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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2018/1/21(日) 0:57

Wise words from @Malala: “I think it’s pointless to be hopeless. If you are hopeless, you waste your present and yo… 2782RT

IAMRAVIRAJESH 1/21(日) 0:57
@Malala Gn
ShanawazNizami 1/21(日) 0:57
@Malala wow
expendables95 1/21(日) 0:57
aIamquamar 1/21(日) 0:57
@Malala Love you sir
patelpunitoo7 1/21(日) 0:57
MouBane31585147 1/21(日) 0:57
@Malala Absolutely sir
borahsince1982 1/21(日) 0:57
@Malala I dont mind.
Blackneto 1/21(日) 0:57
@Malala you should quote chuck schumer more. he really knows what the world needs.
Captainanjan 1/21(日) 0:58
@Malala ✌❤
Realwhichlevelz 1/21(日) 0:58
@Malala @TIME why don't you bless me with some $$$ and see my life turn around. I'm tired of talk talk...personal blessing is ok
aIamquamar 1/21(日) 0:58
@Malala Brave girl @Malala
Slimmy_B1993 1/21(日) 0:58
@Malala Its the realio dealio
rasadiya_marmik 1/21(日) 0:58
@Malala haa bhura haa
machetetweets1 1/21(日) 0:58
@Malala remember never in invest in boys.. the motto of the man hating gatesfoundation
salamat15563177 1/21(日) 0:59
@Malala @TIME I like
abbasahmad671 1/21(日) 0:59
@Malala she is a devil !!!
muluyadavid 1/21(日) 0:59
@Malala Its true
_rohit27 1/21(日) 0:59
@Malala Sir u really motivate!
MagdolinAdday 1/21(日) 0:59
@Malala always there is hope.
good evening sir
reason4vic 1/21(日) 0:59
@Malala I’m sure it’s not an intentional choice Gates.
kooswilt 1/21(日) 0:59
@Malala I question whether I d have been courageous eough to do what she did. She is the Anne Frank of the Middle East.
JOAQUIM_LEANDRO 1/21(日) 1:00
@Malala Yes Sir
ZeFoogazi 1/21(日) 1:00
@Malala Hopeless - the policy of the left
You're hopeless so let us help you with permanent welfare

CybernetCowboy 1/21(日) 1:00
@Malala Education is the key, then the world is there oyster.
reecemarkowsky 1/21(日) 1:00
@Malala Feeling Hopeless is not always a choice and because you emerge from it stronger, nor was it a waste.
silmata 1/21(日) 1:00
RajSKrishna3 1/21(日) 1:00
@Malala Real fact sir
PrasunK5 1/21(日) 1:01
@Malala Great sir
Thushanah1 1/21(日) 1:01
@Malala Incredible:- ) well said
HoomyIi 1/21(日) 1:01
@BillGates send me a taxi to in n out in Costa Mesa on harbor blvd to montage Laguna Beach for three wee…
Tegoldwire 1/21(日) 1:01
@Malala Bill. Thank you so much for affirming that. What u just said goes contrary to what Pens Chosen w…
charlieEIII 1/21(日) 1:01
@Malala Thanks for ruining American education with and then walking away like it never happened.
govindaupa 1/21(日) 1:01
@Malala Sir please help me
RehamanShaik17 1/21(日) 1:01
@Malala Yeah it is better to follow the quote @Malala @BillGates to change our mind set and attitude...
HaticeG4 1/21(日) 1:01
@Malala I do not think @Malala and her supporters believe in justice @Billgates, another sappy story to…
ankitzeal1 1/21(日) 1:02
@Malala Malala is only person after inzamam sir whom I admire most .. good luck for her
shakilahmed2000 1/21(日) 1:02
@Malala Thanks BillGates Foundation for helping Pakistan for eradication of Polio.
CB_Fulmer 1/21(日) 1:02
@Malala Yes Bill! Need 2 invest in women!❤️ @Oprah @GalGadot @EmmaWatson…
SheikhJasimAlam 1/21(日) 1:02
@Malala Malala changes the world for humanity of women
kumawat121 1/21(日) 1:02
@Malala Great people great thinking
Priest05713792 1/21(日) 1:02
@Malala Hi everyone

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Prakash63477644 1/21(日) 1:02
@Malala Absolutely right Sir
g2vvtEeKWawOUMw 1/21(日) 1:03
@Malala 募金お願いいたしますm(_ _ )m
HARBANNSS 1/21(日) 1:03
@Malala Considerable
FrankKHanover 1/21(日) 1:03
@CorbettEva @Malala But Malala is a stooge. And you of course are an ideological vaccinator of cattle pe…
guygustavelusan 1/21(日) 1:03
@Malala @billgate @malala absolutly no one wish to loose it
Blake1972R 1/21(日) 1:03
@Malala Absolute genius, lol.
maher_iam 1/21(日) 1:03
@Malala Proud Of You @Malala And Proud Of You Her Teacher sir @ZiauddinY
HappilyTalking 1/21(日) 1:04
@Malala She’s definitely wiser than her years! Bless her!
Softcrush 1/21(日) 1:04
@Malala No....We should invest in men, who know how to cherish women.

