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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/6/20(木) 2:01 .

On Juneteenth, we celebrate our capacity to make real the promise of our founding, that thing inside each of us tha…

ksmith6469 6/20(木) 12:17
Someone forget to tell you we said no to your leadership. Justice will be served when you are behind bars.
DemInOhio 6/20(木) 12:17
I'm reading a terrifically inspiring book, Trailblazer, by @DorothyBGilliam
In it she referred to USA…
ActorGibs 6/20(木) 12:26
Okey thanks aleluya amen
DeborahKantrow1 6/20(木) 12:27
@Varidienne The real deal.....Mr. President!! Love and miss you and your beautiful family too.
DonaldB79780479 6/20(木) 12:28
African slave traders owe it all to Obama‼️ After Obama overthrew Gaddafi the African slave trade BOOM…
StanGott 6/20(木) 12:32
wisconsin91 6/20(木) 12:32
Good Lord, do I miss this eloquence and intelligence from the Oval Office.
supahmumsie 6/20(木) 12:32
Wow, I miss you so much.
America is NOT finished & there is much to hope for. Thank you for reminding…
AnnSweetlove1 6/20(木) 12:34
Love it
BellewVaughn 6/20(木) 12:40
Great pic!
Buffalowing 6/20(木) 12:48
Hear, hear!
HeidiGr 6/20(木) 12:48
Please come back!
TarhBoni 6/20(木) 12:49
U r the true leaders inspiring everyone
EdwardMzac 6/20(木) 12:49
Juneteeth ?
MASTCyberTeam 6/20(木) 12:52
Hoping Joe announces you as a running mate
mrseaba 6/20(木) 12:52
Aye Aye Sir!!!
Gonzalez12Henry 6/20(木) 13:00
Dude! The DNC! You and Joe! Better than any sports event! Blarrrrg!
Chigirl36032713 6/20(木) 13:00
Your words make me cry. I don't know what else to say.
Dezim_11 6/20(木) 13:01
Why didn't your economy have as much growth in 8 years as this one has had in 3? I was rooting for you…
CasiTica78 6/20(木) 13:01
@riotwomennn You will always be my favorite president.
DemocracyVets 6/20(木) 13:04
hempreias 6/20(木) 13:04
(i )RayanDaneHenry OneKingHenry (LPR )WorldHempreiasHenry (ij )PresidentialDiplomaticHenry (NavySeal )Warr…
Amijomartin2 6/20(木) 13:05
Very well said Mr.Obama
phmvnng07202343 6/20(木) 13:05
hey men
MDKhors68505939 6/20(木) 13:06
davery725 6/20(木) 13:10
@joimonki A beautiful statement, and a wonderful, inspiring picture. Thank you.
tcuba2013 6/20(木) 13:11
Love you, Mr. President! ❤ Love your family too! ❤
Klein96742726 6/20(木) 13:12
That's my great leader ever.
gypsyfootprints 6/20(木) 13:12
@DancingMare Well said! Eloquent and classy as usual. You are greatly missed!
DancingMare 6/20(木) 13:13
We so appreciate the continued leadership of President Barack Obama, & his reminding us, this Juneteen…
uptownborg2 6/20(木) 13:14
@kamil2121 OMG Barry you treasonous dog you better lawyer up treason is a punishable offense
6fc39b258dcf4a2 6/20(木) 13:16
The struggle continues!
LishaMonroe7 6/20(木) 13:17
Excellent Mr. President...May God bless you, Michelle and your daughters
BillyBoBJones2k 6/20(木) 13:17
IM SO GLAD OBAMA IS NO LONGER IN OFFICE!! Worst & most Corrupt President Ever!! Drain the Swamp
MaryRuiz521 6/20(木) 13:19
563646814 6/20(木) 13:24
The US need you
LADriveLive 6/20(木) 13:25
LADriveLive 6/20(木) 13:26
khalif_1973 6/20(木) 13:29
Tank you sir I love USA good and kind papool they are lovley plase and so saftey arund t…
Fivedimes5 6/20(木) 13:33
Very moving. But why did you crop the Bushes out of the picture?
