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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2017/11/20(月) 1:36 .

The number of people living with Alzheimer’s is expected to skyrocket in low- and middle-income countries. This is…

ShanawazNizami 11/20(月) 1:36
wow thank u sir
IAMRAVIRAJESH 11/20(月) 1:36
dasrajan770 11/20(月) 1:37
Must know the our real father lord Kabir which love us extreme. He is our true lover.
wwweirdnews 11/20(月) 1:37
Why you so busy with Alzheimer’s? Are you suffering this disease?
Guhan86348578 11/20(月) 1:37
Wow mr.gates you're too good
gomery 11/20(月) 1:37
What's causing the increase?
KevinKelbie 11/20(月) 1:37
Do these charts look better when the y-axis is percentage based?
tonycmerlo 11/20(月) 1:37
BlossomOffical 11/20(月) 1:37
Hey Bill,. thank you for inspiring me to build computers and learn tech
metalgems313 11/20(月) 1:37
we are stockist and seller of under mentioned precious and non precious minerals on regular basis on Ex…
SilverCryfx 11/20(月) 1:37
Guhan86348578 11/20(月) 1:37
How many hours do you sleep a day.
wa_owen 11/20(月) 1:38
A real crisis but as you have started tackling this problem Bill we have hope it will decrease in due course
blockonacci 11/20(月) 1:38
Why is a genetic disorder linked specifically to low and middle income families? Simply because of a larger population size?
iamsrkabi 11/20(月) 1:38
Search u will find........ I am searching ur answer?
Pray4theAsleep 11/20(月) 1:38
Where ya been at Billy? Miss ya bud. Wish you could see the downfall of your bloodlines and your religion firsthand. :( too bad
jado154 11/20(月) 1:38
and your earnings will skyrocket too
MarionToebe 11/20(月) 1:38
Zombie Apocalypse??
EmiHODL 11/20(月) 1:38
promote users to donate
SchepersBernice 11/20(月) 1:38
narayanganeshp2 11/20(月) 1:38
Bill gates my bharder
My nema is narayan i am agri farmer help bharder help mi 9890054005
rodolfomedina19 11/20(月) 1:38
O my friend como faço para enviar um email para você?
Swift818 11/20(月) 1:39
Based on living longer? I want a pill or therapy— genetic?— to cure it!
pieman80 11/20(月) 1:39
Buy Swindon.
Shoebalomroxy 11/20(月) 1:39
we can it...
metalgems313 11/20(月) 1:39
00923312609165 Khalid (Abdul Qadir )
dattwell1 11/20(月) 1:39
Heide0Neenie 11/20(月) 1:40
Children and siblings bear the brunt of caring for their afflicted loved ones.
mkweguru 11/20(月) 1:40
I would like to help the fight, in Africa, Zimbabwe in particular
narayanganeshp2 11/20(月) 1:40
Help mi
montanamodi 11/20(月) 1:40
Humans with failing respiratory systems will also increase due to Big Pharma addiction. USA has huge pro…
Norsa30 11/20(月) 1:40
Or the enviroment! : ) Not to be evil, but there are bigger problems then alzheimer in old humans when th…
Guhan86348578 11/20(月) 1:40
Gates i am sixfeet guy but only sixteen.i thought i would become an entrepreneur and occupy a well known…
TopuTopu19 11/20(月) 1:40
you are so rich!can you give me a idea that how will I be rich?
StraighttalkMum 11/20(月) 1:41
So true my friend developed in her early 50yrs only. I hate this disease so much it’s taken…
DuvalMagic 11/20(月) 1:41
Why is it growing faster amongst the poor? Is it correlated with population growth or with increasing lo…
shapsgtp 11/20(月) 1:41
This is a human being born a small baby and grows and in old age becomes like a little child
ibnomerJomo 11/20(月) 1:41
are not even living lifewe till now struggling to get z basic stuff of lifeonly know our bad si…
GuptaAjay8140 11/20(月) 1:42
You are my idol
slobodanjov 11/20(月) 1:42
I suggest that you invest money in removing the cause and not just the consequences or in the questionable prevention ...
RoninRunnerX 11/20(月) 1:42
The tweet on my timeline right after this is an alert looking for an elderly woman with early stage deme…
DJ_LEGION_ONE 11/20(月) 1:43
I think that people don't see this as a life threatening disease. I've had family members & many friends…
kenney22220888 11/20(月) 1:43
Nice topic how much do we know about the subject
arsyed04 11/20(月) 1:43
This is indeed shocking.
peekasso 11/20(月) 1:43
IshwarS81421985 11/20(月) 1:44
good morning
gaetanocoppola5 11/20(月) 1:44
grazie, impegnamoci per vincere questo male
javageek63 11/20(月) 1:45
yukixxsnow 11/20(月) 1:45
What are you doing?
cath_erine_am 11/20(月) 1:45
Yes & we have to change the narrative - it is not simply a 'memory' disease. That is only a symptom - Al…
78seaz 11/20(月) 1:45
legalize psilocybin.
mattborchert 11/20(月) 1:45
As someone who lost his grandfather to Alzheimer's, I appreciate what you're doing here. Thank you!
leeprado6 11/20(月) 1:45
Yes, I've seen more elderly clients in the nursing homes, admitted with this horrible disease, it's trul…
karapandza 11/20(月) 1:46
@BillGates why do growth rates differ across rich vs poor countries?
fradamer 11/20(月) 1:46
How can we know this?
ashhar_1 11/20(月) 1:46
Thx u
amfirs 11/20(月) 1:47
could become unwanted natural selection survival of the fittest
ItDoesLtd 11/20(月) 1:48
Can we help?
Richard05874801 11/20(月) 1:49
Yeah because most of us poor are now homeless
clydesconnect 11/20(月) 1:49
Mr Gates. I believe,because I have been told I have early-stage dementia due to cerebral vascular diseas…
iPluralism 11/20(月) 1:49
Princess Yasmin Aga Khan doing lot of hard work with faith and devotion on Alzheimer ; honestly Princes…
iamdencioperez 11/20(月) 1:49
Simply, Mr Gates wants us to use our brain cells more often, practice the different functions of our bra…
nadoshma 11/20(月) 1:49
Of course, there's a great need to sensitised people around this
SanaKha02159541 11/20(月) 1:50
Sir you are very nice and good person I sulat you
bakloss 11/20(月) 1:50
doug_mishler 11/20(月) 1:50
@KatCapps Is it the food? What else can be tied to the exponential rise-that we all have to have. Water?…
anh_mike_pham 11/20(月) 1:50
Please invest in EEG technology. Microsoft will have a new OS: eegOS.
