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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/10/18(金) 0:23 .

Michelle and I are heartbroken over the passing of our friend, Elijah Cummings. May his example inspire more Americ…

IslandStage 10/18(金) 0:40
LouiseA79066158 10/18(金) 0:40
Mr. President, you show us every day how much compassion and empathy you have for us!!! May Mr. Cummin…
Shopaholic_918 10/18(金) 0:40
Thank you Mr. President for your kind, and always inspiring, words of comfort. You remain our nation's…
impeach_him_pls 10/18(金) 0:40
America misses your steady hand, your steady voice, your lovely wife Michelle and your girls!…
FlRed45 10/18(金) 0:40
Take your rest Patriot Cummings
firedup79 10/18(金) 0:40
Your words always bring comfort.
bballwriter 10/18(金) 0:40
Well said
edcwew 10/18(金) 0:40
May God rest his soul and Bless his family! ♥
SueRMichael 10/18(金) 0:40
What a wonderful tribute to Elijah Cummings
Liconn54 10/18(金) 0:41
He leaves giant sized shoes to fill. He was a rare kind of man. What a tremendous loss America grieves today.
JLMP63 10/18(金) 0:41
Thank you for your kind words Mr President about this sad event. Elijah Cummings voice will be missed
EZ_Lerner 10/18(金) 0:41
@PalmerReport Thank you, Mr. President.

Rest In Power, Mr. Chairman Cummings! You may be gone, but yo…
Later53Betty 10/18(金) 0:41
We lost a great man today, our hearts are broken but his memory will live in us forever
Thank you Pr…
VFaletogo 10/18(金) 0:41
You could be VP.....!!!!!
senidur5776 10/18(金) 0:41
Such a heartfelt loss • My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Elijah Cummings! Than…
BlountGblount61 10/18(金) 0:41
Every time you write stuff I get choked up, seriously. I truly and deeply miss your leadership.
dmartinwebster 10/18(金) 0:41
Your heartfelt words are so appreciated. Thank you President Obama.
GlennGriffin8 10/18(金) 0:41
Thank you Mr. President.
beckster_1977 10/18(金) 0:41
Such sad news to hear about.
rocodeedee 10/18(金) 0:41
Well said. Thank you.❤️
madedove 10/18(金) 0:41
I wasn't prepared for this.
BelichickThis 10/18(金) 0:42
I knew your words would bring us comfort, thank you ♥️
ananaj 10/18(金) 0:42
Rest In Peace Elijah Cummings. My condolences to your family.
funtimes57 10/18(金) 0:42
Yes, thank you, Mr. President...
Saragr68548Sara 10/18(金) 0:42
Absolutely well said, Mr. President Barack Obama.
PigTherapy 10/18(金) 0:42
Baltimore is better for him finally being gone...
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:42
Petros06737739 10/18(金) 0:42
A man who walked with God
lthomas000 10/18(金) 0:42
It's always a sad day when someone as well liked and respected as Congressman Cummings leaves us!RIP
wbed1 10/18(金) 0:42
Way too young!
AdosCaptain 10/18(金) 0:42
@MadisonSiriusXM Most American born blacks don’t care anymore what think- you clearly are and always w…
KyleSelby6 10/18(金) 0:42
Thank you 44. Proud to have you as a president.
BeverlyCarter56 10/18(金) 0:42
Thank you always for your grace.
Jeep_TJ_Girl 10/18(金) 0:43
Thank you, Mr. President and Mrs. Obama. America misses you ❤
Jhameel 10/18(金) 0:43
He was always the voice of reason, often the only one
fidelis_8 10/18(金) 0:43
RIP Elijah Cummings, you must look awesome in your crown..
Vlgarza2u 10/18(金) 0:43
@charlesgoyette A giant
akiko7770 10/18(金) 0:43
Do people everyday say they miss you in office? Do people tell you how much you are appreciated in thi…
melissastclair7 10/18(金) 0:43
Thank you president Obama. What kind words
mg1928 10/18(金) 0:43
Grandmommy50 10/18(金) 0:43
Thank you President Obama.
