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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/11/9(土) 1:39 .

No one says it better than @MichelleObama — the Obama Presidential Center coming to the South Side isn't for us, it…

MogulBulent 11/9(土) 4:28
@MichelleObama Cani obama
Abbas18240443 11/9(土) 4:28
@MichelleObama Voice of Trump I am an Iraqi refugee with my family and children inTurkey More than fiv…
WallyOluway 11/9(土) 4:28
@MichelleObama I agree
ErikaNg714 11/9(土) 4:29
@MichelleObama COME BACK BARACK!!!!!
buddyabc123 11/9(土) 4:29
@MichelleObama You deserted the black community for 8 years and now you want to stick a reminder of it in there face !!
mohitpandeybdn 11/9(土) 4:29
@MichelleObama Very nice and congratulations
sum1star 11/9(土) 4:30
ElaineEguthrie1 11/9(土) 4:30
@MichelleObama OBAMA Strikes Again‼️POW
jenn56288707 11/9(土) 4:31
@MichelleObama You’re wife is amazing I❤️Michelle
Blueheronmoon 11/9(土) 4:32
@MichelleObama Love this couple! Love this woman! (And totally unrelated to her general brilliance, wi…
CodeMonkeyB 11/9(土) 4:32
@MichelleObama Well. Only because you’re a public servant and she’s a saint. Only public servants can say that and mean it.
MHzMama 11/9(土) 4:32
@MichelleObama I love and miss you so much. You and your whole, beautiful family are an inspiration.…
alan_flippo 11/9(土) 4:35
@MichelleObama You both disgust me.
docemitbrown 11/9(土) 4:36
@MichelleObama A man and woman filled entirely with honor. We thank you.
ElisabethLee__ 11/9(土) 4:36
@MichelleObama isn’t it also driving up housing prices in the area and pushing familes that have lived…
Hummerlady 11/9(土) 4:37
@MichelleObama You and your wife are one class act!!!
LisaTow17296966 11/9(土) 4:38
silverslane 11/9(土) 4:38
@MichelleObama We still have so much love for you guys! Keep inspiring, in the example of Jimmy Carter.
LisaTow17296966 11/9(土) 4:39
200620081977j 11/9(土) 4:39
@MichelleObama Congratulations Mr and Mrs Obama
lemothe_sr 11/9(土) 4:39
@MichelleObama You are absolutely right President Obama and Michelle Obama.
You both makes A Big Difference!
SharonKarr32 11/9(土) 4:40
@MichelleObama Barack please get Michelle to run for President.
DOMENICOACRI11 11/9(土) 4:40
@MichelleObama Whaarefred can of from
YeLimLee7 11/9(土) 4:40
@MichelleObama 멋져요 행복한 하루 기쁨이 되시기를 기도합니다
LisaTow17296966 11/9(土) 4:40
LisaTow17296966 11/9(土) 4:41
Donna26598286 11/9(土) 4:41
@MichelleObama A woman to admire also is one of my favourite is Maya Angelou .... I could go on but
AbboudWilliam2 11/9(土) 4:43
drewstafford155 11/9(土) 4:46
@MichelleObama I'm betting it will be as popular as sliding down a razor blade into a pool filled with alcohol!
blackgirlmachic 11/9(土) 4:46
@MichelleObama Hey Captain Spray Tan @realDonaldTrump this is what it looks like to actually GIVE back…
Augusti87045214 11/9(土) 4:46
@MichelleObama I've hear you speak many times on TV but reading your book was like you were telling y…
SaraAWilson3 11/9(土) 4:46
@ladddy_leo @MichelleObama Jackson Park was the perfect location. It is as symbolic to the SS as the 6…
daffysirod11 11/9(土) 4:47
@MichelleObama Nothing but love for you and your family! I miss you help us get this creep out of are house please!
DavinaLoewe 11/9(土) 4:49
@MichelleObama You are so right
Muhamma86994502 11/9(土) 4:49
@MichelleObama Allahu Akbar
mosthumbled2 11/9(土) 4:51
@MichelleObama Such a joke. TREASON 100%
Arp97556490 11/9(土) 4:53
@MichelleObama Tell it like it is
MaryLit79511015 11/9(土) 4:54
@MichelleObama ❤️
Mary67Little 11/9(土) 4:54
@MichelleObama ❤️
buffycar 11/9(土) 4:54
@MichelleObama That's amazing!❤
nightMAHER 11/9(土) 4:55
@MichelleObama Will be full of bullet holes!!
BOBBIEJA 11/9(土) 4:55
@MichelleObama ❤️ it!!!
NorenePZTV 11/9(土) 4:55
@MichelleObama Missing you!
suzirgray 11/9(土) 4:55
@sweet_n_spice83 @MichelleObama Miss you Mr. President
Bucklacher 11/9(土) 4:55
@MichelleObama You sir, are the best...
jjoeaz 11/9(土) 4:56
@MichelleObama zzzzz
MsDaanish 11/9(土) 4:57
@MichelleObama Beautiful!!
Optic_Fan_Man 11/9(土) 4:57
HumbertoDeLaHo8 11/9(土) 4:58
Liliann66018637 11/9(土) 4:59
@MichelleObama Yay! I can't wait to visit ☺
MWhippel 11/9(土) 5:02
@MichelleObama Yeah too bad about all the wildlife, the people in the neighborhood for used to use the…
Notarus53619424 11/9(土) 5:02
@MichelleObama trump is already making opportunity zones fam squad
meddocmeddoc201 11/9(土) 5:02
@MichelleObama President and First Lady Obama are role models for everyone. Cooperation and hard work…
6fc39b258dcf4a2 11/9(土) 5:03
@MichelleObama Best FLOTUS of all time. Even out of office, the Obama's have continued serving America.
Joanwhitt5 11/9(土) 5:03
@MichelleObama You are a real honorable man President Obama. I would love to have you in office. Co…
maemiguiel1 11/9(土) 5:04
@MichelleObama Not fair..
moorthyoilgas 11/9(土) 5:04
@MichelleObama Thanking Hon'ble President Barack Obama ji, thanking you the Excellency. Thanking Hon'b…
Nancyhe34431700 11/9(土) 5:06
763ac270a7374f1 11/9(土) 5:07
@MichelleObama Muhama Gadafi is watching
sclif4d23 11/9(土) 5:10
@MichelleObama Nobody says it better than Michelle… Keep the library and actually fix the city you pro…
Montaha78284214 11/9(土) 5:11
@MichelleObama Save iraqi people
RosemaryPrest13 11/9(土) 5:12
@MichelleObama Bless you both for the work you continue to do for your fellow man. You are truly a man…
Bmacdaddy33 11/9(土) 5:13
@MichelleObama Your library in Chicago is a total sham, regardless of what Michael says.
DrewTabori 11/9(土) 5:15
@MichelleObama We need you now more than ever sir! As a UK resident you were stil and God…
stevenpaley1 11/9(土) 5:15
@MichelleObama ... we need you... both.
KassemKrista 11/9(土) 5:15
@MichelleObama Thank you very much!
The best greetings and for the future THE BEST!
Kristina, Vienna/A. /EUROP..
srollinsontc 11/9(土) 5:18
@MichelleObama Will it have a gun range?
EmbryAlbert 11/9(土) 5:19
@MichelleObama Perhaps there will be a report of spying on Trumps president. Campaign.
WHEB13 11/9(土) 5:20
@MichelleObama Join the Fight we need your Wit as well as your humor!
oneeyewideshut 11/9(土) 5:20
@MichelleObama Wonder if there will be hideouts to spy on your political opponents?
SusanJCurry 11/9(土) 5:21
@MichelleObama So exciting! Michelle, I am currently reading your book and loving it!
lynna577 11/9(土) 5:22
@MichelleObama LOVE the Obama's
choi_imsook58 11/9(土) 5:25
krisriis 11/9(土) 5:26
@MichelleObama @MichelleObama for President!!! ❤️
Fernand66362448 11/9(土) 5:26
TiffanyRamnanan 11/9(土) 5:27
@MichelleObama I can't wait to visit one day!
linda70091152 11/9(土) 5:27
@MichelleObama Miss the great family. I hate the animal that is there now
tweeting_obama 11/9(土) 5:28
@MichelleObama i tweet you every day
aliandnancy 11/9(土) 5:33
@MichelleObama You’re done!! Please just frigging disappear!
manofinstinct 11/9(土) 5:33
@MichelleObama YUCK
noelnormanm 11/9(土) 5:35
@MichelleObama A place where we can be praised as the gods that we are
forde_jason 11/9(土) 5:40
@MichelleObama So u live where?
bendslev_joyce 11/9(土) 5:45
@MichelleObama You both are so awesome. May God continue to bless you and your family ❣️
ManuelA49039984 11/9(土) 5:45
@MichelleObama Richtig, gut formierte. Genau so, das ist für's nächste Generation
und Gemeinde.
