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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/10/10(木) 4:41 .

Here’s an interesting read—a reminder that behind every opinion lies a human being with real experiences and a stor…

GRAMOM5 10/10(木) 8:46
True. Thx.
winneroski 10/10(木) 8:47
Your time lying is almost done. Can't wait.
lchahal 10/10(木) 8:48
A President that actually reads? We miss you so much! You were such a different kind of president. I n…
h0lyHydr0 10/10(木) 8:50
What was your experience whit Biden and Ukraine? You have been oddly silent on the matter.
Maximia50155212 10/10(木) 8:51
I am east Timor l love you Mr, Obama and l miss you
cmagg 10/10(木) 8:52
No Drama Obama. *sigh...*
HenryHU99045975 10/10(木) 8:52
Mr Obama, could you voice out for HK people? Thanks.
BobnoxiousAF 10/10(木) 8:53
So glad you're not in office anymore - NOW we're seeing the real change.
Sherylmendolajo 10/10(木) 8:54
YULANDAJONES 10/10(木) 8:56
No! Truth and honors are musts. Nobody has to listen to anybody. But when you cross the line and do an…
Best_snapchat1 10/10(木) 8:56
Minet4j 10/10(木) 8:59
@CollinsDesta I’m sure the recommended article is a worthy read President Obama, but I’ve cancelled NYT subscription.
OldGolferGuy 10/10(木) 8:59
There's something you won't see on @foxnewstalk.
JSupernova00 10/10(木) 9:00
Really...there is no way you can go back into office?? You know everyone misses you? You know they wou…
hoganfro 10/10(木) 9:00
Sometimes we do agree. One question. Why did you creat such a racial divide that we haven’t seen i…
brandon_yockel 10/10(木) 9:00
Most of our opinions are really uninformed and shaped by news - it’s the only connection most of us ha…
MaggiePHardy 10/10(木) 9:09
Ritaflood 10/10(木) 9:09
@Okiesweetie708 Thank you for your service! And following me❤️❤️❤️❤️
Phyowai38339985 10/10(木) 9:09
Hi Mr Obama .
tavassolizadeh 10/10(木) 9:10
@BehnoudMasoud پيرو پست اخير در مورد دموكراسي
egreenlths 10/10(木) 9:11
Miss you
DNAslayer 10/10(木) 9:14
Swizzlestick8 10/10(木) 9:14
It is time for all remaining living past Presidents to stand together under one statement about saving…
kperkgoleador 10/10(木) 9:15
Good article.
3rdworldsarcasm 10/10(木) 9:17
Why did you destroy Libya though
SandraS60073511 10/10(木) 9:17
I miss you... I miss Michelle
Missybleu1 10/10(木) 9:19
That is so true! Thank you Mr. President!
ArmindoArajo1 10/10(木) 9:19
Ei carai aquela gorda ali
Melissa83490039 10/10(木) 9:21
Yes! Listening to not shouting at each other is crucial to our survival as a country.
John_Girll 10/10(木) 9:27
Still missing you Mr. President.❤❤
Princesskharyl 10/10(木) 9:27
detroitlions911 10/10(木) 9:28
You and trump will be sitting next to each other shaking hands and kissing babies in the next 6 years.…
pickens_dani 10/10(木) 9:28
I'm so proud and glad that my children were at their ages throughout your Presidency. We truly wish yo…
drakemarchelle 10/10(木) 9:29
I wish we can get our government back to how it should be running. Miss you Mr. President.
jeremymclamb 10/10(木) 9:31
Shut up American trader!!! @realDonaldTrump your daddy
mcfinancial 10/10(木) 9:31
benlomond88 10/10(木) 9:32
You should be very proud of your public service & your family who stood proudly & ethically beside you…
fp3K2doHEpvL43h 10/10(木) 9:33
PatAMPfan 10/10(木) 9:33
You’re a true inspiration, Sir!
Kmeek08453867 10/10(木) 9:36
Thank you for this!
Mozhgan_Savabi 10/10(木) 9:38
Tell it to the Hague.

You (Mr. Obama ), along with Bush and Trump, are a war criminal.

Shame on you.
