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 (I play tennis )
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Naomi_Osaka_ (NaomiOsaka大坂なおみ) 2019/5/26(日) 20:37 .

The way my jokes are set up, you either laugh or roll your eyes. There is no other way. 454RT

ValhallaaCrypto 5/26(日) 20:38
Naomi are you okay? …….
henrikblunck_dk 5/26(日) 20:38
Your jokes mail fail - but your never does. :- )
TIMOTHYJOHNART 5/26(日) 20:39
sounds like a plan!
Aust_D_D 5/26(日) 20:39
What’s a good one Naomi-San? ☺️
soynicolascarro 5/26(日) 20:40
Let’s see which one this one is...

“What does a snowman say to another snowman?

It smells like carrots”.
Waylze 5/26(日) 20:40
My Japanese crush
W7adr8tFvzD2ISm 5/26(日) 20:40
Osenge 5/26(日) 20:40
Alright.. Let's hear it
leemeade77 5/26(日) 20:41
digital_nerdist 5/26(日) 20:41
The funniest tennis players have always been the unintentionally funny ones.
robertmunuku 5/26(日) 20:41
I just rolled my eyes laughing :-D
TennisFan2019AG 5/26(日) 20:42
PERSONA72050709 5/26(日) 20:43
vuyisipho 5/26(日) 20:43
But you’re an excellent tennis player who is super cute so we have no choice but to laugh and love you
TriniBev 5/26(日) 20:44
PuJ4kzoulJkYvSb 5/26(日) 20:44
TriniBev 5/26(日) 20:49
Are you trying to tell us “that’s the way I roll” ?
ilovenaomiosaka 5/26(日) 20:49
LOL that’s why I do memes lol I try to make your day (on insta @/ )
Aries31941573 5/26(日) 20:50
So this is the joke!?
fuku_shyo 5/26(日) 20:50
cliffs_cave 5/26(日) 20:51
I do both. Lol.
RickFly3 5/26(日) 20:53
angstytennisfan 5/26(日) 20:54
Well, you've been a little quiet on the jokes front lately. Gotta tell a couple for us to judge
Nalyangel1 5/26(日) 20:59
Am laughing out loud
Acewrite 5/26(日) 21:00
I think that pretty much applies to everybody.
TreyTheQuota 5/26(日) 21:02
Sounds like my bank account
CharlesDSmith54 5/26(日) 21:04
Gotta check you out then....
ladykimiyo 5/26(日) 21:11
What is Naomi's jokes?

I'm looking forward to that jokes!!
EdwardFalcetta 5/26(日) 21:11
keep em coming
KingM31017 5/26(日) 21:13
Awww.. I’m sure that’s not true
KatHolmes130 5/26(日) 21:19
I like them, but then I like the quirky.
Furters 5/26(日) 21:20
I laugh when everyone else groans or rolls eyes at my puns and dad jokes
Ab_847 5/26(日) 21:32
No middle ground
DashingDrewRude 5/26(日) 21:46
What about the blank stare?
fa_meva 5/26(日) 21:50
Love you Naomi!!!
chanmaru90 5/26(日) 21:51
NYamato8 5/26(日) 22:02
I like your jokes a lot,because they are witty and funny and sweet!
You fell down during the pract…
h3REcsgo 5/26(日) 22:06
Would you care to give us an example
Sughnesha99 5/26(日) 22:28
@JahnaviSodha @Weirdladki you guys pretend to laugh and roll your eyes.
sjawisterman 5/26(日) 22:28
j8tennis 5/26(日) 22:46
CesarOswaldo77 5/26(日) 23:09
justhebreu 5/26(日) 23:14
let us hear one
drebepetty 5/26(日) 23:23
rolls eyes at this tweet*
TheSpektrem 5/26(日) 23:34
On brand. Those are usually your responses to questions. Lol.
noracrow828 5/26(日) 23:54
Always laugh. Even if not laugh, I don’t think it is something roll our eyes. Never mind!
nemuinyah 5/27(月) 0:10
redplague158 5/27(月) 0:16
have any for us today ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
ErnstJRalph 5/27(月) 0:36
Ok I’m going to roll my eyes on this one
73hINovrjWC7pcf 5/27(月) 1:02
delsuc1 5/27(月) 1:08
Really !!?
BlackLionattaka 5/27(月) 1:39
BrySol1 5/27(月) 1:46
abytecreative 5/27(月) 1:50
So like Dad jokes?
Afraqueen 5/27(月) 2:27
I'd laugh, Ladybug, even if it is a dry joke. Sometimes they are funny, too.
WhippleJulyan 5/27(月) 3:03
Jennylin79 5/27(月) 4:34
efrenledesma6 5/27(月) 4:57
You had me at the US Open ❤️
Kimchii8 5/27(月) 7:02
Are you playing in the French Open?
ARiddertoft 5/27(月) 7:47
Naomi, du er en herlig og sjov pige.....og så er du vanvittig smuk...
relicUA 5/27(月) 7:48

How seen do you feel?
Katongadeth 5/27(月) 10:10
Haven’t seen a joke that made my eyes roll yet, so you are doing pretty good!
jatinmadan77 5/27(月) 12:41
Naomi Osaka 'can win 10 grand slams'
smeaton_james 5/27(月) 13:16
IsenbergArlene 5/27(月) 19:54
Anytime you can laugh is a good time
evmlove 5/27(月) 21:57
So, basically a dad joke
KDaloha 5/28(火) 5:36
Glad I’m not the only one. We get our own jokes, doesn’t that count for something???
Phillipamell420 5/28(火) 23:07
Your tennis game is a joke
LilTrendy 6/2(日) 1:17
Flidamayfield 6/2(日) 22:03
Naomi English

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