JulieHalverson7 11/9(土) 5:45
@MichelleObama God is good! Thank you for always doing right by your family and this country. Know you ate a blessing to many.
CheriRosvall 11/9(土) 5:47
@MichelleObama Oh I so admire you...always thinking of others. This is the best idea a president has h…
erickmiles 11/9(土) 5:48
@MichelleObama Its crazy to think that the crook Trump will get a presidential library one day
1950Cooper 11/9(土) 5:49
@MichelleObama BS Sissy
PYKE1EhcKgh85IZ 11/9(土) 5:50
@MichelleObama 次世代の賢く、マトモな大統領を育成してくださいね。


__SnittyKitty__ 11/9(土) 5:53
@MichelleObama President Obama & FLOTUS, endorse please.
Dan67Watch 11/9(土) 5:54
Ndiasseseye61 11/9(土) 5:54
@MichelleObama IT'S
phocutt 11/9(土) 5:55
@MichelleObama Wait I thought you all moved to the WHITE side of town
laylayl7 11/9(土) 5:59
@MichelleObama تابعني ياعىد انا جديد
Rizushikder 11/9(土) 6:02
@MichelleObama Go ahead.
IrishMoonDancer 11/9(土) 6:02
@MichelleObama Reading a tweet from a POTUS that actually contains a complete sentence...correct gramm…
HyperSpirit07 11/9(土) 6:03
@MichelleObama This is what my school serves every Thursday. They call it pizza but its better defined…
Rosetoes5583 11/9(土) 6:04
@MichelleObama I can't wait to see Frank Gallagher at the Obama Presidential Center in Season 17 of Shameless.
Patri_011 11/9(土) 6:08
@MichelleObama Plagas, viejos de mierda
brandon75667018 11/9(土) 6:08
@MichelleObama can you come back in the white House we need you back
life is sad with out u in the w…
jttater14 11/9(土) 6:11
@MichelleObama Probably should donate millions to the Chicago residents rather than buying a 15 million dollar mansion for two.
livinghappy56 11/9(土) 6:12
@MichelleObama ✋‍♀️✌
heuken2 11/9(土) 6:12
@MichelleObama We miss Michelle and you.
DeepSpaceForce 11/9(土) 6:12
@MichelleObama The walls are closing in on you.
neenyah_love 11/9(土) 6:13
@MichelleObama I miss having y’all in WH. You guys made the most difference! Much love!
johnligon3 11/9(土) 6:14
@MichelleObama Michelle needs to run for president.
PatrickLimo 11/9(土) 6:17
@MichelleObama These areas of Chicago need investment.
mike85Trump 11/9(土) 6:17
Nickomp1 11/9(土) 6:19
@MichelleObama Why don’t YOU and Michael live there then?
jbarret145 11/9(土) 6:23
@MichelleObama - El Centro Presidencial de Obama que viene al lado sur no es para nosotros, es para la…
AllForOne78 11/9(土) 6:23
@MichelleObama I guess better 8 years late than never
JohnnyTubb 11/9(土) 6:24
@MichelleObama Better be packing Prez... you haven’t done much for your city
LeeAnndelCasti4 11/9(土) 6:24
@earlibirdrobin @MichelleObama Miss you both every Day
barbschepers 11/9(土) 6:24
@MichelleObama How I miss the Obamas’
Adamthemann 11/9(土) 6:26
@MichelleObama Can your wife @MichelleObama run for president now? Please and thank you
_Nick_Hodge 11/9(土) 6:26
@MichelleObama We love and miss you and your family, Mr. President. Thank you.
Gold_blooded5 11/9(土) 6:27
@MichelleObama These two!
For all the Obama turned Unindicted Co-conspirator supporters....
isellstuff256 11/9(土) 6:27
@MichelleObama This is so great!!! Such beautiful people..
igypup9 11/9(土) 6:28
@bethbrookfield @MichelleObama this is great!
Ndiasseseye61 11/9(土) 6:30
@MichelleObama Présidential
Ndiasseseye61 11/9(土) 6:30
@MichelleObama FOR
tommie7469 11/9(土) 6:30
@MichelleObama Your racist wife says it best what does that say about you?
We_LoveAmerica 11/9(土) 6:32
ediaz512 11/9(土) 6:32
@MichelleObama Yes!!! God bless you both and your families!!!
richguagliardo 11/9(土) 6:34
@MichelleObama Our Family loves you, President Obama!
TracyLynny 11/9(土) 6:38
@MichelleObama You chose well sir. Both of you did.
Fallingpauli 11/9(土) 6:38
@MichelleObama God this country misses you two!!! ♥️
Poeticlady85 11/9(土) 6:40
@MichelleObama I miss everything about you, but most of all I miss your compassion & what you did for…
NancyLChapman 11/9(土) 6:41
@MichelleObama White people are not afraid of you.
KeSeTeInyeronte 11/9(土) 6:42
@MichelleObama Ah just like the MV house? Crook
GirlsArePoopie 11/9(土) 6:43
TJKy176 11/9(土) 6:43
@MichelleObama You haven't opened it yet?!!
sophieur11 11/9(土) 6:45
@MichelleObama Right on Michelle great work!
Toni58623231 11/9(土) 6:46
@MichelleObama Thanks for reminding me that there are good men.
feelmoist 11/9(土) 6:48
@MichelleObama Miss you all: )
cindyniemann1 11/9(土) 6:50
Terre30110535 11/9(土) 6:54
@MichelleObama Can’t wait to enjoy and experience it.
pennym003 11/9(土) 6:55
@MichelleObama So sad I didn’t get tickets to see you in Halifax next week. loves Barack & Michelle Obama!
michael_badass 11/9(土) 6:56
btheburke 11/9(土) 6:57
@MichelleObama You are the worst president ever you P.O.S.
BourneFrancine 11/9(土) 6:59
@MichelleObama I'm so thankful that I was given the opportunity to have lived to see @ Vote for the fi…
wjeanhoward 11/9(土) 7:00
@MichelleObama Are you going to help them? You should have made that a priority during your eight years!
ALapovsky 11/9(土) 7:01
@MichelleObama The Obamas are a gift that keeps on giving. The best cause for 300+ million to keep on…
lucia_lefay 11/9(土) 7:04
@MichelleObama Hooooly sh*t! That is AWESOME! There's really nothing more to say.
christopherllQ 11/9(土) 7:04
@MichelleObama Please Fix the murderkilling in the south side ! If any people could do it it you!
Lgomez2314 11/9(土) 7:06
EyezRichie 11/9(土) 7:07
@MichelleObama You could have done when you were president!!!
puromaduro 11/9(土) 7:07
@MichelleObama Nothing but praise. Now it's time to scroll down to see the idiocy of the haters. I bet…
ctincherrocket1 11/9(土) 7:07
SusanRAshton1 11/9(土) 7:10
@MichelleObama A snake in the grass people
l_kek123 11/9(土) 7:11
@MichelleObama Love you both!
thefoyes 11/9(土) 7:11
@MichelleObama Saw her speak this week and she’s truly an inspiration to all people. And it sounds like she kinda likes you : )
4aclearview 11/9(土) 7:12
@MichelleObama We know it's not for you as you were never there... enjoy Martha's Vineyard you hypocrite.....
kshaugh61 11/9(土) 7:13
@MichelleObama Leave it a park... build your library on the Vineyard
ron_skehan 11/9(土) 7:14
ron_skehan 11/9(土) 7:14
ron_skehan 11/9(土) 7:14
ron_skehan 11/9(土) 7:15
CaminitiRoss 11/9(土) 11:09
@MichelleObama Jail for you soon in a 2x 4 cell
MicheleHutton13 11/9(土) 11:10
@MichelleObama Run for president Michelle ❤️
cherylmmrlrabe 11/9(土) 11:10
@MichelleObama Very inspiring and very nice generation of leaders and people. Thanks @BarackObama an…
bren07447916 11/9(土) 11:10
@MichelleObama I miss you both more then I’ve missed anyone or anything. I hate that we don’t still ha…
aeanyc 11/9(土) 11:12
@MichelleObama I expected nothing less from the two of you. ❤️
Ernie56133639 11/9(土) 11:13
@MichelleObama We love you! I can’t wait to visit
GoFanYourselfAZ 11/9(土) 11:15
@MichelleObama Considering the fact that Barr and Durham will prove you are the most corrupt president…
2FjJjm0g9QeOOPv 11/9(土) 11:16
@MichelleObama I saw the guy which women,saids now pass him・・
Shows American model (FAKE)to me.…
BDThompson10 11/9(土) 11:18
@MichelleObama Who gives a shit about Obama’s communist center in Jackson park. It should be in center of Russia.
Cro18125 11/9(土) 11:19
@MichelleObama Come back!!!! Save us!!!!