AminKmd 10/10(木) 9:40
Hey barack, After 2016, have you ever wished to be the president again!?
answer me honestly
reyesismael10 10/10(木) 9:43
Missing whity. They wanna hang on for as long as they can. No matter what.
geheimgartner 10/10(木) 9:44
Don't miss you Mr President... really
niteskye650 10/10(木) 9:46
Miss you and the Misses. Obama forever and always in the mind of all sane Americans. 44 forever
ndadauhuru123 10/10(木) 9:48
@lovesjnb Very interesting article!
Thank you for tweeting it.
I've retweeted!
KathleenProcto1 10/10(木) 9:51
What I loved about Barack Obama is the way he iterates our abilities and responsibilities as citizens.
BE_Style 10/10(木) 9:53
Will you convince Michelle to come save us, Please?? Like pretty Please!!
louisthomasjr 10/10(木) 9:54
Vote like your lives depends on it vote
mdunnl65 10/10(木) 9:56
Adopt me Barack PPPLEASE.
Diana_Schaefer1 10/10(木) 9:57
It's all fine and nice to have opinions. It's when opinions take action that there's a problem. Trump…
JudyCWeimer 10/10(木) 9:58
Why are you not speaking out on current events. So disappointing .
FOSTERD00207614 10/10(木) 9:59
jama90210 10/10(木) 9:59
mrrodneyhawkins 10/10(木) 9:59
You help us thank you
FOSTERD00207614 10/10(木) 10:00
BargerJerry 10/10(木) 10:00
Please go away.
tommynthompson 10/10(木) 10:00
Thank you Mr. President for that.
FOSTERD00207614 10/10(木) 10:01
Timber2112 10/10(木) 10:01
Worst President ever. You belong in jail.
The sooner the better.
arifkhan7 10/10(木) 10:02
The world needs more of you.
JerryMWilliams1 10/10(木) 10:03
I miss good government. Hang in there. thanks for your service. wish you could have stayed longer.
CourtneyGaunt1 10/10(木) 10:04
What if your experiences are not good? I think of our current President and can’t get past all of his…
ndgharris 10/10(木) 10:08
SamGuerrini 10/10(木) 10:08
Excellent article,
rat4prez 10/10(木) 10:11
I watched you standing there in Grant Park, looking out over the crowd, the night you won the Presiden…
mikishi_iku 10/10(木) 10:11
LatulippeSteven 10/10(木) 10:14
I sure wish you would practice what you preach!
DennisN11901769 10/10(木) 10:14
Free Hong Kong, stand with Hong Kong.
mikishi_iku 10/10(木) 10:16
cdiddy42 10/10(木) 10:18
Your presidency and the lack of leadership and moral authority (red line fiasco 2.0 ) regarding
alexkizer 10/10(木) 10:19
you seem so far away from today. what happened to our country
MaryMcCurdy1970 10/10(木) 10:19
Happy 10th anniversary of your Nobel! This post is exemplary of those same works❣
anono2 10/10(木) 10:21
@PerkinsJanie Well thanks but they don’t represent me! I didn’t vote for any of them! It’s not my fault. Electoral college
juliekech95 10/10(木) 10:22
President Obama, you must speak on Syria. America needs to hear from you.
indigopet 10/10(木) 10:22
Good read. But we need more from you now.
otino_joseph 10/10(木) 10:24
It good
Danish52368091 10/10(木) 10:24
Bro u need to be the president again... Its important
BradD7785 10/10(木) 10:25
Did you instruct your director of national intelligence to use FISA resources to spy on Americans?

DublinNico 10/10(木) 10:26
What about listening to the countries you decimated with war, death and destruction?
MoeMoeNaing9 10/10(木) 10:26
absolutely right!
AmyMiranda 10/10(木) 10:29
Please, we need your voice on the genocide happening in Syria right now. We need you to call Americans…
PapaDeTre 10/10(木) 10:29
I hope all those @BarackObama supporters criticizing @TheEllenShow read this.
LurvesTheNight 10/10(木) 10:31
The world misses you!
norma_perlroth 10/10(木) 10:33
Miss you and jazz at the white house. @PBS
CFerraiouli 10/10(木) 10:35
Barack Obama i really miss you been our President . Now we have. Clown
7mbba 10/10(木) 10:35
Hi sir
glbran1 10/10(木) 10:40
It is not that one does not want to listen, it is that no one wants to compromise. They can no longer…
SUGARVAMPlRE 10/10(木) 10:41
I read this Tweet in Obama's voice.
luchadora41 10/10(木) 10:46
Guess what, Barry. All roads lead back to you and your puppetmasters. I sincerely hope it all gets exposed. @realDonaldTrump
Jimddop 10/10(木) 10:47
Deborah02494285 10/10(木) 10:48
What a fascinating project and article! Thank you Mr. President for encouraging us to be thoughtful a…
PushmanRichard 10/10(木) 10:49
Come on, the NY Times?
