredin_abdi 2/11(月) 23:16
@FlawlessinET @PMEthiopia We are happy to have different projects carried by Bill and Melinda Gates here…
YSilwimba 2/11(月) 23:18
@PMEthiopia God may forward you!
DENISHABASA 2/11(月) 23:19
@PMEthiopia Very True Hon: Abiy has brought a new face on African Continent. We wish to see a more trans…
Rahulsi18855940 2/11(月) 23:28
@PMEthiopia Bill sir I am waiting waiting waiting
THEJB2 2/11(月) 23:33
PraneelRathod 2/11(月) 23:34
@PMEthiopia Only marvel fans will find this video funny
Watch the video :
mihaly_tobak 2/11(月) 23:38
@PMEthiopia Ez igen
LenaClarkCope 2/11(月) 23:47
@PMEthiopia We have a very long way to go in Diversity and Inclusion in America too Mr. Gates.
rahul92khampa 2/11(月) 23:51
inA49iU3p2EAFab 2/11(月) 23:58
AbebaBekele14 2/11(月) 23:59
@PMEthiopia Much love and respect to PM Abiy! He is indeed a champion
ZugarPlume 2/12(火) 0:02
solalfey 2/12(火) 0:09
@PMEthiopia Finally Ethiopia is changing for the better & as its current leader the PM should get some c…
LouBrotha 2/12(火) 0:11
@PMEthiopia He is a divisive populist charlatan who is drooling for Tigray blood but we will fight him t…
Aashaqmeer 2/12(火) 0:11
@PMEthiopia @BillGates heartly respect sir.
RialMnica2 2/12(火) 0:17
@PMEthiopia Bonjour svp pouvez vous m’écrire svp merci
sfintii 2/12(火) 0:20
@PMEthiopia Hem mr.bill
kvnglegacy2 2/12(火) 0:20
@PMEthiopia Nice one
SamJonh6 2/12(火) 0:21
@PMEthiopia Iyo cku wa fulani wakipata wakisifiwa kama hivi...hatulali.
ElvisWollenwebe 2/12(火) 0:23
@PMEthiopia Did you acquire shoulder implants(Possibly robot ).
MogesEthio 2/12(火) 0:29
@PMEthiopia welldone
GebrewahidWelay 2/12(火) 0:29
@PMEthiopia Sorry @BillGates Abiy Ahmed has fooled you wrongly. He is rather anti diversity that stood t…
FrancisOchen1 2/12(火) 0:31
@PMEthiopia When are you visiting @Uganda? We await your visit...
Sief26304337 2/12(火) 0:36
@PMEthiopia Hi please help me im very sick please this is my number 0097455156073 please im waiting for replay
AronMakunza 2/12(火) 0:38
@PMEthiopia May God Almighty bless him
jtrapolino 2/12(火) 0:39
@PMEthiopia Please run for President, Bill Gates
elitrilliondol1 2/12(火) 0:40
@PMEthiopia My role model
SOLOMONBEYENE12 2/12(火) 0:55
@PMEthiopia Thanks for supporting him and us
are_dasharath 2/12(火) 0:56
@PMEthiopia Great sir
Chembaby2 2/12(火) 0:57
@PMEthiopia Very happy that you are working in Ethiopia. I sponsor a child there. Beautiful people. Terrible poverty.
Candy58041732 2/12(火) 1:02
@PMEthiopia Humm! Encore un grand geste Mais ce qui me rend triste c'est que vous ne connaisser même pas…
whocarehhh 2/12(火) 1:05
@PMEthiopia Proud of my PM
h2empower 2/12(火) 1:06
@AfricaInst @PMEthiopia So cool to see two of our heroes, @PMEthiopia Abit Ahmed and @BillGates together…
Candy58041732 2/12(火) 1:06
@PMEthiopia Je me demande si un jour un guinéen pourait vous serré la main ou parler avec vous comme ABiy Ahmed
Hassatoujalloh7 2/12(火) 1:12
Dennyaddis 2/12(火) 1:14
@PMEthiopia Thank you for sharing this with us all.. He brought hope to the whole African nations ...
GoodOldBoysUSA 2/12(火) 1:20
@PMEthiopia Gates you have fallen with all that wealth you choose to push an agenda that is destructive…
MillionShenkute 2/12(火) 1:24
@PMEthiopia Y€s!!!!!
wiredhyperspace 2/12(火) 1:27
@PMEthiopia hologram satellite ️
saidBad72013644 2/12(火) 1:27
boyofgarden1 2/12(火) 1:31
@PMEthiopia =_=?
NewEthiopia2 2/12(火) 1:31
@PMEthiopia While you have the means for luxury, yet you preferred to spend your time with poor and ill…
RussAleshi 2/12(火) 1:38
@PMEthiopia Thank you for sharing and تو اول بگو با کیان دوستی من آنگه بگویم که تو کیستی!