FragileMuy 6/20(木) 13:37
You are the definition of love! So proud to have called you my president. Thank you for your constant…
GrowleyGavin 6/20(木) 13:39
This is powerful.
jackietoo 6/20(木) 13:40
Coletrane31 6/20(木) 13:41
If America is not finished yet, please tell Biden to walk away. He’s an impediment to progress and not…
sbakergrimes 6/20(木) 13:51
We miss you. ❤️
LevineKarenann 6/20(木) 14:00
Thank you for serving this country with integrity, intelligence and honor. You were a leader and a gentleman. Thank you!!!
maria_reina18 6/20(木) 14:02
Thank you, Mr. President. We love you.
ZoeHart48157297 6/20(木) 14:03
So *this* is one of the important things happening in the world. Thank you for keeping us informed. Ot…
Pupperslife 6/20(木) 14:08
Miss you
Sunshine6804 6/20(木) 14:11
Wish you could bevpresident again.
SisterChromatid 6/20(木) 14:11
Look at our little sascha all grown up so lovely!
Jaybird_Walker 6/20(木) 14:15
@Vangsness No, Juneteenth is a lie!
Slavery never ended; it just became convict leasing & mass incarc…
drumsensei 6/20(木) 14:15
Amazing picture.
joshckline 6/20(木) 14:24
This picture reminds me of how good we can be...and will be again.
villa1964 6/20(木) 14:26
jpottmann 6/20(木) 14:30
Well said Mr president.
jaybeeqasim22 6/20(木) 14:32
I love you Barack with all my spirit.
RoseMar95753967 6/20(木) 14:33
Words to live by thank you for such a beautiful inspirational message President Obama❗
See the "Big Di…
butterflgl 6/20(木) 14:34
Awww, we miss you so much. TY for your words of wisdom. You call forth our better angels. God bless yo…
NileshC80201409 6/20(木) 14:36
VanessaM31115 6/20(木) 14:36
@Vangsness ❤️
Sigma53082 6/20(木) 14:37
or is that asking for too much for 400 years of brutality, free labor, and genocide???
alazjah_jones 6/20(木) 14:40
@1Tysl Obama’s comment section vs Trumps comment section, hands down most beloved president
KEVINBARR420Sea 6/20(木) 14:43
@solusnan1 Thank you for still giving us hope.
Miss you
ZugarPlume 6/20(木) 14:50
fernandoguerr31 6/20(木) 14:55
Realmente grande Presidente
elrashed1990 6/20(木) 14:59
May our Lord help you and guide you in every step
Alexand63826005 6/20(木) 15:04
Since Election Day 2016, Stocks up almost 50%, Stocks gained 9.2 Trillion Dollars in value, and more t…
millertwist 6/20(木) 15:05
Make America Respected Again
ChikweJames 6/20(木) 15:06
You’re truly the God sent to reunite America. We really miss you and your humble family. We are tired…
Coach_BJ21 6/20(木) 15:06
OlzonJan 6/20(木) 15:06
Brilliant minds
RoCkY123456789O 6/20(木) 15:07
You and Michal both hate America it shows on his face. I can’t wait till justice is rid America of you both.
AminotsfordS 6/21(金) 12:43
Ayo makan bakso lagi Mr. President
catinnacrawford 6/21(金) 12:45
1rancan 6/21(金) 12:46
Pleeease!! Let's get through the DOJ investigation, tic-toc
Justice54556591 6/21(金) 13:01
Barack, you have gained millions or billions, what have you done for the country??
You have lied, crea…
lynneadams804 6/21(金) 13:04
Yeah he talked pretty, but what did he ever actually do that benefited the country?
barbaraeberhar1 6/21(金) 13:05
We still have a long way to go but we’re going in the right direction.
WillSmi69229247 6/21(金) 13:23
So glad you’re gone because now the ideals of Americans not other countries can come to fruition. You…
s_moore39 6/21(金) 13:24
That’s a fake family !! Lie lie lie
Johnnybebad9 6/21(金) 13:25
Oh yeah, you is finished. Go on, put Michael up for shame.
nybestseller7 6/21(金) 13:25
Please! We know that’s photo shopped. You couldn’t fill a school gym!
psteam11 6/21(金) 13:29
hi brack obama
T_BOZ4Trump 6/21(金) 13:29
Bahaha what a crock of shit! Thank God we have a man who is willing to fight for Americans as President now. Six more years
JuanDeplorable 6/21(金) 13:32
Sorry homie, we arent a socialist nation nor are we a muslim nation. Bye
BradfordArsena2 6/21(金) 13:35
Wait till they find out who you really are ya dirty rat, wouldn't want be in your shoes haha.
