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utadahikaru (宇多田ヒカル) 2018/5/23(水) 17:26 .

@YGJklein Oh my god you are a f—-ing GENIUS 31RT

am_kaz 5/23(水) 17:31
@YGJklein @utadahikaru @YGJklein I do the English version of this if someone comes to my house to adve…
minpuuuuuu_i 5/23(水) 17:38
Let's talk about Pakuti in Japanese only.
Paku Paku Pakuti: )
YGJklein 5/23(水) 17:39
No problem at all. So about those concert tickets...
takumimetalgear 5/23(水) 17:48
@YGJklein fー-ing GENIUS,,,I don't want to know what kind of words are entered in that space...
oliviacolomar 5/23(水) 18:40
@YGJklein Being called a genius by Utada... legendary.
strawberrywave0 5/24(木) 17:30
@YGJklein Let's add French for good measure! lol
Janjy101 5/24(木) 21:18
@YGJklein This is not happening in Japan then??
AndreLML 6/13(水) 23:00
@YGJklein I'm laughing SO hard about this thread, you all made my day

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