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BarackObama (バラク・オバマ) 2018/5/13(日) 23:32 .

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there, especially the remarkable moms in my life, @MichelleObama and my mother-…

jsher88888 5/14(月) 14:42
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day, @MichelleObama. We love you and we miss you both.
mikaandhayaku 5/14(月) 14:42
@MichelleObama 神は、母だと思う 一番助けてくれる人、身近に、宗教でなく、身近な、存在です
chemistryLA12 5/14(月) 14:43
@MichelleObama Will you please run for President? I rather have Emperor Obama than he who shall not be named.
Tthobane 5/14(月) 14:44
@MichelleObama Nice picture, with all your mothers, my Excellency!, the Honourable!
AngelaVipdem001 5/14(月) 14:44
@MichelleObama I like this
NelsonVillar9 5/14(月) 14:45
Mehdime13674729 5/14(月) 14:45
@MichelleObama Hello
AliceSi53746142 5/14(月) 14:47
@MichelleObama Thank you sir. My love to your beautiful Michelle
hornet19671 5/14(月) 14:48
@MichelleObama We miss you all.
RanaLasker 5/14(月) 14:49
@MichelleObama Allah bless all & love is always happiness u and your family dear sir.
OleaCoco 5/14(月) 14:50
@MichelleObama This is what a Real family looks and respect
Trice2Judy 5/14(月) 14:52
@MichelleObama Thank you Mr. President!
unifiedbarbi 5/14(月) 14:54
@MichelleObama So blessed.
ElphieWitch 5/14(月) 14:54
@MichelleObama Lovely photo Mr Obama xxxx
HawaiiRenee 5/14(月) 14:57
@MichelleObama Thank you!
Musclemini 5/14(月) 15:00
@MichelleObama What about all the moms that lost there sons because of you!
BLKEXPRESS 5/14(月) 15:00
@MichelleObama Awesome
mimiflyingcat 5/14(月) 15:02
@KayHarvey00 @MichelleObama We miss you and your family!
JacquiCline2 5/14(月) 15:02
@mskristinawong @MichelleObama
CClaussv73 5/14(月) 15:04
@MichelleObama Te invito a subscribirte en mi Canal!
jamadonspills 5/14(月) 15:05
@MichelleObama the family looks very happy. :- )
dkb1955 5/14(月) 15:05
@MichelleObama Me too. Love them
pp8010 5/14(月) 15:05
@MichelleObama Lord how I miss your class and grace.....
Buhirwa1 5/14(月) 15:06
@MichelleObama Happy mother's day to Michelle obama
dawnsaffron 5/14(月) 15:09
@MichelleObama Love you & your beautiful family. You all are sorely missed. Please come back. We nee…
ramadhanimkate 5/14(月) 15:09
@MichelleObama Hi
BasilOsambo 5/14(月) 15:09
@MichelleObama Come back to Kenya and sire two more children. I need one of your daughter but unfortun…
andrew43617184 5/14(月) 15:10
@MichelleObama It is great to be a parent, and that is thankful to the history of USA, regardless of h…
andrew43617184 5/14(月) 15:12
@MichelleObama Obama, I know at heart you are a good person, I wish you took advantage of the situatio…
DeaneYaniCallu 5/14(月) 15:13
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day.., you are sorely missed
hdafridi2 5/14(月) 15:16
@MichelleObama Great man. You are
VenusLau7 5/14(月) 15:17
@MichelleObama Happy family
Make01205887 5/14(月) 15:21
@MichelleObama Die
RhondaLord_ 5/14(月) 15:23
@MichelleObama Happy Mother’s Day to @MicheleObama!
Much love and many thanks to the entire family. Miss you! ♥️
m1m21 5/14(月) 15:23
@MichelleObama all family
DenzilBarber 5/14(月) 15:24
@MichelleObama Worse president ever pure shite
MamaMcGowan 5/14(月) 15:24
@MichelleObama Thank you! I still have my maternity shirt I wore to vote in 2008 right befo…
moonmasum_salim 5/14(月) 15:25
@MichelleObama It’s good to be rich
ChillChipre 5/14(月) 15:26
@MichelleObama Michelle fine as shit boiiiiiiii
PremSin94243296 5/14(月) 15:26
@MichelleObama Good morning sir
_Yahia_Mohamed_ 5/14(月) 15:29
@MichelleObama ☆Happy mothers day to all moms☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
abidahm63590416 5/14(月) 15:29
@MichelleObama Do you love @MichelleObama 's Mother in Law more than your Mother in Law? Good Question hmmm.
RickLazzarini 5/14(月) 15:30
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's day to your Mom, too!
ezeguy4u05 5/14(月) 15:32
@MichelleObama Tell me how he has his mother in law saying happy Mother’s Day and not say happy Mother…
MonseChiro 5/14(月) 15:35
@MichelleObama Thanks,Happy day for your mother and Michelle
israface 5/14(月) 15:35
@MichelleObama if about mother day what ABOUT recommend @abuelasdifusion abuelas plaza de Mayo for No…
avsman41 5/14(月) 15:38
@MichelleObama Michelle is a dude.
bonzeta 5/14(月) 15:38
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Robinson and @MichelleObama. Thank you, President Obama.
JaneTashawade 5/14(月) 15:39
@MichelleObama BRack your daughters are beautiful
senseimikado 5/14(月) 15:39
@MichelleObama is that photoshop? CMON MAN!
norddial59 5/14(月) 15:40
@MichelleObama Tu vas voir ce qui vous attends le jour du jugement dernier toi et ta famille
JNR7355 5/14(月) 15:40
@MichelleObama Please go away.
cookiewrites1 5/14(月) 15:41
@MichelleObama ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
2566Mari 5/14(月) 15:42
@MichelleObama Thank u President Obama.
Satar01330350 5/14(月) 15:43
@MichelleObama Happy mother day
TheLonStRanger 5/14(月) 15:44
@MichelleObama So Ma'am, could you please run for President in 2020? Your country needs you.
NormaPeyton 5/14(月) 15:44
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day Michelle!
KabbaniYasser 5/14(月) 15:46
@MichelleObama Will said
wS7G1raK13ncaTL 5/14(月) 15:49
@MichelleObama Lot nice
MWJ_Esq 5/14(月) 15:49
@MichelleObama You deserve all the relaxation and respite in the world but please, Barack and Michelle, please save us.
youngmzobe 5/14(月) 15:49
@MichelleObama And your mom?
dlc2558 5/14(月) 15:50
@seagal_lori @MichelleObama Thanks u r so awesome miss u so much.
bernadette4858 5/14(月) 15:51
@MichelleObama Happy Mother’s Day to your beautiful wife, @MichelleObama and to your beautiful and sup…
busybussy 5/14(月) 15:57
@MichelleObama God bless the Obamas
Carolwh83463236 5/14(月) 15:58
@MichelleObama Lovely
Allysomaida1 5/14(月) 15:59
@MichelleObama Hi
CJoneses100 5/14(月) 16:01
@MichelleObama Beautiful family.
AdesanwoDaniel 5/14(月) 16:02
@MichelleObama Wish you and yours and all mum in the world, happy Mother’s Day
proffaleti 5/14(月) 16:02
@MichelleObama God bless you more for this.
LenoxLady7 5/14(月) 16:04
@MichelleObama Love & miss all of you. ❤️
lucifersantan1 5/14(月) 16:06
@MichelleObama Mr.Obama when I was there in your country I like it but your ICE told me a lie they sa…
Hassanoo5541 5/14(月) 16:06
@MichelleObama Michelle we miss you ...
Have him come back for 4 more yrs ...
I thought after Obama th…
LeftTurnShow 5/14(月) 16:08
@MichelleObama Oh my gosh we miss both of you so much. What I wouldn’t give to have you all back running this country.
ikemefuna665 5/14(月) 16:09
@julietkego @MichelleObama So there are moms? But u destroy other would-be moms by telling them to be men!
lucifersantan1 5/14(月) 16:09
@MichelleObama pg2 I was born stateless an ICE knew it but they refuse to help me as of 2017 I do have…
dmr92257 5/14(月) 16:11
@MichelleObama And to honor those Mothers who, such as yours and mine, are no longer with us. Thanks to them for life itself!
TitanVoctor 5/14(月) 16:11
@MichelleObama Generations
InnocentRobinI1 5/14(月) 16:12
@MichelleObama Nice picture
Alicia22495792 5/14(月) 16:13
JulieAinswort16 5/14(月) 16:13
@MichelleObama Stop being the ultimate beautiful family.
lucifersantan1 5/14(月) 16:13
@MichelleObama married I can not file for citizenship so I am going state hood an my Nation is the DR…
OleOscar 5/14(月) 16:13
@Chellehailey1 @MichelleObama
KunwarS22143833 5/14(月) 16:16
@MichelleObama Thanks Sir.
