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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2019/12/15(日) 1:01 .

You can get the zen garden next week, but tomorrow is the last day to sign up for health coverage at…

afdinhouston 12/15(日) 1:03
Thanks BeRock!♥️
MaaloufMD 12/15(日) 1:03
While the ACA fills a needed coverage gap, imagine a system where there was no deadline for getting ca…
vicat_henderson 12/15(日) 1:03
Where is this $10 premium???
JonBorkholder 12/15(日) 1:03
*Tomorrow. *Insurance Plan. [noted]
dmichaels17 12/15(日) 1:03
adjordan 12/15(日) 1:03
Thank you for the reminder Mr. President.
LisakMcmul 12/15(日) 1:03
Best President EVER!!!! Still cares about us.
Sassyonemeis 12/15(日) 1:03
We miss you, terribly.
andreslop24 12/15(日) 1:03
insunlite 12/15(日) 1:03
BTC2143 12/15(日) 1:04
Thank You!
LIBREDPENSAR 12/15(日) 1:04
Lori_Hah 12/15(日) 1:04
I have no income and pre existing issues
tarunbajaj8 12/15(日) 1:04
I don’t have USD 10 $ ........
evrenperry 12/15(日) 1:04
I miss you
diatribestress 12/15(日) 1:04
God I miss having a real president. When was the last time Trump tweeted about healthcare?
apprentisk 12/15(日) 1:04
Trump's ruining all you improved!!
RunJoe 12/15(日) 1:04
Thought u were hooking up some coke man!
AbdoulCherif90s 12/15(日) 1:04
Hello Mr. President i hope you have heard about 70 soldiers that died in Niger.. We are enjoying ur le…
sternfanjan 12/15(日) 1:04
I do not see a single plan with a montly premium of $10.00 or less. If there is one, is the deductabl…
TamaraAde2 12/15(日) 1:04
We love you. Sigh. Please help us any way that you can. ❤️
TomokoIbukuro 12/15(日) 1:04
too small
ProgressiveG2 12/15(日) 1:04
You sold out the American people to line your pockets and you have the nerve to push ACA down our thro…
homerup4health 12/15(日) 1:04
Signed up yesterday! Thank you Mr President. Miss you all the time
CasiArgiud62 12/15(日) 1:04
is the civilized way to go. also cuts costs, covers all. Econ101 says it is the…
DaR8iders 12/15(日) 1:04
Here @BarackObama promotes junk insurance with thousands in deductibles...
swordoflogic 12/15(日) 1:04
Why would a President of the United States [HUSSEIN] assign 'RENEGADE' as his USSS codename?
Define '…
gemgal9 12/15(日) 1:04
Thank you for all that you have done for this country and for this timely reminder about the importance of having health care.
MiMi1PokerDiva 12/15(日) 1:04
Miss you Mr President
DannyHavner 12/15(日) 1:04
Can't afford it
JESchaeffer 12/15(日) 1:04
Word has it, that your administration spied on an incoming Presidential candidate and your attorney ge…
iamr4ju 12/15(日) 1:04
Great ♥️
betrobcal 12/15(日) 1:04
SeekingSusie 12/15(日) 1:05
Thank you for the reminder. This is important.
awoken_4u 12/15(日) 1:05
Need the coffers!!!
FeasentPlucker 12/15(日) 1:05
We love you Obama!!!
greeterb 12/15(日) 1:05
Miss you so much!!!!!!!
RzineBob 12/15(日) 1:05
And what world do you live in
realjstrandt 12/15(日) 1:05
Dear President Obama,

I know you're highly strategic and work behind the scenes, but it would go a lo…
crabby_d 12/15(日) 1:05
Miss you Mr. President!
quichimendez 12/15(日) 1:05
Buen presidente
NicholasASpurr 12/15(日) 1:05
$10 or less? Most family plans I look at cost my family around $1000/month for just 3 of us with a lar…
dentonguns 12/15(日) 1:05
Is the phone number still
1-800 shit-ins ?

You need a Zen garden when you realize you can't keep you…
medit8now 12/15(日) 1:05
The zen garden
smither_alan 12/15(日) 1:05
When did @JohnBrennan show you the Steele Dossier?
chuzalong 12/15(日) 1:05
Thank you for caring about all Americans Mr. President.
TrentCapelli 12/15(日) 1:05
Imagine a world where @BarackObama brought healthcare to millions, was scandal free for 8 years, was a…
PatriotsGirlUSA 12/15(日) 1:05
Thank you Mr. President.@BarackObama Miss you!!♥️
AJB417 12/15(日) 1:05
Can we keep our doctor?
kumar9_jitendra 12/15(日) 1:05
Great sir
marius20046ro 12/15(日) 1:05
Very nice mister President: )
humbert14686763 12/15(日) 1:05
In the Halu-U ventures in Europe-USA and in the world and in the event of U's death what is the line o…
CIAMemeEngineer 12/15(日) 1:05
The cost of insuring my family has QUADRUPLED Thanks to you.

Hope you enjoy that multi-million dolla…
Waheedoptimstic 12/15(日) 1:05
robrousseau 12/15(日) 1:05
pretty cool system that there is a cut off date to purchase health insurance
Marceau25615092 12/15(日) 1:06
Smoke crack again, Barack?
WTFWhitePeeple 12/15(日) 1:06
Miss you Mr. President.
sachin_gumul 12/15(日) 1:06
Hey what's that ?
deangustafson 12/15(日) 1:06
$10 a month? Am I on the wrong site???
raveninak 12/15(日) 1:06
Thank you Mr President!
MiguelBMarenco4 12/15(日) 1:06
You are the best Mr President... wish you can run for office again!!
CarlosdiCapiJoy 12/15(日) 1:06
O que o senhor está fazendo mexendo deste jeito, Presidente @BarackObama ?
KellyAnn0122 12/15(日) 1:06
vol80 12/15(日) 1:06
Obamacare was/is a failure. Even one Obama's biggest endorsers, the Chicago Tribune, says so.

You hav…
luobiaoyeahnet1 12/15(日) 1:06
it's a great plan.
sandykaykay 12/15(日) 1:06
I miss you Mr President ❤️
SeanSelk 12/15(日) 1:06
Iowahindy 12/15(日) 1:06
Is that blow ?
DAlliFLA 12/15(日) 1:06
@Alllwftopic Thank you, Mr. President. Have a very peaceful and holy Christmas We miss you!
hobohumpinslobo 12/15(日) 1:06
Vinnie1715 12/15(日) 1:06
Had health insurance until Obama care premiums went up coverage went down drug prices went through the…
McGeheeCapital 12/15(日) 1:06
dariapolitica 12/15(日) 1:06
assassin how can you live after the tragedy of Syria of which you authored
oden_sven 12/15(日) 1:06
the dude is just cool , even with tiny rake and hippie sand garden the dude is cool
amyeskew 12/15(日) 1:06
Ranmzoxe_Core 12/15(日) 1:06
* I imagined them bigger. : I did not know that this type of, Jardain was small...
IdiotBoxDenier 12/15(日) 1:06
Your coup attempt failed Barry.
Jamillah79 12/15(日) 1:07
You look so damn good sitting like that
Sopcaja 12/15(日) 1:07
The last US president I know
JamesHesch2 12/15(日) 1:07
Bar0n_TheGrey 12/15(日) 1:07
President Obama cares about the health of Americans. Thank you President Obama ♥️
JFarrar41 12/15(日) 1:07
Boyyyyy I thought you were cutting lines
RobynBank 12/15(日) 1:07
Thank you for being a great president!
BernieMiller8 12/15(日) 1:07
$10 or less. I'll give you 1st option to explain exactly what you get for $10..
DSanczos 12/15(日) 1:07
The Best President Ever : )
ChernorIBah2 12/15(日) 1:07
I live in Africa can I benefit Sir?
StuartEtc 12/15(日) 1:07
I’m happy the ACA is still here, but I’m paying over 20K a year for minimalist insurance for me and my…
customcore7 12/15(日) 1:07
@Debveglitter I miss a REAL PRESIDENT
qdrops_ 12/15(日) 1:07
NurseRabbi 12/15(日) 1:07
Prostitution pros conglomerate s. Icd race curriculum gender identitytheft. @Chicago_Police judge ota…
NickLegit4224 12/15(日) 1:07
cut me out one too.
hajjehx2 12/15(日) 1:07
Are you on crack?
ThomasM88899796 12/15(日) 1:07
NjaCobs1115 12/15(日) 1:07
Such a fraud.