If you get the order wrong, it ain’t gonna work.
Mayuri99739181 1/21(日) 1:04
@Malala Very true
MBYanezOwens 1/21(日) 1:04
MaruthiSrirama 1/21(日) 1:05
@Malala Very True sir.. No Hopes people are hopeless. Spoiling future generation.
formula_god 1/21(日) 1:06
sea329 1/21(日) 1:06
@Malala Hope without action is always failure, obama, if nothing else, taught America that sorry lesson.
Jessica57a2 1/21(日) 1:07
ssingawale16 1/21(日) 1:07
@Malala Great thought.
MBYanezOwens 1/21(日) 1:07
haveair7 1/21(日) 1:07
@Malala Sir, I'm looking forward to shaking your hand one day ...
For now
" Through The Air "
divya_nanda198 1/21(日) 1:07
@Malala Great. Wise words
JesusCh70635029 1/21(日) 1:11
@Malala Words which suits your Corrupt Business...
Are Wise... while protesters are blocked..
How can we…
TasalSebghat 1/21(日) 1:12
@Malala @TIME
Jameel_baloch95 1/21(日) 1:14
@Malala Tremendous words
JosManu60742718 1/21(日) 1:15
@Malala No ha de minusvalorarse la posibilidad de encontrar junto a los seres humanos el calor del afect…
askabout_samuel 1/21(日) 1:15
@Malala Yes sir.
Tegoldwire 1/21(日) 1:15
@Malala Bill. Thank you so much for affirming that. What u just said goes contrary to what Pema Chodron…
LadyB_CREEPS 1/21(日) 1:16
@Malala Amen ! LadyB of Houston n America
MasterPikachu5 1/21(日) 1:16
@Malala Certainly!
Jeet00514867 1/21(日) 1:17
@Malala Very.. impressive...sir
Teboho84457888 1/21(日) 1:17
@Malala Girls World
ahmedkhan197575 1/21(日) 1:17
@Malala Sir I want to meet u can u give me a chance ?
Ashsam001 1/21(日) 1:17
@Malala Love u sir. Just want an interview for a job. But cheque should be yours.
al95dea 1/21(日) 1:19
@Malala I agree --
The law of attraction is giving u what you are thinking about--period !

Bob Proctor…
TheRaviKSharma 1/21(日) 1:19
@Malala Perfect words !!!
Lady_AngelaT 1/21(日) 1:20
@Malala Always Keep Hope Alive!!!!!!
HMD_sodiq 1/21(日) 1:20
@Malala Like to hear from a wise man☺☺
JuanCarlosGar92 1/21(日) 1:21
apateriyaindia 1/21(日) 1:21
@Malala Many and many people on this earth wants to do for something for women but many few like you abl…
Abbas2074 1/21(日) 1:22
@Malala has no worth
BigBerkum 1/21(日) 1:22
@Malala In other words: "Stop playing the victim.". Definitely good advice.
Justsucceed178 1/21(日) 1:22
@Malala ❤
boss13682011 1/21(日) 1:23
@Malala "Si el problema no tiene solucion, de que te preocupas. Siel problema tíene dolucion, de que te preocupas"
CherylPooler4 1/21(日) 1:23
@Malala So true
AlexisDVyne 1/21(日) 1:23
@Malala We need quality education for all children Bill! It's the most important thing we could ever do!…
mDswaz 1/21(日) 1:24
@Malala The time is always right to do what is right.
DeepakDverma088 1/21(日) 1:26
@Malala Yes u r right .... Both @Malala mam @BillGates sir ....... A person without hope and without g…
bibeksharma359 1/21(日) 1:26
@Malala Such a true statement
genc_povataj 1/21(日) 1:28
@Malala Bill,you was/is like a cottton candy(just Financial )!
The ticket,fate being,just everything,is s…
arunbhattachary 1/21(日) 1:32
@karanad_12 @Malala Good... is women empowerment... God bless.
STARLINDAWALKE1 1/21(日) 1:34
@Malala Amen
LangeChr 1/21(日) 1:34
@Malala Proud to have you as a citizen of the world. This is really on all your initiatives which hel…
namo_namah23 1/21(日) 1:38
@MehrTarar @Malala But sometimes circumstances force you to be hopeless, I don't think most people r hopeless due to choice
MartinMrkvica1 1/21(日) 1:41
@Malala the future of the absence of a nonsense
Kash_Pri 1/21(日) 1:42
@Malala This is said by a girl who left her own country to get settled in a foreign country and comment…
TheChallengerUk 1/21(日) 1:42
@Malala Quote of year so far for me
AcrossTheLand 1/21(日) 1:42
@Malala Good stuff.
PriyanshiKanou1 1/21(日) 1:43
@Malala Ya exactly because our hope defines our life
sirsendubanerje 1/21(日) 1:46
@vkhosla @Malala 1:1 way need to change and it's great if boys and girls have constructed attitude not destructive..A new world..
mmlobdell 1/21(日) 1:47
@Malala If you don't change the culture and hearts of the men who run the shcountries where these…
Vimaljoyson 1/21(日) 1:48
@Malala @BillGates
sirsendubanerje 1/21(日) 1:49
@vkhosla @Malala culture must run with education otherwise world can destroy and then identity of education will be lost..
ZenLew 1/21(日) 1:51
@Malala We have girls right here in poor areas of American that need help getting a path to education. D…
ssushilsahara 1/21(日) 1:51
@Malala Hopeless people not harm only himself , It disturbance other society also.
sirsendubanerje 1/21(日) 1:52
@vkhosla @Malala education have such indication if one take it positive way thn good bt if it's taken granted in a negative way..
v6ter1 1/21(日) 1:52
@Malala Be a brave PATIENT to keep there KINDNESS!
HqEvers 1/21(日) 1:53
@Malala Check the time stamp.
"Thinking machine license denied."
KenRuthken1 1/21(日) 1:54
@Malala Well spoken
judithconsult 1/21(日) 1:55
@Malala Indeed @BillGates - Thank you @Malala for being a beautiful representative of human kind and…
Shurui_Harbin 1/21(日) 1:57
@Malala @TIME
humanity_ashok 1/21(日) 1:58
@Malala - girls can change the world. indeed.