You too.
Realy yr heart is very very soft.
Thanks sir.
AR1998NADEEM 5/14(月) 16:17
@MichelleObama U forgot to mention ur own mother ????
BetheaShirl 5/14(月) 16:19
@MichelleObama Thank you, Happy Mother's day to Michelle and her mom and blessings to and family. ⚘❤
klarharn 5/14(月) 16:22
@MichelleObama Ho?.very very happy
buranarak_tiger 5/14(月) 16:22
@MichelleObama So lovely family !
Chander35475450 5/14(月) 16:22
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day Love Mom
hvtalentcasting 5/14(月) 16:23
@MichelleObama @realDonaldTrump And most moms voted for Trump!
dakotagirl2013 5/14(月) 16:24
@MichelleObama Thank you for the beautiful message and for all you have done for our country. You are…
CharCat89 5/14(月) 16:24
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day Mrs. O!!
inez_ez 5/14(月) 16:25
FlemmingAst 5/14(月) 16:25
@MichelleObama As Sharon said and I qoute: Your family brought graze to the office.
czamoraphoto 5/14(月) 16:26
@MichelleObama Good you’re tweeting from the sidelines ... @realDonaldTrump is doing the real work.
jude_uzo 5/14(月) 16:27
@MichelleObama i want your Daughter to be the Mother of my child... So i cud wish her happy mothers Day too.
littleriddler 5/14(月) 16:27
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day ladies! We love you too
JonMcAdoo 5/14(月) 16:27
@MichelleObama Hey Maliria love her kidd
lindawill009 5/14(月) 16:29
@MichelleObama it's just so painful i couldn't get to know how it is because i never get to know my own mother
Debsrack 5/14(月) 16:29
@MichelleObama Happy mothers day Michelle to you and Mrs Robinson.......Ya’ll did good with those smar…
ivandrea 5/14(月) 16:29
@MichelleObama Looking forward to your visit to South Africa.
Robert76675538 5/14(月) 16:31
@MichelleObama President Trump has accomplished a lot more than President Obama did in his 8 years
Muhamma39031207 5/14(月) 16:33
@MichelleObama Where is your mother
BeyanGide 5/14(月) 16:33
@imAbiel @MichelleObama How r they sleeping after they have destroyed families all over .
There were l…
OlaboroB 5/14(月) 16:35
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day
never_stopping 5/14(月) 16:37
@MichelleObama LOL this picture is awesome
ozziecat513 5/14(月) 16:37
@MichelleObama Women rock
john480az 5/14(月) 16:41
@MichelleObama A legacy of failures. You can’t name one accomplishment
Tessuprise 5/14(月) 16:42
@MichelleObama Thank you for being a beautiful First Family President Obama.
incentiveconcep 5/14(月) 16:46
@MichelleObama Love this family !
The world misses you
Can Michele run for Presidency next ?
radiogalaxy4 5/14(月) 16:47
@MichelleObama Shameful Obama & Aung San Suu Kyi have to return their medals & Peace Prize itself must…
gloriousja 5/14(月) 16:50
@MichelleObama You’re such a terrific man, I sure wish you could protect us again, who knows what will…
hridoyhridoy18 5/14(月) 16:51
@MichelleObama congregation
M87aGSxOtsGcuEa 5/14(月) 16:53
@MichelleObama ياسيد اوباما كم يتمت من اطفال بسبب سياساتكم الظالمة حسبى اللة ونعم الوكيل
womonebyone 5/14(月) 16:53
@AngelaLMurray1 @MichelleObama Teary eyed readin this•I'm a Mom too & Victim/Survivo…
womonebyone 5/14(月) 16:54
@AngelaLMurray1 @MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day
M87aGSxOtsGcuEa 5/14(月) 16:55
@MichelleObama يا سيد اوباما كم يتمت ورملت وقتلت احلام الامهات فى الشرق بسبب سياستكم الظالمة
GlendaT98412610 5/14(月) 16:55
@MichelleObama Happy mithers day enjoy your family
issicwanyama 5/14(月) 16:55
@MichelleObama thax supporting moms life
soapbox62 5/14(月) 16:56
@MichelleObama We love and miss you and this is just one of the many reasons why
smkamare 5/14(月) 16:57
@MichelleObama Be mindful to give those a thought who are with out there moms too
Bubblesinwater 5/14(月) 16:57
@MichelleObama Please come back.
Saif2016gb 5/14(月) 16:59
@MichelleObama happy mother's day
shersingh125055 5/14(月) 17:02
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's day
AhirwarSundar 5/14(月) 17:02
@MichelleObama same to you sir
Narges_Maleki_ 5/14(月) 17:03
@MichelleObama I really admire dear Mrs.MichelleObama , love her and respectfully tell her: happy mother day
dcc1064 5/14(月) 17:04
@MichelleObama She is a man
SuperCopyCat 5/14(月) 17:04
dcc1064 5/14(月) 17:04
@MichelleObama They escaped.
sharonmoore642 5/14(月) 17:07
@MichelleObama Happy mother's day Mrs Obama to you and your mother. The world is a beyyer place with you in it
dilavarynn786 5/14(月) 17:08
@MichelleObama Nice sir & mam happy mothers day
BandanaJoshua 5/14(月) 17:09
@MichelleObama Thank you!
msladyboo 5/14(月) 17:09
@MichelleObama Love y’all!
sungutepeli 5/14(月) 17:09
@MichelleObama ırakta ölümüne sebebıyet verdıgınız annelerın anneler gununude kutluyormusun o annelerı…
CloverCGreens 5/14(月) 17:12
@MichelleObama Thank you sir!
God bless you and your entire family!
ZoeJane76528591 5/14(月) 17:15
@MichelleObama Hope your day was wonderful!
Charbonnelemma4 5/14(月) 17:17
AkunJoshua 5/14(月) 17:18
@MichelleObama What about your grandmum Sarah?
AlMardiMohamed1 5/14(月) 17:19
@MichelleObama Happy mather day
الي امي الي تركتها وراء البحار ساعيا للنجاة الي كل ام تفصلها عن ابنها…
JamieDunlop22 5/14(月) 17:19
@MichelleObama Why is your eldest daughter so darn ugly
eternitysmoment 5/14(月) 17:20
@MichelleObama Missing all of you in the White House!
rabea2 5/14(月) 17:20
@MichelleObama Where are you Obama? Trump will go America and the world to ruin
mathewh1023 5/14(月) 17:21
@MichelleObama Wow micheal Obama is one handsome man !
sarahendricks 5/14(月) 17:23
marine_gleeson 5/14(月) 17:26
@MichelleObama Wow what sarah obama did she seize to be your mum
signaturestz 5/14(月) 17:27
@MichelleObama good bro
Baconontap 5/14(月) 17:30
@MichelleObama In these dark days please keep your light shining. Our nation is in peril.
timjan1986 5/14(月) 17:31
@MichelleObama I wish my mom too and all godly moms across the globe h-a-p-p-y mother's day.
william88wang 5/14(月) 17:32
@MichelleObama You are the only prisident of U.S .in my heart.
barbaragchandle 5/14(月) 17:34
@MichelleObama Thank you My President Forever
ajacosta231192 5/14(月) 17:34
@MichelleObama Happy Mother’s Day to all moms in America!