It's a shame how bamboozled people are as to what your presidency did to your own peopl…
Zombielvr2 12/15(日) 1:07
Thank you
DebbieDunn01 12/15(日) 1:07
What a joke.
mrandresbarraza 12/15(日) 1:07
it looks like you’re lining up some rails
mgreek_gypsy 12/15(日) 1:07
OMG this is awesome!
Tyfree2020 12/15(日) 1:07
this is how a president who is not guilty of the lies they tell about him acts. he dont have to tweet…
MAGAMINDED 12/15(日) 1:07
healthsham . gov
ThomasM88899796 12/15(日) 1:08
represented you for 2022
whatsthepremise 12/15(日) 1:08
Why does it look like he’s lining up coke to snort?
JillH02735718 12/15(日) 1:08
ACA is a total failure, sold to us under false promises. Govt run anything is never cost effective or efficient.
LineDetail 12/15(日) 1:08
You rock Barack :D
BillyDo02370360 12/15(日) 1:08
Any way you could run for President again? We need you.
tom4tek 12/15(日) 1:08
Miss you bro
realHeatherD 12/15(日) 1:08
That’s the tiniest zen garden I’ve ever seen!
kjblackhawk 12/15(日) 1:08
Please help us‼️
SportsF28863847 12/15(日) 1:08
President Obama, my Zen Garden is bigger than your Zen Garden...and I will gladly send it to you if yo…
Iowahindy 12/15(日) 1:08
Hunter must be coming over.
AmyBirenbaum 12/15(日) 1:08
Please speak out on epidemic of BLK on blk, BLK on white violence. How can you stay silent while the…
LTracyHarris 12/15(日) 1:08
We MISS you! Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family.
clothes333 12/15(日) 1:08
Me miss you soooooooooo much!!!!
Raff19970 12/15(日) 1:08
Zen, how I wish we could have that in this time of political turmoil...