-when a girl is empowered, the family and society is bett…
ThanatosAlize 1/21(日) 1:58
@Malala That's a wonderful statement and it is so true. Why sit and be hopeless why sit and do nothing b…
b1hAYuCGSJaBkfS 1/21(日) 2:03
@Malala من یک کارگر اخراجی هستم بمن کمک کن
ChandruKennalu 1/21(日) 2:05
@Malala Answer my question farmers how can get scientific price in India ?
Nasira36521829 1/21(日) 2:07
@Malala Yes sure because mothers are best teacher.
CarolinePule 1/21(日) 2:08
@Malala True that and well said !!
mohmmd383 1/21(日) 2:08
@Malala In Islam the worst sin is to be hopeless
Sukhpreeto66 1/21(日) 2:09
@Malala U r right
TorontoTarun 1/21(日) 2:11
@Malala Unless you reside in the past - despair - and the negative - hope does not come easy
DrChesterCook 1/21(日) 2:13
@Malala Put you money into stoping this 6th century cult religion.
BristolBeing 1/21(日) 2:15
IgiriDr 1/21(日) 2:17
@Malala Recognosing these questions has important implication for how we think about and…
SherrRasheed 1/21(日) 2:19
@Malala Very well said
sirsendubanerje 1/21(日) 2:19
@vkhosla @Malala I am not a good education background bt written you my views,if wrong thn excuse me.otherwise my respect for all
Jeff_Stock 1/21(日) 2:24
@Malala Teach and practice responsible procreation. That should be FIRST priority
ShivaniRao16 1/21(日) 2:25
@Malala Have hopes, have dreams, have life....
chini_robert 1/21(日) 2:25
@Malala uncle Bill u will always be an inspiration .....I only need a million start ma care…
Mksingh63Singh 1/21(日) 2:27
@Malala Hope must live.
AshleyC26023299 1/21(日) 2:29
yunuzs2 1/21(日) 2:30
@Malala @BillGates @Malala said was TRUE they both live to be usefull for others instead of comments that makes no sense
KothaVani 1/21(日) 2:33
@Malala Girls can do anything if they have freedom
TonyRandazzo8 1/21(日) 2:35
MutebiAli5 1/21(日) 2:37
@Malala True dat Mr Gates
mohkhama 1/21(日) 2:41
@Malala قال الله في القرآن الكريم (ولا تيأسوا من روح الله إنه لا ييأس من روح الله إلا القوم الكافرون )
SolemanSwedan 1/21(日) 2:44
@Malala Are you happy in your life
kingveekthor 1/21(日) 2:45
@Malala Wise words
d_ferfuson 1/21(日) 2:47
@Malala Real talk! Dre
GaryVolis 1/21(日) 2:49
@Malala bill can you send me a tv with money in it or gold bars in a tv or a tv box i need your support
iam_stellao 1/21(日) 2:52
@Malala yes, that 's why i am keeping hope alive.
SherriKuczeryk 1/21(日) 2:53
@Malala She is the most brilliant woman of our generations!!
@Malala is our blessing
jessero24365783 1/21(日) 2:53
@Malala Wise words
NONBalramSingh1 1/21(日) 2:57
@Malala Awesome
iam_stellao 1/21(日) 2:57
@Malala hoping that one day will see more funds to finish my MSc. and become a Professor that I so want…
ZafarIq80445830 1/21(日) 2:58
@Malala Yes it's true
Suprojitmalakar 1/21(日) 3:02
@Malala @TIME
raju_srr 1/21(日) 3:11
@Malala This is true...
chahboor 1/21(日) 3:17
@Malala am hopfuly and vowed that on my profile but am not fin this week due to scams mails on my all ma…
Brandonbuild1 1/21(日) 3:22
@Malala How can you have hope without God...
Ali777_Nakhai 1/21(日) 3:36
Really!? So i hope you give me 1 million dollars.... Do you really want my life to be pointless?
Tyland14 1/21(日) 3:38
@Malala I dont think its pointless to be hopless. I live in waco tx. Women are ignored for jobs. Man jus…
bfig865 1/21(日) 3:42
@Malala she is wise beyond her age
AndreasProcopos 1/21(日) 3:46
@Malala Investing in woman will reduce poverty
Necamaso 1/21(日) 3:47
@Malala I am hopeless, but not obeyless
whitecandycandy 1/21(日) 3:50
@Malala Hey
Everyone can do only saying but so many destroyers of politic that really make someone else…
atanulic_poddar 1/21(日) 3:50
@Malala Great job
whitecandycandy 1/21(日) 3:50
@Malala Are you Pakistan or CHINESE?
whitecandycandy 1/21(日) 3:51
@Malala Stupid Gates
kakkarcool31 1/21(日) 3:51
@Malala Get over her and look at people who have seen worse and contributing !
FreerRob 1/21(日) 4:01
@Malala Don't forget the boys. To change patriarchal behavior requires an understanding of the culture that informs it.
SBB51245750 1/21(日) 4:03
@Malala Food
Jashua000 1/21(日) 4:09
@Malala There is reason for being hopeless, the cure is not saying it is pointless but extending a hand…
KPartington1 1/21(日) 4:14
@Malala Malala is a very inspirational young lady x
DrKheirollahi 1/21(日) 4:21
@Malala Hope is little window of life home that the beautiful moon appears in darkness.
imramasamy 1/21(日) 4:47
@Malala She is just a show dice ...
BhagyashreeTao2 1/21(日) 5:08
@Malala Helw sir....
SimonLaizer4 1/21(日) 5:10
@Malala It is right. To avoid being hopeless we need God
mohbens428 1/21(日) 5:30
@Malala Malala has been used by the CIA since the age of 14 to make prooaganda war against islam and muslims...! Shame
DamianP43145969 1/21(日) 6:23
@Malala Yes ....
energy69hound 1/21(日) 6:46
@Malala !!!
Zuhzar 1/21(日) 6:47
@Malala Sir, I am sorry to say these words can be wise but not of hers. Either she is making you fool or you are making us fool.
soundmanuk72 1/21(日) 7:06
@Malala Let's be honest they have Been changing the world but because they way things use to be and stil…
MiraARalph 1/21(日) 7:34
@Malala Hijo de puta quiero jugar al lol en paz deja las actualizaciones de windows
Gone2Ceed 1/21(日) 7:50
@Malala For millions of girls, especially girls of color, hopelessness sets in after unending racism and…
imaginationeduc 1/21(日) 7:56
@Malala Thanks @BillGates and @Malala for sharing such love, care, optimism, and dedication to expanding…
KChaffart 1/21(日) 8:05
@Malala “Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things. And no good thing ever dies”
faisalnazar 1/21(日) 8:06
ashishkh05 1/21(日) 8:20
@Malala I really go with the statement @BillGates
Liang43416857 1/21(日) 8:22
@Malala Nice to meet you.I'm Liang Zhang from China.
ARSHADSOFI 1/21(日) 8:29
@Malala Wow ! Very true and Very Beautiful Words
1ichiro 1/21(日) 8:30
@Malala I think so too, most Japanese young people don't have a clear future vision. We are growing in the glasshouse.
zzu34433987 1/21(日) 8:38
@Malala You are right sir, i agree
FaitheTraveller 1/21(日) 8:40
@Malala Thank you for that tidbit
IsabellaALopez1 1/21(日) 8:42
@Malala Absolutely right. We can change the world.
myksmyth1 1/21(日) 8:46
@Malala The words are true regardless of the source :- )
avayemardoman 1/21(日) 8:48
mprof56 1/21(日) 8:53
@Malala Great wise wird! We can have hope!

