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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2014/9/3(水) 10:00 .

How do we help 2.5 billion people escape poverty? Getting them banking services is a start:

patandriola 9/3(水) 10:00
give them your money
Ahmed_tweets_ 9/3(水) 10:01
Gimme ur money ill escape poverty xD
DUFFYBeatShon 9/3(水) 10:01
Prestame un 50 xD
ChrisRossini 9/3(水) 10:01
Actually *start* with sound money, then worry about where to keep that money. There isn't a country on Earth with sound money.
samcanhastweets 9/3(水) 10:01
you are more than welcome to help me escape college debt with a donation to the Sammy B college fund.
djmer1 9/3(水) 10:01
Not from our banks, but point taken.
DeepakBassi 9/3(水) 10:02
- start micro-finance at the local level and encourage to take destiny in their own hands!
khaidarzorig 9/3(水) 10:02
educate them by giving MS office products for free
CharlieSierra24 9/3(水) 10:02
Have you watched "Inequality for All?" I'm not blaming you, but this may be part of the cause, greed.
joesanders33 9/3(水) 10:02
true, but promote individual rights backed by rule of objective law or it’s all tears on a river
motocrossman93 9/3(水) 10:02
off topic but anyone seeing this please text prep3 to 94465 to help our school win a pep rally! Voting ends tonight at 10! Thanks
JasumatiPatel 9/3(水) 10:02
Done that recently in India. Thanks to new GOI @gauravnanda01
bno1489 9/3(水) 10:02
how so Bill???
HorusMichaelM7 9/3(水) 10:02
I was thinking of a free hotel / Roman Bath type resort for poor and homeless in SF CA. Banks need an address.
PettyFan42 9/3(水) 10:02
how about helping people who are working but due too have bosses who don't pay well and give bad medical are in serious debut!!
Wayne_Comeau 9/3(水) 10:02
Strange, but don't they have to have money for that?
Estebs1978 9/3(水) 10:03
Unfortunately that's too logical for most if not all governments.
omfahadtariq 9/3(水) 10:03
رجل والرجال قليل
congratulations bill
RomanoEugene 9/3(水) 10:03
get them jobs
Carrierjason 9/3(水) 10:03
through capitalism and free trade
Netcomm4 9/3(水) 10:04
sorry Mr. Gates I Think banking services is wrong maybe food services, and working services may be better.
AlexadrosR 9/3(水) 10:04
PhilipJWalsh 9/3(水) 10:04
Next you should try curing cancer with cigarettes, Bill. Banks are responsible for a lot of poverty.
paulmalecki 9/3(水) 10:04
the top ten richest people in the world could sort it out. Im not saying u dont do your good deed but the rest cud do better
metin_silsupur 9/3(水) 10:04
21milyon=55milyon'biz matematikte çok ilerledik, 15milyon boykot=0 (sen,bizle yarışamazsın,demode oldun kabüllen )
Kalypzo5 9/3(水) 10:04
What about a job first. Gimme one that makes what u do.
higgstator 9/3(水) 10:04
wendyprofit 9/3(水) 10:04
and Financial Literacy education, right @johnhopebryant ?
ghulamqadir90 9/3(水) 10:04
just do what ur heart says ......
mgrua 9/3(水) 10:04
PVSarvate 9/3(水) 10:05
sir, bringing back barter system, difficult to implement but not impossible
WhtRULknAtMe4 9/3(水) 10:05
good start...fair banking options for US poor would be helpful too, payday loans & check cashing stores are not a good substitute
BennettColl 9/3(水) 10:05
Try giving away more of your money to them, along with all of your rich friend ,instead of just talking about it , do some more
nkbharindwal 9/3(水) 10:06
@narendramodi @PMOIndia That's what Prime Minister Modi has done by Launching PM Jan Dhan Yojana targeting 300 Million lives
unimatrizzero 9/3(水) 10:06
yes but to use money in what? A lot of people need education!
wazza112 9/3(水) 10:06
is there really such a need to bring capitalism into collapsing countries china has a large population and still has poverty!
aliraja 9/3(水) 10:06
if they don't have any money how do they bank?
slug863 9/3(水) 10:06
so they can be charged $40 for an overdraft
PhutiSemenya1 9/3(水) 10:06
What are they going to bank? Better get them farming implements. Basic needs first banking later
Dinopap11 9/3(水) 10:06
are you taking the piss, you want to burden the world with more debt, please......we are already slaves to the banks....eye wide!
adityakasturi 9/3(水) 10:06
I see your work in INDIA ..
you are a great Philanthrophist
ravikumar_ram 9/3(水) 10:06
@PMOIndia has started this first step to eradicate poverty in India.
terrisriley 9/3(水) 10:06
The solution is this:
1 ) changing a man's mind changes his money
2 ) stop corruption that yields oppression
3 ) level the field
Mr904 9/3(水) 10:07
according to you we will inject and kill a bunch of them
chen1139567610 9/3(水) 10:07
Well, sir it is really a harsh work. No mention other place, now China have a large number of poor people, mostly in countryside.
anchanjp 9/3(水) 10:07
jupagor 9/3(水) 10:07
just with a economy distribuited equal for all the people. Were don't exist people rich like you, were all equals is the unic way
joyleenSST 9/3(水) 10:07
sir, how would you stop corruption?
JamesRHowarth 9/3(水) 10:08
Bank services can not start without land ownership rights. Chicken or Egg?
Mr904 9/3(水) 10:08
banking services do no good when you poor with bad or no credit
ESS4SSiN 9/3(水) 10:08
How about reconnecting them to their land base? Our civilization is killing the planet.
Ocswagg 9/3(水) 10:08
I think you just give them 1 million dollars to each single human on the planet and that's how you solve the problem!
victorm71 9/3(水) 10:08
Less greedy people.That could help the poverty.
Gabie1 9/3(水) 10:08
hello how are you ? I can I volunteer ? I am looking to make a difference in people's lives . It will be very rewarding to me .
jweiskop 9/3(水) 10:08
help fund education. You have amazing scholarship fund set up, however, more is less, less is more!
DWashingtonSr 9/3(水) 10:09
Shoot, all I need is my own vehicle to get back and forth to work and "we'll" be alright!! All else falls in place you know...
sarina_singh 9/3(水) 10:09
A very good start.
Devine_Status 9/3(水) 10:09
I don't understand how banking services could possibly help them....they don't have money...are they getting a loan?
BunkerKendra 9/3(水) 10:09
most cases poverty to our ppl is at governments hand dnt belive tht jus look at flint & detroit mi yea whos at fault???????????
Imanoth 9/3(水) 10:09
Whoah! A perfect example of a logical fallacy. There are less banks in a poor country, so more banks = more wealth. Nice!
johngibson2012 9/3(水) 10:09
paralyze them with you vaccine programs as well
EBRecordings 9/3(水) 10:09
banking will help people in poverty ? What a bunch of bullsh*t garbage talk ! Ever hear the saying 'getting taken to the bank ?'
davidgstern 9/3(水) 10:10
How about getting jobs and money firstm
broly_efnet 9/3(水) 10:10
sticky sitch tho. end of the article suggests that it's more important to build infrastructure to support bank sys
steveaustin1971 9/3(水) 10:10
how the hell would more use of businesses that only profit from peoples debt help poverty?
micaroni3 9/3(水) 10:10
biggary41 9/3(水) 10:10
Rich folks don't help us poor folks out
ciaocarabella 9/3(水) 10:11
@WOCCU and credit unions around the world are working toward this everyday
HostFat 9/3(水) 10:11
Cryptocurrencies are the answer, you already know ; )
Joesciences 9/3(水) 10:11
Read "Remedies For Income Inequality" and other books at Dr @Joesciences :
terrisriley 9/3(水) 10:11
people like you & @Oprah change the world bc you can't be bought or bribed. social engineering = band-aid. It takes selflessness.
