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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2018/9/11(火) 22:52 .

We will always remember everyone we lost on 9/11, thank the first responders who keep us safe, and honor all who de…

marywarrren 9/12(水) 14:42
Thank you for getting bin laden
DontTreadOnMe40 9/12(水) 14:44
BLKREPINCALI 9/12(水) 14:45
Does that include the ones you sacrificed in benghazi, to cover up you and Hillary's corruption?
Titanictees 9/12(水) 14:45
Bloody hypocrite I bet you were doing the happy dance on 911
Kari_Cass 9/12(水) 14:46
Remember those we lost on September 11, 2012 in that wild conspiracy theory?
manGollum 9/12(水) 14:47
Yeah killing the own people...
Daniell49672798 9/12(水) 14:47
Thank you Sr.
HeavenLashea 9/12(水) 14:47
Very Mr. Obama
PsychicSassy 9/12(水) 14:48
This is a very inspiring message. However, with all the individual liberties lost as a result of 9/11…
Brian_inCAN 9/12(水) 14:48
seidhus74550942 9/12(水) 14:49
hi ms obama
LavondaGalt 9/12(水) 14:49
How dare you call a ... four good men died & you make light of it ...…
TerryPullBurd 9/12(水) 14:49
I just pray to God that we can overcome the current POTUS. I am terrified of what this idiot may do if…
tmmk_nizar 9/12(水) 14:49
Why don’t ask questions on war criminal @43georgebush @TonyBlairQuotes
rutsil1 9/12(水) 14:50
911 @BarackObama
Cleve_Pastor 9/12(水) 14:52
Worst president ever. I thank God daily that you are no longer president. Keep America Great 2020
SADVIBEZ2 9/12(水) 14:52
Yes RIP to all who died here in America and in the Middle East the innocent who died because of the me…
JoeCarew90 9/12(水) 14:52
Inside job
aleksandarmaks6 9/12(水) 14:52
passearthasbill 9/12(水) 14:52
17th years ago I was one that served and I'd do it again!!! HOO-rah Mr. @POTUS44
KMusgrove62 9/12(水) 14:52
Come back Mr. president! Eloquent as usual.
ruthtynes 9/12(水) 14:53
Well said Mr. President.
chadbondar 9/12(水) 14:54
Unfortunately it does change us and it continuly does. Remember we are in terror every day on are Home…
PaulJulianFern1 9/12(水) 14:55
Awesome thanl you Mr. Obama
HsnenHydr 9/12(水) 14:55
Please do not forget the country that gave a donation of blood to uphold ideals of freedom in a post 9…
Loryfun 9/12(水) 14:55
Love you!
CONSCIENCNESS 9/12(水) 14:55
And we will always remember our people that you had killed in Afghanistan Iraq and Yemen, we all have…
NardoV21340 9/12(水) 14:56
Your friends did it
albertslick 9/12(水) 14:58
This is the ONE time I agree with your words. 'Tho I have grave doubts you really mean them. Benghazi…
024GtzgJpJGi4tX 9/12(水) 14:59
tkpreston 9/12(水) 14:59
jalifoly 9/12(水) 15:00
cc5191 9/12(水) 15:00
Oh wow, here is a response that is presidential. I almost forgot.
tarunsmittal 9/12(水) 15:01
@tavleen_singh Yes. No one can change who you people are. You guys take blood for blood and preach others to restrain.
trumpwrongworld 9/12(水) 15:01
@debsaok The same people that gave us you for a President were the same people responsible for 9/11. T…
donnia8789 9/12(水) 15:01
donnia8789 9/12(水) 15:02
fatimasativa 9/12(水) 15:02
Class act, man I miss that quality in a president
sweathog60 9/12(水) 15:02
Words ...just words... your a LIAR who attempted to bury the Benghazi attack under the guise of a anti…
Brian4Delta 9/12(水) 15:02
We are better and stronger together!
Isacson993 9/12(水) 15:03
Great stuff belongs to pure hearts
adrianimarr 9/12(水) 15:03
I miss you
donnia8789 9/12(水) 15:04
Dandydan56 9/12(水) 15:04
I sure do miss you being president! When I went to bed at night I'd fall asleep peacefully knowing ou…
JethroMom 9/12(水) 15:06
Spoken like a true president. Thank you President Obama!
janznsea 9/12(水) 15:09
@Anna_ohlala Thank you as always, President Obama. We miss you, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia.
RyanTheFrameGuy 9/12(水) 15:09
8 years of you was already too much.
Please go away.
Kalluster 9/12(水) 15:09
9/11 caused by brilliant tigers. Any more is coming up?

charmed857 9/12(水) 15:10
Miss you.
virtume1 9/12(水) 15:10
I wish Obama would be President of the U.S again..!~
andrea_lovely21 9/12(水) 15:11
khadimulislam9 9/12(水) 15:11
This was CIA planted attack
abdulkhaliq0026 9/12(水) 15:11
Everyone know wht is truth now don’t showoff its America planned.
caroleh531 9/12(水) 15:13
Thank you President Obama
MachinSimon 9/12(水) 15:13
And what did you do afterwards, illegally invade another country, kill a shit ton of kids and create a…
BalaOjobo 9/12(水) 15:14
Obama dosen't always tell the straight story, B/C he is not a leader, he is under appointment even as U.S.A PRESIDENT.
SouthlandPaint1 9/12(水) 15:14
Fuck obama!
Heidi_Scacc 9/12(水) 15:15
@serenegednelle You’re the most humble man alive
OlabisiOseni1 9/12(水) 15:16
God bless Barak Obama. God bless America
MelissaKayV 9/12(水) 15:16
Sure, he is a good speaker when all he has to do is either read off a prompter or be able to read a sp…
JolieToTheRight 9/12(水) 15:19
If it's anything like the way U honored 3 marines and a US ambassador murdered in Benghazi 6yrs ago ON…
THEDRIVENSOUL 9/12(水) 15:20
So true my heart goes out too all the fallen of that day in twin towers, the sung and unsung hero's in…
lorilynstewart 9/12(水) 15:22
So yes, they were heroes but so were the ones at Benghazi that ran into gun fire to save Americans. Th…
masonsindia 9/12(水) 15:22
mrjkool567 9/12(水) 15:23
@PaulPellis It's hard to forget what we were doing that tragic day 9/11 America lost 3k ppls just goin…
markwhitmire2 9/12(水) 15:23
Remember those that were left in while they were fighting to defeat 9/11 Terrorist! Left by…
LLC_1988 9/12(水) 15:23
No act of Islamic Radicals terror can ever change who we are!
DeepSeaShafers 9/12(水) 15:23
i know in my heart this world will not fall apart as long as we have your strong voice and leadership. Best President Ever!
masonsindia 9/12(水) 15:23
adoptchange 9/12(水) 15:24
Well said Mr President❤️
BlaBluebBlib79 9/12(水) 15:24
I didn't change who you are? So you were already torturing people and illegaly incarcerating them before the 9/11 attacks??
yunotip 9/12(水) 15:24
The 1st responders... Who we told to stand down.., Because of a video... and we went back to bed.
masonsindia 9/12(水) 15:24
clpaxx 9/12(水) 15:25
Thank you for your inspiring words.
RhondaSimonett1 9/12(水) 15:26
Thank you ✌
Charles09259000 9/12(水) 15:26
You should be in jail
PRashant81delhi 9/12(水) 15:26
@tavleen_singh btw Did u find wmd in iraq?
DrFaisalTareen 9/12(水) 15:26
How many US killed across the world after then ? Any one who can count ?
Dishevel 9/12(水) 15:26
If you apologize for making them kill us enough and give money to NASA to make them feel better maybe…
masonsindia 9/12(水) 15:27
tereficone 9/12(水) 15:27
Dear Mr.Barack Obama,
How is vacation?