Nazaninstyle 10/18(金) 0:43
KeanuSiamese 10/18(金) 0:43
gypsynurse60 10/18(金) 0:43
Yes indeed great one. Thank you for your service
BarbP11 10/18(金) 0:43
RiP Elijah
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:43
Tessied11 10/18(金) 0:43
Thank you president Obama and Michelle!
laurie_rachelle 10/18(金) 0:43
Thank you Mr. President, you are a compassionate true leader. RIP to a wonderful man Elijah Cummings
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:43
Javierp050557 10/18(金) 0:43
A great human being, we all sorry for the loss.
RayWilliamJoFan 10/18(金) 0:44
apologies on twitter be like
LB3366 10/18(金) 0:44
This is how a real president responds to a devastating loss.
angels_xr 10/18(金) 0:44
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:44
loveangel412 10/18(金) 0:44
I sure do miss how a REAL POTUS is supposed to be.
awelab1956 10/18(金) 0:44
I love him. He's a inspiration always.
saabelieves 10/18(金) 0:44
Thank you President Obama. Congressman Elijah Cummings was and will always be a true leader and hero. RIP
BJohn4492 10/18(金) 0:44
I'm so sorry for our loss.
WendyJo40094709 10/18(金) 0:44
Thank you President Obama. @RepCummings will be missed greatly...a very sad day.
savoy_shenessa 10/18(金) 0:44
Presidential Response!
JhnsnOfficial 10/18(金) 0:44
KayeSprinkle 10/18(金) 0:44
I love what you say about Mr.Cummings! You are such a heartfelt man
amdestefano 10/18(金) 0:45
Heartbroken along with you and the rest of the country. Thank you both for your continued stewardship…
OhSoChill_ 10/18(金) 0:45
Thanks Obama.
Jason96742841 10/18(金) 0:45
You're the best. Today is my birthday. Please wish me a happy birthday. I want my day to be great and…
MuorahI 10/18(金) 0:45
God bless his soul
seankmckeever 10/18(金) 0:45
A loss for America.
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:45
Negro_Izanagi 10/18(金) 0:45
Obama praying on my downfall
connor_terri 10/18(金) 0:45
Thank you for your grace and kindness to this great leader.
Lease2018 10/18(金) 0:46
Thank you, spoken like a True President!
AuroraSluna 10/18(金) 0:46
Thank you President Obama. Elijah Cummings was a great man, a hero, never afraid to stand up to power.…
AssassinsConan 10/18(金) 0:46
police?yes ,I respect polic in the world
heyitsSandraDee 10/18(金) 0:46
I knew you would have a beautiful message for Rep. Cummings. This is a devastating loss. He worked har…
garz2656 10/18(金) 0:46
KayeSprinkle 10/18(金) 0:46
You are an amazing writer, thinker, speaker
jaromeaj 10/18(金) 0:46
Beautiful words to an indeed, remarkable man. Thank you Mr. President.
ACTORVIST_PRLFQ 10/18(金) 0:46


ckanownik 10/18(金) 0:46
Looking to MY president to console our nation over this tragic loss. Thank you for your comforting words, President Obama. ❤️
jmbler 10/18(金) 0:46
Thanks for the beautiful words appropriate and Presidential.
Luc_ive_wil 10/18(金) 0:46
Oh Mr. PRESIDENT. You are so so great...We love you so much!!!!
JordanaHarlowe 10/18(金) 0:46
A presidential tweet from America's favorite President. Thank you, Mr. President.
pamoulder 10/18(金) 0:47
Rest in Power Elijah. You will be missed!
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:47
maxijames3 10/18(金) 0:47
Thank you , Mr. President your words is the only one I want to read. @BarackObama.