GetOrganzdAlrdy 9/3(水) 10:12
Population and reproductive education.
matt855617 9/3(水) 10:12
by not being exploited and oppressed by the USA and UK for minerals and oil.
AlphaDelta210 9/3(水) 10:12
Stopping discrimination against long term unemployed & letting them have a fare chance to jobs would help them get out of poverty
VincenzoCosent7 9/3(水) 10:13
leave banks alone. I'll PM you my cc number for a wire transfer, thank you : )
teempai 9/3(水) 10:13
Wouldn't the easiest first step be to fix remittance? If remittance was essentially cost free, more hungry mouths would be fed.
BigDaddyStiv 9/3(水) 10:14
I bet there might be a cell phone app for that
KingErickM 9/3(水) 10:14
by reversing years of exploitation
telinnerud 9/3(水) 10:14
Give the freedom and establish the rule of law
beenshfatima 9/3(水) 10:14
getting them banking services will only help banks
Brajeshjha 9/3(水) 10:14
Check back India experience after a year. With 25 Million accounts opened in 2 days, "Help delivery" might have got boost needed
jweiskop 9/3(水) 10:14
not sure our poor can achieve banking as progress, not when they don't have money to begin with. Need a better solution.
ertniimongol 9/3(水) 10:15
Did you make your employees wealthy? If yes, follow the example and the problem is solved...
RfC010 9/3(水) 10:15
Good Night.> Teach him to fish, not give you fish!
donn_morgan 9/3(水) 10:15
Indeed!Banking service could be great start to help 2.5 bn people escape poverty!But red-tapism&corruptions are obstacles!
beenshfatima 9/3(水) 10:15
to help the poor all we need to do is develop and provide basic infrastructure. rest will follow
maymaymeyer 9/3(水) 10:15
Definitely. Very useful to be able to receive, hold and transfer money
waltermunevar 9/3(水) 10:16
in colombia banking makes more poverty, interes rates are very high, banks here are a cartel. More than 20 points.
laythefavourite 9/3(水) 10:16
if banking is the start, where does feeding them (or more sustainably, teaching them to feed themselves ) rank? Just curious.
TimothyHero 9/3(水) 10:16
Always finding new ways. Creativity.
beenshfatima 9/3(水) 10:16
its not the lack of supply but a lack of demand and that is what needs to he created
wtaps2014 9/3(水) 10:16
ComputerSays 9/3(水) 10:17
I'm sure banks will pop-up as the citizen's wealth rises. No chicken and egg here.
felixbleno 9/3(水) 10:17
you're right on the money. Access to capital is key to development of private sector, and more opportunities...
PriteshShah14 9/3(水) 10:17
very true. GOI started that with "jan dhan yojana" for ppl of India. Financial inclusion must.
jentaub 9/3(水) 10:17
sounds promising if also includes legal protections such as anti-usury provisions and bankruptcy options for borrowers
subratpanda 9/3(水) 10:18
This is what the Indian Govt recently did. Ensuring bank accounts along with benefits to people, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna.
dustin83527881 9/3(水) 10:19
true that!
SomePelicanDude 9/3(水) 10:19
People need money before they can put it anywhere....
divchile 9/3(水) 10:20
in Chile, we're trying to get free education because students are getting poor because of debts
pissaray 9/3(水) 10:20
i think that is impossible for what you do,but you can do better.
sooperdaven 9/3(水) 10:20
u have enough $ to open and fund a small acct for all of them. wouldn't chg a thing...
carlos_lazarte 9/3(水) 10:20
why not "jobs" instead??
codbloods 9/3(水) 10:20
How about making corporate pigs and rich people pay their fair share. That can solve 99% of all problems
nihalchauhan 9/3(水) 10:21
the Indian PM's recent initiative seems to be a good start @PMOIndia
SetagayaGirl 9/3(水) 10:21
@justincjimenez So they can have someplace to deposit the cash that they don't have in the first place. : ) Chicken/Egg
madhan360 9/3(水) 10:21
hope this brings a change
magagne01 9/3(水) 10:22
Giving them work and wages that can actualy help them .
comebackteam12 9/3(水) 10:22
send them to Africa and give them a couple bucks
Smorrriiis 9/3(水) 10:23
education is the key Bill
Adjiesuperimut 9/3(水) 10:23
That's not good start bro : ) ) )
andypanama 9/3(水) 10:24
@xsaezll values like commitment, accountability, prioritizing resources, solidarity...its all an inner process.
MBIMunshi 9/3(水) 10:24
Bangladesh has too many banks that are poorly regulated. Too many banks and no legal controls leads to corruption and fraud.
SharpTusk 9/3(水) 10:25
Why don't you just suggest Sam Kinnison's solution?!?! SEND THEM TRUCKS and let them go where the money is!!
Getgreen4 9/3(水) 10:25
Divert war to peace talk wasting money on arm and amunation start simplified ways to ease life every way
LadyFN 9/3(水) 10:25
help me
MckillopAaron 9/3(水) 10:25
eliminate currancy and go more on a everyone chips in everyone eats kinda feel.
song42641421 9/3(水) 10:26
china should be painted with red
netriver 9/3(水) 10:26
Educate them on how to use the money first, or they just blow it on internet stupidity and smartphones...
SeymourScripts 9/3(水) 10:26
Or, they apply for a "student visa" get a plane ticket, and live down the street from us, forever.
cthorndyke76 9/3(水) 10:27
so like in Canada, banks can charge them for everything and give them nothing, except giant banking profits and household debt!
BrianRiccard33 9/3(水) 10:28
can i have $5000? For a good cause
DEExibitionist 9/3(水) 10:28
headshotz maybee i hate sniper
DEExibitionist 9/3(水) 10:28
i doo they waterbordin??
aqkhalid1 9/3(水) 10:28
Next we should offer some microsoft shares
neonhate 9/3(水) 10:29
that's totally not true. Every single bank I've ever tried to work with has snaked me out of some fee and sent me into overdraft.
malushtemalhar 9/3(水) 10:29
our PM @PMOIndia has commenced movement of opening accounts for everyone. Its so nice to see this. May God bless us all.
JT100UK 9/3(水) 10:29
so the banks can charge them fees and make money off 2.5 billion more people
BermanLaurie 9/3(水) 10:29
it depends on which bank....just all their extra fees can make anyone poor Bill! :0 )
BeingRelentless 9/3(水) 10:29
that's a great idea but I'm sure they'd rather have a plate of warm food & clean water. Basic necessities should trump luxuries.
DEExibitionist 9/3(水) 10:30
aeroplanes panzers n sanis more more who use militair?
TJ_FrenchMeUp 9/3(水) 10:32
they need more than just banks, eco friendly economie + micro crédits and good social rights will be a start :p
Numbr1duckfan 9/3(水) 10:33
@FliHigh22 no disrespect...but are you out of your fucking mind???? scam
ILibertarians 9/3(水) 10:33
By stopping all govt interference in the economy. Let individuals work and trade freely in the market. Capitalism works.
alyse123123 9/3(水) 10:33
How will this get people out of poverty? This is putting the cart in front of the horse. Their mind-set must change first.
Anju36 9/3(水) 10:33
india's latest financial inclusion scheme- jan dhan yojna is a big step n Citizens want to support it in full force
DennisETX 9/3(水) 10:36
Yeah. Lets take their money.
emonkey79 9/3(水) 10:36
free market capitalism!
dennisgjones 9/3(水) 10:36
Would think income would be the start before banking services...
skkhemkaji 9/3(水) 10:37
Sir, India under PM Modi started financial inclusion of entire population by opening bank a/cs of 2 persons in every household.
JuanEnriqueWard 9/3(水) 10:37
would be a good start, bank transfers are almost prohibitive for small businesses, in Chile and other South America people, help!
BIKERTAZ 9/3(水) 10:38
getting them banking services is the last thing they need. All that will do is keep them in poverty. Banks only help them selves!