KC15592914 9/12(水) 15:29
The world would be a better place if the next president is a fraction of the man you are. We miss you dearly Mr. President.
smolcamili 9/12(水) 15:29
in my heart, you are still our president.
aliabdesigns 9/12(水) 15:29
Words put together intelligently. Sadly missing in the shambolic aftermath of your leaving, President Obama.
ahxanfarhad 9/12(水) 15:30
US Self planned event
rebekah_minnig 9/12(水) 15:30
We MISS you Mr. President!
RockWaterLDP 9/12(水) 15:31
America is changing before our very eyes.
MartinFetrow 9/12(水) 15:31
You never cared about them but you do care about muslim terriosts.
Nocturne_Sun 9/12(水) 15:32
The deception is real...
toalwayshope 9/12(水) 15:32
Thank you, Barack Obama!
jm_abdulah 9/12(水) 15:33
Who you are?
IngunKristians1 9/12(水) 15:35
Thank You from Norway
WilliamsToria 9/12(水) 15:35
My family wants to come see you speak In PA can you tell me where you will be speaking please?
ArtAngus1 9/12(水) 15:36
Sometimes the terrorists are domestic politicians serving bankers and billionaires...
Still makes it n…
mylyingeyes99 9/12(水) 15:36
How dare you call Benghazi a conspiracy! The guys who were there have told us what happened. Are you calling them liars?
Epolete55 9/12(水) 15:38
Go away!
RonMaral 9/12(水) 15:39
You guys did it to yourself. Don’t act as if you don’t know.
livyjo 9/12(水) 15:39
Went to the 9/11 memorial this year Im from Australia. such a humbling human experience. AMERICA you have strength. ❤❤❤
mycool_fukin_t 9/12(水) 15:39
What about Benghazi you fucking ignorant shithead?
maureen123439 9/12(水) 15:39
That's right ✔️ my president
RichardEusbio 9/12(水) 15:40
@RudyCtown87 No one cares about your panties in a bunch. Jubilant you are gone, not my problem clown are your new title.
DennaIsTsundere 9/12(水) 15:40
@InSpiteOfTrump Except when they do change us. Which happens all the time.

I swear man what drugs did u do in college
CrazyCajun2015 9/12(水) 15:41
We miss you in the White House.
ConfusedinA 9/12(水) 15:42
My father died on 9/11, but in 1996. He was a veteran of the Cambodian/Laos/Vietnam war. Despite all t…
onedeadsb 9/12(水) 15:42
Say it with me slime bag. Islamic Terrorists
bilalsuleman66 9/12(水) 15:43
America killed 50,000 people of Afganistan. Are you Ashamed on the death of 50,000 peoples.
jean_labbe 9/12(水) 15:43
What thought entered my mind today was how many very young sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and even v…
Verashahcoxnet1 9/12(水) 15:43
You're the best ever Mr President.
HuuChi4 9/12(水) 15:44
Why do not you dare call al Qaeda and ISIS Islamic extremists?
kindopp_linda 9/12(水) 15:45
My heart will never forget my love and prayers with you all changed so many lives so many broken heart…
DuffiF 9/12(水) 15:45
Thank you sir!
livyjo 9/12(水) 15:46
Granted Im speaking as someone from another country here I get it, can we just see this as a past pres…
realBoutTime 9/12(水) 15:46
How about the 4 that died to cover your gun smuggling in Benghazi
Haegster 9/12(水) 15:48
Tktk1HoG17yev8W 9/12(水) 15:49
You are the one who makes terrorism and you are the one who controls the scenario of the world ... and…
Adviiise 9/12(水) 15:50
Can we get some memes in the comments?
maureenkneil 9/12(水) 15:50
Your words say it all Mr President
DeannaW58258891 9/12(水) 15:50
worst President in history, liar, phoney Muslim
DeannaW58258891 9/12(水) 15:53
the GREAT President Trump saved us from this clown, obozo
skepticalwriter 9/12(水) 15:54
@eortner President O, why don’t we rally around all those surviving 1st responders? Many have illnesse…
tosupermousejp 9/12(水) 15:55
In my case as victim,
Who was leader of mediater?
Is leader iiving in luxury,now?

Don't run away.
4tbyrds 9/12(水) 15:56
President Obama. I miss you so much! Can you believe this “president” in office right now?!…
DeannaW58258891 9/12(水) 15:56
obozo has support of illegals and criminals, that's his base always has been, oh yes, and deranged liberals. MAGA
exjobcouk1 9/12(水) 15:57
It’s a great shame that so many cannot unite with you. The guys who died were republicans and democrat…
JoannaM73065982 9/12(水) 15:59
We miss you Mr President Obama!! Much love to you and your family!
bbdevices 9/12(水) 15:59
Did change who we are. Enabled Cheney/Bush agenda and we became torturers
tosupermousejp 9/12(水) 15:59
You are not waypoint to founder.
Show the truth.
Truth is based on justice.
Who was mediater?
Is medi…
thefullcadge 9/12(水) 16:01
Not even an act of terror like your Presidency. Thank goodness that's over.
GiovanniPolegat 9/12(水) 16:01
With You,and With US,
Americans Italians cityzens.
tosupermousejp 9/12(水) 16:01
I was left behind,understand?
Madt44491145 9/12(水) 16:01
Spoken like a true American. Thank you Barack.
InheritShall 9/12(水) 16:01
SHeLLY_oBRieN35 9/12(水) 16:02
Your audacity is blinding!

How dare you even tweet about this!

You did nothing about it for 8 years!…
gapsworld 9/12(水) 16:03
Such hypocrisy you war criminal!
NaushadGuddu1 9/12(水) 16:05
This was done by ameria mosad cia
MyNigward 9/12(水) 16:06
Miss u ma nigga❤
kwb98x 9/12(水) 16:06
And which side of your mouth are you speaking, Mr @BarackObama ??
NaveenS77457830 9/12(水) 16:07
All indian people so sed About 11/ 09 Atack
SAbrothers08 9/12(水) 16:07
And Muslims won't forget ever that how many innocents were slaughtered in the revenge of 2700 people w…
shutupandtwit 9/12(水) 16:08
I think we are finding some things that no amount of resilience ,prescription,exercise meds,booze ,any…
JaniceWert 9/12(水) 16:09
I miss you so much.
massdeek 9/12(水) 16:09
Name all of em
twisted08418992 9/12(水) 16:10
Shame your so called sports stars don’t feel the same Come you’ve failed to mention Benghazi?…
mafia_bobby 9/12(水) 16:11
jahm792314 9/12(水) 16:14
Can we please have one damn day without BS!! I lost a lot from 9/11 and wars. I spent 22 years in army…
cyberspacecowbo 9/12(水) 16:14
juliehargreaves 9/12(水) 16:15
I remember them if was yesterday I as at work saw it on tv at frist thought was a movie until saw news in the uk
cyberspacecowbo 9/12(水) 16:16
iweismann 9/12(水) 16:17
I was in 6th grade when 9/11 happened, I was never more scared in my life... not even when I was diagn…
katefir 9/12(水) 16:18
@DanielBShapiro Over 600 thousand retweets and I can bet none of those are Russian trolls. Tears in my…
shutupandtwit 9/12(水) 16:18
We need more people interested in protecting our country.Realizing without military and first responde…
lainebrock1776 9/12(水) 16:20
the only Barack Obama tweet I’ve ever favorited
jazzguru9 9/12(水) 16:20
And you forget to show some empathy towards those whom you killed in its aftermath and the numbers are…
grebenkin_egor 9/12(水) 16:21
Remembers, mourning
ray_khine 9/12(水) 16:21
yes sir
cyberspacecowbo 9/12(水) 16:22
papatribble 9/12(水) 16:23
then why can't you show respect for our troops the rest of the year?
