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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/10/8(火) 22:54 .

As President, I leaned on @AmbassadorRice’s experience, expertise, and willingness to tell me what I needed to hear…

tsmoon 10/9(水) 9:02
@TDLockett12 @AmbassadorRice Maybe you should get your VP read it. Did you help him with his deals or was it behind your back?
MsAngelSant1ag0 10/9(水) 9:04
@AmbassadorRice miss you so much.
MBC8127 10/9(水) 9:06
@AmbassadorRice Just ordered it!!!!
LarryFlaherty14 10/9(水) 9:07
@AmbassadorRice You leaned on everyone so you didnt have to do anything. You learned everything from the media. Remember?
KwachCollo 10/9(水) 9:08
@AmbassadorRice A very great woman ,I always look forward to see America producing many 'Rices'
Tinman4OUSOONER 10/9(水) 9:10
@AmbassadorRice 2 of 2. After 2 years of fighting this disease he passed this July. I just wanted you…
ustwoka 10/9(水) 9:11
@AmbassadorRice Does it go over how you screwed our men in Benghazi? Does it discuss how you had peopl…
jekwedike 10/9(水) 9:12
@AmbassadorRice I sure will
B_CovFeFe 10/9(水) 9:14
@AmbassadorRice Did she tell you not to make her lie about Benghazi?
SMagus8 10/9(水) 9:16
@AmbassadorRice We need the African People to imitate yourself Sir. The Fall of Islam will Live Aid in this.
lafemmemagique 10/9(水) 9:17
@AmbassadorRice This is the only blurb @AmbassadorRice needs on her jacket. I’m ready for this
KatGkannon 10/9(水) 9:17
@AmbassadorRice Rice lied to the nation, just like you.
I have no desire to read anything she writes.…
ebatt45 10/9(水) 9:23
@AmbassadorRice My number one intention is to read it.
Medicare4_All 10/9(水) 9:27
Ginger85689435 10/9(水) 9:28
@AmbassadorRice Thanks my precident
goodneighbor123 10/9(水) 9:29
@AmbassadorRice I have to view your page more often just to remember what a class act is.
harold4vicki 10/9(水) 9:31
@AmbassadorRice You sent her out to major networks to lie about Benghazi.
18TruckaMan 10/9(水) 9:32
@AmbassadorRice Ever the Man ..
Your wisdom and gravitas are sadly missed Mr.President…
cheryl4256 10/9(水) 9:34
@AmbassadorRice Great Leader’s, are Great Listeners! Thank you @BarackObama for being a Great Leader.…
CliveMRyan1 10/9(水) 9:35
@AmbassadorRice Damn, this feels so good.
UpchurchSam 10/9(水) 9:35
@AmbassadorRice Did you know her son is a Trump supporter?
NonKompisMentis 10/9(水) 9:37
@AngryLibSnowfl1 @AmbassadorRice What chapter tells the story of the tarmac meeting?
TexanLady40 10/9(水) 9:38
@AmbassadorRice So rice is thrown under the bus
OBKNY 10/9(水) 9:38
@AmbassadorRice I don’t know about y’all but Obama is still my President
01romano17 10/9(水) 9:38
@AmbassadorRice Sir, that's because you have a brain and used it to do what was right for the country.…
toxgbach 10/9(水) 9:41
@AmbassadorRice To look at the supporting cast of incredibly well-qualified patriots around President…
Kayway37329282 10/9(水) 9:41
mandogeno 10/9(水) 9:42
@AmbassadorRice Does that include lying about Ben Ghazi seven times on national television? I think yo…
skinnyfroglegs 10/9(水) 9:47
@AmbassadorRice You are a treasure.
budolasian 10/9(水) 9:48
@AmbassadorRice We’re not backing down. Get your affairs in order.
Mars34419821 10/9(水) 9:48
@AmbassadorRice Yes we loved you Mr President
AFoo2222 10/9(水) 9:49
@AmbassadorRice Isn't she the one that told Americans that a fake video story caused Benghazi?
janelien1 10/9(水) 9:50
@AmbassadorRice Mr. President we desperately need your voice on what is going on. Please don't stay si…
RobynAagesen 10/9(水) 9:50
@AmbassadorRice Yeah, but did you burn the teal tie??
MOUNPAM 10/9(水) 9:50
@AmbassadorRice Come back and wear the tan suit every day. Please! I'll also take whatever color tie…
muppetwoman 10/9(水) 9:53
@AmbassadorRice I miss you both.
