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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2017/12/23(土) 0:55 .

I’m optimistic we can stop climate change and help those who are being hurt the most by it—all while meeting the wo…

IAMRAVIRAJESH 12/23(土) 0:55
you 12/23(土) 0:55
Is Gates the greatest businessman of our time?
AbigaiIFarris 12/23(土) 0:55
Here's the tweet Bill deleted very very very quickly about Apple

charmchann 12/23(土) 0:55
love u
JoshuaJerry 12/23(土) 0:56
Yes! It can be done!
ShaneScottThom1 12/23(土) 0:56
I had an idea what about all the heat a house puts off?
More than any government we need to do it on individual level
derVizle 12/23(土) 0:56
Bruv can u borrow me 10k I'll pay u back in 1 year
Thamer_QM 12/23(土) 0:57
No one wins with climate change. Literally we all lose if we can't stop it's effects
haridharanoff 12/23(土) 0:57
can u give me one free iphone? sir?
003inna 12/23(土) 0:57
if every families can plant their own vegetables in a community garden or private ... their will be less…
PariBhagat3 12/23(土) 0:57
Sir love you so much
algcolvin 12/23(土) 0:57
Call Trump
GOALiberty 12/23(土) 0:58
And how many people need to die for your plan to work?
jhootevaade 12/23(土) 0:58 too..
BrownsBbarB101 12/23(土) 0:58
...Lets leave it up to nature ....
AQJaffery 12/23(土) 0:58
You should google "Billion tree tsunami" where you will get to know how KPK govt in Pakistan is trying t…
zibikaad 12/23(土) 0:58
Pious wishes .... hopefully come true. For now I am a very skeptical optimist
SILVIO89773898 12/23(土) 0:58
ServeUganda 12/23(土) 0:58
Mind-blowing facts about Solar Energy:
1. A HUGE amount of power - sunlight we get in one hour is enough…
montanamodi 12/23(土) 0:58
I'm confident Bill Gates has entered whatever that's called when we get Old and Complacent.
MaticPetric 12/23(土) 0:59
VGS1020 12/23(土) 0:59
You are the person that can change the world as you have resources,human power,influence,time etc.Most n…
nareshjani18 12/23(土) 0:59
Positive thinking & positive work
Good luck sir
EjionyeDozie 12/23(土) 0:59
I'm glad you care about the industry that provide human with food. You're a rare gem our generation.

Rahulchugh122 12/23(土) 0:59
We have to do this at an individual level and by heart
DamianP43145969 12/23(土) 0:59
sajatalafha 12/23(土) 0:59
Of corse you will be ,because you are rich , and you deserve that
Jiteshannu10494 12/23(土) 0:59
Nice sir
GanesanLS 12/23(土) 0:59
Truly Awesome ❤️
CloseFamilyLaw 12/23(土) 1:00
I will help you if you help our families. It's no secret that the family court industry kills our citizens.
PachiMcCausland 12/23(土) 1:00
This is the way to go! Maybe better as people can be more motivated now!
hadatha9000000 12/23(土) 1:00
Mr Bill I need one hundred thousand Us dollars
foglandia 12/23(土) 1:00
With no help from the US govt? And potentially overt opposition? Step up useless billionaire.
Billg11060064 12/23(土) 1:00
You if Contact me, I can make this happen
thar6255 12/23(土) 1:00
Of course you can think of it
003inna 12/23(土) 1:01
too many people, too many consumption = more pollution, more climate change...less planting (should be m…
Muhd_AlkaliAY 12/23(土) 1:01
That's very generous of you I hope other NGOs and authority concerns will join forces with you to actuallize such
anurakt_kumar 12/23(土) 1:01
But we can control energy consumption and depend upon renewable sources of energy i.e. solar, wind, hydr…
ROHITMA35835405 12/23(土) 1:01
Yes sir ,i with you
Desoltefiber35 12/23(土) 1:01
American`s are with Arnie ... he told us only trump dropped out
9I9N9RI 12/23(土) 1:02
aisstudios 12/23(土) 1:02
start with puerto Rico! Its prime for being the forefront of green tech/ infrastructure!
shilu_singh 12/23(土) 1:02
S sir there are sme people like u who wnt to mke this earth a good place to live.yes we can stop this cl…
eirik_jim 12/23(土) 1:02
I'd love to tell you about our patented solar reflective asphalt. It cud have a huge impact with the right players.
sultan95100 12/23(土) 1:02
eltar4000 12/23(土) 1:03
I dont think the issue is weather we can or cant save the world. I think the issue is getting people to…
jared8080 12/23(土) 1:03
The sun is in a cooling cycle, The earth is slowing its rotation and the earths magnetic field is collap…
jhuben1 12/23(土) 1:03
Well Bill, you may have to confront the Koch and the hydrocarbon oligarchs who are getting the GOP and T…
Craigyboyblue 12/23(土) 1:04
The world is on to you, as is the alliance. Can't wait till you get arrested. Your depopulation plans wi…
priyank13052777 12/23(土) 1:05
climate change is the most dangerous thing .climate can only save by us .well said sir..
End_Herpes 12/23(土) 1:05
Great! Do you think we can eradicate the herpes virus from humanity?
gnfinity7 12/23(土) 1:05
I hope that you can find enough energy supplies and food to survive. God bless you and save you from hun…
003inna 12/23(土) 1:06
i believe every families in every countries should plant. we can’t rely on certain countries (remember…
SmartStik 12/23(土) 1:06
Where are you living?? This country is being lead by a kindergarten & his lunch stealing bullies... they…
jwillistx7 12/23(土) 1:07
us113042 12/23(土) 1:07
OMG: How can you use your experience to convince President Trump to get back in the "world climate chang…
miraioritekita 12/23(土) 1:08
Bill Gatesさん

I’m optimistic we can stop ◯◯ change and help those who are being hurt the most by it

RicoLoos 12/23(土) 1:08
Hey Hi, when you like to translate this Video, then you hear that the Ch. Angela Merkal has already 6 im…
Lamaranabalde4 12/23(土) 1:09
That is clear
KoliaAlioshyn 12/23(土) 1:09
☺️Hello Bill!!How are you?