Frydaddy67 6/21(金) 13:36
Bullet point your “highest ideas” on your next twitter post.
Wilfredimartin2 6/21(金) 13:43
truthalways4 6/21(金) 13:47
Good God. Go away far far away before you do more damage than you already have You people have no idea…
Beazer64 6/21(金) 13:52
I Miss A Real American President that Truly Cares about Our Country and People Weather you liked him…
la5225Lynch58 6/21(金) 13:53
And to give Thanks that @realDonaldTrump is out POTUS
4L3X_J0N35 6/21(金) 13:56
Translation: "My highest ideals are to sell the sovereignty of USA to our enemies and to help this pla…
ps_lukwago 6/21(金) 13:58
Ohhh, somehow reminds us the Biblical story of the Jews in Egypt!!!
GuthrieTrudy 6/21(金) 14:07
America! How could you allow this country to go from hero to zero like this?
Of all the millions of ci…
akaboss19 6/21(金) 14:13
"America is not yet finished" gave me chills. Thank you for your continued leadership.
Swishcity44 6/21(金) 14:16
America’s ideals are not you spying on political enemies. You are no more American than the ayatollahs…
stacey16046047 6/21(金) 14:19
Says a Muslim Kenyan that married transsexual is anybody listening the world knowns your a rat so how…
Md91766022 6/21(金) 14:35
Brave brother
bitterlily22 6/21(金) 14:42
Obama...well not hand over our Sovereignty to the New World Order/Payseur Families!

DonnaDesopo 6/21(金) 14:45
Go away! You’re the Worst POTUS in the history of America!
JAnn65786702 6/21(金) 14:48
America is finished with you.
Go back to Kenya.
maggiemayi123 6/21(金) 14:48
So many are still so asleep!!
MichaelSpier1 6/21(金) 14:50
Sorry can’t see how selling out to Globalism advances American ideas. You never had America’s best int…
26sibs 6/21(金) 14:52
Now, tell us again, the title to that book you were reading...something like...Post America...or After…
q_isee 6/21(金) 14:59
Say the traitor that spied on American citizens illegally. Your were trying to ruin the country, you a…
galigaliga 6/21(金) 15:07
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Susan28253793 6/21(金) 15:13
I really hope you know how loved and missed you are! Your a true class act!
Femmepow1 6/21(金) 15:13
To have the joy to have such a humanitarian president, is a freedom that not all are fornuate to have…
Bruceleeroi7 6/21(金) 15:14
TammyChickie 6/21(金) 15:14
Prashan24476205 6/21(金) 15:19
man of words just great personality
MAGAfor45 6/21(金) 15:21
I didn't know Kenya had a founding.
maggiemayi123 6/21(金) 15:29
Watch this and learn how utterly corrupt this admin was!!!!!

AngledAdventure 6/21(金) 15:35
You are NOTHING more than a CORRUPT THUG!
Femmepow1 6/21(金) 15:44
loveKEYofficial 6/21(金) 15:45
i am a chinese ,Of all the presidents, I like Obama best
ChesshirGreg 6/21(金) 15:51
You need to realize that it was blacks who were selling blacks to the Europeans!
lieutenantajay 6/21(金) 16:03
Great man show , proud on you Mr.president .
real_WI_Trumper 6/21(金) 22:32
During the Obama administration: “There are too many people are looking for jobs.”
Currently under the…
k9varni 6/21(金) 22:33
You were the worst president in US history. You didn’t represent what Americans stand for. You’re resp…
Donato3d 6/21(金) 22:35
“save the children” is operating within our borders. First time ever.
Two-year-olds in dirty diapers…
msprzy 6/21(金) 22:47
Oh there he goes again. The malignant narcissist needing some more supply. Don’t you have another coun…
icehole8181 6/21(金) 22:57
I think a better idea would be, you quit meeting with world leaders, quit acting like your still presi…
melody_remedy 6/21(金) 23:00
You're finished along with your band of merry pranksters.
Tick, tock.....
can_u_bounce_em 6/21(金) 23:01
MidwestGal4_45 6/21(金) 23:07
Said the treasonous hypocrite who did nothing but divide our country and sell out America.
