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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/7/19(金) 3:24 .

reminds us that when things feel dark, confusing, or impossible—take a look back at his writings. There…

Aggitationz 7/19(金) 3:27
Agreed, especially with what’s been going on lately.
yankblan 7/19(金) 3:27
Nice player, according to Jonathan Bernier
drwilding 7/19(金) 3:27
Thank you
theawakening1 7/19(金) 3:27
Thank you for showing us what a great President looks like.
battletested5 7/19(金) 3:27
We need an to remind us that 2008-2016 was the last time we had a President filled with grace, class and humanity
ClaireGatzmer 7/19(金) 3:27
God bless you Sir!
PhoBu3 7/19(金) 3:27
bruntofitall 7/19(金) 3:28
Thank you Mr. President, you always have the right words, at the right time. ❤️
naflash4u 7/19(金) 3:28
You mean like now, right?
Melanin_mesh 7/19(金) 3:28
This is really great but drag him
RusianeA 7/19(金) 3:28
Let's go on the clarity of ethics and integrity... Thank You dear president... You, Not Mandela but yo…
NMT45 7/19(金) 3:28
Oh how I miss him!
obxgirl75 7/19(金) 3:28
Miss you sir!
maggiejuang1 7/19(金) 3:28
I thought we moved on from those days but apparently we haven’t .
juniormo 7/19(金) 3:28
You make us remember how much you care about all people.
justokay34 7/19(金) 3:28
He was a great hockey player, too!
sarcasmonica 7/19(金) 3:28
OwsWills 7/19(金) 3:28
Have you considered running for president?
AgarElijah 7/19(金) 3:28
The Audacity of Hope..
lakeshorescribe 7/19(金) 3:28
Thanks Obama
dooda94670595 7/19(金) 3:28
Who cares?
LUCHO1969 7/19(金) 3:28
The_Unggoy_King 7/19(金) 3:28
Can we please have someone stand up against Trump and his racist antics? Someone who actively calls hi…
TeamOfLiberals 7/19(金) 3:28
Thanks Obama. You are simply the best president America ever had. Continue to inspire us all.
PattyHawbaker 7/19(金) 3:28
Words. Words can wound, and word can heal.

Oh, how I miss having a President who used his words to do the latter. ❤
panhu08 7/19(金) 3:28
patrici90106885 7/19(金) 3:28
Thank you so much Mr President.
KoolKayzee 7/19(金) 3:28
A man with full of wisdom he is everything someone wished to be.....
Good morality is right here.
Lleashaa 7/19(金) 3:28
Can someone please steer Trump towards some writings of of Mandela, would it make a difference? Is he beyond the pail?
cburzawa_sports 7/19(金) 3:28
hap2807 7/19(金) 3:28
I can’t express how much we, (the entire civilized world ) misses you as the leader of our country.
john_jwinecoff 7/19(金) 3:28
Good luck getting our idiot administration to read any of this, Mr President
catcherbloc 7/19(金) 3:28
A real president.
BeverlyAdams56 7/19(金) 3:28
Someone who knows about the power of words and that they should be used to elevate instead of bringing…
B90CAZ 7/19(金) 3:28
We need Michele to run. I think she’s only person that can beat Trump. I’m getting hopeless
jynniq 7/19(金) 3:28
MohabbatAdeel 7/19(金) 3:28
JamieGascoigne3 7/19(金) 3:28
Well timed, appropriate and classy as ever.
Raisingirl_Indy 7/19(金) 3:29
SherryPena17 7/19(金) 3:29
You are a ray of light in this darkness that Trump and his minions of hell have created. I miss your i…
munyelele 7/19(金) 3:29
I miss Madiba.
WidmerMichele 7/19(金) 3:29
Very important perspective. I needed that thank you.
tweetsofgeorge 7/19(金) 3:29
I love you
berriesandblood 7/19(金) 3:29
Always our beacon...thank you! ♥️
hitidoge 7/19(金) 3:29
That presidential and that is president.
cents5818 7/19(金) 3:29
Hope is almost dead.
Ntshidine 7/19(金) 3:29
thanks Mr President.
Moe58543719 7/19(金) 3:29
Man we missss you I swear
Crawfords2012 7/19(金) 3:29
Kind sir, we really miss you! I am so disappointed with the current President. Not sure what we have a…
MewettAlan 7/19(金) 3:29
Great intentions, bad executions, horrific consequences.........
alan_mhgl 7/19(金) 3:29
We miss U for so many reasons!
But especially your eloquence, compassion, strength, leadership, ...

JosephHecht20 7/19(金) 3:29
We miss you Mr. President!
Vandanag1995 7/19(金) 3:29
Mr. Farmer president @BarackObama we miss you
Guys read it and DM me
motomamaknows 7/19(金) 3:29
I think I needed to see that today! Thank you: )
cdf0220 7/19(金) 3:29
Miss you Sir
MichaelDelSesto 7/19(金) 3:29
Reminds me of the selfies you took at his funeral, yucking it up with some woman.
k3170Makan 7/19(金) 3:29
Tata Madiba ✊
LindaObral 7/19(金) 3:29
zz14376720 7/19(金) 3:29
Nelcy_NY 7/19(金) 3:29
Nelson Mandela = Resilience
JudyCaughran 7/19(金) 3:29
I love you and your continued optimism. But I’m afraid we are heading toward a lawless Nation.
How wi…
eleesabet 7/19(金) 3:29
God, how I miss you!!!
SedulousSingh 7/19(金) 3:29
It always seems impossible until it's done.
Pit_Pantherr 7/19(金) 3:29
MtuFlani2 7/19(金) 3:29
The deplorables will be outraged when they get a load of this.
Llluvlyfee40 7/19(金) 3:29
You knew we neede this wisdom today. Thank you for your continued grace and guidance.
Weezylee58 7/19(金) 3:29
Please never go away Mr. President. We need you to remind us there is still hope.
NaturallyBette 7/19(金) 3:29
Feels like should be everyday...

When is day?