3mendous 9/3(水) 10:39
with 2.6 billion mobile cell phones amazed that there has not been a global cellular bank for the poor. Perhaps you can start it?
9xxxxx90 9/3(水) 10:40
Raise funds for charity xD :3
GuitarmanOU812 9/3(水) 10:40
Help Americans first.
yushaos 9/3(水) 10:41
gayanhewa 9/3(水) 10:41
poverty isn't a choice. but opportunities help too
9xxxxx90 9/3(水) 10:42
Charity concert xD :3
salvoslrslr 9/3(水) 10:43
Caro Bill Gates, mi chiamo Salvatore La Rosa e vivo vicino Firenze! La prego mi aiuti! Cordiali saluti S.
igweze9 9/3(水) 10:43
it depend on the country and area of the people with the demography as well to settle them in right channels of their careers
interUNFAO 9/3(水) 10:44
@robertore62 especially to women. This is where Islam is better than Christianity @KatKACanada
digger09lfc 9/3(水) 10:45
Western countries rely on third world countries.

If the whole world was westernised it would destroy itself in minutes
Thane3131 9/3(水) 10:45
and strict regulations quickly after.
igweze9 9/3(水) 10:45
Banking services sounds lovely but most people needs to be directed in order to get investments perfect
sapan211 9/3(水) 10:47
1 ) electricity and running H20 - 2 ) deploy a wireless mesh network to offer internet access
wusung 9/3(水) 10:47
we should create a sort of corporate seed. A group of vital business that could be started in any country.
Yakubu32838652 9/3(水) 10:47
how are you mr.Bill?
igweze9 9/3(水) 10:48
I thinks a workshop in different career jobs can open their mind in what they can start as a career before banking service
donatbollonk 9/3(水) 10:48
sounds interesting, will read it carefully
attwwang 9/3(水) 10:49
Help 2.5 billion people escape poverty -- Is it not easier to do mass theft and corruption with digital money than paper money?
Zee911 9/3(水) 10:49
when they have no money, why would they need banking services?
trifeckta 9/3(水) 10:49
they gotta have jobs/income first.
NyantekyiFrank 9/3(水) 10:49
and similarly important is international transfers without accruing exorbitant bank charges.
fordfiveohh 9/3(水) 10:50
fordfiveohh 9/3(水) 10:50
wanna buy a house?
robertmb 9/3(水) 10:51
EDUCATION & JOBS ! It's that easy !
sandeepshabd 9/3(水) 10:51
@narendramodi, the PM of India, just started this program where he helped enrolling more than 10 million people into banking.
mefaani 9/3(水) 10:53
you are talking about business or elimination of poverty among the 2.5 billion people
PenaJxptef 9/3(水) 10:54
ur a sick ...............ur soulless.
RaiderBounty 9/3(水) 10:54
@SpuraiderL ...yaaaaah....put them in debt! That will fix things.
Nimsyc 9/3(水) 10:54
I thought I heard a freakonomics podcast about cellphones as bank accounts in Africa? You know much about this?
GlobalPonziS 9/3(水) 10:54
are you crazy ??? the banks are one of the reasons of poverty in the world
VivTigger 9/3(水) 10:55
Banking FIRST? Are you crazy? They need food, shelter, & on sustainable farming & building. NOT BANKS.
MVSatish 9/3(水) 10:55
Absoultely!! @narendramodi is on same lines to address poverty in India!! Ideal Challenge is to keep accounts alive
swatisam 9/3(水) 10:55
Just launched the largest financial inclusion programme by @PMOIndia in India with 10 million account holders called
Malam4rco 9/3(水) 10:55
Making them slaves is not a good option
Can_UcTheRealMe 9/3(水) 10:56
How to help 2.5 B escape poverty? Getting them banking services"..Theres a bank that accepts Fish,Coconuts & Bamboo as currency?
empowered121 9/3(水) 10:57
Job, Funds, Banking
Rvvind 9/3(水) 10:57
, there would be at least one person that would agree with the approach towards sustenance - @PMOIndia -
Pamdesr 9/3(水) 10:57
Smart Monitors Inc(
)says 4 sure & put money in women's hands Sorry to say, the same with teaching reading!
H_Chikadibia 9/3(水) 10:58
educate and create job for them, and they'll know their way to bank.
mnraghunandan 9/3(水) 10:59
in India aligns with this theme
ASCTCLLC 9/3(水) 10:59
Banking slicks will suck out what value remains in struggling markets. Supply, education, opportunity, security are essentials.
RedFunMachine1 9/3(水) 11:00
Islam forbids interest, so good luck w banking in arab world.
PalazZone 9/3(水) 11:01
give them all a smart phone and some Bitcoin :- ) that would be a good start..
ShomanWright 9/3(水) 11:01
I agree! I sure could use your help in placing technology in our communities AND helping us design our own banking system!
fhaburto 9/3(水) 11:02
wrong! Banking service is The reason poverty exist. The system is designed to it.
donald_paterson 9/3(水) 11:04
I am so grateful for the practical help and financial commitment of your foundation. You have proved that caring leads to sharing
Idoreen1 9/3(水) 11:04
With all due respect, they need $$ first. Not the predatory parasites in the banking industry.
ambawtiyaK 9/3(水) 11:06
sir banking is d most path to free from poverty. without banking a/c hom can they save their money?
WilsonOlu 9/3(水) 11:07
make me to escape poverty and a million to escape in return
Esinead 9/3(水) 11:09
in the United States ?
lriehlou812 9/3(水) 11:09
Tell them to stop trying to grow crops in sand. Let them know that cows do not eat sand and it is not good for them.
Alej_valcarcel 9/3(水) 11:09
The link does not work. thanks
theaussieindian 9/3(水) 11:09
- @PMOIndia's thoughts, exactly!
mukundamj 9/3(水) 11:09
Our new government led by Sri Narendra Modi has taken the Financial Inclusion scheme very seriously and is doing a great job
Kreemly 9/3(水) 11:10
To change our education system by teaching financial education in our schools.
ZhangYuanqing 9/3(水) 11:11
you can help 2.5 billion people? It's amazing but how can I be as rich as you?
bankofbiology 9/3(水) 11:11
*banking is not panacea. Stop exploitation & injustice. Don't turn poor people in to beggars. Make them self sufficient
WilsonOlu 9/3(水) 11:12
make me to escape poverty and i'll make a million to escape in return
Esinead 9/3(水) 11:12
I see so many homeless people in Philadelphia Bill. How can we help our own? Why do we give so much money to other countries???
CarlosDeFranco 9/3(水) 11:13
*Affordable/Sustainable* banking services. A lot of bottom feeding sharks out there making a killing off the poor.
RealAgimKaba 9/3(水) 11:15
Really?! Just make sure it's not BOA, Citibank & JP.
lilichin 9/3(水) 11:15
Micro financing thru @Kiva or other like places. It's a great chance for many.
anoops76 9/3(水) 11:17
@narendramodi did that!
omchakrala 9/3(水) 11:18
this is what exactly the present Indian govt thought is too, it is in implementation phase now Jan Dhan Yojan
AnnaSharma2012 9/3(水) 11:19
banking services will only make them more poor
zero9l2 9/3(水) 11:22
lai384 9/3(水) 11:23
whats wrong with being poor?
AleBarilla 9/3(水) 11:25
UKFX 9/3(水) 11:25
I see... setting up the exploitative services before poverty is solved. Cool.
mastrana 9/3(水) 11:26
How a bank can help? Do you mean fin bus will imp their f.activity. Sharing their pov. Or taking bank's share from theirs?
crazydreammusic 9/3(水) 11:27
Help the homeless. Adopt a bum program perhaps. Kind of like my relative "guy on the couch." Well, if we treat all as fam.
realgonzoid 9/3(水) 11:27
Sure. Introduce them to financial parasites before they have any 'finance' to parasite off of!
