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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/12/11(水) 2:12 .

I thought it was about time I share my holiday gift list — a few practical items, all $10 or less. The best one? He…

baddult 12/11(水) 4:04
How the f do you figure that costs less than $10? We need Medicare for All which truly is.
binary_hope 12/11(水) 4:04
Oh look, it’s the you can’t rig American elections guy.
Chace06273740 12/11(水) 4:04
I miss you!
MojoRiver 12/11(水) 4:04
Scripted pandering
Deeps628 12/11(水) 4:05
Miss you! ❤️
KathyWh63759793 12/11(水) 4:05
Obama was the first to weaponize the FBI/CIA/DOJ against political opponents.

That’s his legacy. Oh a…
HereBernie 12/11(水) 4:05
The world is waking up to how bad a president you actually were. Bernie’s nomination will further expo…
dondan7 12/11(水) 4:05
I’d like a 12 million dollar vineyard mansion.

Imagine being broke before being elected president and…
longislandtonv 12/11(水) 4:05
@KevinLevin @NVHealthLink @SusieLeeNV @repdinatitus @SenJackyRosen @SenCortezMasto @AaronDFordNV…
mon_pez 12/11(水) 4:05
Thank you. favorite things are really out of my price range.
PhoebePhoebster 12/11(水) 4:06
Love & miss you!
StephRosenstein 12/11(水) 4:06
I'd like an impeachment for Christmas. I promise not to ask for anything else! And it costs less than…
Divinexmusic 12/11(水) 4:06
Thanks 0bama.
gghill1 12/11(水) 4:06
AYoLive1965 12/11(水) 4:06
EJ_Nunya 12/11(水) 4:07
It's never been cheaper to pay tax subsidized companies for your right to be alive! Thanks for mandati…
FartsUSA 12/11(水) 4:07
Vote for Bernie Sanders, it's free and you'll get healthcare and an economy that works for you, not against you.
rpmelvin 12/11(水) 4:07
Christ gave us salvation
SayersCollins 12/11(水) 4:07
What holiday is it?
Cudda 12/11(水) 4:07
Sit down and shut up already.
alwaysDemocrat7 12/11(水) 4:08
Where can I order the shirt with your dogs on it ???
Merry Christmas Mr. President
Handsome_Hugh 12/11(水) 4:08
I like how we're supposed to think he lives in that little log cabin...
gailanna56 12/11(水) 4:09
Miss u and Michelle so much
Scraw87 12/11(水) 4:09
housefuzz 12/11(水) 4:09
And here come the bots...
Jdg7879 12/11(水) 4:09
You were a great POTUS! My how we miss you!
dinunziotd 12/11(水) 4:09
go away
DaRealDealDon 12/11(水) 4:09
Come back! We miss you!
C_Westling 12/11(水) 4:10
We say Christmas nowadays.
4SacredHoop 12/11(水) 4:11
No you know how many have lost all respect for you? You blew your chance t…
bluboivaf 12/11(水) 4:11
@profgalloway I miss you man
_shes_a_rainbow 12/11(水) 4:11
yes yes yes! I love making lists, too! And I'm also left handed! Pretty sure we'd be best friends if we ever met.
lotusrobinson 12/11(水) 4:11
My heart & head hurt when I see video, America misses & needsyou so desperately!
DSnelsonSmith 12/11(水) 4:11
Merry Christmas to you, sir.
Josef_Lemonovic 12/11(水) 4:11
The gift we give ourselves after having the funds forcefully taken, then processed through 50 layers o…
Science55163736 12/11(水) 4:11
1/2 of our government is compromised by Russia. It’s time for you and the other former Presidents to speak up. Help.
GravelierBerner 12/11(水) 4:12
You also have a kill list.
RevivalUP 12/11(水) 4:12
I miss your voice and I miss hearing coherent sentences. Merry Christmas Barack
EmmaDivine13 12/11(水) 4:12
OK run register for health care gift with Mr obama
InvaderZinn 12/11(水) 4:12
We want Medicare for All.
CleverSprites 12/11(水) 4:12
HeinrichHafeni 12/11(水) 4:12
I am in Namibia how can I get covered
Lu_Dennis48 12/11(水) 4:12
I miss you!!!
docdi98 12/11(水) 4:12
Where the heck can you find health care for $10??? Are you freakin kidding me?? If you like your doc…
Handsome_Hugh 12/11(水) 4:12
You used to say you believed in single payer, what happened?

Also; do you prefer to think of the insu…
MyMillieGirl 12/11(水) 4:13
Health care? For $10 or less? WTF are you taking about? Not possible.
viewsini1 12/11(水) 4:13
JimericanTweets 12/11(水) 4:13
We see you.
KickBrainTumors 12/11(水) 4:13
You are still working for Health. Don’t forget about brain tumor awareness Thank You
chulesee 12/11(水) 4:13
@farandwee Thank you for all you and the First Lady gave and continue to do for us. I'm sorry we now h…
GailSte86467885 12/11(水) 4:13
My daughter makes 25k and can’t afford healthcare. WTF?????
LadyMismac 12/11(水) 4:13
My President F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Miss having an intelligent, caring, thoughtful, handsome decent presiden…
micahmclean35 12/11(水) 4:13
Love you Barack! Honestly do! We had health insurance last year but the monthly premium doubled! ☹
ikeinla 12/11(水) 4:14
I think you should get in the fight. I know that's not what ex Presidents do but these aren't normal times.
rbrock67 12/11(水) 4:14
Ok, I just experienced every warm, happy, loving, and hopeful feeling. I fucking love you! Thank you.…
Mr_Knox2U 12/11(水) 4:14
For the love of God, please speak up about what's going on in our govt, people will listen to you, now…
deathinkosovo 12/11(水) 4:14
How much for a drone?
Ynot217 12/11(水) 4:15
President Obama I don't know if you will get to read this, but I have to say thank you for the example…
MaryBro69276369 12/11(水) 4:15
They should just leave Obama how care the way you did it. I will always look up at you President Obama…
5eyedsnoop 12/11(水) 4:16
I’d like the same coverage you and your family gets.
IrishPatty54 12/11(水) 4:16
Always trying to help Americans. Thank you President & Mrs. Obama...Happy Holidays!!
lifesafeast 12/11(水) 4:16
Thank you, Mr. President. You are missed and you are appreciated. Happy holidays to you and your family.
FartWhet 12/11(水) 4:16
do you?
Mustaphakhadir3 12/11(水) 4:16
معك مصطفى خضدر مغرب
BenevolentQness 12/11(水) 4:17
Why not give Pearson Publishing $350 Million to create Commoncore text, and quincidently they give you…
Nick57994457 12/11(水) 4:17
Healthcare costing $10 or less?