Tonny49707306 11/9(土) 11:21
@MichelleObama Salutes
sophiedamazon 11/9(土) 11:21
2FjJjm0g9QeOOPv 11/9(土) 11:21
@MichelleObama She only turn back.Which I just in search by YouTube
video,and Japanese girl`s know me,…
waterma87467591 11/9(土) 11:21
@MichelleObama Oh, do the Obama’s live in the South Side? Certainly they must live in a predominantly…
jperk1819 11/9(土) 11:25
@MichelleObama Good point. We don’t want it anywhere nears us.
GuillPainchaud 11/9(土) 11:25
@oneshotstories @MichelleObama Is it also for divorced men? Even great women can be sexist.
wasp74820 11/9(土) 11:25
@oneshotstories @MichelleObama Oh you mean Big Mike.
LIMIANO1955 11/9(土) 11:26
@MichelleObama Maravilhoso e fantástico Barack Obama....
FRANCKBAH6 11/9(土) 11:26
@MichelleObama Good président Obama
2FjJjm0g9QeOOPv 11/9(土) 11:27
@MichelleObama Barack Obama SHould be arrest by FBI,SOON RIGHT NOW.
nacercan 11/9(土) 11:27
@MichelleObama Dude just leave us alone please, you were president of the US for 8 years and you did…
OldSummerdog 11/9(土) 11:28
@MichelleObama Go away
2FjJjm0g9QeOOPv 11/9(土) 11:29
@MichelleObama The room beside Taliban`s room,which only have
board for bed.TRUE.

2FjJjm0g9QeOOPv 11/9(土) 11:30
@MichelleObama Daughters you!YOUFEELSHAME.
2FjJjm0g9QeOOPv 11/9(土) 11:30
@MichelleObama BIGGESTONE.
PierreBahl1 11/9(土) 11:31
@MichelleObama After you the level of sea gone rise, Mr Obama you buy the Martha mansion, how is highe…
BankerMike721 11/9(土) 11:32
@MichelleObama Maybe some of the homeless can live there?
hell_twiter 11/9(土) 11:34
PastorThat 11/9(土) 11:36
@MichelleObama Can @MichelleObama run for President. I’m a independent/not trump republican. I’d vote for her!
Peanutsgrandma 11/9(土) 11:36
@MichelleObama It's a pleasure to find you and Michelle on Twitter. My family and I miss you.
BillRockett4 11/9(土) 11:36
@MichelleObama William text Queen Michelle Obama if anyone said something about you someone here said it
BrainReynolds5 11/9(土) 11:36
@MichelleObama Tell us Barack, Do aliens exist? What is going on behind the scenes at area 51. I recom…
Leeclar47524808 11/9(土) 11:43
cecileyrose 11/9(土) 11:47
@MichelleObama ❤
DebraSm44632618 11/9(土) 11:47
@MichelleObama I'm no expert in trading but have made $5500 with $500 investment I had good guidance w…
AbdulFofanah15 11/9(土) 11:47
@MichelleObama I really love you people
Pee2K 11/9(土) 11:49
@MichelleObama You two are truly the best POTUS and FLOTUS ever. I was,and still am privileged to be l…
DianaKiana54 11/9(土) 12:00
@MichelleObama Miss you! Looking forward to visiting The Obama Presidential Center.... great idea fir the location!
BusinessFlb 11/9(土) 12:00
@MichelleObama This is amazing
EvilMordor 11/9(土) 12:04
@MichelleObama Saw dat lie berry...
kineoborn 11/9(土) 12:05
@MichelleObama Man, I miss you all.
Safir632199421 11/9(土) 12:07
@MichelleObama Thanks for good things u've done it
GitauWarigi 11/9(土) 12:10
@MichelleObama Take it to Hawaii, Prez, where you were born. Chicago is your wife's hometown.
KelvinSimpson17 11/9(土) 12:11
@MichelleObama Good Luck Sir
shash_roy 11/9(土) 12:16
CVote 11/9(土) 12:16
@MichelleObama I love you 2.
TubeSalvation 11/9(土) 12:17
Dorothy02604879 11/9(土) 12:17
@MichelleObama Thank you so much President Obama for all you have done for all! Giving such a wonderfu…
TosoShawn 11/9(土) 12:17
@MichelleObama Interesting.
EbingerMary 11/9(土) 12:17
@MichelleObama By far the most OUTSTANDING PRESIDENTIAL FAMILY in all of our Country’s History! Eloque…
SilverbackRon 11/9(土) 12:18
@MichelleObama Barack and Michelle = True Love Forever
Afieto 11/9(土) 12:18
@MichelleObama We sure do miss you two. Thanks for being the best.
icl1005 11/9(土) 12:18
@MichelleObama I’m sure it’s the perfect space. Hope I get to see it one day
RaphaelOzan 11/9(土) 12:20
@MichelleObama We shall see who the incoming generation of leaders consists of...
weener_p 11/9(土) 12:21
@MichelleObama We all know you didn’t run in 2016 because you were scared of Trump. You’ll never be as…
bbaumgar 11/9(土) 12:21
@MichelleObama Please..try helping with the crime there
rose_ebue 11/9(土) 12:22
@MichelleObama Still Presidential. I feel very grateful.
CarlBennet6 11/9(土) 12:24
Terry92969283 11/9(土) 12:27
@MichelleObama Why build in the murder Capitol of the world? Probably got a 70% tax break.
rrashton 11/9(土) 12:28
@MichelleObama You know, @BarackObama and @MichelleObama, that millions around the world miss you fiercely.
Chewikas 11/9(土) 12:30
velosr 11/9(土) 12:30
@MichelleObama BRAVO Obama's!
decidedlyclare 11/9(土) 12:32
@MichelleObama Please run for President, @MichelleObama I cant take anymore of this.
nena1211 11/9(土) 12:32
@MichelleObama What a joke!
megan7oneill 11/9(土) 12:37
@OmOmOmG @MichelleObama You are a lucky man, @BarackObama , to have such an amazing woman as your wife…
Mike52716849 11/9(土) 12:40
@MichelleObama Love white neighborhoods only frauds
Mike52716849 11/9(土) 12:42
@MichelleObama Are you worried yet milhouse?
spclprtns 11/9(土) 12:42
@MichelleObama It’s for the people lol! What a load of ....
dham1991 11/9(土) 12:46
@MichelleObama Even though the local community doesn’t approve of it there....huh interesting.
Lamar95286924 11/9(土) 12:49
@MichelleObama Gross
Bittu_belieberJ 11/9(土) 12:55
@MichelleObama aww 110M congrats Legend
Bittu_belieberJ 11/9(土) 12:55
@MichelleObama pls follow me
copcake 11/9(土) 13:00
@MichelleObama Bullet ridden Chicago....these people don't plan to be there and expect you to foot the…
MGM47061 11/9(土) 13:01
@MichelleObama You mean the neighborhood you have abandoned for the new mansion in an all white neighb…
toniandchevon 11/9(土) 13:02
Thank you@BarackObama
Defining_Image 11/9(土) 13:03
@MichelleObama Please go away
PrimordialVapor 11/9(土) 13:03
@MichelleObama Seriously...vanish from the public eye for all our sake. You got your "balla" mansion,…
DildoTBaggins1 11/9(土) 13:03
@MichelleObama Mooch needs to shut up and go back to getting blurry pictures taken of it on its walks…
songforcoso 11/9(土) 13:04
@realDDGlover @MichelleObama Sir. Did you consider not naming it after yourself?
It's only a little de…
Nitroromero1 11/9(土) 13:05
@MichelleObama @BarackObama you are a great man with my highest respect. I will never forget what you…
serahmalaba 11/9(土) 13:06
@MichelleObama You're so inspiring!!
5bf7eeb8a97948e 11/9(土) 13:07
@MichelleObama Of course it's not for you. How can it be when you live hundreds of miles away in a gated community
GeorgeJGerardJr 11/9(土) 13:10
@MichelleObama The $500,000,000.00 burning a hole in your pocket?
Dixenstein 11/9(土) 13:13
@MichelleObama Bang bang bang bang. All that be going on in south Chicago.
Drsofikhan9 11/9(土) 13:14
@MichelleObama Nice, but why do u not live here!
masulsa 11/9(土) 13:15
@MichelleObama Heck yeah! South side needs help!!! Love it
ConManicus 11/9(土) 13:18
@MichelleObama hi mom
bradillacbaker 11/9(土) 13:23
@MichelleObama We miss y’all.
EddieS6370 11/9(土) 13:29
@MichelleObama BS
mariangela1521 11/9(土) 13:30
@MichelleObama The compassion the Obama's have for their country, their community, and their love for…
puli_gavin 11/9(土) 13:37
@MichelleObama A wonderful outcome. Mr Obama, i wish to enter local government (Australian ). Is this h…
IvAleksandr2iv1 11/9(土) 13:41
@MichelleObama Obama comes from Africa. His African background influences his behavior
Veronic92929080 11/9(土) 13:47
@MichelleObama I have multiple sclerosis and I'm in debt with Medicare. I've reached out two foundatio…
DanMAGA2 11/9(土) 13:49
@MichelleObama You can careless about Chicago just as long as you're getting paid your fine
DManabete 11/9(土) 13:51
@MichelleObama BO we miss your leadership, love and sense of hope.