Brownshugga73 10/9(水) 9:53
@AmbassadorRice Awesome
trinitite 10/9(水) 9:54
@AmbassadorRice What's your cut?
tacticiangirl 10/9(水) 9:54
@AmbassadorRice I generally don’t like memoirs because the writer is just justifying everything they d…
italia1158 10/9(水) 9:55
@AmbassadorRice You are in her book cause u r black
italia1158 10/9(水) 9:56
@AmbassadorRice Is this the same Rice who lied about Benghazi? What a joke.
nickciampone 10/9(水) 9:58
@AmbassadorRice God Bless America
kwyatt55 10/9(水) 9:59
@AmbassadorRice Comms....we know
orThatGuy 10/9(水) 10:00
@AmbassadorRice What part of @AmbassadorRice experience lead her to blame a terrorist attack that kill…
javagirlrocks 10/9(水) 10:00
@AmbassadorRice Susan Rice, you should be in jail. But here you are on National TV running your mouth…
CorrineJerkins 10/9(水) 10:01
@AmbassadorRice I love you Obama you have always been my fav president
jbinga54 10/9(水) 10:01
@AmbassadorRice Wow, you have been absent for a while. Afraid of what they will find on you when you w…
Mimitb4 10/9(水) 10:02
@AmbassadorRice Oh my God you took all our peace with you man I hope we will going to get back soon
brenda_cornman 10/9(水) 10:02
@AmbassadorRice We will. Thank you Barack Obama and Ambassador Rice for true American leadership. I ca…
mikishi_iku 10/9(水) 10:04
@AmbassadorRice ありがとうございます。やっとかぞくとだんらんですね。よかった。
mikishi_iku 10/9(水) 10:05
@AmbassadorRice しんらいとはこのこうけいですね。いいなぁ。^_^
restinginangels 10/9(水) 10:06
@AmbassadorRice Dear Former President Obama, another very important part that will make you one of the…
wotrwokr 10/9(水) 10:09
mc_scrimps 10/9(水) 10:12
@AmbassadorRice A president who speaks in full sentences... swooooon!
BobbiJ50706582 10/9(水) 10:12
HomiesGp3 10/9(水) 10:13
@AmbassadorRice The US is going to Hell in a hand basket and all we get are Hallmark posts? I’m confused.
bwarrier 10/9(水) 10:14
@AmbassadorRice Love this man!! What an amazing individual with class. Just wow.
XekXzBWNM8vo68M 10/9(水) 10:15
@AmbassadorRice 最好的美国总统往往是上一届。
MWhitelinks 10/9(水) 10:20
@AmbassadorRice Disagreed with much of their decisions and actions on foreign policy.
JeffreyNotAMark 10/9(水) 10:21
@AmbassadorRice You Ain Een Present Homie Aht Nah You Ain My Homie Shut Yo Ahh Up
HappyandFree2B 10/9(水) 10:21
@AmbassadorRice Oh selling more books you corrupt jerks!
cruzluzm5 10/9(水) 10:22
@AmbassadorRice It must be greate to work with someone you admire and you can learn so much from. Can wait to get the book.
vanba42415014 10/9(水) 10:22
@AmbassadorRice Thật ngưỡng mộ ông
iTreySantana 10/9(水) 10:23
@AmbassadorRice @realDonaldTrump take note this is a real President!
CoBeeJay_USA 10/9(水) 10:24
benagust1704 10/9(水) 10:26
@AmbassadorRice That’s the ocean of differences between a REAL President and someone who’s playing to try to be one.
JinxSteve 10/9(水) 10:26
@AmbassadorRice Like unmasking citizens at an alarming rate while ignoring protocol or how Joe Biden w…
6718Noble 10/9(水) 10:30
@AmbassadorRice Dude was always posing for photo. Dumb.
EDM_428 10/9(水) 10:32
Please come back.
stevelarose60 10/9(水) 10:32
@AmbassadorRice Sounds like an ad.
Susan_SJH 10/9(水) 10:35
@IAmJulesWard @AmbassadorRice Always respectful of your leadership and wisdom, Mr. President.
chelseabridge3 10/9(水) 10:36
@AmbassadorRice Now all Americans are at the mercy of this prez and his henchmen...while the likes of Mitch McConnell snooze.
RizwanS98194363 10/9(水) 10:37
@AmbassadorRice The greatest and one the best US President of all time.
ashley_cartee 10/9(水) 10:38
@AmbassadorRice I really miss you. I wish you were still our president
SandraWylie7 10/9(水) 10:41
@AmbassadorRice Trump, wishes he could be a quarter of the man you are! Will never happen, he is a boy in mens clothing.
efxdevlin 10/9(水) 10:43
@AmbassadorRice You two clowns screwed up badly in Benghazi. Then, you lied about it. You’re a couple of dopes.
arain_qaiser 10/9(水) 10:44
@AmbassadorRice Missing you sir i always watch your lovfull behaviour with staff and surprize walk in…
chinesemother1 10/9(水) 10:44
@AmbassadorRice Doesn’t she live with you
EduardoALeal3 10/9(水) 10:45
@AmbassadorRice President Obama,
We need your help. Please get involved with this election. We need to…
KevinJGConnelly 10/9(水) 10:46
@AmbassadorRice Miss you...
andrew_acrasm 10/9(水) 10:50
@AmbassadorRice Durham is rounding up crooks. And your obnoxious tyranny of hate/prejudice impeach fir…
c_nonya 10/9(水) 10:51
cheeze4me 10/9(水) 10:52
@AmbassadorRice ......Um, No thanks!
MAGAniacal 10/9(水) 10:52
@AmbassadorRice She is your handler.
emilyinnocent25 10/9(水) 10:53
@AmbassadorRice Knobody likes a yes man! Truth is telling u straight' even when? others are, just blow…
OndaTeta 10/9(水) 10:54
tommybigguns7 10/9(水) 10:56
@AmbassadorRice Both crooks
jusrich70 10/9(水) 10:58
@AmbassadorRice Pres
TrumpIsANimrod 10/9(水) 11:00
@AmbassadorRice @realDonaldTrump, this is what a real president sounds like.