Your health care plan increase the cost of healthcare by $3,500 a yea…
Nataleeflores5 12/11(水) 4:17
The sound of your voice is the antidote. Come back. Please. Help us. *transmission ends*
_theRealGibb 12/11(水) 4:18
Lord I miss this man soooooo much!!!❤️❤️❤️
awalker911 12/11(水) 4:18
No longer the active president and still trying to take care of us. God bless you. ❤️
lifeisgood2825 12/11(水) 4:18
angeldenise77 12/11(水) 4:19
Got myself covered Nov. 1st. I was able to have the surgery I needed because of Obamacare.
JohnRic81543526 12/11(水) 4:19
You got a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard for 11.5 million dollars
That is a hell of a deal
Mr President
DumbledoreHump1 12/11(水) 4:19
How about you send me $10?
Call it "spreading the wealth around"
Cecilia_Alers 12/11(水) 4:20
Your leadership is sorely missed. This is a fabulous message.
JohnHar13687242 12/11(水) 4:20
Merry Christmas hack!
angeldenise77 12/11(水) 4:20
By the way, I miss you Sir. Good to hear you speak. So full of love and compassion.
NishiSh59407133 12/11(水) 4:21
Love the ideas!
smousemomma 12/11(水) 4:21
HipHoopin 12/11(水) 4:21
"It's like cobra, but just a bit less"
CaptainHampty 12/11(水) 4:22
Healthcare is less than $10? Cool!!
husseinabbas 12/11(水) 4:22
I voted for you twice shame on me.
fleacircus789 12/11(水) 4:22
You were the worst president this country’s ever had.
MANUELP83880598 12/11(水) 4:22
Thank you, Mr. President, but it is not good for the middle class, I have three kids, and I barely can…
TallManShort 12/11(水) 4:22
Thanks, but I found your "gift" nearly bankrupted my family.
jillknox4 12/11(水) 4:22
@mspill32 pretty sure Obama has the same moving Santa that your parents have
Fox_Mulder_8 12/11(水) 4:22
$10 ain't getting anyone shit for healthcare, homie.
vje57 12/11(水) 4:22
@AprilDRyan You were the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people
BaartmanM 12/11(水) 4:23
My gift would be getting my doctor back. Do you gift wrap? At 56, I’ll take not being force to pay for…
l_langgard 12/11(水) 4:23
More and more handsome each year
CallagyColeen 12/11(水) 4:23
I love that we have health care through the ACA but $10 is not possible if you want it to cover anythi…
AnilVer22556473 12/11(水) 4:23
Please oppose new Indian CAB Bill
MicheleHawks2 12/11(水) 4:23
theREALbenORR 12/11(水) 4:23
Yeah... I’ll just take the $10 ‍♂️
cervantes_a 12/11(水) 4:23
lightbody 12/11(水) 4:24
I'm British and I miss you!
smi02610683 12/11(水) 4:24
With all due respect please shut up no one cares!
kentsmithnz 12/11(水) 4:24
why even make people sign up? You did this wrong. Do sign up but support a full candidate. No compromises.
speelbergo 12/11(水) 4:24
I just love so much that is still promoting ACA. That's integrity right there.
colleen_mckane 12/11(水) 4:25
@TeresaMac2009 All I want for Christmas is to meet u& @MichelleObama I am a40 year old Canadian women…
lrjwtravel 12/11(水) 4:25
Thanks...I'll see if I can scrape up 850 a month.
ChampagneDane 12/11(水) 4:25
Oh, how we miss you ....
luckylukav 12/11(水) 4:26
Please support Andrew Yang. We need your help.
lucapavel 12/11(水) 4:26
I am from far away...but miss you Mister President!
mericc22 12/11(水) 4:26
You are the BEST.
quelizabeth 12/11(水) 4:26
Every time I see you, or hear from you, it’s Christmas!!!
GisellaGsba 12/11(水) 4:26
WOW $10 a month, I assume no deductibles or copays right? That’s a pretty awesome Christmas gift.
JamesHesch2 12/11(水) 4:26
Saw you at the Subaru lot looking do a a legacy.
indranirag 12/11(水) 4:26
Thank you President!! Cheers to good health!! Love it!! God bless you!!
Richboi377 12/11(水) 4:26
I want my children to look up to someone that inspires people, not someone who talks about his penis s…
brandow_james 12/11(水) 4:26
Sell your Martha’s Vineyard house...That will help EVERYONE!
superlancerboy 12/11(水) 4:26
Ain't nobody in America getting healthcare for less than 10 dollars, Barack. I gotta pay 30 dollars at…
bradowens510 12/11(水) 4:27
Left the White House, now writes comedy for The Babylon Bee or The Onion...
WillWBloom 12/11(水) 4:27
Healthcare is absolutely more than $10, shoulda fought for Medicare for All
Svenskey 12/11(水) 4:28
Hey O... my deductible went from an affordable $2500 to over $12,500 because of Obamacare. So, basical…
tntranchtx 12/11(水) 4:28
RegularMethDad 12/11(水) 4:28
@jonfavs How about voting for a candidate that supports instead?
bre_miche 12/11(水) 4:28
Kill lists, you forgot to mention kill lists.
Hippygrl 12/11(水) 4:28
Hurry before trump ruins it Thank you President Obama
BreggsR 12/11(水) 4:28
Love it
tntranchtx 12/11(水) 4:28
vepapa 12/11(水) 4:28
This is so beneath the office of ex-President. Begging people to give HC gifts? How about doing something productive.
ThiaBallerina 12/11(水) 4:29
$10 or less ... Try over a grand, PER MONTH.
tntranchtx 12/11(水) 4:29
gagen_patricia 12/11(水) 4:29
I slept better when you were President. And I had the ACA when every other insurance plan denied me.
MelanieSpell 12/11(水) 4:29
Thank you sir. So very presidential, like always, it is refreshing to have someone care about others in this country...
saq0506 12/11(水) 4:30
Could you come over to the UK, we could do with some help
Am in Scotland if you fancy a visit!
marktheright 12/11(水) 4:30
How’s big mike ?
tntranchtx 12/11(水) 4:30
ZachShanks8 12/11(水) 4:30
*Christmas* is the word you were looking for
Barbara05217713 12/11(水) 4:30
Why are you lying to the American people again?
tntranchtx 12/11(水) 4:31
AhmedCa75631840 12/11(水) 4:31
Love you so much Mr barack obama you give me happens when I see you
UBERLYFTontario 12/11(水) 4:31
The real POTUS.
LDiMcQ 12/11(水) 4:31
Thanks but I'll wait for M4A.
thefarwrong 12/11(水) 4:32
a completely worthless gift for those you love

LiberalSchmucks 12/11(水) 4:32
Democrats? Nah more like
peterkendy 12/11(水) 4:32
Please, come back and please help saving our country! We need a decent President!
ShortedTriac 12/11(水) 4:32
Get bent. You caused our premiums to go UP over $2K a year.