Joie_de_Vivre__ 10/18(金) 0:47
I woke up to hear of his passing, feeling sad turned on the news expecting eulogies. It's depressing t…
JonBob59 10/18(金) 0:47
Thank You Mr. President.
joyce37moore 10/18(金) 0:47
nicholasward012 10/18(金) 0:47
He was a good man. He will be missed.
unlvguy 10/18(金) 0:47
That's how it is done!!!!! The definition of PRESIDENTIAL. Not putting out a canned response, that is…
Rentgetta1 10/18(金) 0:47
May his family find peace.. Here’s a link to a great piece about the family dynamics in play... wow !
M_Muneer 10/18(金) 0:48
JanKosamm 10/18(金) 0:48
Thank you Mr. President - may Elijah Cummings rest in eternal peace. ⚘He was a respectable man with g…
readergirl1459 10/18(金) 0:48
"He Can Dance With The Angels," RIHP.
cb_annen 10/18(金) 0:48
cydque 10/18(金) 0:48
Amen! Amen! Amen!
rlgcu11 10/18(金) 0:48
Game recognizes game. RIP dear sir
Ward61125574 10/18(金) 0:49
My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss President Obama. He was a man you respected and…
lorrie_e 10/18(金) 0:49
Thank you Mr President I am sure your loving words will be of great comfort to all who knew and respec…
Camembear59MD 10/18(金) 0:49
Thank you Mr. President for you words of comfort and support.
LeftyLoriD8 10/18(金) 0:49
“When we’re dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, in 2019, what did we do to make sure…
AmitDivecha1 10/18(金) 0:49
This is a heartbreaking loss indeed. Elijah Cummings represented everything America stood for, and we’ll miss him dearly.
JJRavenation52 10/18(金) 0:49
At every opportunity presented to me, I've voted for Elijah Cummings(& you ). I have no regrets in doin…
mazooma11 10/18(金) 0:49
Wauw! Nice to hear something PRESIDENTIAL, authentic, sincere, coming out of the USA in month’s, sorry…
apolonia_milan 10/18(金) 0:49
That beautiful soul of a man Elijah, will truly be missed
Thank you Mr. President we love and miss you and the First Lady
Ladycaroline65 10/18(金) 0:50
May his memory always be for a blessing
LynnCatWalters 10/18(金) 0:50
A Sad, Sad Day
Rest in Peace and Power
We will miss you and continue our Good Fight in y…
PizzaGirl78 10/18(金) 0:50
Thank you President Obama...Elijah Cummings will always be known as a courageous beacon of light whom…
Gleemstar 10/18(金) 0:50
fidelis_8 10/18(金) 0:50
SangareFatou 10/18(金) 0:50
It's though. I cry for his wife; I cry for his children. I cry for his extended family. I cry for his…
ashleyb8255 10/18(金) 0:50
Thank you Sir
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:51
Kaybea9 10/18(金) 0:51
Hmmm where is Trump’s statement, oh sorry I forgot that the USA has a narcissist racist as president.
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:51
cindycrum 10/18(金) 0:51
PeterChastain 10/18(金) 0:51
America, and the world, misses you.
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:51
Dec21045 10/18(金) 0:51
@wbaltv11 While I did not agree with his politics, he was a human being. I believe all politicians co…
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:51
MaryEmmett3 10/18(金) 0:52
Your light continues to shine the path now and for America’s future. Rest In Peace Elijah Cummings.
pakal_king 10/18(金) 0:52
R.I.P y gracias Sr Presidente.
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:52
yoganut50 10/18(金) 0:52
Thank you, Mr. President. You are an inspiration to the nation.
Little_star_666 10/18(金) 0:52
GirlPats 10/18(金) 0:52
God bless you Mr President and may Mr Cummings Rest In Peace .... we miss your wisdom and leadership every day
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 0:52
OReasonStands 10/18(金) 0:53
I miss having a POTUS elected by
hellmart 10/18(金) 0:53
@OversightDems Please, convince Michelle to run for President in 2024.