PopsRappleye 10/9(水) 11:01
@AmbassadorRice Are you gonna throw Joe Biden a bone, Dude? Rice was horrible and so were you.
TIMARDEN 10/9(水) 11:03
@IAmSophiaNelson @AmbassadorRice
thesuprememexi1 10/9(水) 11:03
@AmbassadorRice do you play minecraft
TheRealKenzor 10/9(水) 11:04
@AmbassadorRice Mr. President, your leadership is missed every minute of every day. May you be inscribed in the book of life.
temerio6 10/9(水) 11:11
@AmbassadorRice tiene que lequedar presidente de bolivia violacion a derechos humanos
jlspeakup 10/9(水) 11:27
bsummertime006 10/9(水) 11:27
Please Mr. President could you speak to America during these trying times. We need a word of comfort.
adhJoe 10/9(水) 11:27
@AmbassadorRice This country really is in need of your leadership desperately
HalynnaF 10/9(水) 11:28
@AmbassadorRice She obeyed you good.
Joe47537558 10/9(水) 11:30
@AmbassadorRice Thank you Obama, very cool!
BrianSh53464056 10/9(水) 11:33
@AmbassadorRice I disagreed with a lot of your policies when you were president, but I have to say, I…
NZerbato 10/9(水) 11:34
@AmbassadorRice You threw her under the bus! I really hope you understand that Susan Rice!
cleopatera12 10/9(水) 11:35
@AmbassadorRice Sure ya did !
JasonDAdams73 10/9(水) 11:36
@BrownsGuides @AmbassadorRice She also wrote about her mother calling it a set up that Susan Rice went…
chipendale88 10/9(水) 11:38
@AmbassadorRice Молодец Обама
shades_p 10/9(水) 11:38
@AmbassadorRice WhatsApp +44 73 65 895 777
BrendaA24168120 10/9(水) 11:39
@AmbassadorRice Trying to get ahead of all the exposing news that's going to come out for the both of you?
philoophy 10/9(水) 11:41
@AmbassadorRice You were the best POTUS ever. Thank you for being such a good role model for so many.…
Country40038360 10/9(水) 11:43
@AmbassadorRice Absolutely the worst president ever!!!
cobonita 10/9(水) 11:43
@JeffmChicago @AmbassadorRice Thank you. I miss your leadership
TobyRhinehorn 10/9(水) 11:45
@AmbassadorRice This is how a leader speaks.
run8111 10/9(水) 11:45
@AmbassadorRice Now James Clapper has let you (the Cat ) out of the bag. He has pointed at you - that h…
mflopez00 10/9(水) 11:46
@AmbassadorRice Mr Obama, please come back!!!
gmanlives 10/9(水) 11:46
@AmbassadorRice We thank God that you are no longer president
Santanukonwar16 10/9(水) 11:48
@AmbassadorRice Nice
Wethepe99561382 10/9(水) 11:48
@AmbassadorRice No thank you
CitizenUSAI 10/9(水) 11:50
@AmbassadorRice Man I miss you Mr. president.
latinqtr 10/9(水) 11:51
@AmbassadorRice OMG Just saw Clapper say that you ordered them to start a counterintelligence Russia…
Viking073 10/9(水) 11:52
@AmbassadorRice We know all about it! "The White House wants to know everything." I wonder who was beh…
WaynePageJr1 10/9(水) 11:52
Steve22046560 10/9(水) 11:53
@AmbassadorRice Barack, once Brennan and Clapper are indicted , Rice will join them in rolling over you .
Blue_State_Joe 10/9(水) 11:57
@AmbassadorRice I know it must weigh heavy on your heart what is happening to our nation that you honorably served.
Andypucker 10/9(水) 12:03
@AmbassadorRice Yesiree! Sunday morning coming down when she spread the lies! That's a shame!
Andy38596025 10/9(水) 12:04
@AmbassadorRice We love you, Barack God bless you and your family
VSRana8 10/9(水) 12:06
@AmbassadorRice World is missing your president ship not only American, Indian too
pa_granny 10/9(水) 12:06
@AmbassadorRice I’m sure you @BarackObama “leaned” on @AmbassadorRice quite often & she was blinded by…
Kmeek08453867 10/9(水) 12:07
@AmbassadorRice Dear God I Miss Your Logic and INTELLIGENT take on any issue.
rkmarrow 10/9(水) 12:11
@AmbassadorRice We miss you dearly. You were the blueprint of a gentleman and president! Tough act to follow!
slowraf 10/9(水) 12:18
hey bro
PetraPaulHall1 10/9(水) 12:18
@AmbassadorRice Hahaha!!!!
femille1 10/9(水) 12:23
@AmbassadorRice My heart keeps wanting to turn to you like “do something please?!” It’s just the kid i…
bonniegurl2003 10/9(水) 12:28
@AmbassadorRice Love u miss u... please rescue us
TeresaT63517103 10/9(水) 12:29
@AmbassadorRice Ambassador Rice is an incredibly strong woman‼️She was looking out for you and doing w…
NAzemika 10/9(水) 12:31
@AmbassadorRice I wish you were back in charge? We had so much more respect around the world than now.…
pjo136 10/9(水) 12:35
Barbmitche 10/9(水) 12:35
@AmbassadorRice Miss you Mr. President
jzd67 10/9(水) 12:36
@AmbassadorRice We miss the days when a president actually listened to his advisors.....