hadatha9000000 11/20(月) 1:51
I need one hundred thousand Us dollars
chad_niewendorp 11/20(月) 1:52
Well put your money where your mouth is and stop funding organizations and companies that poison the wat…
AAhmadukumo 11/20(月) 1:52
Blood flow to your brain so important in preventing Alzheimer. Dr Daniel Aman.
welovereading21 11/20(月) 1:52
your words are profound have a uk based person that can translate your profund
words into a profound do…
PeteZDj 11/20(月) 1:52
Why is the number expected to rise? What’s the cause of increase
missmalumo 11/20(月) 1:53
Investigate Monsanto.
kyngswiss34 11/20(月) 1:53
DrMangoDr 11/20(月) 1:53
sir We can’t expect good from materialistic world we need true biologists environmentalists scientist to save this world
welovereading21 11/20(月) 1:53
on linkedin or by e mail or by telephone good job william the kid gates have a great and profound sunday
rkumar9844 11/20(月) 1:54
We are eating so many chemicals instead of food. So much Chemical spray on crops, GM food, Hormones to a…
PranvendraA 11/20(月) 1:55
This is 2015 data and we are in 2017 end ....
3ameee 11/20(月) 1:55
That factors are normal population growth and increasing healthcare in the world. That’s what makes it skyrocket in my opinion.
odnoletov 11/20(月) 1:55
You’re great man. God bless you. Hope you’ll reach your goals.
singhshelleyET 11/20(月) 1:55
any cure in sight? Or its just a helpless 'long goodbye'. Is @gatesfoundation putting money, effort behind research
Xaphoon148 11/20(月) 1:55
from oil is causing memory loss
How about you starting to hammering the bastards of
NurseRabbi 11/20(月) 1:55
Thalidomide water Errs! Volcanoes is where it goes! Cant release it in waters @netanyahu compound era…
Luojungui 11/20(月) 1:57
Thank you for your commitment to make the world a better place!
American3333 11/20(月) 1:57
The more involved you are in meds/vaccines, the more sick, dead and crippling debilitating outcomes. Depopulation in our face?
SoufianYakoubi 11/20(月) 1:58
All of these diseases in Africa are viruses made in America..!!
EvanMDarling 11/20(月) 1:58
let's put that on my race car! We would get great reach while sending a positive message!
MartinTruther 11/20(月) 1:59
The possibility that Alzheimer's could be at least partially caused by environmental factors must not be…
rayne_ea 11/20(月) 1:59
Dementia - a superset of - is very much a function of Find a way to block aging and…
Shoebalomroxy 11/20(月) 2:00
please help me...billgates
Shoebalomroxy 11/20(月) 2:01
I am bangladeshi
sijufortyfive2 11/20(月) 2:01
humanity_ashok 11/20(月) 2:02's not just about life. it's about saving on costs , n securing quality of life. that makes it al…
sirrele_ 11/20(月) 2:02
Are there scientific journals that you would recommend to read so I or others can be caught up on the cu…
HaddowL 11/20(月) 2:02
@BillGates I’ve supported the following perhaps you could too
@StirAlumni @crowdfunderuk
iloveRedWood 11/20(月) 2:03
We wrote a song about an old man with the disease... (future me; fear.. )
shalaver 11/20(月) 2:03
maxccastelli 11/20(月) 2:03
Let’s talk about what changed: food. GMOs, pesticides, processed food, highly concentrated sugars and lo…
vonDoubovoi 11/20(月) 2:03
Sehr gut und informativ
pinut666 11/20(月) 2:03
Yes. Its scary. We need to find a remedy.
brian_graven 11/20(月) 2:05
Bill many people in middle income countries especially Africa don't know anything about Alzheimer's
RoniSylvester 11/20(月) 2:05
And the number of people dying from Malaria continues, because Ruckelshaus's depolulationist EPA refuses to lift the ban on DDT.
nittygritty99 11/20(月) 2:07
You are more part of the problem than the solution Gates
v16ter 11/20(月) 2:09
Especially in those taking their vaccinations .
Dumb em down Bill, dumb em down..
EricShawn1 11/20(月) 2:09
Charity begins at home.

Bill, please focus on helping people in the U.S. instead of just third world nations!
donnadvitucci 11/20(月) 2:11
~75% of the residents @CLHWeCare experiences this/memory issues. new 1-floor modern expansion would def…
Tallon_1 11/20(月) 2:11
@AdaptingSMITE the average living age s expected to skyrocket in low- and middle-income countries, who would have thought.
Babloos63163036 11/20(月) 2:11
mardepalmas1 11/20(月) 2:12
Is that Flag still on the moon o course It going to be for ever
gandolfiqueen5 11/20(月) 2:12
You said expected but provided NO proof. It's a gene not a economic problem.. Look at the Doctor in So…
stacymantooth 11/20(月) 2:12
I’m intrigued by the hypothesis and clinical results that Alzheimer’s is “Type 3 diabetes” caused by dep…
panshul39 11/20(月) 2:12
LanceA1960 11/20(月) 2:12
Check out “Memory Repair Protocol” by Martin Reilly,
His 57 year old wife was almost too far gone, in n…
bodydr0613 11/20(月) 2:12
What are we doing or putting in our body's to make this happen
durhamlegend 11/20(月) 2:13
@ARUKnews Well said Bill! Awful disease.
alipioluis713 11/20(月) 2:15
Hi my partner
PerronCheri 11/20(月) 2:15
I agree 100%Mr. Gates
LtDemoncito 11/20(月) 2:16
Mr Gate, may u help me to begin my bussines? A little hep of 10k USD total buy a plotter printer @BillGates ty 4 Ur time!
TEDDYMAK10 11/20(月) 2:16
Bill።።i never knew that Alzheimer was a disease that strikes the poor
and not the wealthy ።።።hmmmmm
Xianleione 11/20(月) 2:20
Compared with the hypocrisy of the socialist government, the government of the capitalist countries should be sincere.
neil_huggard 11/20(月) 2:21
RonRistau 11/20(月) 2:22
The crisis is right here in America in addition.
santafemarket 11/20(月) 2:22
But why
LingQue88 11/20(月) 2:22
Why after so much research funds were spent???? Have you thought about why???
campbellluke 11/20(月) 2:22
I could not agree more!
bt_la2015 11/20(月) 2:23
As in countries with bad healthcare, bad environment and many poor people. The US is a great example
AlexLibbrecht 11/20(月) 2:25
Imagine what Hillary’s conviction will do to the minds of all the hobo
amansangwan14 11/20(月) 2:26
Hello Sir I want to discuss a idea of a new social app which will help people worldwide but I am unable…
RomainLabamba 11/20(月) 2:26
You should be President!