MitewuMitteran 11/9(土) 13:52
@MichelleObama Et comment faire pour se former à être dirigeant ??? Comment vous voir ???
prettyellowroz1 11/9(土) 13:52
@MichelleObama Yes yes
LutherByrd5 11/9(土) 13:53
@EsmereldaLopez @MichelleObama obama is the worst president since jefferson davis.
HorrorQueen13 11/9(土) 13:54
@MichelleObama Thank you both for reminding me how good people will change the world.
LouiseKanon1 11/9(土) 13:55
@MichelleObama I still haven't seen anyone with the integrity and professionalism other than this pres…
vthomas66 11/9(土) 13:56
@MichelleObama It's about time you did something there. Now fix the crime
TheFactsbyShana 11/9(土) 13:56
@MichelleObama Problem you have no one an read. There all illiterate
keosmomddr 11/9(土) 14:04
@MichelleObama Thank GOD for the blessings HE bestowed on our world with you and Michelle as our leade…
Alokla 11/9(土) 14:09
LoloRayne1 11/9(土) 14:11
@MichelleObama Whenever I get uncontrollably angry I read Obama's tweets...both Michelle and Barack...…
RobertAlai 11/9(土) 14:15
@MichelleObama I blame you for killing Gaddaffi who stabilized and wiped poverty off Libya. You destroyed Libya Mr. President.
infomonger 11/9(土) 14:20
@ClearingtheMist @MichelleObama
CarlaAnnParks2 11/9(土) 14:24
@MichelleObama You gonna show how to destroy their country? Didn't you already do that.
ManikPrinceKin1 11/9(土) 14:26
@MichelleObama Amazing work dear good
acave6_cantu 11/9(土) 14:30
@MichelleObama I miss you both so much. You always are thinking if the common good. Thank you
Felicia15749396 11/9(土) 14:30
@MichelleObama Cordially , I was interrupted by your tweet looks like you trying to get Michelle on th…
mang_spider 11/9(土) 14:33
@MichelleObama 2 people that I miss every day: my mother and you. When you were President I was like "…
CharlesAguayo17 11/9(土) 14:45
@MichelleObama Los hombres de la Edad Media vivían inmersos en un universo mágico Los hombres de estés…
TM__Little 11/9(土) 14:47
@MichelleObama Sure. It’s for the next generation. While your foundation pays $1 for rent for the property. Sure.
nbisit 11/9(土) 14:48
@MichelleObama Michelle! First Lady for eveeeeeeer!
faisall58810620 11/9(土) 14:50
BroncoChris1970 11/9(土) 14:52
Pradipt36584315 11/9(土) 14:54
@MichelleObama Great work. I appreciate it.
ALI02194347 11/9(土) 14:55
@MichelleObama أوباما ازدراء ترامب مرهون بصوره من صورك بنفس هذي الابتسامة ،ولكن بشرط ترسلها لترامب يو…
designerlife83 11/9(土) 14:56
@MichelleObama Cool
Chez312 11/9(土) 15:02
@MichelleObama Hi Renegade
decoratingJan 11/9(土) 15:08
@LeaBlackMiami @MichelleObama Jeffery Epstein case needs investigating, who were all the players invol…
S0010987 11/9(土) 15:10
@MichelleObama If it's for socialist pigs like you no thank you.
hadenough45 11/9(土) 15:12
@MichelleObama Your wife is one smart, classy lady. You done good, President O!
tjkprays 11/9(土) 15:23
@MichelleObama Love it!
Gaz__77 11/9(土) 15:23
@MichelleObama Can you or Michelle stand again, please?? Our world needs you!
AnisulMahi 11/9(土) 15:25
@MichelleObama President Obama, I’m a 23 year old Republican and you are one of my top role models. Yo…
Nooneca57048695 11/9(土) 15:26
NicholasMcArth6 11/9(土) 15:30
@MichelleObama You're just saying that because you two are married... Jk baby cakes
DanielM08496705 11/9(土) 15:30
@MichelleObama What a load of crap !!!! If you love the south side of Chicago then live there instead…
inlightenPro 11/9(土) 15:31
@MichelleObama I know you are ok with this. I grew up in Hyde Park. From homeless to home. Great to…
kuatseatorbenue 11/9(土) 15:34
@MichelleObama Sir, I love your integrity and your simplicity you are a role model to many Young peopl…
WilliamLansing2 11/9(土) 15:39
@MichelleObama Please run for president...Please
cherokee470 11/9(土) 15:41
@MichelleObama Put it in Syria or Iran where it belongs
ntravelletti1 11/9(土) 15:41
@skyjohnston2004 @MichelleObama
Magicmush7 11/9(土) 15:43
@MichelleObama Please endorse Andrew Yang. Many of your vision are in common with Andrew Yang compare with other candidates.
bhanu916061 11/9(土) 15:47
@MichelleObama U r the inspiration not only in your country entire world
Thank you Sir..
kikistar62 11/9(土) 15:48
@MichelleObama We Love and Miss You!!
TalipanPaul 11/9(土) 15:56
@MichelleObama Great historial legacy of great man of profound wisdom.
Give go
NesheiwatMaged 11/9(土) 15:59
@MichelleObama 8 years of Obama and now you want to help Chicago??
Akeemfashola3 11/9(土) 16:03
@MichelleObama this is really good am proud of both of u sir an May God reward u abundantly in Jesus…
robungbbq 11/9(土) 16:15
@MichelleObama South Side....Should just make one big Cemetery there Nonstop Killing each other! Pathetic!
bebkls 11/9(土) 16:22
@MichelleObama She needed to run for President!!! She is smart, kind and has a true grip on what is ri…
stewart_mccall 11/9(土) 16:23
@MichelleObama Obama is a traitor to the American people Trump has done more than any other president in years!!!
AHSARDAR1 11/9(土) 16:26
@MichelleObama So good
AllenArrasmith 11/9(土) 16:27
@MichelleObama Go Bomber a real president.
54millie 11/9(土) 16:28
@MichelleObama Your both deeply missed from your grace and all that you both represent...your both a t…
alwyz_wickd_shx 11/9(土) 16:30
@MichelleObama Fucky'all
JuanzettaP 11/9(土) 16:42
@MichelleObama Love it
GoFanYourselfAZ 11/9(土) 16:43
@MichelleObama Twitter hides every negative tweet about Obama.
Kalibandrahcir 11/9(土) 16:47
@MichelleObama Love the idea.. More cities need to invest back into itself and into the community..
Bleach_Bit 11/9(土) 16:53
Bleach_Bit 11/9(土) 16:56
AdjineT 11/9(土) 16:59
@MichelleObama That really
Ski_Hound 11/9(土) 17:14
@MichelleObama Is it for everyone barak?
mum2kidz2011 11/9(土) 17:19
@MichelleObama Blacks are free, go out and get to know other race. Mix and mingle even if it is hard.…
Kipkiru59877121 11/9(土) 17:23
Nikkazemii98 11/9(土) 17:32
AljanBoss 11/9(土) 17:38
@MichelleObama MISS U OBAMA
JStephe30754623 11/9(土) 17:39
@MichelleObama Yeah
Mamadou88785443 11/9(土) 17:43
@MichelleObama Bonjour la couple,présidentielle
__SnittyKitty__ 11/9(土) 17:48
@MichelleObama President Obama, does this mean that you endorsed

“Democrats aren’t…
mum2kidz2011 11/9(土) 17:49
@MichelleObama Imagine punishing the grand children of a murderer? My grand father was taken by Japane…
Evette48493485 11/9(土) 17:59
@MichelleObama This is beautiful! I've never visited Chicago. But I'd travel to see this.
kalnflorida1 11/9(土) 18:00
@MichelleObama Like the library no body wanted ?
odunayo18 11/9(土) 18:07
@MichelleObama No one is better than him
TabeHonour 11/9(土) 18:12
@MichelleObama Amazing!!

The future generation is the push.

God please give us an Obama in Nigeria,…
NunesAlbina 11/9(土) 18:16
@MichelleObama Yes please come Back we nead you I Love you
shato296484aol 11/9(土) 18:18
@MichelleObama Oh please two of the biggest liars in history. You don’t give a damn about Chicago! Whe…
karltex11 11/9(土) 18:18
@MichelleObama GREAT
JulieRo09974891 11/9(土) 18:22
@MichelleObama You can’t say it enough. This couple have so much class - and humanity.