GSunmonu 9/3(水) 11:28
: Digital payment could be introduced to Micro finance banks in Nigeria.
OneOver2Pi 9/3(水) 11:29
BG, switching cause and effect. Higher income -> banking services. Not vice versa.
captbullett 9/3(水) 11:29
Yup, so the fees the banks charge for the services will, make only the stock holders richer ... there has to be a better way
rajeevkthukral 9/3(水) 11:29
come and see this drive live on how @narendramodi govt is providing bank accounts to poor people in India
GSunmonu 9/3(水) 11:31
Micro finance banks in Nigeria provide micro credits to about 25 million Nigerians at the grass roots(the poor ) annually.
Josev30 9/3(水) 11:31
What a lovely idea..."poor" banks need new "customers" to exploit with fees. The World Bank is such a caring organization too !
farhankhan203 9/3(水) 11:38
give me 1 million if u don't mind it won't hurt you plz and thanku
faraziqbal77 9/3(水) 11:38
you kill them by drones
saysaman 9/3(水) 11:39
Similar to what new initiative 'jam dhan yojana' as launched by Indian PM
AdlerRaphael 9/3(水) 11:41
The problem is that in most undemocratic countries, the king or the ruler doesnt want his poeple to study or to have degree
FineArtGiclee 9/3(水) 11:42
One must create/consume value to benefit from banking. Better the consumer be their own bank via crypto-currency like
silviamarquez33 9/3(水) 11:42
start by looking within the US and not so much in other countries your neighbors could be in poverty and you wouldn't even know
vishalkardode 9/3(水) 11:43
: How do we help 2.5 billion people escape poverty? Getting them banking services is a start:
MBKStrategies 9/3(水) 11:45
financial literacy is how they escape. Be the change & change the world w/@johnhopebryant
JayMoli 9/3(水) 11:47
in the case of Cash Transfer Program in d Philippines, recipient's ATMs r much vulnerable 2 loan sharks hence no savings at all.
BigBurg_Design 9/3(水) 11:49
@GigaBitcoin sounds like 2.5b people could use in their life.
Nischalbohara83 9/3(水) 11:49
if they have no jobs then wht is the use of it sir ???
Matt_Vance 9/3(水) 11:50
I work in coop banking in Seattle, are there opportunities to locally collaborate w/the Gates Foundation to make global impacts?
akshu007 9/3(水) 11:50
Great idea
Fotohinia 9/3(水) 11:52
hi bill, I hope you get this message, I think you could put an immediate stop to the Ebola epidemic if you send massive
Fotohinia 9/3(水) 11:52
amounts of surgical gloves and masks to the areas most affected. This would prevent people from spreading it through contact.
Fotohinia 9/3(水) 11:52
Also if you provided 3 weeks worth of the same two items to whomever leaves that
Fotohinia 9/3(水) 11:52
area in order to prevent it from spreading before symptoms become palpable. Thanks.
azmamreen1234 9/3(水) 11:55
Good of you to be thinking about the poor, most wealthy people are too wrapped up in their lives to ever think about the poor.
BitRod 9/3(水) 11:56
@GigaBitcoin You don't want to help them escape poverty. You simply want them dependent on you so they can be controlled.
GunnerWinTheCup 9/3(水) 11:56
Oh. Now I see.
imJr19 9/3(水) 11:57
cc @narendramodi
He distributed 1.5 lakh bank account in one day.
8684828169 9/3(水) 11:57
i think direct selling may can do somthing .government says we are doing our best ,but nothing.right time never comes .should now
attwwang 9/3(水) 11:58
It says digital money will encourage saving => 2.5 billion people just spending rich that caused them to be in poverty...
LargeF 9/3(水) 11:59
Mr Gates, record has it you are the worlds richest man, Put the money in individuals pocket, especially people in rural area.
HuitingJ 9/3(水) 11:59
Fewer children a variety of trees .
RyanGreyeyes 9/3(水) 12:00
I concur that crypto currencies such as bitcoin are opening up new and exciting possibilities in developing nations.
Dr_Barakat1 9/3(水) 12:00
always talks never does
Itsmegigo 9/3(水) 12:01
the new Indian govt is also working on getting a bank account to every household. May be good to partner with them
mazhar_samina 9/3(水) 12:03
Respected sir,
I am a university professor, willing to contribute in this task in any capacity.
LargeF 9/3(水) 12:04
plz, if u say..perhabs start banking.. what are u looking out Mr. Gates. Automate a software that can make instant payment to ppl
wayne_kbone3388 9/3(水) 12:04
: So how come you and all your wealthy friends can't give everyone 1 million a peace???????
Harjeet88 9/3(水) 12:06
Indian government has started a big project on same lines. It's called Jan dhan yojna
hurtado_y 9/3(水) 12:09
I can't see how it could be. Banks are to profit. I'd like to know how do you see it
mukarram82 9/3(水) 12:11
thru islamic system of zakat ... 2.5% of every rich person wealth every year distributed among poors... simple solution...
gregorywinks 9/3(水) 12:13
banks are the devil
hemang_1978 9/3(水) 12:18
you are absolutely right and that's what the Indian PM did. I think Banking services will help people to save.
simonrobinson24 9/3(水) 12:18
I agree
Tarigan88929220 9/3(水) 12:20
so long I miss this posting
shanemcparland 9/3(水) 12:21
Raise taxes on the rich, increase the social safety net (in the US ), I would pay more willingly and I'm just a regular dude
rupayanm 9/3(水) 12:23
@rats012345 @narendramodi @PMOIndia - India is doing exactly that.
DRWHOCODE9 9/3(水) 12:25
@ReadyBarbara # FORCED DRUGS
krdave 9/3(水) 12:27
DrAsisAcharya 9/3(水) 12:29
Indian PM Narendra Modi has first initiated to induct tose under the fold of banking in "Jan Dhan Yojana"sceme.Congrats to Bil.
BjorkmanJesper 9/3(水) 12:31
@GigaBitcoin so why dont you help promoting more...
KNagiah 9/3(水) 12:31
means nothing if there's no employment, food, shelter and corrupt governments.
orionmon 9/3(水) 12:37
Good-why not ask US banks for option to add donee picture/info onto acct stmt with a check box for monthly ACH amt to donee acct
stardustyrose 9/3(水) 12:39
Not from the banks in the USA but yeah, a great idea if anyone can do this, it is you & Melinda... xoxoxoxoxox
jahin_mumbai 9/3(水) 12:39
India's all plan set to open bank accounts for aprox 2billion people.
AvineetBrar 9/3(水) 12:42
yeah right so we can put 2.5 billion poor people in debt to right genius cause if they cant pay up kill them
kunalsingh4_u 9/3(水) 12:42
our PM @narendramodi is doing something similar. He also trying provide life insurance to all who enroll for banking service.
the_gbell 9/3(水) 12:45
can help people get access to banking services!
OnurluEfecan 9/3(水) 12:47
Bring banking services to poor people so they can be robbed faster and more efficiently. Good thinking buddy...
emrawn 9/3(水) 12:49
There's a need to form a law on this planet, b
heycanu81 9/3(水) 12:53
make community's cites towns
pankaj_ojha 9/3(水) 12:54
@Bharat_Putra @narendramodi @narendramodi_in did the first step for indian public : ) we love him !! Our
heycanu81 9/3(水) 12:55
bring in give them education show them teach them
AbhilashMacha 9/3(水) 12:56
xctly, that was my long time thought!!
RAW_FNA_MUSIC 9/3(水) 12:59
banks (and bankers ) are "legal" thieves .. What makes it really bad?? They steal from the poor
oppareek43 9/3(水) 13:03
Yes, a good start as hitherto they were pick-pocketed by govt officials of cash in currency. Bank A/C is direct and secure way.