NewMonoUltra 9/12(水) 16:23
Just reading the replies to Barack's tweet. So many nice comments from you guys and girls here. I th…
AlexAlf1721117 9/12(水) 16:23
I love you. In the name of the father. Amen.
PamelaKHarmon 9/12(水) 16:24
Are you sure you didn't mean "tyranny," President Obama? ; )
DawnMars123456 9/12(水) 16:25
9/11 wasn’t accident
JerryAt01181546 9/12(水) 16:26
And not one single word From Obama or Hillary about Benghazi or this new Memorial Dedication on 9/11
southernfemale5 9/12(水) 16:29
Thank you, sir!
Franklinstweet 9/12(水) 16:31
@ USA @
Agent_Orange708 9/12(水) 16:32
Except you slept through the plea for help from Benghazi.......
vichirukun 9/12(水) 16:32
These two are pretty much the same.
Walez42339572 9/12(水) 16:35
Thank you Mr President.
2745a60d32a64ea 9/12(水) 16:36
Hola sr obama saludos
dasalution76 9/12(水) 16:37
I do sir.I also thank you,And those like you that don't know the impact that the HUMBLE,sincere thoug…
colleen_gallues 9/12(水) 16:37
I feel it's important to look at what we have, not at what we don't. We should strive not only for sel…
moms3rdtesticle 9/12(水) 16:39
Cher_Rocks 9/12(水) 16:40
Thank you, Mr. President
LDisinger 9/12(水) 16:40
Bet you wear Nike gear, too
SalimKh92181673 9/12(水) 16:41
Inside job any one got cought??
SalimKh92181673 9/12(水) 16:42
911 was starting point to get to oil reach countries.
LaureneDiCillo 9/12(水) 16:45
You support letting terrorists into this country. This makes no sense.
MarioBryant10 9/12(水) 16:46
drop_dead_ched 9/12(水) 16:46
"Radical Islamic terrorism"*
lovcen1900 9/12(水) 16:48
President Obama is the last legitimate President we had before the Russians and Putin installed the or…
CherylE56316693 9/12(水) 16:49
Barbie87697606 9/12(水) 16:49
Let them Rest In Peace, that brother, father, friend, uncle, sister, neighbor and colleague.
Muskogee_life 9/12(水) 16:49
benjamimissca 9/12(水) 16:49
Todos os dias!!!
Muskogee_life 9/12(水) 16:49
CXo007 9/12(水) 16:50
Your rhetoric contradicts your actions. You don’t care what these terrorists did to our families and n…
FriarFire 9/12(水) 16:50
FriarFire 9/12(水) 16:51
cscbailey 9/12(水) 16:51
Spoken like a real president. Thank u. Ur words r comforting to hear.
NeilMukherjeeUK 9/12(水) 16:52
I fail to believe that 9/11 could have happened without internal links and/or internal gross negligenc…
ChargersFan83 9/12(水) 16:52
@TrishRowley1 You inspire me Obama. Thank you for everything you do.
efashionworld2 9/12(水) 16:52
Each time you appear on the big screen,i find it hard to see you as an ex president. Leadership instin…
sbremond 9/12(水) 16:53
Thank you Mr President
NGraneira 9/12(水) 16:53
we will always remember the dead!
NeilMukherjeeUK 9/12(水) 16:54
We lost Diana in 1997. If she were alive the world would have been a different place. A better place w…
emz_murphy 9/12(水) 16:54
@StephenC1996 bit of a contrast
katic_nikolina 9/12(水) 16:56
this plane is like my confidence, non-existent...
lividlobster1 9/12(水) 16:58
Corporations are the terrorists supported by puppet politicians
JackyKwanBet 9/12(水) 16:58
JackyKwanBet 9/12(水) 16:58
JackyKwanBet 9/12(水) 16:58
Haroonsaleem106 9/12(水) 16:58
JackyKwanBet 9/12(水) 16:58
SarahJackman13 9/12(水) 16:58
❤️Are you Looking for for your company, product or any other projects?
buddybentley6 9/12(水) 16:59
What do you care you treasonous bastard
Victorkazadi5 9/12(水) 17:00
Thunk you my brother Barack Obama .
ElenaD2268 9/12(水) 17:00
Beatiful message.
RyanKohnhorst 9/12(水) 17:00
The best acts of kindness comes after the worst types of fear.
morris993 9/12(水) 17:01
Americans who voted for Trump are tired of you and your negativity. Now your taking credit for the economy. What an imposter.
jamespolicastr0 9/12(水) 17:01
Can you say "Islamic Terrorists" Man from Hawaii?
AbramAb1 9/12(水) 17:02
9/11 was an inside job and that have been proved but media will not tell anyone.
SkyeWolfie 9/12(水) 17:03
I really wish you still were our President & and oh boy do I mean that....
MrMajengMafisa 9/12(水) 17:04
You must also remember Muammar Gadaffi... we have not forgotten!
LibertarianKirk 9/12(水) 17:05
a1807409742 9/12(水) 17:05
OrbBlack 9/12(水) 17:06
Didn't you end up arming/training
Al Queda to fight a proxy war in Syria???
Kronicccc 9/12(水) 17:06
a1807409742 9/12(水) 17:06
SkyeWolfie 9/12(水) 17:07
So very TRUE!!
HudsonTersia 9/12(水) 17:08
Can you tell the people why you lied so mutch. Now you’re back, you can explain to us why.
khaledmariner 9/12(水) 17:08
Enzo77457436 9/12(水) 17:10
It's a non event. It's something I celebrate with great joy and jubilation considering how many nation…
Mahmoud36604696 9/12(水) 17:11
What about the 100k killed in Afghanistan and raip wamens also 5k Americans lost their life +thousands…
dakeduyiwuer 9/12(水) 17:12
walkersmithj 9/12(水) 17:12
Well said Barry
Wildirish216 9/12(水) 17:12
3/26 Century. 10 Quatrain76.
Wildirish216 9/12(水) 17:13
Q sent me.
Reja53Renee 9/12(水) 17:13
God bless you and your family. Your soothing words are so desperately missed.
amberjoone 9/12(水) 17:14
I always read your quotes in you voice. God bless us all!
GTODDBROWN 9/13(木) 4:44
Obama sending arms through Benghazi to the enemy. They knew too much. They couldn't come home.
SilviaD04215578 9/13(木) 4:44
Knowing we lost more than 3,000 people not including Mexicans, police officers, fire fighters and others.
wissembahry 9/13(木) 4:44
Do you still believe that strick Mr Obama !!
roadwarrior5150 9/13(木) 4:45
So the way you show your gratefulness is to open the borders and cater to Islamist??sounds like you ha…
poakakai 9/13(木) 4:48
Thank you Obama, very cool.
rictedeschi 9/13(木) 4:48
Thank you for your efforts, to eliminate terrorism, during your 8 years in office. I will never forge…
KinGAmiraLKamaL 9/13(木) 4:52
DannyBa93452237 9/13(木) 4:52
We will always remember 9/12/12 when you and @HillaryClinton let our great American die in Benghazi !
Michael29024440 9/13(木) 4:53
Yes, Mr. President- even though we put an end to Osama bin Laden, nearly a decade later, the fight aga…
evans1415 9/13(木) 4:53
F.U.obama,you are the problem,President Trump is the cure
telikonol 9/13(木) 4:53
wow YES so true!!!