Namaste ☮️
JeriCubs16 12/15(日) 1:08
I miss you.
RosaSenn2 12/15(日) 1:08
GigglesNschitt 12/15(日) 1:08
pallarajasekhar 12/15(日) 1:08
renuwal it
Admired_Dime 12/15(日) 1:09
Lol those mini zens are in Walmart on the Christmas aisle. Who bought my President this gift?
DaR8iders 12/15(日) 1:09
You ought to be ashamed but of course you’re not!
ashishjainwww 12/15(日) 1:09
Thanks a lot i hope you peoples r not fighting each other like here peoples fight
Thanks a lot for being with us
skennedyjo 12/15(日) 1:09
This is what real presidents do.
DHoinowski 12/15(日) 1:09
SabaSmw 12/15(日) 1:09
I think we all need to sit and enjoy a zen garden. Thank you ❤️
noahmitchell0 12/15(日) 1:09
I miss you
andlav 12/15(日) 1:09
Just renewed my marketplace plan, since I don't get insurance through my employer.
I remember the str…
beadyeyeprods 12/15(日) 1:09
jasun4sho 12/15(日) 1:09
You are truly missed mister president
bruce_stauffer 12/15(日) 1:09
Thank-you Mr. President Obama! Our last real President.
redpill65 12/15(日) 1:09
JROB7091 12/15(日) 1:10
You and @MichelleObama are TRULY MISSED! I'm just a VOTER.
rmt834 12/15(日) 1:10
With a 20k deductible
_autistboy1_ 12/15(日) 1:10
Un capo
PushitupACV2 12/15(日) 1:10
Mr. President. Will you talk and acknowledge the separation of families at our borders during your ten…
___PAZUZU__ 12/15(日) 1:10
I regret that I once supported you. You started the new wave of racial division that America is strugg…
ClintonM007 12/15(日) 1:10
When you left office you had the worst economic record since the great depression. Thank God for Donal…
redpill65 12/15(日) 1:10
therealmeminski 12/15(日) 1:10
Repeating the lies over and over does not make it true, just like when you lied about Flint having cle…
anthonyenglehar 12/15(日) 1:10
Tick Tock Barry... Looking forward to the day you flee to Kenya and found hiding in some obscure tunnel.
Jhotvedt2 12/15(日) 1:10
Thanks, Obama. We love and miss you.
margaretloyd8 12/15(日) 1:10
Thank you for continuing to help the people of the United States. Happy Holidays to you and your family.
ATanritanir 12/15(日) 1:10
We miss you so much, Mr. President
FullMetalRob73 12/15(日) 1:10
You went from bowing to foreign leaders to selling insurance. Living in a mansion near the beach with…
AngeAriel46 12/15(日) 1:10
hazelddormouse 12/15(日) 1:10
Thank you President Obama. We had the most awesome president for 8 years. Now we know what that's like. We want that back!!
mcavoy_gerry 12/15(日) 1:10
BE CAREFUL Mr. President, it looks at first glance that you are parceling out a few "lines" as it were ...
DailyFreeArt 12/15(日) 1:10
I appreciate that you post things like this, thank you.
MarilynWhitfi15 12/15(日) 1:10
I thank God that I am Canadian, living in Canada, with all that is available to me. I wish our America…
bowleggedlewis1 12/15(日) 1:11
Love you Mr Obama
SeanMagicknyc 12/15(日) 1:11
You are pure evil. You belong in a prison cell
SabuzAh74189152 12/15(日) 1:11
ashishjainwww 12/15(日) 1:11
I m really sorry in case anyone hurt you in this matter
seem610 12/15(日) 1:11
When Mitch McConnell retires, do you want to see him in a wheelchair?
tanz10 12/15(日) 1:11
Are you able to be calm because you know how this story ends? Because if not, you should be screaming for your country
GiesseDoris 12/15(日) 1:11
TovarishTrump 12/15(日) 1:11
I miss presidents who weren’t traitors and criminals, and didn’t act and demand loyalty like a mob bos…
sheekooleekoo 12/15(日) 1:11
ur funny!
CreativeMrPen 12/15(日) 1:11
imagine if you had fought to get us single payer healthcare like someone with a spine and integrity wo…
shitpostc3ntral 12/15(日) 1:12
marielanahi97 12/15(日) 1:12
bruce_stauffer 12/15(日) 1:12
Would feel extremely privileged for a follow of @BarackObama ! Love you sir.
sweetblossomsss 12/15(日) 1:12
Tomorrow is the last day!✨
... the zen garden(*´ω`* )
scullness 12/15(日) 1:12
@jessica_mnmusic wouldn't it be cool though if we didn't have to sign up and we were just, ya know, covered?
TracySkidds 12/15(日) 1:12
Merry Chrismas to you and your beautiful family. ☃☃
sondhijs 12/15(日) 1:12
Great program coverage with low cost, similar monthly premiums inIndia, but avg salaries in India are like $200 per month.
ThatGreatPerso1 12/15(日) 1:12
SamPrsnt 12/15(日) 1:12
Looks like cocaine.
CarayJer 12/15(日) 1:12
Did you sign up for the $10 a month care?
RawDogYourMom 12/15(日) 1:12
At first look I thought you were choppin' up lines
ajaureguie 12/15(日) 1:12
Ay papantla tus hijos vuelan!
dadabygrace 12/15(日) 1:12
I miss you
Denise82031906 12/15(日) 1:12
Thank you, President Obama. Miss you and your dear family in the White House.
nellen75 12/15(日) 1:13
Looks like he is making lines of cocaine here.
petreaagar3 12/15(日) 1:13
Now know who committed high crime Nancy and the penguin involved in fisa treason every republican has…
GPink6z 12/15(日) 1:13
I thought you was doing coco first glance real shit
justwinejosh 12/15(日) 1:13
I think you could get a life size garden installed in your ward when you go back to visit prison...
smlyc 12/15(日) 1:13
I miss having a president with brilliance, heart, and fine motor control
salilbhatnagar0 12/15(日) 1:13
Hamdango 12/15(日) 1:13
Thank you for the daily reminder that leaders can be sane, compassionate, helpful, and just plain nice…
jclandau1 12/15(日) 1:13
CoveredCA: DEADLINE EXTENDED! You now have until Dec 20 to make changes to your 2020 health coverage.…
IamSwitters 12/15(日) 1:13
Thought he was cutting some lines
Bereasonable9 12/15(日) 1:13
Hey, the continued assault on the Jews is due to people like you! You’re probably proud to be a huge…
JoeRomo10 12/15(日) 1:13
Words from a real leader!!
RobertoGee4 12/15(日) 1:13
Still looking out for people.
This is what a great American is.
SumeetaPatnaik 12/15(日) 1:13
There is never a day I don’t miss your leadership. Thank you for continuing to care for this country.
francesca_chiar 12/15(日) 1:14
let me introduce you the PRESIDENT 45 & 46 & 47
pipermccain 12/15(日) 1:14
We desperately miss you and your family. Love and happy holidays. ❤️
ajaureguie 12/15(日) 1:14
Que se armen los pinches chingadazos !!!!
luigiderosa17 12/15(日) 1:14
President more social reality and less social virtual, it is for you powerful than for us ordinary mortals like me.
randalleclayton 12/15(日) 1:14
Next year is my fifth year with an Obamacare policy. Thanks! It’s great.
Skonialo 12/15(日) 1:14
Go away.
chalupabatman70 12/15(日) 1:14
Come back.....
pamjoy67 12/15(日) 1:14
DirtyTh3 12/15(日) 1:14
Thanks for raising coverage for my family by triple with less coverage. What a sick joke you propagated.
Real_MikeHawk 12/15(日) 1:14
My healthcare costs have exploded due to the abortion call Obama care. You and your slush fund Democra…
contango29 12/15(日) 1:15
$10???? .. you forgot several zeros... more like 1000
flipt 12/15(日) 1:15
Here comes the meme lord, tending his Zen garden, acting as if he's oblivious to what's going on in Wa…
MyDiabolical 12/15(日) 1:15
@Debveglitter I miss this!
stephaniek1116 12/15(日) 1:15
TDXY 12/15(日) 1:15
E8Delilah 12/15(日) 1:15
Trump and the GOP have a done a fantastic job sabotaging the ACA. It is blood boiling infuriating. The…
gotschaman 12/15(日) 1:15
I pay 1800.00 per month with 6550.00 deductible per person and 13100.00 per family. I agree with affor…
mattjmartin_ 12/15(日) 1:15
For a second I thought he was cutting up lines of coke
AngelicFusion 12/15(日) 1:16
He used a gif of himself!! cool is that?! ♥️
Chakeenah 12/15(日) 1:16
Thank you for my daughter’s health insurance. We miss having a caring President. You are still here for US❤️
mattself 12/15(日) 1:16
Thank goodness we don’t get fined anymore.
melmanmark 12/15(日) 1:16
Still working to screw America, I see...
Luce70836729 12/15(日) 1:16
God bless you Mr President!!! We miss you terribly!!!!
GaysForTrumpTN 12/15(日) 1:16
Are you you cutting lines of coke?
Marcielbourg 12/15(日) 1:16
schorrlori73 12/15(日) 1:16
Check mate!
AGongoozlerjon 12/15(日) 1:17
suregal6 12/15(日) 1:17
You dear person. The ACA was there when we needed it and tho we are on my husband’s insurance now, it’…
SocialistGamblr 12/15(日) 1:17
You can also still deploy to Afghanistan.
mira_vucicevic 12/15(日) 1:17
You rock! I'm a big fan of ACA & you. Merry Christmas to you and your family ❤️VOTE 2020
CobYanRa 12/15(日) 1:17
I’m old enough to remember You and your wife profit (29 million dollars )from that stupid website th…
OkayyShante 12/15(日) 1:17
I seen this & was like what’s wrong Mr.President? Who did it?
dahuabj 12/15(日) 1:17
E_LeClaire 12/15(日) 1:18
Why did ur admin spy in @realDonaldTrump ?
EricRMcPherson 12/15(日) 1:18
DoggoPics_ 12/15(日) 1:18
Hello I started a Twitter account of pictures of dogs I post every day 2 or 3 pictures of dogs I find…
GetBackYerMusic 12/15(日) 1:18
Thank you, so much! You and Michelle are now doing more for this country behind the scenes than you co…
bduncan400 12/15(日) 1:18
Mr President our country is in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. We need you and other former Presidents toget…
BionicLatino 12/15(日) 1:18
I think it’s odd that there are people blaming the ACA for their expensive premiums when the ACA was a…
tobie132 12/15(日) 1:18
Gitmo is coming for you Obama
badfish_cc 12/15(日) 1:18
Obama make Nixon look like a kid stealing cookiee
DonBeck07188182 12/15(日) 1:18
It is good to remind people about health care. I hope your family has a Merry Christmas. I do wonder…
CrankyinCA 12/15(日) 1:18
How nice for you that you're so zen. I'm in a state of panic waiting for a cancer diagnosis for my hus…
LessieM90354140 12/15(日) 1:18
My 1st family forever!!!
tobie132 12/15(日) 1:18
ykp0799 12/15(日) 1:19
$10 or less? Try $500 for 1 38yo
PeterTDisciple 12/15(日) 1:19
You’re going down! God is in control & was all along. He let you think you were untouchable & you wer…
Dr_jwd 12/15(日) 1:19
شعجب هناا ماكو عراقيين
nikkikettle3 12/15(日) 1:20
ChigojiNehemiah 12/15(日) 1:20
Loving God changes the way you love others.
GlennWehe 12/15(日) 1:20
message received
Luis39075392 12/15(日) 1:20
Ohhh the good o'days
GirlsDigMyScore 12/15(日) 1:20
kblood 12/15(日) 1:20
nadia34904087 12/15(日) 1:20
اوباما تشرب مخدرات ههههه
v_porter 12/15(日) 1:20
Thank YOU!Will share.
fretrman 12/15(日) 1:20
never seen one for $10 .
Tony45434830 12/15(日) 1:20
Good morning Barack...
InfoMenso 12/15(日) 1:21
$10 a month? You sir are on crack. My insurance cost for my family have skyrocketed because of your doing.
p0k3rN3rd 12/15(日) 1:21
Yep...because all of us healthy working folk are paying the other $990/month for you. You’re welcome.
ashishjainwww 12/15(日) 1:21
Its not mean i m responsible for that
Even i got in trouble a lot
George22668001 12/15(日) 1:21
VinKohl 12/15(日) 1:21
Just finished signing up, this is 5 years of Obamacare coverage for me. I wouldn't have had affordable…
jb_2_me 12/15(日) 1:21
I always knew Barack did coke!!!
BritishRaider69 12/15(日) 1:21
Damn, I miss having a real president.
LenoreVargo 12/15(日) 1:21
termor57 12/15(日) 1:22
Please tell me where to find one of those $10 plans!!! My quotes were a little higher. $680 and $940.
awadhki12056874 12/15(日) 1:22
वोबामा भईया | हम शमझ गये , पर मोदी जी को पेमेनट करने तक 50 तरह के शवाल करते है / ऊशी शावल के शाथ खेल…
Kelephant78 12/15(日) 1:22
Could watch all day
chikaJa65114879 12/15(日) 1:22
We Lve and miss you soooooo much. Come back to us my beloved President Obama
PastorDavisJ 12/15(日) 1:22
Love you old friend him and Michelle
peninsulajane 12/15(日) 1:22
Cheapest plan I could find is 188 per month after the subsidy. Deductible is just north of 8 grand.
mark_coholan 12/15(日) 1:22
Come on America get your Health-** Coverage Plan Now Don't Delay Monthly Premium Of just $ 10.OO Or…
NickL64810685 12/15(日) 1:22
Mr. President... it doesn't look like the "Zen Garden" you were going for.
ferenstein 12/15(日) 1:23
your twitter account is like a zen garden. for realz
WAR5555 12/15(日) 1:23
respected you but didnt aporeciate your involvement in the Canadian election!
DececcoBonnie 12/15(日) 1:23
Thank you once again! You still care about us...❤Trump dosen't
salch105 12/15(日) 1:23
what is going on
seem610 12/15(日) 1:23
Former Secretary of state Kissinger is a shit, isn't he?
truthlikenews 12/15(日) 1:23
How much would it cost to get my whole fam (2 adults, 6 kids ) insurance?
Prime_D_Rose 12/15(日) 1:23
Thought he was doing lines
OBGyeayouknowme 12/15(日) 1:23
Am I the only one on this thread who thought he was preparing lines of.... never mind. Miss you Mr. President!
SmitSmitpriya 12/15(日) 1:23
Lowa here..
hornmanmax 12/15(日) 1:23
shadyoutlawlady 12/15(日) 1:23
Looks like he is about to bust out a rail.
Brainbowqueen 12/15(日) 1:23
This is my fav gif of the President
brieflystated 12/15(日) 1:23
Thanks Obama!
curnitochivito 12/15(日) 1:23
Hahahahah great job sir
ScottCHazen 12/15(日) 1:24
Oh!!! that's a mini zen garden. At first it looked like he was setting up a line of coke. My bad!