BilalKathrada 9/3(水) 13:04
our solution is to give them access to technology they never had before |
fdyysf 9/3(水) 13:10
I am from those in red
arun_saxena007 9/3(水) 13:10
@narendramodi @PMOIndia thats exactly is the vision of our new PM, lets build a platform first then will run the train
BenCAlexander 9/3(水) 13:10
Having MS pay their U.S. taxes instead of stashing money offshore would be a great fucking start.
Memxries 9/3(水) 13:12
shegunbakare 9/3(水) 13:13
I disagree sir with all due respect. I am stepping out of one here myself so I think I know what am saying. my view f banking may
shegunbakare 9/3(水) 13:14
may be marred because of what we xperience in Nigeria but I think working on our mental picture of ourselves is the start
cgsanjay 9/3(水) 13:15
india too has started Jan Dhan Yojana to enable money to reach the hands of the poor directly.
Sanam358 9/3(水) 13:18
TitusImperator1 9/3(水) 13:20
This mape doesn't reflect reality.For example-Saudi Arabia and other 4 Gulf countries-live like or even better than the West.
TitusImperator1 9/3(水) 13:20
And on the map somebody can conclude that they are poor such Brazil.
What is completely false.
deepak8818 9/3(水) 13:21
that's a grate thought sir
TakundaShutu 9/3(水) 13:22
hie,how was your day
Spinoza2001 9/3(水) 13:26
Then allow the banks to become too big to fail. Helter Skelter
betilite 9/3(水) 13:29
boss,you are always being helpful to the needy.may God provide you with your aim and ambition all day.but try and help me too.
ErrantVenture 9/3(水) 13:30
Solid idea, however, wouldn't they need a source of income that exceeds their basic needs first? What about barter economies?
Rigsangpo 9/3(水) 13:31
Help my country Nepal. Lots of talent there, but such less opportunities.
WiseTweety 9/3(水) 13:32
1. education 2. know-how 3. need to trust people 4. micro-financing
caas01caas 9/3(水) 13:47
Pure water and hygiene could help.them to get money and save in those banks
ABT8187 9/3(水) 13:50
India has started the financial inclusion for all scheme called the Jan Dhan yojana @narendramodi @PMOIndia
taper_G 9/3(水) 13:51
u crazy
zkfeliz 9/3(水) 13:52
LanceJZ 9/3(水) 13:53
How would that help the people. Sure it would help banks...
jingaboongaok 9/3(水) 13:54
there's a huge opportunity in Pakistan to tap the un-banked community through branchless banking. need ur attention over here.
mohammedbenarf2 9/3(水) 13:55
Sir, my Telephone +2347062544000 I am out of Job I need your help!
JavadTaghia 9/3(水) 13:55
why not making few poors fat bankers. Problem's NO MONEY not NO BANK . Those of 'em w/money secure it don't trouble yself ;- )
NaeBull 9/3(水) 13:57
Bill, knowing of your part Scots heritage & your business acumen, do you think Scotland would benefit through independence?
mahipandu 9/3(水) 13:58
world war 3 will be needed to alleviate poverty of 3b ppl.
humisaqib 9/3(水) 13:58
service with intrest ??
ytalo 9/3(水) 13:59
are you serious? Think Education is a powerful tool to escape poverty. Why banking services?
Blkwooly 9/3(水) 13:59
Lifting people out of poverty starts with cheap fuel and electricity. This puts them on the road to being industrialized.
payewoh 9/3(水) 14:10
I am a big fan, but seriously how does having access to banking service helps reduce poverty? Banks r out to enrich themselves.
ask01or10 9/3(水) 14:15
LIke everything in computers and computer itself the GREMAN bank was my theory of the 5th grade
atulkherde 9/3(水) 14:16
@LavleenRaheja Not by ONLY giving MONEY. THEIR priorities - not our ideas should drive this Inclusion is good when done for them.
TheOnePuneet 9/3(水) 14:16
: This has been a recent major step by Govt. Of n opening 1.5 Cr. accounts in one single day.
MUNISONKER 9/3(水) 14:20
good initiate.....but better one is by providing the employment more helpful to geting rid of this...
GopaldDas 9/3(水) 14:29
the only way th poor can be helped with is proper education andmeals on time at their location. Giving money is the last resource
GopaldDas 9/3(水) 14:32
I use to earlier feel bad about the poor person standing at Traffic signals and use to give them money. Cnt
AbrahamJos73 9/3(水) 14:33
corporates who mass produce synthetic food are denying the local farmers from earning. so closing them down would be the 1st step
AbaWoode 9/3(水) 14:33
Agreed.Plus providing infrastructure badly needed to facilitate trade and growth.Good health services also accessible.
GopaldDas 9/3(水) 14:34
but when I realised they where exploited with . I stopped immediately .all I do now is get them food or donate books.
AbrahamJos73 9/3(水) 14:35
b4 indstrializasn d disparity btwn d rich nd d poor were less and so was the percentage of the rich amoung the general public...
mehulmakarubiya 9/3(水) 14:37
In India begun
WayneGoddard1 9/3(水) 14:38
We think banking "services" is the Cause of poverty.
AceGreen420 9/3(水) 14:39
@BenHolfeld how about consistent access to clean water first maybe
AbrahamJos73 9/3(水) 14:40
bcz most of d public cud earn by workin their fields. d prsnt industry/corporate systm has made fw ppl more rich & more ppl poor!
igofadi 9/3(水) 14:51
my daughter gained 3 A*'s 5 A's n a B... but i cant afford tk buy her a laptop for college?
vandanshah729 9/3(水) 14:54
India did that for 15 million in a day last week and plans 75 million by January 15.What you say seems to resonate.
Gurusukh83Sukh 9/3(水) 14:57
u r awsome
p_nangiro 9/3(水) 15:00
Really? so the logic is to keep what you don't have? And the banks get richer while you remain poor.
freeohfree 9/3(水) 15:02
this is a stupid thing to say. I suspect he's a robot.
sylvia_keefe 9/3(水) 15:05
ilove you bill gates ...
sylvia_keefe 9/3(水) 15:06
help me n my family xx
manishgupta433 9/3(水) 15:09
great men (narinder modi & Bill gates ) thinks alike ...
admirechifura 9/3(水) 15:11
giving them access to this global village where they can access information,ideas and use that t alleviate themselves
Timm125 9/3(水) 15:12
Ahem, banking services? The banking system puts people in debt. That is their primary objective. Loans, credit cards, etc.
jdworldhq 9/3(水) 15:15
interesting there's no data for Namibia one of the most advanced countries in Africa
moynahan303 9/3(水) 15:15
How do we kick start this at a local level
FaeraLane 9/3(水) 15:21
: Fifty dollars goes fast for four people. | Onlyjustwords
kLee1977 9/3(水) 15:25
@Salwilliam Just give them Bitcoins
bansal_dhanraj 9/3(水) 15:28
Indian government has already started this last week.
NicoVesc 9/3(水) 15:39
A bank is not a solution. It's a gun for russian roulette.
baradasahu 9/3(水) 15:45
Banking services need to be localized to make sense for the 2.5 billion.
caruso_doug 9/3(水) 15:46
truly a greedy, business point of view. Let's gather all the rich people to create a federal reserve in every country.
sandanderen 9/3(水) 15:48
I think the area of China should be red
kissamegurl 9/3(水) 15:50
open your heart to cryptocurrencies please! : )
TakundaShutu 9/3(水) 15:53
morning, people must be informed of other ways the can sustain themselves within the same economy
AzPharmD222 9/3(水) 15:57
Does capitalism require poverty?
btchudson 9/3(水) 15:57
vsamu 9/3(水) 16:02
quite hard to do that. If we all were out of poverty then the world is in a mess again some factors do enforce that balance
selfboss2012 9/3(水) 16:16
one thin about this life I don't know how someone wil hav 1Billion nd my parent don't even hav 100,000 to send us to school shame
selfboss2012 9/3(水) 16:24
help me and my family u are capable of doing it man..
samriliyu 9/3(水) 16:26
I dont think thats what we need Mr . bill
lameckgwa 9/3(水) 16:26
how do you do that when you have nothing in your pocket
mpgaruda 9/3(水) 16:37
@narendramodi our PM has already launched this in India with a view to alleviate poverty and the poor and needy are benefitted.