ナルコ 神話 (Naruko ) (Shinwa )
KumarRamsay 1/21(日) 9:14
johnshai2 1/21(日) 9:19
@Malala Yes sir
Afrowings 1/21(日) 9:45
@Malala True. The best investment on the girls child is that which will affect her mentality, her mindse…
Mamadou88503977 1/21(日) 10:09
@Malala @TIME Slt Merci pour l'encouragement
YT_Night_Gaming 1/21(日) 10:16
I’m broke wanna give me money to buy shoes!!!?????
VidyaMShankar 1/21(日) 10:23
@Malala We live with eternal hope . And this hope leads us to actions that can be fruitful. Thanks…
KanahiyaSingh3 1/21(日) 10:31
@Malala GREAT Wise words
TrzochJoanna 1/21(日) 10:44
@Malala That is nice. Bill have you had your polio vaccine yet?
Yogita48066656 1/21(日) 10:49
@Malala Nice
benitvallanamat 1/21(日) 10:50
@Malala @TIME please check my mail sir
FCOOopVCwktegA7 1/21(日) 10:53
@Malala Hope is one of the best things in this world!
ahmadfuadzamri 1/21(日) 11:03
@Malala Spot on
3stOlvK61WHUnVq 1/21(日) 11:18
@Malala There is a private commercial airport for sale in Brazil If you are interested in this subject,…
JamamalikKhan 1/21(日) 11:42
@Malala We are proud of you, folks like you can defeat extremist philosophy better than guns and bombs
BollitoSexy23 1/21(日) 11:44
@Malala ¡Hey Bill! ¿How Are You? lol