DonnieJ83498115 12/11(水) 4:33
You need to stop stepping on the will of the voters by pushing neoliberal bullshit. Why don't you act…
_janetmiranda 12/11(水) 4:33
Thanks for reminding me, President Obama! Although, in the last couple of years it's been getting real…
skyw00kie 12/11(水) 4:33
This sucks
Justlove3332 12/11(水) 4:33
Dang it, I thought you were for real. I love @LEGO_Group btw
us_mother 12/11(水) 4:33
Why not deliver the real gift of saving 14 % more Administrative cost and finish the job side by side…
Rosas2155 12/11(水) 4:33
Horrible Healthcare. You screwed us.
snakesparklers 12/11(水) 4:34
Can’t afford it
clark_yeet 12/11(水) 4:34
a total annual premium of $4,835 with an $8,000 deductible is a hell of a lot more than $10, but I gue…
Erasergirl1 12/11(水) 4:34
Merry Christmas! Best!
HumanitarianGal 12/11(水) 4:34
Our former president encouraging people to register for healthcare. Our present so called president to…
wejblock 12/11(水) 4:34
Hey remember when you bombed a hospital? What about their healthcare?
joanvw09 12/11(水) 4:34
SueHarper66 12/11(水) 4:35
I absolutely adore you, Mr. President. Although I’m in I praise you for continuing to look out for…
ShowUpAmerica 12/11(水) 4:35
Okay Barack. Thanks for reminding me. On the rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act my premium tripl…
USA_Comrade 12/11(水) 4:35
How is health insurance $10 or less? What is wrong with you?
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:36
justinkcomer 12/11(水) 4:36
so we stop having to deal with this
Mynasol1 12/11(水) 4:36
Blessings to you and your family, we love you and miss you, feliz navidad!
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:36
NotZachThomas 12/11(水) 4:36
I don’t care about politics at all. I don’t take sides. I don’t do political statements. However, the…
Mjfathi88 12/11(水) 4:36
God bless you ❤️
coolassdude94 12/11(水) 4:37
cool but can u endorse
brittanjsmith29 12/11(水) 4:37
Getting Bo and Sonny 4 Christmas Toys.
LeonidWisdom 12/11(水) 4:38
Clueless and weird. The only words I can think of when reading tweet. ACA hasn’t made health…
IfYouCantBeetEm 12/11(水) 4:38
I’m still waiting on my $2500 a year savings on my health care insurance you promised me...
DMicheleGuerra 12/11(水) 4:38
march4progress 12/11(水) 4:38
antikachobian 12/11(水) 4:39
If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Liar.
unspokenbond 12/11(水) 4:39
Insolent_Puppy 12/11(水) 4:39
How come I have to pay for your "gift" to me? I don't think that means what you think it means.
63banco 12/11(水) 4:40
But I say to you, love your enemies & pray for those who persecute you. -Matthew 5:44
OwlLove34 12/11(水) 4:40
phd_actual 12/11(水) 4:40
Go back to Martha’s Vineyard!!!! Your past crew has fuckked up the current USA.
HewettJudi 12/11(水) 4:40
We miss you, Mr. President!
PrettyFootWoman 12/11(水) 4:40
Pres still on the case!!
empressaw 12/11(水) 4:41
Miss you and your beautiful family sooooo much! Happy Holidays to you all!
WeightInnovate 12/11(水) 4:41
@DavidRaichlen Healthcare for $10, nice, bet that comes with deductibles. Oh, you’re possibly going to…
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:41
travelstoryCH 12/11(水) 4:41
in Switzerland we have mandatory health insurance for everybody
Ego_001 12/11(水) 4:41
Please come back. Say the word and we attack.
robot_sheed 12/11(水) 4:41
Ambrosser 12/11(水) 4:42
No word on the Afghanistan Papers?
David_J_Pettit 12/11(水) 4:42
I've been thinking it's long past time that you stand in front of a war crimes tribunal, but we live i…
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:42
À few
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:42
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:42
donatiello 12/11(水) 4:42
I wish you could be our president again.... end this nightmare!!!!
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:42
Kathy1008555 12/11(水) 4:42
MadameND 12/11(水) 4:42
@VickiJJustin Brilliant President ❤️
iambatmandoug 12/11(水) 4:43
gratefulsugaree 12/11(水) 4:43
There is no healthcare for 10 dollars. Like holy shit dude. were literally dying but sure 10 dollars
scwilson5804 12/11(水) 4:44
finnt730 12/11(水) 4:45
You could sell me anything....
You're voice is just sweet and kind, and above all, heartwarming
Kinibrown 12/11(水) 4:45
3 words! I MISS YOU!
jayne_westfall 12/11(水) 4:45
Ya, what’s left of it
ccwinds58 12/11(水) 4:45
Good to see you man. I could afford $10 month if I could get a specialist.
AndrewD10658212 12/11(水) 4:45
Thanks Obama
EricZha84282597 12/11(水) 4:45
Hey I followed u why u no follow bacfk :((
dbryonbush 12/11(水) 4:45
Still waiting for my Health Insurance cost to drop
CloneSeizure 12/11(水) 4:45
What's the catch?
BobbyCr48838634 12/11(水) 4:46
We miss having a REAL President!!!
TimStaubitz 12/11(水) 4:46
Thank you sir! Your presence is sorely missed!
Amandanxiety 12/11(水) 4:46
Please come back. The only gift that I will accept.
TraciRoux 12/11(水) 4:46
We love and miss y'all so much it hurts. Merry Christmas ⛄
soggystella1 12/11(水) 4:46
Barack Obama is a Trump Democrat
brianypaul 12/11(水) 4:47
Great Stuff ...
Best Xmas you gave
When you pardoned the turkeys some years ago.. coming up to thanks…
lattimfa 12/11(水) 4:47
Thank you for caring!!!
Delander1898 12/11(水) 4:48
JanCloward1 12/11(水) 4:48
@CocoTreasurer Thanks but I can't afford $750 a month with $850 disability! Since I have no taxable in…
MouzMagik 12/11(水) 4:48
Say "Christmas"...

