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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2018/1/18(木) 2:25

Millennials want to make a difference in the world. One of my favorite comedians @Trevornoah urges us to give them… 3585RT

aIamquamar 1/18(木) 2:25
@Trevornoah Love you sir
seemohan3 1/18(木) 2:26
@Trevornoah sir go to sleep sir
aIamquamar 1/18(木) 2:26
@Trevornoah You are the inspiration of million's
shani2000raj 1/18(木) 2:26
@Trevornoah Hii
Bitcoin_BCH 1/18(木) 2:27
@Trevornoah Bill do you think Bitcoin Cash can change the world as a P2P global payments system that any…
jimkngo 1/18(木) 2:27
@Trevornoah They are progressive thinkers, but they also need to vote. That's the one of the first lines…
rashusingh1997 1/18(木) 2:27
@Trevornoah Comedians are always give u smile and laughter ...
HARBANNSS 1/18(木) 2:27
@Trevornoah Yeah nice comedian
ZicoAbel 1/18(木) 2:27
@Trevornoah Everyone deserves a great chance in life
oliverbill 1/18(木) 2:28
@Trevornoah We’ve given them lots of chances. It is now up to them to show us they can take the reins of this country.
artfulretro 1/18(木) 2:28
@Trevornoah Yes, I do but companies like yours who say i can borrow a product to review and then not pay…
khalidnmk90 1/18(木) 2:28
@Trevornoah sir from tonight I will also follow him and want to judge the smartness of @Trevornoah sense of humor ...
cesimzeydan 1/18(木) 2:28
@Trevornoah @ignaciaychris1
DavidKTanenbaum 1/18(木) 2:28
@Trevornoah Thank you!
Desoltefiber35 1/18(木) 2:28
@Trevornoah We like his OOooh jar .. bad lincoln and trump ..
wcox00 1/18(木) 2:29
@Trevornoah He is a comedian?
danablankenhorn 1/18(木) 2:30
@Trevornoah Agree on @trevornoah. I have two Millennials myself. Each working hard to make a difference in the world. Be well.
kemal196144 1/18(木) 2:30
@Trevornoah Turkey istanbul
StevenLeeF 1/18(木) 2:30
@Trevornoah Most of them are high and get up at 5PM. Are you sure?
drateR_s 1/18(木) 2:31
@Trevornoah tl;dr
Rbullaan 1/18(木) 2:31
@Trevornoah Pak, gaada niatan ngasih peluang beasiswa ni?
harrypujols 1/18(木) 2:31
@Trevornoah Buy Fox News and dismantle it. They’re ruining all the work you have been doing.
Amir1986nasiri 1/18(木) 2:31
@Trevornoah Realllĺy
mhofer349 1/18(木) 2:31
@Trevornoah @TIME if living in mom and dads basement is making a difference, than sure
nadoshma 1/18(木) 2:31
@Trevornoah BRAVO! I need a hand as well champ
MiladKhosseini 1/18(木) 2:31
@Trevornoah Thank you for sharing this inspiring post with us. U absolutely agree with Noah.
RoriMaja7 1/18(木) 2:32
@Trevornoah Ahh Mr Gates
MlGaurav 1/18(木) 2:32
@Trevornoah Jai hind jai mahakaal Bharat maa ki jaisir I know thay you ate change this world pls I h…
HeflinConnor 1/18(木) 2:33
@Trevornoah As a millennial I say thank you, both of you. : )
txwlknhrslvr 1/18(木) 2:33
@Trevornoah I agree! My kids are millennials and are making the world a better place. I'm marching on Sa…
alonzomoni 1/18(木) 2:33
@Trevornoah The ones in Nigeria took us 100yrs back in @MBuhari ...