JohnnyTimmy3 1/21(日) 11:46
@Malala You are a sick pedophile FREAK that has admitted you want to control the population with your de…
JohnnyTimmy3 1/21(日) 11:47
@Malala you WILL rot in hell you New World Order satanic SCUMBAG. Murdering fgt.
InderBhan007 1/21(日) 11:53
@Malala Respected sir, good morning from India, yeah it's true fact
BOHOBODHI 1/21(日) 11:58
@Malala “Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalte…
IhtishamGul8 1/21(日) 11:58
@Malala I think malala should take decisions of all the govts.
Mark16178 1/21(日) 12:03
@Malala Hi Bill! I am so thankful to God for what you and your wife do! Keep up the good work, maybe on…
KashifKhawaja10 1/21(日) 12:07
@Malala This ugly water is in sindh.ppl of MPB of sujawl distrct r drinking this uggly water.can u plz h…
Shrividya12 1/21(日) 12:10
@Malala it is true
basimbukhari 1/21(日) 12:24
BshalBhowmik 1/21(日) 12:32
@Malala True sir
Bebe01306615 1/21(日) 12:32
@Malala Greatnessplease mentor me so I can be great, successful like you Mr.Gates
kandantr 1/21(日) 12:52
@Malala THE CLOCK IS TICKING️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

Challenge Accepted!

Girls are educated, healthy, safe, and…
kharavelatimes 1/21(日) 12:59
@Malala Shame on some people...for they waste people's time and lives and misuse power. Agree with you Sir.
dagash83 1/21(日) 13:10
@Malala Exactly may almighty Allah support all your efforts
kimberli9011 1/21(日) 13:22
@Malala @malala beautifully stated!
Jacob86987270 1/21(日) 13:30
@Malala Can i have mmmmoney please
salam_shikdar 1/21(日) 13:36
@Malala I miss you Bill Gates
0e52021f816f471 1/21(日) 13:47
@Malala True talk!@BillGates and @Malala
murthykvs1968 1/21(日) 13:55
. How to feed 8 billion mankind now.give importance to agriculture produce more grains
HnatLay 1/21(日) 14:02
@Malala 5 teen.
BurchfieldSmith 1/21(日) 14:25
@Malala What about American women with children who will be motherless because your foundation refused t…
BurchfieldSmith 1/21(日) 14:27
@Malala And, by the way, she feels hopeless!
111Warisha 1/21(日) 14:32
@Malala @TIME proud of you
WaniInam 1/21(日) 14:47
@Malala Very true sir
TIMELINEREPAIR 1/21(日) 14:51
@Malala it is also POINTLESS to try to solve world scale problems without the key template to all villag…
Fridaystephano2 1/21(日) 15:12
@Malala true that
BeeTraven 1/21(日) 15:13
@Malala How about tweeting about ? Shes 16 years old and in jail for opposing occupation a…
dawenzixie 1/21(日) 15:27
@Malala 说得好
Xianleione 1/21(日) 15:42
@Malala Yes, you're right!
“I think it’s pointless to be hopeless. If you are hopeless, you waste your p…
JewelRa87236475 1/21(日) 15:47
edemquist4 1/21(日) 15:53
@Malala Thats very true
rmzkhan79yahoo1 1/21(日) 16:03
@Malala I invite you come pakistan. We are intelligent.
MustaphaSend 1/21(日) 16:20
@Malala @TIME nice
MohamedHMAIGA1 1/21(日) 16:26
@Malala Thank you
MeiNurani01 1/21(日) 16:51
@Malala Terimakasih sarannya.
Manish04211043 1/21(日) 16:55
@Malala Same thought
Mahfujurrahmanb 1/21(日) 16:57
@Malala Really great
AliHaro11894639 1/21(日) 17:08
@Malala Yeah because she's a Muslim.
_samuel_1998_ 1/21(日) 17:21
@Malala Earn earn money
JamilAnwarAb 1/21(日) 17:29
@Malala Very Nice Message indeed.
mendon_p 1/21(日) 17:35
NorthenPlumbing 1/21(日) 17:38
MeiNurani01 1/21(日) 17:52
@Malala Doakan ya pak bill saya mulai berusaha saya dapat sukses dan berhasil.mei nurani.
ejaz17777 1/21(日) 18:09
@Malala Please invest in girls to build future not to conspire against a whole nation.
Vishal1051992 1/21(日) 18:30
@Malala so sweet ,,speech,,,sir
minalee223 1/21(日) 18:33
@Malala "Readiness is all."
KLalera 1/21(日) 19:00
@FauziaKasuri @Malala It is great thinking. Really we can't change the world without devoleping/strength…
WedofficiantVA 1/21(日) 19:07
@Malala Hey Bill where is Lyric’s money from her popup book idea you stole from Miami Art Basel Little H…
mirza28941730 1/21(日) 19:07
@Malala Hi
onasanwoisrael 1/21(日) 19:07
@Malala @TIME I really admire Malala, despite her adversity in her nation, she rose above d hate & violence and impacts the word
WedofficiantVA 1/21(日) 19:09
@Malala Invest in Lyric Prince Art and give her the money! Not your own big pockets! Put your money wh…
HChaelson 1/21(日) 19:43
@Malala True. Positive thoughts help us to become success in life
Adam_baker_5018 1/21(日) 19:45
@Malala well then, I've been wasting both my present and future for years, and will be for many years to…
iklam_iklam2009 1/21(日) 20:06
@Malala She is the best.. keep it up.
usama6030 1/21(日) 20:28
@Malala If we could have mended the world problems with words you people would have been hero's. It's be…
AcAyaz168 1/21(日) 20:29
@Malala Sorry Bill Gates