UxR4ARBm6pyN94O 5/14(月) 17:34
@MichelleObama عيد سعيد
WizLil4 5/14(月) 17:34
@MichelleObama Happy mother day
sarahendricks 5/14(月) 17:36
@MichelleObama MbWAcwzzvszxoxNoub
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 17:39
@MichelleObama Happy Mothers Day to the former First Lady Michelle Obama and to all the mothers all ov…
india2trade 5/14(月) 17:39
youngblood_hood 5/14(月) 17:39
@MichelleObama Miss you’s so much
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 17:42
@MichelleObama The loving Lord will keep your light shining. He will keep your lamp burning. He will e…
m70790902 5/14(月) 17:44
@MichelleObama thank you.
totows 5/14(月) 17:44
@MichelleObama Grande família, feliz dia das mães
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 17:45
@MichelleObama The loving Lord Almighty will bless all the work of your hands and He will bless everyt…
Hotmirandaj7 5/14(月) 17:46
@MichelleObama I PUT GOD 1ST, I said " Hey Grandma" I LOVE YA'LL STAY BLESSED. SAY IT AIN'T SO , JOE…
AdomeitIna 5/14(月) 17:47
@MichelleObama You are write a mom is very important
BarakaMbanguli5 5/14(月) 17:48
@MichelleObama We Miss you
BarakaMbanguli5 5/14(月) 17:49
@MichelleObama Happy mother day
nevisgal1 5/14(月) 17:51
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 17:53
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's day to the First Lady A. Mnangagwa, to the First Lady M. Trump, to Madam…
SteveHe32227315 5/14(月) 17:54
@MichelleObama What about your mum don't she count
JasonLe65182428 5/14(月) 17:55
@MichelleObama best wish to your family,Mr Obama
khing_george 5/14(月) 18:02
@MichelleObama Wonderful family. ....United Forever. I wish to have a family like this one day
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:03
@MichelleObama You deserve to be praised and honored. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for…
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:06
@MichelleObama God and myself appreciates your good work. He will richly reward you. Good mothers brin…
BSiczJ8fkwNNCay 5/14(月) 18:10
@MichelleObama I am an assistant student from Egypt
GupthaKumara 5/14(月) 18:11
@MichelleObama Happy mother's day
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:12
@MichelleObama The faithful Lord will thoroughly equip you for every good work. You are God's workmans…
GodsonAkpulonu 5/14(月) 18:13
@MichelleObama I'm in agreement with you to congratulate all the involved mothers that celebrate mother's day
Roydw1956 5/14(月) 18:13
@MichelleObama Thanks you mr. President die me die ever .
bajilubna 5/14(月) 18:14
@MichelleObama Thank you! Mr. President (wish you were! )
sirajctgbd1963 5/14(月) 18:15
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:16
@MichelleObama The faithful Lord has good plans for you. Plans to give you hope and a good future. He…
sirajctgbd1963 5/14(月) 18:17
trevmck 5/14(月) 18:19
@MichelleObama OBAMAS.....we love you!
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:19
@MichelleObama Her children arise up, and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her. Proverbs 31:28 KJV
rayudu1314 5/14(月) 18:20
@MichelleObama Same to you sir
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:21
@MichelleObama Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Proverbs 31:29 KJV
MOUSSAHAMA1 5/14(月) 18:21
@MichelleObama michel mother? HAPY MOHTER DAY TOO.
Laurie_rendon 5/14(月) 18:22
@MichelleObama Happy Mother’s Day and best Wishes! We all miss you more than we can say! Thank you! XOXOX
Beyina6 5/14(月) 18:23
@MichelleObama I love your daughter!! She is very cute. Frankly speaking
mariejabo34 5/14(月) 18:24
@MichelleObama Amen And BLESS
aureliaruizine1 5/14(月) 18:26
@MichelleObama Quiero saludar al presidente Barack Obama y a su maravillosa familia os queremos
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:28
@MichelleObama The Lord will give you more than you need so that you will always have all you need for…
osarah793 5/14(月) 18:29
@MichelleObama Obama lucky to have true moms round him.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:29
@MichelleObama Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates. Proverbs 31:31 KJV
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:32
@MichelleObama May the grace of the Lord and fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ be w…
AriyanAraf 5/14(月) 18:33
@MichelleObama Super
AngkorArtbox 5/14(月) 18:35
@MichelleObama look so good !
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:37
@MichelleObama May the grace of the Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ…
deltafirstkid 5/14(月) 18:40
@MichelleObama To all the beautiful moms worldwide, happy mother's day most especially to my mom, I love you.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:41
@MichelleObama May the grace of the Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ…
Nareshsuthar701 5/14(月) 18:41
@MichelleObama i am from india. but i really miss you
Muna65777355 5/14(月) 18:41
@MichelleObama You are my favourite president on this earth...... Bless you
msbazey 5/14(月) 18:41
@MichelleObama Thanks
GoodAmerica1 5/14(月) 18:41
ElizabethRohde4 5/14(月) 18:41
@MichelleObama Awwwwwww, thank you so much for the shout out, and by the way, we sure do miss you, and…
GoodAmerica1 5/14(月) 18:42
DEMERANVILLE 5/14(月) 18:42
@MichelleObama I miss you guys so much. You all look great!
GoodAmerica1 5/14(月) 18:42
Muna65777355 5/14(月) 18:43
GoodAmerica1 5/14(月) 18:43
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:43
@MichelleObama May the grace of the Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ…
gailanna56 5/14(月) 18:43
@MichelleObama Ty Happy mother's day to Michelle miss you all
GoodAmerica1 5/14(月) 18:44
daoudadi1996 5/14(月) 18:44
@MichelleObama Happy mother day
GoodAmerica1 5/14(月) 18:44
Mahendr21076152 5/14(月) 18:44
amroz1992alam 5/14(月) 18:44
@MichelleObama Sir - What about your mom?
GoodAmerica1 5/14(月) 18:45
thewall62 5/14(月) 18:46
@MichelleObama The original classy First family unlike the slutty nefarious current 1st family
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:46
@MichelleObama May the grace of the Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ…
VitriasGuerrei1 5/14(月) 18:48
@MichelleObama esses dias da Mães Para nossa querida ex dama linda e maravilhosa uma super mãe…
Prakash76928904 5/14(月) 18:49
@MichelleObama Wow
mas252 5/14(月) 18:49
@MichelleObama fuck you
WrRt198132 5/14(月) 18:49
@MichelleObama Late happy Mother’s Day Barack. Sorry I missed it
WESWACASA 5/14(月) 18:50
@MichelleObama What a community need, is a sustained socio economical développent based on participatory approche.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:52
@MichelleObama May the grace of the Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ…
LindaTpa 5/14(月) 18:52
@MichelleObama Happy Mother’s Day to You Michelle! have a Great Day!
MamieGaillard 5/14(月) 18:55
@MichelleObama Thank you, that was very thoughtful of you. Please extend a happy Mother’s Day from me…
mode_ve_ozev 5/14(月) 18:55
@MichelleObama Hi dude. your fake "legacy" is now being deleted by Trump. How does it feel to disappea…
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 18:55
@MichelleObama May the grace of the Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ…
Kwadwo49838108 5/14(月) 18:56
@MichelleObama Great & Respected family
oba_franck 5/14(月) 19:00
@MichelleObama Cool
Cft1339 5/14(月) 19:01
@MichelleObama You have a wonderful family, Mr President. That you know that and shout it out makes me…
jetman1953 5/14(月) 19:02
@MichelleObama Miss yeah !
mjbrandonbowers 5/14(月) 19:02
@MichelleObama A retired saying this, and the one as sitting President shows no respects, tells…
TheeNurseNut 5/14(月) 19:02
@MichelleObama I miss this entire family.
NahNah_H 5/14(月) 19:03
@MichelleObama @ChaimaeErramy OMG one of the replies xD xD
bunda_mary 5/14(月) 19:03
@MichelleObama Thank you Mr. President! You are a truly class act!!!
Icthythus 5/14(月) 19:03
@MichelleObama UR SUCH A SCUMBAG!!!
StoverLove 5/14(月) 19:04
@MichelleObama Even though He failed as President we can all agree he’s a halfway decent husband/fathe…
15991385964Eli1 5/14(月) 19:04
@MichelleObama Bom dia Barack pena
deuces75 5/14(月) 19:04
@MichelleObama Miss you all
shrotriya_ajay 5/14(月) 19:05
@MichelleObama Good to hear from you on Mother's day.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 19:05
@MichelleObama The gracious Lord will lavish you with the riches of His grace and He will lavish you w…
Hqdepot1 5/14(月) 19:06
@MichelleObama Finally! From a politician (former ) who actually does care about his wife and kids.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 19:09
@MichelleObama The faithful Lord Almighty will give you a wise and discerning heart so that there will…
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 19:12
@MichelleObama Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and lon…
87EaglesFan 5/14(月) 19:12
@MichelleObama Great family photo !
conlget 5/14(月) 19:13
@MichelleObama We wish you weren't a lie
BLKMTNBOY 5/14(月) 19:14
@MichelleObama Are you sure it's a mom or a ,you know. America first MAGA
aladyforty 5/14(月) 19:15
@MichelleObama the world misses you both
Marfd 5/14(月) 19:15
@MichelleObama Thank you
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 19:15
@MichelleObama The faithful Lord Almighty will show you the path of life and fill you with joy in His…
TepaLoic 5/14(月) 19:18
@MichelleObama Très belle famille
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 19:18
@MichelleObama But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 KJV
ShaunKingandMe 5/14(月) 19:18
@MichelleObama But not your own mom who didnt abort you as you would have encouraged her to do ... interesting
AdrienneReese1 5/14(月) 19:20
drmariajestrada 5/14(月) 19:20
@MichelleObama Class, real class. : )
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 19:21
@MichelleObama The faithful Lord will protect you and keep you and your family away from harm and watc…
Kevosam123 5/14(月) 19:21
@MichelleObama Happy mother's day to all mothers.
edachekenneth01 5/14(月) 19:23
@MichelleObama Thank you for recognizing woman all ova the world sir.. God bless you.. Sir plzzzz can…
DCswampdrainer 5/14(月) 19:23
@iamLucretiaMott @MichelleObama What a nice family compared to the the greedy arrogant disfunctional family in the WH today.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 19:25
@MichelleObama The beautiful Lord Almighty will make you the head, you shall be above only and not ben…
GoloProduction 5/14(月) 21:31
@MichelleObama Good bless
amirehs 5/14(月) 21:31
@MichelleObama God's blessings for all Mothers in the world
thesithlord66 5/14(月) 21:31
@MichelleObama Worst president even. Muh legacy. Glad its being erased
biggiewinner 5/14(月) 21:32
@MichelleObama and obuma doesn't mention his own mother or his grandmother...