PatteeyaDuangsu 2/12(火) 1:54
@PMEthiopia That Great , Respect and love you. Thank you for sharing.
giveacare11 2/12(火) 2:01
@PMEthiopia Great
GeorginaInkoom 2/12(火) 2:43
@PMEthiopia Very Great dear Bill Gates.thank you
KasayeMeski 2/12(火) 2:46
@PMEthiopia We’re so proud of him!!
tmizzzle 2/12(火) 2:55
@PMEthiopia Bill if he's good enough for you, he has my support too.
Abe84087850 2/12(火) 3:04
@PMEthiopia PM is one person and he needs support both from, ethiopia and outside of Ethiopia. We as Eth…
Irvin3Elligan 2/12(火) 3:09
@PMEthiopia Not to pronounce incorrectly. Say ad-dis ah-bah-bah. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Remembering Hai…
Luis31815557 2/12(火) 3:12
@PMEthiopia Sr bill gates
kenise 2/12(火) 3:20
@PMEthiopia Thank you for your commitment Mr. @BillGates
CarlRajkumar 2/12(火) 3:37
@PMEthiopia Thank you Bill, you’re a Citizen of the World a role Model and a great mentor....just wished…
simon8472 2/12(火) 3:44
@PMEthiopia wel come
AvisekBanerje10 2/12(火) 3:54
@PMEthiopia Sir, I am planning to start a free online class. I humbly request you if you donate an amoun…
ShareOmg 2/12(火) 3:57
@PMEthiopia I am big fan you
My think is best for you
Neloms1050 2/12(火) 3:58
@PMEthiopia Don't trust Bill Gates. Fork tung agent.
foyy15 2/12(火) 4:07
@PMEthiopia We proud of our PM, thank you bill
Rhitp72257124 2/12(火) 4:08
@PMEthiopia Sir help me
_ibrahimadepoju 2/12(火) 4:08
@PMEthiopia A champ meets a champ in
scurrie211 2/12(火) 4:15
@PMEthiopia Well it is nice to know there is someone over there that is not corrupt. Still, what is he…
mahmoue34353438 2/12(火) 4:16
@PMEthiopia Good
abdallamlm170 2/12(火) 4:29
@PMEthiopia أبي أحمد رجل عظيم وله افكار مذهله وكبيرة تجاه وطنه وشعبه وفي قادم الأيام سيكون القائد المنتظ…
FahadAhmedQaahi 2/12(火) 4:31
@PMEthiopia That that is real, pm of Ethio he is an icon, and you are best Humen being I know, mr Gates…
Megersa48242680 2/12(火) 5:05
@PMEthiopia that's ma premier
MerrellGoodwin 2/12(火) 5:39
@PMEthiopia So what help me am poor.
pettyethiopian 2/12(火) 5:44
@PMEthiopia Wow I’m in the corner crying ❤️
RobeTariku 2/12(火) 6:02
@PMEthiopia Wel come to ethiopia bill, yaaaaa you are right ,abiy our hero.....
Elianed83200223 2/12(火) 6:27
@PMEthiopia humility always in the heart
tesfaye_danny 2/12(火) 6:49
@PMEthiopia Awesome
CathyShin2 2/12(火) 7:41
@PMEthiopia If you keep for gender equality, you will go to hell. Watch out, Jesus is coming!
greenolive73 2/12(火) 9:16
@PMEthiopia I wish you talked about good things!
Joseant27688222 2/12(火) 9:23
@PMEthiopia 463brandonEpps can't lose
jerseymarktweet 2/12(火) 10:51
@PMEthiopia Keeping our team up can't mean "some?" mm^3 un exchange of a videogame from the heart...
Simpleton2020 2/12(火) 11:01
@PMEthiopia This is why we need to build that wall. I don't want Gates back in the country. I'm an iPhone man.
blindornot 2/12(火) 11:08
SolomonDamteA 2/12(火) 11:16
@PMEthiopia Thanks. Indeed our PM has brought a new horizen of hope to Ethiopia, and @AU as well.
EthiopianMusli7 2/12(火) 11:35
@PositivelyEthio @PMEthiopia What then explains the millions of IDPs since Abiy rose to power?

Abiy is…
ramprakashlily 2/12(火) 11:45
@PMEthiopia Appreciable pm Ethiopia
TWpr0QwsczaWZ5M 2/12(火) 11:46
W0SI 2/12(火) 11:46
@MMoach @PMEthiopia Bill is a huge giver and because of that God multiplied his wealth. More blessings to you Mr!