I dare you...
LenoreVargo 12/11(水) 4:48
Oh my goodness!
This is great.
You're the best, Mr. President! ❤️❄️
ExaltedUterus 12/11(水) 4:48
NIOquendo 12/11(水) 4:48
The real thing... the loser at the White House @realDonaldTrump should follow the example of what it i…
Nathanchenever1 12/11(水) 4:48
What kind of cryptic bulshit was that
people_pete 12/11(水) 4:48
obama was always my favorite black
chelsealevix 12/11(水) 4:49
I fucking love this man
TammiLaster 12/11(水) 4:49
If it wasn't for ACA I would be dead. Thank you.
sacredpanda74 12/11(水) 4:49
Yep. After they’ve jacked the prices. Sucks man.
jpmuens 12/11(水) 4:49
Can I keep my dr.??
JauneJackson 12/11(水) 4:49
@JMJeannine_ @_JMichelleJ
JenniWeiland4 12/11(水) 4:49
@TokisMom73 We miss you so much!!!
SillyusI 12/11(水) 4:49
Where do you get off telling us that signing up for the lousy for profit health care you've saddled us…
satnettv 12/11(水) 4:49
Thank you ❤️
bzaenglein 12/11(水) 4:50
@dumptrump33 Sigh. You are so missed @BarackObama
rwitchcraft 12/11(水) 4:50
This is a great idea & thanks for the tip. Merry Christmas to you & your family.
eyemerchandise 12/11(水) 4:50
marelette 12/11(水) 4:51
You are missed. I am reminding my friends
Sus70203061 12/11(水) 4:51
virginy777 12/11(水) 4:51
Good evening. I am French and live in one of the few countries where medical care is taken care by the…
bakingrad 12/11(水) 4:51
Wait. Is this guy still out there helping people. Huh. That must be what leadership looks like.
BobbyCr48838634 12/11(水) 4:52
FrancisGayle 12/11(水) 4:52
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make our country whole and peaceful..have a wond…
realityLucelu 12/11(水) 4:52
edwardcrixus88 12/11(水) 4:52
This what a real President looks like : doing what is in the best interest of it's citizens - all it's citizens.
jmfl0w 12/11(水) 4:52
Only acceptable gift is Michelle running for President.
DSBLuvsDogs 12/11(水) 4:52
SurrattPam 12/11(水) 4:52
Ten dollars or less? I can't go to the dr, because I can't afford the high deductible YOU forced upon us! Worst president EVER!
SillyusI 12/11(水) 4:53
buddyabc123 12/11(水) 4:53
That insurance is not worth the paper it’s written on !!
inflatabledogs 12/11(水) 4:54
Kill lists...
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:54
lulu7534 12/11(水) 4:54
I miss you!!
wyattparks94 12/11(水) 4:55
in what universe is healthcare $10 or less
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:55
spoutsmith 12/11(水) 4:55
I hear there's an opening at Blue Shield if you'd like to apply. Blue Shield fits you much better than Obamacare.
KristinaRenz 12/11(水) 4:55
jmfl0w 12/11(水) 4:55
Have the uneducated trash in America not taught us anything yet? Everyone in America is Christian
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:55
mill050421 12/11(水) 4:56
Jtbarton6516 12/11(水) 4:56
My health insurance premium only only increased 136% in the last nine years. Thank you mr president....not
Ndiasseseye61 12/11(水) 4:56
Shickshend 12/11(水) 4:56
Bobbydb2 12/11(水) 4:56
I became disable . So two year later I was out on medicare. The state drop me off Medicaid which paid…
DoloresKWright3 12/11(水) 4:56
You're still my PRESIDENT and your wife is still my FIRST LADY!!!
Erkin07490354 12/11(水) 4:57
Some said below "we miss you Mr. President", and I must say "The World is missing you Mr. President". Greetings from France!
HRInSightLLC 12/11(水) 4:57
I miss you, man.
ziglardsa 12/11(水) 4:57
“Thank you for caring!” Not sure if we Americans will ever embark on another like you. God bless you & your Family.
SillyusI 12/11(水) 4:57
AODowd75 12/11(水) 4:57
Why did you spy on trump campaign and use the intel to do it that is an abuse of power.
bigrig2323 12/11(水) 4:57
This is about all you get
MistSpinner 12/11(水) 4:58
Bobbydb2 12/11(水) 4:58
I'm lower than federal low income max level. Yet make to much for state of RI low income
Marlen_Holling 12/11(水) 4:58
Could you perhaps come to Germany and take over the job of Angela Merkel? YOU'RE WELCOME
VTrubilla 12/11(水) 4:58
Lol what a joke!!!
steelerfan1111 12/11(水) 4:58
We miss you President Obama!!!
GregAllman8 12/11(水) 4:58
I'm sending a lump of coal.
joeydog410 12/11(水) 4:59
@BrunoAmato_1 Thank you, you saved my life with the ACA. thank you
subscrbplz 12/11(水) 4:59
I forgot I followed you... but as a thanks obama I bought this
JennElizabethJ 12/11(水) 4:59
kagbabe17 12/11(水) 4:59
@ValerieJarrett Treason
e_veritas_unum 12/11(水) 5:00
Less than $10?? You forgot "per day"...
HDdeluxeGAL 12/11(水) 5:00
We miss you sir
Fallingpauli 12/11(水) 5:00
I miss having a person of honor and class in the White House. God Bless you Mr. Obama
rustychulamunch 12/11(水) 5:00
Your plan cost me thousands more!! The worst most expensive coverage I have had in my entire life! My…
McSmithPD4L6700 12/11(水) 5:00
I live that even though you are not the Head of State.... You STILL put Health Care FIRST for all families.
innas40473296 12/11(水) 5:00
What? Not enough money for the third house? Your Health Care is a joke - you almost destroyed the country with this lie.
wolfmama4ever 12/11(水) 5:01
We love you Mr. President and we miss you even more. ❤️❤️❤️
Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!
princesskkayla 12/11(水) 5:01
RealKaylaJames 12/11(水) 5:01
Imagine if you supported Medicare4all like you said you did when running in the 2008 primary. America…
MetSender 12/11(水) 5:01
Hey ! Mr Obama have an awesome christmas .
MarilynMix42 12/11(水) 5:01
Cheapest bronze plan I could find was $680 Month with $6500 deductible.
AliceNe83127006 12/11(水) 5:01
Sorry, I can't afford healthcare. Even if I could, I wouldn't be able to afford to use it. Can you jus…
AllanFink2 12/11(水) 5:02
Who going to pay for it. Let me guess taxes, up up up.
AlchemistNuovo 12/11(水) 5:02
I listed you as a traitor.
Merrirrro 12/11(水) 5:02
We miss you so much Mr. President!!!
midn1ghtmaraudr 12/11(水) 5:02
I love youuuuu
sol2ca 12/11(水) 5:02
Merry Christmas, Mr. President! We miss you so much! Thank you for sharing this! God bless you!
rorschachsrb 12/11(水) 5:02
you are really entaintainer. show must go on no matter how bad it is. bravo.
HillaryGuess 12/11(水) 5:03
ACA is too expensive. It failed.
lisaviehweg 12/11(水) 5:03
Please come home
versfeld_rina 12/11(水) 5:04
cindyraecox_rae 12/11(水) 5:04
flaxwax91735 12/11(水) 5:04
That garden?!
Gilles53427272 12/11(水) 5:04
On boys manque au Canada M. le president.
Berta10729472 12/11(水) 5:04
Dear friend, this year at least for having given my annual contributions I think I deserve a gift or a…
WyrdGrl 12/11(水) 5:04
@NewEagleLife no, we want
6114Terry 12/11(水) 5:05
Blah blah who cares.
karenhump1129 12/11(水) 5:05
We didn't know how well we had it until Jan 2017. We owe you a lot. Thank you.
LASQ11 12/11(水) 5:05
We miss you!!
Pouicpo03442485 12/11(水) 5:05
The best of
WhoDares_Agency 12/11(水) 5:05
My god how we need you back.
NewEagleLife 12/11(水) 5:06
I really miss to listen to President Obama. So even though this is just an advertising, I watched it entirely.
lalady2nc 12/11(水) 5:06
Thank you, Mr. President. ❤️
CathMMorris 12/11(水) 5:06
Well done. We need to see more real politicians/human beings on twitter ☺️
InTheLineOfLucy 12/11(水) 5:06
More like $1400 per month...give or take $200.
OBeirnekids 12/11(水) 5:06
We want from Move along before progress runs you over.
JoshuaHair6 12/11(水) 5:06
Asante_kotoko 12/11(水) 5:07
Kill lists
Reading lists
Lying lips
keg7630 12/11(水) 5:07
I love you man but the health insurance is TOO EXPENSIVE. What use to charge an i…
nrod913 12/11(水) 5:07
I miss you
jonny5crypto 12/11(水) 5:07
Interesting timing with IG report just coming out. The PR play, im assuming is to distract people from…
coze1challenge1 12/11(水) 5:08
Merry Christmas Mr. President.
demIN240 12/11(水) 7:50
Very simply... I love you @BarackObama. This is fantastic! Words cannot do justice to what we have los…
PAULCHA79384160 12/11(水) 7:50
thevoice16 12/11(水) 7:50
Merry Christmas, Mr. President! We love and you!
bruceesolo 12/11(水) 7:50
We miss you
Sarah_young5314 12/11(水) 7:51
I wish we qualified, but we don’t.
HahiraMom 12/11(水) 7:51
@MichelleObama Thank you both for still caring!
Cheyl60301 12/11(水) 7:51
@MichelleObama Your not POTUS so nobody cares...FYI
PTamisimbi 12/11(水) 7:52
Thank you so much mister President.
EyeAmThatGuy 12/11(水) 7:53
@MichelleObama $10? There is not a single plan available for $10 a month. Where are you coming up with this nonsense?
PaulPhi14746758 12/11(水) 7:54
Yes, Obamacare has cost the US a lot. It is working as intended to drive up costs to make socialized m…
jlee9857 12/11(水) 7:55
Go away
myhoff 12/11(水) 7:55
Gosh - I miss decency, class and morals ❤️
luke_sirasayin 12/11(水) 7:55
BotBarbeau 12/11(水) 7:55
Why don't you send a $10 check to the 5 million families who lost their homes thanks to the rampant Wa…
queenlaunique 12/11(水) 7:56
Come back I'll give you and Michele free foot massages everyday. We're screwed
holl31Rach 12/11(水) 7:56
@MichelleObama I love Obama!
garland_stroman 12/11(水) 7:56
Happy Hoildays Mr. President
eddieb1227 12/11(水) 7:56
YES. Health care matters most to the people of America. Let's do this.
JacquellaWalke3 12/11(水) 7:56
MrWalkingDead96 12/11(水) 7:56
Thank you Mr. President
LiquidFur 12/11(水) 7:56
Gdtdti1 12/11(水) 7:56
very very cristmas mr Baracoflaco Obama
MikeMer96214869 12/11(水) 7:56
One gift I wont be buying this is year is your "individual mandate" fee....thanks to 45
PaulMiller1313 12/11(水) 7:57
@MichelleObama Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family President Obama. ✌❤
alxsprl 12/11(水) 7:57
Fuck you
ChrissieKeffler 12/11(水) 7:57
Just to let you know, my son who buys his own insurance bought a policy off the exchange. After a hosp…
kleetampa 12/11(水) 7:58
The has changed the entire path of my life for the last 2 years & enabled me to with coverage.
goshy_joshy 12/11(水) 7:58
So glad Trump ended your War on Christmas!
g_rollo790 12/11(水) 7:59
@MichelleObama We want Universal Healthcare & not Healthcare for profit!
firstsong 12/11(水) 7:59
@MichelleObama Please come back!
eddievanwailin 12/11(水) 8:00
If you like your war, you can keep it!
lesleya91113627 12/11(水) 8:00
We love you!
mpy40234744 12/11(水) 8:01
your speech is nothing but full of lush rhetoric .why you are so hungry power .you are not president any more
whytedymonds 12/11(水) 8:01
Thank you for this have not forgotten never will.