ElBengaucho 5/14(月) 21:33
@MichelleObama Bunch of bots, I doubt you got this many likes.
gbvtv57egcdff 5/14(月) 21:33

Letter to Old Trump, Happy, for we wait for your soldiers to c…
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 21:33
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Supa, for Raymond, for Strive and Tsitsi, for Dr. Joice Muj…
Jacquel21973970 5/14(月) 21:33
@MichelleObama Beautiful family!
Rakibuzzaman_bd 5/14(月) 21:35
@MichelleObama Lovely family
Choublak 5/14(月) 21:35
@MichelleObama Im the only one peeping this wording, what about your mother?
jsethi 5/14(月) 21:36
@MichelleObama Saw this old lady on a free trip to Cuba - Obamas must be missing free rides
Uneedafaithchek 5/14(月) 21:37
@MichelleObama Promise kept!
SchantaB 5/14(月) 21:38
@MichelleObama Missing my favorite president
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 21:39
@MichelleObama Lord has good plans for Joel and Victoria Osteen, for Serita and T. D. Jakes, for Oprah…
kodiak149 5/14(月) 21:39
@DPTBW @MichelleObama Still waiting for the follow back Mr. President
yogeshgole69 5/14(月) 21:40
@MichelleObama Hello sir. You keep inspiring all the time. Sorry to see your legacy (nuclear deal ) bei…
moniquettrinkl3 5/14(月) 21:42
@MichelleObama Thank you! Love and miss you guys!
tishpeterson 5/14(月) 21:42
@MichelleObama Love and miss my first family❤ blessings
dyourtz 5/14(月) 21:43
@MichelleObama The best!
caracola295 5/14(月) 21:45
@MichelleObama God bless Your family!
ViolaLawson12 5/14(月) 21:45
@MichelleObama Thank you so very much ❤
Henry81C 5/14(月) 21:45
@MichelleObama Thank you Sir. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Lovely Ladies in your life. They have made…
frainmb 5/14(月) 21:45
@MichelleObama Beautiful and heartfelt...thank u
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 21:45
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Lakewood Missions, for The Potter's House, for TB Joshua Fa…
Shugirl74 5/14(月) 21:45
@MichelleObama Wasn't able to get on twitter until this morning but I'm sending beautiful belated Moth…
FrankBoone 5/14(月) 21:46
@MichelleObama "Dad, husband, President, citizen" but you forgot Marxist that for almost 20 years clai…
sbenitab 5/14(月) 21:46
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Michelle Obama and to Mrs. Marian Robinson. God bless you b…
anthoneywatson1 5/14(月) 21:47
@MichelleObama We need you guy's back in this world running things !
Carrmanrivers71 5/14(月) 21:48
@MichelleObama Beautiful Family - Thank you President Obama for always thinking about others and makin…
jsethi 5/14(月) 21:48
@MichelleObama In spite of all the disgrace attached to it
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 21:48
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Cricket, for Netball, for Football, for Racing, for Mines,…
TrickrickR 5/14(月) 21:49
DillyDillyWilee 5/14(月) 21:49
@MichelleObama Where is your white mom?
robertbaldemor1 5/14(月) 21:50
@MichelleObama ifb
michaelfromolg 5/14(月) 21:50
@MichelleObama Why doesn’t he ever mention his own mom’s???
saadmsa8 5/14(月) 21:50
@MichelleObama Also to the ones in Syria you blew up?
Deb041866 5/14(月) 21:52
@MichelleObama Thank you Mr PRESIDENT! Happy Mothers Day @MichelleObama. We miss you guys so much XXXOOO
CowboysGirl09 5/14(月) 21:53
@MichelleObama Ugh
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 21:54
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Mark, for Carol, for Clara, for Their World, for Healthier…
MehediHRemon1 5/14(月) 21:55
@MichelleObama thank you mr. president!
TomMoletteire 5/14(月) 21:57
@MichelleObama ❤️
Heryprastyoard1 5/14(月) 21:57
@MichelleObama Maaf, saya lg butuh kerja, mungkin sekira ya,,mr barackobama ada kerjaan saya siap.umur…
MaryBS11 5/14(月) 21:58
@MichelleObama What a lovely family. How I miss Love and Civility in the White House.
AppleBetty6 5/14(月) 21:58
@MichelleObama Look how grown your beautiful daughters are now! Happy Mother's day Michelle. I miss you all.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 21:58
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Edson, for Obert, for Samson, for Harry, for PSI, for MSF,…
kupovi 5/14(月) 21:58
@MichelleObama Man I miss this family
LaraGCarter 5/14(月) 21:59
@MichelleObama Gorgeous family!!
Mr_Norab2 5/14(月) 22:02
@MichelleObama I thought Mother’s Day was for women. That’s a man.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:04
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Khupe, for Nelson Chamisa, for Greece, for Schools, for Edu…
melvin19571975 5/14(月) 22:04
bigDMsr 5/14(月) 22:05
@MichelleObama Great to see you guys . I pray your mom and wife enjoyed mother's day yesterday .
yo2978 5/14(月) 22:05
@MichelleObama Thank you Mr. President
bonzoid 5/14(月) 22:05
@MichelleObama She’s special every single day. Ooo sorry sir, don’t mean to steal your fire! Hope you…
Nikkiaura 5/14(月) 22:06
ColoLiberal2 5/14(月) 22:06
@PartyPolitical7 @MichelleObama You know with tweets like this, you make Trump look bad. Keep it up!
leeramalho7 5/14(月) 22:06
@lynncjohnston @MichelleObama Mr Obama, you and Michele combine so much in the picture, what happened…
trumpisyurdady 5/14(月) 22:07
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:09
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Linda, for Mercy, for King, for Queen, for Precious, for Me…
jefpatterson 5/14(月) 22:10
@MichelleObama Too bad your mother didn't have an abortion that's one I would approve of
ComradeDotard 5/14(月) 22:11
@MichelleObama Ah, nice to see a REAL presidential family. Thanks for sharing. Impeach Comrade Trump!
WashClaudine 5/14(月) 22:14
@MichelleObama Thank you - God Bless you all!
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:16
@MichelleObama Lord has good plans for Ruth and Emmanuel, for Munyaradzi, for Givemore, for South Afri…
SharonBiddle14 5/14(月) 22:21
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's day Michelle
joseph_frisina 5/14(月) 22:22
@MichelleObama What a decent and respected man you are, I thank God you were leading us for 8 years. T…
miguela14683243 5/14(月) 22:22
@MichelleObama God bless this Family forever the glory of God stay with them
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:22
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Canada, for Africa, for Australia, for the United Kingdom,…
blackeye_ab 5/14(月) 22:23
@MichelleObama and what about your mom????
therealthash 5/14(月) 22:23
@MichelleObama Wished my mom Happy Mother's Day, she told to get out and go get my own place...

Thanks, Obama.
shaunborboa_209 5/14(月) 22:25
@MichelleObama Communist
MershaWoldu 5/14(月) 22:26
@MichelleObama Mr President, I am one of the fans of your prsidency but I have never heard your opinio…
mickles427 5/14(月) 22:26
@MichelleObama How do I become president
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:27
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for North Korea, for South Korea, for New Zealand, for Namibia,…
mbarkao 5/14(月) 22:27
@MichelleObama Nice
anna_disco 5/14(月) 22:29
@MichelleObama Me too.Happy moments.
yaido 5/14(月) 22:31
McCannPat 5/14(月) 22:32
@MichelleObama Here’s a shocker, another classy statement from Barack Obama.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:32
@MichelleObama Lord has good plans for Beverly, for Hope, for Molly, for Godfrey and Felistas, for Sau…
C_C_Piccolo 5/14(月) 22:34
@MichelleObama Hey Mr. Wiretapper, whose next?