Robin_KC_ 11/20(月) 2:26
Dear Mr. Gates- these stats reflect people with Dementia- what will your investment do for those with Ca…
Mksingh63Singh 11/20(月) 2:26
People like you will take care of these people. By the grace of God you will be able to do it.
Paquita_337 11/20(月) 2:27
Well you should know, having pushed all kinds of vaccines for decades. Could it be the aluminum, mercury…
urskaju 11/20(月) 2:30
The poorer countries with less education, lack of nutrition food, ironical reason can be no exciting thi…
junedkhan95 11/20(月) 2:35
BeHealthyInYour 11/20(月) 2:35
Lead by @realDonaldTrump ...
gnmager 11/20(月) 2:36
We lost our mother and her father to dementia. This can no longer be considered anything less than a tru…
PascaleKim 11/20(月) 2:38
And autism! The rise in the no. of kids with it is alarming!!!
gaz_regan 11/20(月) 2:38
Y bill?
fwkolbmann 11/20(月) 2:38
Level9newscovers a story about 5g and how digital polition may very well be effecting the direct mental…
divyananda_ 11/20(月) 2:39
Why is it increasing faster?! Sad!!!
HoangAnh_Khan 11/20(月) 2:40
@BillGates Dear mr BillGates, I am from VietNamese and i have idea and plan about a social networking (…
thinkfractal 11/20(月) 2:41
It's cause is the real problem
bostonchefmike 11/20(月) 2:41
Have you looked into nutrition. There’s been hard links and data on sugar intake & degenerative disease including Alzheimer’s.
ComDevsUnion 11/20(月) 2:42
Low and middle-income countries this is today which are they?
akkieji 11/20(月) 2:42
Poor people always been suffering as usual nobody thinks about them it's really sad
1219ddenney 11/20(月) 2:43
Bredensen Alzheimer’s study cured 90 percent.
notapawnejf 11/20(月) 2:44
ugminer91 11/20(月) 2:44
It’s a horrible disease, took my mother too early....
1219ddenney 11/20(月) 2:44
Bredensen Alzheimer’s study cures 90 percent
NaweedAmin3 11/20(月) 2:45
I just read your article I was great inspiration I am glad to know about this disease when I am in my 24…
cocobean324 11/20(月) 2:45
Check out the work of @drjasonfung for a probable way to at least hedge against risk.
Kandieshere 11/20(月) 2:45
I don't know what causes it but my Mamaw is the only one in our ancestors to get it. She went into full…
sda729 11/20(月) 2:46
Vaccines, solar radiation management or both?
AntonSarkisov1 11/20(月) 2:47
Good no one wants to remember people anyways
okelloomedo 11/20(月) 2:48
This is true and the situation is made worse by ignorance and lack of support systems. The disease robs…
rivanoff 11/20(月) 2:51
You are the last person interested in good work. Until this day, Microsoft Word still crashes on Mac at least once a day!!!!
LewisDowns55 11/20(月) 2:52
Good to read about your funding. Will it also cover the emotional intelligence needed to care for our lo…
Joolieo 11/20(月) 2:54
This is a thing but there are also things you can do to decrease your risk, like continuously learning a…
sjanakarajan 11/20(月) 2:55
Rotary & you would jointly battle to eradicate this menace.
DanNorth77 11/20(月) 2:56
lets talk, do nothing
uberreligious 11/20(月) 2:57
It's all in our minds. Most important day is today the launch of 'Mind Control - A Multiplayer Game for…
RVchartchatter 11/20(月) 2:58
better you turn your focus on the dangers of a failing democracy in USA
JeuSol 11/20(月) 3:05
wut u scared m8
miguel_coder 11/20(月) 3:07
Many types of neurodegenerative diseases can be misdiagnosed. A doctor could easily diagnose someone who…
Admire98451989 11/20(月) 3:07
Its a shock at the end of an event
Admire98451989 11/20(月) 3:08
Whats the main lead
womensbrainpro 11/20(月) 3:10
The number of women with is twice as men! Please join in our discussion on Women predisposit…
LewyBodyWarrior 11/20(月) 3:14
Please remember other forms of dementia as well, such as Lewy Body Dementia (the dementia that killed Ro…
saynotodowntime 11/20(月) 3:15
Concentrated Cannabinoids reduce and remove plaques associated with Alzheimer's
RsleuthRichard 11/20(月) 3:19
interesting since they aren't exposed to the cause that we have in America, leached aluminum form soda cans. or are they
BigBeff 11/20(月) 3:21
Ronaldjanikowsk 11/20(月) 3:21
Bill we are here in Wisconsin building a building to extract oil from cannabus plants to help kids with…
seeks4change 11/20(月) 3:23
Maybe you could stop the and that would most definitely help, but question i…
SusanneRosell 11/20(月) 3:28
NicolaBagala 11/20(月) 3:30
@BillGates @LifespanIO is working to crowdfund the cure not only for Alzheimer's disease, but for age-re…
aayush1710stan 11/20(月) 3:36
We should change the way we eat and also should play brain games to avoid Alzheimers and yaa world leade…
Wilson_Cabra 11/20(月) 3:36
Que hacer quedado Bill?
INASERENITY783 11/20(月) 3:36
Air pollution, EMF with RF cant help or change the fact pharmaceutical companies make a lot money throug…
andrew_bass7 11/20(月) 3:36
AndrewSKim5 11/20(月) 3:41
Eating walnuts everyday will deter and prevent Alzheimer.
skfanusa 11/20(月) 3:42
agreed : )
onefreeguy 11/20(月) 3:47
Why is the question? It´s supposed to be obvious by now
JcrRoc 11/20(月) 3:48
it's pure truth in what I said, this is a very serious thing, it really is!
It is true.
RationalZone 11/20(月) 3:51
Alzheimer is kind of thought to be a disease of affluence, wonder if the growth is just longer life expectancy or something else?
yunometo 11/20(月) 3:57
Mr. Gates that sounds like that is definitely something we should be worried about in this country. I'm…
manuelsuarez330 11/20(月) 3:58
I think there's some medication that cause it or speed up Alzheimer's there's so many things that we don't know about.
SeanCra71778611 11/20(月) 3:59
Get a 'gates vaccine' before it's too late!! I mean, why would memory loss sky rocket?