DuarteFranch 12/15(日) 1:24
seem610 12/15(日) 1:24
JamesZeitler 12/15(日) 1:24
10 Dollars or less lmfao,,,and you can keep your Doctor Too!!!So tell us what’s the real truth why you…
RoadglideVic 12/15(日) 1:24
LNojid 12/15(日) 1:24
President Obama, we miss you and your family a lot.
c_h_i_s_o 12/15(日) 1:24
marcel_bujold 12/15(日) 1:24
Haha Coke..I knew he was hooked
jakigupta 12/15(日) 1:24
Halo Obama sir ji
jorge032890 12/15(日) 1:25
Then why is the cheapest plan that was available to me $365? Posting shit like this is like a smack in…
SDM2024 12/15(日) 1:25
You are my zen in comparison to in office
junkforkaryn 12/15(日) 1:25
YoMelsey 12/15(日) 1:25
Smallest Zen Garden ever!!!!
lmr1224 12/15(日) 1:25
While the GOP is ignoring the Constitution anyway, can Obama come back for a third term?
ScottJo30638266 12/15(日) 1:25
$10 a month + zero coverage = loss of $120.00 annually if rates remain the same.
Tell us what coverage this will buy.
Adarshgov 12/15(日) 1:26
cjjefferson 12/15(日) 1:26
SahaSaumalya 12/15(日) 1:26
olakunle1900 12/15(日) 1:26
Is that coke?
William62677086 12/15(日) 1:26
We miss you..
Shadow_Panda7 12/15(日) 1:26
hey Obama follow @TheOne4630
ohjahhhhh 12/15(日) 1:26
5Reddys 12/15(日) 1:26
As a doctor, I want to be able to care for all patients who walk through the door.
Nels1ang 12/15(日) 1:26 are breaking my heart . Nonetheless, I got my health insurance .
itsjonmarcus 12/15(日) 1:27
This is the Zen Garden @BarackObama is using:
WNBAgirlsplzdm 12/15(日) 1:27
Why is there a cutoff to buy health insurance? Do insurers hibernate like bears?
Oozey15 12/15(日) 1:27
Could you please kick trump out of the white house and be the president again?
You were and will ever be the best
jacobmcculley6 12/15(日) 1:27
What are a doing for Christmas?
Delco_Squire 12/15(日) 1:27
Be sure to tell people that during the following tax season they have to pay the piper
ipedaltahoe 12/15(日) 1:27
Still owe IRS 11,000.00 from 2016 as we went 4000.00 over income limit. Yeah no health care for me. To…
ulitje2 12/15(日) 1:27
Let's wait until Bernie wins and all will be for free
DemetroGenovese 12/15(日) 1:27
Look at this toxic black privilege. Oh wait, he did absolutely nothing for America’s black brothers and sisters.
Marilyn50620606 12/15(日) 1:28
I miss you so much! And your lovely wife.
Iamalaxmom 12/15(日) 1:28
With everything going on these days, you must be doing a lot of raking in that garden. Miss you, Mr. President.
tech4131 12/15(日) 1:28
I dont have it because I'm on disability and only make 800+78/child/mo. Cost ins Medicare is over 100…
SUDHAKA20469716 12/15(日) 1:29
Hi sir how are you
From Chennai
Davskee 12/15(日) 1:29
Bless your efforts!
Arvindt45394544 12/15(日) 1:29
Insurance is very important
RJZ___ 12/15(日) 1:30
TY for droning that 16yr old US citizen and helping the CIA arm and train ISIS in Syria
Stefan_BC 12/15(日) 1:30
Single Payer now you abject failure
Jasonlee_1975 12/15(日) 1:30
Who can afford Mr President. CEOs have all our money.
Phill_McGee 12/15(日) 1:30
Thanks for the sound advice, Mr. President! ॐ
AyushRa61067624 12/15(日) 1:30
Miss you Mr president
toreuprooster 12/15(日) 1:30
Man your starting to sound like a Advert. Company
tfoz5150 12/15(日) 1:30
Help us Obi-Wan. You’re our only hope!
MonicaPantoja15 12/15(日) 1:31
Mr. Obama I want to thank you & your staff for this wonderful ins. I had 4 years of great service fro…
My4EverWorld 12/15(日) 1:31
He's right. It's better than nothing @HealthCareGov @Obamacare
whidbeyz 12/15(日) 1:31
I can’t wait for medicare for all, when there are no deadlines, no caps on treatments, no copays, no m…
NormanSiglerPol 12/15(日) 1:31
@heyprofbow I invite you to endorse @BernieSanders to become thank you!
TaneshaBarkley 12/15(日) 1:31
Hello President Obama God bless you! And your family
sweetspot42 12/15(日) 1:32
Love you, sir. But, looks like you’re cutting something else. Lol
MarionJ26727877 12/15(日) 1:32
Can’t u speak up for our democracy... don’t you feel some sort of way w what’s going on. You could be…
PippensCarmen 12/15(日) 1:32
Love you, sir
gentlefaesoul 12/15(日) 1:33
Miss you so.
RobinWo85127624 12/15(日) 1:33
DiannaSensley 12/15(日) 1:33
I love you Sir, but what in the world are you doing in this video. My brain is not accepting the impre…
DaveTelvick 12/15(日) 1:33
Try that if you're self employed, especially here in California.
dorindaletitbe 12/15(日) 1:33
My Doctor of 20+ years told me she won’t take anything Obama. Is that even legal? I cannot afford insu…
AndrewInEcuador 12/15(日) 1:33
I miss you.
ggfromcal 12/15(日) 1:34
Thank you for the reminder. You are truly missed. ☮️
dnutz517731 12/15(日) 1:34
Tell us how your FBI conducted illegal FISAs against the political opponent of your party.
emeraldisle137 12/15(日) 1:34
T U Mr. President, for ur work n allowing the less fortunate of our society to receive med coverage
McGishWish 12/15(日) 1:34
MsInformed 12/15(日) 1:34
@ItsBubbaGanoosh @NaturesChoice13 Don't forget.
gerard_janice 12/15(日) 1:34
Magamilitia2 12/15(日) 1:35
Obamacare is dead...
andrewpartytime 12/15(日) 1:35
just enjoy the Netflix money and leave us alone please, you did enough damage
MaggieMic1985 12/15(日) 1:35
Then I can go to the doctor and get treated like shit at a discount.
EGbffgb 12/15(日) 1:35
No thanks.
LEIFkolt 12/15(日) 1:35
Mine is $250 for the worst plan on the marketplace. This means that 100% of the time under the ACA I h…
nicSD4 12/15(日) 1:35
$10 per month? Why will I have to pay $500/mo for four family members if I retire at 60?
DiannaBurdick 12/15(日) 1:35
@PalmerReport Must. Get. Zen. Garden.
luvwinsresist 12/15(日) 1:35
queenjanira 12/15(日) 1:36
SmitSmitpriya 12/15(日) 1:36
ericpvk 12/15(日) 1:36
@backlon Hmmm. Last time I checked mine monthly premium was $650 has the prices gone down?
curlykerry 12/15(日) 1:36
You're so funny! Miss yoooooou!!!!
Kras0259 12/15(日) 1:36
Looks like he’s cutting cocaine LOL
mummsydoodle 12/15(日) 1:36
Please come back. We need your dignity, integrity, and your intellect.
DrGW0 12/15(日) 1:37
Oh right! I should read the tweet first.
conborch26 12/15(日) 1:37
Dear My favorite President, I think you are a caring man that does the world good however I am a middl…
csthetruth 12/15(日) 1:38
anneandpenny 12/15(日) 1:38
I'm a self-employed licensed trauma counselor. I mainly work with local first responders and firefigh…
derder33 12/15(日) 1:38
Thank you Mr President! Man it feels good to say that...this country is suffering without a real one.…
capacific55 12/15(日) 1:38
Come back sir
21GuNS69X2 12/15(日) 1:39
Dad, husband, President, citizen. and let's not forget PoS
Ymnduale1 12/15(日) 1:39
Hero Barack Husein Obama
alwaysnarkin 12/15(日) 1:39
Can't you just come back somehow? 2020? God please make it happen.
TwirpSaidIt 12/15(日) 1:39
@TheDemCoalition Please... ask @MichelleObama to throw her hat in the ring to run for President. We ne…
prietoj 12/15(日) 1:39
nliwilson 12/15(日) 1:40
I know it’s a tiny zen garden but it looks like you’re lining up coke.
EthnicallyW 12/15(日) 1:40
Where are these $10 plans? I’m paying $200 for a $8100 deductible! Premiums are up 20% this year.
susieladybug 12/15(日) 1:40
?Do you still have your Petoski stone?
JamesRusso2d3d 12/15(日) 1:40
Love u sir. U saved my life
FalconFord7683 12/15(日) 1:41
Nobody cares about you
KerryCornelius 12/15(日) 1:41
Thank you for helping so many people get healthcare.
chihironosato 12/15(日) 1:41
I miss You!!;( from japan.
P8ntgal 12/15(日) 1:41
You are the greatest EVER
deseriesancho 12/15(日) 1:42
support medicare for alll
5a_eddie 12/15(日) 1:42
Where’s the straw?
zareefer420 12/15(日) 1:43
I legit thought that was coke at first.