You. Are. A. Gem!

Heartfelt thanks Mr President.
_Lesbyterian 12/11(水) 8:01
Aren't you trying to sabotage one of the Medicare for all candidates? The one with the strongest plan?
mschilly26 12/11(水) 8:01
@MichelleObama Don’t forget what Barack Obama said December 15, for your Health Care Cover.. made pos…
Tim69267300 12/11(水) 8:01
We miss u very much Mr. President, u were truly one of the GREATEST presidents in American history! Th…
dasha_tolliver 12/11(水) 8:02
@MichelleObama Why am I getting taxed for Medicare and I don’t have any insurance. The taxes that come…
MightyDucksPond 12/11(水) 8:02
@MichelleObama I'm looking down the barrel of having to continue my $854/month insurance because my jo…
DJ_Name 12/11(水) 8:03
Unlike your criminal banker buddies, you’re not too big to fail, and this is an epic failure.
MagicalMerlin50 12/11(水) 8:04
You are the best!
ObamaMama11 12/11(水) 8:04
Uh, Mayor Pete. The 44th president is talking to you.
❤️ @PeteButtigieg

Your next job at the White…
RobertaAAvery 12/11(水) 8:04
RomneyCare sucks. You screwed over the American people for donor $$$. Millions uninsured or underinsur…
6cf2109e44a744c 12/11(水) 8:04
@MichelleObama $10 or less???!!!! We pay $2000/month. Where can I get health insurance for less than $10?
MinnaHaanpaa 12/11(水) 8:04
@MichelleObama Proud of Scandinavian system
Katehaworth9 12/11(水) 8:04
@jeanieous We miss you so much, Mr. President.
jwalterudo 12/11(水) 8:04
Have a Merry Muslim Christmas!
JeanPac73948251 12/11(水) 8:05
You make the USA a better place to live. Never a better President than you. I miss you
deb4now 12/11(水) 8:05
@MichelleObama My husband lost his job we can’t afford the cost from the marketplace it’s over $200 a month not $10....
SGoreatha 12/11(水) 8:05
Ok Obama thanks!
tkay98 12/11(水) 8:06
It's not April Fool's Day....
heyer_dan 12/11(水) 8:06
Go away
jnelsonintc 12/11(水) 8:07
@MichelleObama Thank you Mr. President. I wish you were still at our White House!
Luvwhatufeel 12/11(水) 8:07
I just love you P-Obama
BeFair64441408 12/11(水) 8:07
If only the Ukraine aid and cut from it to various extortionists like Biden was invested into Healthca…
Ghost202017 12/11(水) 8:07
Thank you mister president !!!
Vetteman09 12/11(水) 8:08
doutri33 12/11(水) 8:08
@MichelleObama What's on Michelle's list for under $10?
badpraxisbob 12/11(水) 8:08
thanks for turning your back on the public option as soon as you got elected coward
garybri 12/11(水) 8:09
You big dummy
Mdshams42303613 12/11(水) 8:09
Salute Mr. Obama
Mdshams42303613 12/11(水) 8:09
Grt sir
LouiseL88662882 12/11(水) 8:09
Thank you. I let all my living a df ultimate children know. 3 a deceast.
SallySamsara 12/11(水) 8:10
Why did you design the ACA so that self employed > 50yo basically had their insurance costs DOUBLED?…
willynilly416 12/11(水) 8:10
i curious why barrack and other former presidents dont give their opinion on the impeachment of trump
KFREELS52 12/11(水) 8:11
Drop dead!!!
LegacyZeroYT 12/11(水) 8:13
You feelin ok after drinking Flint's water?
AaronDejaun 12/11(水) 8:13
M4A... please
Xzamilloh 12/11(水) 8:13
Too bad Flint still doesn't have clean water.
jordaneskXXIII 12/11(水) 8:13
My President!!
curtislee12321 12/11(水) 8:13
1200/month for my wife and myself. Plus $10,000 deductible. I guess that we make too much money as a teacher and a landscaper.
EricoTheriault 12/11(水) 8:14
YFinshed 12/11(水) 8:14
U already lost AntiMASHIYACH YAHUSHA HAMASHIYACH beheld satan as lighting falling form shamayim which is Barack Obama in Hebrew
Swizzlestick8 12/11(水) 8:15
Dear Santa,

Please bring back Obama.

Can we just start again?

Say from July 2016?
PaulGavigan4 12/11(水) 8:15
Merry Christmas U Muslim dirtbag
podys8th 12/11(水) 8:15
Miss you so much, Mr. President ♥️
GotHot50 12/11(水) 8:16
"you may hav noticed i like to make lists, playlists, reading lists, kill lists.. "
itsabirdlife 12/11(水) 8:16
honestuscivis 12/11(水) 8:17
Mister President and First Lady,

Merry Christmas and Merry Holidays to you and the family.

Thank yo…
WakeUpwithJOY 12/11(水) 8:17
GraceParkerS 12/11(水) 8:17
swivel_table 12/11(水) 8:17
Dear Sir, I know you make lists and I know you make playlists. I am in need of a playlist for an impea…
allulah9 12/11(水) 8:18
Yah and a 11 million dollar house on the vinnnnnyard!!!!!!
Lynner58 12/11(水) 8:18
Thank you! And hey, we still miss you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you & your lovely family!
bilk523 12/11(水) 8:19
Thanks Mr President, hope you have a fantastic holiday season. ps we all miss you.
allulah9 12/11(水) 8:19
An oceanfront mansion(real good for the Climate )
LisaRhubarb 12/11(水) 8:19
I’m not even American but I miss you
StacyLasky6 12/11(水) 8:19
letsevolveok 12/11(水) 8:20
WTF you live in a mansion in Martha's Vineyard, not that little log cabin
KazeKAHME 12/11(水) 8:21
BillyKanada 12/11(水) 8:21
You are still pushing it because you and your cronies are still pocketing off of that failed program
Laadragon 12/11(水) 8:22
@MichelleObama Why don't you share your opinion on politics today? I know that this isn't "traditional…
thedeettweets 12/11(水) 8:23
I miss having this guy as president so much.
RockCollector64 12/11(水) 8:23
@MichelleObama And remember, when you care to give the very best for ALL AMERICANS, !!
Joy13194176 12/11(水) 8:24
jadsown 12/11(水) 8:24
I got mine
DutchLnaf 12/11(水) 8:27
LordofWales 12/11(水) 8:27
Yeah sorry. Obamacare was so 2008. We’re all on the Medicare4All train now.
DavidATravis2 12/11(水) 8:28
Go away plz. HAPPY Holidays but plz retire
mcclain_r 12/11(水) 8:28
He's not even president anymore, and he still making sure people get covered. We miss you so much.
Full_On_Cynic 12/11(水) 8:29
Here’s how great ACA is. Note in my elderly parent’s doctor’s office this afternoon

We could have ha…
blondjamesblon1 12/11(水) 8:29
paper or plastic, or do you use a rolled up $100 dollar bill?
SkinnyG71016165 12/11(水) 8:29
And I think it's hightime you try to help the African continent @BarackObama
CarliseLisa 12/11(水) 8:30
Sarruukin 12/11(水) 8:30
I love you
anmills17 12/11(水) 8:30
We miss you so much
MCunningham2720 12/11(水) 8:31
I can't afford it
madliberalmom 12/11(水) 8:31
@Mrtimrock Miss you.. help us please
MCunningham2720 12/11(水) 8:31
Frankly, I don't know anyone who can afford it
TaconicST 12/11(水) 8:32
Hi, Barack.