Mohebullahaziz2 11/20(月) 4:02
You are so lucky
OrionTheologian 11/20(月) 4:03
Chemicals in the water create a coating on the brain causing Alzheimer’s
gajenderji 11/20(月) 4:03
Thanks for ur concern about poor & middle countries above all discussion showing all cares about human being thanx all
me_looking_job 11/20(月) 4:04
Relax, the humanity will not have even fresh water by 2030, no one will care about Alzheimer's.
sonicase 11/20(月) 4:07
Then buy out congress and make them pass a proper health care system like the rest of the civilized worl…
Bham_Insider 11/20(月) 4:09
Why? What’s the connection between “income” (economy ) and “Alzheimer’s”?
kyle__schroeder 11/20(月) 4:15
Seems farfetched by some but I feel like air quality could be a contributor to such a rise.
HaitiJam 11/20(月) 4:16
Not even in the top 100 of developing countries...unless, of course, they ended up using their populations as guinea pigs.
AlexandraPros1 11/20(月) 4:20
JCAVlasiu_jr 11/20(月) 4:24
Mayba use less aluminium when preparing or storing food..
RoNy8tre 11/20(月) 4:30
gergaflood2 11/20(月) 4:32
@erinemooney Let's hope trials for new drugs are successful and a cure for this awful disease can be found.
AshPlantation 11/20(月) 4:32
Research is essential !
BahTuba 11/20(月) 4:36
You need to begin zeroing in and target the spending of your money to the obvious. Clearly there is a p…
MajidWorld1 11/20(月) 4:40
please answer me sir
rp_poo 11/20(月) 4:41
Thanks Bill for your understanding and support!
HakimBirouk1 11/20(月) 4:42
Oh fuck
MajidWorld1 11/20(月) 4:43
please mr bill please answer me this is my number whatsApp:+989359179369.please call me please
doylebob 11/20(月) 4:48
How about America first?
Mezzmer 11/20(月) 5:06
therealCoretab 11/20(月) 5:11
If every leader, every Billionaire was like you, this world would be so much better, healthier, safer an…
DavidmHaines2 11/20(月) 5:11
FireupthatStargate, + get erdone.
tekamonda 11/20(月) 5:13
@yosiyosi28071 そんなこと言ってる暇があったらサンフランシスコの慰安婦像の件、なんとかしてください!
jwilliamfrink 11/20(月) 5:14
if in doubt of the wisdom of the phrase "Everyone has an opinion and an ass, and no one wants to hear either," read this thread.
MKarlssonSthlm 11/20(月) 5:16
Alzheimers is caused by mitochondria failing. My guess is this writer is spot on…
PhilipK253 11/20(月) 5:16
Thank you @BillGates - we certainly need breakthroughs on detection, causes, cures and prevention.
NanaFazler 11/20(月) 5:17
lorriebeauchamp 11/20(月) 5:26
We caregivers ARE talking about it, @BillGates - no one is listening. Money is going to big pharma, to i…
LynnMichel6 11/20(月) 5:26
Why don't you do a lot more for the American people .we need help here. Elderly need teeth . Vets need b…
hemammmmm 11/20(月) 5:27
.listen to me .....
I am serious......
I am adoctor....
I have a sloution....
Just in read ..quran kareem...
BD2012 11/20(月) 5:31
Well maybe you should stop funding drug companies and others who force thing upon is our bodies and brains can't handle.
trophies2 11/20(月) 5:31
Why? What’s cause?
raj_gauba 11/20(月) 5:35
This is the next Holy Grail of medicine!
thebrillianthue 11/20(月) 5:39
I expect development of Alzheimer
Their patiets is made of so sad
RENETWEETS2 11/20(月) 5:40
Numbers will continue to go up as our population continues to rise... we’d better be paying attention...
Wolfgang9905 11/20(月) 5:45
@ChristinePedi No one can afford healthcare so it doesn't matter. Our president doesn't give a shit abou…
mscichitwitt 11/20(月) 5:54
Your foundation needs to work with those in Antioquia to solve this.
YYoussoufnoba 11/20(月) 5:59
Le malheur sur les Africains en Libye est Nicolas Sarkozy
MemTrax 11/20(月) 6:00
couldnt agree more have applied for your grants to expand research here several times!
JudyShields 11/20(月) 6:00
Thanks@BillGates and Melinda for your generosity.
KAKowalczyk 11/20(月) 6:03
Thank you @BillGates. My mom had Alzheimer's, so I know how devastaiting desease it is
LynnMichel6 11/20(月) 6:04
We also need help for people here in U.S. that are homeless. And elderly that are living below poverty.
KidCaretakers 11/20(月) 6:09
Don't forget the over 1.4 mil US Youth Caregivers 80% living with & taking care of family with…
nevets_kugonza 11/20(月) 6:21
Unfortunately, down in Uganda, we are busy dealing with people"government" trying to mess with the Const…
jacquiequandt 11/20(月) 6:32
@billgates - absolutely true and it is a crisis that many researchers are also trying to do more about : )
catloverirene 11/20(月) 6:43
It's devestating my children's dad has it they are heartbroken
Maxweyrick 11/20(月) 6:49
LisaHagy 11/20(月) 6:51
Thank you so much for your efforts for this disease. Early onset hit all 8 of my grandmother’s sisters.…
connell_laverne 11/20(月) 6:58
I appreciate his extreme concern and contribution as long as his wife too! Bless you! ♥️
SusanGr42134259 11/20(月) 6:59
Cheap meds because they cannot afford brand name could be to blame!!
SusanGr42134259 11/20(月) 7:00
Some generic meds are just as good as brand and some arent.
SusanGr42134259 11/20(月) 7:01
Poor people and middle class families have trouble paying for meds that are brand and sometimes work better.
HilbertJill65 11/20(月) 7:03
@NORTHER64691120 Thank you Bill Gates for your generous donation to Alzheimer’s Research .
SusanGr42134259 11/20(月) 7:04
Also Alzheimer's has been considered a type 3 diabetes. It does play a role to some degree, genetics, an…
Adam21696708 11/20(月) 7:08
Thank you for your work here, and so true.
janewilcock 11/20(月) 7:10
Id like to see measures of B vitamins and if correlations in dementias
GPs dont have access and dementi…
m_mcsquare 11/20(月) 7:17
Galatians6:1-{7-10} I See So Many Things But IHave Hard Time...I'm Sure About We Who Are Doing Good Will…
wirahijau92 11/20(月) 7:22
there's no cure for Alzheimer but we can prevent by habit in toilet:Sit down while pee.Sound like doesn't make sense but it work
nickmyer 11/20(月) 7:26
That moment when a super rich IT guy/crazed vaccine eugenicist pretends he cares about your brain packin…
FLRealtorSusie 11/20(月) 7:28
Does this include Dementia
Sharonrenee15 11/20(月) 7:28
As always Bill you engage us in meaningful conversation with subject matter that we all can relate to.Le…
marleselynne 11/20(月) 7:32
Research demonstrates a link between and cognitive health. This includes preventing and rever…
loyyang28 11/20(月) 7:50
The J Edgar's And The Spoils Of War...
laxmijayendra 11/20(月) 7:52
angemichifan 11/20(月) 7:55
Le nombre de personnes atteintes de la maladie d'Alzheimer devrait monter en flèche dans les pays à reve…
Jesuslove2world 11/20(月) 7:59
dear bill gates / Ithink cash to create one of the biggest stars in the universe so that a black hole wi…
Jesuslove2world 11/20(月) 8:01
dear bill gates ,if you can employ 1 million MBA graduates at world to sell 34 million laptops & you wil…
j_johnc 11/20(月) 8:01
My 61-year-old father in Cambodia as well.
slikslikslik 11/20(月) 8:03
i think they need to go private...