SandyJoann 5/14(月) 22:34
@MichelleObama Thanks PRESIDENT OBAMA
AuthorJackBloom 5/14(月) 22:35
@MichelleObama Miss you
HolyHairs 5/14(月) 22:39
@MichelleObama Happy Mother’s Day to Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Robinson.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:40
@MichelleObama Lord has good plans for Livestream, for Apple, for Google, for Facebook, for Able, for…
Patrici45997619 5/14(月) 22:40
@MichelleObama Respect to you as a common citizen, shame to the US as our President!! I travel around…
Elizabe23216192 5/14(月) 22:40
@MichelleObama We love you Mr. President
cazzierussell 5/14(月) 22:41
@apa21us @MichelleObama You going to make Barrack put those African Bees on you Petey. Lol
Babyrocko1908 5/14(月) 22:42
JavierMendoza01 5/14(月) 22:42
@MichelleObama MessYou, mejor en español
sjbrennan1999 5/14(月) 22:42
@MichelleObama I love you guys please hang out with me sometime
robertoml1990 5/14(月) 22:45
@MichelleObama felicidades para su primera dama y madre.
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:45
@MichelleObama Lord has good plans for Smith, for Jess, for UNICEF, for United Nations, for Mutumwa, f…
petervitoria 5/14(月) 22:47
@MichelleObama Just a dad he doesn't have
UDAYAArunachal1 5/14(月) 22:48
@MichelleObama Cute family.
azxw1999 5/14(月) 22:49
@MichelleObama The Whole world miss you!!!!!!!!
PastorTLLee 5/14(月) 22:50
@MichelleObama Amen
bendavidwang 5/14(月) 22:51
@MichelleObama You got two moms. Ahh
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:51
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Keith, for Rumbidzayi, for Oliver, for Zhuwawo, for Pastors…
Johnhalloran62 5/14(月) 22:52
@MichelleObama Hey obama are you watching Israel this morning....this is how great men work. GOD BLESS ISRAEL
ere500 5/14(月) 22:53
@MichelleObama Very nice
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 22:56
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Charlene, for Chatunga, for Stanley, for Health, for Kezito…
CharlyGirard9 5/14(月) 22:56
@MichelleObama Thank you!
If you're ever up Rochester NY way again, let's all grab a Sox game on TV!
shaymica1 5/14(月) 23:00
@MichelleObama i love this family!!!!!!
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 23:01
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Benjamin, for Ruyedzo, for The Royal Family, for Mrs Madzir…
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:01
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:01
mzkirksey1 5/14(月) 23:01
@MichelleObama Thank you.
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:02
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:02
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:02
kenhibs 5/14(月) 23:05
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:05
@MichelleObama He's not a mother!
Just because he wears a dress!
SecretShawndale 5/14(月) 23:05
@MichelleObama Beautiful
kenhibs 5/14(月) 23:05
Mili48783960 5/14(月) 23:05
@MichelleObama Q hombre tan hermosoooo. Saludos @BarackObama desde Peruuuuu.
SecretShawndale 5/14(月) 23:05
@MichelleObama Good ladies
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 23:05
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for Dumiso, for Ellen, for Astro, for NASA, for Disneyland Reso…
YlorialA 5/14(月) 23:07
rockylucyddd 5/14(月) 23:07
@MichelleObama I hope you all had a great day. Love, America and the world.
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:08
@MichelleObama Man with ear rings!
JoanRFRobinson1 5/14(月) 23:08
@MichelleObama Thank you, I hope you had a great day!
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:09
@MichelleObama Man pretending to be a woman?
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:09
wliasnoobgamer 5/14(月) 23:09
@MichelleObama Obama cant Michelle be the president insted of trump
SisInMD 5/14(月) 23:09
@MichelleObama Thank you Mister President, my President.
RickyLa93253801 5/14(月) 23:10
@MichelleObama Lesbians if Michael was a woman!
deservepljc53 5/14(月) 23:10
@MichelleObama The Lord has good plans for the Republicans, for Kwayedza, for Bezel, for Hermida, for…
SEJALPA27031912 5/14(月) 23:12
@MichelleObama K.... kilos & kilos
javierzg07 5/14(月) 23:13
@MichelleObama Blessing
MdAnwar91074147 5/14(月) 23:13
@MichelleObama Happy mothers day sir
roger_hadfield 5/14(月) 23:14
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day to Michelle and your mother-in-law
TarekhamadTh 5/14(月) 23:14
@MichelleObama Happy Mother’s Day. For all mothers around the world. Viva. Obama.
ilenelovesmolly 5/14(月) 23:15
@MichelleObama Beautiful photo! Love the Obama's!
pop_porno_lady 5/14(月) 23:15
@MichelleObama Just one day for mothers !?!?!
DavidEd72028112 5/15(火) 2:47
@MichelleObama Oh yes!
HelenResists 5/15(火) 2:47
@MichelleObama We miss you so much.
rajaiah_nakka 5/15(火) 2:51
@MichelleObama Hon'ble Ex-President Sir Happy Mothers Day
BreckEn11 5/15(火) 2:51
@MichelleObama Great photo! What a beautiful family.
tiggybom66 5/15(火) 2:54
@MichelleObama Remarkable indeed! Michelle- we would love to see you@on the 2020 ticket !
carlasingleton1 5/15(火) 2:56
@MichelleObama We love you and @MichelleObama for your many contributions and hour beautiful example.…
LElppa 5/15(火) 3:00
@MichelleObama is a Muther of course!
Shady7769 5/15(火) 3:02
@Purrrnella59 @MichelleObama Beautiful Family..
SeviRegis1 5/15(火) 3:03
@MichelleObama Love you and Michelle. Miss the days of your tenure, so promising and greening. Trump…
KathrynCusi 5/15(火) 3:03
@nancepotts @MichelleObama I miss you all!
Beth36auGomez 5/15(火) 3:04
@MichelleObama Best President we ever had that's the way it's going to be written in the history books 30 years from now
KinkimoG 5/15(火) 3:07
@OloriSupergal @MichelleObama This is a real man that knows the value of a woman
YDelos25 5/15(火) 3:08
@MichelleObama Family
SwanAmerica 5/15(火) 3:08
@MichelleObama We miss you so much. Much Love!
shipman 5/15(火) 3:10
@MichelleObama Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.
nocandodo 5/15(火) 3:14
MaryGar55909995 5/15(火) 3:16
@MichelleObama Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day beautiful Michelle! ❤️
JoeMers 5/15(火) 3:17
@MichelleObama sign of RBF? A rarity to be sure.
TonyCar81690990 5/15(火) 3:22
@MichelleObama These ACTORS need to STOP THE SHOW!
It's time to reveal the truth.
70 yrs of lies,corru…
CyrusRutherford 5/15(火) 3:22
@MichelleObama Ugly chimp family
RAVISHA00285200 5/15(火) 3:23
@MichelleObama I bow to God mother
JURDIME 5/15(火) 3:23
@MichelleObama I pray to see the day when America get to be great again! When others can migrate to th…
CHERYL34236 5/15(火) 3:23
TracieStorie 5/15(火) 3:24
@MichelleObama Always a gentleman. Thank you, President Obama.
MariaLyles8 5/15(火) 3:25
@MichelleObama To u also
PowersArnold 5/15(火) 3:30
@MichelleObama Excellent pic!
DumpTrump_____ 5/15(火) 3:31
@Nikchele @MichelleObama We miss you soooooooooooooooooo much
luiszpd8 5/15(火) 3:33
@MichelleObama We miss you president.
Gibble56 5/15(火) 3:36
@MichelleObama What a beautiful and loving family.
BasharYusuf5 5/15(火) 3:38
@MichelleObama Happy mother day
MustangDavis 5/15(火) 3:39
@MichelleObama Thank you Mr President, the oval office now has 45 and a shit load of garbage. If he do…
T62Alan 5/15(火) 3:39
@MichelleObama What about your real mother I hope you wished her a happy mother's day as well can't le…
SeattleMonica 5/15(火) 3:39
@MichelleObama I swear, those women will straighten us up with just one look. How do they do that?? Se…
GloriaM01315666 5/15(火) 3:40
@MichelleObama Almost gave up the whole country. If it wasn't for Trump having to fix everything thing he has DONE!