I hope you are having a good holiday season, unlike the tens of thousands of Americans th…
Williamsaysso1 12/11(水) 8:32
A great Christmas present would be for you to run again. Not consecutive terms so you can do it. If…
brenslo 12/11(水) 8:33
@MichelleObama I wish it was affordable. My husband & I are both retired, me under 65, and definitely…
hedge009 12/11(水) 8:33
$10 doesnt buy a lot of healtcare fir some one, why dont you spread sone of your socialist cash among…
CrochetJanet 12/11(水) 8:33
madliberalmom 12/11(水) 8:34
@Mrtimrock When I explain to my European friends... America is fighting for the right to buy healthcar…
Warcraftwolf73 12/11(水) 8:34
America misses you and needs someone like you who led our great country with pride and humbleness.
jinworks_art 12/11(水) 8:35
@b_b_baconator 10.00 health care ? You mean Robitussin, right ?
JudyNickerson9 12/11(水) 8:35
@MichelleObama For all my American family and friends! Check it out before December 15th.
yayamars 12/11(水) 8:35
Where do you get $10 or less for health care?! When I applied last month, all the options offered were…
hazybearsocks 12/11(水) 8:36
I already have your crap health care that's why I can't get a kidney transplant.
BonnieMonarch50 12/11(水) 8:36
Miss you!
InfinityBall 12/11(水) 8:36
$10 a less? For an Obamacare policy? It was considerably worse than $10 a day.
ProverbsYoung 12/11(水) 8:36
theuglydrewth 12/11(水) 8:37
If anyone, anyone at all, pays $10 a month for good quality healthcare please hit me up LMAAAOOO
BRTD_Trocadero 12/11(水) 8:37
DonnaLohrer 12/11(水) 8:37
I miss you and your family.
Jeffers92901833 12/11(水) 8:38
For me sir
lowrider53 12/11(水) 8:38
Obama why did you give Iran all of that money and in cash???
sussexsquad 12/11(水) 8:39
@MichelleObama I love seeing his face.
mike90015 12/11(水) 8:39
Lol @BarackObama healthcare is not affordable thanks to you anymore. Good luck with $10 bucks. Dumbest president in existence
AbdallahiYoucef 12/11(水) 8:40
I have a feeling that we could be good friends Barack.
Chadjmurrell1 12/11(水) 8:40
Aca saved me. Thank you for that.
lilsail0rm00n 12/11(水) 8:40
We want you back bby
nancylualb 12/11(水) 8:41
Thank you sir, I just signed up for it! What a piece of mind knowing it’s there if I need it. Merry Christmas ❤️
karlmarxbrothe1 12/11(水) 8:41
Healthcare DOES NOT COST $10 you out of touch sellout
HawbashDawood2 12/11(水) 8:41
@TrueFactsStated You are truly missed , thanks for standing with Americans, best president that ever we had.
ITrump118 12/11(水) 8:41
All registered for 2020.. thank you for caring for the health and well being of the American people th…
janehmcfadyen 12/11(水) 8:41
@MichelleObama Miss you and your wonderful wife in the WH. ☹️
alieye 12/11(水) 8:42
Could you add a new president to that list?
mrshawngraham 12/11(水) 8:43
“Go find a plan that works for you”

My dude, I don’t want to waste a bunch of time on a website event…
Monstrum 12/11(水) 8:43
Hello. You bailed out the banks and left us to rot. Remember?
1skysthelimit 12/11(水) 8:44
Happy Holidays President Obama and family
rjkahooper 12/11(水) 8:44
My healthcare isn’t $10 but it’s definitely affordable for my family. I’m not sure where we would be…
olive_ilda 12/11(水) 8:45
@MichelleObama Vou compartilhar
Dunigan88791694 12/11(水) 8:45
@TrueFactsStated We went from having a to just having a POS instead! I miss having a President…
workers4change 12/11(水) 8:45
NastiMarvasti 12/11(水) 8:46
Super majority in Congress, 0 support from Republicans no matter what you did, and you still went for…
emmywence 12/11(水) 8:47
How about running mate for Joe? Or any of the Democrat candidates? Please?!?
gladyskropp 12/11(水) 8:47
Be still my ❤️
angelofdelphi 12/11(水) 8:47
rbPOD 12/11(水) 8:47
Stop with the bs please. You were such a disappointment as President. I can’t believe I fell for you…
Hlicu 12/11(水) 8:48
Miss you in office Mr President.
paulstoriale 12/11(水) 8:48
Any chance you wanna chat with your wife about running for President? She would win...
Jharperj1 12/11(水) 8:48
For $10? Come On now
TonyGeo93361661 12/11(水) 8:49
Were you involved in SPYGATE?
Paulus26878433 12/11(水) 8:49
@MichelleObama Just in chief.
CathyRappaSab 12/11(水) 8:50
You will always be the best!
Notsojingo 12/11(水) 8:50
Buck Off please.
God is waiting for your excuses for bombing kids and destabilizing entire regions tha…
lagos2007 12/11(水) 8:50
Pensé que era hora de que comparta mi lista de regalos de vacaciones - algunos artículos prácticos, to…
Rome9Romie 12/11(水) 8:50
@MichelleObama Stop publicly criticizing your supporters....
Satigher 12/11(水) 8:51
It's called Christmas dude
ncgazette 12/11(水) 8:51
@MichelleObama boooo to you too Obama.
notokaywithit 12/11(水) 8:51
"HI, poors! Here's some bullshit."
The_Crimson_Jet 12/11(水) 8:52
D 15 to pay to save your DS donkey? Merry Christmas you....
HollandWheaton 12/11(水) 8:53
As I lay my head on my Christmas pillow, I'll dream of the days when you and your spectacular family w…
franklin_frank1 12/11(水) 8:53
I love you Obama! Won’t you be our President again♥️ !
dayead 12/11(水) 8:53
You got balls claiming anyone who actually works can get healthcare for anywhere NEAR that.
crowbarcosmic 12/11(水) 8:53
ok boomer
BillLiv54677345 12/11(水) 8:54
Awww Barack good to see yo face brotha
arkansas52 12/11(水) 8:54
Yep, the baby boomers need some help. I did not realize that I would have to pay more to get old. I…
O_Zandi 12/11(水) 8:54
We just can't move on if you keep doing this to us sir. Not fair!
ghcsupclerk19 12/11(水) 8:55
@MichelleObama Miss you!! Merry Christmas!
Michael71212700 12/11(水) 8:55
Great! Can I keep my Doctor & my plan?
defiant1775 12/11(水) 8:55
What did you give Iran this year for Christmas? More money? What about the mexican drug cartels? More…
harold4vicki 12/11(水) 8:55
Please take your money and shut up.
IsaacJo19688549 12/11(水) 8:55
Thanks Barack Obama
lesliehughley 12/11(水) 8:55
@MichelleObama You are so truly missed!
gmulligan38 12/11(水) 8:56
gee_mykiee 12/11(水) 8:56
... That’s why I will always love you. You’re always thinking about others. Happy Holidays Mr.…
bassmanof40 12/11(水) 8:57
There is a universal health insurance system in Japan, which was supported by the United States after…
AmyLNeeley 12/11(水) 8:57
@ReignOfApril Just signed up today! Thank you for making the ACA hapoen. Miss you!
KIMBERL15394034 12/11(水) 8:57
Yes i must sign up which program is the best
RSK_ACTION81 12/11(水) 8:58
@Acyn Just Disappointed and Disgusted by your condescending comment. You are praising a System that le…
JonStall2009 12/11(水) 8:59
How about a banana
AthenaReyes 12/11(水) 8:59
So. Awesome.
mykleetorres 12/11(水) 9:00
Why the fck are we “signing up” for healthcare? Why do you consider it a gift? It’s a mfcking right. You disgust me.
megmcdoncolvin 12/11(水) 9:01
The best Christmas gift we could get is to have Michelle run for president! Second best is if you are…
philosophrob 12/11(水) 9:01
You're a war criminal who ought to be tried in the Hague. Happy holidays.
SarahBorden18 12/11(水) 9:01
Barack Obama Really Gives Amazing Advice
beefyshadow 12/11(水) 9:01
@MichelleObama Im literally in love with Obama, such a king
Mack88268000 12/11(水) 9:02