The People Like You Have Up Here without any thinking

Malala does Not deserve this..
MORGAN_NR1 1/21(日) 20:42
@Malala Chill Bill
SaysSatan 1/21(日) 20:54
@Malala Can you be our President? Please.
Periehellion 1/21(日) 21:03
@Malala Reflect on a happy event and move on......... Believe in it n you will achieve happiness. All t…
MeiNurani01 1/21(日) 21:04
@Malala Pak bill Gates saya mau kenal dengan Rory sambungkan ya.dari Mei nurani.
ClarkSingh4 1/21(日) 21:14
@Malala True.. Bill & Mel please support Gifft Group in Eradicating World Food Poverty. Join forces with…
AnwarShahadat8 1/21(日) 21:48
@Malala How are you Sir
abbassmakhour 1/21(日) 21:53
@Malala Bill come to lebanon
kapba9 1/21(日) 22:03
@Malala Can donate me a litle ...
Subhaji21714191 1/21(日) 22:19
@Malala What an advice....Enrich our mind...
adan_r_s 1/22(月) 8:09
@Malala Una verdad...
Autoprax 1/22(月) 9:01
@sapinker @Malala That is a young person talking.

Part of being a functional old person is to bid Hop…
ReverseHitler88 1/22(月) 9:02
@sapinker @Malala Women are and were allways the ones which set the rules for society. Boys and men usua…
davidrieff 1/22(月) 9:14
@Malala In other words, any number of first rate philosophers and moralists from the Stoica to Kierkegaa…
dpjonestown 1/22(月) 9:24
@sapinker @Malala Must be nice to have economic security, Bill.
CindyTerrazas4 1/22(月) 10:04
@Malala BillGates I'm sure you get asked for a lot of hand outs I'm not asking for me but for this this…
bray_keenan 1/22(月) 10:10
@Malala It is almost always pointless, but not always unrealistic.
FryderykMendrys 1/22(月) 10:18
@Malala What about us - antinatalists and nihilists. Pointlesness of existence is our way of life.
solankiankit93 1/22(月) 10:28
Already told you it mean nothing to me and all these comes bcz of heart just inherit the properties of m…
saddam_hosse 1/22(月) 10:55
srsdsharma 1/22(月) 11:43
@Malala best sir
farrukhmian5 1/22(月) 11:55
@Malala When given the chance girls outshine boys. I see it in Pakistan on a daily basis.
akik121 1/22(月) 14:32
GaniHeike 1/22(月) 15:00
@Malala Eugenics anyone?
arsheed_para 1/22(月) 16:02
@Malala Nice
Bilalink 1/22(月) 16:31
@Malala Well girls need to stop being evil and start believing in men too! We the investment and they ar…
SumeetSirG1 1/22(月) 17:21
@Malala V.True...
Life_Is_Live_ 1/22(月) 18:40
@Malala M
liunilnajur 1/22(月) 19:00
@Malala 素晴らしい
DavidIpara 1/22(月) 20:43
@Malala Hopeless doesn't have a future. Wasting time and resources of today.
MobeenTaha 1/22(月) 21:12
@Malala Hahhahhaa RAW influenced agent she is
Brainwashed ir should I say an employee to degrade image of pak
MobeenTaha 1/22(月) 21:12
@Malala @Justiceomer24
Wonko81 1/22(月) 21:28
@Malala What an absolute waste of time. The world is facing overpopulation catastrophe, something you contribute to massively.
phucthinh2903 1/22(月) 21:32
@Malala Pls give me some money - This is my Bitcoin Address: 1PMa4cM4GRKqBh47ygsKHpgteVg2qmsz9H. God bless you. Thanks you somuch
FuadTigist 1/22(月) 21:43
@Malala U r helping a lot of peoples all over the world. And u must come in Ethiopia.
benji_otf 1/22(月) 22:32
@Malala Please retweet I need help from the world please
Devendr99525395 1/22(月) 22:34
@Malala Namste bills geats /good evening, so nice person in world.u r happen family & friends. I like ur…
itz_ak2k16 1/23(火) 2:13
@Malala Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will
MzwakheButhele7 1/23(火) 2:27
@Malala Goodman
BER_na_BIM 1/23(火) 2:28
@Malala what of when hopelessness is the only thing left?
pete_barnett73 1/23(火) 2:45
Atasi 1/23(火) 3:42
@Malala Nice work... : )
jennyk5354 1/23(火) 4:26
@Malala Since you want to genocide Millions of people, 5 in your family is to many! You can set an examp…
Mr_magicm 1/23(火) 4:49
@Malala Hello , Mr @BillGates I ask you to support me. I am a high school student in electrotechnology a…
Damilol22337406 1/23(火) 4:55
@Malala Love ur work sir @billgates
Ersinbulur13 1/23(火) 5:04
@Malala Sn Billgates size mail göndermek istiyorum ama ulaşamıyorum yardımcı olabilir misiniz ?
Citrux1 1/23(火) 7:38
@Malala Bill gates u are roll of my life your magical word change mine life...
I remembered one of y…
godson_eyez 1/23(火) 9:56
@Malala Can i be like you with my music
papendrasingh18 1/23(火) 10:50
@Malala Good morning sir ....i am from india ...
BHASKARSALVI2 1/23(火) 11:08
@Malala Very true.