Don't sleep on Barry O.
BallisticSloth 12/15(日) 1:43
Zeliah 12/15(日) 1:43
You are our Zen president, we miss you
chunkwhitetuna 12/15(日) 1:44
What is this, a zen garden for ants?!?!
goofyasstaye 12/15(日) 1:44
Mine said it was like $243 a month and I only make 8.75/hr working part time. I can't afford that
DeAnn2766 12/15(日) 1:44
Thank you for being a kind American and leader. Miss you more than you know.
Kong24781693 12/15(日) 1:44
Thank you for the info! We all miss a president with dignity, and class. Feel free to come back anytime!
TiaDelay 12/15(日) 1:46
I know because I have been getting 5+ calls a day from different area codes about last day of enrollme…
9Tegtmeyer 12/15(日) 1:46
We miss you Mr. President. Far more than you will ever know.
bad_leaf 12/15(日) 1:46
@AnnieMcCarren Ours is $1200/month for two.

No thanks.
bechteljay 12/15(日) 1:46
We miss you
cindyma61229867 12/15(日) 1:46
Don't get obamacare insurance. It's a waste of money, no coverage unless catastrophic, high premiums. It's a waste.
_TFlow 12/15(日) 1:46
My Guy
RealSeanIrish1 12/15(日) 1:47
Is that what I think it is?

Some of Bill Clinton's famous nose candy?
lainebrainone 12/15(日) 1:47
you settin up a line?
MarceseFranco 12/15(日) 1:47
JaniceLanier7 12/15(日) 1:47
Why should Americans sign up for something that members of government want no part of!Let the Democrat…
dystopiRIC 12/15(日) 1:48
I did that 2days ago, the lowest I found was $900/mo.
tamryntanya 12/15(日) 1:48
I don’t need a zen garden of my own...just watching Obama rake his zen garden is so incredibly soothing...
Libbey_Steve 12/15(日) 1:48
$10 premium on
TomIngro 12/15(日) 1:48
Really.... My mother in-law tried to get insurance she is low income and the besr price she could find…
caris19673 12/15(日) 1:48
Miss you!
Shlomzion100 12/15(日) 1:49
We love you Mr. Obama.
steeldrumsteve 12/15(日) 1:49
We just signed up two days ago. Thank you Mr. President for your great service to our country!
EthnicallyW 12/15(日) 1:49
Premiums went up 20% this year...
Juanita96607391 12/15(日) 1:49
It was because of your passage of health care I am here today. I had 6 pulmonary embolisms in my lungs…
iblockperverts 12/15(日) 1:49
ladyp65can 12/15(日) 1:49
Thank you for all you do and are. The world needs you.
YardenLea 12/15(日) 1:49
AmerEnsell 12/15(日) 1:50
meddocmeddoc201 12/15(日) 1:50
As a health care professional, it is my opinion that the ACA is one of the most important recent healt…
lumosjared 12/15(日) 1:50
I like to think Obama has a file on his computer labelled "Gifs of Me" for his tweets and memes.
MDSaad_17 12/15(日) 1:50
Why humans aren’t designed to be happy
sim0n_said 12/15(日) 1:51
$10 or less sounds a little too good to be true. why is my premium still over $200 a month when i’m r…
Olive514988 12/15(日) 1:51
LIAR...Is that cocaine you're getting prepared to snort?
xhe_arto 12/15(日) 1:51
Thank you for this Sir, without it there's a good chance I would have died this year.
Or be completely…
DemocracyLights 12/15(日) 1:51
Thought he was doing coke
GrandmaPeaches5 12/15(日) 1:51
I see you didn’t say anything about the deductible
Speakwoman 12/15(日) 1:51
Gosh we miss you!
probasic69 12/15(日) 1:51
No se olvide de mi más tiempo por favor ...
charlesfranks78 12/15(日) 1:52
Yea well i had ur Oboma care no thanks
majia1 12/15(日) 1:52
I miss you and an intelligent administration.
tarunbajaj8 12/15(日) 1:52
So u r marketing to earn usd 10 $
eiji_sato_19 12/15(日) 1:53
Japanese Zen Garden is a wonderful person who can calm down and relax. But sign up for health insuran…
nkneuper 12/15(日) 1:53
Who are these most people paying $10/mo in premiums?