I look forw…
dhrpeabody 6/21(金) 23:12
God we miss you in the WH.
SveinJohansen12 6/21(金) 23:17
Say hello to Michael from me,Renegade.
We know what you have done!
JGabo653 6/21(金) 23:27
So glad to hear that you will be actively campaigning for Demorats in 2020! You definitely helped Trum…
DanielCichon2 6/21(金) 23:29
Obama is so smart he makes things seem simple.
CosmeAndrade4 6/21(金) 23:29
knap957 6/21(金) 23:33
Oh please. Enough from the former Divider In Chief.
mlk_rfk 6/21(金) 23:39
My heart quickens at the thought of a UNITED AMERICA again
SJDolbs 6/21(金) 23:44
Frauds, corruption, lies, evil, thanks...anyone that said they want to fundamentally chan…
CameronClawren7 6/21(金) 23:56
Cool!! Does that mean you’re ok with investigating the corruption, obstruction of justice, server cove…
Therealistreal2 6/21(金) 23:57
Barack Obama is a monster that fueled Iran.
PatoBelly 6/22(土) 0:02
His Excellency i wish you Long Life and Prosperity!
ScottRawlings10 6/22(土) 0:09
scwoman52 6/22(土) 10:51
Thank You, my President.
jtvenosh 6/22(土) 10:53
When he was running, she said, For the first time in my adult life I'm proud to be an American. What,…
Paul01613806 6/22(土) 11:04
Hi Barack. Freemasons are coming on June 30. Finally get me off this farm. You were there since day one. Thank you. Paul.
nancyataflac 6/22(土) 11:22
You are soooo missed!
demoninbattle 6/22(土) 11:46
Im so proud that i know you !! I love you
SuzannaSmullig1 6/22(土) 12:15
Mr President Barack Obama We America People miss your Integrity Your CARE for All .
The WORLD Needs YOU.
albrecht_ki 6/22(土) 12:23
I miss this president so much . He was a “real leader” an honest man
P1HandSki 6/22(土) 12:42
The most “Presidential” President of my lifetime. Thank you Mr. Obama.
MSGT_Airborne 6/22(土) 12:51
No reason to make us fight and divide us we are one there’s is not that divisiveness t…
BoughtonTashira 6/22(土) 13:06
for peace
boman_scott 6/22(土) 13:11
Leave the USA!!
FreedomUSA2017 6/22(土) 13:22
GoodRightJust 6/22(土) 13:30
Justice IS equal treatment under the law. You're turn's coming, Barry. Enjoy celebrating your freedom.…
BridgetteAreva2 6/22(土) 13:34
Thank you Mr. President. You are an inspiration
Num1Nanii 6/22(土) 13:38
This is what I think of you and the rest of the Radical Muslims
realRAULIE 6/23(日) 3:58
Can you find the differences from this pic to yours??
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:01
Is it more self hating to bow down for peace or to kill? What part of the Democratic Party accounts f…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:03
You can join together as self hating cowards or you can rise up for true self love and standing up to…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:05
The last few mass shooters were Democrats. So hate definitely has a home in the Democratic Party. Th…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:07
Making a $250,000,000,000 deal with self haters was the most negative choice possible. Iran hates the…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:10
Democrats should know $250,000,000,000 could have worked wonders in the inner city or for education.…
BFPRECORDS 6/23(日) 4:10
To me you'll always be Mr. President.

In my experience, unless the Tribunals pass legislation to re…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:13
The opioid crisis and self hate in America grew to its highest point under your Presidency. The damag…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:15
The Democrats will not win the next election. But teaching the USA true love is ourselves is our only…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:17
How many children under your Presidency learned “true love is ourselves” the children HATE THEMSELVES…
TruLuvisUrself 6/23(日) 4:21
Would you smoke cigarettes if you truly love yourself? No. See ur self hate and be honest with it.…
sunscreensafe 6/23(日) 4:26
I love this image...
MarvinBrown4CYM 6/23(日) 4:38
How do we get this guy back in to oval office?
AFlemingDorsey 6/23(日) 5:01
Thank you, Mr. President. We are, indeed, the strongest when we're together fighting for our highest i…
Roel99666240 6/23(日) 5:15
So glad for President Trump! We need 4 more years of Trump!
bettys2017 6/23(日) 6:18
Why not change history policy again, run for Presidential. Whats Biden doing for you as Vice, you gave…
EDonbroski 6/23(日) 6:36
You really screwed things up for America. Glad you are a has been.