TomahawkUte 10/18(金) 0:53
You are SORELY missed in the White House, good sir. I hope your efforts to rid the country of that deg…
CathleenBodiker 10/18(金) 0:54
We join with you Mr President in sending live and prayers to the family and friends of a great warrior…
TangelaTaylor1 10/18(金) 0:54
jems_tweet 10/18(金) 0:55
Thank you Mr. President, a true American icon has been called to HIS heavenly home...
TStepha 10/18(金) 0:55
I miss you. I miss the decency and respect that the office of President once had.
JustMyOpinion2U 10/18(金) 0:55
He had it right! He leaves behind the example of what it means to stand up for democracy, for country,…
cls273 10/18(金) 0:55
Thank you sir for speaking the truth of a great man !
SamSofiMama 10/18(金) 0:56
Your voice and that @RepCummings calmed our souls and inspired us to be better. Thank you for the ins…
Jminiaci1 10/18(金) 0:56
BethwhoisBeth 10/18(金) 0:56
Thank you, Mr. President.
WhatThatJessDo 10/18(金) 0:56
We need to pick up the Baton and bash slow walkers with are we still fighting for equality ffs
al_vhora 10/18(金) 0:56
TerriSeattle 10/18(金) 0:58
Words of comfort and compassion from a real President. Thank you
_daveyH 10/18(金) 0:58
God Bless Him and you, always.
jj98navy 10/18(金) 0:59
@MiaFarrow Words from a Leader expressing condolences and sympathy. Thank you, MrPresident & MrsObama for your voice.
sweetblossomsss 10/18(金) 0:59
⁉ ⁉ (゜o゜ )!! shocked...(´;ω;` )
MarieICU 10/18(金) 0:59
Going to miss his passion for truth, fairness, and equality. Such respect Mr. Cummings. Heartbreaking…
eliudsituma 10/18(金) 0:59
May he RIP
Raff19970 10/18(金) 0:59
He was a true patriot
We will carry on with his legacy
wiplimo 10/18(金) 0:59
@OversightDems The funny thing is, you President Obama, I helped you in your campaign & WHEN YOU LEFT…
VictoriaVogt5 10/18(金) 1:00
CurtessaJacques 10/18(金) 1:00
I’m still shaken. So grateful for your thoughtful words. The country has lost a great man . I pray his…
dudes last name is cumming lol
wontonnoodleLA 10/18(金) 1:00
I am heartbroken. He left us too soon. Let's rise to be like Elijah Cummings.
bp6376 10/18(金) 1:01
_Star_Fire_1 10/18(金) 1:01
@Kris_Sacrebleu Rep. Elijah Cummings was the sane, solid voice in Congress; his are ‘big shoes’ to fil…
JodiValeRadio 10/18(金) 1:01
Been waiting for words that reflect our nation’s gratitude all morning.
ButMostlySwears 10/18(金) 1:02
Thank you, Mr. President!
Gray9Ca 10/18(金) 1:02
Thank you for lending dignity to his passing. We miss you.
PCS_CLUB 10/18(金) 1:03
Rep Elijah Cummings brought DC (Dignity & Character ) to the city of Washington DC and the halls of…
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 1:03
Church_84 10/18(金) 1:03
I bet Trump can't pronounce half of these words
Truxton 10/18(金) 1:04
sunnydaykitty1 10/18(金) 1:04
Thank you Mr. President. We miss your grace and dignity in the White House. Rest in peace Elijah.
bjorn_igar 10/18(金) 1:05
Beloved & Most Honorable Elijah Cummings dedicated his life to serving the greater good of all Americans.
KCDurling 10/18(金) 1:06
Thank you, President Obama, for your heartfelt words of comfort.