Business as usual Goldman testimony.
What did you know about bidens racketeering?
sickofthisshi19 12/11(水) 9:02
Ummmm lame
TheDaveman316 12/11(水) 9:02
Medicare for all is the real gift
FRANKSrealPC 12/11(水) 9:02
Well it might cost you $10 or less but it cost me a 30% of my income.
philosophrob 12/11(水) 9:03
"Under Barack Obama, the Democratic Party pretty much collapsed at the crucial local and state levels,…
MistSpinner 12/11(水) 9:03
JonStall2009 12/11(水) 9:03
$10 isn't even a co-pay
BobbyGould_CU 12/11(水) 9:04
@MichelleObama Brilliant! Protect yourself my American friends! And the need for this clip is a great…
tuffgirl_73 12/11(水) 9:04
Bernin4U 12/11(水) 9:04
Is that per hour because I know there is no health insurance plan for even $10 a day!…
awelab1956 12/11(水) 9:04
Thank you President Obama. Healthcare is life.
Markoff_Cheney 12/11(水) 9:05
andresha_bass 12/11(水) 9:05
$10 dollars or less for what? Signing up, or for the honor of you reminding us that we have to do this…
dryden_lorna 12/11(水) 9:05
@MichelleObama Can you be our president again?
therealmeminski 12/11(水) 9:05
$10??? Sorry, that's a complete lie. Another year uninsured.

The only way is
Bleuteardp 12/11(水) 9:05
Mr President, just the sound of your voice brings a smile upon my face.
Thank you for being the man m…
jamestolley77 12/12(木) 4:59
Worst president Ever!!!! I also remember hearing some investigations and scandals so no investigations…
roya0905 12/12(木) 4:59
Mr obama can u give me some money instead i can paint your face ? Is ok????…
terricola422 12/12(木) 5:01
See the is so cool, still working to help others, despite the B.S. driving us into darkness, it is goo…
lurtg 12/12(木) 5:01
Still miss you everyday....☹️
Veronic17812151 12/12(木) 5:04
Thank you for sharing and caring about the well been of the American people .
JamesMo14319686 12/12(木) 5:04
No thanks , dont want socialism insurance.
Cj03919620 12/12(木) 5:04
Veronic17812151 12/12(木) 5:05
You rock !
LaePenio 12/12(木) 5:07
Fraud!!! Looking 4 money 2 complete ur real estate purchase in Italy? Or b4 d great explosions? 8 yrs…
muinfamily 12/12(木) 5:07
Mr. Obama, you are the best POTUS this country is bless with. Your health care package has safe so many lives
DeadPool4357 12/12(木) 5:08
kenylerichardso 12/12(木) 5:08
Lies a 52nd canned lies.....sigh.....
JohnnySacks 12/12(木) 5:08
You let losers like Baucus, Lieberman, Nelson, Lincoln destroy your campaign promise while you played…
red_clover103 12/12(木) 5:13
All I want for Xmas is Bernie Sanders for President
haulindun 12/12(木) 5:18
@ThomsonSherin Excellent little video sir. Why doesn't anybody mention that Putin has a dream? Civil u…
DumayCathy 12/12(木) 5:22
Mr how you did in your office?
BR_Wright 12/12(木) 5:22
Permission to speak freely, Mr. President...
You need to bring yo butt on back! There's this nasty sti…
steve45139844 12/12(木) 5:23
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS_FLOTUS @Jim_Jordan @LindseyGrahamSC @GOPLeader @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump…
Toria6069 12/12(木) 5:24
Miss this man
veganFTA 12/12(木) 5:24
We miss you
jeanettesteini2 12/12(木) 5:25
You should be ashamed of what you have done many believed in you . I wasn’t one. Thank you God!!!
Illegal wiretapping!!!
HarryEifa 12/12(木) 5:29
@MichelleObama i love you man
MacarusoEstelle 12/12(木) 5:29
It’s always nice to hear you speak Mr. President
ToriTstall 12/12(木) 5:32
$10!!! What a joke! I pay $980 for myself
Bonnzoarlegui1 12/12(木) 5:33
I can't understand for Long 8 yrs of YOUR SERVICES as President I can't remembered the GOOD THINGs DON…
RaymondsRant 12/12(木) 5:33
RandyReifschne1 12/12(木) 5:34
Yes, the president who actually built the cages that ICE uses. The one who allowed guns to be stolen…
DumayCathy 12/12(木) 5:36
Mr Obama I would like lacking courses probably, provable whatever that claimed the live: I can't wait to see him.
dprobbins23 12/12(木) 5:36
Can’t afford it sir
DeirdreElias3 12/12(木) 5:38
Love this man
karlalaland 12/12(木) 5:39
Looks like Barry just had to get out and do a little holiday lying for the insurance companies. Still…
TwoWhistles 12/12(木) 5:40
Go Away. You've done enough damage!
TYenter 12/12(木) 5:40
We miss you and your wonderful family Help us all.
Jasmeen01835603 12/12(木) 5:43
More gift recommendations please.
DumayCathy 12/12(木) 5:43
Mr I would like to talk with the prosecutor public I can .
Jasonlemay4 12/12(木) 5:44
You suck and so does Obama care. $6000 in penalties for not having insurance for my family because i w…
Lorrain86191635 12/12(木) 5:45
Mass murdering war criminal
LarryCorbusier 12/12(木) 5:46
Hey @realDonaldTrump do you know what you & Peter 'I owe Michael Stainer Money' Cobrin aka Johnny Samw…
Blacksk97689284 12/12(木) 5:46
Just my opinion but I think your wife should run for president
realbamamark 12/12(木) 5:46
Let’s be real. Obamacare sucks for working class Americans. The Tax Mandate which you stole from the w…
LeslieBakerIV1 12/12(木) 5:50
10.00 or less ???? Healthcare ???
MamaPraying 12/12(木) 5:51
Gary70458621 12/12(木) 5:52
Who cares
JPetchmak 12/12(木) 5:52
I hope that this will truly help me later.
BucknerRyan 12/12(木) 5:52
This is not hate or anything, just a simple question. Why did my family PPO from my employer go up to…
zdigyigy 12/12(木) 5:54
President Obama, please do not do this.
MASH407710 12/12(木) 5:55
Looks like the only gift you are getting is a clear and precise charge of Abuse of Power laid right at…
YemYem84344190 12/12(木) 5:55
Very wonderful and adorable man. God bless you and your family.
uzrine 12/12(木) 5:56
the best ads campaign ever
ChiTownHB 12/12(木) 6:00
This video is actually hilarious. Finding affordable health care is still very hard- unless youre EXTR…
WeKnowEDKH 12/12(木) 6:01
You will go down as being the Surveillance State.
omnioooks 12/12(木) 6:02
I'm too high for this so ima just say maybe you could've increased minimum wage.