Adrasteia17 5/15(火) 3:40
@MichelleObama I miss the decency the Obamas brought to the White House.
LisaYou84235390 5/15(火) 3:41
@MichelleObama Thank you PRESIDENT OBAMA♥Happy Mothers Day First Lady and Sharp as Aall hellMichelle…
GloriaM01315666 5/15(火) 3:44
@MichelleObama Don't forget how Barry got in college LIE LIE
Jackie49680155 5/15(火) 3:44
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day Michelle, sorry I'm late
spitlima 5/15(火) 3:48
@MichelleObama Do me a favour please @BarackObama. It’s “ex president”. Not “president”.
steelersrv 5/15(火) 3:52
@MichelleObama The worst president ever we all better with out you enjoy your golf playing lagacy zero…
weatherthestor1 5/15(火) 3:53
@PrincessBravato @MichelleObama Happy wife, happy life. You learn well grasshopper. LOLOLOL
bebymuyoko 5/15(火) 3:58
@MichelleObama Nice picture
NordicMimic 5/15(火) 4:00
@MichelleObama Isn’t the woman on the right the one Eddie Murphy gave the earrings to on Coming to America
7brdgesroad 5/15(火) 4:08
@MichelleObama Thank you sir. I truly miss your family.
Pithygirl 5/15(火) 4:08
@MichelleObama President Obama
DANNY_PARISI 5/15(火) 4:16
@MichelleObama Frauds
Frankie_Lettuce 5/15(火) 4:17
@MichelleObama Can you run as vice president?
rosevincent 5/15(火) 14:11
@MichelleObama What a beautiful family! Enjoy this day and best wishes to Mrs. Obama!
02tHWZfE475jSxa 5/15(火) 14:14
@MichelleObama 奥巴马
gaelmutai 5/15(火) 14:14
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day but don't forget your grandma Sarah in Kenya, Mr President.
KevinJa93091041 5/15(火) 14:29
@MichelleObama Yeah
margo567 5/15(火) 14:31
@MichelleObama Love and miss you President Obama and First Lady so much. God knows we need you guys b…
jiromorimoto111 5/15(火) 14:35
@MichelleObama 政治の話ではないのですが!
SaeedSarmadi 5/15(火) 14:36
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's Day
FastBerte 5/15(火) 14:38
@MichelleObama Beautiful family Mr. President @POTUS44
rajsaini1 5/15(火) 14:42
@MichelleObama Hihiiii
WORLD2OOO 5/15(火) 14:49
@MichelleObama True hero. Thanks for your service.
KEiternick 5/15(火) 14:59
KEiternick 5/15(火) 14:59
@MichelleObama We really really really miss you and your family!
Kings2cup 5/15(火) 15:00
@MichelleObama WE THE “Q” OF THE USA


Tp2018 5/15(火) 15:09
@MichelleObama AND why you have forgot your own mother who gave you birth ???????
joeravinskas 5/15(火) 15:33
@MichelleObama Shut the fuck up and just disappear Mohammad !!!
DaboWalid 5/15(火) 15:51
@MichelleObama Miss the first family
ak_subasi 5/15(火) 16:04
@MichelleObama Zalimler için yaşasın cehennem .....tanrı Ergenç o masum insanlara yaptıklarının bedeli…
ak_subasi 5/15(火) 16:05
@MichelleObama Bu zulme göz yumanlarida görüyor tanrı...
shawsoong520 5/15(火) 16:15
@MichelleObama Beautiful daughter
AmitSha84172054 5/15(火) 16:18
@MichelleObama Lovely family click stay blessed
Charles15011965 5/15(火) 16:46
JRzBvzKjkXEuq8M 5/15(火) 16:48
@MichelleObama عيله وسخه
_edvardsen 5/15(火) 16:52
@MichelleObama Love your beautiful,nice family Mr President Barack !!!
Bitzi007 5/15(火) 16:53
@MichelleObama As a MOM, I Thank YOU President Obama! We miss YOU and MICHELLE!!!
Ramkris28948578 5/15(火) 16:54
@MichelleObama Nice family members you Sir
barasamo 5/15(火) 17:13
@MichelleObama Thank you so much
marisal001 5/15(火) 17:15
@MichelleObama Thank the Iranian leader when he killing the mommas
Gewan84241218 5/15(火) 17:19
@MichelleObama Hello
KingMasika 5/15(火) 17:28
@MichelleObama Hey buddy I’m going to book a flight tomorrow and tired already
TrustDave 5/15(火) 17:34
HadishAli6 5/15(火) 17:51
@MichelleObama Very nice
LazaroHernandez 5/15(火) 18:07
@MichelleObama Such a cute family! Love your style and standards... ❤️
JakaburaNduru 5/15(火) 18:07
@MichelleObama we love our mothers.happy mothers day to all of them.
parejapati 5/15(火) 18:08
@MichelleObama Sweet
ethicalip 5/15(火) 18:10
@MichelleObama Thank you, many happy returns to the ---Prince of Presidents and family----
BrandyT14155097 5/15(火) 18:24
@MichelleObama HAPPY mothers day beladet mrs.obomah and mother
reaganichael 5/15(火) 18:36
FOSTERD00207614 5/15(火) 18:44
FOSTERD00207614 5/15(火) 18:45
FOSTERD00207614 5/15(火) 18:46
DonKarlo15 5/15(火) 18:51
@MichelleObama Обама сука
babakbahrami14 5/15(火) 19:10
@MichelleObama dear barack,the iranian peoples are very wronged and they have no solutions about their…
DeloisNorville 5/15(火) 19:23
@MichelleObama Thanks President Obama.
hudybia 5/15(火) 19:27
@MichelleObama same to u obi ??????
onlinebaldhead 5/15(火) 19:30
@MichelleObama I LOVE YOU
PCPowers 5/15(火) 19:33
@MichelleObama No mention of your own mother...very telling.
JChyn 5/15(火) 19:39
@MichelleObama It’s YOUR fault that fool is in the White House - you really dropped the ball on Russia…
haiou123069152 5/15(火) 19:43
@MichelleObama 先生,在您在任期间没有一个复仇者死亡。
QTPitootyFL 5/15(火) 19:46
@MichelleObama @MichelleObama you are the mother that every woman inspires to be.
mrittunjoypatro 5/15(火) 19:50
@MichelleObama hello sir,
Happy mother day.
ershad_radin 5/15(火) 19:56
talentymoyoo1 5/15(火) 20:05
@MichelleObama cute
chelssmoney 5/15(火) 20:12
@MichelleObama when on earth is sasha going to get those braces off?!
AmazTechnoChick 5/15(火) 20:22
@MichelleObama Even the mothers and children whose lives were destroyed by ACORN?
WandaFr98407021 5/15(火) 22:20
@MichelleObama Get off my tweet. U r not my president anymore.
Michael64157025 5/15(火) 22:23
@MichelleObama my present
BabarAl05877601 5/15(火) 22:24
@MichelleObama Happy bloody day for Palestine
Mother ...
Airvooocht 5/15(火) 22:37
@MichelleObama Can you tell Trump and his sons that it isn’t the American way to cheat their wives wit…
sommerhalder_1 5/15(火) 22:57
@MichelleObama I will just consider that a personal Happy Mothers Day! When your real world is full of…
Nikole27418435 5/15(火) 23:10
@MichelleObama Michelle can run for the presidentcy? Imagine all the little girls who will see you and…
2NPKAfAaiM3UV53 5/15(火) 23:12
@MichelleObama @2NPKAfAaiM3UV53
0451_10086 5/15(火) 23:12
@MichelleObama O'guanHai, go back to your seat.
ninaykill 5/15(火) 23:17
@MichelleObama Dude I heard you were smoking again?! You need to quit. Nicorette that habit.
JamesErd 5/15(火) 23:20
@MichelleObama Thanks.