VincentGreggEP 12/23(土) 1:09
Bill, u r a smart man, Mother Nature will take care of global climate change, don’t be so foolish as to…
k112113k 12/23(土) 1:11
First make donald trump optimistic who just pulled out America from Paris agreement
CitiIndie 12/23(土) 1:11
True. Climate change is a challenge to be addressed by ourselves and green energy besides energy conserv…
NitinNPujari1 12/23(土) 1:11
Yes sure it can be done
RoniSylvester 12/23(土) 1:12
Does this mean you'll stop @algore's AGW con that's "hurt" far too many of us?
V_THAKRAL 12/23(土) 1:13
It's odd that most people are non-serious on big problems like global warming and fight over small issue…
sjmcclain1 12/23(土) 1:13
Maybe we could have stopped the last ice age if we were around to throw money at the problem. You shoul…
drjulesb 12/23(土) 1:13
Thank you for being a champion for this cause!
VMhada 12/23(土) 1:13
Incidentally your President doesn't see it that way.
Grzegorz_Rossa 12/23(土) 1:14
Dwutlenek węgla nie jest gazem cieplarnianym.
D4nkie 12/23(土) 1:15
At one point in time Bill Gates had enough money to build his own International Space Station. He is try…
jespinosa175 12/23(土) 1:16
I thought you were smart—climate change is a load of monkey snot!
nadoshma 12/23(土) 1:16
I'm keeping my hope as well
Maha_Abdallah_0 12/23(土) 1:16
To put others in perspectives and not make them suffer by the consequences of your decisions especially…
stevanlohja 12/23(土) 1:16
You'll have to disarm us first before getting our tax money to pay for your own Climate Change subsidies.
DBooyaw 12/23(土) 1:16
Taxes? What about a.cleanup?
YUICHISASAKI5 12/23(土) 1:17
ITADOC 12/23(土) 1:18
It’s not clear if climate change is caused by human being otherwise it is obvious that the actions again…
GAYFISHPIOTR 12/23(土) 1:19
But is need interference in hardware
heliom789 12/23(土) 1:20
I am sure you were optimistic when w98 presentation blue screen'd
195busik 12/23(土) 1:23
Надеемся на лучшее.
GAYFISHPIOTR 12/23(土) 1:23
P.S just everything again turns into water Times
LoadedGunn33 12/23(土) 1:25
Climate change has always happened Bill, climate change will always happen.
BTivadar 12/23(土) 1:25
Go for Food Forests!
infodumpsdotcom 12/23(土) 1:25
@billgates claims climate change is real
ABuccetti 12/23(土) 1:26
Please talk to Trump he is in dire need of some good advice.
Ihsanshah71Shah 12/23(土) 1:26
dear sir please gift me five billion dollars i want to be rich sir
jurrenagel 12/23(土) 1:26
Some people just can't change. That's the big problem. Even if we do everything to stop it, there will a…
F1Jackie_ 12/23(土) 1:27
That’s my work,
FillipJRye 12/23(土) 1:27
The biggest obstacle would be to change the hearts and minds of those who profit from easy dirty practic…
ifeanyiAnaekwe1 12/23(土) 1:27
Nice one if actualized
mrwmfc 12/23(土) 1:28
Bìll I appreciate your optimism but with no clear direction and every country wanting lights air conditi…
ziegenwelt 12/23(土) 1:31
Sorry amerikan dream, befor you have to change your Präsident (amerika first ). Best wishes and Merry Christmas
TechieLiao 12/23(土) 1:31
I hope you're correct. Please try to find a way to change the stance of the ruling party in our country.…
Ricardo9p 12/23(土) 1:31
It's would be great if you could stop laundering money with your foundation.
sliimjoe 12/23(土) 1:33
True talk. Wonder why some do not believe in it
lynstroy 12/23(土) 1:34
Thank you for all you do.
NicoloSilvio 12/23(土) 1:35
What about NASA and the sunspot report?
AbadyOlga 12/23(土) 1:36
P Trump is often short at being a good communicator, vs Obama, Master of the Narrative. What P Trump opo…
Reydian222 12/23(土) 1:37
Yeaa, and its okay to send us cash, yeah?
kibrutto 12/23(土) 1:38
@rodgers_kirwa @KenaravaGroup @cchebu @ArigiB good climate change will greatly improved our farming styles
martin_mima 12/23(土) 1:41
Good comment Bill. Why not unload some of your billions (almost Trillion ) to the cause, it would go a long way.
manuelgelardo 12/23(土) 1:47
El cambio climático, @BillGates es irreversible porque cada vez somos más y cada vez consumimos más.
ChrisMTyas 12/23(土) 1:48
@billgates You believe we can stop climate change? Are you wealthy enough to alter Earth orbit? You've d…
KellyGreenjade 12/23(土) 1:53
What do u think bout trump tax plan? Im a single mom on housing with disability and i am being evicted f…
Lilaksha82 12/23(土) 1:55
Optimism...I remember that word. Then Trump happened and now he somehow believes that we need to be depe…
DisturbedJace 12/23(土) 1:58
If we as people want to stop climate change why don’t we start with cities that have smog covering them??
EssalekZ 12/23(土) 1:59
Earth chellange
NC_Ad_Man_Mike 12/23(土) 2:00
I know you've been around this world a time or 2. Hope your right. But if not I know after we destroy ou…
Kawuma_PeterC 12/23(土) 2:06
buh it can't happen without the influence of u people i mean the @kpeter_calvin
Enlil_Winds 12/23(土) 2:08
khabi_mononyane 12/23(土) 2:11
Bill share with me the secret, i want to be rich
UpriseEnergy 12/23(土) 2:11
Our 10kW portable wind turbine is well positioned to address issues of climate change and energy poverty…
fisheaglesquard 12/23(土) 2:13
you are almost correct,but we can't stop climate change,it can only be moderated
khabi_mononyane 12/23(土) 2:13
Bill share with me the secret, how can i become rich
martin558 12/23(土) 2:15
Climate change is real and made by man alright !!!! And this man has a major part to play in it.... wake…
maoner55 12/23(土) 2:16
Sorry, no!
martin558 12/23(土) 2:16
Research this man and he’s depopulation program
sainath011998 12/23(土) 2:16
Hloo sir I had so many ideas I want to share with u because I don't know how to implement .how can I get…
Mksingh63Singh 12/23(土) 2:19
God will help you do it. All the best.
atmtaiwo 12/23(土) 2:21
Everyman is a business man of his time, think about that!