Well,I hope they have the wisdom of…
Atasi 1/18(木) 2:33
@Trevornoah Good Afternoon my friend... : )
wanderbecause 1/18(木) 2:35
@Trevornoah I think people forget how old Millenials are now.
laurayokwe 1/18(木) 2:36
@Trevornoah I’m 48 years old and I absolutely believe Millennials are going to save us from ourselves an…
scottacular7 1/18(木) 2:37
@Trevornoah Every generation craps on the younger generation because their priorities/methods/values are…
Princeola82 1/18(木) 2:37
one issue is that @Trevornoah failed to dissect strange dimensions of information. Democratising knowledge is better now. @TIME
HoomyBilly 1/18(木) 2:38
@BillGates @BillGates please reserve me 4 weeks at montage Laguna Beach please and I'll look for a cheap…
vukini 1/18(木) 2:38
@Trevornoah Trevor a favorite comedian? Well I guess that’s one more thing Money can’t buy....
wanderbecause 1/18(木) 2:40
@Trevornoah Millenials are the ones pushing for fewer plastics, minimalism, a life full of experiences r…
Bcc1Ka 1/18(木) 2:40
@Trevornoah Wow! @Trevornoah, the man himself is one of your fans..
Imagine he knows my name
And give me…
machetetweets1 1/18(木) 2:40
@Trevornoah millenials are jackasses and so is trevor noah..
omita_rajput 1/18(木) 2:41
@Trevornoah I like everything about you sir.
boestof 1/18(木) 2:42
@Trevornoah S/O to @Trevornoah
Pedrobara10 1/18(木) 2:43
@Trevornoah Creativity comes from the people's experience of nature, not the ethics of dry books .. Star…
TonyRandazzo8 1/18(木) 2:43
danielbromet 1/18(木) 2:45
@Trevornoah Aren't comedians supposed to be funny?
Ash8756 1/18(木) 2:45
@Trevornoah Yes right sir
HaithamWork 1/18(木) 2:46
amhemesh 1/18(木) 2:46
goodtantra10 1/18(木) 2:46
@Trevornoah I like Mr. Trevor Noah we are in the same organization affiliated with the United Nations. Y…
madodana19 1/18(木) 2:47
@Trevornoah Gates knoes abt Noah.
GoldlinDaniel 1/18(木) 2:47
@Trevornoah My Love Windows 98 and Windows 7.
emanon_ag 1/18(木) 2:48
@Trevornoah As long as it is for the better
TorontoTarun 1/18(木) 2:48
@Trevornoah Does @Trevornoah not remind you of the children's characters in teletubbies??
uspolaris 1/18(木) 2:50
@Trevornoah I teach at the university here, and the desire of young people to make a positive difference…
KurrickHotel 1/18(木) 2:53
@Trevornoah I am one of them and I would love to share my ideas with you.
rekhamannu1 1/18(木) 2:53
@Trevornoah best wishes
kr8osproject 1/18(木) 2:53
@Trevornoah It's easy to forget that comedians can also be one of us: an immigrant, a minority, a person…
MokammelJ 1/18(木) 2:54
@Trevornoah nice
cottlelucey 1/18(木) 2:54
@Trevornoah Absolutely agree with him 100%
hadatha9000000 1/18(木) 2:56
@Trevornoah Mr please please i need money
ArjunSa46113422 1/18(木) 2:58
@Trevornoah Hii
gibtesdasdenn 1/18(木) 2:59
@Trevornoah Mille...what?....Don't give people a stamp.
broom_zephaniah 1/18(木) 3:00
@Trevornoah This a must read
Phibodenheimer 1/18(木) 3:02
@Trevornoah Me too, However, I have made a difference. Never got much recognition, but my soul feels so…
H2obodyboard 1/18(木) 3:02
@Trevornoah SATAN He entered a political mind in the morning &went out in evening .They asked him why sh…
sudrashankumaw2 1/18(木) 3:02
@Trevornoah @KapilSharmaK9
the best comedian in the world sirji bhai one n only one piece in the…
Kgotso51445470 1/18(木) 3:04
@NjabuloDBN @Trevornoah Trevor you have made it in life bro been applaud by the richest man in the world…
TKalimanshi 1/18(木) 3:06
@Trevornoah Thanks...@BillGates
Phibodenheimer 1/18(木) 3:08
@Trevornoah Here is how to start saving the world. Let artists and teachers and relevent occupations in…
citrusian 1/18(木) 3:11
@Trevornoah Trump are better
ThanatosAlize 1/18(木) 3:11
@Trevornoah It all depends on what the difference it is I feel the tougher the goal the more inspired we…
1234_manjeet 1/18(木) 3:12
@Trevornoah you are great person of world
Abscuremality 1/18(木) 3:12
@Trevornoah Comedian?