Moussag89544144 6/23(日) 6:46
Lbi2njFlynn 6/23(日) 8:10
The great divider of America. Hope AG Barr sends the swat team after you like corrupt Mueller did to R…
BULENIMILTON3 6/23(日) 8:15
vanValk91859247 6/23(日) 8:37
You please hang in there President Obama - you have a SOUL!
LauraAn10341758 6/23(日) 8:58
SheilaMcAliste3 6/23(日) 9:45
❤️Wow! Love this. Spoken like the true & natural leader you are @BarackObama
JoseDel94954866 6/23(日) 9:48
Unejenplo de persona
MissP1960 6/23(日) 9:52
Why aren't you fighting for Blacks to get reparations? We built the country, they've stolen our entire…
FranzPolansky 6/23(日) 10:25
DJTISYOURPOTUS 6/23(日) 10:43
On @rachaelray today ANOTHER "promotion" of drag queens, transgenders and cross-dressing are presented…
Jagdeep11435776 6/23(日) 10:46
Sir, you are a very good US president; I do not see any President of the United States like you. I wan…
Victori52384509 6/23(日) 11:53
You also represent "our highest ideals".
kimlongxzx 6/23(日) 11:55
all of people in USA miss you
FeatherFoot88 6/23(日) 12:13
mamamoose05 6/23(日) 12:28
Ekka35093558 6/23(日) 13:28
Real leader...
17__QWWG1WGA 6/23(日) 14:42
No thank you, we're in the process of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Ease on over to Barry and tak…
triciaml1 6/23(日) 14:53
Man of the people. Boy, do we need you now!
Ashish_pathak1 6/23(日) 14:54
आपके जाने के बाद Trump जी ने युध्द का माहौल बना दिया है, चाहे ये व्यापार युध्द हो, चाहे युध्द हो, आ…
MARIOFANadam 6/23(日) 15:44
Dear mr barack obama do you like mario thanks my name is Adam and i love super mario.
MichaelHertzman 6/23(日) 16:17
Looks like the picture is photoshopped
censorawareness 6/23(日) 19:06
@20moonstone10 Michelle sure looks like a man in that photo
mook_zu 6/23(日) 19:09
We miss you.
CrosbyElizah 6/23(日) 19:13
We miss you so much
RNeutronn 6/23(日) 20:10
Thanks our god...
Thanks for your support
bishopmiles531 6/23(日) 21:29
I thank God the peoples he put in place for us the fight isn’t over But with Christ all things are pos…
ElektrykG 6/23(日) 21:54
GLADYSJESSY 6/23(日) 22:03
X favor tb en españ piurana y PERUANA y lo sigo...a pesar de la dificultad del idioma...
AbidiSofiane5 6/23(日) 22:06
Pleas press love on my comment for i feeling that i'm famous
olaabdullah57 6/23(日) 22:11
We must have our Reparations. Very few want to do the right thing about that even you Mr. Obama. We al…
Jeanne94177401 6/24(月) 13:54
You were a great President. Miss you
voiceofresonn 6/24(月) 14:17
I can't believe you Barry Sotorro, do you really think America wasn't watching as you celebrated what…
voiceofresonn 6/24(月) 14:29
We are still watching you. We will continue watching you. You are the infaddle Satenist in US Wolves c…
julialouia 6/24(月) 14:35
icons. ICONS!!!
RLReagan 6/24(月) 14:58
And yet after you we get an guy that bitch tweets about @BetteMidler on I’m so p…
kiengheck 6/24(月) 19:43
Yes, you stupid ideal alright!,,
Neilbelcher6 6/25(火) 2:27
I love u bro,but we need reparation for the psychological,economic,n psychical damage done to black pp…
madamapache 6/25(火) 2:35
Mr President Barack Obama I wish you were still President yourself and Michelle had class and you to m…
lerma_louis 6/25(火) 2:55
An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere! Keep the faith!
DebbieRector1 6/25(火) 3:35
Mr. Obama, You were one of best President's America has ever had...I love the Obama Family...
SammyGe59280744 6/25(火) 4:29
... wonk ..