Bharath30687164 2/12(火) 12:01
@PMEthiopia Sri i am bharadhiraja janlist cameraman ur my fvr it man...09444076196 my phone num sir
gekyumeonfr0y 2/12(火) 12:04
@PMEthiopia omg it’s @TheOne4630 and @BarackObama
zelalem0447 2/12(火) 12:09
@PMEthiopia Yes 100% he is one of the best for inclusive democratic leadership in the modern days of Africa! Viva Dr Abiy Ahmed!
krish_HMA 2/12(火) 12:17
@PMEthiopia He is a ‘game changer ‘
Tcleveland74 2/12(火) 12:20
rainsaon 2/12(火) 12:21
@PMEthiopia You looking so young sir
negussie_samson 2/12(火) 12:36
@PMEthiopia Yep He is Ethiopian Hero!! I Love Him
mwanambwigu 2/12(火) 13:14
@PMEthiopia Nice
Tam1817 2/12(火) 13:40
@PMEthiopia Both of you ...... Agree
HayredinR 2/12(火) 14:17
@PMEthiopia Thanks to Almighty God!
gary_shellie 2/12(火) 14:53
@PMEthiopia Mr. Gates. You and Mrs. Gates are the Best. Thank you. Sincerely
Ananya55543882 2/12(火) 15:00
@PMEthiopia our PM
Christian_ngwu 2/12(火) 15:05
@PMEthiopia Good one.

When are coming to Nigeria to meet your young fans.
Mesay22784615 2/12(火) 15:27
@PMEthiopia Bless you Sir,
We are also blessed to have you as our guest in our beautiful country. Come a…
PrakashThesia 2/12(火) 15:45
@PMEthiopia Blessings
MeherunnessaRa5 2/12(火) 15:47
@PMEthiopia He is a very hard working leader to
establised demokracy in Etiopia and needs help towards a good
land to leave
mamo_esayas 2/12(火) 15:55
@PMEthiopia we ethiopians are so much honored to see you in AU summit
asefa_nati 2/12(火) 16:25
@PMEthiopia A happening idk if it’s exciting or not. But that rich guy is in my home.
SweetbezGirma 2/12(火) 16:51
@PMEthiopia Proud of you Dr Abiy.
kebyes 2/12(火) 17:13
@PMEthiopia Bill's father, William Gates, headed Planned Parenthood and was committed to the
ragoqw 2/12(火) 17:30
@PMEthiopia Good
MalikFareedAbb1 2/12(火) 17:40
MalikFareedAbb1 2/12(火) 17:41
MalikFareedAbb1 2/12(火) 17:41
MalikFareedAbb1 2/12(火) 17:41
MalikFareedAbb1 2/12(火) 17:41
MalikFareedAbb1 2/12(火) 17:41
MalikFareedAbb1 2/12(火) 17:41
ZwaneLungele 2/12(火) 17:43
@PMEthiopia Wonderful.
faychats 2/12(火) 17:45
@PMEthiopia Long live guyz ure my super stars
medlaassa 2/12(火) 18:55
@PMEthiopia Hiiii
walson_tekena 2/12(火) 19:17
@PMEthiopia I love u bill gate
DhekoJilo 2/12(火) 19:23
blen_se 2/12(火) 19:59
@PMEthiopia PMEthiopia Abiy Ahmed is the best
RebkaFekadu 2/12(火) 20:53
@PMEthiopia Yup, that’s our leader.
MarSHAH_M 2/12(火) 21:00
@PMEthiopia Welcome to 'The Promised Land' gender Several…
ChetanMohakar 2/12(火) 21:06
@PMEthiopia RESPECT to the legends
TejwaniMohanlal 2/12(火) 21:23
@PMEthiopia Great man always see greatness
AddisuDaba 2/12(火) 21:31
@PMEthiopia Thank you for supporting our Leader, PM Abiy Ahemed. He is striving to bring change and tran…
TheRashad1978 2/12(火) 21:34
@PMEthiopia Why don’t you run for president ?
tadelechekole 2/12(火) 21:35
@PMEthiopia Thanks for your visit
asadabdiaden 2/12(火) 21:50
@MoAbdiaziz999 @PMEthiopia There is no equality in Ethiopia.
Robannydmx 2/12(火) 23:24
@PMEthiopia Good leaders are gift from God
TeyibAbdi 2/12(火) 23:27
@PMEthiopia Those are great ideas. Thanks for being a part of it.
RusikePhil 2/12(火) 23:29
@PMEthiopia Just saw the PMEthiopia once on screen. And that was enough for me to believe in his leaders…
Biniyame7 2/12(火) 23:35
@PMEthiopia Tnx.
Shaheer32910338 2/12(火) 23:45
@PMEthiopia You are the of all
All bills go through your gate
Obi91234069 2/13(水) 0:04
@PMEthiopia Nice to see u in Ethiopia with our PM.