AmandaMarlin 9/3(水) 16:57
How do we help 2.5 billion people escape poverty? Getting them banking services is a start:
And toilets?
In_the_Case 9/3(水) 16:58
Training is more important
callofchalleng 9/3(水) 17:04
I played a mobile game named "call of challenger". It's really a funny game.
AsifIqbal1010 9/3(水) 17:12
getting them basics is the start, view it bottom up and not top down!!
vasnas 9/3(水) 17:17
If we'll take a look at the death map ... decision might be the same by the analogy :- ) !!!
rkg2222 9/3(水) 17:19
rkg2222 9/3(水) 17:20
rokrok10100 9/3(水) 17:24
...That is exactly Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's big initiative.
tani4278 9/3(水) 17:38
banking is not a real solution..small business industries is much better to creat earnings .if no earning whats the point of bank
fifkhan 9/3(水) 17:41
have a look at the Islamic Zakaat (Alms ) system
etsucom7 9/3(水) 17:48
mgriewe 9/3(水) 18:43
AbrahamJos73 9/3(水) 18:47
An estimated $1tn (£600bn ) a year is being taken out of poor countries and millions of lives are lost because of corruption...
AbrahamJos73 9/3(水) 18:48
shahtalhari 9/3(水) 18:53
I invite u help my area people they r poor need healthcare, u can contact me for details on
AbrahamJos73 9/3(水) 18:57
pls compare your graph with the one in this link -
tcswilliams 9/3(水) 19:10
Well that is assuming they are earning something for starters: )
DeeAnne11 9/3(水) 19:19
Please donate to escape poverty in Ukraine.
PJSC "Credit Agricole Bank"
42/4, Pushkinskaya St, Kyiv,
DeeAnne11 9/3(水) 19:20
Beneficiary: 26204501320748, Diana Shovkova
MGVenkatesh1 9/3(水) 19:38
By reducing the Building costruction and increasing the forest and agriculture lands poverty can be reduced as much as possible
_anthonybranch 9/3(水) 19:51
please explain how they have no money or credit but need banks.
piluex 9/3(水) 19:53
I'm not sure about other countries but in Argentina people lost confidence in banks, they prefer to have it on their mattress.
ShafiqKhato 9/3(水) 19:54
Well done
FijianPrince 9/3(水) 20:02
@SandyTweetAngel Stop stealing from them
shankarhopeu 9/3(水) 20:33
bankpassbooks me paisa koun varega sarkar ya log..?
this is totaly a political step to attract poors..
AfriGrains 9/3(水) 20:33
@gatespoverty Must 1st ask: what banking services? Why banks? Then deliver new solutions. Technology & may solve
raringer 9/3(水) 20:55
So out of touch. People who don't know where their next meal is coming from aren't going to worry about the rate on their cd.
johnnychick2 9/3(水) 21:26
stick with computers!
csimutowe1 9/3(水) 21:27
Yes, banking services ok, but also giving them a fair deal for their goods and services.
JayasreeVijayan 9/3(水) 21:37
We have done it India,now no poverty;(
umesh65 9/3(水) 21:41
MrFacilitateur 9/3(水) 21:51
really ?! You think it's the first priority ? Shame on you !
LilJouBoy 9/3(水) 22:08
pandaGardensUK 9/3(水) 22:19
BANKING SERVICES? Bill you are having a Laugh!! Bank accounts provide sustainable water and food? We will
ArdonBronze 9/3(水) 22:26
MichaelTheHoly 9/3(水) 22:39
@IFC_org Yes, an ATM card will cure poverty. Bill.
TheCapitalGuide 9/3(水) 22:41
@IFC_org @TheCapitalGuide agrees.
TallPhilosopher 9/3(水) 22:41
End poverty by sharing natural wealth. Industries that put pollution pay fees. Give proceeds to all people.
KidsInMusicNYC 9/3(水) 22:49
"Un-povert" by educating & guard the younger generations. In 10+ years, they will be the better healthier adults as old dies out.
PKanoth 9/3(水) 22:54
nice idea but most of the banks not encouraging zero balance account..
FolaranmiTaylor 9/3(水) 23:10
: Free or affordable education and vocational training! That is the best shot!
BontleNtsimako 9/3(水) 23:26
Get them educated early.
mdruman75 9/3(水) 23:55
I am great follower of you Sir, because you make world proud, kindly help me, I am going with Financial crunch, I Ruman Indian!
find281 9/4(木) 0:09
nice nice : )
AndrewCarrier 9/4(木) 0:26
I look forward to hearing more at
dngusev 9/4(木) 0:28
@AndrewCarrier where banking matters, banks aren’t, if I take the liberty & rephrase the author. RU progresses thru alt banking
themarketsniper 9/4(木) 0:33
@BankersUmbrella - Yes a cosy Ursury lending structure bound 2keep them enslaved to the Cartel. See Microlending to SA Miners etc
ChrisJGodlewski 9/4(木) 0:36
@BankersUmbrella moar slaves @ChrisJGodlewski
BankersRock 9/4(木) 0:41
@BankersUmbrella keep their money away from banking services you mean! 1-2% int and we run the risk of bank runs - no thanks!
jameschurchman 9/4(木) 0:59
yup.. Give them crypto currencies !!
_isabelma_ 9/4(木) 0:59
it's not because some banks behave as dogs that one fails to understand banks and credit institutions are key to any economy
randypiricks 9/4(木) 2:12
If one could eat money...
BTCmacroecon 9/4(木) 2:15
@devnullius Common Core and Agenda 21?
FrankoCurrency 9/4(木) 2:24
@devnullius people that cant pay any bills cant afford to pay a monthly banking fee either.
4ffb073b013c436 9/4(木) 2:32
hey bummy, there is to many extraordinary bank fees when using diffrent ATM,GAS,FOOD that kinda stuff. Ok dummy. I see thro U....
FrancescoCuoghi 9/4(木) 2:33
why do not we talk about the costs that proprietary software (i.e. Windows ) require the peoples in growth.
PoonithaNaidoo 9/4(木) 2:38
it's cos u fleece the pockets of scientists. People need land, education & transport to be free from poverty & disease.
iang_fc 9/4(木) 2:50
@wsculley banking services/banks is part of the problem not the solution. A start is light-touch cheap payment systems, eg mPesa
pradeepmys 9/4(木) 2:53
@narendramodi @PMO very true. That's what happening in India through Jan Dhan program. A program with long term vision...
RohitRaj10 9/4(木) 2:57
its going to grow in india . India prime minster Mr. Modi has started massive scheme to add every family with bank account.
MONCHOLUCKY 9/4(木) 3:10
renew their hopes first.
Younusscent 9/4(木) 3:12
i have some ideas i will put in detail - miracle happens when you take steps that will please Allah the creator -
mdruman75 9/4(木) 3:45
Sir I am also needy, please help me! I am Ruman from India.
n33rds 9/4(木) 4:30
carterrobertb 9/4(木) 6:06
JagaSpasa 9/4(木) 6:50
Hello, handsome!
MPBISCOOL 9/4(木) 7:32
well you can afford to give every person in the world about $32. lol
KassaDenis 9/4(木) 8:18
Dear Bill Gates, I think to follow the World Bank because they know more our world, and to reduce costs, Denis KASSA Consultant.
djro41 9/4(木) 8:50
you know this is backwards thinking
doradoz423 9/4(木) 9:55
uh, give them some of your money?