Lakshmi24812806 5/15(火) 23:26
@MichelleObama Hi Hello wow super TQ baby
king11408 5/15(火) 23:26
@MichelleObama BArack Obama fack yo
casinogoddess 5/15(火) 23:27
@MichelleObama Happy mothers day and thank u. Mr Obama
lennyux11 5/15(火) 23:29
@MichelleObama El mejor maquina fiera tifon numero 1 el papa
YolandaSlisboa 5/15(火) 23:32
@MichelleObama Família linda
YolandaSlisboa 5/15(火) 23:34
@MichelleObama Família maravilhosa
YolandaSlisboa 5/15(火) 23:35
@MichelleObama Famíliamaravilhosa
Movanny3 5/15(火) 23:40
@MichelleObama OK
ansh19861986 5/15(火) 23:44
@MichelleObama Your mother won't feel good as his son is not intervening the present world matters now…
bobbysuns 5/15(火) 23:46
@MichelleObama عاشقتم وجز آرزوهام بود که ببینمت شما اونور دنیا ما هم که همیشه تحریمیم
APGupta11136619 5/15(火) 23:49
@MichelleObama We love u sir
Kimel_Larceny 5/15(火) 23:49
YolandaSlisboa 5/15(火) 23:51
DemocracyinthUK 5/16(水) 0:04
@MichelleObama Barack, you were once a supporter of Palestinian rights. Then you ran for the Presidenc…
TanyaGrealis 5/16(水) 0:13
@MichelleObama Thank you so much! A Happy Belated Mother's Day to you Michelle, and your mother as we…
denshvishkrma 5/16(水) 0:14
@MichelleObama Hi
lula19831985 5/16(水) 0:20
@MichelleObama continue to stay united. One Love
duds_rc 5/16(水) 20:13
@MichelleObama follow me! i’ll follow back
Neila11930613 5/16(水) 20:28
@MichelleObama Essa família merece respeito!⚘
SOSHA_2N 5/16(水) 20:39
@MichelleObama فاك يوو نيجا ❤️
Cvmnetwork3 5/16(水) 20:55
lazaruskiprono1 5/16(水) 20:55
@MichelleObama I miss your powerful oratory speeches sir! Make a return visit to your beloved mother country Kenya .✋✋✋✋
MLKisRepublican 5/16(水) 21:00
@MichelleObama You should be in prison.
Otswakae4 5/16(水) 21:07
@MichelleObama A big thank you
iambo 5/16(水) 21:16
@MichelleObama ❤️
major_white33 5/16(水) 21:17
@MichelleObama I know right!
sky52234101_sky 5/16(水) 21:37
@MichelleObama Beautiful! America misses your diplomacy, respect for people and love if family and c…
KazimaTherese 5/16(水) 21:38
@MichelleObama Hello,I love your family.Thanks
nocandodo 5/16(水) 21:41
armando1011 5/16(水) 21:44
@MichelleObama What about your own mother sir? Do you not wish her also a great mother`s day?
Patienc38872736 5/16(水) 21:49
@MichelleObama Sweet
Jacqui40870211 5/16(水) 21:49
@MichelleObama HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL Mom's
LizBelanger1 5/16(水) 21:59
@MichelleObama ✊
RanaSaa64886449 5/16(水) 22:00
@MichelleObama Great
melvinbibbs2 5/16(水) 22:01
@MichelleObama Mr president you know you can't post a beautiful family picture like this on twitter .…
grreenlight 5/16(水) 22:04
@MichelleObama why you don't mention ur mom here ???
DarFAYA28934993 5/16(水) 22:06
@MichelleObama nice opinions
SandipS08623826 5/16(水) 22:30
@MichelleObama Wow so beautiful
kamkyle2 5/16(水) 22:46
@MichelleObama Thank you Sir! God bless you and your family. You all are truly missed!
sky125555 5/16(水) 22:46
@MichelleObama 勉強教えて
AnosikeClaire1 5/16(水) 22:46
@MichelleObama You are the real man !
arashbarandaz 5/16(水) 22:48
@MichelleObama ایت الله اوباما
rockinruthy 5/16(水) 22:51
@MichelleObama Thanks Mr. Obama. I miss you so much.
Balu82336572 5/16(水) 22:58
@MichelleObama Your welcome
mitchc1411 5/16(水) 23:13
@MichelleObama Thank you for all the sacrifices you and Michelle made over your eight years in office.…
Busch8625 5/16(水) 23:14
@MichelleObama WITH A Super Bowl Record OF 5-3 Do You Think TOM BRADY Is STILL The G.O.A.T ?
ka3life04 5/16(水) 23:24
ConstanceKlei13 5/17(木) 5:43
@MichelleObama Happy Mom's Day @MichelleObama
KarenBa62231419 5/17(木) 5:50
@MichelleObama Wouldn't follow you if you paid me....traitor and hypocrite
GraceAliceGuer4 5/17(木) 6:20
@MichelleObama Thanks my favorite POTUS and Happy Mothers da y to tose remarcable moms out there, thos…
Kimberl83805767 5/17(木) 6:25
souvikj53910710 5/17(木) 7:00
@MichelleObama WOW ....
Mista_Gospel 5/17(木) 7:07
@MichelleObama Mothers deserve our very best
IAMTHELARANDIA1 5/17(木) 7:35
@MichelleObama What if your mother is bloody mary?
jerryayon9 5/17(木) 8:03
@MichelleObama Gay Boy...
judegee2010 5/17(木) 8:12
@MichelleObama Miss you all a ton!
Rose53767079 5/17(木) 8:18
@MichelleObama Hi ur great but ur not president anymore so I would change it on ur bio!!
baily_michael 5/17(木) 8:24
@MichelleObama The only Legacy you have left is putting men in women's bathrooms.. Trump erased the re…
Brucewayn1939 5/17(木) 9:51
MarvinB47431405 5/17(木) 9:54
@MichelleObama Yes, man how much we miss you!
MilesTadman 5/17(木) 10:08
@MichelleObama You're not indicted yet, then. :(
adam_mts 5/17(木) 10:16
@MichelleObama Did Barry get flowers? Some people have called him a mother too.
Uneedafaithchek 5/17(木) 10:24
@MichelleObama Your going to jail buddy! Your friends are going to rat on you!
DebiLevine3 5/17(木) 10:31
@MichelleObama nowhere to hide Barry Soetoro.
CindyOtt5 5/17(木) 10:44
@MichelleObama Tweeting from Gitmo?
anacrisjg 5/17(木) 10:57
@MichelleObama Thanks Mr Obama
garpatrick 5/17(木) 10:59
@MichelleObama I just threw up in my mouth
rezam40873468 5/17(木) 11:08
@MichelleObama you are killer mom in iran
03TF8rq1ITPw10I 5/17(木) 11:11
@MichelleObama Hiii h r u
sumitr87 5/17(木) 11:14
@MichelleObama We need you back in Power...I support you...
AllenDu59517019 5/17(木) 11:16
@MichelleObama Man what a family
3792_4918d 5/17(木) 11:17
@MichelleObama Hello,Obama.Text the Kakao story that I write.I am not the Kakao Friends or this color but write.
sspencervip 5/17(木) 11:24
@MichelleObama Crossfire Hurricane
lesbi_yulfo 5/17(木) 11:34
@MichelleObama I love this
rdawnie 5/17(木) 11:34
@MichelleObama Happy moms day Michelle
KellyLeeWisema3 5/17(木) 11:37
@MichelleObama Oh PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, we need you to be our black panther, we need to hear your…
Sandelagirls1 5/17(木) 11:42
@MichelleObama Miss you Obama as our President
lisajwilliams01 5/17(木) 11:42
@MichelleObama Happy mother's day
AraujoEtelvina 5/17(木) 11:54
@MichelleObama Felicidades para vocês!
DIneptus 5/17(木) 12:07
@MichelleObama `// dvfnuYR&^%$%
Manojhwt 5/17(木) 12:10
@MichelleObama Power to u, to make world peacefull.
BasketofCovfefe 5/17(木) 12:12
@MichelleObama A new report alleges former CIA Director @JohnBrennan included claims frm the dubious…
BasketofCovfefe 5/17(木) 12:18
@MichelleObama You're going to be impeached after the fact for your treasonous actions. Spying, Framin…
SdaTim 5/17(木) 12:37
@MichelleObama Unbelievable! Really.
MarioVictorGom1 5/17(木) 12:41
@MichelleObama For sale 50000
Bobby_Alty 5/17(木) 12:46
@MichelleObama You better start kissing your family goodbye. I am going to see to it you are locked u…
Visionarre 5/17(木) 13:05
@MichelleObama You should come give a speech again on tv . I don’t see why not!! We need some motivation
JhingxxtheJTAC 5/17(木) 13:40
@MichelleObama Happy Unsealed Indictment Day!
mermaidreams 5/17(木) 13:42
@MichelleObama Happy belated mother's day ladys!
DizonRdiz16 5/17(木) 13:46
@MichelleObama Miss you all so much the best first family ever and the most beautiful family pictures ever.
morwalsanjeev 5/17(木) 13:51
@MichelleObama Happy mothers day
CiciMantz 5/17(木) 13:53
@MichelleObama I miss you Obama& Michelle!