ReilandPatrick 9/13(木) 4:56
ReilandPatrick 9/13(木) 5:00
You are irrelevant. Thank God your miserable legacy is being erased. You are the most divisive sedit…
ctownsend7410 9/13(木) 5:02
That's quite nicely said Mr. Obama . may whatever storm that's invading my beloved America , despite a…
pekerwoodtx 9/13(木) 5:03
We remember
texasposse50 9/13(木) 5:04
Go be with your husband, nobody wants to see your ugly mug.. Americans are a lot better off now your out of office..
joycekennedy2 9/13(木) 5:05
amelialelievree 9/13(木) 5:06
@MarioHasPizza Jus come to Canada dude
Raymond96831091 9/13(木) 5:09
Thank You Mr. President. You are Deeply Missed! Plz send help. We have a DEMON in our @WHITEHOUSE
Raymond96831091 9/13(木) 5:09
SunInTheRain14 9/13(木) 5:10
And you did absolutely everything you could to undermine our first responders, federal agencies & poli…
KathMann1313 9/13(木) 5:14
StefaniJeremiah 9/13(木) 5:14
With all due respect and you just please show some for President now.
BLapua 9/13(木) 5:17
You have no resolve you racist piece of shit. Just a few more days until you are arrested and transferred to GITMO.
robo442u 9/13(木) 5:19
When the government betrays those in harms way working to protect Americans and US interest you can on…
Yuyitojj 9/13(木) 5:19
I will be more interested in know the real thrud about 9/11th?
Raulmurcia8 9/13(木) 5:19
ElizabethFoyle 9/13(木) 5:23
Well said mr president
libertyforall12 9/13(木) 5:23
We miss you- your honesty, your intelligence and the sanity and respect you brought to America Convin…
BLapua 9/13(木) 5:25
You helped terrorists...gave them money and weapons. You evil fucking punk. You hate America and onl…
anonymo02224532 9/13(木) 5:26
anonymo02224532 9/13(木) 5:26
MuhuhaG 9/13(木) 5:31
true @BarackObama
scally_lynn 9/13(木) 5:32
@BarackObama I wish you were still our president! You and Michele have so much class and dignity. Some…
HasterJosep 9/13(木) 5:33
Memorial Day 9/11
Hotmirandaj7 9/13(木) 5:33
I came in hott my right wing got hurt. I LOVE Y'ALL'S ✝️
LeeKalon 9/13(木) 5:34
Im 1 not tew.W vote cuz whats the dif! I'm for dismantling the prez office since @HillaryClinton the r…
KarinKster4 9/13(木) 5:34
This is a true leader
joycekennedy2 9/13(木) 5:35
mimzy0505 9/13(木) 5:36
Thank you for your words on this important day!! ❤️
busterhymen69m 9/13(木) 5:37
PurfieldKevin 9/13(木) 5:38
Donald Trump, on 15 February 2016, speaking to a wildly enthusiastic crowd in Bluffton, South Carolina…
hmtahir009 9/13(木) 5:39
we also remember how brutally you crushed Iraq and Afghanistan......they also humans like Americans,th…
marthaaceves2 9/13(木) 5:41
ADI78547650 9/13(木) 5:49
You have waay more class than @realDonaldTrump
YEmmanuelBenEZ 9/13(木) 5:50
Those who developed the 11s, 11m and 7 J will pay dearly.
Emmanuel Y. : )
liskavitch1 9/13(木) 5:51
Finally a president with something nice to say
palmtreemaria 9/13(木) 5:52
You are so missed. Thank God we can still benefit from your wisdom, sanity and grace during this craziness we are subject to.
brittberry05 9/13(木) 5:52
You know I miss you. I miss boring news, I miss days without hateful disgusting tweets from a Presiden…
cmbiund04 9/13(木) 5:55
I wish you could be our president again.
GDean__ 9/13(木) 5:56
“No act of terror can ever change who we are” the best line❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
miss_L4791 9/13(木) 5:57
Never forgotten
Gfrancomv 9/13(木) 5:58
We will always rememba that all our taxes for security did not worked and we got scammed by this 911 problem
stonic10 9/13(木) 6:03
Fraatc1983 9/13(木) 6:04
Love ❤️ Blessing to families in the US from the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat.
MuhammadRehanH5 9/13(木) 6:04
Obama the great
monaali88266575 9/13(木) 6:05
FredrickDale53 9/13(木) 8:59
What about 9/11/12??
Mr_Confetti 9/13(木) 9:00
@JoeCurtatone Also let's take a minute to thank President Trump on actually enforcing US law
kocsis_andrew 9/13(木) 9:09
Made sure you raised the risk of terrorism didn't you by sprouting highly dubious drone attacks ,good…
TodGerst 9/13(木) 9:11
Patrici40783255 9/13(木) 9:16
emote_control 9/13(木) 9:17
But it did. It changed everything. The country lost its mind and never got it back.
Joelabreu01 9/13(木) 9:19
Hechos muy lamentables, desde República Dominicana, nos unimos al dolor sufrido y a los familiares de cada víctima en el mundo.
error_massive 9/13(木) 9:22
And we will never forget the 30 trillion you left us in debt.
AllenPatrickHa2 9/13(木) 9:23
Put your application in the NFL Corporate Office Attn: Commissioner Roger Goodell; we want to buy a f…
NurisahTrangga2 9/13(木) 9:24
we miss you so much
TiredOfTheBshit 9/13(木) 9:24
Will you remember the ones you lost in Benghazi? Too bad you failed to keep them safe. We will never f…
NurisahTrangga2 9/13(木) 9:25
A true leader
candatx 9/13(木) 9:25
munfris 9/13(木) 9:27
What a great example of the first responders who put their lives for others be before self.
That's wh…
coolbeatz_nazia 9/13(木) 9:28
Spoken like a true president
FlameScanner 9/13(木) 9:28
Build the wall
JoanOfSnark 9/13(木) 9:29
Ambassador Stevens was not available for comment.
Cryptarchy6 9/13(木) 9:30
Fed op.
spacefly33 9/13(木) 9:31
You tortured “some folks”.
Jamesanel6 9/13(木) 9:32
toddowen69 9/13(木) 9:34
Sounds like canned bullshit
IG5teven 9/13(木) 9:34
America's still going on about this get over it, it was over a decade and a half ago
paulym58 9/13(木) 9:34
Like you even care about Americans. I hope your cell at Gitmo is really uncomfortable.
1776FREEDOMNOW 9/13(木) 9:35
DimplezTresvant 9/13(木) 9:36
You are soooo missed as our country's leader! Blessings!
Mohamed81680358 9/13(木) 9:37
9/11is a big lie Mr presedint
SparksWbsj14 9/13(木) 9:39
Go away
jstroncheck 9/13(木) 9:39
and we will always try to forget you barack obummer
sepdeironarrow1 9/13(木) 9:44
Many people died that day and after due to cancer but it wasn't because of fires or airplane collision…
MicheleHawks2 9/13(木) 9:45
Flint gets poisoned and then you bomb them. What were you thinking?
Ryedale273John 9/13(木) 9:45
Thank you
priceofequalit1 9/13(木) 9:48
Please help us to understand the Flint Michigan bombing under your watch
khalilemmanuel1 9/13(木) 9:53
twingalstwo 9/13(木) 9:55
You gave them cash to help them you hypocrite
fw_sebastian 9/13(木) 9:55
KarmaAster 9/13(木) 9:56
I really miss having a President who can speak eloquently and in complete sentences.
spotteddane 9/13(木) 9:57
Oh how I miss having a compassionate adult in the White House!