Obamacare wants $600/mo from me :(
Walden_Pacific 12/15(日) 1:53
Are you really selling that If so, I’ll get it.
fijhindgal 12/15(日) 1:55
I miss you so bloody much!
tadford 12/15(日) 1:55
You failed us
ismene97029428 12/15(日) 1:55
ZamanBarovi 12/15(日) 1:56
I want to meet u sir..✊
naeemmmuhammad 12/15(日) 1:56
You will be remembered as the last normal leader on earth.
haironymus 12/15(日) 1:57
0n what planet can you get an insurance plan for $10.00 dollars a month? I suppose hou can keep your doctor too.
seamlessline 12/15(日) 1:57
I wish my cat could take a dump in your zen garden.
JacquesStrappe4 12/15(日) 1:57
Can't wait for you to be exposed for what you really are - Cross-fire Hurricane was a fart compared to…
DemsRkillinCA 12/15(日) 1:58
Says the guy who blamed bush for the economy he inherited, did nothing for 8 years, then tried to take…
AJHolmstrom1 12/15(日) 1:59
Yes I can! My newest track!
NewzQuake 12/15(日) 1:59
That cocaine must be pretty whack.
sherkatillion 12/15(日) 1:59
Thank you
LarryWaldbillig 12/15(日) 2:00
I had a zen sand garden (a little bigger than that one, 8"x8". ) All was well....until in an act Confuc…
Crispus70 12/15(日) 2:01
so glad my days of cutting up a line are over.....
llamovec 12/15(日) 2:01
Big fan, long time listener, but please tell where or how to find an affordable plan. These are the ro…
jenniferstull 12/15(日) 2:01
So miss you and Michelle....
CBishop92539993 12/15(日) 2:01
We miss you President Obama!