KristinWoepony 10/10(木) 10:50
You are a has been and we don’t want to hear from you.
Halina91410305 10/10(木) 10:50
Clapper and Brennan reported directly to you.... your time is coming
Grammyvirgo 10/10(木) 10:54
Don't boo, VOTE!
maggiie01 10/10(木) 10:58
MLDelcoPete 10/10(木) 11:01
WiCheesehead1 10/10(木) 11:02
is real and was lead by you.
DivineIrony 10/10(木) 11:03
As someone who is a champion of the cause of engaging young voters and fresh new public servants, I wo…
mamaredeye07 10/10(木) 11:04
Thank you Mr President. America misses you!
monique_farren 10/10(木) 11:04
ThirdActor 10/10(木) 11:05
Thank you, Mr. President.
kmamf 10/10(木) 11:07
Just go away
HoosierRuth 10/10(木) 11:07
Since you’ve reared your head, would you like to share your thoughts about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Uk…
kaelin_talks 10/10(木) 11:08
This was a hopeful read.
MkmarMARK 10/10(木) 11:10
yackadyack 10/10(木) 11:27
@LuigiJBOMalleyH We miss you and your family and intelligence and how we need you as we are drowning in mud.
lisalo511 10/10(木) 11:32
This a great story. I loved reading about the experiences of the participants and I especially liked…
Smccracken11 10/10(木) 11:32
Love this. Keep it about the issues we have in common; not the person in office or buzzwords. I have t…
Francis61975407 10/10(木) 11:33 Joe Biden will get beat. President Trump four more years . Democrats are cry baby.
XVX151 10/10(木) 11:36
So when are you going to weigh in on all the shit @TheEllenShow is getting?
SusanaBotero2 10/10(木) 11:39
BobLachanceJr 10/10(木) 11:45
@RyanHillMI We miss you Mr. President ! Much respect to you sir!

Wish you were back in the oval.…
chongy3844_ 10/10(木) 11:48
Yea well as always they failed to ask Hawaiians for input. Great demographic, guess you guys somehow…
Chander35475450 10/10(木) 11:48
My Best Friend Obama
Itsy32630827 10/10(木) 11:49
Who's go in to rat on you first? Clapper, Biden, Comey, Brennan?
kapitao_miguel 10/10(木) 11:49
Really ! They seem all to be angels
lagos2007 10/10(木) 11:49
Aquí hay un interesante repaso que detrás de cada opinión se encuentra un ser humano con experiencias…
crwilson1 10/10(木) 11:57
Tell that to the leftist protestors who rather scream and shout than have a dialogue of logical, unemotional thought.
pftHMtSaCTwH5hw 10/10(木) 11:58
TX_CornPop 10/10(木) 12:01
jrmarionjr 10/10(木) 12:02
RaniaNath 10/10(木) 12:03
Listening is one thing . But do we have to try to be friends with people who will obstruct progress, c…
sizavmAyl9tTIaf 10/10(木) 12:03
JohnMar88605011 10/10(木) 12:06
Like the USPS, you ALWAYS deliver. Thank you.
jweaver7787 10/10(木) 12:10
I truly can't put into words how much I miss you.
K33lCtq3RLNKmf9 10/10(木) 12:14
stacy7101969 10/10(木) 12:16
Thank you for being such a decent human being.
diamicock 10/10(木) 12:18
I never voted because I didn't think my vote mattered. I still don't vote because my vote still doesn't matter! Obviously!!!
MLCotturo 10/10(木) 12:20
I’m tired of the lies, the corruption that is corroding our democracy, destroying our integrity with…
XaviLi56 10/10(木) 12:26
La oratoria es un dels teus millors aspectes barack, entrene en joe per que sapiga de oratoria i sobretot de retorica.
Braggin_Barry 10/10(木) 12:26
So now you are advocating listening? Something you never did as POTUS
AlabamaPatriot1 10/10(木) 12:27
Barack the entire world is about to find out everything you did. No more hiding. Everyone is going to…
slanks2001 10/10(木) 12:27
Can other country's of NATO send soldiers to replace the ones trump pulled out?