PadhanAswini 12/23(土) 2:23
I like you change to farmers sistem
Vishnu34087967 12/23(土) 2:32
Super Mr.@BillGates sir lets change the would with technology amd save famers
plastics2fuel 12/23(土) 2:36
@SingularMARS Should also include investing replacing fossil fuels with waste derived fuels (double whammy )
Arvinds24706048 12/23(土) 2:39
DharmeshKoradi2 12/23(土) 2:46
Definately sir
sassydoe5 12/23(土) 2:47
You r a veracious reader. Consider writing a novel or comedy, yourself. The mind is like a computer, it…
BAHADIO1 12/23(土) 2:49
Not speaking but action. Don't do like ONU.
dhilinraju 12/23(土) 2:50
Isnt really possible?
RoxanaHonciuc 12/23(土) 3:04
I think, if I am not making a mistake that stopping, diminishing carbon emissions is one andriseoftemperature shouldnotberelated.
AfCIDlByOY82fcd 12/23(土) 3:04
I'm Shine.Always,thank you very much.
RoxanaHonciuc 12/23(土) 3:06
I think in Quebec is too cold...maybe the lack of some people's feelings bring freeze and in Russia.
krayujaa 12/23(土) 3:09
Hey biggest fraud on the earth,, first try to stop ur depopulation agenda...
schonhyme1 12/23(土) 3:10
Good for you Bill
RemiRem40262018 12/23(土) 3:13
soroushacm22 12/23(土) 3:27
You are very good man
DEEPAKK73318545 12/23(土) 3:29
Very nice status
wmhob1 12/23(土) 3:31
Keep up the good work! You’re changing the world for a second time! Bravo Bill Gates.
peekasso 12/23(土) 3:32
BishwaAcha7 12/23(土) 3:35
Sir, There is an Facebook ID in your name. something is proved from that ID, then it seems that the ID i…
Pedrobara10 12/23(土) 3:41
Global warming does not end with the reading of books that write non-water reading characters in the sen…
Shine95265304 12/23(土) 3:42
I don'tknow u.but,Please tell us later. this will be very importantmeaning.
tayal_shikhar 12/23(土) 3:44
Without any uniform policy throughout the world , climate change will remain continue as a problem no ma…
NovaRealtySrvss 12/23(土) 3:44
If you really want to stop global warming, stop clear cutting and restore the rain forests. They are th…
Jyotikaur2014 12/23(土) 3:46
Let's help out please ...
RArroway 12/23(土) 3:51
President Trump enjoy you holidays at Mal-lar-key
Shine95265304 12/23(土) 3:52
Hi.I'm Mina.I'm God.Your using money is Verygood! I want singer!Please,do you remake my future?
JunoonLalit 12/23(土) 3:57
American Govt has reduced the Tax rates Is it really gonna help to People in America??

Just wanted to know your opinion ....
MaryJosphin 12/23(土) 4:13
high time...environmental awareness n concern n action need to taken n enforced.
007pushkarp 12/23(土) 4:15
This innovation will leads to a great extent. Food is the major part of a human life & its source comes…
TIMELINEREPAIR 12/23(土) 4:20
no you can't and are LYING to cheat the world! Trump and others make YOU a LIAR! if you wanted to stop a…
brahmasiri 12/23(土) 4:25
Through science, research & innovation humanity may get lots of tools to fight with climate change, But…
Jhameel 12/23(土) 4:26
sussex_paul 12/23(土) 4:31
Do you really think we can stop a 5 billion year old phenomenon? The only way we can affect climate is w…
TwanyaMckinley1 12/23(土) 4:39
That's right Mr Gates ❤️
juanfuria62 12/23(土) 4:40
Usted que es dueño de medio mundo...podría explicarle el Efecto Mariposa a "the little rocket man"?. Cie…
TIMELINEREPAIR 12/23(土) 4:42
it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to stop climate change... how insulting you dare even say such words out of your m…
Rajkuma74121251 12/23(土) 4:48
Sir please help me....please sir 09582178728
mrwmfc 12/23(土) 4:57
Bìll can you tell me how we can increase the circular flow of the ocean, decrease the1 degree temperatur…
DaoAlderman 12/23(土) 5:00
Truth with the innovations in agriculture that we can subdue the impact of the warm climate, but we do n…
GrantRich2 12/23(土) 5:03
Your in computers... you can't even stop a virus from happening. What makes u think u can stop the weather???
DaoAlderman 12/23(土) 5:09
We plant our food sources at right locations, at the right conditions, at the right times with the innov…
genc_povataj 12/23(土) 5:17
Part 1
You are obe where it sells pullution,you only expekt money!
Foundation Bill,only…
AtkinsTimbo 12/23(土) 5:29
Not without nuclear power
Shelnelle2 12/23(土) 5:29
I believe this is possible Bill.
mikeahern1 12/23(土) 5:31
Please! Price the externalities of fossil fuel consumption.
Machtyn 12/23(土) 5:39
Humans can no more affect global cooling or global warming than it can make a concerted effort to cool t…
MdAtifAkhtar3 12/23(土) 6:03
If you can include@elonmusk in this program
shawwash 12/23(土) 6:14
Unless no one can change trump no one can change climate
WillBow1 12/23(土) 6:15
Paris climate agreement , what's going on in potus head withdrawing from what basically is for our child…
raajuusharma 12/23(土) 6:17
It's achievable provided we think of preservation of nature first and fulfillment of human needs next. E…
elbertelliot1 12/23(土) 6:19
almightyk9 12/23(土) 6:22
In a country that's ruled by a twit who denies climate change? no, you need to get rid of that buffoon i…
EastSideFlowers 12/23(土) 6:26
Not with idiots like the fraudulent "president" in office.