"How can one respect, let a…
kccabellomars 7/19(金) 3:29
miss u
shahjhan_malikk 7/19(金) 3:29
“To deny people their Human Rights is to challenge their very Humanity”
leelas23 7/19(金) 3:29
Obama, please come home, the babysitter's weird!!
L72457453 7/19(金) 3:29
Thank you, Sir. We remember, Mandeeba.
raych212 7/19(金) 3:29
witchywoman812 7/19(金) 3:29
Me ❤s you! Miss you Mr. President
mufarouk 7/19(金) 3:29
We will never forget
PP_robin 7/19(金) 3:29
thank you Mr President you are a leader in chief
lmejia1tech 7/19(金) 3:30
Glad I was able to experience your presidency. Mr. President..
ronsterD 7/19(金) 3:30
Look at the contrast to what the current POTUS is spewing. How did we go from this to that???
OftenArsey 7/19(金) 3:30
Good man. I’m British need your metaphorical hugs as much as US.
MzRandi 7/19(金) 3:30
Now this is how a leader speaks/ uplift, to encourage, to bring hope, to unite the country,…
Ava_ABQuteee 7/19(金) 3:30
Thank you President Obama! How I wish you were our Commander In Chief! We miss you! Our country is in despair..sad!
tamiurbandale 7/19(金) 3:30
Please come back! We need you!
jstewi327 7/19(金) 3:30
@DNC new mantra is ‘Vote him out’
Jamie_Soup 7/19(金) 3:30
Camp is awful. I hate everyone here. Please write.
persister2020 7/19(金) 3:30
Nugget1308 7/19(金) 3:30
natchezalley6 7/19(金) 3:30
Thank you
sandyth33az 7/19(金) 3:30
Thank you for leading us in choosing love over hate, unity over division, and hope over fear. We miss…
RTmisClydeFrog 7/19(金) 3:30
To Sir, With Love
Thank You for Staying With Us. ♥️
mabhulugwe 7/19(金) 3:30
Thus correct Mr President
skadjk16 7/19(金) 3:30
We need you
Fleepyear 7/19(金) 3:30
Your timing is amazing! I am holding to teeniest bit of hope right now in the wake of such corrosive a…
LocoDivergirl 7/19(金) 3:30
Thank you.
Jennife58904750 7/19(金) 3:30
What do we do? I’m in such despair over the hateful rhetoric. I’m horrified by my neighbors supporting…
HelenBa14313197 7/19(金) 3:30
Come back!
We can't take it anymore!
imranah55562665 7/19(金) 3:30
Thanks Sir
rowed97 7/19(金) 3:30
Please help us.
blandphilosophy 7/19(金) 3:30
@jonfavs Can you maybe stop chilling on the sidelines and say something about all this? Just maybe?
OluOgunnowo11 7/19(金) 3:30
With contemporary developments in the US, we'll soon start reading back your years too day
the_only_delisa 7/19(金) 3:30
We are in a dark time indeed. I would be so happy if Michelle would run for president. I KNOW she would win.
FreeThi85157297 7/19(金) 3:30
@RyanHillMI I remember when I didn't wake up everyday wondering, what has our idiot president done now…
Amoral_Drumpf 7/19(金) 3:30
PLEASE consider joining the ticket as VP!
gigglemuch1 7/19(金) 3:30
Thank you for those words of hope & wisdom, President Obama!
ummermasroor 7/19(金) 3:30
sammysattar 7/19(金) 3:31
Agreed President Obama. Could we expect a new movement for global peace?
JaredMGordon 7/19(金) 3:31
Thank you. You’re very, very missed.
SeekerOfJustic2 7/19(金) 3:31
Please come back. The new guy is weird.
PamEllaCasual 7/19(金) 3:31
Please help us.
PatrickGQ 7/19(金) 3:31
I really miss this man!
susanne_dunne 7/19(金) 3:31
MaDukes13 7/19(金) 3:31
We went from having an amazing POTUS to one that just doesn’t understand what the American people want…
LaidlerRob 7/19(金) 3:31
Don’t go showing that to Donald Trump because he will just say “send him back, send him back“! Just like the racist he is
DrHasanAskari 7/19(金) 3:31
Mandela was brave man.
Blk_Cat713 7/19(金) 3:31
And sometimes Mr. President we have to against like has…
craggyislander1 7/19(金) 3:31
Please come back and soon
korbstudio 7/19(金) 3:31
dude, i miss you.
YounusFarhaan 7/19(金) 3:31
jetpack_jen 7/19(金) 3:31
Mr President, I trust and believe you. I truly believe there is good in everyone and in people like yo…
max_t_wittern 7/19(金) 3:31
althansolo 7/19(金) 3:31
andrethuo 7/19(金) 3:31
Come back!
DaisyGirlUSA 7/19(金) 3:31
This is like salve on a wound. I needed this today. Thank you for your integrity & kindness Mr. President.
lulu_says2 7/19(金) 3:31
Obama has this way of addressing what is going on in the rn without getting into the muck. He speaks…
fail92 7/19(金) 3:31
@jonfavs Time for you and Michelle to speak up louder and more forcefully.
Please help to India Muslims
vbthoughts_001 7/19(金) 3:31
EspiMia 7/19(金) 3:31
I love you so much
billyja48690681 7/19(金) 3:32
How about about trumps magic wand lol
AmericanBot2020 7/19(金) 3:32
The only Mandela I support is
DayleBrand 7/19(金) 3:32
Come back!❤️❤️❤️❤️
AdamSam77 7/19(金) 3:32
Please condemn trump and his rally for calling an american citizens and sitting congresswoman “go back home”.
hokkutoo 7/19(金) 3:32
Ran721xmChris 7/19(金) 3:32
We miss you and the First Lady every day all day.
Maxxillion 7/19(金) 3:32
Greatness is in you Sir. One love
GarciaPanda 7/19(金) 3:32
We miss him so much, but his light still touches us, he was the greatest leader, and more importantly…
DawnPoliti 7/19(金) 3:32
Can you please come back to the Whitehouse ASAP???
FaithMonkee 7/19(金) 3:32
ElleMagee 7/19(金) 3:32
Two images of strength ❤️
nedharty 7/19(金) 3:32
britz1000 7/19(金) 3:32
The GOAT of politics
chewzyhughes 7/19(金) 3:32
At a time of such hatred and disharmony , wise words from a much missed president
LiLiDaisy23 7/19(金) 3:32
tata4ta 7/19(金) 3:32
Thank you for this moment of light in these dark days.
mwk2244 7/19(金) 3:32
@realDonaldTrump Why President Obama is considered to be one of the greatest American leaders,a design…
A global movement for positive change begins with small actions. As each person acts, they fuel moment…
askmamaval 7/19(金) 3:32
Like Mandela, this is also one of my favorite poems. @mjfree
gitcel2 7/19(金) 3:32
NancyBelton7 7/19(金) 3:32
Thank you, Mr President
boodlepoop1 7/19(金) 3:32
Talk abt dark
DebdLun 7/19(金) 3:32
President Obama we will be steered toward something better. I know better days are ahead for this coun…
c_neale 7/19(金) 3:32
morinfamilylaw 7/19(金) 3:32
Thank you, sir.
billyburns80 7/19(金) 3:32
Hmmmm I’m wondering what his thoughts would be on the state of his country now? And if u could remind…
rwjmozell 7/19(金) 3:32
Great Mr. President! But is this another eloquent paid speech restating the obvious?
Plz give voice to…
Bs1Colm9pRaeqEF 7/19(金) 3:32
oyamajiyedwa 7/19(金) 3:33
1 day I will meet you in my life President. I am a better father, brother & husband through people lik…
for_ghosts 7/19(金) 3:33
InfiniteLXII 7/19(金) 3:33
Please come back. We want a non-lying, non-rapist president
rajputjyoti673 7/19(金) 3:33
Nelson Mandela day
eddie720 7/19(金) 3:33
Save us.
Patricemdevine 7/19(金) 3:33
JesusMariaPast1 7/19(金) 3:33
The 4 US congresswomen should receive your support openly. They also deserve dignity.
yumi_rol 7/19(金) 3:33
lawehilegbu 7/19(金) 3:33
Thank you Former President @BarackObama .

Your mouth pours wisdom, smartness, intelligence and knowledge whenever it opens.
gbunn2 7/19(金) 3:33
@realDonaldTrump This is how a real genuine President carry’s himself!

@GOP @TheDemocrats
aca_aleks_ 7/19(金) 3:33
The eloquence, sincerity, and intellect that I greatly miss right now!
sahsenemhalisd7 7/19(金) 3:33
Çok zalimmişsin çok günahın çok cenneti göremeyeceksin müslümanlara yapılan zulumlüğe yardım etin oysa…
thad_brasfield 7/19(金) 3:33
An Obama and Bush fireside chat on race, tolerance, how to disagree respectfully, American ideals, et…
RayWaneku 7/19(金) 3:33
@GaryLineker Libya.. just Libya.
KimSanCartier 7/19(金) 3:33
Things feel unbearably dark and impossible right now...
wincelee 7/19(金) 3:33
Thank you for being the leader we need.
Massiveotterrav 7/19(金) 3:33
Miss having you as a president so much.
dac102362 7/19(金) 3:33
Dark, scary, out of control, confusing and impossible is what I feel now. I'm not a Dem or Rep althoug…
hockeymom098 7/19(金) 3:33
Oh, how we miss you!!!
JOLOSO1960 7/19(金) 3:34
Mándela and Barack Obama, two high men, no hay qué dudarlo en ningún momento, mándela lo qué ya hizo y…
CrystalCleer81 7/19(金) 3:34
Things are feeling pretty dark. Thanks for shining some light.
Shiil007 7/19(金) 3:34
You better vote him out instead of complaining
LaroweLeah 7/19(金) 3:34
We miss you sir.
MrLiquidkay 7/19(金) 3:34
What I call a president. with real followers.
lazzaretti 7/19(金) 3:34
@realDonaldTrump Now this is a real President who believes in democracy, the Constitution and the rul…
SJR7200 7/19(金) 3:34
Thank you for the encouragement when it is really needed.
yashveer_bhati 7/19(金) 3:34
Dearest....and ..honorable barack Obama sir you also
Historical USA
Politics..and all…
R3ear 7/19(金) 3:34
Unseal ur records obama.
mychamberdoor 7/19(金) 3:34
thank you, I’ve been on the verge of tears over the state of my country.
nickjohnson440 7/19(金) 3:34
We need you, Mr. President.
tweets_debs 7/19(金) 3:34
We miss you and the First Lady Michelle so much!