ThanatosAlize 1/18(木) 3:14
@Trevornoah just want there idea to bear fruit but what idea is it and how will it bear fruit so much ca…
thetinybun 1/18(木) 3:14
@Trevornoah Trevor❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ThanatosAlize 1/18(木) 3:15
@Trevornoah We are not lazy just any idea we have had been taken or we don't have the knowledge to creat…
BUTTER1337 1/18(木) 3:16
@Trevornoah if we all just give off really good vibes maybe the decay will stop somehow magic magic of w…
donn_morgan 1/18(木) 3:20
@Trevornoah They're the Pioneers of Modern World!Millennials ought to be respected&honored in all walks of life!
Zagnaut 1/18(木) 3:22
@Trevornoah I have a lot of hope for Millennials but Trevor Noah is a corporate tool.
RagelRose04 1/18(木) 3:23
@Trevornoah Please deal me in sir
Truths_Facts 1/18(木) 3:28
@Trevornoah He is my The Favorite comedian as well and you are The favorite person(for your philanthropy )!
siphokazimxinwa 1/18(木) 3:29
@Trevornoah Yay for South Africa !! Represent Trevor mtshana. Show them the Xhosa blood apho eMelika!!! Siyeza.
MonicaMasidiLef 1/18(木) 3:37
@Trevornoah Oh WoW
LindaRoodt1 1/18(木) 3:38
@Trevornoah A South African Heroe @Trevornoah
dreamboy_jm 1/18(木) 3:41
LesMajestey 1/18(木) 3:54
ColtGustafson 1/18(木) 3:54
@Trevornoah Sorry, hes not a comedian. Hes a pundit. People get them confused lately
willymosibi 1/18(木) 3:58
@Trevornoah Trevor is right at the top
NicolaT28225600 1/18(木) 4:00
@ThuliMadonsela3 @Trevornoah Top export from our turd-world country
Reginah_Thage 1/18(木) 4:03
@Trevornoah Trevor you have lived man...we love a lot...keep up the good work
jiny671 1/18(木) 4:06
@Trevornoah Busy ?Old friend?
at16live 1/18(木) 4:14
NirajYa94962404 1/18(木) 4:23
@Trevornoah Good
taylor708 1/18(木) 4:24
@Trevornoah Because they buy your products an you cannot afford to offend them. Your a capitalist.
Brown1990A 1/18(木) 4:24
@Trevornoah Fuck you and your world government. We The People are coming for you, besos, Rothschilds, Ro…
Brown1990A 1/18(木) 4:24
@Trevornoah Yea we are decompartmentalizing your new world order operation and Donald Trump is going to…
Mcmarv_24 1/18(木) 4:28
@Trevornoah Mzansi's finest...!!!
EdBrooksIO 1/18(木) 4:28
@Trevornoah What do you think their most passionate about?
blakezsmith 1/18(木) 4:28
@Trevornoah Definitely not written by an intern. Bill absolutely loves blue-collar comedy!
KaystaK8601 1/18(木) 4:41
@Trevornoah look at what u doing trevor, bless up young G
krazykrisB 1/18(木) 4:50
@Trevornoah Millennials aren't the only ones who want to make a difference in the world.
TheZipora 1/18(木) 5:11
@Trevornoah He's ours too Bill! Home grown ;- )
JanQueenJanae 1/18(木) 5:13
@Trevornoah Hi wow this young man is great, keep encouraging the young people!!! Thanks.
christopherviny 1/18(木) 5:59
@Trevornoah Trevor Noah is the best
27_rashid 1/18(木) 6:13
@SmallCapsMan @Trevornoah Viva South Africa Viva as they would say here..