EastSideFlowers 12/23(土) 6:27
But i DO like and am behind your message & hope.
vrolijken 12/23(土) 6:35
Is it me? The blog post is completely empty! Even in Edge.
FPrettenthaler 12/23(土) 6:58
we whish you are right, thanks for your efforts and Merry Christmas!
__jonnyg 12/23(土) 7:02
@jonathan_jerald In a decent sustainable society there should be no such things as billionaires.
Vijayagayathri1 12/23(土) 7:07
Nice sir .. let's support then farmers May b by increasing their salaries ? Eienistiens sir said if all…
SeanDunaway5 12/23(土) 7:12
We need more positive messages like this
My4EverWorld 12/23(土) 7:14
It is up to us.
MCKrempel 12/23(土) 7:14
Stop the climate from changing? Why on earth would you want to do that?
adamkha80547958 12/23(土) 7:16
Hello sir, i wish u all success in the help u are providing to the world.
TonyRandazzo8 12/23(土) 7:18
MandeboMapuru 12/23(土) 7:19
Hello sir. I really need your help. Can you offer me your contact details to contact you please.....Thank you
Karim92053191 12/23(土) 7:27
TwistedPolitix 12/23(土) 7:28
Im pretty sure your GMOs, chemtrails, fracking waste water, are the problem, not so called…
CesiaCare 12/23(土) 7:28
How long do you think it will take Mr. Gates?
Rosanne530 12/23(土) 7:30
Not with this President and this congress!
democ15 12/23(土) 7:37
Since you care so much about the environment how about donating some of your money to Congo to raise sal…
Nikolay_Christ 12/23(土) 7:58
To stop climate change, we need to give people Internet 2. - CSG
ivywong6527 12/23(土) 8:01
kharavelatimes 12/23(土) 8:09
Please don't delay.
DLKChiacchia 12/23(土) 8:09
100% agree
Vijayagayathri1 12/23(土) 8:15
Could we encourage all rich to become veg and then to frutarian and bretharian as per food from gods boo…
Shaheen42 12/23(土) 8:20
I’m with you on this account but you’ve to convince moron in White House
AHumanAmerican 12/23(土) 8:24
Mr. Gates i respect and admire you very much but climate change can not be stopped humans just have to m…
Demslayer13 12/23(土) 8:46
If the forecast is realized, the 2017-18 world wheat crop would be the third largest produced, trailing…
Anonymitysec 12/23(土) 8:55
Right On!♻️
Noah_N_Salma 12/23(土) 8:59
Me too.

They made jet fuel out of algy in Japan that produces as much oxygen as the carbon it admits af…
mprof56 12/23(土) 9:00
So we must stop climate change!

[ ナルコ (Naruko ) ] [ 神話 (Shinwa ) ] itunes
Moyer347 12/23(土) 9:27
Stop student loan garnishments for families
QueenBDivine 12/23(土) 9:28
pineapplepolis 12/23(土) 9:37
I believe this change may be induced by the moon pulling out from earth's gravitation enhancing tidal in…
sandhu476 12/23(土) 9:38
Sir nobody can satisfy the unfathomable hunger of human breed....
FromGen2Gen 12/23(土) 9:55
@BITC Yes we can but only if young & old come together to set examples and protest against squandering our resources
EdwardLee23 12/23(土) 9:57
Bill, as a one human being living in earth thank u so much for ur help
solankiankit93 12/23(土) 10:04
Optimism isn't a suitable word it's giving excuses but it should happen and it will happen no matter how.
DLioumou 12/23(土) 10:14
LeslieAndreNix4 12/23(土) 10:15
I'm definitely a supporter of reducing carbon emissions! Recycling and Alternative Energy! We stand behind you and mr. Gates!
kjakeerhussain4 12/23(土) 10:16
Super sir...I am also supporting
unInstantEpoque 12/23(土) 10:39
We all need philanthropists like you to help those specialists in ecology etc. to find employment and pu…
Zvalueman 12/23(土) 10:45
I sure hope this is more than a "basic" thought of yours. Although, your basic is the base of many peopl…
Abhisehk2 12/23(土) 10:52
Come to India
Smit52468127 12/23(土) 10:56
MaryMogrizzle2 12/23(土) 11:03
If anyone can do it or help attain it, it would be you
VipinJh06622218 12/23(土) 11:07
Great job sir
Hariraajan5 12/23(土) 11:13
selvap 12/23(土) 11:18
Great, pls take initiative and deploy the good ..
dharmen45800622 12/23(土) 11:32
Hawahawai song
Narendrasingam4 12/23(土) 11:36
We need a better skills on agriculture and we need to stop worst type seeds in the market.. And farmers…
Ardeshirshahho1 12/23(土) 11:38
I wish we have an intelligent system to warn the people who live in earthquak lands 30 minutes before st…
bankofbiology 12/23(土) 11:43
As much as artificial electrical energy is used that much muscular energy is going to be converted into…
tumma_p 12/23(土) 11:47
Nice..u r the only person to do anything not to thinking about resources and things like this..all the best..
GlencrossChris 12/23(土) 11:51
I sincerely hope that you are right. With optimism there is hope
tendrbaby2 12/23(土) 11:52
Bill, why can't you run for President? We've had enough of the so please seriously consider it!
AshishA52888053 12/23(土) 11:53
RGVGreatCoder 12/23(土) 11:55
If only solar panels and rails be 35% less expensive (on top of federal tax credit ) to reduce ROI to 4 y…
amitmishraLmp 12/23(土) 12:04
जय जवान जय किसान
aarif_alfarsi 12/23(土) 12:05
Invest in me and I'll make the change
zamrul2000 12/23(土) 12:11
Bill gates for US president!
bobohueball 12/23(土) 12:23
Ye of little faith we can stop climate change
Rishi_Babbar 12/23(土) 12:26
After the world turns only then we can think any further to save ......