How true is this...
‘Sometimes you really…
7Litawee 7/19(金) 3:34
Thank you so much for continuing to be a voice of humanity and reason. It means so much.
yto111 7/19(金) 3:34
I love you and I miss you! But do I have to believe in the dignity if EVERY person? Even Trump?
piccini_judy 7/19(金) 3:34
I do so miss you.
Poormanumbrella 7/19(金) 3:34
We need you. Help.
BevyannDegnan 7/19(金) 3:34
ctmercer07 7/19(金) 3:34
President @BarackObama our world is in tornado lane and it’s getting out of hand. When you were in off…
trayceesall 7/19(金) 3:34
You & Michelle are a class act. An impossible act to follow ❣️ That’s why our country is in this big mess.
lorrainefrase10 7/19(金) 3:34
You was want to try Telling that arse Trump that. Honestly cant you something about him
BorchardtAudrey 7/19(金) 3:34
Please take a longer walk next time. You are a good speaker BUT it is all just words.
Deborah_J_Bell 7/19(金) 3:35
Thank you for this good advice, Mr. President. Like millions of other Americans in these unsettling ti…
lamavuca 7/19(金) 3:35
Thank you so much Mr President, in you we see a younger Nelson Mandela. We are outraged that a bigot i…
cheypot 7/19(金) 3:35
Shiv_Niranjan 7/19(金) 3:35
Great inspiration of MandelaDay. Best wishes
LocoDivergirl 7/19(金) 3:35
I pray for ignorance and hate to pass...and to return to higher values.
TracySurprenant 7/19(金) 3:35
Please come back!!
LaPazzaFugata 7/19(金) 3:35
This is lovely.