We miss your positivity

Your ability to see the good in people

You al…
JaredMcKenzie_ 12/15(日) 2:02
@danpfeiffer This is much better than just being auto-enrolled at birth and never thinking about healt…
MartaMcCallHome 12/15(日) 2:02
I did. And I am so grateful to you, President Obama. Thank you.
GreatPlaceNow 12/15(日) 2:02
I personally that you.
561_6350 12/15(日) 2:02
Keep bringing awareness mate! Amen!
prepbish 12/15(日) 2:02
Love ya. But this is not true.
dalamar23666 12/15(日) 2:04
I am afraid you might want to check your facts. There are no plans cheaper than 290.00 a month.
Shibumi101 12/15(日) 2:04
Ericvanderbyl 12/15(日) 2:04
nikkitarobles 12/15(日) 2:04
Michelle Obama, president please!!!
KathMann1313 12/15(日) 2:04
Sean63027908 12/15(日) 2:05
Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more... You post this. ♥️
1slandgirl 12/15(日) 2:05
Thank you, Mr. President. ❤
sp3r3z 12/15(日) 2:05
Looks like he's getting some cocaine ready
TassajaraRd 12/15(日) 2:05
Thank you @BarackObama ! And soooo nice to see you. ❤️
KeepingNanaSane 12/15(日) 2:05
@kittyped You’ll always be my favorite human and President @BarackObama
iTreySantana 12/15(日) 2:06
Still show he cares, even after office.
Soapdishdsi 12/15(日) 2:06
donnie's little hands would be great for one of these
krismarie4715 12/15(日) 2:07
I have the same Zen Garden
ellsparks1 12/15(日) 2:07
Look I know you hear this a lot but it's true the country misses your leadership.
McClaneApocalyp 12/15(日) 2:07
Obama care quote for my family was $4k/mo.
wotonnie 12/15(日) 2:07
nurseTTG 12/15(日) 2:07
@AndiJohnson1 I love you.
joetad111 12/15(日) 2:07
Where have you gone Barack Obama?
Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
nursegalmom 12/15(日) 3:35
This is so relaxing.
Soshjust 12/15(日) 3:36
toffeetango1 12/15(日) 3:37
Since when did we get our private healthcare from a former president instead of a doctor lol
hemanr 12/15(日) 3:37
Glad to know you are still in the game and didn't abandon us. : )
GaryBak82580257 12/15(日) 3:38
I bet you could do that better with a razor blade. I know you’re more use to that!!
Charleswnot37 12/15(日) 3:39
Not in my state
LogicFacts_R_Us 12/15(日) 3:40
Thanks for the reminder. But also: That looks like you’re cutting up cocaine.
WazirAliMallah2 12/15(日) 3:41
AdrianaTabarra1 12/15(日) 3:41
Health care , must be the first objective in USA ! I miss you Mr President.
texasmarshall19 12/15(日) 3:41
Thank you Mr President!
Kathryn47631459 12/15(日) 3:42
I love you Mr. President, but that looks way too much like you’re fiddling with a pile of coke. Look w…
leogvasquez 12/15(日) 3:42
Support Medicare for all!!!
mbradyx35 12/15(日) 3:44
Thanks for nothing. My insurance is crap and twice as much as when you went into office. Thanks. Go away
CanadianKing3 12/15(日) 3:44
Where’s Hunter Biden? You enabled him. Shame on you.
Verminform 12/15(日) 3:44
Thank goodness your deceptive islimic arse is no longer disparaging the United States.
norbert_kikla 12/15(日) 3:45
Obama racking up a Phat line
heba00256456 12/15(日) 3:46
My daughter is an American citizen who left America when she was one and half year later she was diagn…
Piollet724 12/15(日) 3:47
Thank you for the gif. When I saw the whole video I was struck by the peace of the last scene. As soot…
BoInTheSound 12/15(日) 3:47
Get covered at
MelitaMelubo 12/15(日) 3:48
This will be your investment.
dikapalooza 12/15(日) 3:50
All love and respect, but I can't believe this to be true. My wife and I are self-employed, and…
RadicalPelican 12/15(日) 3:52
Very cool program that made me pay 5000 dollars and wait six months for a cancer biopsy
louiscoccia 12/15(日) 3:52
Sure we believe you.
davegra82503580 12/15(日) 3:52
More lies
Truthriseswlove 12/15(日) 3:52
Wow, amazing civil liberty abuses being exposed. I’m ashamed I voted for you in 2008!
HcnWGAVLM45Fwom 12/15(日) 3:52
دوستت دارم حاج حسین اوباما✉✅
blu8ecatz 12/15(日) 3:54
That is a very tiny zen garden
aaron41092365 12/15(日) 3:55
Is getting a line ready where’s his razor. I figured him for a crack man
DevilDog0320 12/15(日) 3:56
Absolute bullshit. My girlfriends rates were over $500 per month. She is truly disabled, unable to wor…
LesterHilger5 12/15(日) 3:57
Hello I'm Lester I'm just wondering if I could talk to you about Facebook something is bothering me about the app
Pr0Bitcoin 12/15(日) 3:57
As a Brit. We have free universal healthcare for all, known as the NHS. But for my American cousins, t…
TanePudden 12/15(日) 3:58
whats you cutten with that razor Bro
Settin2S 12/15(日) 3:58
I still can't afford it.
TGneni 12/15(日) 3:59
abel_matt 12/15(日) 4:01
Most of the people I know pay way more than $10 for your crap bucket of a plan. Try $900 a month...tha…
NancyImpeach 12/15(日) 4:01
Afecto_al_Cocuy 12/15(日) 4:02
Is that crack?
NancyImpeach 12/15(日) 4:03
rmamani1 12/15(日) 4:04
Thank you Mr. President, we miss you!!!
56brownpelican 12/15(日) 4:06
Tweet to the American people the answer WHY you sold 20% of our uranium to Russia???????
twadcock 12/15(日) 4:07
Come back to the Whitehouse please. We need some dignity back in our Whitehouse.
BattersonAlan 12/15(日) 4:08
Watching Obama do that is oddly satisfying.
EgLRTrlTsyoqFRu 12/15(日) 4:09
هس انت غردت اكتبه بالعربي
ManBearPigIets 12/15(日) 4:09
I make no money. The cheapest on there is 200+ a month at my income level. Do you have to make negativ…
jordanc007 12/15(日) 4:09
Is there a place where I can get some help deciding on the right plan?
PaezEmperatriz 12/15(日) 4:10
yo no tengo esos dolares, pero te amndo mucho acriño y apoyo x los que estas haciendo alla con tus con…
DanBasham 12/15(日) 4:10
Barry-O choppin up some Columbian Bam-Bam... Finally, a relatable politician!
PaezEmperatriz 12/15(日) 4:11
recuerda que necesito q nos apoyen ,queremos sacar esta pesadilla de venezuela. q no dure otro año mas…
koffee4two 12/15(日) 4:11
Here's a man that still cares about the American people! Thank you for continuing to bring your words of wisdom to us. ❤
TheAssJustice 12/15(日) 4:13
You should get over yourself and campaign for Bernie or Warren.
Haamrtime 12/15(日) 4:13
Hoping you get hauled in front of the Senate and questioned.
michaelbehrndt1 12/15(日) 4:13
Howard Dean Moment?
BillRasure 12/15(日) 4:13
$10?!?!?!? Pure BS!!!
SMeitli 12/15(日) 4:14
So why do I pay $800 for two for a crappy plan?? I am being punished because I actually work and strug…
tommymercury 12/15(日) 4:14
Well, our former POTUS cares if we have healthcare, unlike the current sociopath @realDonaldTrump in t…
Hikergirl52 12/15(日) 4:15
LStraylit 12/15(日) 4:15
Hallo Mr President! I’m Italian and I miss you being the US President so much. I can just imagine the…
expectingachg 12/15(日) 4:15
I know you're busy and all but please speak out here about what is going on in DC. We really need your voice.
tigerlily694 12/15(日) 4:15
We miss you!
juandangas13 12/15(日) 4:17
What's he doing? Getting ready to snort a line?
Cool man. But wait.
Cannabis is a much healthier…
Pnorton02 12/15(日) 4:17
Mr President, professional man of character. Thank you.
jaykoz6214 12/15(日) 4:19
Must work 80hours a month minimum to keep your insurance
peter_rabbit35 12/15(日) 4:19
StephenDujon 12/15(日) 4:20
Is he doing cocaine...well I guess all the dems do # don'tdodrugskids
edhengtgen 12/15(日) 4:20
60secondcommute 12/15(日) 4:22
And watch the premium quadruple the next year while the coverage dramatically decreases
redkorpusl1 12/15(日) 4:22
I ❤you @BarackObama . You & your little sand box too!
guyforcongress1 12/15(日) 4:22
What a liar....
Could have given us Medicare For All but he sold out as soon as he got into office. Th…
60secondcommute 12/15(日) 4:23
sarafre 12/15(日) 4:24
Help me through this.
sisterluke3 12/15(日) 4:25
Thank you, Mr Obama, for endorsing Mr Trump's takeover of the British NHS
GrumpyOldLady61 12/15(日) 4:25
Who gets a $10 a month premium? Mine is $1300 a month! But thanks to tax credits, I only pay about $200
WhoGivesAF25 12/15(日) 4:25
I Don’t Qualify, So Another Year Uninsured
jesus_is_back 12/15(日) 4:25
Blessed øbama
loriar7346 12/15(日) 4:25
wang22gou 12/15(日) 4:25
TakingStock21 12/15(日) 4:26
i think you mean $400 or more
VCoke11167 12/15(日) 4:26
Hello Mr. Presidential President!!! We miss you!!!
mw_jules 12/15(日) 4:26
Healthcare should be free asshole
lyndawatersnewk 12/15(日) 4:27
Thank You President for the reminder
TNT602 12/15(日) 4:27
You aren't a citizen!
ErinRoseLewis 12/15(日) 4:28
Rates rose across the board. Even with the premium tax credit I’m paying almost $300 a month. Insuranc…
laringo 12/15(日) 4:28
Excellence personified!
Wisedog4 12/15(日) 4:29
Perhaps on Martha’s Vineyard but not on the mainland.
ZoomsZoomz 12/15(日) 4:29
@integrity4USA You did well, sir.

Sorry the American public is so much less.
Raklss_tarao 12/15(日) 4:32
edmondov1 12/15(日) 4:34
Socialism always fails
jesus_is_back 12/15(日) 4:34
Øbama, am ¡ a fraud ¿?¿
LindaMuehlig 12/15(日) 4:35
Love this man and his family.
Aimarooni 12/15(日) 4:36
In what city and in what state? Not California!!! It’s actually unaffordable here. Thanks to you I hav…
JohnResistor 12/15(日) 4:36
segmentis 12/15(日) 4:36
Yes! And also .
Stacy_Parks56 12/15(日) 4:36
Thanks for thinking about us. You’re a gem.
cpuck5 12/15(日) 4:37
@SonjaMcDaniel94 Miss you sir, badly.
ceaneceo 12/15(日) 4:37
NoEyeContact 12/15(日) 4:37
You said I could keep my doctor, I couldn’t.