Rupak_Kumar04 10/10(木) 12:28
Voltaire had said “I might not agree with what you say, but I would agree to me death your right to sa…
Michael_13590 10/10(木) 12:29
Run for president again please
GrovelandHomes 10/10(木) 12:32
I spit on your empathy.
nickruickoldt 10/10(木) 12:33
Good read Mr. President
slorantes 10/10(木) 12:34
Voters on both the left & right appeared to edge toward the center. Democratic support receded for $15…
Chandan52463053 10/10(木) 12:35
Help Dr. Vikram Harijan
roxwhisper 10/10(木) 12:36
moorthyoilgas 10/10(木) 12:36
True, thanking Hon'ble President Barack Obama ji, thanking you, the Excellency.,
Hopelov48848125 10/10(木) 12:37
We miss you
KlinglerRobin 10/10(木) 12:38
Thank you.
gskmeva1234 10/10(木) 12:39
I totally agree. Anyway, a wise man once said, "It's not left. It's not right. It's forward!"…
ranae_black 10/10(木) 12:40
I loved you yesterday. I love you today. I'll love you tomorrow. You are everything a president should…
RosieRosaGurl 10/10(木) 12:41
Oh we are in trouble....
royalpetsvip 10/10(木) 12:42
I love you Mr President
yugly 10/10(木) 12:43
Says the man who abandoned the boys in blue time after time
nickciampone 10/10(木) 12:45
God Bless America
MaryPrine 10/10(木) 12:45
They don't represent me, or my family.
Chandan52463053 10/10(木) 12:46
Please help sir
JasonTy92202739 10/10(木) 12:47
Please run again. There are civilians casualties rising as we speak. I don't know how a man can just m…
aweird0123 10/10(木) 12:50
Ah mr. President we all have an héroe you just happen to me mine ! God bless you.
whoiskevinjones 10/10(木) 12:51
twalkerp 10/10(木) 12:54
@mjkeenan pitched this idea to @joerogan I guess someone heard.
Zombielvr2 10/10(木) 12:56
Nice thanks for sharing.
majscoates 10/10(木) 12:57
Practice what you preach. The country spoke in 2016, and stated you did nothing in eight years . Accept that.
Chandan52463053 10/10(木) 13:00
Please help sir.......
PeterPa34242921 10/10(木) 13:03
Obama you were inspirational when in office. Why are you silent with so many political problems in our…
debvangy 10/10(木) 13:05
Thank you for sharing this! This sort of dialogue is much needed! @vangeloco @AmericaInOneRoom @LarryDiamond
killgods69 10/10(木) 13:06
Canada/USA relations were friendlier when you were in office. I'm sorry, but our relation is now strained, eh.
notherringfarts 10/10(木) 13:09
❤ You are truly the most inspirational leader. We miss and love you so much!
jereamiah2911 10/10(木) 13:09
sparkling_truth 10/10(木) 13:16
DaviesLyn 10/10(木) 13:18
Wow! Thanks Barack. Having just returned from Southern Africa ........
chulisv05 10/10(木) 13:18
Hi, plz help. Dad needs teeth fixed and Medicare won’t cover he needs it bad.
whenpigsfly0711 10/10(木) 13:20
Thank you for being a figure to admire.
TwistAndShout47 10/10(木) 13:21
@dbwofficial If they start dropping dead trump did it. As much as I joke most of those people trump wo…
jereamiah2911 10/10(木) 13:23
Lancecorp 10/10(木) 13:24
With all due respect to you; I will not listen to Conservative Republicans; Evangelists or Trump Supporters.
BashirAuwalAbd1 10/10(木) 13:28
God bless you Sir.
irenebj 10/10(木) 13:33
President Obama You are truly missed God Bless you
mustygoooch 10/10(木) 13:35
Ubendo1 10/10(木) 13:37
Too bad we cannot hear from the Libyans you killed
JulesCMartin 10/10(木) 13:37
President Obama, simply put, thank you for all that you did, do and continue to do.
don_sasso 10/10(木) 13:49
Bathhouse Barry... what did you know about your VP selling his office to China? Did you get a taste?
phillipnhere 10/10(木) 13:51
Barry where you at? Should you not be protecting Joe? Is this why you told him not to run?