ProfessorKirig1 12/23(土) 12:27
Yes, indeed there is something all of us earth citizenry can do to mitigate impact of climate change. If…
Macabraking6656 12/23(土) 12:27
In India climates take too much farmers life's.
Now solutions there's.
loveesoni 12/23(土) 12:51
I bought iPhn 6 in mnth April and aftr using only 1 mnth i faced auto reboot issue with it and now…
DanielCTade3 12/23(土) 12:51
Thank YOU GOD that YOU'RE in Control...Thru Blessing like Mr. Gates & Associates...true Love of People & Planet..all Props
Haikalfit 12/23(土) 12:54
Bill gates can you buy bank rakyat..i think you can buy bank rakyat because you very rich..
DrewSmibert 12/23(土) 12:59
Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. We were made as stewards of this world. If we ask…
DrewSmibert 12/23(土) 13:15
Haven't you heard? If you mercifully squish a spider, people say it's going to rain. Once, I saved a spi…
AsrarGill 12/23(土) 13:16
Nice sir g
ChThnh15 12/23(土) 13:22
We can't, since every day millions tons of toxic fumes released into the air through factory chimneys a…
Vegefresh_Group 12/23(土) 13:26
Yes is a gift to our generation, am trust God to raise another angel like Bill.. Thank you for yielding!!!
MohamedAlowaini 12/23(土) 13:27
Absolutely, the biology experts assured the planet tempretare has been increased +1C due to the heat emmision.
JeffbakersrJeff 12/23(土) 13:29
Great idea Bill, but stopping climate change is beyond even your ability. Maybe altering it, but stopping, come on.
atanulic_poddar 12/23(土) 13:30
Good job
Vegefresh_Group 12/23(土) 13:34
We are created to make! even if it is only yourself you make better! The world will become a lot better!!
khungersumit 12/23(土) 13:46
The biggest challenge is Console.WriteLine("Most of the people don't care about it" );
GHalder2 12/23(土) 13:51
manishhsaxena7 12/23(土) 13:59
Grow more tress. Control the temperature and increase the oxygen content in the American continent.
Sunflow37598746 12/23(土) 14:02
Mother Loves Nature the one God gave us ,not the one people wanted to own
humanity_ashok 12/23(土) 14:06
energy of innovation = new energy revolution that promises desirable solutions.
TashaWoods14 12/23(土) 14:07
vikasarsid22 12/23(土) 14:48
I like what ever your doing to well being of the world
ranchan39 12/23(土) 15:39
AGreat vision Sir
FathonieAG2 12/23(土) 15:42
Keep Brightmind: Fathonie AG
@ThonieAG @ThonieAG_News @Fath_AG @AGfathonie @AG_Fathonie @FathonieAGnews…
HritikJuneja 12/23(土) 15:47
plz sir kuch ho skta ho to kreaga plz
OfficalDB 12/23(土) 15:54
Soil erosion is a bigger threat to farming than climate change, climate change is a massive threat to th…
nilanjibtwitt 12/23(土) 15:58
Hi Bill. I hope you heard about farmers committing suicides in India for years. Do you have any idea how…
Asfaha14 12/23(土) 16:02
shobhitbilt 12/23(土) 16:42
It's not only a matter of farmers, it's a matter of all human being. We the people of world must be toge…
Egbert_Nierop 12/23(土) 16:44
I think that we should focus on methane gas, emitted by livestock, so become a vegan. When we stop meat…
prabpkumar 12/23(土) 16:55
Yes correct sir
ZackOfPortland 12/23(土) 16:56
You'r globalism will fail sir.
caster_sandra 12/23(土) 17:11
i am hoping on getting that new job in the energy sector. hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
KalferiK 12/23(土) 17:22
Preside Trump: “Climate change is a hoax by Chinese government. “
thequan8 12/23(土) 17:23
Thank you for leading and living by example on climate change. As the world’s leading nation we have the…
ShivkumarGS 12/23(土) 17:41
Crlebrating ‍ farmers ‍ Day Today
DwijenDas11 12/23(土) 17:51
Great plan
chikkudusrihar2 12/23(土) 18:12
chikkudusrihar2 12/23(土) 18:13
Manisha24988603 12/23(土) 18:23
Each & every person think about farmer
kbasford76 12/23(土) 18:30
Do you own or are you a shareholder of Machine Zone?
tidthammawasi 12/23(土) 18:58
บิล เกตส์เขาทำ เพราะสำนึกถึงความผิดพลาดที่ทำในอดีตไว้เหรอ
amjadfarazi 12/23(土) 19:14
how we change such a big city like Lahore ppl did not aware about climate and responsible for climate po…
MALICK18265741 12/23(土) 19:21
Burkina faso's childrens And students, wait also.
Exp0071 12/23(土) 19:36
Thank for these encouraging gatesnotes.
pump too much electricity.
Do you support a more ecologic crytocurrency ?
prompt48809733 12/23(土) 19:50
@arkung_chen put some old man made fertilizer to add more ?, the world is a lot of old people.
This's a…
altafhu87686064 12/23(土) 20:03
WayneSloan7 12/23(土) 20:03
Ur rich but ur not God
altafhu87686064 12/23(土) 20:07
Vijay3739 12/23(土) 20:10
Very correct sir,,, hoping you to work more with the solar energy system.... Thanks a lot......
altafhu87686064 12/23(土) 20:10
9Z77XsyJLPKoYFG 12/23(土) 20:18
3acbcc87a6774a4 12/23(土) 20:37
I need help
PLAndrese 12/23(土) 20:38
I’m fairly certain you won’t see this, however, one must try. If you want to change the world beyond MS,…
CamCelt 12/23(土) 20:47
Good on you for doing your best about climate change, but how bout looking after your customers of windo…
pokemondundee 12/23(土) 21:17
I believe we can too!! But not while this government is destroying science and denying logic!
zakirkhan365 12/23(土) 21:30
Very good sir
BenzoJohnson1 12/23(土) 22:11
it needs to be a two pronged attack, how much food is wasted/sent to landfill in the western world. educ…
wellwisher2312 12/23(土) 22:12
oh come on Mr Gates help the poor, still on the wrong track sir
Bettyjane83 12/23(土) 23:04
There's no climate change. Its the Earths natural voluntary climate. We have factual data of the last fe…
Fenchurch19 12/23(土) 23:06
Perhaps educating people to eat more healthy and therefore less would be a opposing force to the mass ag…
NazrulI53106848 12/23(土) 23:13
Yes it should, but it fully depends upon the BIG POWER,
patti_lynn 12/23(土) 23:43
Would value your perspective on the current and future implications livestock has on the environment.