But I also wouldn't mind an IMTFA tweet from you either. Might even prefer it. …
Cuseology 7/19(金) 3:35
How about getting pissed off? Pissed off Obama is the best Obama.
lunguhs 7/19(金) 3:35
A day to forgive without a condition
kinger73580632 7/19(金) 3:35
From your side of the world
HansGerdSimon1 7/19(金) 3:35
AlMamun36812244 7/19(金) 3:35
Love you Obama you are great
lenmastrapa 7/19(金) 3:35
Madiba stands forever! Thanks BO
Inezprosper 7/19(金) 3:35
I miss you.
LyndaorLinda 7/19(金) 3:35
It's utterly sickening what's happening in your country. Everything from separation of children to a…
BentilExtic 7/19(金) 3:35
@GaryLineker You the best ever President I have ever seen Mr.Obama,am hoping to see you one day
my_life_is_wack 7/19(金) 3:35
danceswithrats 7/19(金) 3:35
Wow breathe of fresh air .
friererra 7/19(金) 3:36
i love u dad
Chasensky 7/19(金) 3:36
SupervisorAlejo 7/19(金) 3:36
You can’t help but miss having a President with intelligence, compassion & a conscience!!
kudzowt 7/19(金) 3:36
The darkness from Donald Trump is too much for me to take.
RightOnTime6 7/19(金) 3:36
You were the worst Predident in this nations history. Stop shadowing the country you Socialist menace.
Chief_Benjamin 7/19(金) 3:36
Can someone please explain what he just said in layman terms
milomom2 7/19(金) 3:36
Sir, we miss you- your integrity, your intelligence, your fairness, your wisdom, your heart. Please…
l_achan15 7/19(金) 3:36
"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it".
rmclark4 7/19(金) 3:36
Writings will not help or save anyone from this vicious administration.
thefinlander 7/19(金) 3:36
Great men r hard to come by Nelson and you will always be on the top of the list. You will always be m…
aderushmer1 7/19(金) 3:36
The Hammer
ale___xoxo 7/19(金) 3:36
Miss you
highlandroad1 7/19(金) 3:36
We miss you so much.
venivelovici 7/19(金) 3:36
We miss you immensely, Mr. President. ❤️
dhuebotter 7/19(金) 3:37
Pretty talk doesn’t get the job done sir. Your ACA hurt the middle class.
DylanJa09806440 7/19(金) 3:37
The world needs you back. Now more than ever.
ara63797785 7/19(金) 3:37
danndonna4 7/19(金) 3:37
Thank you so much for this ❤️
ChrisitnaG 7/19(金) 3:37
The Presidents who KEEP on giving. @BarackObama and President Carter are my heroes. They are…
FearlessKamala 7/19(金) 3:37
Thank you President Obama. I really needed that. You continue to inspire millions. God Bless you, FLOT…
Joselui91783787 7/19(金) 3:37
En españa se secuestra a la gente por sus ideas,politicas
YFsjbuie 7/19(金) 3:37
I miss you!!
MacharrisWayne 7/19(金) 3:37
Thank you President Obama
captquadfather 7/19(金) 3:37
Hey, look guys! It’s a leader! Thank you Prez
pharaohpjf 7/19(金) 3:37
Well that’s certainly not true of the RACIST BIGOT who’s occupying the WH now, not to mention the spin…
SchoolPsychGuy 7/19(金) 3:37
Thanks for spreading love and hope amidst all the fear and hatred.
Joanna_831 7/19(金) 3:37
AakarshitSriva6 7/19(金) 3:37
Mandela was a great man and his legacy will remain immortal
madbunny689 7/19(金) 3:37
Obama is America’s own Nelson Mandela! We still miss him our fave president...
Claude19030975 7/19(金) 3:37
Great president and great speach
Writerninja1 7/19(金) 3:37
Both my sons applied for your foundation last year. Even though it wasn’t their time to get accepted,…
myfaith6919 7/19(金) 3:37
Hi My FoooooooorEver President....GOD Knows I miss you
h0whardcanitbe 7/19(金) 3:37
Sir, whilst I salute your ability to remain silent there does come a point where I think you need to c…
golfwife23 7/19(金) 3:37
My President!!!! ❤️
Iris_Vazquez 7/19(金) 3:37
Thank you Mr. President for the glimmer of light in these dark times.
zakbowyer02 7/19(金) 3:38
@GaryLineker Literally better words than @realDonaldTrump has ever spoken
JimP1957 7/19(金) 3:38
America needs you now more than ever
missmar3211 7/19(金) 3:38
I love you PRES.Obama...
fred_masoni 7/19(金) 3:38
Good thought to young people to learn mr president
gourlay_beth 7/19(金) 3:38
Thank you, My President
JumzyRau 7/19(金) 3:38
Mr President, I'm going to interpret your post to mean that Trump & his traitorous GOP will soon be br…
9KSkinsFan 7/19(金) 3:38
juleshirst 7/19(金) 3:38
@David_J_Leon Mr Obama you deported more than 3 million people and used the camps to separate families…
RJJNY 7/19(金) 3:38
In these horrible times I take some vague solace in knowing that every single day, he fumes that you h…
pravdinskiy 7/19(金) 3:38
Мандела тупое чмо и черный расист!
_Buru 7/19(金) 3:38
Child murderer.
RollTydr 7/19(金) 3:38
Thank you, Mr. President! You remind us of what we can be. YES, WE CAN!
JoshuaTwarrior 7/19(金) 3:38
Mr Mandela remains forever in our hearts
skinnyfroglegs 7/19(金) 3:38
Thank you! Your calming words are missed terribly!
nytuc 7/19(金) 3:38
Thank you for your words and wisdom. Especially in these dark times of this country, your light shines…
dan_sauber 7/19(金) 3:38
Whenever I here this man speak it makes me sigh. How I long for a President that we can be proud of, a…
tpardiUSA 7/19(金) 3:39
As “we cling to our god and guns”!
AnnV1963 7/19(金) 3:39
❤️. And you can come back now please!
PaulCha47968161 7/19(金) 3:39
Wow. A meaningful tweet from a world wide respected President of the USA. How things have changed with…
Allen_740 7/19(金) 3:39
You ready to come home yet?
Morphius691 7/19(金) 3:39
Read his biography... all of us he had his flaws...but he could rise above them. ..unlike the orange man
MamaDidntLie 7/19(金) 3:39
Mr O you’re killing us
Conniepae 7/19(金) 3:39
We are currently on a dangerous course of intolerance. Keep speaking. We need to work together to ma…
Moncktone3 7/19(金) 3:39
We love you sir
alexisariaavery 7/19(金) 3:39
I misssssssss you!!!!!
EijaBouras 7/19(金) 3:39
Miss you - Looking at american president makes me sick how this world is turning out to be
CrazyCatLady520 7/19(金) 3:39
Mr. President, I immigrated here from Canada, in ‘92. I don’t think I ever felt at home until you came…
Nixflixpix 7/19(金) 3:39
We are exhausted. We need REAL leadership. Mr. President, you can help us pull together...those of us…
MarciaB34108383 7/19(金) 3:39
Thank you Mr president! We miss you!
UKSerpico 7/19(金) 3:39
@GaryLineker Four more years!
lifebynatmarie 7/19(金) 3:39
haskins2 7/19(金) 3:39
Thank you for continuing to encourage and inspire us. Our country misses you even more than we knew we would.
Bit3Me1 7/19(金) 3:39
mouhamadouamado 7/19(金) 3:40
@BarackObama one of the best person and president that the world and @us ever had
Meagan0624 7/19(金) 3:40