NawJulyOo1 5/17(木) 14:10
@MichelleObama Hi
HelpfulGimli 5/17(木) 14:17
@MichelleObama And MY AXE
JustPlainSick10 5/17(木) 14:32
@MichelleObama The country sure misses you guys. Be well!
leddeb420 5/17(木) 14:43
@ClareWHarris @MichelleObama You're a lucky man!
sequoiagaia 5/17(木) 14:48
@MichelleObama Hey Obama. I am glad you learned today that FBI spied on Trump, of course without your…
SuzieHaughn 5/17(木) 14:52
@MichelleObama Thank you
RightKing_ 5/17(木) 15:10
@MichelleObama "mother"
trimbak_m 5/17(木) 15:13
@MichelleObama Hi Sir
kusazima_sutaba 5/17(木) 15:13
@MichelleObama こんちゃす!いつもみてます!これからもよろしくおねがいします!
CUStanfordUNLV 5/17(木) 15:18
@MichelleObama Tick-Tock Muslim scum !
trcy53 5/17(木) 15:39
@MichelleObama You are greatly missed Mr President as is your beautiful wife, Michelle.
julius67493011 5/17(木) 16:00
@MichelleObama Nice Picture
alex_puy 5/17(木) 16:17
@MichelleObama Why all ex~presidents all over the world looks very healthier after end his boss~period?
Dds16251 5/17(木) 16:35
@MichelleObama GOAT
GBankd 5/17(木) 17:44
@MichelleObama Thank you Mr. President. I know that I’m late but Happy Mother’s Day to Michelle and Mrs. Robinson
ZicoPierre 5/17(木) 18:23
@MichelleObama Good my l' ex President Obama
PandeyRamji03 5/17(木) 18:25
@MichelleObama Jai Shri ram
Henriqu13526812 5/17(木) 18:29
@MichelleObama thanks maybe tomorow i will stay with you~
iz_iranian 5/17(木) 19:00
@MichelleObama @USAdarFarsi
دولتمردان آمریکایی که به نفع کشورهای شرور لابی می کنند با…
BoubaBabaray 5/17(木) 19:26
@MichelleObama Happy Mother's day
notipaco 5/17(木) 19:35
@MichelleObama EEUU apoya masacre de Israel vetando resolución en la ONU (+ Videos ).…
E96300369 5/17(木) 20:00
jwfj1963 5/17(木) 20:02
@MichelleObama We miss you . Please tell Michelle Obama she can win in 2020
ThanhMai0804 5/17(木) 20:09
SolomonMorriso6 5/17(木) 20:22
@MichelleObama Great daddy
Rebeccakathlee 5/17(木) 22:18
@MichelleObama Ok
alaasam62174464 5/17(木) 22:24
@MichelleObama ان ما يحدث من الرئيس ترامب بنقل السفاره الامريكيه في فلسطين الي القدس يعتبر عنصريه شديد…
alaasam62174464 5/17(木) 22:26
@MichelleObama ان ما يحدث في القدس بنقل السفاره الامريكيه من تل أبيب الي القدس يعتبر عنصريه شديده تجاة المسلمين
alaasam62174464 5/17(木) 22:27
@MichelleObama هل كنت ستنقل السفاره الامريكيه الي القدس في وقت ما كنت رئيس لامريكا
alaasam62174464 5/17(木) 22:29
@MichelleObama القتلا الفلسطنين يزداد يوم بعد يوم علي يد الاسرءلين والعالم يتفرج
Stop the war
Steve12369 5/17(木) 22:31
@MichelleObama Not that a great man on every level needs any positive reinforcement, but you must view…
musicnick1985 5/17(木) 22:39
@MichelleObama Wow u got twice as many followers as trump and u even follow many back he has half what…
troyb26 5/17(木) 22:40
@MichelleObama Nice to know Barack's shirt showed up
AndrewKGoldman 5/17(木) 22:43
@MichelleObama Thank you!
RabinDa36300852 5/17(木) 22:46
@MichelleObama You Lat Mr Barack Obama God Bless you Your Family You Happy Your Family My No Family Every day One Day
JamiePattersonT 5/17(木) 22:48
@MichelleObama Thank you for being the Anti-Trump
matieche1 5/17(木) 22:52
@MichelleObama Tengo novios para tus hijas querido amigo ! @gasparPirrone @EliasCalatroni
ShepherdZengeni 5/17(木) 23:06
@MichelleObama waaal
oregon_winters 5/17(木) 23:28
@MichelleObama What about your biological mother?
Absurd70 5/17(木) 23:31
@MichelleObama درود بر مرد فاسد تاریخ
که در 88 مارا حمایت کردی
سلام لجن باراک حسین اوباما
Madelin59638666 5/17(木) 23:38
@MichelleObama I miss you!!
SaleemA37882180 5/17(木) 23:41
@MichelleObama Nice click,miss you mr.obama
ClydeRilliet 5/17(木) 23:49
dusmantachoudhu 5/18(金) 0:29
@MichelleObama May thy spirit of loving the Mothers be imortalised .
mcarl16924 5/18(金) 23:36
@MichelleObama can you come back to the president of the u.s.a
jes1757 5/18(金) 23:39
@MichelleObama We miss you Mr. President.
Ganeshansadhan1 5/18(金) 23:47
@MichelleObama Congaralition good nice family night
KacoSoler 5/18(金) 23:49
@MichelleObama Good morning, Mr. Barak Obama, with all due respect, I want to tell you that you did an…
KacoSoler 5/18(金) 23:50
@MichelleObama posture as president of the united states a lady like her deserve to be in that chair n…
HarunCoban 5/18(金) 23:54
@MichelleObama Belli Mr Obama
reellen_eason 5/19(土) 0:03
@MichelleObama The Best First Family Ever! ☺☺ You will Always be My President Thank you for all you've…
ehud75 5/19(土) 0:05
@MichelleObama Just watched Hillary's America, you're an evil man Obama. You didn't make us better, you made us worse.
ObamaDidi 5/19(土) 0:11
@MichelleObama bonne fête à toutes celles qui nous sont chères
mikek24a 5/19(土) 0:17
@MichelleObama Fuck you
KlausJennings 5/19(土) 0:28
@MichelleObama What about you’re mom ? You know the lady who provided for you when you’re dead beat bi…
happy_grandma62 5/19(土) 0:36
@MichelleObama Gosh, can I tell you how much I miss you!
Fahamo5 5/19(土) 0:43
@MichelleObama Mashaal allha Thank you
KeithIr07230694 5/19(土) 1:15
@MichelleObama It sickens me to see you pop up on my tweeter.. I live in Nashville and went to school…
justicebedone00 5/19(土) 1:29
imgonnergetusuc 5/20(日) 11:25
@MichelleObama America's royal family
NardoV21340 5/20(日) 11:29
@MichelleObama You are a disgrace a failure you are trying to give away America and we know it We The…
NardoV21340 5/20(日) 11:31
faston2whlz 5/20(日) 11:39
@MichelleObama Father, husband, President, citizen.....fucking traitor. There fixed it for ya.
AmberDarling4 5/20(日) 11:40
@MichelleObama Why did you spy on Trump? Insecure much? Pos obama
433iV4zxeBtAd15 5/20(日) 12:01
@MichelleObama you can do better for the wirld,but you dont
WarriorsFake 5/20(日) 12:04
@MichelleObama Trump was spied on by your team. I hope you get what’s coming, and it’s coming!!!!
Alberto15640004 5/20(日) 12:21
@MichelleObama Look at the people you funded with our hard earned tax dollars are with it.…
CapriceMurphyJ1 5/20(日) 12:35
@Maryc1850Sadler @MichelleObama Thank you
Don40724112 5/20(日) 12:35
@MichelleObama thanks for you
Trump_Chicago 5/20(日) 12:54
Dennis83131602 5/20(日) 12:57
@MichelleObama More meet mr
OBSRVNG45 5/20(日) 13:10
sabbri04925868 5/20(日) 13:21
@MichelleObama i like your style mr ex amarican president
umesh5152 5/20(日) 13:22
@MichelleObama Plz follo Sir Ji
MarkHales12 5/20(日) 13:25
@MichelleObama Wonder how long it will be before you’re arrested for treason?
kamac_harun 5/20(日) 13:27
@MichelleObama Vijdanın rahatmı?
Orta doğuyu kana buladın.
OmkarSankheblog 5/20(日) 13:46
@MichelleObama Cute
OmkarSankheblog 5/20(日) 13:46
@MichelleObama Follow back
emon_shamsur 5/20(日) 13:55
@MichelleObama Nice and happy family
BertheMamadou9 5/20(日) 14:42
@MichelleObama Happy birthday to family Obama