Thedarktruth5 10/10(木) 13:56
@BarackObama nicely done Obama
tonguinoantoine 10/10(木) 13:58
TheFactsOfLif13 10/10(木) 14:01
Anyone else reading between the lines looking for an @AndrewYang endorsement?
recon3039 10/10(木) 14:01
Well said.
Laura_Fissinger 10/10(木) 14:01
Thank you for being a voice of connection. I agree 200 per cent.
daudikimario54 10/10(木) 14:04
It is compasory
Neo166 10/10(木) 14:04
I wish American companies who bend to Chinese censorship for market share would know this.
JoshBabarinde 10/10(木) 20:40
@MsIbegbuna @ProgrammeRoots
Angela43626628 10/10(木) 20:48
Canada wants you back, I’m afraid for Children and Grandchildren, if things continue on this destructi…
Heidifo97041773 10/10(木) 20:49
I read it. Made me feel a little less depressed.
AlfaDeltaUK 10/10(木) 20:52
wayneedmiston 10/10(木) 20:55
Thank you for your leadership, Mr. President!
RobertF11647556 10/10(木) 21:00
No one seems to be listening anymore and no one wants to compromise.
Lefler2525 10/10(木) 21:00
Mr. President we need you to stand up and speak out against Donald Trump you are the best president we…
BabbsK 10/10(木) 21:02
Barack, are you not going to say anything about the slaughter of Americas Kurdish allies? While US tro…
andydav47 10/10(木) 21:02
It's surprisingly easy to pick out the trump supporters by looking at their picture alone
Reesecup2 10/10(木) 21:03
We are a republic.
GusSanc25946448 10/10(木) 21:13
Mr Obama, PLEASE COME BACK...!!! We miss you greatly. You were and are one of the best president in…
TheRealAlexT_YT 10/10(木) 21:13
thanks obama
SureshSubrahman 10/10(木) 21:14
Story of 1001 Arabian nights is based on real experience like Empire Strikes back at its own people. E…
Michellebudd 10/10(木) 21:16
You threw women under the bus, to the sharks really, silently and I’m just learning about it. I don’t…
Degk10 10/10(木) 21:16
This was great.
annevers1 10/10(木) 21:17
I wish you would have been more intentional about bringing People with different ideas together; inste…
Nandoaloha1st 10/10(木) 21:22
My opinion of you is up for grabs.
All you have to do is answer one question.
Where (name the account…
SureshSubrahman 10/10(木) 21:22
Sometimes I agree sometimes I don't because I am 96% carbon oxygen nitrogen. If you have stick I will…
DS63462768 10/10(木) 21:27
No one cares about anything you g jg ave to say! Please go away and enjoy your multi million dollar ma…
DS63462768 10/10(木) 21:28
Why do you preach this now?! When you were in office all you did was try and divide our great nation!…
blackgeneral69 10/10(木) 21:29
OfficialHotelM1 10/10(木) 21:30
Hey Obama, have you heard of my club?
Standup4all1 10/10(木) 21:33
My heart is breaking as I read this tweet.
I'm so tired of being scared or horrified with…
nascenir 10/10(木) 21:35
Bom diaaaa,eu ti admiro muito sou sua fã
LelaJoscelyn 10/10(木) 21:38
@nytimes As you see here, we miss you being our president. Do we ever!
Lawanna19 10/10(木) 21:43
Can you please follow back?
oopsiwentglam1 10/10(木) 21:49
They do, but mainly Canada and the US
AlverezYari 10/10(木) 21:50
hhru62193781 10/10(木) 21:51
They are coming
DannySearle3 10/10(木) 21:51
darby_bartley 10/10(木) 21:54
ajlatx 10/10(木) 21:55
No thoughts on Syria? Should have honored that Red Line statement, huh?
JonTaylor07 10/10(木) 21:57
Unless you’re against big gov, more taxes, drone strikes etc, then President Obama will use the IRS to silence you
Richieforromney 10/10(木) 21:57
Egosumluxetver1 10/10(木) 21:57
Thank you. Your words are inspiring. We must unite as a country and listen to each other. United we st…
Ohiduzz76938131 10/10(木) 21:58
UdonnaEvans1 10/10(木) 22:02
Communication is essential at all times without it we will be lost.
bakerjmw2018 10/10(木) 22:04
You never listened to us but you sure enjoyed listening to conversations of Donald Trump, members of C…
DeanneSweeney 10/10(木) 22:08
TrumpityDumpity 10/10(木) 22:08
We miss you.
saxcat00 10/10(木) 22:09
I believe in America. I believe in the Constitution. Heck, I didn’t even vote for you. But if there…
V8KniyRpvs2o3GN 10/10(木) 22:10
Popskithesnowp1 10/10(木) 22:10
@Huscoon Until one of them votes R.