Baloo8 9/4(木) 10:22
@listercrew "Banking Services" Seriously? Why not just start with FREE Clean water, nutritional food, health, education & safety.
SoCoAnon 9/4(木) 10:25
Ethnoegocentrism at it's finest, GJ Billy. "They're not poor, they just need banks!"
K1968Kailas 9/4(木) 10:50
ji sir developed nations are just taking dissions Only but nothing any firm action against without if there is any benifit
JohnToddEvans2 9/4(木) 12:08
gathering seeds and drilling wells is a better start
Although the powers that be avoid
JenifaOchwo 9/4(木) 14:01
'AFFORDABLE' banking services. Lately, banking services cost an arm & 'three' legs through various unclear charges.
CatDarIing 9/4(木) 17:41
poor people have nothing to put in your pocket..I mean bank, and banks charge you for services so how is this helping the poor?
AsifCh306 9/4(木) 18:15
i tribute to your strugle for prosperity of poor mankind all around the world
zigzagfx 9/4(木) 19:43
@CapitalJon so its true you are an idiot !
mathilde789456 9/4(木) 19:57
Could we imagine taking people out of poverty with no bank? These ones take a mot of money for almost nothing except their own.
katt2365 9/4(木) 21:53
i beg to differ i would suggest creating
E_Larbie 9/4(木) 22:04
by helping in investing in small businesses
kgoyal400 9/4(木) 22:50
Education and little financial help through bank a/c will provoke them self reliance to overcome poverty by working hard.
sane_lin 9/4(木) 22:50
EAssaniR 9/4(木) 23:11
ziputico 9/4(木) 23:40
sir.really admire all ways.what fells to be rich and power ?does the gov.or others called law people bother me,like
Randumbrob 9/5(金) 1:34
can I borrow 250k? Ill pay you back, promise.
f_zoofr 9/5(金) 1:38
how can i get these banking services?
zurdosoft 9/5(金) 2:13
jasnam_singh 9/5(金) 2:32
What for poor countries where people don't have bank account, even they don't know how to open it.
jasnam_singh 9/5(金) 2:33
So the first initiative should to aware people about this transparent facilities and tell the power of electronic media
femialade10 9/5(金) 3:36
Job opportunities is just the main Goal to do that.
Cat088 9/5(金) 6:13
or Give The Kid A Break! Thanks, Crazy Cat
fdmurphy 9/5(金) 8:38
@ValaAfshar According to Capitanich, that´s no more a problem we suffer in Argentina
rrc143 9/5(金) 9:05
Poverty is more of a state of mind then a contrast of the haves and not haves.
eldridge749 9/5(金) 9:54
tribb3200 9/5(金) 10:54
. I like dat
yoshikumamoto 9/5(金) 14:04
Globalines 9/5(金) 16:53
And Giving Them Some Credit to Start.
Kunal546885 9/5(金) 18:28
we can try through bank and also to hand..
SoraSingapore 9/5(金) 19:08
What we should do is save from ourselves
zahoorkayani2 9/5(金) 19:31
plz give USD50000/:
don_ibro 9/6(土) 0:10
by persuading ur corrupt Govt 2 divert dia defense spending 4 one year into Agricultural development globally
MadHatter_46 9/6(土) 0:21
A bank? They have no money! How about shelter and food first? Fucked up priorities...
Perez210Juan 9/6(土) 7:02
BabloNoor 9/6(土) 10:37
in Africa we r poor coz we're ignorant about money making projects. Farming is the only way out. I have a few ideas. Hear me out
s_ghrissia 9/6(土) 18:37
help 2,5 billion people escape poverty,! good
DetCoalitionGD 9/6(土) 19:30
@gatesfoundation How do we help nearly 50% unemployed residents of Detroit and nearly 50% functionally illiterate?
1stAleluya 9/6(土) 19:53
1st of all that good ideas so the ? is the money that they can share 1st,but the are some people have it,how you can help them!?
Kassandra_Troy 9/6(土) 22:41
How about liberty?
gabe_gk 9/6(土) 22:43
@MacroPru empowering them to have an income
CJRain1 9/7(日) 1:45
I hope you intend to stop the martial law in Wash. @SuckerPunchProd has a plan 4 that. Where's your plan, BiiiiiiLL
CJRain1 9/7(日) 1:47
Dota 2 teaches you good teamwork. If you don't have good team work then you fail.
TPtmelton 9/7(日) 3:16
employing people in good paying jobs is the answer. I have bank accounts and services but nothing to put in them.
koollucian2012 9/7(日) 6:01
Hey Gates, how would they bank when they've no money to bank in the first place?
worldinneedcorp 9/7(日) 6:55
here's perfect idea.., fund Charity: W.ORLD I.N N.EED CORPORATION we will transparently directly get $ back to the people
johnjayaraman 9/7(日) 10:24
hi dear how are you
ChachoDg 9/7(日) 16:12
did you know about the robotic theory,,???
nitish8kumar 9/7(日) 16:45
offering job help them to know,how to manage our needs in salaries and what are there other needs and how to fulfill it.
JhelpModels 9/7(日) 20:20
getting banking services may not necessary be d first step! Empowering vibrant young entrepreneurs should come first.
ashishbhatia184 9/7(日) 22:20
we can escape poverty by providing them education
prince_khaliq 9/7(日) 22:33
i can tell u .how u do finsh the poverty
prince_khaliq 9/7(日) 22:37
u can come to pakistan then i will give u information about poverty
prince_khaliq 9/7(日) 22:38
poor people know about poverty not rich people
prince_khaliq 9/7(日) 22:40
when will u come to pakistan to meet me?
prince_khaliq 9/7(日) 22:55
i m serious to tell u .how u can finish poverty .just to meet me in pakistsn..
FffMachiavelli 9/8(月) 1:03
@CAllstadt Yep good idea. Make them also slaves of the banks!! For somebody who invented windows, this is a moronic idea!
FffMachiavelli 9/8(月) 1:04
@CAllstadt And you and all you'r rich buddies can stop pverty in a week. but instead you leave it up to people who are daily
FffMachiavelli 9/8(月) 1:06
@CAllstadt robbed by there gov. Its called tax!! Again you and your buddies could end poverty in a week. But you choose not to!
ahsanul_habib 9/8(月) 2:11
how about putting maximum stress on education.
KangDedy_RI_1 9/8(月) 3:13
How are you Bill ?
SuleimanHamma 9/8(月) 4:18
training them to acquire skills and knowledge on small scale ventures is key before getting them micro finance to access credit.
hakanozts 9/8(月) 16:41
if everybody thought the way you do bill gates & have the heart you have .there wouldn't be POVERTY in the world .
DrAhmadjoma 9/8(月) 18:05
Операция "КЗ" победа над рашизмом ..Путлер мут:
bensweety 9/8(月) 19:12
I wanna influence my generation just like you.
AdilkhanCA 9/8(月) 19:51
make self employment easy for people there.. And keep them helping to establish.. This is the only way.
DRSYAADAV 9/8(月) 23:42
By sparing little time in thinking about them,by spending little money and some calories in making efforts to translate plans
HendriGraham 9/9(火) 0:05
2.5 billion people can help themselves and escape poverty, by denying all the wrong foods, starting with education
anayo101 9/9(火) 2:38
No!!!! Bill, repatriating loots of African leaders is the real start. Late Nigerian leader Abacha's loot is an example.
bachiryemen 9/9(火) 2:55
thank you BillGates foundation. Don't forget yemeni pepole who lives in absoult poverty.
kwera18 9/9(火) 19:41
russtsingz12 9/9(火) 19:43
@gatesfoundation really? So getting someone who hardly has any money to put in a bank a/c will help? How so?
UMABird 9/9(火) 19:43
@gatesfoundation The new moneylenders. Same as the old moneylenders!
MAhmadZ 9/9(火) 19:43
@gatesfoundation Is that helping them or trapping them?