HeavenWatch55 9/13(木) 10:00
@KlassenL You politicize everything. You cannot be trusted.Also did you campaign in Watts Los Angeles…
JaniceHotchkiss 9/13(木) 10:09
@RainCarrington I miss you in the Whitehouse.
watsonm40 9/13(木) 11:55
723.8k Weak minded likes!! Still asleep I see. Oh well the harder you will fall!!
shermantank2018 9/13(木) 11:55
I have never disagreed with you Mr. President. But with the orange troll in the Oval Office...hope may be lost.
hikerdude08 9/13(木) 11:56
Although many of your policies undermined the security of the United States
4marcelatoledo 9/13(木) 12:00
We will also remember all the families you separated because your record number of deportations.
Wildmanx71 9/13(木) 12:04
Better then trumps entire speech alone
AngelaShelbyLa1 9/13(木) 12:05
So true, my President! You will always be my President!❤️
pricci_john 9/13(木) 12:07
The country needs another Urbana speech. Just one more...
LhrJulie 9/13(木) 12:09
JCSuperstar07 9/13(木) 12:11
DoeKnutt 9/13(木) 12:13
Will you...really?!? What about those lost 9/11/2012? In Benghazi? You're a true "political tool"..…
Jonsmit86317293 9/13(木) 12:16
9/11/12! Obama's a disgrace
1Nastygal 9/13(木) 12:19
This is a real POTUS.
c0c0a3574476 9/13(木) 12:19
Your so right Mr. President sure miss you at the white House
Brett73147561 9/13(木) 12:20
Yes Sir
priccio2001 9/13(木) 12:20
Who are the perpetrators? Lies will fall. Consciousness will/is rising. Inevitable.
Scarletlady263 9/13(木) 12:21
We miss you. You will always be My President!
CH52663388 9/13(木) 12:23
What about Syria ???
CheponfullCOC 9/13(木) 12:24
Estoy de acuerdo, sigan adelante...
howie3136 9/13(木) 12:25
ilunga_k 9/13(木) 12:30
jasonchapman25 9/13(木) 12:30
dear Mr Obama I'm going to be honest as I can my late father was a vetnam vet he died 1 month before u…
Meme83393700 9/13(木) 12:35
If you had another term to carry out your adgenda even further Obama there would have been a lot more…
jacobmdesigns 9/13(木) 12:35
@AlyssaPurser if we impeach trump is there any chance Obama can take his place
JoeBartz2 9/13(木) 12:37
You lied about Benghazi and your fake words about 9-11...well, you'll have to give an account one day.…
BethMullan5 9/13(木) 12:38
Trump is an act of terror against our country that we may never get over. His ability to change our co…
JanetDerouin 9/13(木) 12:39
You need to be a real ex president and walk away you had your chance for 8 years your time is done it…
j_purchase3 9/13(木) 12:40
Like these guys?
zarafullasoul 9/13(木) 12:42
God Bless the USA on this anniversary of 9/11. An unforgettable day on which we Remember each of Ameri…
JanetDerouin 9/13(木) 12:42
You are no longer president trump is so be a man and walk away stop making your self out to be a bad looser
HersonJudy 9/13(木) 12:44
We miss you!
MannyDorlus 9/13(木) 12:52
You were a good president. Thank you sir. However I always have one question for you,I hope one day I…
stopfatcats 9/13(木) 12:52
Why not also call out the liar-in-chief for his thumbs-up and yea fists gestures?
Comradcamplife 9/13(木) 12:54
@ImpossibleEms But we dont remember all the slaves that built the white house?
williamHarker2 9/13(木) 12:55
Nice words but 180 degrees out from every policy he pushed.

Somehow he can say one thing while doing…
cathyfburrows 9/13(木) 12:55
And those lost since because of the attacks
PhepheloNdlovu 9/13(木) 12:55
Thank you
stinger1960 9/13(木) 12:57
You’re no longer relevant. Be respectful of the office you served as your predecessors did.
ramsey5454 9/13(木) 12:58
Miss you
AkbAsis 9/13(木) 13:00
@tavleen_singh All your messages/lectures during the last 10 years on this sad issue should be compile…
Larryka07617178 9/13(木) 13:00
their memories forever in our hearts
OurPlanetMaters 9/13(木) 13:02
New Rule: What If Obama Said It? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO )
Ljflorence2 9/13(木) 13:03
BenotLynne 9/13(木) 13:07
We think the world of you dear Sir. Will you consider being our permanent Prime Minister x
raelowery 9/13(木) 13:10
Can’t wait to meet my favorite President again in person. @TAAGATL
TonyFantana1 9/13(木) 13:10
Obama-Hillary Fired Benghazi Heroes When They Got To Germany – Made Them Find Their Own Way Back To US…
pastoralexofei 9/13(木) 13:11
Those who preach peace would be the first beneficiaries of the peace they preach.
sunil84398452 9/13(木) 13:11
I am Sunil Dasari frm bilaspur i geniuenly need 5000/-for education purpose of SON. plz help..…
TonyFantana1 9/13(木) 13:16
You ARE so Full of it, wasn't you that said Benghazi WAS A video INSPIRED ATTACK IN ORDER TO…
JeffFrenchToGo 9/13(木) 13:18
You give black people a bad thing
TonyFantana1 9/13(木) 13:20
This is how we see you today , Do us all a favor and go away , you had your 8 years…
Michael68691865 9/13(木) 13:20
Agreed- we will need that same resilience and resolve to conquer the attempt of subversion of the rule…
Adambur43508259 9/13(木) 13:22
@Dannyweinman Remember Benghazi when you rolled over and went back to sleep p.o.s.
Muelay1 9/13(木) 13:24
TonyFantana1 9/13(木) 13:24
You real want to know why so many Democrats with a Brain are Walking-away because from th…
Uche78116477 9/13(木) 13:24
God bless you sir. I have a question for you sir.
TonyFantana1 9/13(木) 13:27
Have Apologized to the men's families you lied to ?
FullyBoosedUp 9/13(木) 13:28
@halleberry In all fairness, the Trump presidency is as bad as 9/11, but spread out over a longer duration
jab425493 9/13(木) 13:30
We will overcome you also. Just go shut up you damn LIAR.
dog884 9/13(木) 13:32
We're praying for now; reported on that under the administ…
raghul22sri 9/13(木) 13:32
U confirm, your nation does not kill innocent people in Syria
TonyFantana1 9/13(木) 13:37
We see the truth, we see the double standard in the media, we also see the double standard in DOJ that…
TodGerst 9/13(木) 13:39
Grammiton 9/13(木) 13:42
We miss you, sir.
ssvsasp 9/13(木) 13:42
Masterly rhetoric .
alishabbir1988 9/13(木) 13:43
dear sir we will always remember 9/11 peoples with many thousand of thousands afghani iraqi libiyen pa…
Persistance007 9/13(木) 13:43
Thanks for giving billions to Iran. A country that chants Death to America. Who are you?
lavonissaiko 9/13(木) 13:52
Thank you Pres. Obama.
TonyFantana1 9/13(木) 13:52
THIS how dad the democrat party is now ,
Kroley5 9/13(木) 13:52
But we dont care about you
moabiteruth 9/13(木) 13:53
Kroley5 9/13(木) 13:56
Hy that is problem from you and we dont care about all you are saying you are the first enemy
carl_begley 9/13(木) 13:56
I truly miss you and your family in our government....
I just arrived back from Cuba and a local asked…
Er_Sondhi 9/13(木) 13:58
So great words, after many years too. Americans a nation of immigrants, a great work force‍‍‍
FedUpWtheGOP 9/13(木) 14:00
You sure speak like a president! @realDonaldTrump you could learn something!!!
SaumyaTalking 9/13(木) 14:06
What about good terrorism.. ?
Hamidou39365827 9/13(木) 14:08
skiptomyloser 9/13(木) 14:12
We remember the 10 terrorists you set free hours before leaving office.
Gadaa05943086 9/13(木) 14:12
You are right .