Jekyll_1 12/23(土) 23:45
Yea everything is great
MoomatJi 12/23(土) 23:47
Rishabh_kmr18 12/23(土) 23:58
AfzalBidrohi 12/24(日) 0:09
I always following Bill Gates
Midnight_In_Mon 12/24(日) 0:13
jiewu6 12/24(日) 0:16
NgeeraJohn 12/24(日) 0:39
How can we do it.
CryptoFamous1 12/24(日) 0:50
Fuck off with your fake news shit
Depopulation through vacation now climate your sucking the tit of the…
kandantr 12/24(日) 0:56
Earth’s Human Geography

World Becomes More Urban
One of the biggest challenges today many nations face…
GabrielBlake_ 12/24(日) 1:36
No, it's all over. There's nothing anybody can do. Money is more important to corporations than saving t…
rabail_ahmed 12/24(日) 1:49
Really great
Marosky4real 12/24(日) 1:54
I am a huge fan of Bill Gates. You inspire me more than a lot . I just wish I could ever meet with yo…
Mrgarfield007 12/24(日) 2:39
I am in for your optimism, but give us an idea of how we can stop the climate change. Here in Idaho majo…
HabaneroUSA 12/24(日) 2:40
Not with the current president... huge set Back for the planet :(
ProjitDas11 12/24(日) 2:44
drhpe 12/24(日) 3:14
Great projet
stevespence4 12/24(日) 3:26
Go nuclear power
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:40
Let me get 5 million.
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:41
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:41
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:41
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:41
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:43
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:43
Rob00042626 12/24(日) 3:43
Let me get a million dollars.
HectorLuisMora1 12/24(日) 3:45
Sure, you just need to cut business influence on policy making and then appoint the right people. It is really not that hard.
SaranGupta6 12/24(日) 4:28
Climate change it happens bcoz we disturb god make items and we use our smart so
wastedender 12/24(日) 5:15
We've been changing our climate for decades on purpose.
imarocker55 12/24(日) 5:31
Tunnyl_ 12/24(日) 5:36
We are very excited by your initiatives @BillGates and look forward to doing our part in lowering the ca…
Atasi 12/24(日) 5:45
Yes my friend : )
RagulinMaksim 12/24(日) 6:19
@foxandfriends Real deal I am optimistic if you know someone on the market for NYC home tweet it my way
loyyang28 12/24(日) 6:58
catloverirene 12/24(日) 7:16
Please do something
StephaneTeeten 12/24(日) 7:27
Canthemum1212 12/24(日) 7:40
I'm a PhD archaeologist who studied complexity theory for years. I'm no longer concerned a/climate cha…
phulgoot 12/24(日) 8:12
Bill dude love u …
EngrGaho 12/24(日) 8:33
Sir Wish you good luck ,fight for this great cause . This eartth needs you, i heartly support your message.. Regards
DefendYisrael 12/24(日) 8:40
I thought we already passed the point of no return on climate change?
RawcaQ 12/24(日) 9:03
Anything in mind bill??...uhh
AnimalsGiveAll 12/24(日) 10:38
Mr Gates, thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. How do you think we can get veganism to spread faster?
RawcaQ 12/24(日) 11:40
Barack Had a proposal, a good one...
JesusAl40948348 12/24(日) 11:44
Bro.. to me you were the first person to change the world .. you inspired me you you change the future... you are the OG
BKpHNfpNrkcoqQp 12/24(日) 12:00
Have any support to help the farmers by Microsoft?
Ranjith8260 12/24(日) 12:15
@BillGates we wish to happen that Mr.
marialjones2017 12/24(日) 12:24
Hi Bill. I filed the patent re: our discussion of the PC in 1975; mailed it yesterday.
yuendatou 12/24(日) 13:25
ManishRupani12 12/24(日) 13:40
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tmulahh 12/24(日) 14:01
@BillGates I know this sounds ridiculous but I have an idea that can change the world, please message me…
WeiJiang111128 12/24(日) 14:07
@BillGates thanks for advising me. I am your big fans along the way
KartikeyKaushi9 12/24(日) 14:21
Good Morning Sir, I Kartikey Kaushik appreciate your works & opinion & want to work with your destination. Plz reply,
kingof333 12/24(日) 16:18
Ill find you
octavia_octo 12/24(日) 16:34
Ijin share @Amal_Alghozali. Siapa tahu jodoh
KateWil28174305 12/24(日) 17:17
APEG 12/24(日) 18:10
Nice initiatives to help farmers and schools in sustainable and reliable clean energy is progressing in…
DeusYoreps 12/24(日) 19:32
Hi father hw are u?
NaimaislamNaima 12/24(日) 20:44
I am agree with you
CHRISTOFUR9 12/24(日) 22:28
mosquitos that suck up chemtrails and spew out hope.
opaaje_tope 12/24(日) 23:05
I need your financial assistance, please sir,any amount. My email;
KmnazrulIslam14 12/24(日) 23:24
Sir, christmas greetings I wrote this letter to you with a lot of greatness. My family is not able to ru…
notillmark 12/24(日) 23:33
@ForumForAg Regenerative agriculture holds most of the answers. Look up gabe brown and allen williams.…
Rob00042626 12/25(月) 0:34
Let me get a billion dollars.
edwardapec 12/25(月) 1:07
Did you ever think animal agriculture is the main reason of climate change?