Krishna68922459 11/9(土) 18:22
@MichelleObama Please help me please contact us
Isabell24661516 11/9(土) 18:23
@MichelleObama I really love the all those thing doing Michelle for us for people she know how we suffering
Krishna68922459 11/9(土) 18:24
@MichelleObama Please Barack Obama sir please help me please contact us we need money in emergency cases please help
BargerJerry 11/9(土) 18:25
@MichelleObama Trump?
pg849 11/9(土) 18:28
@MichelleObama Are you real Mr. Barack?
Steve092917519 11/9(土) 19:00
@MichelleObama O please be silent
anthony_siranda 11/9(土) 19:14
@MichelleObama Puppet's
CHAFES1 11/9(土) 19:16
@MichelleObama Lord, Jesus what You have done in keeping the Obama family safe in all their public eve…
Isabel08428385 11/9(土) 19:21
@MichelleObama This will bring growth and development...Great innovation!
beautylegion1 11/9(土) 19:21
@MichelleObama We Miss You Mr President.
Boatzan1 11/9(土) 19:23
@MichelleObama Another self serving foundation
53ruedevarenne 11/9(土) 19:30
@PoliticusSarah @MichelleObama Will you and Michelle be going back to live in the South Side?
Jim1dabears 11/9(土) 19:31
@MichelleObama YES, ALL of America KNOWS how much YOU did to improve CHICAGO
LindaVenuto1 11/9(土) 19:39
@MichelleObama President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama,, I just have to tell both of you how pro…
MichaelBPerry2 11/9(土) 19:40
@MichelleObama Damn crooks
Uwe57080711 11/9(土) 19:44
@MichelleObama Für mich war Obama der beste Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten und es wird glaube ich k…
Uwe57080711 11/9(土) 19:44
@MichelleObama Und seine Frau Michelle Obama ist genauso super und ich würde mich freuen wenn Sie die…
TheLegendShayan 11/9(土) 19:54
@MichelleObama Oh wonderful, so much help
TheLegendShayan 11/9(土) 19:54
@MichelleObama Well whoopi to go home
TrumpsWH4ever 11/9(土) 19:56
@MichelleObama More like a training camp
AndFreedo 11/9(土) 19:58
@MichelleObama I hope one of these days I have the Chance to meet your instalation somewhere in Chicag…
IndependentAme9 11/9(土) 20:05
@MichelleObama Lmfao!! Make shure youre in it !! Piece of shit
SusanMSanderso3 11/9(土) 20:09
@MichelleObama You and FLOTUS are surely missed!! When our Whitehouse had class!!!
johnnyssellers 11/9(土) 20:12
@MichelleObama Still miss your spirit...and your leadership.
Shelen43993830 11/9(土) 20:14
@MichelleObama We miss y’all
SandraSousaPin1 11/9(土) 20:14
appiah1973 11/9(土) 20:16
@MichelleObama Thanks for your good initiative is hope you will extend it across the globe
AAArlett 11/9(土) 20:20
@MichelleObama Obamas just getting ready to work.
I was always looking forward to their contributions post-presidency
realskaddo 11/9(土) 20:23
@MichelleObama Beautiful post

Thanks for sharing

Have a blessed weekend.
persnikkidi 11/9(土) 20:28
@MichelleObama No - NO ONE WANTS IT!!!
eschmannjoe 11/9(土) 20:28
@MichelleObama Is the mansion on the water for the community also? Asking for a friend
858tennis 11/9(土) 20:29
@MichelleObama Oh please
7758258sb 11/9(土) 20:29
@MichelleObama Per capita carrier, per capita nuclear bomb, per capita GDP, per capita motor vehicle,…
barro_chierno 11/9(土) 20:29
@MichelleObama That's why people loves you
persnikkidi 11/9(土) 20:29
APerfectMan10 11/9(土) 20:31
@MichelleObama Put it in Kenya where it belonvgs.
hvac69 11/9(土) 20:32
@MichelleObama Wonder why the Obama's don't just move there to be close to home. No they buy a home in…
CAM373737 11/9(土) 20:33
@MichelleObama If representative of your presidency, it would be called The Big Fraud Center.
xoxobitta 11/9(土) 20:34
@MichelleObama If only we could get your help in Flint MI. WE STILL HAVE LEAD PIPES! The city stopped…
OurPerfectUnion 11/9(土) 20:34
@MichelleObama Obama, it is so sad to say this about a President, but you have done more to destroy th…
209_design 11/9(土) 20:40
@MichelleObama IF IT'S NOT FOR YOU...

Be the first to have a library
ANTEB19 11/9(土) 20:46
@MichelleObama Sate,.. sate...
Kittengardenluv 11/9(土) 20:48
@MichelleObama Perfect, most thoughtful place for the Obama Presidential Center! I can’t wait to visit!!!
beth_lewis22 11/9(土) 20:49
@MichelleObama Isn't your home in Martha's vineyard?
Lauriel0721 11/9(土) 20:52
@MichelleObama I miss you and and Michelle so much. I love you both!
mamabird15d 11/9(土) 20:52
@MichelleObama Speak to the parents of these children.Tell them to be there for their child explain wh…
deedeedoo23 11/9(土) 20:53
@MichelleObama Please come back ! Washington DC has become Crazyrown
mariasmarrelli 11/9(土) 20:59
@MichelleObama Thank you Obama’s! You are truly good people. We miss you.
Eye70M 11/9(土) 20:59
@MichelleObama How’s Michael doing? And your rented children?
blessedgrant 11/9(土) 21:03
@MichelleObama I love the Obamas. Mr. President you are truly missed. A President with class, integri…
RealBaileyKing2 11/9(土) 21:09
@MichelleObama All America is proud of u and your family
mrmcpool 11/9(土) 21:11
@MichelleObama WORD#
Bignev2003 11/9(土) 21:23
PantheonArms 11/9(土) 21:25
@MichelleObama Will it have a bath house?
jmav88836 11/9(土) 21:27
@MichelleObama Obama illegally ran guns to Mexican cartel, bankrupted Americans with unaffordable Care…
mimiekona 11/9(土) 21:28
@MichelleObama With you all the way. Thanks very much.
JANERICSSON7 11/9(土) 21:31
@MichelleObama If it's your neighborhood, then you go live their. You're a fake!
FernandoCeped53 11/9(土) 21:33
@MichelleObama Michelle, thank you for sharing your dreams for the South Side, I agree. I just have r…
consuellat 11/9(土) 21:34
@MichelleObama You and the first lady are so full of grace and love. Miss you both everyday! Blessings…
onedeadsb 11/9(土) 21:36
@MichelleObama commemorate shit
Chacha17 11/9(土) 21:38
@MichelleObama I miss having good people in the White House. I miss the Obama’s.
D0nnaDi 11/9(土) 21:40
@MichelleObama I love your natural hair.
teema_zara 11/9(土) 21:43
@MichelleObama More casually reliable than 2.. Suns : )
teema_zara 11/9(土) 21:44
@MichelleObama Nice to heat
teema_zara 11/9(土) 21:45
@MichelleObama To hear in.. : )
GingerN82 11/9(土) 21:45
@MichelleObama You two are an amazing couple! I love how you all never stop giving back I some way, s…
vagalloway 11/9(土) 21:48
@MichelleObama @vagalloway Love it. Thank you for your comments to service. We need a center like this in Raleigh, NC.
jvailphelan 11/9(土) 21:49
@MichelleObama Why are you moving away then? No $16 million estate, is it?
khalifadiedhio1 11/9(土) 21:52
@MichelleObama J'aime ♥
jacquelinenana 11/9(土) 21:53
@MichelleObama You care so much for a neighborhood that you move to a 15 million $home on the coast?
mamadiva58 11/9(土) 21:53
@MichelleObama Wonderful, Wonderful, Idea Michelle. I love it. If God is willing, My Family and I Will…
frzbdogger 11/9(土) 21:56
@MichelleObama The BHO community Jihadist indoctrination center. Paid for with Americans tax dollars.…
BinAdulah 11/9(土) 21:58
MelanieMatuteM 11/9(土) 22:00
@MichelleObama we lov ya
BinAdulah 11/9(土) 22:03
@MichelleObama Selamat sejatera obama ada minat kulit hitam buka kilang inovasi ganti arang batu guna…
food4thaught 11/9(土) 22:03
@MichelleObama Just added this to my Bucket List
Kenedy20 11/9(土) 22:04
@MichelleObama Yes you are the best
Mattathia3 11/9(土) 22:06
@MichelleObama Screw her and her water
wendijwilliams 11/9(土) 22:06
@tizzywoman @MichelleObama Love that the will be in Jackson Park. But please revise your…
rpmevents1 11/9(土) 22:07
@MichelleObama Please, just go away...
ripkin 11/9(土) 22:07
@MichelleObama Its a gentrifying atrocity
ripkin 11/9(土) 22:08
@MichelleObama Where were you when the Chicago Teachers’ union was striking?