MagaNational 10/9(水) 12:41
@AmbassadorRice Both of you are Criminals! I hope we get to see the day...
ThisIsIt1232 10/9(水) 12:43
RajeshK67584092 10/9(水) 12:43
@AmbassadorRice You r great sir ur services for America were great
solotsegu 10/9(水) 12:43
@AmbassadorRice That is true!
Beth32876566 10/9(水) 12:45
@AmbassadorRice hello Obama
BWooten713 10/9(水) 12:47
@AmbassadorRice I have my military retirement orders signed by the great President Obama! Will always cherish that
phillipnhere 10/9(水) 12:48
@AmbassadorRice Why you scared to endorse Biden
tamms888 10/9(水) 12:49
@AmbassadorRice hi

swordoflogic 10/9(水) 12:52
@AmbassadorRice Who is this dude ?
Constan68064502 10/9(水) 12:54
@AmbassadorRice Un ser humano extraordinario
waterineyes 10/9(水) 13:00
@AmbassadorRice Mr. President @BarackObama you have always tried to be be fair. Legal immigrants are s…
RoseRut97597193 10/9(水) 13:02
@AmbassadorRice As President of?
RoseRut97597193 10/9(水) 13:04
@AmbassadorRice Oh my bad. American time you have.
natbeevr1 10/9(水) 13:13
@AmbassadorRice Bravo!!
PereaEthan 10/9(水) 13:22
@AmbassadorRice Has he found obamium yet?
Mimimkenya7 10/9(水) 13:30
@AmbassadorRice If u lean that close to a woman with the look and smile here in Kenya , your motherlan…
Knockonwood10 10/9(水) 13:35
@AmbassadorRice Worst President ever. Thanks for nothing.
Rob061 10/9(水) 13:41
@AmbassadorRice You should thank Trump for cleaning up the mess you left behind....dirty dirty.
BobbieJ30719759 10/9(水) 13:45
@AmbassadorRice Oh how I wish you were still President!!!!!!! Trump is an evil liar full of hate. He i…
FragaleJan 10/9(水) 13:48
@AmbassadorRice We won’t
muktajera 10/9(水) 13:53
@AmbassadorRice Obama sar pilji aap meri madat kar dijie me bahat musibat me ho pilji meri madat kar dijie pilji
DanuwatBoss 10/9(水) 13:56
@AmbassadorRice i support you all time
ziena78112017 10/9(水) 14:00

grover21602 10/9(水) 14:00
@AmbassadorRice You were an amazing president thank you. Im so sorry Trump is fucking everything up.,
mac31972 10/9(水) 14:02
@AmbassadorRice I hope you will be kinder to President Trump.
kain_vipin 10/9(水) 14:04
@AmbassadorRice Sir i want to see you becoming an american present once again
Gavrielle451 10/9(水) 14:07
@AmbassadorRice I’ll add this to my pile of books that keeps growing lately for that one day soon when…
bigapple410 10/9(水) 14:10
@Observer254 @AmbassadorRice Traitors to America!! Obama wants to destroy America and the people!! Tha…
CindyHushaw 10/9(水) 14:13
@AmbassadorRice Your a good MAN!!!
bxltii 10/9(水) 14:16
tonymarcelli2 10/9(水) 14:18
@AmbassadorRice Thank you Mr. President
Jessie07955425 10/9(水) 14:19
@AmbassadorRice I was delighted when I found out we shared the same birthday. Unfortunately I did not…
MEGA4NC 10/9(水) 14:21
@AmbassadorRice How's your bro?
SnarkyBetoBabe 10/9(水) 14:26
@AmbassadorRice I love you so much!!!❤️
CantuLoretta 10/9(水) 14:29
@AmbassadorRice Thanks Ambassador!
AZDeniseWelsh 10/9(水) 14:33
@AmbassadorRice Did Susan rice get ahold if ur twitter? Cause we know ur not around. Ur buddy Joe gett…
cheylah 10/9(水) 14:39
@AmbassadorRice Could use some tough love in current circumstances. I hope you are advising Congress to exercise their power.
ulitje2 10/9(水) 14:43
@AmbassadorRice You have never been an american president Barry
SuperMegaBrenno 10/9(水) 14:47
@AmbassadorRice This blood is on your hands.
TEDDYMAK10 10/9(水) 14:51
@AmbassadorRice Mr.P....You are truthfully a
Wonderful man and an
Outstanding Leader....
I'm very luc…
DressBecky 10/9(水) 14:56
@AmbassadorRice And we appreciate you for listening and learning from brilliant staff. They made you b…
olegdymq 10/9(水) 14:58
@AmbassadorRice 代问您女儿好。
clement_gavi 10/9(水) 14:59
@AmbassadorRice Mr President Mrs Clinton as your Secretary of state hasn't been a good experience at T…
113tidbits 10/9(水) 15:03
@TouchedYouLast @AmbassadorRice No way...
tuckerruby23 10/9(水) 15:04
@AmbassadorRice Worst president EVER!!!! TRUMP..BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!