Mahmodshokan 12/25(月) 3:07
Hello Mr Bill Gates Our entertainment center for children psychologically affected by war and cannabis D…
igorcalka 12/25(月) 3:30
i need 10 mln
Rajkuma74121251 12/25(月) 4:02
Sir please help me...sir ji please...
MALIKMCCLAIN10 12/25(月) 4:15
Thanks Bill, I share your optimism, when great minds are confronting a problem, we generally come up with intelligent solutions
eadsjames2 12/25(月) 4:23
Bill Gates you need to Repent of your sins and surrender your life to Jesus (Yeshua ) the Christ for Salv…
Noneoun 12/25(月) 4:58
باشه تو خوبی
IsataBah18 12/25(月) 5:09
i like u so much
Mishka_Tarkar 12/25(月) 5:36
see this
johnstojo 12/25(月) 5:54
I am so grateful that people like you exist to give the world hope that intelligent, ethical, thoughtful change can happen. Hugs.
VictorE89412983 12/25(月) 6:56
possible if people we only join hands with you to combat it. If they do ,I'm seeing a world of filled with less harm and harmony
3backspace3 12/25(月) 7:39
If we don't stop hurting mother Earth, she will hurt us.
mohammmedalzah1 12/25(月) 8:33
How much money do u have?
EduardoiPhones 12/25(月) 9:08
Dear Bill, Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! Wish I could give you a gift but I’m sending good vibes…
fccosta878 12/25(月) 10:45
Feliz Natal
sanukg 12/25(月) 11:58
44Ru92U3Li 12/25(月) 12:49
Mr.Bill Gatesさーーーんっ\(//∇// )\Merry Christmas♬
Subramanya_G 12/25(月) 13:14
Jaffa780 12/25(月) 14:47
You know Mr. gates i am grateful for heat and food right now ... amen my Brotha...
IllCiph 12/25(月) 16:03
Very much so happy to see people taking action for a sustainable future.
YaswantKumarSi2 12/25(月) 17:20
mDswaz 12/25(月) 17:42
good working
sipssmoothiesgh 12/25(月) 18:01
afraid_my 12/25(月) 18:41
My brain made still algorithm.(cry)
this message is only for you.
MeiNurani01 12/25(月) 19:41
Selamat sore pak bill.lagi sibuk apa?
BernardTang11 12/25(月) 20:17
I know you are rich, can I borrow some money from you,probably nz $20000,I can pay back loan and interes…
habibar4love 12/25(月) 23:06
It's true to make help them with the heart not to showing and teach them about condition of which not th…
ChiefJayBinns 12/25(月) 23:29
AmisonMusic 12/25(月) 23:33
I am living 0 life but i feel as one day i will been like you,, or more than you,,
Abdulkadir8595 12/26(火) 2:15
how are you sir?
BasavarajMulge1 12/26(火) 2:16
Hi...sir how r you?..
Abdulkadir8595 12/26(火) 2:50
please ans me sir?
Abdulkadir8595 12/26(火) 2:54
i come u s a please help me sir my life very very hard sir
Mahmodshokan 12/26(火) 3:41
She asked Bill Gates to help displaced Syrian children and refused to help them as innocent children
WilfredKambanje 12/26(火) 3:54
ImthiyasBadurd5 12/26(火) 3:54
StaplesFax2014 12/26(火) 4:18
Merry Christmas!
AngelrainCom 12/26(火) 4:31 2018 resolutions are you sir teaching me how to make a dollar out of fifty cents
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Help litecoin please bill gates
HinNguyn2 12/26(火) 7:00
The universe knows what to do when people change their minds because it is the responsibility of the people.
LisaHelmuth 12/26(火) 7:06
Thank you!!!!!! I love your site and look forward to learning more from you! Innovation in solutions for…
aaa___444 12/26(火) 7:09
thankyoubravery 12/26(火) 9:18
Merry Christmas. My heart, there is a gold block in the turmoil. Please ignore my unpleasant mud. Please find a gold block.
MartinYao10 12/26(火) 11:18
How could I cooperate with you,if I only have led products
TyphoonHuman 12/26(火) 11:34
I could have stopped it a long time ago with your money. I could have stopped it with a third.
TyphoonHuman 12/26(火) 11:36
That's not a joke either. I really can stop global warming.
TyphoonHuman 12/26(火) 11:36
I know you could too but you don't know how.
JahKayee 12/26(火) 11:56
Thanks Bill Gates. I am one of the persons who study in that area. I earned my MBA-Environmental & Socia…
TillerSeeker 12/26(火) 13:06
Bill, I would be inclined to share your optimism if it were not for our current predicament here in the…
shokkumar55 12/26(火) 13:51
Christian character growth is number 1
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 13:56
Christian character growth is number 1
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 13:58
Humanity is above all religion. Humanity is above all.thats the theory of Christianity
AdrianaStuijt 12/26(火) 14:01
Strange thing about 'Climate Change' - The climate is in fact always changing and somebody who believes…
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 14:03
Hindus and Muslims have made females object of shame and honour
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 14:05
Having sex sensivitizes society
praveen88665262 12/26(火) 14:07
yes we can and we will
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 14:08
Christian care for individual nourishment and nutrition. Christian don't care for crowd.
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 14:10
Females are the ultimate source of inspiration for humanist forces
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 14:13
One guy fucks with 100 girls who have fucked with 100 guys.thats the foundation of Christian civilisation.
Abhishe85936020 12/26(火) 14:16
Having sex with balanced mind with different people leads to creative upsurge.
vmaxpro2017 12/26(火) 14:23
I believe
saugato_mukerji 12/26(火) 14:42
look at this picture note the higher biomass creation ( more photosynthesis ) under the solar panels due…
JooFilh69479400 12/26(火) 16:18
quién y bill gates
JooFilh69479400 12/26(火) 16:43
mi celular esta descargando gracias tchau gracias por oírme el mundo volver a ser lo que es el infinito…
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Sir ham apka bahut bada fan hai hum apsa milna chata hai 9122221661 jharkhand india
DurvalFernande2 12/26(火) 20:51
Temos uma comunidade de aproximadamente 1700 familias com população estimada de 7000 pessoas, remanesce…
Rajkuma74121251 12/26(火) 22:05
Sir please help me....please sir
phulgoot 12/26(火) 22:37
Bill dude love u …
tundexx 12/26(火) 22:51
True talk sir. But how can an ordinary man key into this opportunity
HykaDrew 12/26(火) 23:35
That's right.