Thanks, I needed that.
kealeywindle1 7/19(金) 3:40
You offer such hope to your country you have their back very much needed it would seem x
vladymatsyl 7/19(金) 3:40
Thank you Mr. President...could you tell what the F...k is going in USA? Scary and very sad. Leadershi…
8t0Ma8 7/19(金) 3:40
No federal funds to genocide Hawaiians
twhlvrldy 7/19(金) 3:40
One of my favorite songs: Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms. Love, love, love everything Mandela!
AmolBhange9 7/19(金) 3:40
Alone walk always better than friend emeny
Marcell63254803 7/19(金) 3:40
Obama God Blessings to you
BamaFan135 7/19(金) 3:40
Sigh.... I miss you so much.
clanofwolves 7/19(金) 3:40
Your actions in weakening and preparing for the destruction of America is being reversed and America i…
Ferhat_Olgunn 7/19(金) 3:41
real president
kreg_a 7/19(金) 3:41
Just for the record Nelson Mandela is Methodist / Christian
alliegata 7/19(金) 3:41
Come on man, I love you but you need to get out here and help us!
nakana99716751 7/19(金) 3:41
We all want you back plzzzz
77JulieAnn 7/19(金) 3:41
Please help! We need you!!
ShawnSTOM777 7/19(金) 3:41
Come Back Yo..
Octavia_agnes 7/19(金) 3:41
penlopegolden 7/19(金) 3:41
For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances…
49_7333943 7/19(金) 3:41
Lsp1967 7/19(金) 3:41
Mayn2493 7/19(金) 3:41
darbyfamilySH 7/19(金) 3:41
Dear President Obama, Please help us!!! America is in a lot of trouble!! Please Please Please We what…
cutter123089 7/19(金) 3:41
Miss you everyday!
akaMima 7/19(金) 3:41
I sure do miss you!
curt_quin 7/19(金) 3:41
Thank you mr. President Obama we love you and we miss you....Hey @realDonaldTrump this what a real pre…
snbrigham 7/19(金) 3:42
Send this to @realDonaldTrump
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:42
Sa c mon Obama
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:42
sabete2002 7/19(金) 3:42
It's one heck of a long walk right now. Trump is ruining this country.
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:42
MisianoGenovese 7/19(金) 3:42
Wish you were back at the helm, steering us out of these treacherous waters…
PCLong1 7/19(金) 3:42
I miss your live of country Mr. President
S112233Athena 7/19(金) 3:42
@Empnew I'm sorry Mr. President, not in this country. This country has never left 1776 and will never…
Ramaldo17 7/19(金) 3:42
@GaryLineker Then you bomb libya for nothing.. That isn't what mandela taught us
cgerberwave 7/19(金) 3:42
“Come Back Barack!”
TEEEZZZ 7/19(金) 3:42
@GaryLineker Celebrating Mandela day in South Africa ♥️
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:42
Thiey sama wadji baikena yaw le dai
Newaz_Assam 7/19(金) 3:43
@GaryLineker I don't think you had given a thought about Mandela when you bombed 8 countries,& expande…
JamesStuie 7/19(金) 3:43
@GaryLineker Ahhh a leader and a wise,sensible and forward thinking one (as well as Mandela )! Fancy ma…
FiteVern 7/19(金) 3:43
Thank you for the inspiration. America will eventually find its way once again. I surely hope sooner rather than later.
mapar1964 7/19(金) 3:43
This is s real PRESIDENT!!
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:43
We see
onemoveahead 7/19(金) 3:43
Can you come and run our country Barack?

We'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

_Monica_LE 7/19(金) 3:43
God we miss you Mr. President!
Jannis99302081 7/19(金) 3:43
you are the greatest ASH all over the world.
Dsolomon83 7/19(金) 3:43
You need to do a press conference. Rally us and get us focused and hopeful. I think it’d be great to s…
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:43
Jpnana7 7/19(金) 3:43
Today an angel was once born and our astronauts once touched the heavens. Today is about Yes We Can. Y…
somehaikuforyou 7/19(金) 3:43
Thanks for the reminder, we all need to remind ourselves of this every day.
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:43
Own long
njm4250 7/19(金) 3:43
We need you right now, so badly.
Is there a law of what a president can say and not say , I know he should say what’s right. But is the…
midika_malvin 7/19(金) 3:43
As Messi and CR7 are GOAT's in sports, you will forever be my GOAT in the arena of politics... Happy t…
Sarah_SKG_1983 7/19(金) 3:43
Two amazing men. Both my heroes..We needed this Mr.President.
babygirlbrenda 7/19(金) 3:44
What a real president looks like !
12thAndBlue 7/19(金) 3:44
We miss you.
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:44
jcbat71 7/19(金) 3:44
A President who knew how to read.
andyobotsr 7/19(金) 3:44
BUT Mr former President ! U HAD 8 YRS IN THE WH , NOW UN-LIKE OUR TRUE LEGEND Nelson Mandela, WHAT DID…
Guffie12T 7/19(金) 3:44
Hi. Mr. President.
SueEl001 7/19(金) 3:44
"What I'm asking for is hard "It's easier to be cynical; to accept that change isn't possible, and pol…
drmav 7/19(金) 3:44
Thank you Mr. President. Necessary today!
KariaKamlesh 7/19(金) 3:44
My inspiration...
LeoNYC 7/19(金) 3:44
@jonfavs Come on. Enough of this "vague imagery". We have a lying racist in the White House. Just say it.
Sarah_SKG_1983 7/19(金) 3:44
@MichelleObama @NelsonMandela
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:45
ScSraycook 7/19(金) 3:45
Did you spy on him too? I'm guessing you are very familiar with everything surrounding his life through the "hammer" you swing.
LindaLRyder1 7/19(金) 3:45
Thank you Mr. President
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:45
Sa c notr Obama
DeniseSmith67 7/19(金) 3:45
We need you Mr President. Please help us get through this dangerous time. The next months may be very…
Danilet13 7/19(金) 3:45
Best man ever !! YOU can see good in bad and the light in dark!!!
Beautiful man. So glad and PROUD!! BE HAPPY !
jg45607566 7/19(金) 3:45
I love President Obama. He’s a good man. A great ambassador of our country. But to be honest.... wasn’…
kdmquito 7/19(金) 3:45
So missed - your wisdom, calm, intelligent, insightful, kind leadership! Keep @ inspiring us -we need…
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:45
ChazGardner 7/19(金) 3:45
Third term please
deeky_doo 7/19(金) 3:45
There's a long dark road ahead by the looks of things.
lynn_deamicis 7/19(金) 3:46
Thank you for helping us!!! Now... can you please talk to joe!! Give him some help in combating trumps…
Sarah_SKG_1983 7/19(金) 3:46
I read all his writings.
LarrauryJocelyn 7/19(金) 3:46
So true
fishgal33 7/19(金) 3:46
Thank you, President Obama for sharing these writings of Nelson Mandela.
They bring so much needed cl…
kriskoziol11 7/19(金) 3:46