PeteyIsom 1/18(木) 6:20
@Trevornoah Sex robots will control pet population and biologically complex ai will have maintenance nee…
mgawuza 1/18(木) 6:27
@Trevornoah Gooood Mr BillGates
EduardoiPhones 1/18(木) 6:33
Eagleview007 1/18(木) 6:37
@Trevornoah Find him not funny at all!
chris_seney 1/18(木) 7:08
@Trevornoah I learned about what the Gates foundation did for polio in India. Absolutely amazing what pe…
KholofeloLekgoa 1/18(木) 7:18
@Trevornoah Sho maWillies.
Irbabon 1/18(木) 7:26
@_Zuri_1 @Trevornoah Access to information is wht brought life into @AkwandeF enabling us to bringing ea…
skfanusa 1/18(木) 7:59
@Trevornoah awesome tweet !
accessana66 1/18(木) 8:11
@Trevornoah He can give away everything and still lack good humor
JamesSoprano7 1/18(木) 8:22
mprof56 1/18(木) 8:39
@Trevornoah I hope if there is a chance!
BinodSh81133372 1/18(木) 9:40
@Trevornoah @TIME
Richard29895873 1/18(木) 9:50
@Trevornoah Gates, how is your "investment" in the Clinton Foundation doing? I bet it's not doing too we…
gsvrsfly 1/18(木) 10:03
@Trevornoah I know you are doing lot of service to poor. Hope this tweet will reach you. There are lot o…
divinofoto 1/18(木) 10:11
@Trevornoah This South African uses his career to trash talk the U.S. President. Whether you support Tru…
TamilselvanGovi 1/18(木) 11:21
Gabeli7426 1/18(木) 11:39
@Trevornoah Trevor Noah? Lmao now youre a comedian
mufriawan44 1/18(木) 11:42
@Trevornoah terimakasih, thanks
Doophenshmirtz 1/18(木) 12:02
@Trevornoah Seems to me Millennials want to stop free speech.
Jeet00514867 1/18(木) 12:11
@Trevornoah Very impressive sir
bleh_honker 1/18(木) 12:14
@Trevornoah Get on xbox
a972e829c66e4b9 1/18(木) 12:20
helenwithlove8 1/18(木) 12:39
@Trevornoah A change
dan_1234567890 1/18(木) 12:59
@Trevornoah What is it will all this bs against millennials? Bill your 80, your time is running to short to be posting this.
MimSado 1/18(木) 13:07
@Trevornoah سلام داداش خوبی؟
فالو کن تا جز فالوئر هایت بمانم
PJDlamini1 1/18(木) 13:10
@Trevornoah We're here to make a difference
AKTRIPA15153893 1/18(木) 13:13
@Trevornoah poverty is biggest curse mean poverty of resources, of health,skill,social acceptance etc.…
MgunuzoZanele 1/18(木) 13:24
@MbalulaFikile @Trevornoah My South African number one comedian.
GraceManio1 1/18(木) 13:25
@Trevornoah They have so much promise. They need people that will be patient with them and commit to guiding them.
Ivelet2 1/18(木) 13:30
@Trevornoah Thank you Bill. Most people who mock them are salty old bags pissed off that we have "fewer…
mphotse12 1/18(木) 13:37
@MbalulaFikile @Trevornoah
WilksStevo 1/18(木) 13:40
@Trevornoah What is millennial
gopzeee 1/18(木) 13:53
@Trevornoah Oh yeah ✊
That's us right here Ntate Gates @BillGates Movers & shakers of countries at this…
PodoLosaba 1/18(木) 13:56
@MbalulaFikile @Trevornoah Our Trevor
ChiefMzilikazi 1/18(木) 14:01
@Trevornoah This man was kissed by Beyonce. uvunywa uBill gate now @PresidencyZA we deserve a Trevor noah highway
hiltongwa 1/18(木) 14:04
@SmegaForever @Trevornoah moving on up ,Daywalker..
akik121 1/18(木) 14:11
the_enginure 1/18(木) 14:13
@Trevornoah @BillGates - I’m a millennial who wants to make a difference in the world. Let’s MAGA.