Jesuslove2world 11/20(月) 8:03
I already told long time back that television & personal computers will save ladies from being attacked…
slikslikslik 11/20(月) 8:04
so i was thinking on autmatic pilots for cars give you a call if i need help...
slikslikslik 11/20(月) 8:05
Jesuslove2world 11/20(月) 8:06
dear bill gates , i think USER FREINDLY is must & should for clients as TO PLEASE EARTH & so touch scree…
Rajasekar_Naidu 11/20(月) 8:10
Dear Bill Gates,Thank you very much for your service
Cftiffany 11/20(月) 8:20
Bill Gates for President in 2020!
Alex77462514 11/20(月) 8:22
@BillGates ,130 Yemeni Children dying from starvation everyday ,@BillGates responsibly is greater when m…
Luckymclou 11/20(月) 8:24
Also what or "who" is creating it and why is it falling on low to middle class incomes?What if it falls…
Blurrytravelpic 11/20(月) 8:35
Thank you for posting about Alzheimers.
AlaminAbedi2 11/20(月) 8:42
Love you Bill
mustansirp 11/20(月) 8:43
This could be absolute numbers. It would make more sense in terms of percentage of population
topazz53 11/20(月) 8:48
Take care of our own first
Ogreth1 11/20(月) 8:52
Well of course it is!! You put all that shit into vaccines!!!
JHWhitley 11/20(月) 8:56
I intend to fix both the healthcare situation and the environmental contributors to those problems. But…
viccan1 11/20(月) 9:20
Research progress will quite likely negate this curve.
lcox1948 11/20(月) 9:23
It's a travesty they may not have adequate healthcare to help them. I helped my Dad take care of my Mom…
LingQue88 11/20(月) 9:25
Wanna funding a non- profit organization? - I have solution for this - government set up policy - every…
LingQue88 11/20(月) 9:27
And u get bonus money for participation
RagulinMaksim 11/20(月) 9:28
godlydivine 11/20(月) 9:31
Yes, due to in the things that we ingest.
sexybeast78 11/20(月) 9:36
Because of your poisoning them Bill.
JoecoopeJoe 11/20(月) 9:41
Great news. Need legal help, not just medical..
Richard29895873 11/20(月) 9:47
It's not a crisis and there's already a cure.
TinaSRoyster 11/20(月) 9:55
Been talking about it for 20 years. Anyone that has been a caregiver has talked about nothing else as i…
JeromeMrJ 11/20(月) 10:01
What do you think is causing this Mr.Gates? Why should the numbers rise when we are equipped to deal wit…
CAobservation 11/20(月) 10:18
As the world's population grows on average, it may increase。But I don't think it's a problem. Modern technology is easy to crack。
eglibec 11/20(月) 10:19
What are we eating or in touch with that is causing this rise?
Dude94743425 11/20(月) 10:27
Thanks to geoengineering
rich_wiles 11/20(月) 10:29
We need to promote quality and for all students in the world. We need help!!! Maybe a…
DrJRice 11/20(月) 10:30
Thank you, Bill, for your efforts with Polio and now, a generous donation and involvement with Alzheimer…
pmprdcat2 11/20(月) 10:34
As a caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient, this is something I am passionate about!
itelyatnikov 11/20(月) 10:40
How does longer life span factored in adjust the trend?
Crypto_Curious1 11/20(月) 10:44
Was there any cause determined in the study?
Salem1977a 11/20(月) 11:01
Hello my life that I find in my account the amount of $2 million that dream and not far to Allah be achi…
RishiRana 11/20(月) 11:03
So nice to see someone with your stature stepping up to help solve a problem long ignored.
ybarzov 11/20(月) 11:06
All ways should be explored
Back_To_Nature1 11/20(月) 11:37
What is causing expectation of increase? Simply population or exposure to risk??
Chelsea_Bun28 11/20(月) 11:37
We keep researching how to physically keep people alive (cancer, heart attack, arthritis, hip replacemen…
pritipasawala 11/20(月) 11:42
Hello, what is your take on what is going on in country of Yamin?
Daily_Sharp 11/20(月) 11:55
I would think this would correlate with the high birth rates in low income countries. Since high income…
ZareenK53954605 11/20(月) 12:08
Bill Gates is Bill Gates
BorossaGabriel 11/20(月) 12:10
It's a good thing it's being diagnosed in these places.
mukesh988786974 11/20(月) 12:13
DILIP199146 11/20(月) 12:29
Plzzz halp me sir my baby leg operation
ZCodewarrior 11/20(月) 12:30
I salute you Bill Gates for all that you do, I just wish you can use your voice and little of your time…
imapactMD 11/20(月) 12:47
A causal relationship with the rise of diabetes declares now as an epidemic .
dradimaheshwari 11/20(月) 12:48
@doctorsoumya Promising results of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY ) on Alzheimer's treatment. Can benifit mill…
prashanttomer17 11/20(月) 12:51
RiahRambles 11/20(月) 12:52
Amen, yes this needs to be addressed and fast!
cikkid1 11/20(月) 13:02
That's what happens when people use tinfoil to smoke meth
myousefnezhad 11/20(月) 13:11
I have an interesting solution ; )
lqtam 11/20(月) 13:22
What is the reason?
VMRaste 11/20(月) 13:31
life style - yog !
PrashantTomer19 11/20(月) 13:31
Sir I m very big fen sir please my request please
MaherAlkhatib8 11/20(月) 13:33
Also Mr Gates the number of people that Lost health insurance in the USA is outrageous , with all due re…
kandantr 11/20(月) 13:50
Overwhelmingly people of all ages are now saying that the scariest condition of long life is AD.It's 100…
yernasia 11/20(月) 13:50
♡ It's Actually Quite Funny @BillGates, My Elderly Relatives ARE ALL Enjoying Their Return to The Purity…
santoshdhotri 11/20(月) 14:01
Request to learn about vipasana meditation technique, which may answer all your questions about health m…
Allen39737463 11/20(月) 14:13
Like the bottom half of Americans.