To the gulag with t…
AmpangZant 12/12(木) 6:03
Please help us for the people of Northeast India. Bring us peace we want leader like you.
tanyavforvt 12/12(木) 6:04
You must be shopping for healthcare somewhere other than the United States. I cannot even go to one do…
Lanena09277522 12/12(木) 6:04
Your term was over. So enjoy your life with your family now.
helen_manfred 12/12(木) 6:08
Can I borrow some money?
PatriotBob5 12/12(木) 6:09
Treasonous Islamic gay man on the loose.
CardinDaniel 12/12(木) 6:11
@CashCcash9922 Barack I’m tired of sending you money
CheryleJ0806 12/12(木) 6:11
@electricboyo Wow. Almost 2 million views. Good for you, sir. And good for those needing healthcare th…
RobinToy66 12/12(木) 6:12
You'll need to add a few more zeros for heath care. You made it unaffordable for the people but the i…
6oclockJessie 12/12(木) 6:14
Weird you suggest health care while trying to ruin the election of the only person ready to make sure…
BabyMrdr 12/12(木) 6:16
BrickBoyBob 12/12(木) 6:16
Get lost.
patrici35595017 12/12(木) 6:16
I love you
MoBsTeR_421 12/12(木) 6:20
Your a hack that got rich off the office of the presidency
What was your net worth before entering off…
louloubelle59 12/12(木) 6:20
Great post President Obama!! Thank you!!!
luverofgod 12/12(木) 6:22
Miss you
HolyHairs 12/12(木) 6:23
Carto110 12/12(木) 6:24
Like you celebrate make a mockery of Christmas!
justathoughtguy 12/12(木) 6:28
Your in big trouble!
gre31841297 12/12(木) 6:28
Love you, but $10 or less for healthcare?.
gotskillsgills 12/12(木) 6:32
We miss you Mr. President
AdaireSalome 12/12(木) 6:33
We love your family so dearly. Thank you for continuing the good work that gives us a flicker of hope for humanity.
IronMan93893708 12/12(木) 6:34
Question For 1 000 000 $
Why Was Satan Kill The Jesus ??? And Now Something What Dont have nothing with that, Bitcoin 2020 .
dropguillotines 12/12(木) 6:34
You are fighting against true progress to protect your mediocre legacy. It’s revolting. You keep pushi…
Chris26671 12/12(木) 6:38
you are joking right?
ACFinLA 12/12(木) 6:39
That zen garden looks like a full litter box.
KFIRMENA 12/12(木) 6:41
My health care bill since th affordable care act
ecarrollmoore 12/12(木) 6:41
$10 or less? That be nice, especially if it didn't come with a 7k yearly deductible. Happy to have p…
Lahbib12652440 12/12(木) 6:41
Lahbib12652440 12/12(木) 6:41
Little culture.
seklandolson 12/12(木) 6:42
Thumbs up.
target2016 12/12(木) 6:42
Have a snack, !!!
Funsareh6 12/12(木) 6:43
Saludos señor presidente Barak Obama Mi nombre es flor Castillo de la República Dominicana tengo una f…
seattleid 12/12(木) 6:45
Bernie2020FLFAN 12/12(木) 6:46
Is that a $100,000 deductible for the ten dollar health plan?
C260026 12/12(木) 6:47
Obamacare is abused by people to keep having babies so they can get more freebies for 18+ yrs and not…
Ali25450183 12/12(木) 6:49
Peace be upon you. I am serious in my words. I am an Iraqi citizen defending my right, they kill my fa…
AliKhos31073852 12/12(木) 6:49
Hi, you are the best & good man
PissedOffTexan7 12/12(木) 6:50
My Mother was forced to buy an ACA approved plan, the only one she could afford was accepted by ONE DO…
Thrasher1776 12/12(木) 6:50
Socialism only killed 100 million so let's go for it, we can all be poor and stupid while Obama lives in a Mansion on the Beach
MannSheti 12/12(木) 6:50
Screw everyone take that money and buy yourself some pot stocks..but if u have to but always look out…
MegasMicro 12/12(木) 6:52
yeah - it's a real gift for us humps who are getting taxed to death to pay for your social programs.
leilabarry1 12/12(木) 6:53
Bwilson20226415 12/12(木) 6:54
Cheep what can you by for that
ThatGirlIsSoFly 12/12(木) 6:55
Great suggestions
Happy Holidays
jeff_markwood 12/12(木) 6:56
Medicare for all is the only way to keep your Banking and corporate Partners out of our relationship w…
MarkAHalwickJr 12/12(木) 6:56
@MichelleObama Mr. President, millions of individuals in the now have affordabl…
mcshanemusic 12/12(木) 6:57
What's the deductible on that $10 plan, Mr. President? What's the co-insurance? What are the co-pays?…
dulce94848629 12/12(木) 6:58
we miss you....Mr president
XaviLi56 12/12(木) 7:00
un negro!
Thee_MikeMoon 12/12(木) 7:03
In what world does comprehensive healthcare cost $10 in the US?

lost touch with the wor…
Lisablatt4591 12/12(木) 7:03
I'm not illegal how come I can't afford to pay for health insurance. Sounds racist to me.
MartinDudley17 12/12(木) 7:06
The divider and apologist speaks again. Walk off into the sunset like your predecessors. I’m pretty su…
DavidODube 12/12(木) 7:06
Why do you think you are relevant? Barack who?
jhrn1973 12/12(木) 7:08
OualieMarketing 12/12(木) 7:10
FATCA - literally destroyed banking in the Caribbean - Obama 2009
LucindaBedwell 12/12(木) 13:37
@BarackObama $10 for healthcare insurance? You're a joke!
mcpeake_k 12/12(木) 13:40
There isnt no one signing up for your fail health plan. Go crawl back in your hole and stay there. No…
TomTevans 12/12(木) 13:41
Yes. You too could be paying $2,000/month for Obamacare!
Alexand54256940 12/12(木) 13:43
Best President I have ever witnessed in the White House
MaiVitBc2 12/12(木) 13:43
I'm care it
dystopian42 12/12(木) 13:43
I got a bad feeling about what’s about to happen to the first man and 44. FBI spied for you, pro quo V…
DemSortie 12/12(木) 13:46
$10?! Try $752 per month with a $6500 deductable.
DemSortie 12/12(木) 13:48
Just trying to hold on until I'm eligible for Medicare.
happy2bL 12/12(木) 13:50
My healthcare premium is $1,393 a month. With a 3K deductible. But....I wouldnt have ANY insurance if…
iler_janice 12/12(木) 13:51
OMG!!! This liar is still trying to convince everyone his failed, government "healthcare" is affordabl…
GaryBra69997696 12/12(木) 13:54
Awesome luv u Obama
sluggo_adams 12/12(木) 13:55
"I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it."
-Niccolo Machiavelli

★ Ber…
JosephShootyard 12/12(木) 14:01
1nonblonde2 12/12(木) 14:04
@BobbyDa33331933 Here’s my wishlist
AlexAlexr1209 12/12(木) 14:05
AdryanWolfe 12/12(木) 14:10
The Affordable Care Act saved our family from financial ruin six years ago, when our then six year old…
CartelMke 12/12(木) 14:16
Hoping Santa brings you some federal charges for 2020. Obama for prison !!!!
Francis67295175 12/12(木) 14:21
Do so pal
Cynthia61255407 12/12(木) 14:22
Dear President Obama, I hold you on a pedestal in my memories with President John F. Kennedy, & Dr. Ma…
todayhumorcokr 12/12(木) 14:24
Dear Barak, please now!
Singer267 12/12(木) 14:25
cute commercial!
LoveKrims 12/12(木) 14:26
Are you telling us?
BeckyPhillips9 12/12(木) 14:28
Merry Christmas Mr. President & family. We miss you so much. May you have many blessings in this coming New Year.
Bleach_Bit 12/12(木) 14:28
@MichelleObama One last swindle before your indictments are unsealed - How precious
mrsjtip 12/12(木) 14:30
WE need you in so many arenas... Kick rocks on a holiday list.
MaryRoseQDeVega 12/12(木) 14:35
“But I have understanding as well as you; I am not inferior to you: yea, who knoweth not such things as these?”
victoria_luby 12/12(木) 14:35