Then comes the whole labelling.
BestLifeMedica1 10/10(木) 22:15
Greatness. I look forward to meeting you one day.
nopedontwanna13 10/10(木) 22:18
Remember when we had a president who cared about ALL Americans, not just the ones who liked him? Feels…
tracy_b17ggirl 10/10(木) 22:18
Can you make that a little more clear to your fan club? Especially that part about "listening to peopl…
Jerry75093488 10/10(木) 22:21
Miss you President Obama
jarrodwoloslpc 10/10(木) 22:22
Mister President - PLEASE speak out about what’s happening now in Syria. The world needs to know that…
Shelliegary1 10/10(木) 22:24
Efilliat 10/10(木) 22:24
@jaysbookman Barack Obama will go down as a great and transformational president in America’s history, imho.
s_____yautu714 10/10(木) 22:30
Michael34375600 10/10(木) 22:34
So I guess that is why the liberal democratic socialist party minions are having all of those closed d…
Wendy04830845 10/10(木) 22:36
I am from China.where are you from?
MCPJdYGRkWKM7Ce 10/10(木) 22:37
Why did you decide to not pay the James Foley ransom to ISIS knowing he would be decapitated why didn'…
kevinkabach 10/10(木) 22:42
I read the stories an they allowed there emotions to rule instead of the law ! one said the obumer aff…
AbdunNu23090644 10/10(木) 22:43
we want justice from Bangladesh
SARABJE03650984 10/10(木) 22:48
R/Obama Sir
I am Indian and lives in India sir but good job sir
QueenLola71 10/10(木) 22:49
Please be President again!
Douglas5Cris 10/10(木) 22:49
Shut up
denachtzuster 10/10(木) 22:53
❌So what about your friend Clapper Mr president

ziggyzucchini 10/10(木) 22:55
The first time in the history of the world that the President has a grammatical error
FidelaHernndez2 10/10(木) 22:58
My respect for you Mr. President Best regards From Mexico CD my admiration God bless you☝️☺️
essaaiii 10/10(木) 23:00
Reliefrm 10/10(木) 23:03
All the way to the top. No scandals? Oh sh** is about to hit the fan. @BarackObama
You spied. You li…
doncaindon 10/10(木) 23:03
Great Advice
alanthelandy 10/10(木) 23:04
You had a chance to lead the world and you failed. You took knee to the Clintons and the Global Elites…
giles_whitaker 10/10(木) 23:04
Good morning Mr. President. I need to DM you a message please. I need to contact you as soon as possible. Many Blessings.
jbaust 10/11(金) 2:57
Man, please come back, willya? Seriously.
AGrigopan 10/11(金) 2:57
igfsr 10/11(金) 2:58
This is the face of humanity, class, integrity, intellect, respect, admiration, humility, values, pers…
SparrowKami 10/11(金) 2:58
Hello Mr Obama, follow for follow?
elnievescaldera 10/11(金) 3:02
my best wishes friend Barack Obama I admire him for being a great human being
SarahDeLaFuent6 10/11(金) 3:03
ivanb71376344 10/11(金) 3:05
Redlandsailor66 10/11(金) 3:07
Shut up CIA clown! You and your people are going down, and I'm not talking about the way you go down on Michael.
humphgh 10/11(金) 3:08
Hon. you are perfectly right because even the Omnipotent God to the allow Abraham to question His intended action on Sodom etc.
transientnumber 10/11(金) 3:13
@jawofsteel2014 Meanwhile back in the Senate?
HNagi1982 10/11(金) 3:13
إذا كنت تؤمن بتجاربك وحقائق تحققت لك مع تجارب غيرك التي تشبه تجاربك لم تتحقق أو أتت بنتائج مختلفه فعلم…
stanfireman1 10/11(金) 3:15
Are you ready for whats coming? It's going to be HUGE! I think you will enjoy most of it. Or, maybe not.
hayeshobi 10/11(金) 3:17
Isn't that amazing! we need to do this every week in every city across America for the next 12 months!