Daphene11104488 1/18(木) 14:34
@Trevornoah good day sir am Daphene a Cameroonian please sir I need your help
flare_now 1/18(木) 14:37
@Trevornoah I am an African and proud to see our fellow South Africans flying our flag with dignity in o…
Zweli_kos 1/18(木) 14:42
@MbalulaFikile @Trevornoah Now you can lose your accent @Trevornoah
jd83552473 1/18(木) 14:46
@Trevornoah A world where white people are hated, where humour is banned (for fear of vexing someone ), w…
RoontaKinte 1/18(木) 14:58
@Trevornoah Give me a chance @BillGates, pay off my student loans, save this African. You got it. Ball out!
OMG55 1/18(木) 15:05
@Trevornoah Mr. Gates mellinnials are the young youth that are into smart watches, tablets, phones, etc…
emmabearu 1/18(木) 15:23
@Trevornoah eish Trevor’s getting some recognition
Opska 1/18(木) 15:36
@Trevornoah Trevor refreshing , more new materials and concept to better the world
iUmrahWorld 1/18(木) 15:36
Opska 1/18(木) 15:41
@Trevornoah Trevor , know you will be your humble self all the time n not run away with the praises !
ClementTheinfow 1/18(木) 15:47
kandantr 1/18(木) 16:06
@Trevornoah Noah has described himself as being progressive and having a global
!!! congrat…
jml1204 1/18(木) 16:06
@Trevornoah They should first grow a spine
sir_twentyone 1/18(木) 16:08
eenMcloud 1/18(木) 16:08
@Trevornoah Thatha Day Walker
mike__rivera91 1/18(木) 16:22
@Trevornoah When millennials finally get to take all the old folks good jobs I bet we will do it better…
NkoanaMan 1/18(木) 16:25
@Trevornoah We are very very proud of you daywalker
LordAnthony18 1/18(木) 16:28
@Trevornoah Who's Bill Genitals??
APHANE22 1/18(木) 16:30
@Trevornoah how did you reach your achievement???
Ujjalda37130532 1/18(木) 16:33
@Trevornoah Hi sir,
My self ujjal das,I'm from INDIA, sir we r too poor,in my family I HV my wife n daug…
RealPeaceAnumah 1/18(木) 16:34
@Trevornoah Really thought provoking.
Please take a moment to read my gofund me page
BryanPoonsammy 1/18(木) 16:35
@Trevornoah Agreed!!!
LebyaneKabelo 1/18(木) 16:50
@Trevornoah True. We are a different breed and the world should most definitely give us a chance.
winicantikz 1/18(木) 17:23
@Trevornoah japan adult video
Nmashaba 1/18(木) 17:24
@Trevornoah Trevor has officially made it. Being mentioned by one of the richest . Follow your passion and success will follow
Akwoleo 1/18(木) 17:28
@Trevornoah that's right!
Lord_of_Victory 1/18(木) 17:38
@Trevornoah So proud and humbled to be part of an era with such amazing individuals...inspiring ! @Trevornoah and @BillGates
TshepiiSebata 1/18(木) 17:52
@Trevornoah Ai @Trevornoah mchana... ona le ntlantla.
groove_brian 1/18(木) 18:28
@Trevornoah @TIME
agnes_utunga 1/18(木) 18:29
@Trevornoah yoh Trevor.... and then... being mentioned by bo Bill Gates
1F40xws7MjCiLq6 1/18(木) 18:55
Hello Bill. My name is Alexandr. I'm from Russia, Novosibirsk. To tell how hard it is to live in Russia…
Rakeshk98230974 1/18(木) 19:33
@Trevornoah Sir please help me
RodiquesTaco 1/18(木) 19:58
@Trevornoah Just such a shame that Trevor has such terrible political views. Stop reading the script and…
aubreyjay1 1/18(木) 20:04
@Trevornoah My hero
sikhanyise1 1/18(木) 20:35
@Trevornoah l am so proud of @Trevornoah l will keep pushing my dreams because of this South Africa…
AlokBasliyal2 1/18(木) 20:38
LarryPage_CEO 1/18(木) 20:58
@Trevornoah Noah is benefiting from the increased political consciousness engenderd by Trup administration.