KakumanuMurthy 11/20(月) 14:17
Ikhshvakh 11/20(月) 14:27
Lack of resistance..
Auroraenero1 11/20(月) 14:52
Hi Mr. Bill Gate I'm from Phillipines a senior citizen here i'm just asking a little help from u if i…
polasa 11/20(月) 14:52
I totally agree as it’s painful
YK01689615 11/20(月) 15:05
Justifying medics cause fo the on-going industrial action
OregbemiNiyi 11/20(月) 15:09
Yes....I agree to your opinion.
shaffimather 11/20(月) 15:20
Dear Mr. Gates. Even bigger crisis is people dying without simple timely care. More people die from lack…
hlwacharya 11/20(月) 15:28
may be the food habit and extra stress of poors is the major cause for suffering this.
kansasgirl73 11/20(月) 15:29
Lost my mom at age 73. Please help find a cure.
talent_gwizhi 11/20(月) 15:46
i think its better WHO sent some doctors to countries like somalia in order to reduce the rapid increase…
lexmarkno 11/20(月) 15:48
MSa14013865 11/20(月) 15:53
Do we know what could be the origin of this significant increase ? Just to prevent.
MedCannResearch 11/20(月) 15:55
My NFP Medical Cannabis Research Australia is currently talking with a leading Australian Alzheimer's re…
RandyBedell 11/20(月) 16:16
Tranvanhoi14 11/20(月) 16:34
Tranvanhoi xin chào bạn chúc bạn nhiều sức khỏe và thành công .
Dantheboy 11/20(月) 16:36
Causes linked to animal products. Wow who would’ve thought.
DrCarolFrancis 11/20(月) 16:47
Consider the research that our diets, caffeinated and toxically preserved, combined with exposure to rad…
OxonChemtrails 11/20(月) 16:58
Stop injecting and spraying us with Aluminium!
ShbomaNad 11/20(月) 17:10
عندما تكون لديك حكومات تمتص كل ما بالشعوب ولديك فمن الطبيعي ان تفقد صوابك وليس ذاكرتك....
psychosciteach 11/20(月) 17:18
Stop eating process food and foods with GMOs
lareef786 11/20(月) 17:27
That is part of our life this what god gives and takes help the third world Countries by giving charity
atuldmulatkar 11/20(月) 17:42
IskenderSheard 11/20(月) 18:12
Low vitamin D3 levels and too much sugar are to blame. It’s really “Type 3” diabetes. Mostly avoidable t…
Dorff5 11/20(月) 18:56
it's so common among the poor,how can we protect it in Africa
jkalarickal 11/20(月) 19:10
I also have the same view, we need to educate our people
Manuja_Sinhaya 11/20(月) 20:41
@harishchand314 Thank you for realizing the issue and addressing the issue head on.
GJGrapendaal 11/20(月) 20:43
GJGrapendaal 11/20(月) 20:52
We have to create a platform right now! My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 36. I’m ve…
GJGrapendaal 11/20(月) 20:53
Please get in contact with @MichaelJFoxOrg! Tnx a lot!
prathma3 11/20(月) 21:12
Very nice
Abdulazizdutse 11/20(月) 21:27
come to their aid
mkbx3T6wM4eMIn4 11/20(月) 21:38
How do you do!
Good luck!
ArunatilakeN 11/20(月) 21:48
as a citizen of a low and middle income country what can we do to be better prepared?
vignesh_malabar 11/20(月) 21:50
jean_laslo 11/20(月) 22:12
Both of my parents died of complications of dementia, is this my future, too? Frightening thought.
anita_ghatge 11/20(月) 22:41
Hello sir, ur doing a great job.God Bless U..!
99e55c286fda4a2 11/20(月) 22:46
Exactly each and everybody should talk abt it
SelvamS74750682 11/20(月) 23:11
Your good man
ljones_2000 11/20(月) 23:23
Absolutely! My Mom died from complications of Alzheimer's, it's a horrible debilitating disease that needs more attention!
madonnalb 11/20(月) 23:29
You are so right! Thank You for your donation and help!
PrashantTomer19 11/20(月) 23:40
Hello sir some to write please very very request truth me sir truth me
DaboulAbeer 11/20(月) 23:52
ارجو المساعده ياسيدتي وهذا رقمي 00963932142887ارجوكي بامس الحاجه للمساعده انا من سوريه ومعي شلل اطفال وب…
1Smartprince 11/21(火) 0:05
Bill have u checked @icodeteam today ?
SsekamatteStev5 11/21(火) 0:13
Too bad
JahSaint7 11/21(火) 0:24
Thank u for letting us know bro Bill
ginniekunz 11/21(火) 0:48
Please read the book and newest treatments for Alzheimers by Dr. Dale Bredesen. It's alternative treatme…
Alorkasash 11/21(火) 1:12
Not sure what the ratio is between high income vs mid/low income population. I'd like to see this graph in % of population
JRobinsonArtist 11/21(火) 1:14
@SirTomhunter Our @LASchoolTrust delivers drawing and painting lessons amazing resul…
GBHI_Fellows 11/21(火) 1:46
Related stats
•The total estimated worldwide cost of dementia: $604 billion in 2010, ~$818 billion in 20…
ensankai 11/21(火) 2:00
Why not to invest two 4586 MEDRX has MRX-5DML
Galataki_ 11/21(火) 2:03
Thank you so much for doing this.
MJ_Gear 11/21(火) 2:19
I've had enough of those fat cats & big Pharma Company meddling like those big Oil Industries controllin…
and_talented 11/21(火) 2:32
AliciaAllegra 11/21(火) 4:18
Clearly, we need a lot more research funding than your proposed one hundred million. At the very least one billion.
CaswellCathy 11/21(火) 5:14
Thinking of from a computer perspective provides a new approach to researching…
rmunderw 11/21(火) 5:25
I am not disagreeing but pointing out that the figures are misleading as presented when you look at actu…
292kmartin1 11/21(火) 5:42
I BELIEVE WE WILL have a cure soon.
1deerivers 11/21(火) 6:30
My grandmother and now my mom has this horrible life altering disease. Odds are I will get it. I am tota…
global_debate 11/21(火) 6:34
@MinofHealthUG @global_debate can someone explain why will it grow higher in these low-income countries ??
freespiritbob 11/21(火) 7:12
It's time governments faced up to the aging effects and invested in research to prolong active life in old age!
freespiritbob 11/21(火) 7:14
Bill Gates could have spent his billions on a good life for himself ; but he's helping the world fight d…
PHcritique 11/21(火) 7:52
Problems in older age related to lack of daily exercise. Magic pill.
cbrowning85 11/21(火) 8:55
It is devastating to watch someone go through this. RIP Mummy.