StephenGDevine 11/9(土) 22:09
@MichelleObama From what I have seen that is the worst looking building ever. How appropriate as it is…
DemocratWeed 11/9(土) 22:10
@MichelleObama With all the treasonous activity, the trillions of dollars you stole from the American…
Kukhautusha 11/9(土) 22:15
@MichelleObama How wonderful and what a beautiful blessing it will be to the world! Congratulations an…
vonschtupp 11/9(土) 22:20
@MichelleObama Worst president ever.
marksanchez619 11/9(土) 22:21
@MichelleObama Why??????????
She and you don't even like our National Anthem.
You both are two sick individuals!
Katbinx1 11/9(土) 22:21
@MichelleObama Fix Chicagoland
EnamuhS 11/9(土) 22:21
@MichelleObama Please come back.
harvestglory58 11/9(土) 22:23
Mattathia3 11/9(土) 22:26
@MichelleObama No we could tell by your news who you were for that we somebody who doesn't sit behind…
BouquetsOfChoco 11/9(土) 22:29
@MichelleObama Wonderful, bring hope back to an area diminished by economic & criminal degradation. Vi…
TonyGil55307515 11/9(土) 22:32
@MichelleObama I STILL say @MichelleObama would make a DAMN GREAT PRESIDENT !!!
CarlThought4Day 11/9(土) 22:36
@MichelleObama Would it be poetic justice if the successor to President Trump had the name Obama in th…
Scotia1314 11/9(土) 22:37
@MichelleObama Thank you both for leading by example and being such good & kind people.
SiestaKey4Me 11/9(土) 22:38
@MichelleObama Of course it is!
Please don't think for one second that It's necessary to defend yourse…
Joshualafond3 11/9(土) 22:40
@MichelleObama Hopefully you and your husband Michael will go to jail for your crimes obama ,clintons…
samolsamon 11/9(土) 22:41
@MichelleObama It’s my pleasure if the international countries like US and else will take a look at th…
DARLENEPURNELL 11/9(土) 22:41
carlosvt 11/9(土) 22:43
@MichelleObama ❤
LacyFar00097263 11/9(土) 22:44
@MichelleObama It would be much better if it was left unsaid disgraceful two
mcbrownie 11/9(土) 22:47
@MichelleObama is the best side
GHayes2 11/9(土) 22:47
@MichelleObama Want to go to the Hussein Obama Presidential Center? Just follow the rabid Muslim terro…
723IHS 11/9(土) 22:48
TammyDobbs16 11/9(土) 22:55
@1FreshTake @MichelleObama Can’t wait to go
marcosantoswbr 11/9(土) 22:57
@MichelleObama President, please come back!
notimpossiveis 11/9(土) 22:57
@MichelleObama Thanks You Always
adrillastewart 11/9(土) 22:57
@MichelleObama Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Obama. We love you and miss you dearly.
superkatto 11/9(土) 23:02
@MichelleObama The same community where young black men are being slaughtered and Barak did nothing about?
jwilliam_u 11/9(土) 23:03
@MichelleObama My god, I miss you two. Jfc
MartyMa71450602 11/9(土) 23:04
@MichelleObama ❤
Pamela_Gardner 11/9(土) 23:05
@MichelleObama When you or Mrs. Obama speak, it gives the nation a breath of hope.
TedCollins24 11/9(土) 23:05
@ChrisNicole20 @MichelleObama lol...
ethicalip 11/9(土) 23:06
@MichelleObama How we miss the greatesdt President in USA HISTORY, WHAT YOU BOTH ACHIEVED, GIVEN THE O…
Sarah61248343 11/9(土) 23:08
@MichelleObama Such a wonderful and inspirational plan for Chicago. It will be a Blessing to the peopl…
Jeanniel_77 11/9(土) 23:11
@MichelleObama shares with humanity ~
Heart' Mind' Act'
jofozofoj1 11/9(土) 23:13
@MichelleObama Get loose from your cage at Lincoln park zoo?
B_Lew_1Que 11/9(土) 23:13
@MichelleObama Can't wait to visit what is sure to be as classy a venue as your presidency.

I can ju…
EfrainO73221202 11/9(土) 23:15
@MichelleObama Hope that you do something to stop the violence on the black Chicago community they need help not words
LinLinHunee29 11/9(土) 23:16
@MichelleObama Gosh we miss you.....I still have my Obama/Biden bumper sticker on my car....was just t…
edlewis81979792 11/9(土) 23:16
@MichelleObama Michelle? You mean Micheal
JustJamie1972 11/9(土) 23:20
@MichelleObama I've never been much of a fan of the Obamas. But they deserve their props if whatever t…
jjjjjjjjjjcross 11/9(土) 23:22
@HydePark_CHI @MichelleObama So is public park land
KingOfOak 11/9(土) 23:23
@MichelleObama That's SO Awesome
harold4vicki 11/9(土) 23:24
@MichelleObama This says it better.
LaurenG813 11/9(土) 23:26
@MichelleObama Is this near where all the shootings are? Put the resources to good use future leaders
kathybrockman59 11/9(土) 23:29
@MichelleObama You people have been on the spotlight toooooo much.... get lost
nouches04 11/9(土) 23:34
@MichelleObama Miss you guys as my President and FLOTUS!
AnosikeClaire 11/9(土) 23:35
@MichelleObama ❤
supertrojanman 11/9(土) 23:36
@MichelleObama Eric Ciaramella
tOtherWNews 11/9(土) 23:40
@MichelleObama You were the best president they ever had. Thank you.
theprovost7 11/9(土) 23:42
@MichelleObama It’s not about the name, It’s about the impact it’s going to make on the people of the…
WiseOwlResists 11/9(土) 23:43
@MichelleObama My heart aches with how much this country misses you.
worrabd50 11/9(土) 23:44
@MichelleObama A shrine to the most corrupt Administration ever.
1Chinagirl007 11/9(土) 23:44
@MichelleObama I sure wish Mrs. Obama would run; so we could you back in the White House, as we really need you now!
YaLocalMemePlug 11/9(土) 23:45
@MichelleObama Wait. Obama, what’s your last name?
TTelst 11/9(土) 23:47
@MichelleObama What is your last name?
shamulega 11/9(土) 23:48
@MichelleObama Excellent
AllisonLockwoo7 11/9(土) 23:53
@MichelleObama Excellent!
Mtanzan70413720 11/9(土) 23:55
@MichelleObama I Mic u a lot ur speech Mr Obama
PeggyLy23858433 11/9(土) 23:55
@MichelleObama Can’t wait for this! Finally getting Olmsted’s vision for Jackson Park right after centuries of trying.
John06276243 11/9(土) 23:56
@MichelleObama Lock them up
andreca08297615 11/9(土) 23:56
@MichelleObama from sao paulo brazil... yes you can... my total respect mr. Obama... andre
BDS13240989 11/9(土) 23:57
@MichelleObama ..meanwhile you left and bought a house next to the Clintons & company...fake politiciams as usual.
deeshannon65 11/9(土) 23:59
@MichelleObama We need Michele to run for President
marywil95743233 11/10(日) 0:00
@MichelleObama Michele Obama, you are so with us that I would love to sit down and listen to you talk.…
Lourusconi 11/10(日) 0:03
janssen_matthew 11/10(日) 5:54
@MichelleObama It's about raising their taxes more while you keep collecting.
Amybeeg2 11/10(日) 5:55
@MichelleObama Who cares?
taftgaddy 11/10(日) 5:57
@MichelleObama Excellent ☮️❤️
Ahmad38171473 11/10(日) 5:58
@MichelleObama Asbestos and lead along with oil poured into water heater weekly. No officers will tak…
sa85488131 11/10(日) 6:00
@MichelleObama ok boomer
cmabid 11/10(日) 6:00
@MichelleObama Your’s is a wonderful couple. True upto American dreams.
UPdragracer1 11/10(日) 6:03
@MichelleObama Flower your nuts
Dflipp33 11/10(日) 6:04
@MichelleObama You mean when she made the racist comments about white people? White Flight? What a j…
peachy57 11/10(日) 6:08
@MichelleObama Morons
GoFanYourselfAZ 11/10(日) 6:10
@MichelleObama Your failed coup attempt will be fully exposed:
RevengeKlown 11/10(日) 6:12
@MichelleObama A president that arrested a record amount of journalists and whistleblowers, bowed to i…
kathyba19602501 11/10(日) 6:13
@MichelleObama Nice job, both of you!
mfte1415 11/10(日) 6:19
supurdna 11/10(日) 6:20
@MichelleObama Can't wait to visit it!
jagan_sukumar 11/10(日) 6:20
@MichelleObama Why? To build the next generation of resentment organizing race merchants to forever ke…
srmillie 11/10(日) 6:21
@MichelleObama Not what I have read about..Sorry
RubenMoralesJr3 11/10(日) 6:21
@MichelleObama Nnnnnnno
dotzl80 11/10(日) 6:23
@MichelleObama @MichelleObama for president
Nylia26887156 11/10(日) 6:28
DerryRanch 11/10(日) 6:40
@MichelleObama Go jump in the nearest lake ... Barry.