Sudhars04266136 9/13(木) 14:17
Coach_Chet 9/13(木) 14:20
AnthonyJ9703 9/13(木) 14:21
@mamaglay48 ❤️
sivainn 9/13(木) 14:22
thesteev 9/13(木) 14:23
JSacarreno 9/13(木) 14:24
Please, any help to my would be very appreciated.
Liberty4Realz 9/13(木) 14:34
Why am I being force fed this tweet? I don't follow you or the person in my feed who it says liked this tweet. Go away!
Dubai4ever 9/13(木) 14:37
AssemSami 9/13(木) 14:44
Wondering how still some people are believing that this is a true story, not an economic achievement for some people
DrYakrus 9/13(木) 14:45
Miss you Barack!!
AntonioTinon 9/13(木) 14:49
@PollyG88 Says the friend of the jehadists. The liar and divider in chief
ngclinh43366064 9/13(木) 14:52
Hello , when do you come vietnam ?
SunshineAleman 9/13(木) 14:55
Miss having an intelligent loving President
dannxuey_vasco 9/13(木) 15:01
Is this obunga
LapereDawn 9/13(木) 15:06
your right miss you Mr.Barrack Obama
Orangeguy15 9/13(木) 15:08
see @realDonaldTrump this is how you remember 9/11. Not using hatred, selfpromoting or even wrong dates. Respect, Barack
rencell 9/13(木) 15:09
Please remember these brave men also
APGupta11136619 9/13(木) 15:10
lagunagv 9/13(木) 15:15
realluciearnaz 9/13(木) 15:16
Thank God you are back. We need your voice now more than ever, Mr. President. (It’s great just to be a…
Bernard99647599 9/13(木) 15:19
Still in my heart and soul
bbanublog 9/13(木) 15:22
Yes very true
wicked_troll 9/13(木) 15:23
Worst president ever.
xamabu 9/13(木) 15:24
Esto es lo que mata a la gente,los nacionalistas extremos y egoístas que sólo piensan en el patriotism…
tullemor76 9/13(木) 15:28
Love you❤️
ChrisTh28743163 9/13(木) 15:29
Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods. Ring a bell?
aomiya2333 9/13(木) 15:41
sherratt_israel 9/13(木) 15:43
Unbelievable Obama why did you give that money to Iran such a hypocrite !
Kristin77693660 9/13(木) 15:46
You’re a true psychopath.....narcissistic, lack empathy, and a great liar....very charming. The peopl…
generalripper61 9/13(木) 15:46
So why is KSM and his fellow terrorists still breathing in Gitmo? They should have been at the end of…
Marketer_Tanvir 9/13(木) 15:48
We miss you so much!
SomeEffingGuy 9/13(木) 15:51
Just, you know, not THAT 9/11.
freethinker4lyf 9/13(木) 16:01
I miss his lies...
relaese 9/13(木) 16:02
And no amount of hypocrisy can rectify a state in ethical peril . Inside job mate, l thought you were bright, and informed .
Shostak79528125 9/13(木) 16:04
Hey, greeting from China I think you shall come and give a speech on the topic of TERRORISM. Not mu…
orh_surucu 9/13(木) 16:07
MarketerHere 9/13(木) 16:08
DadIsBeast51 9/13(木) 16:14
Thank you for your continued dignity and respect. I truly miss you.
KatyD820304 9/13(木) 16:26
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -- Eleanor Roosevelt
syllaissouf7 9/13(木) 16:27
President Barack Obama is missing to American people because you has been a good president for America.
TomorrowRain 9/13(木) 16:32
you sukk
Muhamma02853958 9/13(木) 16:32
What abt rest of the other casualties and death abt Iraq and Afghanistan......after 9/11
Dales769Tom 9/13(木) 16:35
@WhitlockJason Go away.
KLB72023903 9/13(木) 16:38
1st your NOT the POTUS anymore &need to go away How dare you say we don't need to wait for our Lord an…
Advantage4actor 9/13(木) 16:38
himself is an act of terror on His divisive, anti-police rhetoric has caused unpara…
IrfJRbTNCx8mgyB 9/13(木) 16:48
LeaAVickery 9/13(木) 16:54
I miss you President Obama. I didn't agree with everything you did, but you were well spoken. You were…
LuttahKevin 9/13(木) 17:01
It has always been my dream to meet you, I hope I will someday.
You've always been an inspiration back here in kenyan village.
mollyofly 9/13(木) 17:04
Very nice Mr B Obama
LizzyRoseYT 9/13(木) 17:15
This is why he was president he just... has a way with words and its amazing.
loski22600813 9/13(木) 17:15
Rico monopoly anti trust
jqueim 9/13(木) 17:17
Yes se Can !
LizzyPolizzi 9/13(木) 17:18
There are no words Mr. President as to how much the nation needs you and Mrs Obama back in the White House!
ThroneFlopz 9/13(木) 17:31
Лол оффнись уже
dontashya 9/13(木) 17:37
we are miss u....
marthamercy5 9/13(木) 17:42
true that @BarackObama
ShhrShera 9/13(木) 17:44
jcthebat 9/13(木) 17:46
You are the best
ronaldkd 9/13(木) 17:48
ronaldkd 9/13(木) 17:49
Kasra17744095 9/13(木) 18:00
کاکاسیاهه عوضی
KosugiKenji 9/13(木) 18:03
I wamna visit Ground Zero in NYC once
millerpeter23 9/13(木) 18:08
TrollMuch19 9/14(金) 0:38
I miss you sir. I can only hope that people are seeing the difference between every sitting POTUS and…
usa861176 9/14(金) 0:42
Former Secretary of State John Kerry is being slammed for conducting shadow diplomacy with Iran after…
zuoqhmfp854AqCN 9/14(金) 0:46
خراب البين ماحدا خرب العالم غيرك يا بوم
Fudge70754638 9/14(金) 0:51
Love you
SadlerIndie 9/14(金) 0:53
We Love You !
ZZemed 9/14(金) 1:00
you are a saint, sir and I know u are a good Christian. thank you for saving my cousin's job in Ohio…
BigMikeLINY 9/14(金) 1:03
Syed_Zain110 9/14(金) 1:17
Stop hypocrisy and start taking responsibility of 3 million lives you have taken and consumed for noth…
TheAmericanWoma 9/14(金) 1:27
Bman13131st 9/14(金) 1:31
But you'll keep trying though.
Sireeshatodimi1 9/14(金) 1:32
these are serious things get me site proof back door side is also criminals
Ssssssssshay 9/14(金) 1:35
bloodsavageandy 9/14(金) 1:35
magnified hydrolysis and pyrolisis water separation station with wood kiln STRUCTURE "no wood" and mic…
JamesSH17933965 9/14(金) 1:35
Your brotherhood did it
bloodsavageandy 9/14(金) 1:37
use a lighter and balloon on a stick to DEVICE the artificial water back together possibly to generate…
bloodsavageandy 9/14(金) 1:38
charges rechargeable batteries too? think GREEN no mean and SKIP THE LEAN a desalination plant idea wi…
Virginiaking383 9/14(金) 1:38
Del1Ruben 9/14(金) 1:47
No hay
Del1Ruben 9/14(金) 1:47
No pero
Venicebeachwinr 9/14(金) 1:47
@simmons_cm Yes, who we are! It seems many have forgotten the peace we enjoyed the eight years you led…
JJ53593265 9/14(金) 1:53
You should be in jail!!!!
SaadMah49731229 9/14(金) 2:00
Jet fuel can not burn steel beams
Dulcezamudio8 9/14(金) 2:00
We miss u you was one of the best that. We had
TheRealDebZee 9/14(金) 2:01
Now THIS is what a President should tweet in regards to September 11th. Take note @POTUS Also, normal…
Willloves2hunt 9/14(金) 2:07
Why didnt you call out other racist groups like BLM/Antifa in your speeches or say that radical Islam…
caramastrey 9/14(金) 5:26
@arie_brawley You kept the 911 terrorist myth going creating false flags & Isis through fear. i…
nianzle7417 9/14(金) 5:26
Exactly!! Love you and your family! Continued blessings!!!