Marty96254343 7/19(金) 3:46
Are any of you going to visit him when he goes to prison for his crimes ?
Writerninja1 7/19(金) 3:46
My two boys and I miss you and Michelle very much. Even with these confusing and dark times in politic…
jwmathe 7/19(金) 3:46
It's always so nice to hear from you. Things have turned so negative since you retired. We always real…
Ginger_Ninja27 7/19(金) 3:46
How about just standing up together with Carter, Bush and Clinton and condemning the present incumbent…
Jannis99302081 7/19(金) 3:46
you ash think that the opampsma-children are yours
Louise54447092 7/19(金) 3:46
Thank you.
Things are very dark right now.
JohnOlamijulo 7/19(金) 3:47
Happy Mandela day celebration.
mlfilion 7/19(金) 3:47
I know you are not supposed to speak out about presidents, as one of the best you need to. You need to…
m1ghtysauc3 7/19(金) 3:47
Let’s not forget the dark side.
BillyGEdwardsch 7/19(金) 3:47
Now that’s just reasonable advice.
Harikon709 7/19(金) 3:47
as long as there is dialog in a calm and productive way, there is nothing cannot be worked out in a po…
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:47
sophieur11 7/19(金) 3:47
Thank you President Obama yes he brought us comfort care respect love strength. The same way you have”…
VicoryPaul 7/19(金) 3:47
Greatest President in my lifetime. And an honorable and decent man. Your words nourished and gave comf…
LWacheldorf 7/19(金) 3:47
Something in my eyes.
leecrawfordux 7/19(金) 3:47
Timely. Much needed. A balm.
TheBadDadder 7/19(金) 3:47
Renegade: Noble sounding rhetoric, but you never delivered anything but moral and economic decline and…
Elmostjuanted 7/19(金) 3:47
Where you been at bro
auld_jethart 7/19(金) 3:47
Many talk of forgiveness, very, very, few lived forgiveness
renee_ike640 7/19(金) 3:47
Thank you Mr President....That’s why I have so much Love & Respect for you.
mylesjkelly 7/19(金) 3:48
Unfortunately Trump thinks Mandela is a golf course somewhere in Southern Africa.
heather_owenNC 7/19(金) 3:48
Needed this today, so much.
luvulongtime18 7/19(金) 3:48
Then every day should be because every day feels this bad.
anniedublin 7/19(金) 3:48
words of @realDonaldTrump today made me so sad, how far our world has come this century in human right…
Pokermonn 7/19(金) 3:48
wokehillbilly 7/19(金) 3:48
A favorite quote...
totsot 7/19(金) 3:48
Your wisdom and integrity is so missed!
jackiegontarek 7/19(金) 3:48
Thank you, Mr President. Do you have any idea how much you are missed? If you do, multiply it by 1,000.
lLizzymariaca 7/19(金) 3:48
Thank you Mr. President for your character and dignity. No man and certainly no President can ever be…
GeriGarcia10 7/19(金) 3:48
Thank you for your continued encouragement. You are so missed
cphillips313 7/19(金) 3:48
@BarackObama is still my President.
49_7333943 7/19(金) 3:48
Always in my ❤
Roro23544588 7/19(金) 3:49
With my greatest respect to all the great people, I feel they overshadow Jesus and the Virgin Mary
SharmelaR 7/19(金) 3:49
You're a good man with a compassionate spirit and that's God like qualities.
HolmesTeganimi 7/19(金) 3:49
Please come back.
MISST4LYFE 7/19(金) 3:49
It may take a minute but we can always depend on you to keep giving up positive and hope
thataintright01 7/19(金) 3:49
Nothing is going to save you. Tick tock
AlexisZepouka 7/19(金) 3:49
Baldy needed, these words of wisdom nowadays.
GabrielleLocas1 7/19(金) 3:49
Miss you so so very much.
ranallranall 7/19(金) 3:49
What about the dignity of the civilians you bombed? The refugees you deported?
SteberPat 7/19(金) 3:49
Best President of my lifetime by far! Your a great man. Thank you for all you’ve done! Your the one wh…
McgarveyYvonne 7/19(金) 3:49
Thank you Mr. President!
VelmaAllen16 7/19(金) 3:49
This is what a real president sounds and acts like ❤️♥️
MariaBWeaver1 7/19(金) 3:49
“Out of the night that vovers me.... I thank what ever gods maybe for my unconquerable soul..” the poe…
LenoreVargo 7/19(金) 3:49
Thank you, Mr. President, for giving us all much needed inspiration in these difficult days.
Now let's all get to work!
mgwwu 7/19(金) 3:50
Pretty impressive!
KKS80297628 7/19(金) 3:50
I’m South African , and Mr Obama thank you for showing a 19 year old girl like me the amazing example of a true leader❤️❤️❤️.
chuck_rushton 7/19(金) 3:50
Mr. President, you make everyone around you better. You've made me a better, more engaged citizen. I'm…
Amna41761904 7/19(金) 3:50
I am not American, but I was very upset when I learned that you would not be president again .... You…
KevinKr87 7/19(金) 3:50
It also reminds me of a Bible story Paul's shows how far we've come..Shame! We've not come far enough!!
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:50
Nou tous nou laimon notr Obama
shanebenson 7/19(金) 3:50
How apt in today’s world
ambecher1 7/19(金) 3:50
Our country is in One of the darkest, most Hate-Filled times I can EVER remember! Orchestrated by a Ra…
jackiejfrancois 7/19(金) 3:50
Thank you Mr President! I truly needed that today.
nneoma21 7/19(金) 3:50
Fear and anxiety fill the whole day and weeks not knowing what the orange man will do to family and friends next.
Roro23544588 7/19(金) 3:50
The Virgin Mary made many apparitions and gave many miracles and messages that many are barely aware o…
joanne_cesare 7/19(金) 3:50
Thank you for giving us words of hope when we are at the end of our ropes!
dybalacrf 7/19(金) 3:50
atticlr 7/19(金) 3:50
Wow. I needed those words, sir. Thank you. ❤️
SusanCarver19 7/19(金) 3:51
I owe you an apology. While you were in office, I did not pay enough attention to everything that was…
aenergiebewust 7/19(金) 3:51
Thank you, Mr. President!
Aytch98 7/19(金) 3:51
(Either of you! ) Please come back!
FoyaAaron 7/19(金) 3:51
this is true
leopard73seal 7/19(金) 3:51
Thank you for this. ❤️
QueenCori 7/19(金) 3:51
Just like you, he was a GIANT amongst men! I love you and @MichelleObama
If you g…
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:51
Digniter notr Obama est le seul lumuer à suvr à tous
LarrySmarsh 7/19(金) 3:51
Thank you Mr President for reminding us that there is always hope. You are a great man. Please continu…
ebele210678 7/19(金) 3:51
prtilliery 7/19(金) 3:51
Meanwhile, Trump and his followers slither towards something worse. The sad part is that they're dragging along with them.
JAYWAYOK 7/19(金) 3:51
What did Nelson Mandela do for South Africa ??? Nelson wanted to be loved by white peoples and Europea…
TommyFolkston61 7/19(金) 3:51
@Amantrp_blp What about the dignity of your President?
hairgrl2009 7/19(金) 3:51
I am Canadian.. and I miss you not being the President.. God Help the USA. The man in charge is a disg…
pittmanjeremy1 7/19(金) 3:51
Thank you Mr. President
e7ZnMOg3SiebG2U 7/19(金) 3:51
jjmechdc9 7/19(金) 3:51
Thank you Sir! The world needed these words today.
saendre1 7/19(金) 3:52
The AUDACITY of Hope
jacdiap 7/19(金) 3:52
I read your words and felt a peace. We miss your leadership. Thank you
libertyuprising 7/19(金) 3:52
TFW you bombed East Africa but not South Africa
kevinni11337579 7/19(金) 3:52
We need another, she or he will come !
Ndiasseseye61 7/19(金) 3:52
Jsu tre eureu dnotr Obama
Stephen00105059 7/19(金) 3:52
@GaryLineker Tell that to the relatives of the victims he massacred by blowing them to smithereens.