DragonX77436279 10/10(木) 9:08
USMCShockTroop 10/10(木) 9:11
@AmbassadorRice I’ll have more flexibility after the election.
Sanityreturn2us 10/10(木) 9:32
@TabberAnn @AmbassadorRice "Grown Ass Men Listen To Wise Advice Before Decisions"

That seems so weird…
reyesismael10 10/10(木) 9:36
@AmbassadorRice This I the “other Rice” I like this Rice.
KeithADart 10/10(木) 9:39
@AmbassadorRice (Nice Green Tie! )
torrential987 10/10(木) 9:45
@AmbassadorRice Miss you guys!
TomTrijr 10/10(木) 9:52
@AmbassadorRice I am bamboozled by the following:
Is it true❓
ValerieMyntti 10/10(木) 9:52
@AmbassadorRice Obama— we need you!
RonRubenacker 10/10(木) 10:03
BrianMa01459634 10/10(木) 10:09
@AmbassadorRice You got sum splainin to do
tmdunk 10/10(木) 10:12
@AmbassadorRice Is he that tall or you're just that short
Anonagain3 10/10(木) 10:24
patrick_arreios 10/10(木) 10:28
@AmbassadorRice Mister President a live on Brazil how couldt chance us country. My english is a shit kkkkkkk
Barrabarra5 10/10(木) 10:28
@AmbassadorRice I miss your administration,
DiscernedSpirit 10/10(木) 10:30
@AmbassadorRice The mastermind behind the Russia sham.
trumpnation2021 10/10(木) 10:31
@AmbassadorRice She is AMAZING.
DiscernedSpirit 10/10(木) 10:32
@AmbassadorRice Rats
nasus5219 10/10(木) 10:37
@AmbassadorRice Wish you were still the current President.
FluffyBarrow 10/10(木) 10:39
@AmbassadorRice SPIES ....I SPY SOMETHING GITMO ..........
TrumpFan4 10/10(木) 10:42
@AmbassadorRice Get ready for prison big boy!!! How tough will you be there?
Halina91410305 10/10(木) 10:47
@AmbassadorRice Corrupt P O S
Gribblewitz 10/10(木) 10:49
@AmbassadorRice She just another political hack in the swamp.
Waltss 10/10(木) 10:50
@AmbassadorRice You Sir are a disgrace
Halina91410305 10/10(木) 10:52
@AmbassadorRice Corrupt, no doubt about about it
Halina91410305 10/10(木) 10:54
matihargrove 10/10(木) 10:58
@AmbassadorRice You two - from one liar to another . . . No one buys your BS any more!

That is called tough truth!
DeplorableDays 10/10(木) 11:09
@AmbassadorRice Nice treat Barry. You don’t think you’re that smart do you?
gonsalves_dee 10/10(木) 11:41
@AmbassadorRice Maybe you and @AmbassadorRice can have side by side cells in Gitmo!
JillRiv83908689 10/10(木) 11:42
squirrel086 10/10(木) 11:54
@AmbassadorRice Once the truth comes out , you and the rest of your staff will not look to good Barry.…
Alex01771811 10/10(木) 12:05
@AmbassadorRice Obama: *Out of office for almost one whole term* Current President, @realDonaldTrump :…
gillubaba 10/10(木) 12:08
@AmbassadorRice I think learning is one of human nature, but if you share your experience with others,…
NuvoDiogenes 10/10(木) 12:28
@mcspocky @AmbassadorRice .

Follow the money!…
sutton2429 10/10(木) 12:29
@AmbassadorRice You are missed so much, President Obama! The entire world misses your goodness and you…
ViewsByVal 10/10(木) 12:29
@AmbassadorRice Please leave our country, you’re a traitor.....for starters
monicaj69782114 10/10(木) 12:37
@AmbassadorRice We miss u @BarackObama
geemarie661 10/10(木) 12:52
@mcspocky @AmbassadorRice You are missed, sir.
travelready1234 10/10(木) 12:57
@AmbassadorRice Such liars & deceivers as you will be soon exposed for your amazing corruption. Rice…
oldschool2019 10/10(木) 13:15
@AmbassadorRice She's a professional lier, so she fit right in.
crockett4 10/10(木) 13:16
@AmbassadorRice She admitted in her book and on tv other day that what she said about Benghazi on thos…
jwest69 10/10(木) 13:19
@AmbassadorRice What do you know about the Russian collusion investigation?
How much did you know and when did you know it?
barbgailmartin 10/10(木) 13:25
@AmbassadorRice you said you would speak if the world needs you ... we need you now ... the whistleblo…
eka_candy 10/10(木) 13:28
@AmbassadorRice Mantap pak
bkraus14 10/10(木) 13:41
@AmbassadorRice Is there a Benghazi chapter. I’d love to hear how that was handled.
don_sasso 10/10(木) 13:52
@AmbassadorRice Did you also lean on your VP's dealings with China?
Ayelen46365486 10/10(木) 13:53
@AmbassadorRice Soy Argentina ... siempre me gusto como presidente!!! Me saco el sombrero delante de usted !!! Admirable .
hndlsky 10/10(木) 14:00
@AmbassadorRice 2 TRAITORS in 1 photo
rcook231 10/10(木) 20:39
@AmbassadorRice Yes, Rice was a helluva lieer.