vidhulo 1/23(火) 11:56
@Malala Absolutely right Hope is which makes you worry Less ...we must try not to be Hope Less
s_mangalath 1/23(火) 12:32
@Malala Being hopeless,is the beginning of being hopeful,you were also ,hopeless once!.
joewkb 1/23(火) 12:42
@Malala Hey Bill, I would like to partner with you in this endeavor!
kogyahmed3 1/23(火) 13:03
@Malala I want you to help me
yui_LiSKer 1/23(火) 16:00
@Malala A soul stirring quote
MyVideosToWatch 1/23(火) 17:22
rockrud2 1/23(火) 18:06
@Malala Malala is a inspiring girl for our new generation.
Mohamma34188810 1/23(火) 18:41
@Malala Hello sir
saisrini9 1/23(火) 20:28
@Malala Bill Gates you are known for charity, see that in all Microsoft employees join in this charity i…
AseshDatta 1/23(火) 21:05
@Malala GIRLS are Graceful, Intelligent, Respected, Lovely and Sweet. Their growth, inspiration, respect…
TheFrankinn 1/23(火) 22:05
@Malala “Hope” is what you do when all your efforts have failed.
PurushottsmR 1/23(火) 23:10
@Malala Only girls start world,these are all in family,like mother,sister,daughter and also in relation,…
Abhishe85936020 1/23(火) 23:42
@Malala Hi
ton_jitpirom 1/24(水) 0:11
@Malala สวัสดี​ครับ​
naasiraliini 1/24(水) 0:42
@Malala You are not help the people need you billgats really
Am somalia and search you any wh…
JosManu60742718 1/24(水) 0:53
marin_bloise 1/24(水) 1:08
@Malala This article is inspiring to young girls and is encouraging them to stand for their beliefs. Gat…
capdong 1/24(水) 1:20
@Malala @TIME how did you start
BitcoreNow 1/24(水) 3:57
@Malala Very nice, Hope i also could give anytime so many Back to other people.
ahleenabdullah 1/24(水) 6:53
@Malala PA
TroubleFindzMe 1/24(水) 8:25
@Malala Tell us o wise hogger of wealth that steals hopes and dreams with your slave wages and…
77_1982 1/24(水) 8:30
@Malala مادا تفعل با المال و العمر يروح عليك .... انا من اليمن
TroubleFindzMe 1/24(水) 8:43
@Malala As long as we live in a world where wealth is rewarded rather than work then you and the other s…
300121 1/24(水) 8:55
@Malala I want to become a successful person
UThengari 1/24(水) 11:23
@Malala Sir please help mi because mi poor man
CIJ9NTXevTQOsva 1/24(水) 11:28
@Malala never give up!
CIJ9NTXevTQOsva 1/24(水) 11:29
@Malala don't be hopeless
bankofbiology 1/24(水) 11:32
@Malala How many girls in schools & colleges are safe & happy? Could technological advancement empower all educated girls?
Optical_Artist 1/24(水) 11:58
@Malala this is off the wall and unrelated - do you know how many hours added up to days added up to wee…
russiea17 1/24(水) 11:58
Rajinde17122811 1/24(水) 12:45
Rajinde17122811 1/24(水) 12:45
Rajinde17122811 1/24(水) 12:45
Rajinde17122811 1/24(水) 12:46
Rajinde17122811 1/24(水) 12:46
Rajinde17122811 1/24(水) 12:46
IshtarKarnak 1/24(水) 12:49
yes bill you!
SDverma07 1/24(水) 13:06
@Malala Yep!
vitech_vn 1/24(水) 14:16
@Malala Very happy to seen
AaronCa82090018 1/24(水) 16:08
@Malala Hey send me a check for my cousin this is the holy spirit incarne lol no rily saint Aaron runnin…
sweet_savaage 1/24(水) 17:01
@Malala I’m really sad adopt me so I can have nothing to worry about besides empowering these women?
Maiquctng1 1/24(水) 18:04
@Malala Hello mr.bill nice too meet you.
dms1899 1/24(水) 20:12
@Malala I think it doesn't apply to just girls.
odwa_solomon 1/24(水) 20:59
@Malala Definitely, as i have read the book nothing to loose by Bishop Marcedo, what i have lean is that…
prith96082493 1/24(水) 21:00
@Malala then y r women so abused my god father
shabbirwho 1/24(水) 21:06
@Malala Well done
MoneManKha6 1/24(水) 21:12
@Malala Nice
Saneh51711166 1/24(水) 21:32
@Malala True! hope is the pillar of strength ✊
ZeljkaPotoku 1/24(水) 22:11
@Malala what's your Pls send a with your and support…
1F40xws7MjCiLq6 1/24(水) 22:30
Bill Hello. My name is Alexandr. Please give me $700 000. For you, it's a drop in the ocean, and I will…
b_annne 1/24(水) 22:32
@Malala So much to do. Thanks for all you do for the humanity. WE must not be hopeless.
f4zf23US33AB6xl 1/24(水) 22:35
@Malala Would you like to borrow $100,000 from a girl of 22? It changed her life.
QueenMa71697559 1/24(水) 22:36
@Malala Wisely spoken and thank you for your awesome work.
lifesgood134 1/25(木) 13:36
@Malala Excellent wise words
jinkyu727 1/25(木) 17:47
@Malala Jesus The King is only hope 2 us
lengane455 1/25(木) 19:52
@Malala you are blessed by the good god,