RBrooks4032 11/10(日) 6:43
@MichelleObama Why is Obama in my feed? I dont follow him. But since I'm here...
if he really wanted t…
RealTalkChgo 11/10(日) 6:44
@MichelleObama Taking is not cool. Do it on the West side as there are so many abandoned l…
cain_benjamin 11/10(日) 6:49
@MichelleObama Couldn't be a better leadership mold than you!
Bodaciousfishin 11/10(日) 6:49
@MichelleObama Should call it the LIE CENTER
WiCheesehead1 11/10(日) 6:51
@MichelleObama Hopefully you will unseal all your records so we can find out the truth.
_Luciene_Viana_ 11/10(日) 6:56
@MichelleObama A wonderful place, thank you!
Kathy15839013 11/10(日) 6:58
gmincy 11/10(日) 7:06
@MichelleObama Yeah gentrification is awesome for future generations and working neighborhoods lol STOP
ctincherrocket1 11/10(日) 7:06
RockyShaffer61 11/10(日) 7:15
@MichelleObama Yeah then WHY didn't you while acting Pres. do anything to help these folks? Or anyone…
manny_exe 11/10(日) 7:21
NcchamoGregory 11/10(日) 7:22
@MichelleObama GOOD for you! I would be honored to meet you both there if I happen to visit! Kudos to…
HippieVibeHeidi 11/10(日) 7:22
@MichelleObama We need to get rid of Don the con and Dans the rapist
ShermanmillerSm 11/10(日) 7:26
@MichelleObama The south side is a big area! Why you have to put it in there only Park that we have. R…
VantagePointRE 11/10(日) 7:27
@MichelleObama Just enjoy all the $$ you’ve gathered!! You crooks.
Teapartytenacn 11/10(日) 7:28
@MichelleObama Come on Barry , it is always about you.
IshMans3 11/10(日) 7:30
@MichelleObama Good
Ndiasseseye61 11/10(日) 7:35
@MichelleObama Center
JosephAlber5 11/10(日) 7:38
@MichelleObama ...with a $200 million price tag to taxpayers and likely zero contributions from your e…
RobbieVski 11/10(日) 7:39
Mlle79 11/10(日) 7:40
@MichelleObama yay!
KopetScot 11/10(日) 7:45
@MichelleObama .... No one says it better than Mikechelle....
and you all fall for it too....smh
Bazamohamed4 11/10(日) 7:48
@MichelleObama You was very good prisdent . I hope you come back as prisdent .
constance890 11/10(日) 7:53
sweetlegend2 11/10(日) 7:56
@MichelleObama More BS from BO that smells like both intermingled...”isn’t for us” because they aren’t…
Patriot10115 11/10(日) 7:58
@MichelleObama @BarackObama @JoeBiden do u guys not get it?U sold out the American People, now you ar4…
jbird11241 11/10(日) 8:06
@MichelleObama How stupid does she think Americans are? If they were serious about making Chicago bett…
WritingTheRules 11/10(日) 8:13
@MichelleObama I want you to come home more than my dad. I won't even make you pay child support, I promise.
Jimswee51103085 11/10(日) 8:24
@MichelleObama Looser to get your money from Iran
Jimswee51103085 11/10(日) 8:25
@MichelleObama Sure it is it's all about u people
Ndiasseseye61 11/10(日) 8:25
@MichelleObama It's
prettydeep 11/10(日) 8:26
@MichelleObama Boy I wish she would've ran for the Presidency to put dignity back into the oval office you both
RMathena2 11/10(日) 8:26
@MichelleObama I am so sure you will go down in school history books for students to study as the wors…
raphael_ozan 11/10(日) 8:30
@MichelleObama In the meantime, the real Ozan is in Regensburg....
JamesShelly 11/10(日) 8:30
@MichelleObama Three words ... “know your value.” First Lady Obama, good job, good job!
TrudyABrown 11/10(日) 8:31
@MichelleObama What a CROCK!
McdowellDion 11/10(日) 8:36
@MichelleObama Mr President, Wht did you do about Flint water, how about Police Brutality!! You had…
WomanPatriotic 11/10(日) 8:37
@MichelleObama You did so much for Chicago during your 2 terms!!!!!
FredWat58305370 11/10(日) 8:41
NapoleonAThomp1 11/10(日) 8:45
@MichelleObama Thx's-so-very-much-4sharing!!!, Sir!!!, B4EVER BLESSED
LindaFed59 11/10(日) 8:49
@MichelleObama Say it again LOUDER for the people in the back‼️
lessandro19 11/10(日) 8:57
@MichelleObama @BarackObama, not even a word about Lula? Really?
FurseIan 11/10(日) 8:59
@MichelleObama Why always about black people
aslay58 11/10(日) 9:00
@MichelleObama ‍♀️
FurseIan 11/10(日) 9:00
@MichelleObama Why Always about black people. Ian from New Zealand
CaliforniaStrip 11/10(日) 9:03
@MichelleObama Is Michelle a man?
chani4084 11/10(日) 9:05
@MichelleObama Come back we miss you
geoffreygorski2 11/10(日) 9:05
@MichelleObama It is yours Mr. President. You were elected into office and maintained that office for…
AmericaHasBalls 11/10(日) 9:07
@MichelleObama The two of you are a disgrace to the Why don’t you just do what past presidents d…
DumayCathy 11/10(日) 9:08
@MichelleObama Mr you a older gentleman better in lifelong and good family you want to play streak,ner…
KieseckerHeiko 11/10(日) 9:10
@MichelleObama Wenn zwei Menschen sich einig sind, können andere - vor allem aber die eigenen Kinder - davon profitieren.
lowrider53 11/10(日) 9:11
phorn37566672 11/10(日) 10:14
DeborahEddins8 11/10(日) 10:19
@MichelleObama Heard both of you were Satanist. REPENT. Or come under the WRATH of GOD. It is coming fast. Only one God
Skinner07243392 11/10(日) 10:23
@MichelleObama You might want to save your money for lawyer's or a one way ticket for the nearest non extradition country
JonPhil22539890 11/10(日) 10:27
@MichelleObama Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower
dlausch2 11/10(日) 10:31
@MichelleObama You guys suck! Both of you GUYS.
S_E_Bernstein 11/10(日) 10:33
@MichelleObama Please convince @MichelleObama to run on the Presidential ticket!
JASouthardOk 11/10(日) 10:37
@MichelleObama Can’t wait to visit! Miss your leadership and integrity.
hoss1700 11/10(日) 10:37
@MichelleObama Yeah ok!
mitzer_tangle 11/10(日) 10:46
TimothyTheory 11/10(日) 10:48
@MichelleObama You mean Michael? Lol. When do you claim Kenyan citizen ship to avoid prosecution for treason?
seprico622910 11/10(日) 10:50
@MichelleObama Your wife looks like a dude and you were a failure. Go away
Kathysm26314042 11/10(日) 10:50
@MichelleObama Who the hell would vote for Micheal or Michelle as you call him!
smdo1997 11/10(日) 10:52
@MichelleObama 2019 Hot Fashion Hooded Winter Coat Men Thick Warm Mens Winter Jacket Windproof…
BlinkingThe 11/10(日) 10:54
@MichelleObama You tore down the community, cause you always get your way. But in the end God wins.
dawning0209 11/10(日) 10:56
@MichelleObama But you live in the Hamptons hip hop. Fake.
Vichammer1985 11/10(日) 11:01
@MichelleObama but wasn't it capitalism that enriched your pockets?
RampantAce11 11/10(日) 11:04
@MichelleObama But the money is for you...
edward_piette 11/10(日) 11:06
@MichelleObama ...while you flee the Southside to live in Martha’s Vineyard...Way to flee the hood Mr. & Mrs. Ex-President...
Ken_H_Amourski 11/10(日) 11:07
@MichelleObama Did she say all the white people would run away because they're scared of your library?
time2awaken 11/10(日) 11:08
@MichelleObama Too bad that you conspired with the DNC to elect a corrupt candidate in 2016. I’m besi…
PhSpore 11/10(日) 11:13
patrick65374080 11/10(日) 11:21
@MichelleObama Go away Michael
dfurr2000 11/10(日) 11:24
@MichelleObama Finally trying to Help Chicago! About time! Your failed Leadership at all Levels have…
timeshare23451 11/10(日) 11:28
@MichelleObama Barry . Lol . TRUMP 2020
SpartanQB13Koz 11/10(日) 11:31
@MichelleObama DISGUSTING ........ YOU'LL soon be in an ORANGE ONESIE for TREASON.
saliyaherbartga 11/10(日) 11:36
@MichelleObama opposition party election candidate for president election in Sri Lanka is the American…
iluvlawyering 11/10(日) 11:39
@MichelleObama ℹ️Ⓜ️ @magaboy
TBRDO4 11/10(日) 11:43
@MichelleObama Ur a joke
TRUMPTRAIN452 11/10(日) 11:43
@MichelleObama You mean the lady that looks like a horse. worst president EVER. GET LOST NOBOD…
9645southcook 11/10(日) 11:49
@MichelleObama I'm from OakLawn Sir we need more Dems in FL. I will do my best We need UNIONS here so…
tterrana 11/10(日) 11:49
@MichelleObama Scam artists!!!!