PitchforkPolit2 10/10(木) 20:41
rjonnz 10/10(木) 20:42
rjonnz 10/10(木) 20:43
Ericvanderbyl 10/10(木) 20:44
EdwardMSuarez 10/10(木) 21:01
@AmbassadorRice This is the least you could do for Rice, after destroying her credibility by sending h…
CantryKnight 10/10(木) 21:04
@AmbassadorRice And her lies to cover your butt in Benghazi which she now regrets. Is that why you put…
cmsd53 10/10(木) 21:06
@AmbassadorRice She’s eloquent
stealthgoat1 10/10(木) 21:25
@AmbassadorRice She’s the one you sent out to lie about that stupid video.
Mohamed79295527 10/10(木) 21:25
@AmbassadorRice Thank you Barack Obama. U r the best
Jogabrata1 10/10(木) 21:28
@AmbassadorRice I love NATURE I believe NATURE, our source in any discipline on Earth, I attach my sin…
Kishorpadhan12 10/10(木) 21:31
@AmbassadorRice Very nice
Bridgett76mill 10/10(木) 21:45
Richieforromney 10/10(木) 21:57
bakerjmw2018 10/10(木) 22:00
@AmbassadorRice Hell no I wont read that trash.
euleticiaaaaa 10/10(木) 22:00
@AmbassadorRice Would you create some scholarship programm to young leaders?
Meganro11978081 10/10(木) 22:00
@AmbassadorRice Donald trump needs to do his job
UglyAsMe157804 10/10(木) 22:02
ChicoDusty1776 10/10(木) 22:03
@Thelastdecentg1 @AmbassadorRice
BrianKrassens17 10/10(木) 22:30
@AmbassadorRice Lil close there
MCPJdYGRkWKM7Ce 10/10(木) 22:37
@AmbassadorRice Why did you decide to not pay the James Foley ransom to ISIS knowing he would be decap…
MarkBNSoCal 10/10(木) 22:37
@AmbassadorRice Dad, husband, (the worst ) president, citizen (not of this country ) why don’t you and M…
TwistedpNsG 10/10(木) 22:44
@AmbassadorRice What is your last name??
stillhopehere 10/10(木) 22:44
@AmbassadorRice Yeah I heard that Obama loves to eat black rice with his sausage
ChitrasenSaho18 10/10(木) 22:48
@AmbassadorRice Yes sir, you are right...
RamdanRonahi 10/10(木) 22:48
ShirleyMcRae11 10/10(木) 22:50
@AmbassadorRice And that's how a Classy President responds. Here here!!!
MehmetNeue 10/10(木) 22:59
@AmbassadorRice how do you find trumps politics in syria.your kurdish partner against erdogan and his…
SarahDeLaFuent6 10/11(金) 3:03
JamesJMarloweI2 10/11(金) 3:07
JamesJMarloweI2 10/11(金) 3:10
@AmbassadorRice Our Great Mulatto Experiment was an abject failure.
TJ20205 10/11(金) 3:19
@JayCarney @AmbassadorRice
cocobabe77 10/11(金) 3:36
@AmbassadorRice The worst president in history, i’ll laugh when HE finally throws you in prison
PErikmuller 10/11(金) 3:39
@AmbassadorRice Nice pic too
DoodleDank1 10/11(金) 3:44
@AmbassadorRice Whats your last name
cher77 10/11(金) 3:54
@AmbassadorRice Will do President Obama
Sugarbesweet51 10/11(金) 4:40
@AmbassadorRice Miss u Prez
AnnettaMenifee 10/11(金) 4:44
@AmbassadorRice I will read it! I just pulled out my audio of Audacity of Hope. Thank you for the new read!
TuyapDaire 10/11(金) 4:55
@AmbassadorRice ne konuşuyonuz
BosCarVillage 10/12(土) 4:31
@AmbassadorRice Yes I will
SamWhit67636965 10/12(土) 4:57
bluerunner45 10/12(土) 5:22
@AmbassadorRice leaned on
@AmbassadorRice Susan Rice book airs frustration with being put on air in C…
WMCOURIERSERVE 10/12(土) 5:35
mikeeyg1963 10/12(土) 5:42
@AmbassadorRice She was a good liar on Bengazi, good soldier
SpeaksTruth6 10/12(土) 6:16
@AmbassadorRice Another fake!
hgrlrng 10/12(土) 6:24
@AmbassadorRice Yes sir, Mr. President! Consider it done!!!
PriyaFernando7 10/12(土) 6:25
@AmbassadorRice Dear sir and madam you are the best lovely couple in this world, my salute both of you
BaloneTone 10/12(土) 6:28
@AmbassadorRice So, when she lied, you lied? Is that what you’re claiming here?
EkremBicak1 10/12(土) 6:32
@AmbassadorRice Ölen masum cocuklarin sebebi sen siyah seytan.umarim cocuklarin kucaginda ölur
Bongani73598308 10/12(土) 6:33
@AmbassadorRice Ur leardership, mental capacity, selflessness is a wonderful gift from God, u can stil…
mwells_3 10/12(土) 6:39
mccuebillie 10/12(土) 6:41
@AmbassadorRice I do not know if you even read things,
but if you do.