Roninoh 11/21(火) 10:13
Let’s go find some guinea pigs in developing countries to test vaccines!!
khan_nudrat 11/21(火) 11:47
my mother in law has alzheimer. staying with her and caring for her I feel I have developed the same sym…
mymarriagematch 11/21(火) 12:00
Wow, that is SCARY!!!!
Some1onTwiiter 11/21(火) 13:41
Heavy metals , heavy metals Aluminum, aluminum , lead , lead , lead, Mercury, mercury , mercury

61dilisana 11/21(火) 14:37
My fiancé's mom had dementia. Dedicated son, he & I cared for her until she left us. His siblings turned…
SakoSemizyan 11/21(火) 15:24
Thanks to your contributions to chemtrails scumbag!!!!
womensbrainpro 11/21(火) 15:35
To better understand and cureJoin
SakoSemizyan 11/21(火) 15:35
binitasarkar 11/21(火) 18:01
truly worth taking note of was unaware of this we need to do something
bbbbabeach 11/21(火) 20:18
Thank you for all you and Melinda do for the world!
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:30
I applaud your efforts in this category,but as you stated in article more Black Americans&Latinos R need…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:35
It will be hard so much historical bitterness from studies Tuskegee experiment is root cause of lack of…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:41
Maybe you can partner with Meharry or Howard or Black mega church leaders to push this initiative faste…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:43
I might even suggest going on black radio morning shows or Latino morning show radio .I think this could…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:44
I have a theory that high blood pressure plus stress hormones plus genetics and diet.
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:45
I put that out there since everyone else in the timeline has a theory.
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:50
I also would like to suggest more R&d for ways to keep love ones safe who have the disease .Every month…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:52
Because most pple try to take care of loved one at home but some wander off and sometimes are found too late.
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:54
Sometimes family members can be in denial when they see the onset of the symptoms and the person drives off and can't be found.
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:56
I am starting this to you because this is something that could be improved before your 10 year window w/…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:58
Maybe Microsoft can develop something around this ...I don't exactly know what to call it .Maybe somethi…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 20:59
Something to track them especially in the early stages of what family members may at first think is just…
Natashathewritr 11/21(火) 21:01
Maybe more public knowledge campaigns and early signs .I think this is what lots of pple miss in the early stages.
hakeema48963016 11/21(火) 21:19
I have knowledge of Unanimous medicine for Alzheimer.
AbdulMannanBai2 11/21(火) 21:23
I am moved by your efforts to improve life of people with Alzheimer's disease. I tried to send message v…
ZareenK53954605 11/21(火) 22:36
Bill Gates is Bill Gates
Astraldesigngr2 11/21(火) 23:06
This is unreal
Rashedny3 11/21(火) 23:50
My mum have Alzheimer's and I am looking after her. It is the worst disease in history. I hope they will find solution to it.
ddgala1 11/22(水) 0:30
The people in the USA are having similar problems. Although I feel bad for these other countries I see m…
ron29589134 11/22(水) 0:52
Bill, where do u get your vaccination shots?
HoangAnh_Khan 11/22(水) 2:56
Dear mr BillGates,I am from VietNamese and i have idea and plan about a social networking (i want to kil…
arabind_das 11/22(水) 3:41
I appreciate your effort in bringing this to fore front. I know what it means to be a…
NeilMilliken 11/22(水) 4:55
@timdifford We’d love you to talk about it and the work of your foundation on - we’re the world…
Lookin2work 11/22(水) 5:22
Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

I've been suffering from ME/CFS caused by acupuncture malpractice since 2014/15. A…
oneefficiency 11/22(水) 6:21
@ValaAfshar why those colours
oneefficiency 11/22(水) 6:24
@ValaAfshar it's also a signalling default in the brains programme that processing earlier enough can ed…
KeithBean21 11/22(水) 6:30
@ValaAfshar Please help us Bill! Terrible tragedy families live with!
manoj_bhatia1 11/22(水) 7:06
@ValaAfshar @BillGates But why ? What^s the root cause of it growing in low and mid income countries onl…
tialand 11/22(水) 7:21
It's already been established that vaccines cause autism AND alzheimers.
kevinkaseyg 11/22(水) 9:04
When the truth about CJD and BSE is told and the underlying Leukeamia retroviruses (HTLVs )responsible .…
WordPash 11/22(水) 9:25
There is a cure for first an second stage Alzheimer's. See Book, The End of Alzheimer's.
There is also a…
cobra7775 11/22(水) 10:11
You can decrease the risk of Altzheimers 50% with regular aerobic exercise.
carolchiar 11/22(水) 10:21
Thank you for all your help.
gup_deepak 11/22(水) 12:28
Yes, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s are two underrated crisis
mmm_786BUTT 11/22(水) 17:38
ALERT!Hope U know TaxPaying Countries POLs r Enjoying TAXMoney4 their Own Benefits&VIP Security!
GrahamEllis247 11/22(水) 17:53
@BillGates the single biggest global health challenge is the ageing population and the consequences - in…
LawLindalee 11/22(水) 19:05
at 70 the memory changes. one wonders
LawLindalee 11/22(水) 19:06
If I were i to receive such a dx., I would consider suicide. no point in sitting around
Kmber117 11/22(水) 19:39
Let's get neuro toxic chemicals out of our food!!!
THINHVLE1 11/22(水) 21:23
You and Melinda have been doing alots for communit's health, but too far future, through B & M G F. A su…
THINHVLE1 11/22(水) 21:30
You should own as many hospitals as posible, then turn them into not-for profit hospitals. It's more pra…
Anwar46533006 11/22(水) 22:42
zaafouri_mohsen 11/23(木) 0:16
thank you very much super man
82090016 11/23(木) 1:52
darrej01 11/23(木) 2:03
I had something to say about this... but I forgot.
geromwega 11/23(木) 3:14
@alzkenya @zippyali
TIMELINEREPAIR 11/23(木) 4:25
and of course reject speaking or doing anything about the extra 1.5 Billion people too many on the plane…
ClemeRooke 11/23(木) 7:30
A pressing need for baseline research to establish the prevalence and modes of care in Africa...I keep looking for funding
AzametiSelorm 11/23(木) 12:31
Thank you Sir.

But we need you to come to Ghana and invest in our economy.