Ernie2ejKen 9/14(金) 5:36
Thank you President Obama!
JohnStites15 9/14(金) 5:38
My guess is u were in NY on the rooftops clapping and laughing with your Muslims peers.
Dee74608851 9/14(金) 5:40
We miss you Mr. President!! and I love the way you talk to us Americans God bless you and your Family!!
YaBoiDoggoAlt 9/14(金) 5:41
Americachuck12 9/14(金) 5:42
Raphuble 9/14(金) 5:45
Oh. Almost thought you were gonna say it was a "wild conspiracy" like Benghazi for a second there
newyorkhudson 9/14(金) 5:47
A heart felt thanks for this sincere message of support from a Manhattan resident. Though I am mortifi…
ChakosSusan 9/14(金) 5:48
Worst so call prez EVER. Wake up lefties it’s not to late.
LivnWLupus 9/14(金) 5:55
Let’s also not forget the other 9-11. You remember the Benghazi tragedy! You and HRC own that! And wha…
JWaycasie 9/14(金) 5:57
JPAULSEN25 9/14(金) 5:58
Mr. President thank you sharing for your kind words and thoughts.
swordoflogic 9/14(金) 6:00
UnstableCheeto 9/14(金) 6:06
Everyday I miss having a empathetic, intelligent and SANE president.
Jeanwason1 9/14(金) 6:06
President help me please
mzzurn 9/14(金) 6:21
And to Newfoundland for opening up their hearts!
KambaDamas 9/14(金) 6:35
Pdt Obama i nées thé money i am un Cameron i am thé vrey pour un north Cameron.Thann you m. Pdt
trumplove3 9/14(金) 6:35
F U Dipsh*t.
RZ2n3CAcRXHBbWk 9/14(金) 6:37
هل تتزكرالاطفال والنسا والمسنين ال ماتو في العراق وسوريا وليبيا وفلسطين وبرما
leslieau7 9/14(金) 6:38
I remember you all right
In my nightmares
So I do not stand w/ you on anything
Since when are you so p…
EJ_Atwood 9/14(金) 6:39
Now do Benghazi....
mr_thisbox4junk 9/14(金) 6:46
Let’s also remember the love, bravery, and selflessness shown by those who lost their lives in Benghazi!!!
GregoryRogers7 9/14(金) 6:46
No, but it can cost Americans lives in the middle of the nite when the likes of yo and Hillary decide…
JJazkid 9/14(金) 6:52
Hello sir
ItsMasterMEE 9/14(金) 6:54
LazarCm 9/14(金) 6:56
bravo_kristina 9/14(金) 7:00
@caitrionambalfe Barrack who?
brayarctos 9/14(金) 7:04
Yeah, Who is a real defender.
baronbruce83 9/14(金) 7:06
... and THEY really expected TRUMPS 9/11 response to sound this way? Really?? I mean...Reeeeeally???!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
MeadowsSergio 9/14(金) 10:09
Go away thanks!
NjDallasCowgirl 9/14(金) 10:14
I miss you Mr. President
m66miriam46 9/14(金) 10:15
Best President
CommonSence14 9/14(金) 10:33
When you say bind us together do you mean Al-Qaeda
rkinseth 9/14(金) 10:35
I thank God every day that President Bush was in charge and not you or Al Gore!
rkinseth 9/14(金) 10:36
uscbonnieg1 9/14(金) 10:39
@TeamBlake_Gwen Maga2020
brackts1 9/14(金) 10:41
Your policies funded the country that is the biggest supporters of terror in the world
sitedenied 9/14(金) 10:43
Thank you for you words. You are still a beacon of hope in these difficult times.
LeoLionMAGA 9/14(金) 10:48
Is that why you released terrorists from so they could once again terrorize the world?
AmandaTrahan7 9/14(金) 10:50
I wish you were still our president!!!!
RobertM69044161 9/14(金) 10:50
I bet you helped plan it!
JandRHendricks 9/14(金) 10:51
you are a liar and did nothing in 8 yrs but tear this country down. You were voted in as a token and going down Worst pres evr
geheimgartner 9/14(金) 10:56
Whoops I meant the opposite of like.
ElWood86103399 9/14(金) 10:56
Your lying
CitizenPaul4 9/14(金) 11:00
700,000 likes? This is a "copy & paste" 9/11 comment for politicians. No substance. Truly sorry to t…
Spacemanseeds 9/14(金) 11:01
it did change who we are, the constitution was shredded as a result of 9/11 and you continued the trend.
Stephaniejosro1 9/14(金) 14:38
We will always remember 9-11
AlFnEinstein 9/14(金) 14:41
Just watched Candace Owens tour an ice facility. You are one lying SOB. This country is becoming more…
Bj69767060 9/14(金) 14:51
shu32155323 9/14(金) 14:51
Aref_iiii 9/14(金) 14:54
Obama shame on you
بازار داغ کار در آمریکا: فرصت‌های شغلی از تعداد بیکاران بیشتر شد
iloveameric 9/14(金) 14:55
Prisoner obama
Beckyth87553510 9/14(金) 15:13
cecilia7773 9/14(金) 15:24
Hi, Mr.Obama,Pleasure to see you in Twitter.
Could I ask you a few question?( Maybe you 'll never read…
JohnnyArzuaga 9/14(金) 15:28
Prayers for you I know u dont love Americans
cecilia7773 9/14(金) 15:28
Will it be less rational and less intelligent?
Sincerely hope that China and America can live in peace…
NormanWolgamot 9/14(金) 15:28
Whoever has done that terrible thing will get the punishment on the day of judgment. But world should…
ConnieStieghan 9/14(金) 15:44
We are all a stronger people due to our diversity in color, race, education, skills, & caring.
paulinhaa74 9/14(金) 15:58
It is comforting to know that you and your family still remember 9/11 with regret that the families of…
EldiabloKid 9/14(金) 16:10
EldiabloKid 9/14(金) 16:10
EldiabloKid 9/14(金) 16:10
EldiabloKid 9/14(金) 16:11
Gransavoir 9/14(金) 16:52
even a child in kindergarten is more credible than obama who believes in 77 virgins ...

Even more he…
pamwinnie 9/14(金) 17:03
Yes a sly fox always
Debba99 9/14(金) 17:03
Trump will have a REAL investigation of both the 911 atrocities that the were i…
Moi00920202 9/14(金) 17:05
GaryMcK53 9/14(金) 17:13
Spoken like a statesman it is a pity the current version has No class
Kriskirb 9/14(金) 17:16
A man with class, connected to his people. Dignity, intelligence, integrity. All and more than Trump w…
SquishyBunny9 9/14(金) 17:39
Beautiful heart felt words from the real president.
I miss having a professional adult acting presiden…
CmeOmniverse 9/14(金) 18:06
Don't eat any thing in ur fridges @barackobama its all mine I can't help this aweful energy Go…
qsdrghu1 9/14(金) 18:09
Jacksmommy212 9/14(金) 18:11
Do you plan to come back to Ohio for another rally? I didn’t get to come to Cleveland, wanted to meet…
Crypto_Enigma_ 9/14(金) 18:13
Is Michael the top?