Blenny90 7/19(金) 3:52
Dayna51 7/19(金) 3:52
Thank you for the encouragement in these dark times.
Mahendrasingh_S 7/19(金) 3:53
True. It's a real dark and depressing time for the world.Mandela name does make you feel little better…
mahmoud__ragheb 7/19(金) 3:53
أمريكا اتبهدلت من بعدك يا ريس
maeBe99 7/19(金) 3:53
Ugh! I miss this so much!!!
DawnSchmitz 7/19(金) 3:53
Please come back. We need you.
Procyon345 7/19(金) 3:53
I miss the days when a president wrote things that made me feel like the world was alright.
iam_deson 7/19(金) 3:53
@mahdi_warfa True words
EuroBirdBrain 7/19(金) 3:53
Recently there has been many "super-hero" movies, where mankind is on the brink of collapse and the su…
quirkypeace835 7/19(金) 3:53
Ohh I miss intelligence ethics morality and decency.
OurStor48601618 7/19(金) 3:53
@TheBlackCaucus @TheBlackCaucus retweeted your post so I guess they'd like you to answer for yourself
MarinaIola 7/19(金) 3:53
Mr. President
GBear620Love 7/19(金) 3:53
“Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you”.
kimbrlygoody 7/19(金) 3:53
jimmusmax 7/19(金) 3:53
And as John McCain reminded us, “It’s always darkest, just before it goes black.”
Marsha1901 7/19(金) 3:53
This is a President who inspires and lifts the people, he doesn't denigrate, belittle or insult, the d…
dogg_hi 7/19(金) 3:53
Didn’t Nelson Mandela kill innocent people including children?
k8tidid 7/19(金) 3:54
Thank you so much!!! We miss you so much, your voice is sorely needed... ❤
agtrietw 7/19(金) 3:54
Among the hustle and bustle of the world, hopefully we are among those who can provide enlightenment,…
Dee_Ro220 7/19(金) 3:54
Don't forget that some people believe there's an alternate universe because they thought Nelson Mandela died in the 90s
Fastfoward3 7/19(金) 3:54
Mandela is living legacy that current leaders should embrace,I admire is sacrifice and even after many…
vmay21406218 7/19(金) 3:54
2metoo 7/19(金) 3:54
MIADIBA ❤❤❤...the LION. .South African DELIVERER .
jnybrd 7/19(金) 3:54
We miss having an actual (competent, loving, intelligent ) POTUS.
LiLiDaisy23 7/19(金) 3:54
OurStor48601618 7/19(金) 3:54
putiqiaodamo 7/19(金) 3:55
Tom_Larocca 7/19(金) 3:55
This is in regard to which of your Socialist agenda issues?
AeiFsus7ounEZEH 7/19(金) 3:55
TheTallSwede 7/19(金) 3:55
keksloo 7/19(金) 3:55
I appreciate you more each day that passes. Your leadership, your dignity, your eloquence. Thank you f…
rlc1717 7/19(金) 3:55
MukaAnna 7/19(金) 3:55
MichaelPech4 7/19(金) 3:55
@BarackObama I know you probably won’t read this but you need to make a speech or something re…
DilJaanPAK 7/19(金) 3:55
Some of the quotes
RedGypsyBlues 7/19(金) 3:56
I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, you have no idea.
MustafaKurAhma2 7/19(金) 3:56
God bless USA
I'm mustafa hamid kur ahmad and my nephew hindar ibrahim Syrian refugees kurd christian…
SeamusTheKing 7/19(金) 3:56
Important words. I've always been a fan of mandela's writings.
AnnetteWithers 7/19(金) 3:56
You are so right Mr. President sir.
JCTheResistance 7/19(金) 3:56
Enough said.
Buddylaroo 7/19(金) 3:56
Please. Come. Back....
BigCin625 7/19(金) 3:56
You've been too quiet. We need your voice. Please speak out about the atrocities our country is facing…
david_dorrance 7/19(金) 3:57
Truly a great man!
DeniseKipfstuhl 7/19(金) 3:57
This is the presidential tweet that America needs this week. Thank you!
Grayboy452 7/19(金) 3:57
The last legitimate President of the USA...indeed America is going through a dark period..but we'll overcome
monique_majors 7/19(金) 3:57
blakesmustache 7/19(金) 3:57
Time to start speaking out before it’s too late.
AutomaticsDNB 7/19(金) 3:57
We miss you out here Obama!
LorrieHoffman62 7/19(金) 3:57
Thank you Thank you Thank you. We needed your positivity and inspiration!
truebluesue22g1 7/19(金) 3:58
Thank you President Obama
thinojosa 7/19(金) 3:58
Just what we need to hear today! Thank you,
belovedtemmy 7/19(金) 3:58
Thank you so much mr president
GNasiwo 7/19(金) 3:58
@armuisME Libya and others remind us that you were a murderer in chief.
scottk1350 7/19(金) 3:58
Miss you
Jannis99302081 7/19(金) 3:58
the greatest ash of blacks. Guantanamo, Assange, Manning, Snowden and your merkel, you was listening h…
FletcherMalenk3 7/19(金) 3:58
@jonfavs You sir, will go down as the worst and most corrupt president in history.
iamshuv 7/19(金) 3:58
I kinda miss you
Mrsx88 7/19(金) 3:58
Anyway we can talk you back into office?? Pretty please
roldanjr 7/19(金) 3:59
Thank you Mr. President!
melissa_rose83 7/19(金) 3:59
@jonfavs Always such a refreshing voice in this world. I pray for another family like the Obamas in the WH sooner than later.
KatembaRobert 7/19(金) 3:59
DeanAntonioNYU 7/19(金) 3:59
@AprilDRyan “Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together tha…
MsRompess 7/19(金) 3:59
Thank you for your letter Barack Obama. I'll do my part.
CathifromOregon 7/19(金) 3:59
I miss you. Daily. Hourly. I miss having a President I could be proud of.
TerrapinInTexas 7/19(金) 4:00
I wish you were still our president. Maybe Michelle can run?
Phillip70856934 7/19(金) 4:00
@RenagadeGirl @joy31608 @TheOralBuffet @Blackdollarz1 @valoriedthomas @MelinatheMama @jboogiebrown
sandygocaps 7/19(金) 4:00
How we miss you Mr. President. I am very frightened of what is going to become of us but your words he…
nanafranna1 7/19(金) 4:00
I so very much miss your voice of calm reason. Thank you for having been our President, and doing the…
absolutgrace 7/19(金) 4:00
UkraineLiberty 7/19(金) 4:00
Your policies brought these Neo Nazi gang to power in Ukraine and wasted many billions of US tax paye…
JOHNNYSWIM 7/19(金) 4:01
I miss you
chathamgirl97 7/19(金) 4:01
Mr President I miss your leadership and kindness to all people. It’s feeling really dark right now and…
BrightMutekwa 7/19(金) 4:01
@BarackObama I would be happy if we have an Obama day accorded to you for good governance, people cent…
jboog3000 7/19(金) 4:01
Thank you for fooling Foundational Black people for 8 years. For giving us empty symbolism and no tang…
bonds_nikki 7/19(金) 4:01
This was very much needed today! Mr. President ,Thank you !
Bello462 7/19(金) 4:01
PapoFan 7/19(金) 4:02
So important to remember each person has dignity, to go high when others go low. A wise woman said that.
michaeldineen58 7/19(金) 4:02
Well said Mr. President!! And what a fantastic piece of advice considering we all face these trials n…
mweshstevo 7/19(金) 4:02
You're the best Kenyan President in USA. The world loves you.
YourNam84284748 7/19(金) 4:02
Wait you were the president AND you know how to read books?
redraegunn 7/19(金) 4:03
We miss y'all! It's dark here.
klandeztino2 7/19(金) 4:03
4thExplanition 7/19(金) 4:03
He’d be pretty disappointed how things turned out in SA.
VeraJudithMcKe3 7/19(金) 4:03
Thank you President Obama for bringing light and for being such a great leader.
Mypenniesworth1 7/19(金) 4:03
Miss you and love you.
maureen_puskar 7/19(金) 4:04
Your words are a soothing balm for my soul, especially today. Thank you for the reminder that there is goodness in this world.
IlsaLund88 7/19(金) 4:04
Thank you for your uplifting words, Mr. President. Each day, the Country descends deeper into the dark…
LucOlivierJr2 7/19(金) 4:04
...Keeping Hope alive...
Midmomel 7/19(金) 4:04
It’s feeling very dark right now. You are greatly missed Mr. President.
KIMPY123 7/19(金) 4:04
561_6350 7/19(金) 4:04
Amen! "Becoming" brings it as well mate: )
SweeetSpot 7/19(金) 4:04
Uh huh. I don't think that wonderful Man would have abandoned us with Agent Orange. Screwing Bernie &…
spooky35 7/19(金) 4:04
It's a real shame that American presidents can't serve more than 2 terms! You should still be in office Mr President!
GinaWooldridge1 7/19(金) 4:05
And, just hearing from you helps a lot, too!
MickeyZhivago 7/19(金) 4:05
@AprilDRyan Mandela must be spinning in his grave to see his dreams for South Africa destroyed.
His gr…
SARABJE03650984 7/19(金) 4:05
R/Obama Sir
He is a very Powerful person and Great person Sir very very long time fitting freedom of…
LiterallyNuts 7/19(金) 4:05
Help us daddy
polljunkiee 7/19(金) 4:05
You need to come out preferable with Bush and make a statement.
misspollis 7/19(金) 4:05
@MoveOn just invited me to MSP airport to welcome my congresswoman back home, to our adopted city. I t…
pthebnyc 7/19(金) 4:05
Are you writing this tweet from inner city Chicago?
8ntmypresident 7/19(金) 4:06
@1IronMan2020 Thank you ❤️
LizCatJones 7/19(金) 4:06
And indeed it does feel dark right now. Thank you for these words Mr. President. They are needed now m…
SinceSept1980 7/19(金) 4:06
Mr. President did you decide who you’ll be endorsing from the Democratic Party in the 2020 fight to br…
Colin_Wright_ 7/19(金) 4:06
@GaryLineker Wonder what he’d say about the murders and land grab that’s hidden from the media in SA...
dan_silcock 7/19(金) 4:07
You are so missed by the world.
slansing 7/19(金) 4:07
Just what I needed this morning. Thank you for being you.
GabzillaThrilla 7/19(金) 4:07
We miss you, Mr. President! I hope you and your family are all doing well. ❤️
chefgina1 7/19(金) 4:07
We miss you sooo much We re in hell now
mwl_jr 7/19(金) 4:07
darkness in Libya?? when the peace will be restored after you stole it?
OfficialEdLenk 7/19(金) 4:07
Please come back.
Raff19970 7/19(金) 4:07
Thank you for a real Presidential message
agreatmandignty 7/19(金) 9:10
A great man loves for his people! This is what we need to our great country now( love, respect, interg…