We sure could use your voice,
LLifesroad 10/12(土) 7:03
@AmbassadorRice Then why did you have her thrown under the bus by Hillary for Benghazi
JillySmokey 10/12(土) 11:37
@AmbassadorRice NOT A CHANCE!
SmithNosaj 10/12(土) 12:30
@AmbassadorRice As President, you sucked.
gin_bro 10/12(土) 13:26
@AmbassadorRice And how about you and George, Bill and Jimmy help us! We have an evil crazy in the WH…
Betmae1 10/12(土) 14:14
@AmbassadorRice You mean you're not a stable genius? Had me fooled. Lol. President Obama you are misse…
SingItPretty 10/12(土) 15:08
@AmbassadorRice The sign of a great leader is one who can acknowledge that they don't have all the ans…
Cheddo9140Paul 10/12(土) 20:34
@AmbassadorRice Blessings everytime. God is doing great things
Mani42643957 10/12(土) 20:45
@AmbassadorRice You'll be going down together; she won't be your scapegoat.
SwiftJonathans 10/12(土) 20:58
@AmbassadorRice Big Love Mr President
Kittootse 10/12(土) 21:03
emennes1 10/12(土) 21:59
@AmbassadorRice You’re both going down with traitors in the DOJ & IC
elcidsouth 10/12(土) 22:30
@AmbassadorRice Why did you wiretap reporters who were looking into US corruption in Ukraine?
ChelseaDogie 10/12(土) 22:43
@AmbassadorRice OMG I so miss you as president. What we have now is a white house joke of all times.
VikramS08322333 10/12(土) 23:02
@AmbassadorRice Sir do you take forever living products ! I saw a picture on google! Please tell me si…
ConyaAbigail 10/13(日) 23:11
@AmbassadorRice Ayudenos
ScottMc75515645 10/13(日) 23:24
@AmbassadorRice I'm so sick of seeing this sorry excuse for a human always talk smack when he's the fa…
ScottMc75515645 10/13(日) 23:27
@AmbassadorRice As president you ran this country into the dirt. Obama remember this. Obama's Quote: D…
Jody55993277 10/13(日) 23:38
@AmbassadorRice They executed Barry when he broke his plate agreement.
ajchester66 10/13(日) 23:57
@AmbassadorRice Miss this President
Tuazonison 10/13(日) 23:58
@AmbassadorRice Rice, well she is a known liar.
woozleweasels 10/14(月) 0:01
ferzaaa 10/14(月) 0:16
mcmaiola 10/14(月) 0:43
@AmbassadorRice You will always be the best President this country has ever seen. God knows how much we miss you.
CryptoChopko 10/14(月) 1:00
@AmbassadorRice When I sent her out to lie to America with our Secret CIA war in Libya where Steven's…
CryptoChopko 10/14(月) 1:03
@AmbassadorRice American Leadership? What a F***** Joke. You mean American Traitors? @realDonaldTrump…
MHBDEN 10/14(月) 8:54
@AmbassadorRice Neo-Liberal who reigned death and destruction upon black and brown peopl…
GavettGavetts 10/14(月) 9:35
@AmbassadorRice I can only imagine what you must be thinking these days of this administration. I rea…
GoGoGoDoc 10/14(月) 11:29
RobinJohnson54 10/14(月) 19:44
@AmbassadorRice FULL OF LIES!! Why did you rush off to Vegas the morning after our Ambassador & 3 othe…
thickandthin2 10/14(月) 19:45
lmelton648 10/14(月) 19:55
@AmbassadorRice Bring him back!
SomeGuyOnABoat 10/14(月) 20:43
@AmbassadorRice Jail
stevevricella 10/14(月) 20:51
@AmbassadorRice I bet you were really proud of her lying to the country over that video that made the…
EugeneMcCarty 10/14(月) 20:54
@AmbassadorRice You're all a pack of thieves & A.G. Barr & Mr. Durham are closing in on you all & your…
japerez8990 10/15(火) 5:54
@AmbassadorRice what about that video
the_Capitalists 10/15(火) 11:44
@RebeccaL1955 @AmbassadorRice Benghazi was caused by a an anti Mohamed video?
KrmlMetin 10/15(火) 12:58
TonyFantana1 10/15(火) 13:30
@AmbassadorRice Two Traitors , Criminals that WE THE PEOPLE WANT JUSTICE for your Actions. THE PROO…
d58hohbhowheels 10/15(火) 13:32
@AmbassadorRice You counted on @SusanRice? Everything that comes out of her mouth is a LIE. BIRDS OF A…
dextrpie 10/15(火) 13:54
@AmbassadorRice And you leaned on her to lie for you too. And to interfere with an election. And the transfer of power.