You said I could keep my plan, I couldn’t

My deductib…
Ashlmnd 12/15(日) 4:38
I’m barely above the clearance for Medicaid and my premium is still $70 a month for a bronze plan I k…
GwenS67575475 12/15(日) 4:39
And what does $10 per month cover?
3lifestone 12/15(日) 4:39
I did for my parents, thank you. President.
RobertJayHyatt1 12/15(日) 4:39
Best I found was$320 a month with a$6500 deductible and an 80% copay.
MorgaenV 12/15(日) 4:39
Will never sign up for Obamacare, it cost me my job along with your economy, it raised medical insuran…
AgentApplebutt2 12/15(日) 4:40
Can you kindly explain this?
resist_will 12/15(日) 4:40
Lord we miss you!!!!
retireeme 12/15(日) 4:40
is there green there?
hicknenja 12/15(日) 4:41
that might be photoshopped into barack escobar, i mean priorities...
Chicana74 12/15(日) 4:42
Come back
Stimy89602554 12/15(日) 4:44
I can't s
Afford that rip off trash
ThomasoBarthol1 12/15(日) 4:45
What a bright light you are for mankind, not just Americans. I'm proud to live in your time...
AveniWright 12/15(日) 4:46
Thank you! I just signed up!
Also, watching your GIF is zen!
Miss you. Love you.
TaskinSabri 12/15(日) 4:46
You are the best bresident in the world we misss youu
Cauz4U 12/15(日) 4:47
How’s the new mansion? Hate to see you hauled off on handcuffs as the fisa warranty story unfolds.
kevinpa03698631 12/15(日) 4:48
TommySu15781682 12/15(日) 4:48
Hell has a special place just for you.
Secofsky2004 12/15(日) 4:49
BenjaminHepple 12/15(日) 4:49
Thank you for my healthcare, President Obama !! Miss you so much.
Secofsky2004 12/15(日) 4:49
Rexay 12/15(日) 4:50
I miss you so much
annecagle 12/15(日) 4:51
Enrolled. But no on the zen garden. My cat might be confused about her litter box.❤
dom_obi 12/15(日) 4:53
timherlihy326 12/15(日) 4:54
Baylor white and Scott is awesome.
Extremejay2000 12/15(日) 4:54
I mean they aren't really 10 bucks a month. You get a tax credit. So you are still paying hundreds a m…
jennife33892319 12/15(日) 4:54
I wanna go home
jenw_rn 12/15(日) 4:54
you ruined the insurance industry
I work in it I should know
Many are now unable to afford it
Go to marthas vineyard and STFU.
Lefler2525 12/15(日) 4:54
Obama I love you but it’s time you got into this fight you have to step up and fight Trump I realize y…
MikeElmurranie 12/15(日) 4:55
You also can get this! For $11.75 ! If you add Millions next to it! Or Not!
juliehawaii 12/15(日) 4:55
@SurfBelle2 This reminds me of Danno.
adalencar 12/15(日) 4:56
$10?? Maybe if you're dirt poor. The middle class is stuck with $500+ /month and probably never see co…
BoydE8646 12/15(日) 4:56
What a crock of bull durham!
shernelldavis 12/15(日) 4:57
Hay how are you today so what
oren_clyde 12/15(日) 4:58
For a moment there I thought you was doing cocaine you're too old to be doing that crap anyway it just…
WomanForGodAnd1 12/15(日) 4:59
Obamacare forgot to tell you the fact that a percentage of your payment goes to planned parenthood.…
Leisa80285952 12/15(日) 4:59
I'm afraid for me with the state of the country the way it is, I would need a much bigger Zen garden t…
DonnaMariWalker 12/15(日) 5:01
I bet the one you had in the Oval Office was MUCH bigger!
andiemcdonagh 12/15(日) 5:04
Come home, Dad. Come home.
Suicidalady 12/15(日) 5:06
I love you (and your family ) so much! Still my president!
JebBalsley 12/15(日) 5:06
You’re still working to make things better for all Americans. I think it’s awesome. You’re what a lead…
2020ACASignup 12/15(日) 5:07
Barb03172224 12/15(日) 5:08
The American public need you and every other past president to stand up and make a very strong stateme…
2020ACASignup 12/15(日) 5:08
garden_valerie 12/15(日) 5:08
We love and miss you greatly and I am Canadian Interested in moving? I'll adopt you and your family
TJG64495861 12/15(日) 5:10
Stop lying about this.
Mother in-law makes 12$ an her plan 900$ per month
Father retired living on fix…
CHediRoman 12/15(日) 5:10
Hola r President it's a shame that u could not stay in office ! It's so hard in this government. As a…
MamaBaysChimi 12/15(日) 5:10
jenw_rn 12/15(日) 5:11
theodorateresa 12/15(日) 5:12
@postcards4USA Where? My premium is almost a thousand
eli_johansen_ 12/15(日) 5:13
Please endorse Bernie Sanders Mr. Obama Lastname
Ezra_Nola 12/15(日) 5:15
@MZBJMA Somebody got you the world’s smallest zen garden!
iAlisa716 12/15(日) 5:16
musa26pink 12/15(日) 5:16
I will never forget this post...
mariaam43688177 12/15(日) 5:19
So proud to call you Mr President. So proud to have had you be our President. You cared then and you…
JamieSonny2 12/15(日) 5:20
tweetbrowser81 12/15(日) 5:20
I miss you
garthkrady 12/15(日) 5:20
Very disturbing!
smoothbs 12/15(日) 5:20
Remember the Liar in Chief said if u want to keep your own doctor u can, turns out that was not true
OfficialKiKiJ 12/15(日) 5:21
I feel better just watching you....
ClaudioQuinone4 12/15(日) 5:23
I miss you
chelpixie 12/15(日) 5:23
Unless you are self-employed and almost deaf. Then it's $400 a month.
Christi38073806 12/15(日) 5:25
You can’t be doing lines of blow live on Twitter.
sheabestel 12/15(日) 5:25
Thanks for leading the way on healthcare. So proud.
skuklinski30 12/15(日) 5:26
Miss you buddy!!
arlene_lafaire 12/15(日) 5:28
Love, love this,I get your point and with all the Christmas pressures and other stresses we should all…
Berta10729472 12/15(日) 5:28
Thank you for your help, love you.
sharethelove0 12/15(日) 5:28
@danpfeiffer Is this the plan where you die when you get sick?
DavidWa82145976 12/15(日) 5:28
With the "not so" affordable care act and the fact it's a nightmare to this country, who wants it?!?!…
youaremycomrade 12/15(日) 5:29
deductible be like 4500
NancyKing6 12/15(日) 5:29
How I miss you!
wendy_bien 12/15(日) 5:31
@cdjinteriors It was a privilege having you as our president for 8 wonderful years.
Thank you, sir.
DanFrederiksen2 12/15(日) 5:33
Doesn't that look a little too much like something else
johnjoseph 12/15(日) 5:33
Am I the only one who thought Barry was rolling a J?
LukeCantona 12/15(日) 5:35
Is he cutting up lines of cocaine?
mopraize 12/15(日) 5:35
gtsfarley 12/15(日) 5:38
Ty Sir and Merry Christmas to you and yours!
olivepetezah 12/15(日) 5:39
My dude fooled me. I thought he was about to do some coke
PFedorchek 12/15(日) 5:41
Do I get to keep my current doctor?
I thought President Trump gutted & destroyed Obama Care?
TheArchives11 12/15(日) 5:41
You just know that some Republicans are going to doctor this video and make it look like you're cuttin…
MayorBrown11 12/15(日) 5:41
I will be having a beer after I LEAVE office
KatKawaZX10R 12/15(日) 5:43
DominicanFarmer 12/15(日) 5:43
BathHouse Barry
Ayylmao1134 12/15(日) 5:45
Wait so he’s not doing cocaine here??
SHAWK2 12/15(日) 5:46
10 dollars,lol
LOPEZYVES2 12/15(日) 5:46

RonaldcOud 12/15(日) 5:46
Great idea with tha right push to turn people into a good plan...
Druidlogan 12/15(日) 5:49
Nobody wants your crappy healthcare that covers nothing for those paying for it but covers everything for those here illegally.
RonaldcOud 12/15(日) 5:51
Nicole22749775 12/15(日) 5:52
Thank you for being one of the most honorable Presidents this country has had... We miss you
ChadRollins802 12/15(日) 5:54
President Obama, I’m a Vermont man looking to get healthcare coverage. I am on my own business, but I don’t make a lot. Help?
Shaan70945055 12/15(日) 5:58
You are missed worldwide
sanrioasshoe 12/15(日) 5:59
fake obama wtf !?!?
GaryBerg100752 12/15(日) 5:59
if the government controls healthcare they control your body. It's the worst move ever
vnvdvc312 12/15(日) 6:02
Here is someone still fighting for while the sitting president @realDonaldTrump is j…