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 1:06
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 1:06
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 8:51
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 8:52
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 8:52
gullible_guy 10/18(金) 8:54
Mr. Former President Obama (don’t know your last name ) if you search Obama on twitter right now, Obama…
Ndiasseseye61 10/18(金) 8:56
May is exemple inspire more Amériques
HRoe51442688 10/18(金) 9:00
You're always a class act Mr
rrctyls5729 10/18(金) 9:01
A true American with a heart for others!
jnelsonintc 10/18(金) 9:01
A beautiful statement from an actual statesman, thank you Mr. President.
postcards4USA 10/18(金) 9:02
@bannerite RIP @RepCummings
Rest In Power
Rep Elijah Cummings
BestLifeMedica1 10/18(金) 12:41
kahboow1 10/18(金) 12:41
dhrsman 10/18(金) 12:42
I detestested much of your leadership. Unification is needed now more than ever. Sometimes all of us need help?
kahboow1 10/18(金) 12:43
domke_tom 10/18(金) 12:51
Crooks of a feather flock together.
emilyaaron05 10/18(金) 12:56
He will be missed.
DaveNel20704550 10/18(金) 12:58
Corrupt like you, Barry.
nc_angel77 10/18(金) 13:02
Communist. China’s puppet
tersucks_twit 10/18(金) 13:03
Thank God!
CatholicHost 10/18(金) 13:03
labinamusic 10/18(金) 21:38
Patriot_MM 10/18(金) 21:39
UserCasual1 10/18(金) 21:43
Day 2 of telling obama he is hot
tapioka5y4 10/18(金) 21:45
ウナちゃんマン?( ´Α` )
63Wilkins 10/18(金) 21:47
LenoreVargo 10/18(金) 22:05
PepiSouthern 10/18(金) 22:06
@Kyle_Lierman We so miss having a Comforter-in-Chief
YoungAleem 10/19(土) 1:57
EarlJoh45236527 10/19(土) 2:05
@NJMcConne11 He was a crook just like you and Big Mike!!!!!
YoungAleem 10/19(土) 2:07
JamesPerrin5 10/19(土) 5:50
Ro_8728 10/19(土) 10:00
You should speak in his honor at the funeral. The country needs to hear from you!
Scottlsmsk 10/19(土) 10:03
Yes he is gone but that does not excuse him for doing nothing for his district. Sadly all Elijah Cummi…
JuliaC19380917 10/19(土) 10:11
The Life of Julia ...
JuliaC19380917 10/19(土) 10:22
The life of me ....
ursa6404 10/19(土) 10:35
He was a classic poverty pimp in the same molding as Maxine Waters. He did nothing for his "subjects"…
RickiLe52603915 10/19(土) 10:38
Mr Obama, you Michelle and your family have my deepest condolences. I know what it feels like to lose…
SrAverette 10/19(土) 10:57
Another criminal bites the dust and is sent to hell!!!
elianapvaz 10/19(土) 10:58
You & Michael are heartbroken, I’m sure
GeorgeO40765904 10/19(土) 22:52
fantasygawd 10/19(土) 23:28
You mean steal money and watch his city collapse?!? Yeah he was great. ‍♂️
ar_rafiuddin 10/19(土) 23:47
nasi goreng
lovelifetodaypl 10/19(土) 23:54
I am still waiting for Trump to say something about his passing.
Robbie63689447 10/20(日) 9:47
Ahhhh... I’m sure his wife will keep his corrupt gravy train moving, as they continue to rip-off the ppl of Maryland.
gloglo1417 10/20(日) 9:52
LundstramS 10/20(日) 11:18
I miss your empathy and humanity
twister70 10/20(日) 11:19
You mean Michael and I right?
steve71478954 10/20(日) 12:52
Douglas72176174 10/20(日) 16:05
May Elijah Cummings soul rest in peace
GhostWriter556 10/20(日) 16:24
. @RepCummings Will Be Missed

But His Spirit Lives On...

In Each Of Our Hearta♥️
TomFlet08799159 10/20(日) 17:03
DonaldW58833926 10/20(日) 17:40
I am really broken heartbroken in all the people who have died because you helped create ISIS, allowed…
Trabzon_61_34 10/20(日) 17:41
Bu herif başta suriye olmak üzere dünyada ölen milyonlarca insanın sorumlusudur.
dunwunder 10/20(日) 17:54
we know better.
abdulka82649183 10/20(日) 18:32
monzeralbager 10/20(日) 19:15
NplLogic 10/20(日) 19:49

but did not know how to do what he needed to do for Baltimore!