siminy1781 10/16(水) 13:01
@AmbassadorRice Yea it was a video. Thats what she told you on BENGAZI. Guess thats what you needed to hear
TT10ND 10/16(水) 13:25
Ihateliars21 10/16(水) 14:05
Ihateliars21 10/16(水) 14:05
Ihateliars21 10/16(水) 14:05
Ihateliars21 10/16(水) 14:06
nramey71 10/16(水) 14:46
@AmbassadorRice 2 crooks
moonmasum_salim 10/16(水) 15:30
@AmbassadorRice Love ❤️ in the air
PattyDa70892105 10/16(水) 17:11
@AmbassadorRice I love Ambassador Rice! She was such a great asset to your Administration. I plan to b…
PattyDa70892105 10/16(水) 17:29
@AmbassadorRice PrezObama, the night U were elected, my late father, 87 yrs, a Pastor for 62 yrs & WWI…
MotherOfCats38 10/16(水) 18:28
@AmbassadorRice Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you send her to China when the Philippines won in…
Naveman01 10/17(木) 20:26
@AmbassadorRice @BarackObama you found a willing accomplice in your deceptions and evil in…
sugarcoated009 10/17(木) 20:28
@AmbassadorRice Susan was a puppet
NavyVetResister 10/17(木) 20:38
@Cattra922 @AmbassadorRice You are missed!
thickandthin2 10/18(金) 22:00
JuliaC19380917 10/19(土) 10:13
@AmbassadorRice The Life of Julia
UriHayashi 10/19(土) 10:32
@AmbassadorRice whats it like being a traitor/ selling out you're the country you took an Oath to prot…
kbuhurico 10/19(土) 11:04
@AmbassadorRice I would love Joe to win and Susan be his VP
Alsadeg18476232 10/19(土) 22:38
@AmbassadorRice I love you president obama
jhaavinash984 10/19(土) 22:42
@AmbassadorRice should have learned from you.He is working as a dictator.
MarcusSnow19 10/19(土) 22:50
@AmbassadorRice Barack Obama was our WORST President! He created division, hate and promoted racism an…
dee_reyes1 10/19(土) 23:32
@AmbassadorRice Question?

Robbittt 10/19(土) 23:50
@AmbassadorRice The LORD knows what you did.
ingehey313 10/20(日) 9:48
@AmbassadorRice Um. No
baebae3017 10/20(日) 10:05
@AmbassadorRice We love you Mister Present
JimericanTweets 10/20(日) 12:05
@AmbassadorRice Rice is a liar and a traitor. Just like you, Barry.

For those keeping score at home:…
CaliKatInCali 10/20(日) 12:56
@AmbassadorRice Unmasking! Soon!
pamharrisdetmi 10/20(日) 13:08
@AmbassadorRice So classy. Way to come back and defend your comrades, Sir.
PhyllisDyer18 10/20(日) 20:15
@AmbassadorRice These tweets bring me hope that this ship will right itself! Thank you, Ambassador Ri…
0bamasNightmare 10/20(日) 20:55
@AmbassadorRice You o and sue are confirmed lairs! bush was pressed by democrats including senator oba…
cgmyace 10/21(月) 5:21
OubenallaS 10/21(月) 9:12
@AmbassadorRice انقدني من المغرب يا اباما
Y1123581321Y 10/21(月) 11:15
@AmbassadorRice Leadership is standing up to injustice and wrongs. You sit silent while…
IleneImills4 10/21(月) 13:32
@AmbassadorRice TWO LIARS
gman_grant 10/21(月) 13:54
@AmbassadorRice Who’s idea was it to give Iran 150 billon in cash??? Geeze. Go away already
SusanKmiotek 10/21(月) 16:16
@AmbassadorRice Two Traitors!
UniteOn 10/21(月) 16:18
@AmbassadorRice how r you am learning geography byeee
KWLDF8wpDwQR6gw 10/22(火) 13:58
@AmbassadorRice オバマ大統領こんにちは日本では天皇陛下の即位礼正殿の儀が終わりました。正式に令わかりました令和天皇両陛下に即位なされました。オバマ大統領失礼します。オバマ大統領前国賓失礼します。
RealogL 10/24(木) 16:33
@AmbassadorRice Your simple way of life and heart of a leader is what you got that I really admire keep it up .
GTOKAR1966 10/29(火) 14:50
@AmbassadorRice Satan
steve_jessie 10/30(水) 7:30
@AmbassadorRice couldn’t lean on a fence post without keeling over from exhaustion. You h…
AnnLittlemouse 10/30(水) 19:02
@AmbassadorRice You’re not a president anymore you are nothing but a scammer...
RobertHeaney9 10/30(水) 19:41
@AmbassadorRice She was a disaster.
SothdaY 10/31(木) 13:07
Prestone_too 11/1(金) 11:32
@AmbassadorRice Yes, we all just loved her lies about Benghazi and Bowe Bergdahl. They will live in in…
EliWhit74302018 11/1(金) 14:03
@AmbassadorRice Barack = cool guy
mulikitac 11/2(土) 2:03
@AmbassadorRice Am from Zambia. I read all your books. I've saved most of your speeches. I had a rare…
AtesSaviyon 11/4(月) 8:43
@AmbassadorRice Aww that's sweet
Oysterhaven 11/4(月) 13:47
@AmbassadorRice Or do you mean her covering her ass with a note to file on the day of the inauguration…
JayGrah42627453 11/5(火) 6:08
@AmbassadorRice I hope you will go back to Kenya and live with your people!!!
For most of us Americans…
youmeus007 11/13(水) 2:48

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