9645southcook 11/10(日) 11:53
@MichelleObama Local 134 so much crap being built here need UNIONS here so bad
sjtravis3 11/10(日) 11:54
@MichelleObama Sad
MartaPerkins16 11/10(日) 11:55
@MichelleObama Are people able to do such things from prison?
JayceMagnum 11/10(日) 11:59
@MichelleObama Just don't get shot if you go there people.
PeterNg01824219 11/10(日) 11:59
9645southcook 11/10(日) 12:03
@MichelleObama I meant Mr and Mrs. Obama were the best and trump sucks so bad I'm so glad he didnt ge…
bgby4884 11/10(日) 12:06
@MichelleObama How about the park that was supposed to be built where your library will be? That was f…
RoyCox25810490 11/10(日) 12:11
@MichelleObama Are you gonna pay for it with part of the Ten Trillion you took from Americans?
DaveFame4 11/10(日) 12:15
RaymakersMary 11/10(日) 12:16
@MichelleObama I hope not. Don't waste taxpayers money any more.
ILMWIFEANDSON 11/10(日) 12:18
@MichelleObama Hi Michael... When are you going to take your mask off and show the world what a real man looks like??
juteygreco 11/10(日) 12:29
@MichelleObama I just love this!
silvestreramos 11/10(日) 12:34
HollenbeckJr 11/10(日) 12:35
@MichelleObama Did you need to build it in the worst neighborhood of Chicago to bring tourist in and t…
QuirkyReally 11/10(日) 12:37
bjeavons3 11/10(日) 12:37
@MichelleObama How does it feel to live a life of luxury and pretend to care about the American people…
Divinexmusic 11/10(日) 12:39
@MichelleObama Thanks 0bama.
1776FREEDOMNOW 11/10(日) 12:39
@Mrtimrock @MichelleObama
QuirkyReally 11/10(日) 12:44
@MichelleObama Yeah its gonna be great to be able to turn up & see all the cool ORIGINAL documentation…
UB9yNkB8nTbL5ed 11/10(日) 12:45
JessicaPost17 11/10(日) 12:50
@MichelleObama Why didn’t you help Chicago during your presidency?
SherryLedford4 11/10(日) 12:52
@MichelleObama @MichelleObama I LOVE this idea! I KNOW U CAN AND WILL MAKE IT WORK!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
kellee20 11/10(日) 12:58
@MichelleObama I thought your new hood was Martha’s Vineyard?
fvr765 11/10(日) 12:58
MrsWalton19 11/10(日) 13:01
@MichelleObama Good for you both. Maybe you can train the next President how to act and respond to the…
IrisTamara5 11/10(日) 13:05
@MichelleObama Thanks Obamas. Your the best.
denise77043260 11/10(日) 13:08
@MichelleObama Mr & Mrs Obama thank you for lifting, uptil now, so many people up Master.
BonBee81 11/10(日) 13:16
@MichelleObama I wonder if you’ll like your subpoena ?
BonBee81 11/10(日) 13:17
TarotMaster4 11/10(日) 13:24
@MichelleObama Did you used to be a man cause you are built like a linebacker
bademus 11/10(日) 13:24
@MichelleObama ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
AlexJon90964480 11/10(日) 13:32
@MichelleObama We’re past the point in America where if those involved in the coup attempt to frame an…
safetymgrlsmith 11/10(日) 13:33
@MichelleObama Will the Center be honest and tell of all the violence and murder in the Southside?
SanjayJ64611028 11/10(日) 13:39
@MichelleObama Oh! it's nothing but a unique.... relevant.... appreciable job, such thinking, only be…
MardyBliss 11/10(日) 13:40
missjcoleman1 11/10(日) 13:42
@MichelleObama i love u obama u should rule the world
jay63945224 11/10(日) 13:46
@MichelleObama Ya Thats great MICHAEL
dhruvakumar7 11/10(日) 14:04
@MichelleObama Hi baat
jim_mccarley 11/10(日) 14:10
@MichelleObama Just more obamy crap!
ctcaj 11/10(日) 14:27
@MichelleObama Haha ok and Trump is a narcissist?!
WillMinister 11/10(日) 14:30
@MichelleObama Yeah more lies,GOD will punish you sinners.I hear hell has a special place for all liberals.
Pviz7 11/10(日) 14:38
@MichelleObama You mean Michael?
juliedeplorable 11/10(日) 14:39
@MichelleObama Bye bye traitors. And take your clones with you.
shellgibson02 11/10(日) 14:48
@MichelleObama Your wife rocks !!!
creganpage 11/10(日) 14:53
SpencerspawS 11/10(日) 14:57
@MichelleObama I would rather swim in a cesspool than relive one moment of Obamunism. with you pal
RED_in_WI 11/10(日) 14:59
@MichelleObama I have never seen such nonsense as I have on this tweet. How many people were paid to l…
Honest_Abe007 11/10(日) 15:10
misc_CIA_victim 11/10(日) 15:15
A,C,M,N key
kinggab72449835 11/10(日) 15:24
@MichelleObama Can you guys talk about African people because we want to hear about thank you
John27710471 11/10(日) 15:26
@MichelleObama Ok boomer
emjee_h 11/10(日) 15:32
@MichelleObama that's the funniest thing I've heard all month!!! "Not for us..." My stomach hurts!
Skysky98686003 11/10(日) 15:33
@MichelleObama That's really nice sir, thank you for all those years ahead of our country. Long live the king!
Annel80135313 11/10(日) 15:42
@MichelleObama You both are amazing human beings. May the light and grace of all that is good always g…
Randall71275644 11/10(日) 15:43
@MichelleObama Barry slaughtered countless humans in the middle east.
Michael, his beloved husband, is a racist.
douglass_downs 11/10(日) 15:49
Adaaly 11/10(日) 16:01
@MichelleObama Then why don’t you live there?
FlyingPygmalion 11/10(日) 16:12
@MichelleObama What a bunch of horse crap I love how you two idiots play like you're poor and really f…
gjkllll7 11/10(日) 16:13
@MichelleObama Obama is a rich man
boii_pizza 11/10(日) 16:17
@MichelleObama I gotta tell y’all that.. Nobody expects Obama Prism
vdw295 11/10(日) 16:43
@MichelleObama New leaders coming from the democrats? Really? In the sixties they called them useless…
watford_iii 11/10(日) 16:44
@MichelleObama You are a disgrace!!!
FranzPolansky 11/10(日) 16:45
@MichelleObama Her contribution may not make it into a history book:
army_wife_life 11/10(日) 16:49
@MichelleObama You mean Michael?
TomFlet08799159 11/10(日) 16:53
JillLatimer8 11/10(日) 17:09
@MichelleObama If you really cared about Chicago, you would have done more to help eradicate the viole…
sage0409 11/10(日) 17:28
marcel_adou 11/10(日) 17:29
@MichelleObama Vraiment tout est écrit en anglais, moi je comprend rien, mais je crois que sa parle de…
grammysan09 11/10(日) 17:31
@JustSayingWhat1 @MichelleObama
MichWls 11/10(日) 17:42
@MichelleObama Put it in Indonesia or Kenya. He doesn’t belong in the U.S.A. He is a traitor and spi…
uboniguha 11/10(日) 17:50
@MichelleObama Hello Sir, how are you doing?
Alaskating 11/10(日) 18:05
@MichelleObama Your the most corrupt people in the world.
jronnie1986 11/10(日) 19:27
@MichelleObama Your wife to
jronnie1986 11/10(日) 19:28
@MichelleObama Two of the most racial maggots I've ever known
Time4JusticeUSA 11/10(日) 19:31
@MichelleObama A foundation , how quaint.
Thalarek 11/10(日) 19:35
@MichelleObama Michael Obama looking more and more mandly. Those biceps!
ElderberryGirls 11/10(日) 19:43
@MichelleObama Go away
Lighthorseman 11/10(日) 19:44
@MichelleObama Sorry you were a total failure. U did nothing to help minorities in this country but so…
tylersky16 11/10(日) 19:50
@MichelleObama If this is her community that she cares so much About - why did she move to Martha's Vi…
SkyHighAndFukt 11/10(日) 19:56
razessbu 11/10(日) 20:00
@MichelleObama Hello oboma
bigoz690 11/10(日) 20:05
@MichelleObama This could be us obama but you playing