IkeaMeatballs3 10/11(金) 3:19
That's so true! We need to listen to eachother and be more openminded, but i feel that its the leftist…
SJDolbs 10/11(金) 3:21
You never listened to anyone with a conflicting opinion from yours, ever...don't preach to us about de…
wildflower065 10/11(金) 3:28
@jawofsteel2014 I try to listen. But it’s a two way street. Unfortunately most of the dialogue ends wi…
EwanPeterson1 10/11(金) 3:34
Follow @LechefEugene!
HNagi1982 10/11(金) 3:38
طيمقراطيتك في نظر العالم وشعوبه كذبه تحققت في الانتخابات الامريكيه الأخيرة وهم من اوقعوا أنفسهم بإظهار…
AdjoGagnon 10/11(金) 3:42
Hi Mr President I am African TOGO resident in Asia more precisely MYANMAR ... with a baby of 11months…
Dude48884687 10/11(金) 3:42
Hey Dude ...luv ya .
LifeisStellar 10/11(金) 3:45
I hear what you're saying big Fella. I would like to add that opinion backed by facts and a firm argu…
cathycoyle5 10/11(金) 3:49
This coming from the worst president in US history. You did more to divide this country but we would n…
mike85Trump 10/11(金) 3:49
Arrest Obama!
dacolussi 10/11(金) 3:50
Informed voters! It would make all the difference but it will never happen. The easiest way to control…
PurdueReylynn 10/11(金) 3:51
You are greatly missed.
RealDHoltsclaw 10/11(金) 3:52
FISC Judge Rosemary Collyer’s ruling, found that officials under the administration used FISA t…
spockfu 10/11(金) 3:52
@4TerryFarrell In 2016 the people picked Trump. Republicans are called racists, homophobes, hypocrites…
Jjm4954 10/11(金) 3:56
Lonelyorc 10/11(金) 3:56
I havent read article yet but i agree with your statement.
luis21pereira 10/11(金) 3:59
O love you so fucking muchhhhhhh barackkkkk
Satan74950336 10/11(金) 4:06
See you soon brother.
DavidCo34249512 10/11(金) 4:08
Here's an interesting read: your vice president confessed to extortion, and other officials said you i…
GaryGuilbeau1 10/11(金) 4:15
Curious why haven’t you endorsed Biden
m_1_994 10/11(金) 4:15
The US betrayed its Kurdish allies
OGCliffhanger 10/11(金) 4:23
hedupuy 10/11(金) 4:26
We need you back in the White House.
rattlehead485 10/11(金) 4:31
BirdieFarmer 10/11(金) 4:31
Once I was askd the celebrity I would go nuts 4 I was like none, not that I dn love my faves but just…
mikhailzubarev 10/11(金) 4:34
But what about Alec Holowka?
airrev 10/11(金) 4:37
Had a friend participate in this. She said it was awesome.
CarlosPeligro3 10/11(金) 4:42
But... Your Administration tried to change an Election; you’re a Fraud with a Disastrous Legacy.
veit2coffee 10/11(金) 4:43
I was at the America in One Room as a delegate and even though I did not agree with some people, the e…
anthonycardieri 10/11(金) 4:45
Here's a thought, Barack, now that you have a lot of free time on your hands, why don't you head back…
Dave_Mitchell73 10/11(金) 4:46
8 years of you doing your damnedest to split this country right down the middle along economic and rac…
ttaemilky 10/11(金) 4:48
man you're perfect
kohlstrand 10/11(金) 4:51
You've got that right sir I wish you would look up my story take time to read some of it
PapoFan 10/11(金) 4:58
it is difficult, much easier to talk, thanks for the reminder
Roberto48923178 10/11(金) 4:59
Dfenik 10/11(金) 5:07
I sure miss him
chillaxinNJ 10/12(土) 4:30
Here's a story to be told...
SalayShirwan 10/12(土) 4:32
Because we are Kurds do we deserve death?
PRProPam 10/12(土) 4:38
Amen, my forever POTUS❤️❤️
Kobani25455129 10/12(土) 4:48
Donald Trump sells entire people because of a hotel in Turkey
odetohugh 10/12(土) 5:00
bluerunner45 10/12(土) 5:20
human beings ..... that are no longer here any words for them and their families Over the years, thous…
Tj30544071 10/12(土) 5:25
dhobe13 10/12(土) 5:37
Ok mr “elections have consequences”.

Literally everything about you is phony.