MIRKRISHNA 2/13(水) 3:07
@PMEthiopia Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
ptoeschido79 2/13(水) 4:17
@PMEthiopia MR. Bill Gates por favor apoyo
Le suplico apoyo
GonzagaPatrick2 2/13(水) 4:33
@PMEthiopia NYC bill gate, I also wish to meet u dia
JayMonobea 2/13(水) 4:37
@PMEthiopia Much respects to PM Abiy, doing simply wonderful turning his Ethiopia around. We need young…
AliyyiiFalmata 2/13(水) 5:55
@PMEthiopia masha allha
Yavanava2 2/13(水) 6:16
@PMEthiopia @BillGates happy to see you with our new PM, a leader of true reform @PMEthiopia. Thank you sir.
ArickrossRoss 2/13(水) 7:26
@PMEthiopia Will you help the country to lead trade in africa on the next level? Would it be a conflict…
y8tyKN5odT8J4Wr 2/13(水) 8:15
@PMEthiopia Mr I need help please can help me please
y8tyKN5odT8J4Wr 2/13(水) 8:17
@PMEthiopia If you can help me please tell me I need help please please please please please
y8tyKN5odT8J4Wr 2/13(水) 8:40
@PMEthiopia I have no hope to respond to my massage
EA_DevCouncil 2/13(水) 9:50
@PMEthiopia Great work!
ETHIOPIANZ 2/13(水) 11:04
@PMEthiopia Your (@BillGates ) admiration to @PMEthiopia (is so wonderful and it’s a motiva…
SatkarTrambak 2/13(水) 12:48
@PMEthiopia Nice work
authenthiopia 2/13(水) 15:52
@PMEthiopia Thanks for your concern on Ethiopia. May it be genuine and brotherly.
mickynadew 2/13(水) 16:25
@PMEthiopia we so proud our Hero Abichu @PMEthiopia
MesafintDagnew 2/13(水) 19:15
@PMEthiopia Ethiopia land of origions
GhemechesMNegas 2/13(水) 20:14
@PMEthiopia Great persons @BillGates and @PMEthiopia
melakumdebela 2/13(水) 20:30
@PMEthiopia A witness for our leader from the most generous philanthropist!
lekariello 2/13(水) 22:46
@PMEthiopia Tanhk Minister!!!
LOCIAFU 2/13(水) 23:45
@PMEthiopia The issue of genader equality also needs a helping hand from men
Zelalem71338708 2/14(木) 0:00
@PMEthiopia Thank you very much Mr Bill Gates you have saved the life of millions of Ethiopian. May God bless you! We love you.
gutema_dunfa 2/14(木) 3:44
@PMEthiopia He deserve it
MegersaChali 2/14(木) 10:39
@PMEthiopia Exactly you are right
TigrayVoice 2/14(木) 11:24
@PMEthiopia On the contrary, he is a killer! He has imprisoned like Dr. $ General…
Mekuria7 2/14(木) 18:26
@PMEthiopia Aww congratulations
abdalbaarii 2/14(木) 20:23
@PMEthiopia akkanaan nubeekaa kennaa rabbi nuuf kenne ilma abbaa gadaa ilma Oromoo.…
RosieChelle 2/15(金) 2:20
@BolokangMo @PMEthiopia New world order
khemerameen 2/15(金) 4:39
@PMEthiopia We love you Abbichuu
FatimaAhmedmua2 2/15(金) 19:47
@PMEthiopia That is great Scorpio bill gate, i normally enjoy Addis Ababa weather too.

DeplorablesRide 2/15(金) 19:51
@PMEthiopia What is wrong with you??
gandraburov 2/15(金) 20:49
4425Soufiane 2/15(金) 22:36
@PMEthiopia Salut
AagamSh93955290 2/16(土) 1:12
@PMEthiopia Thanks this update
peseimarvellous 2/16(土) 5:07
LouBrotha 2/16(土) 6:42
@PMEthiopia A Mengistu Hailemariam in the making. Mini mi el dictator
TesfayeS1 2/17(日) 1:47
@PMEthiopia Thank u for coming!
mame1st 2/17(日) 5:03
@michael_fassil @PMEthiopia አይ ቢሊ፣ እኛም አጨብጭበን ነበር። አቢቾ የሰላም ንጉሱ ኢትዮጵያ አየፈረሰች እሱ የአፍሪካ ህብረት ይለናል አማርኛ የፋ…
Mihos1 2/17(日) 6:07
@PMEthiopia And your friendship with Meles Zenawi ? You disgust me Bill ?
Shahzad_9494 2/17(日) 11:06
@PMEthiopia V nice
MulanguSadou 2/17(日) 15:06
@PMEthiopia Who can help me to get a job in DRC? I am a joblessman who can pray for me to get a job?
PaulLozowsky 2/17(日) 17:13

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