We have serious enabling…
encoremind 11/23(木) 15:57
Please give to infrastructure that is humane and dignified to young drug addicts . I have two grand daug…
abubbakhar 11/23(木) 16:01
,bill help us also in our country where many communities lack goo
d drinking water,and medicine plus education system is very low
FurahaAmisho 11/23(木) 16:24
That's to care with
andybodea 11/23(木) 22:53
How about you leading a private-private initiative here, Bill?? You are BEST positioned.
crystaltamiko 11/24(金) 8:52
I think some of the people diag. could be directly related to alcohol abuse, but people rarely admit to…
GpaBui 11/24(金) 9:23
My dad had it for 7 yrs before passed away. I am heading there (quite forgetful already ). It is scary
H2Omavin 11/24(金) 9:30
I lost the love of my life to dementia-like Alzheimer's. His existence was haunted, his mind was torture…
Zachary_JTaylor 11/24(金) 13:28
What the fuck? That's an insane increase..
cteqo0528 11/24(金) 20:28
Thank you for all your help. My mother died @75 from dementia Pick which is in the line of Alzheimer mor…
MittraKaran 11/24(金) 21:21
Edm music
AshuTomer11 11/24(金) 21:29
Plz solve out this.....
ShaneScottThom1 11/25(土) 9:44
well outsourcing could be a part of it due to no one having company insurance or medicare or medicaid so…
EcoPeaceVision 11/25(土) 10:19
I wonder if in the U.S. at least, if the sodium aluminum phosphate in most of the baking powder is relat…
chordictionary 11/25(土) 12:20
I wonder the f why!
AliciaTValdez1 11/25(土) 12:46
I am one! Find the cure please!
KPahlaw 11/25(土) 18:48
Dear @BillGates your reasearch will not yeild results as long as you ignore the psychological aspects of this disease
annakirbyhughes 11/25(土) 20:06
@MemTrax Even with nutritious food my Mom faded down to six stone, lost her swallow. I now know what tha…
annakirbyhughes 11/25(土) 20:08
@MemTrax Nurofen it seem to reduce the inflammation around her brain and she became more coherent. But…
annakirbyhughes 11/25(土) 20:10
@MemTrax Would recommend tying in with research in universities. Giving students projects to work with o…
annakirbyhughes 11/25(土) 20:10
@MemTrax Work being done UCC , Trinity , etc
SDepreyPurper 11/25(土) 20:25
SO true. My mom got Alzheimer's at 40 y.o. and died at 53. Worst years of all our lives...still no cure.…
VinuRajaKumar 11/25(土) 21:10
Reason could be the money minded half-baked corporate involvement in A to Z. Introduction of new medicin…
LeeBrainBalance 11/26(日) 1:04
Repeating the same thinking/process and expecting a different result isn't wise. The brain is a near inf…
alkasarwat 11/26(日) 2:45
Alzheimer ka perfect ilaj ayurved me hai. Jatamansi jaisi herbs se puri tarah cure ho jata hai.aap jab chahe test kar lijiye.
hollywoodhillsv 11/26(日) 4:50
Great job Bill Gates! You will be remembered for centuries for your great service instead of the Soros c…
Saabiryare10 11/26(日) 15:06
I live in somalia my ampition is one day become you like
lovebtits 11/26(日) 19:57
My uncle and aunt died because of alzheimers. I got information that we can decrease the risk of Alzheim…
BashingInMinds 11/27(月) 1:19
Thanks for the heads-up on this. Are you aware of the research on the potential neuroprotective (specifi…
JanJameson10 11/27(月) 6:45
Dear Mr Gates, delighted to hear of your donation to Alzheimer Research, i too will be donating after my…
nkd1312 11/27(月) 7:21
If only I could get a grant from Mr. Bill Gates, I will be so grateful.
A grant to equip my videography business.
nkd1312 11/27(月) 7:23
Mr. Bill Gates, could you pls help equip me with cameras for my videography business.
patricia_hosea 11/27(月) 8:57
Thanks for making us aware Mr. Gates, you're Awesome!
patricia_hosea 11/27(月) 8:58
High Sodium and Salt intake, I plan to read up more about it. Plus, we need to utilize mind games!
DIPNGCH3 11/27(月) 10:42
Mcaptain_Hiro 11/27(月) 15:22
Maybe the trend is correlate with the growth rate of the countries
wscottsurf9 11/27(月) 15:40
Do you have something planned to cause this? Food is the cause vax and chemicals. Chem trails. Etc. do…
ReneeRenaldi 11/28(火) 0:00
Same with common core down with common core it's child abuse
nickmyer 11/28(火) 7:34
Yes and YOU Bill Gates invested in its cause.>Do the research people. Yes, the nano-pa…
carhelp50 11/28(火) 9:44
There is a lot of research on Resveratrol helps with the plaque in the brain may help and slow down Alzheimer's
DeeDeeAustralia 11/28(火) 10:17
Nearly half a million people already have Alzheimers in Australia, which only has a population of 24 million.
Tzerufnation 11/28(火) 12:21
I have another solution! Pm @tzerufnation
LCGinternetM 11/29(水) 13:33
Why do you do nothing about it?!! Speak out against Citizens United!! Fight the fascist oligarchs!!!
HangZhang6 11/29(水) 14:25
Although neuron degeneration cannot be reverted, early detection and intervention can slow down its prog…
Silkslide90 11/29(水) 21:32
Perhaps U can use your influence to get FDA to allow antibiotics to b sold retail(over the counter )IN TH…
JesusIsMyPet1 11/29(水) 21:34
England won't be affected so I don't care
GemmaClaireAli 11/29(水) 23:02
Thank you @BillGates for citing our 2015 World Alzheimer Report, and for your interest in and commitment…
DavidLeeHarmon3 12/1(金) 15:58
Wood Betony, Kambucha, Vitamin B15, alteratives
GordonCoaching 12/3(日) 11:52
Could it be said you and your elitist friends are all secret nervous wrecks.
HeidiAbdelhady 12/3(日) 13:02
It's a public health crisis, indeed. At the other end of the age spectrum is autism. The prevalence of…
JRubinsztein 12/3(日) 20:31
Great to see my brother doing great work here, Professor David Rubinsztein at Cambridge University, just…
q9903460099 12/5(火) 0:44
Great insights

Knowledge is what bill has for almost everything in business development and money making,
Hats off
BeBen50995357 12/11(月) 14:56
Hi Bill gate
onepmn 12/11(月) 16:16
Aging is not going to bankrupt healthcare, it's not a humanitarian service, its for profit. Costs go up,…
DizzyDez13 12/12(火) 17:54
Please, Bill. My mom needs so much help now as she is in her second year suffering from Alzheimer's. I p…
g99_satya99 12/13(水) 22:15
You are so concerned about the health issues of the people sir. Hatsoff
BrijBhu81747508 12/19(火) 0:48
Boos help plz boos

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