long life to the whole family.
kingsrajesh 1/25(木) 22:24
@Malala Your r right Mr.Gates, I could see her years of struggle to have this determination...
DHUNTtweets 1/26(金) 5:29
@Malala @Davos @wef Hello Bill, Malala, @UniofOxford @Harvard @Stanford @Yale @MikeBloomberg…
mihaita_george 1/26(金) 6:15
@Malala all aboard the feminist bandwagon
tomeisin2627 1/26(金) 7:02
@Malala ok
DHUNTtweets 1/26(金) 9:13
@Malala @Davos @wef Hello Bill, Malala, @UniofOxford @Harvard @Stanford @Yale @MikeBloomberg…
DHUNTtweets 1/28(日) 0:57
@Malala @Davos @wef Hello Bill, Malala, ..
"Task Force on Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Violence"…
Lov4Alpha 1/28(日) 1:43
@Malala Thank God He put U on Earth 2 use your strong mind in creation & 2 help mankind. U R hopeless…
DHUNTtweets 1/29(月) 10:03
@Malala @Davos @wef Bad News Bill, Malala,
@UniofOxford @Harvard @Stanford @Yale @NYGovCuomo…
zionelledove 1/29(月) 13:09
@Malala Passion, education, self determination, making a difference, education, education, education. SMILE
DHUNTtweets 1/29(月) 22:54
@Malala @UniofOxford @Harvard @Stanford @Yale @McGillU @Concordia Chief Prud'homme Pichet Parent walk in…
DHUNTtweets 1/30(火) 3:59
@Malala @DAVOS @WEF @JerryBrownGov @MikeBloomberg @Mayors4Climate @GlobalGoalsUN @POTUS @Number10gov…
ManishNaskar3 1/30(火) 15:25
@Malala Sir can you give me a job in your company....?
colonelmuppet 1/31(水) 8:26
@Malala So then you must be anti Islamic then? Either that or an outright hypocrit living off the back o…
mirza28941730 2/2(金) 17:28
@Malala Hope
lorealtbu 2/4(日) 2:02
@ValaAfshar @Malala ¿Without hope Mr. Gates? I think that women struggle to make their present and futur…
krisanputih 2/6(火) 3:51
@Malala superb
Prakash82476081 2/7(水) 18:04
@Malala Right and it is hundred percent true
MarkAnthonyHar2 2/8(木) 20:23
@Malala The world is better because of visionaries like you Mr. Gates. It would be an honor having lunch…
AhmadAb18222205 2/9(金) 14:37
@Malala Really!
ijere_joshua 2/11(日) 22:38
@Malala Powerful. Good reasoning sir
kindpersun 2/13(火) 13:32
@Malala and we have to accept girls first...
BelbisiJoanna 2/15(木) 0:48
@Malala Invest in me.
FayasKh59328483 2/17(土) 0:54
@Malala I wish to be a good person like you
Muhamma73125377 2/18(日) 18:30
@Malala Good and generousity
dh_aruna 2/19(月) 18:33
@Malala Very true sir !

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