CynthiaRunnels1 10/12(土) 5:45
1-U were President,
I wanted to scream at the moon
2-U brought enemiesto the WH,
I wanted 2 r…
Civics_Junky 10/12(土) 5:59
You were President??? Then when are you going to finally figure out we are NOT a democracy of mob rule…
EllyEAlgarin 10/12(土) 6:06
Ha! You phony! You dont care about people only sticking it to Americans!! You are a phony and need to…
fakenewshour 10/12(土) 6:12
Why did you start now?
WandaGo98956707 10/12(土) 6:25
Mr. President, I listened to the story today of a Vietnamese refugee. It was sad. Citizens of the US s…
AlFnEinstein 10/12(土) 6:28
I am so utterly stunned watching the transparency of the Trump administration and comparing it to your…
8080_Shovel 10/12(土) 11:28
I want to know something, if you would've been there alongside all those Americans... would you B.O. h…
NotaroSealo 10/12(土) 11:38
Thank you, Mr. Obama, very cool.
justice19931 10/12(土) 11:54
Great comment.
s_alycia 10/12(土) 13:40
It about time for a better democracy.
robertjgunn 10/12(土) 13:51
You're a crook. You talk the so called talk of a US President, however you do not walk he walk.
mbgray43 10/12(土) 21:26
You are missed. Honesty and security are non existent in the WH.
clutchmagoo 10/12(土) 21:51
Missing you terribly!
raoulisraoul 10/12(土) 22:29
The world needs more people like you...
LayneWh57801586 10/12(土) 22:36
just vibin
Paul80302465 10/12(土) 22:36
Well said Hey did you pork a porn Star yet today or is that just trumptards priority
a_mervine 10/12(土) 22:54
Your a Criminal and facts back this claim.. I Pray to God that you are served justice in America! That…
Ecks_Calibur 10/12(土) 23:13
When President Obama came to everyone cheered before and after he spoke. An inspirational and very wise man.
RichardDitlevs1 10/12(土) 23:22
Not so
TotlisVann 10/12(土) 23:25
well said Mr. Obama... listening with an open heart is key to our success as a nation..
KeishaW93693643 10/13(日) 0:07
That is a wonderful thing
williamhthomps5 10/13(日) 23:37
best president evet
LarryGe39804923 10/13(日) 23:44
You need to speak out about the corruption in your administration. selling uranium to R…
Tuazonison 10/13(日) 23:58
We live in a Republic.
jose99726218 10/14(月) 0:09
es usted el es facil pero tampoco es dificil..gracias desde cuba.
ferzaaa 10/14(月) 0:16
eric_rivia 10/14(月) 0:44
InmanAnthonyNea 10/14(月) 8:52
Mr President
This life is just a dream. Soon we'll sleep forever. Mr Trump and people like him do not…
cidhochman 10/14(月) 9:01
It’s worth the read
anne1992 10/14(月) 9:10
Really great! Thanks for pointing it out!
mwood1229 10/14(月) 10:00
thanks for tweeting on this. i was happy to be apart of it
oxotnikmlya 10/14(月) 10:10
Облизьяна чернозадая,а с какой целью ты таких красавчиков выбрал? Ты чё?В себя поверил,мартых?
dkm1330 10/14(月) 11:42
I highly recommend this one instead:
isawthesethings 10/14(月) 12:28
Ok everyone- this might help reach New and younger voters get registered & ready to vote:
“You wouldn’…
teresay88316515 10/14(月) 12:53
@drdonna212 Very true. We miss you and yours.
meggskimani 10/14(月) 13:04
Absolutely on point... Couldn't agree more and working together for a common purpose for greater good
boogiejuice69 10/14(月) 19:40
Are any of them from Kenya?
the_adon27 10/14(月) 19:40
Didn't you drone strike an American citizen prior to a trial of his peers? I guess that voice was not…
Daviddesire12 10/14(月) 20:49
USA need you back
JoanneHopwood6 10/14(月) 21:00
Sir, we miss you terribly.
Thank you for eight amazing years!
Love to you and your family.
tarahayek 10/14(月) 21:31
guerlycharles 10/14(月) 21:42
dextrpie 10/15(火) 13:53
Are opinions supporting Trump allowed? Is Joe making you proud?
knucklehead0050 10/15(火) 14:19
Left Wing Right Wing if either wing doesn’t work correctly,That bird just won’t fly
Thank you for you…
Deborahcoleche1 10/15(火) 15:03

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