Geego73634139 9/14(金) 18:26
It was a great lost for the world too, not only the we will never forget that..... May there soul rest in peace
QueenBforTrump 9/14(金) 18:29
Sharon34611323 9/14(金) 18:32
Thank you
Sharon34611323 9/14(金) 18:32
juanmaale 9/14(金) 18:52
what about all the people you and Bush killed in illegal wars as a result of 9/11? Don’t they count fo…
WaniRaoof 9/14(金) 18:52
What about the lives lost in syria.? That is also a terror in other sense...! What u do comes around. Remember.
leonaleslie3 9/14(金) 18:57
Barack Obama was likely behind 9/11 to help Hamas destroy American security.
juanmaale 9/14(金) 18:59
I met you when my dad was ambassador. It’s a shame I was too young to realize what kind of person you…
LaVita3B3lla01 9/14(金) 19:10
Benghazi 9/11 - it’s NOT a conspiracy. Your administration failed these officials. Never forget - Chri…
TerryGi87847395 9/15(土) 21:01
We will always remember that the EPA had condemned the twin towers and all that construction on that b…
RichardsEthans2 9/15(土) 21:15
@GraceActivist Good reporting.
ekponlwson 9/15(土) 21:20
Always in our mind
KevinHardest 9/15(土) 21:21
You oughta know; it was your ppl that did all the Killings,
mohsen134747 9/15(土) 21:23
I like you mr obama. I am from Iran. You are very men.
Nhock1996 9/15(土) 21:43
Thank you for all, hopefully one day you can visit Vietnam again and enjoy the specialties here. And t…
Sixto99777309 9/16(日) 5:50
Sergey91560952 9/16(日) 5:52
We remember this tragedy.
g_miloser 9/16(日) 5:56
So,you and your wife quit inciting violence. No one bothered you for 8years. How about leaving this EL…
shannelle69 9/16(日) 6:02
You mean BENGHAZI when you and Hillary DID NOTHING? Guess y’all didn’t count on true hero’s living…
DaveyJ305 9/16(日) 6:12
Except for you acts of Socialism, Over taxation and weaponizing of the FBI and DOJ. Have they asked f…
SiriusXBT95 9/16(日) 6:22
camjacproma 9/16(日) 6:32
Forever in our Hearts.
yanos069 9/16(日) 6:33
You should run for president.
zodos66666 9/16(日) 6:56
おはようトランプちゃん٩(๑ˆOˆ๑ )۶
RandyStockum 9/16(日) 7:02
Yeah like you care!!
stephysloane76 9/17(月) 3:40
That's the most intelligent thing I think you've ever said that all US citizens can agree...
Doc_Afonso 9/17(月) 3:42
Always remember!
syedshakirrouf 9/17(月) 3:46
But u mother fuckers dont remember attack on innocent children in Afghanistan syria Palestine are they…
mcalpine49 9/17(月) 4:02
President Obama’s, I knew your mom and your grandparents in Mercer Island in the 1950s. Your grandfath…
Angie10231814 9/17(月) 6:20
You are the only one that changed who we are !!!!! JS
Teamscottfl 9/17(月) 6:23
We miss you, Obama!
freak1ngawesome 9/17(月) 6:23
MarissaVarcho 9/17(月) 6:32
@congressdotgov @SCOTUSblog @TheAcademy
rodzmariel31 9/17(月) 6:32
Thanks Mr.President...
carolboyer105 9/17(月) 6:42
Can you run for VP?
kendophotos 9/17(月) 7:22
This is the greatest country in the world!
HogBiker1969 9/17(月) 7:39
TheresaTwo1 9/17(月) 7:47
Under your profile bio you forgot to mention: homosexual, cocaine addict and fraud
HenryHankus1954 9/17(月) 7:51
You P O S should be in Prison along with Hillary !
adamwarlock12 9/17(月) 7:58
Anything to say about how 9/11 motivated us to start the worthless TSA, which has never yet been known…
cemika 9/17(月) 8:05
God bless you
Gmadams92883M 9/17(月) 10:06
You tried to erase who we are. You tried to destroy the very fabric of what this country is. You tried…
RoadWarrior201 9/17(月) 10:10
Never forget.
LeaBritto2 9/17(月) 10:16
AMEN Mr President we shall over come anything that comes our way we are survivors we are America!! My…
Teyontae1 9/17(月) 10:28
True Facts
Teyontae1 9/17(月) 10:33
A Barack Obama hit me up on my facebook page for my music
dangenec 9/17(月) 10:37
sueca51 9/17(月) 10:52
Nós Brasileiros gostaríamos muito de ter você como Nosso President!!!!! Kisses my Lord!!!!
Chad35164977 9/17(月) 11:29
LOL let your economy#
atif_abdessamad 9/17(月) 11:52
No one accepts this cruel act of these evildoers: to kill innocent people ! it's barbarism, cowardice, and inhumanity...
a9ZB8VvHmZRfgsy 9/17(月) 19:59
واتمنى ان تذكروا الضحايا عبر العالم في البوسنة والعراق وأفغانستان وسوريا واليمن
HalisMwafrica 9/17(月) 21:22
Sawa mzee obama.Big dady
AdamSol32985291 9/17(月) 21:24
our prayers to the people of US, who are devastated by the strong weather, heavy rains and over floodings!
MikeUppercut 9/17(月) 21:48
@RedHourBen Shut up sell out
cherie20180 9/17(月) 21:56
I've never know anyone so brilliant president like you!!
I'll send my prayers to the victims in US.
DiamdG 9/17(月) 23:07
@MinigunnerYT My prayers go out to the families that have lost their lives in the tragic attack.. And…
aden_salira 9/17(月) 23:36
As along as we cherish solidarity
Arribaderchie 9/17(月) 23:40
Barack you are a pathetic sociopath looser!
Shonsturdi49 9/17(月) 23:50
miss you so much
highgeargal 9/17(月) 23:52
go to hell you pig POS!
Jennavive16 9/17(月) 23:53
Duck the in that's a military town you
MianHassanPTI 9/17(月) 23:54
b52page 9/18(火) 0:08
Does that include those who lost their lives in Benghazi, too?
RamaDiallo25 9/18(火) 2:51
We miss you president Obama
NigelAngst 9/18(火) 3:20
I miss you guys!
theartistrafael 9/18(火) 3:36
HalimJamee 9/18(火) 3:43
9/11 what a silly lie
PresidentPerine 9/18(火) 3:44
IgocheInnocent 9/18(火) 4:50
You are right Mr President indeed no one can change you except you wish to change yourself.
LibtardsRdumb 9/18(火) 5:01
Come on Barry, you don't really mean those words.
UmarSamaila16 9/18(火) 5:10
Sir, wht of the people u killed in Iraq?
RonnieT64604426 9/18(火) 5:12
68_flowers 9/18(火) 12:24
Cadstar_1136 9/18(火) 12:27
OMG Barry....the ball is rolling & you & your Deep State pals are f**ked!!
OmnomnomPretzel 9/18(火) 12:28
Miss you, pops.
abxchange 9/18(火) 13:02
You are not we. We are Patriots.
MommaOrtiz 9/18(火) 13:40
I agree!
Johnnybebad9 9/18(火) 14:08
Are you remembering the loss of the hijackers...? The world will find out soon enough...
matrangalator 9/18(火) 14:37
Thanks for being the president we needed then and the one we still need now.
Jasmine_Jewels 9/18(火) 15:05
@JeniferLewis Even though you armed Iran as it's people are sacrificing life in order to regain freedom. Good Job Obummer
PayamiSarah 9/18(火) 15:43
And all we lost in midle east during all these years
Anoj38430599 9/18(火) 16:12
I am glad that you worry about Americans life. What about the life of millions of people who are dead…
noonewashere308 9/18(火) 16:24
I doubt he reads these, but just in case he does...
noonewashere308 9/18(火) 16:26
I doubt Barack reads these, but just in case he does...

Nao is really scared I am going to reveal her…
DestroyerCult 9/18(火) 23:23