AdolphusTolber2 10/20(日) 20:07
he was a crooked man who lived a 68 year old crooked life the biggest rat in Baltimore
7490Raman 10/20(日) 20:38
I don't know what the human rights organization is doing? Where is the United Nations? Where are the f…
gheancordova 10/21(月) 5:37
I love you
Lawrencegrantb9 10/21(月) 5:39
Check word are Born in order
val67598114 10/21(月) 5:56
He was a Crooked politician like yourself wasting tax payers$ for how many years in office while Balti…
Michael3364oci 10/21(月) 6:12
Well said.
Hi_Coup 10/21(月) 9:06
Elijah Cummings
A reasonable fellow
May he rest in peace
caught_clouds 10/21(月) 9:42
MovingVegas 10/21(月) 9:58
Guantanamo Is Awaiting you traitor!
Lscott163Mini 10/21(月) 10:48
euscuzzie 10/21(月) 11:03
Mike52716849 10/21(月) 12:43
Fraud like satero
Md54519248 10/21(月) 14:19
drcummings11 10/21(月) 14:39
Such a great loss to so many now, and for years to come
ObamaInk 10/21(月) 17:34
KUDRETY03374900 10/22(火) 4:37
BANA ; 5.000.000 YTL. LAZIM.
KUDRETY03374900 10/22(火) 4:39
KUDRETY03374900 10/22(火) 4:39
KUDRETY03374900 10/22(火) 4:51
KUDRETY03374900 10/22(火) 4:54
KUDRETY03374900 10/22(火) 5:09
james_b_winter 10/22(火) 5:13
@LilaRoyBean1 It makes me watch Selma all over again!! The love, respect and dedication that Rep. Cumm…
loulouease 10/22(火) 5:49
@The_News_DIVA "One Nation u/God"
MaadadiMohammed 10/22(火) 6:18
(y )
AlFnEinstein 10/22(火) 6:27
Why don’t you give your salary back when you were president? Why don’t you do something for the country?
IntjUnit 10/22(火) 7:02
last name funny.
lonewolfbc 10/22(火) 7:11
His example of leading a rat invested city just like south Chicago, not much of a legacy
Joseph26216973 10/22(火) 12:49
Brextacy 10/22(火) 13:01
You sure write beautifully, Barry. I'll give you that.
JoeRing14 10/22(火) 14:13
CerealPB 10/23(水) 8:09
you endorsed this guy. that says a lot about you, Barry.
mma_us_com 10/25(金) 17:51
Agree What a lost We the people need pick up where Congressman Elijah Cummings left off. Pray for comfort for the Family. Amen!
RichardCarvlin 10/25(金) 18:08
@sandralhanlon I think Michelle joining the race would be a great tribute to his legacy of fighting fo…
AMMOBlue00 10/28(月) 1:09
I’m sure you are equally as heartbroken over the sudden passing of your friend and ally Abu Bakr al-Ba…
JoseLop33574255 10/30(水) 19:36
Well it’s good to know that he is gone and now someone can take his place and do real work
S41000742 10/30(水) 23:47
SothdaY 10/31(木) 13:06
Octavian92363b7 10/31(木) 19:51
@TheVenusProject @Ilhan @cta
Who is "PRESIDENT"Now?
Mr. @RepCummings or
Prestone_too 11/1(金) 11:22
He was a hack.
markchm 11/1(金) 13:42
America/Americans on both sides of the isle will miss him, and feel the loss.
s6rda 11/2(土) 1:44
CandyCain79 11/2(土) 12:15
KarenSm08340332 11/8(金) 13:09
Yeah real hero. Did a great job in his district. No great loss
AMcccormick 11/8(金) 13:25
Ok boomer
obswhite 11/14(木) 17:31
AsmaTat1 11/15(金) 6:04

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