MPoiqqe 7/19(金) 9:10
I love you
drsapnag 7/19(金) 9:10
The current man in the wh has no dignity
sunshinetinks 7/19(金) 9:10
LadyLaVena 7/19(金) 9:11
tacomuscles 7/19(金) 9:13
The epitome of leadership ❤️
Doktor_Gooch 7/19(金) 9:14
Thank you Sir, we need more tweets like this and less like that other guys.....
RichaRa83173091 7/19(金) 9:14
Big follower of Gandhiji
AbrahamClotia 7/19(金) 9:14
You are a great man you always find the words for speaking to our heart
VKanagasingam 7/19(金) 9:16
Everything come from inside the brain & all the world leaders try to stop but unable & finally nothing to do any?? Why??
mattcalderoni 7/19(金) 9:17
You are so real man. Miss you and thank you
stellamcolere 7/19(金) 9:17
JulesHench 7/19(金) 9:17
SOS. We need you.
TomGorm77528577 7/19(金) 9:18
Thank you, Mr. President, for reminding us what leadership is all about!
arvindsingh250 7/19(金) 9:18
Nice one
Jeannine1298 7/19(金) 9:18
Thank you once again. I needed this today. I miss your wisdom.
TrueSerum 7/19(金) 9:20
If you are hoping DJT reads this, please re-do with crayons . Thanks.
bruce69ge 7/19(金) 9:20
Mr. Obama Sir: Please it is time, You need to stop Mr.Trump from undoing 100 years of positive unity.…
MCELRATH98 7/19(金) 9:23
I miss you
Hydetrueblood66 7/19(金) 9:23
Um. I so fucking miss you!
agreatmandignty 7/19(金) 9:24
Our country is loosing her value. The things we need the most from our government is respect, intergri…
BeefsnBeans 7/19(金) 9:24
A beacon of light in a time of darkness, thank you.
mapleandcoffee 7/19(金) 9:25
Blah blah... are you going to speak up? Do you see what is happening in America?
ttwfh649 7/19(金) 9:25
ttwfh649 7/19(金) 9:26
dewayne_glover 7/19(金) 9:26
ttwfh649 7/19(金) 9:26
ttwfh649 7/19(金) 9:26
YoungbloodJk 7/19(金) 9:26
My forever President ❤❤❤
unknown20974448 7/19(金) 9:27
We miss you Mr President!!!
ttwfh649 7/19(金) 9:27
CrystalBee876 7/19(金) 9:28
Beautifully said Mr. President
VtSusie 7/19(金) 9:30
Thank you.
abonilla1220 7/19(金) 9:30
I miss the voice of reason from leadership ❤️. Thank you.
sh501110 7/19(金) 9:31
@pldLMT ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
kimby0502 7/19(金) 9:31
HELP US Mr. President!!! Please
joeboutte 7/19(金) 9:31
His writings are great, but wasn't he inspired by Henley? Your words are inspiring as well. Our coll…
subzerov690 7/19(金) 9:32
Mr. President, I respect your poise and calm demeanor. And it goes without saying that you are the bet…
bononatra 7/19(金) 9:33
Please ..Please President Obama is time for you and former presidents to speak to the people ...W…
leanone62 7/19(金) 9:33
I miss you, President Obama! The world misses you!
JordanMacJohn1 7/19(金) 9:34
Blah blah blah
ProtoBusterSwrd 7/19(金) 9:35
Goddammit WE MISS YOU! IT IS HELL HERE! WE...we need you back!
JoseAlfredoPon2 7/19(金) 9:35
"Soy el amo de mi destino soy el capitán de mi alma" Nelson Mandela.
CjbjEnigma 7/19(金) 9:36
It was truly my honor to have you as my president. And it was also an honor to have you…
CKBlackhawksfan 7/19(金) 9:36
Today we pay tribute to one of the Great Ones, Nelson Mandela.
brosen7120 7/19(金) 9:36
I will dig deep, but do not know if believing in the dignity of every person can extend to our current President
jimstephens173 7/19(金) 9:36
What do you mean Mandela day? When did that happen?
Tweetersamongus 7/19(金) 9:36
You Sir, are greatly missed!!
michael02776381 7/19(金) 9:37
To bad he could not stay in office a bit longer
Dyke67ny 7/19(金) 9:37
Thank you for the words of comfort & encouragement Mr President
jdubba_u 7/19(金) 9:38
Do you think his jailers seen the dignity in Mr Mandela while they tortured him for 40 yrs? Cause tha…
ChefBruso 7/19(金) 9:38
@BarackObama ~ your wisdom & strength is needed now. We’ve reached “extreme circumstances”. Please get…
DavidSchuler18 7/19(金) 9:39
What a joke! YOU are a joke!
monstro_city 7/19(金) 9:39
Omg please come back!
jfabspga 7/19(金) 9:40
If East Boston had it's way we would also be having a Mortadella Day.
goozbree 7/19(金) 9:40
Bless you, Mr. President for always lifting us up.
Xplorit 7/19(金) 9:41
What about Eric Garner day?
After watching what .@SpeakerPelosi is not doing and not using all the tal…
Lafalot65 7/19(金) 9:41
GimaraRich 7/19(金) 9:41
Thanks for reminding us how well-educated, kind-hearted and intelligent leaders can use Twitter.
gsdlvr23 7/19(金) 9:42
Please Mr President help us, save us!
MarcoGarson 7/19(金) 9:43
The only people creating the dark are the corrupt lying democrats. Who come up with a new hate narrative every day.
scottfburns_ 7/19(金) 9:43
Always toward something better - Would that we all had that Strength of Character.
jstod22 7/19(金) 9:44
Just like @realDonaldTrump overcoming the constant attacks from the alt left establishment
stormrider55 7/19(金) 9:47
Thank you for reminding us
maraboudesign 7/19(金) 9:47
You’re simply the best. ❤️
MaryMcG51004542 7/19(金) 9:48
Thank you Mr. President.
PatMorg65561677 7/19(金) 9:48
Pity your successor is such a huge let down in this regard.
tazinib1 7/19(金) 9:50
@ChiefsChicSTL I miss our President
Jennife67749943 7/19(金) 9:51
Miss you as President!
aiyanaar 7/19(金) 9:51
“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people”
DebbieOdle4 7/19(金) 9:52
That's so true. Thank you President Obama. You will always be President to me not the present one
marieangelewis 7/19(金) 9:52
Very true. He did strive for dignity and behaved accordingly.
Debbiew2007 7/19(金) 9:53
Your so missed. You were a brilliant light in leadership. Our country is in a dark place now. Thanks f…
OdriSeva 7/19(金) 9:54
... Indeed...
tobie132 7/19(金) 9:55
Gitmo is coming for you Obama
Trump 2020
catochoa2023 7/19(金) 9:55
You always make me feel calm❤️Love you more!
DawgDad7 7/19(金) 9:55
Almost forgot how a president is supposed to act, you are missed.
jazz6stringfan 7/19(金) 9:57
Long Walk To Freedom, one of the best autobiographies I’ve read.
peacewyns93 7/19(金) 9:58
Things do feel dark,confusing and impossible rn,Sir. Thanks for the reminder❤️.
MenakaBaskaran 7/19(金) 9:59
President Obama, you cannot sit on the sidelines and be quiet because it is not the norm for former Pr…
Katz75Sandy 7/19(金) 10:00
We miss you
Superxcited 7/19(金) 10:00
Just to be clear, you’re talking bout this guy, right?
GollyGeezus 7/19(金) 10:02
You and your amazing wife do so much to lift our hearts and minds. We need as much of you as you can give. Mahalo nui loa!!
PatzG4791 7/19(金) 10:02
Superxcited 7/19(金) 10:04
And this guy??
2fort4 7/19(金) 10:04
Commie love.
Superxcited 7/19(金) 10:04
And this one ...
sueb22501 7/19(金) 10:05
I miss you so much! A kind voice of reason.
Superxcited 7/19(金) 10:05
And this dude ...
shanda_woody 7/19(金) 10:06
Please save us!
EtstuSocjo 7/19(金) 10:06
Can you please be our President again? I mean, not just former President... but for real, another 2 te…
PaulMiller1313 7/19(金) 10:06
LAsWorth 7/19(金) 10:07
There is "strength in words"
if only enough see "the value" to act upon them for the comon good!
Burnet11Emily 7/19(金) 10:07
You still bring so much hope. Thank you : )
Stephen64732628 7/19(金) 10:08
Why don't you retire from public life?
esparzaruesga 7/19(金) 10:08
Barack Obama
Superxcited 7/19(金) 10:09
Let’s not forget ...
KofiAkyirem 7/19(金) 10:09
So why didn't you and your neo-con pirate partners (Sarkozy, Berlusconi and David Cameron ) listen to him about Libya?
jgray1066 7/19(金) 10:10
Shelliegary1 7/19(金) 10:11
President Obama. What an INSPIRATION MR. MANDELA WAS. He will Always be REMEMBERED. Sincerely Sh…
MM_Kremer 7/19(金) 10:11
Starting to look like Obama was deeply involved in the fake Trump dossier. Unbelievably shameful. In…
nightbeavr 7/19(金) 10:11
This is how a real President utilizes social media.
juancnas12 7/19(金) 10:12
ElizabethGres11 7/19(金) 10:13
Thank you!
FallouObama 7/19(金) 10:16
Yes mister President, his words always serve us for lessons
Smiley7879Lee 7/19(金) 10:16
President Obama is a Child of God. Thank you for your service, thank you for your Morals, thank you fo…
DsireKouakou1 7/19(金) 10:18
Thanks. M. President
annebolton46 7/19(金) 10:19
Thanks for the Ray of Sunshine....the climate is Dark and Ugly... Memories of the Days (40's-70's ) thi…
notdone2004 7/19(金) 10:20
From the annals of REAL presidents; Ambitious. Hopeful. Inspiring. Progessive. Respectfull.
Mic Dropped.
ItalianBoi29 7/19(金) 10:20
We miss you President Obama ❤️
MuftahMohamed1 7/19(金) 10:23
You do not have the right to speak, you bastard, you are the murderer of the children of Libya in 2011…
Belladonna813 7/19(金) 10:24
Mr. President - it's so hard to stay positive. It literally makes my heart hurt daily. I am starting…
OrtezW 7/19(金) 10:26
mollywog_32 7/19(金) 10:26
I miss you and Michelle!!!
sophiapierre16 7/19(金) 10:28
We are seeing more and more everyday that you are truly the GREATEST President of our lifetime Barack…
Dennis_G1 7/19(金) 10:28
President Nelson Mandela was the servant and transformation leader of the world not only South Africa
bYoF92640 7/19(金) 10:28
Yeah honor that terrorist.
mona_cajun 7/19(金) 10:28

"Someone Pressed a Wrong Button."........



CarmeninSD 7/19(金) 10:29
ChristieMcKaig1 7/19(金) 10:29
America needs and misses you.
LStrahinich 7/19(金) 10:30
Beautifully said, Mr. President!
AjomaleAyodeji 7/19(金) 10:31
Can you explain what u did in Libya and Nigeria. U destroyed the prosperity of the Libyan people under…
SheSeauxSassi 7/19(金) 10:32
Your are missed