UMABird 9/9(火) 19:44
@gatesfoundation yes. they are poor because they had nowhere to put their money! LOLZ
spyder873 9/9(火) 19:45
@gatesfoundation help me
PLEASE HELP this amazing disabled man a service dog
worldstudentspe 9/9(火) 19:45
@gatesfoundation if everyone have humanity then no one is poor are victim
Ajaz707 9/9(火) 19:45
@gatesfoundation Banking is the villain. Help them stand on their feel. Help them walk without crutches. Show them how to earn.
russtsingz12 9/9(火) 19:45
@gatesfoundation we can link bank a/cs with unemployment then getting people jobs will help decrease poverty. Jobs not bank a/cs
eclubproject 9/9(火) 19:45
Get then clean water, housing, education, and jobs.
m_fraud 9/9(火) 19:46
BibiBovet 9/9(火) 19:47
I have developed a solution for building mass wealth & economic stability. I could direct this project for you. Please contact me
pettihead 9/9(火) 19:47
@gatesfoundation education!
Wordsmith65 9/9(火) 19:50
@gatesfoundation Interest free?, and not offered credit! Or they will be hungry AND homeless in no time at all.
vplarryb 9/9(火) 19:50
SandhilaPAT 9/9(火) 19:54
proper network give skills and help people to start business
FeedtheMinds 9/9(火) 19:54
@gatesfoundation being banking literate is important. Literacy more than just ABCs. See our approach
Ocean_River 9/9(火) 19:55
@gatesfoundation you've got to be kidding, right? Access to banking reduces poverty...
kardricdeno 9/9(火) 20:02
@achauncy get they jobs to work and get money @kardrcdeno
suranbs 9/9(火) 20:02
@gatesfoundation Poor r better & great savers too, India proves this thru its Give them an opp to save in formal inst
Thecorruptorr 9/9(火) 20:04
@UtsavMitra but will banks oblige
ahm1127 9/9(火) 20:05
from Educating! A bank only helps you spend your $$, not save. For someone trying to save a bank fees will only hurt! Really?
sehrkhan_sk 9/9(火) 20:07
very true, 50% of the world is unbanked!
okforg 9/9(火) 20:11
@gatesfoundation support omeed ki kiran foundation welfare hospital & thalassaemia center
BobLangGeog 9/9(火) 20:12
@gatesfoundation good for students studying development @gasigict
BMKAKAR 9/9(火) 20:18
@gatesfoundation PM Midi has shown the way by launching Jan dhan yojna. Massive opening of bank accounts and Debit Cards for poor
Amanda_Sano 9/9(火) 20:27
@gatesfoundation 是非、怪しくない方向でお願い致します…!!!
JesusCGregorio 9/9(火) 20:31
It only takes a spark to set the fire glowing. Social entrepreneur needs startup assistance.
Kaywana_Inc 9/9(火) 20:40
Shouldn't we get them jobs first? One has to have money to bank it eh?
BhagwanUvach 9/9(火) 20:54
sir please check out @narendramodi @PMOIndia s Jan Dhan scheme. Opened 15mn a/cs. Gives banking & insurance protection to poor.
Amanda_Sano 9/9(火) 21:15
Is that true that all the money is going to vanish from this entire world?
DinahAshiho 9/9(火) 21:48
that's a superficial approach which does not serve any practical purpose, it's no solution for poverty
CarolynM17 9/9(火) 21:57
@gatesfoundation my idea to proverty, at community level help you restructure your life get you the means you need job placement
prakashkumar_vb 9/9(火) 22:05
@gatesfoundation mr.modi did it...
ManuHARYANA 9/9(火) 22:43
I already have a bank account. How about a few thousand dollars now.
IMeAndMine 9/9(火) 22:43
Government of India under Mr. Modi already started that..
iambhutia 9/9(火) 23:19
this is exactly what @narendramodi is doing for India
TheRulesOrg 9/9(火) 23:44
Because nothing says like fees
vipinz1 9/10(水) 0:09
@PMOIndia already started the change in India by "Pradhanmantri jan dhan yojna" scheme. @narendramodi
nikk8877 9/10(水) 0:59
well its just a start............
NitinKashyap_ 9/10(水) 1:05
That's how @PMOIndia started it!
vyshaka 9/10(水) 2:09
@PMOIndia has started this now. Wow then india will be a no poverty country. thank you @BillGates for giving this expert opinion
Karene_raman 9/10(水) 4:57
@gatesfoundation . Got your email today. Locked myself out. Will try again in two days. Thx
DineshMaheshwri 9/10(水) 5:17
Was it inspired by @narendramodi ?
taja_sevelle 9/10(水) 6:27
@gatesfoundation Very good idea. Also, banking services that waive high fees & don't require high balances in savings accounts.
siddharthjain79 9/10(水) 12:21
@narendramodi @PMOIndia I guess u two great minds can connect in the US during pm visit month end. Make this inclusion thing work
dr_tusharmgims 9/10(水) 13:33
@narendramodi our govt has taken this initiative and on the very first day it opened 15 million accounts
LifeBwoy 9/10(水) 15:31
Our Prime minister gave this start. Banking for all.
ChikeObiakor 9/10(水) 18:34
They will admire your generousity
mb0l3 9/10(水) 18:57
Allow Me To Do Extreme Make Over Project For Our Poverty Stricken Communities. I will submit the project plan.
nrkkalyan 9/10(水) 20:28
I think an online education portal(Recognized education ) plays an important role too.
praveenjcs 9/11(木) 0:15
Start a company or industry related to their area and get'em job opportunities related to their knowledge is helpful to them.
Karene_raman 9/11(木) 3:38
@gatesfoundation . In south africa its tricky with the reserve bank.but, you can do it from bank to bank &foreign exchange.
mf_fawad 9/11(木) 3:59
u r da biggest problem for da povverty of world ... ur bankin economy system ...ur masonic dollar ..ur faruniatviz da cause o
mf_fawad 9/11(木) 3:59
big rascal !!!!
MdZestrock 9/11(木) 12:17
welcome development @barrackobama @mdzestrock @2faceidibia @waconzy @yunghans @modenine
karnatakamobile 9/11(木) 18:15
how can i develop my knowledge
mmamaalia 9/11(木) 20:01
any way u ppl wud lyk 2 help
makey2012 9/12(金) 18:45
we need first to educate them; to know where they are, to know what are their needs and how to get out of it
hirentrade88 9/12(金) 20:42
sir our PM @narendramodi had a grate vision for India and the Asian countries and to close the poverty issues..
hirentrade88 9/12(金) 20:45
few days ago @narendramodi announced the "jan dhaan yogna" which includes the banking to all poor n illiterate
hirentrade88 9/12(金) 20:47
And sir i was tought that if and meet each other it generate power. So y not us sir..!!
stefan_madro 9/13(土) 2:22
that's bullshit. Banking services mr gates? Omg over one billion don't even work for a start
uyirosaitamilmo 9/13(土) 2:43
Can do wonders if executed to its worth.
ferguso80 9/13(土) 2:56
it's fair to say that the monetary system has created all this poverty ??
ferguso80 9/13(土) 2:58
usury is wrong bill , rich ppl making a profit from giving poor ppl loans .. Good business plan but it's not right
Umut_Ozsu 9/13(土) 4:04
What a wonderful solution to systemic poverty! I wonder what the next step should be. Buying shares in Microsoft perhaps?
findelement 9/13(土) 16:14
the system is to be used to our advantage. monetary aid these just a click away. as we do with these stupid web platforms
FrankViewZ 9/13(土) 21:34
Banking services only serve to transfer resources from the less privileged to the more privileged in society
iNir3 9/15(月) 3:56
@sri9011 done this recently by @PMOIndia!
lopez1975j 9/15(月) 6:55
like what u do for the people god bless you Mr bill gates
CortiCelia 9/15(月) 7:41
Thank you! You made difference with IT and now through your foundation

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