JimBob15011602 6/25(火) 11:29
Awesome. Please support the path we are on and help do away with the damage caused by the Democrat party.
MarlonMcguffin 6/25(火) 11:49
Did "hope and change" actually mean helping banks and corporations at citizens' expense and taking the…
GigiGmsa01 6/25(火) 12:09
This is photo that should on every wall. This is a very powerful portrait of history that is once in a lifetime view.
Jackatmaui 6/25(火) 12:09
From your Advisor: TREASON!

Iranian Valerie Jarrett declared that she seeks to "change America to…
antikachobian 6/25(火) 12:16
If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
antikachobian 6/25(火) 12:19
Unwarranted domestic surveillance.
Jackatmaui 6/25(火) 12:22
Oh come on, Barack, you hate America, like most Islamic Muslims. Raised to HATE America

Watch "Why U.…
les_deplorable 6/25(火) 14:03
Appleknocker18 6/25(火) 14:43
Thank you, Mr. President. You are sorely missed. Stay strong.✌
1Pn4pR99Icd8QPm 6/25(火) 14:54
NamesMissing 6/25(火) 14:58
Howdy1358 6/25(火) 15:16
Obama needs to be investigated for crimes against America.
ScottZi33768145 6/25(火) 15:57
Donald Trump vs Obama Rap Battle
via @YouTube
SabuesoJ 6/26(水) 7:57
Algún día me gustaría tener una foto con usted Dios lo Bendiga
begoodseegood 6/26(水) 9:58
britneypagliuca 6/26(水) 10:10
sorry. try again next time STUPID
Hidden98516973 6/28(金) 1:28
barake obamba is the best
MorleneC 6/28(金) 1:51
I don’t believe the sitting President acknowledged this important day in history.
les_deplorable 6/28(金) 2:38
Drchoker 6/28(金) 3:03
Now that’s a massive crowd!
btlhuskers 6/28(金) 3:13
AbrahamTshoha 6/28(金) 4:02
bonsoir monsieur le président et mon professeur nous vous remercions de votre mandat à la maison blanche merci beaucoup
psylarryKC 6/28(金) 4:07
Tell us again about your prison reform successes...
DonRoos 6/29(土) 3:19
antoniaiadi 6/29(土) 3:23
imolioscar 6/29(土) 17:13
blog113 6/30(日) 10:01
pathetic losers
OfficialDJLucky 6/30(日) 10:59
So awesome!!! FOLLOW ME BARACK!!!!!!
CShongani 6/30(日) 18:06
ctmercer07 6/30(日) 21:41
@BarackObama When you were our President I didn’t need to worry. Your style, grace, and compassion whe…
ctmercer07 6/30(日) 21:43
We miss you @BarackObama! To us you will always be our President of the United States!
tararoseritchie 6/30(日) 21:56
Well said to the only POTUS and FLOTUS I’ve ever known. And we definitely need to have a paid First La…
ClintonMery 7/1(月) 19:11
WiseGuyUSA1 7/1(月) 19:39
Yes I agree I'm glad we've all risen as Americans,now what we need to do is live by the words of gr8 D…
WiseGuyUSA1 7/1(月) 19:48
The ol deep Southern a.k.a original of , have tricked us back in…
dreams_aloha 7/2(火) 3:19
NasserMaamery 7/2(火) 3:23
@BarackObama America Desperately needs you back in office.
ReneeJack8 7/2(火) 4:40
Why don't you go see about your family the world has a president
abdelamikael9 7/4(木) 12:56
paaj_luvs 7/4(木) 13:09
Hugs thank you, very inspiring
KatiNygren 7/6(土) 8:02
@ExcaliburSwords Oh yea???? So why is he so rich now. A taker. You are such a fool!!!!!!!
benjaminite7777 7/6(土) 13:47
mene mene tekel upharsin
Amski1102 7/7(日) 21:57
We miss you.
Kenedy20 7/10(水) 12:58
Together We Stand
scampbell123451 7/11(木) 17:45
Clara47734179 7/15(月) 11:50
crudstud 7/17(水) 21:08
How ‘bout that photo of leaders in France uniting to stand with JEWS? How ‘bout THAT ONE ?
gypsyboots1950 7/31(水) 9:37
You are a fraud and I despise much are you making on the speakers' circuit now? MSM doesn't report on that anymore...

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