IgiriDr 1/18(木) 22:08
@Trevornoah This allows for competing and complex affiliation and point to a social and world…
IgiriDr 1/18(木) 22:13
@Trevornoah Such ideas were in keeping with the conservative and Millennial of the 19…
IgiriDr 1/18(木) 22:25
@Trevornoah right mandate to empowering ..Igiri Basil Umeh with the centra…
modutlwa01 1/18(木) 22:57
@Trevornoah Trevor you make the world shake baba carry on teaching this riches I congratulate you ☺☺☺☺
SelokaM 1/18(木) 23:38
@Msola_LA @Trevornoah The only nigga that did better is Trevor Noah
LordJesseus 1/18(木) 23:55
@Trevornoah Millenials ain't doing shit they don't have the muscle or testosterone 2 get anything done y…
JaySenoamadi 1/18(木) 23:56
@Trevornoah Ola Mtrevisto, Mtrevovo, Trevsta
LordJesseus 1/18(木) 23:56
@Trevornoah No muscle no hustle compute that ya weak ass genetically inferior millennial skum
LordJesseus 1/18(木) 23:59
@Trevornoah I think its time you fgts quit being Microsoft and start being like me Microhard
MasilungeB 1/19(金) 0:21
@Trevornoah Guy is a Legend.
SandyVeeLuthoyi 1/19(金) 0:30
@NkosazanaSh @Trevornoah Viva Trevoh Viva.The boy is go he is gone.
Ninanina19661 1/19(金) 0:33
@Trevornoah .
expendables95 1/21(日) 0:57
kimberae713 1/21(日) 1:07
@Trevornoah @Trevornoah is the last person I would want my millennial daughter to listen to.
ikeokwu_joy 1/21(日) 2:05
@Trevornoah Noted... Active followers needed
IgiriDr 1/21(日) 2:28
@Trevornoah The 21st Century new and relations take forward to the next st…
IgiriDr 1/21(日) 2:35
@Trevornoah has taught that human action has long-term consequences
akl_anna 1/21(日) 4:23
this is a slight exaggerated comedy but how about if in the changin…
utklohia 1/21(日) 5:14
Hello sir, this is Utkarsh from India. I have a revolutionary idea which can be of great use to everyone…
Pharisto 1/21(日) 7:24
@Trevornoah @TIME We may understand them in order to give them the space and chance to make an impactful change
khatvanquan3 1/21(日) 7:47
@Trevornoah 恭喜
socalcctv 1/21(日) 11:48
@Trevornoah He is a racist, why are you so fond of a racist?
getilluminatid 1/21(日) 14:31
@Trevornoah Mellennials keep exposing us
yhy868700 1/21(日) 17:18
@Trevornoah Thank you.
Sunnysm23344552 1/21(日) 18:06
@Trevornoah Hi
__EsmeraldaG 1/22(月) 9:45
send me shmoneyy
MORGAN_NR1 1/23(火) 2:50
@Trevornoah @chaosupdates Torta di Padre Pio
solankiankit93 1/23(火) 10:02
I already did it and I was right about multiple things.
realbevscheer 1/23(火) 11:22
@Trevornoah While they snack on tide pods!
russiea17 1/24(水) 11:58
HaitianVibes 1/24(水) 11:59
@Trevornoah Please support Haitian-Vibes Radio with a donation. Help us grow and build our school and b…
prith96082493 1/24(水) 19:19
@Trevornoah hi sir nice to meet u remembered me we met at facebook
prith96082493 1/24(水) 20:26
@Trevornoah my god father
odwa_solomon 1/24(水) 21:10
@Trevornoah Hahaha.... on that part he is talking about coloured people
Bk_Yezzir 1/26(金) 3:29
@BenasBmoney @Trevornoah I don't know which mellenials Trevor interviewed, I'm just tryna get rich and f…
MKultra1111 1/27(土) 2:14
@Yubbie007 @Trevornoah S.African black life natter continues murdering the farmers that feed it
charlesmoses733 1/31(水) 13:41
@Trevornoah I also want to make a difference in the world and in order to make a difference, I need 2 th…
val_tynee 2/1(木) 2:05
@Trevornoah Yes!! All we need is that one person who believes in us and gives us that one chance. With t…
FAMSA2 2/4(日) 14:39
@Trevornoah @BillGates we will like to invite you as keynote speaker for the Federation of African Medic…

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