We mustn't burn everything and environment to create energy.
Same we mustn't use paper n…
AnimeMlone 12/26(火) 23:40
Hi Sir i would like you to help me by donating me some $5k for my study. So i would be able to read Bac…
Dwmtukwila 12/26(火) 23:59
I would love to believe you Mr. Gates, but the change is happening too fast. A retired scientist from A…
aliaNoreen7 12/27(水) 1:01
Yes we can, but with collective efforts
Random10Matt 12/27(水) 1:19
How genius ?
Random10Matt 12/27(水) 1:21
Care to share? views on sustainable cities?
BoscoYiuSoLee 12/27(水) 1:24
Bravo!!! That is what we need.
boy_classi 12/27(水) 1:43
sir iam your very big fan
Zepper1977 12/27(水) 1:47
I need to gain progress on my inertial force propultion system to get our technology to the cosmos. We c…
Zepper1977 12/27(水) 2:15
If we are going into space, you might wanna jump aboard my space craft which is in the works. Solar powe…
jeffcalvin_1 12/27(水) 2:37
You have good lawyers ha you know you stole the codes and your lawyers know that every patent shall be g…
EsteeKay2 12/27(水) 2:58
@RBLX_BHUTAN has shown how Bhutan covers its carbon footprints! Let’s try to emulate that!
GregKnudtson 12/27(水) 3:16
Rajkuma74121251 12/27(水) 3:25
Sir please help me...please sir ji...
Mark94540626 12/27(水) 3:32
Esteghlal fc of Tehran wants ladies with their own children back to home no other ways
nickmyer 12/27(水) 4:33
How optimistic are you about whether "we" can stop assaults globally that are altering t…
Santiag49064723 12/27(水) 7:49
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PowerPlus_DCU 12/27(水) 8:44
Your a globalist piece OS. Quit Trying to rip off people and enslave them with your lies about weather.…
ComedianBeaty 12/27(水) 9:00
Yes .. We Love You in Hawaii. Bill Gates ... you are Hanna You Respect ✊Mother Earth …
tameem74944733 12/27(水) 9:29
Hi are you a multimillionaire?
jessewilliamsjw 12/27(水) 10:17
The problems are the answers Air and Water are our essential needs but they cause destruction from clima…
MorrisjSEXY 12/27(水) 10:46
Mr. Gates, Morrisj here sir. I am a Audio Mix/Mastering engineer, vocalist, producer from Berklee music…
vignesh81427388 12/27(水) 11:01
Hi sir... tell me what the smallest invesment business. And profit is 3 time more then invesment..
CandaceComprix 12/27(水) 11:06
wscottsurf9 12/27(水) 11:19
Mr Globalist who uses his foundation to promote Monsanto and GMOsvia vaccinetrust you NOT
russiea17 12/27(水) 11:36
komankhan2 12/27(水) 13:10
hello sir how are you?
trip95134 12/27(水) 13:11
I’m extremely optimistic, in all you do and say! You are our life saver. The Government has disappointed…
BhavsarUrvi 12/27(水) 15:38
Sir, the one who is most affected by climate change is birds, animals, and other species who are living…
MariyanFoundat1 12/27(水) 17:38
Please reply me.
Rob00042626 12/27(水) 22:11
Let me get a billion please. Big bro.
alericmargall 12/27(水) 22:25
You can’t global change climate. Through increased polllution and development microclimates may be creat…
whitehall69 12/27(水) 22:43
You are literally CRAZY!. STOP YOUR ARROGANCE NOW!!!
francis3mashowo 12/27(水) 23:19
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lewis_manny 12/28(木) 1:46
What do you think of the President's executive order. Any comment?
Rajkuma74121251 12/28(木) 2:56
Sir ji please help me...please sir
MariyanFoundat1 12/28(木) 3:01
Sir,happy new year advance.i am very requesting to you please help to poor child for home,health,educati…
RagetAlex 12/28(木) 3:25
Hello, dear Bill, I urgently need your support, I have for you many good ideas, drawings of inventions,…
RagetAlex 12/28(木) 3:25
support, I would like to receive your contacts to send you drawings of inventions (computer, new gollogr…
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Sir. I am a student from Pakistan.
Sir I study in class 9th and wanted to become a doctor. My brother is…
saliha_here 12/28(木) 3:32
Sir I had informed you earlier that I and my brother wanted to sudy in leading institutes of this world.…
lindasmith54321 12/28(木) 3:48
happy holidays to you and your family. we love you mr,bill gates
lindasmith54321 12/28(木) 4:03
mr.bill gates,i dont know if you receive my message,but ive been to tring to speak with you, first;my…
uprising76 12/28(木) 6:06
hello Bill Gates I tell my story my name is Juan Pablo I am 29 years old I am from Chile I wanted to kno…
pletaalpha 12/28(木) 7:41
Climate change isn’t real it’s controlled by government.
bilelmaaloul 12/28(木) 9:27
Can i work in Microsoft please
ChargeForwrd 12/28(木) 12:00
This is what we're building at @ChargeForwrd
MeiNurani01 12/28(木) 13:53
Bagaimana kabarnya pak lagi apa sekarang.
TyrantII 12/28(木) 13:54
@thephysicsgirl You're gonna have to pony up the cash and get political. Cash is speech (thanks SCOTUS )…
dt_phone_case 12/28(木) 14:53
These Things you do are very meaningful.
EarthDying 12/28(木) 16:00
Rains are not unpredictable, you scumbag. You know exactly where it will rain and where it won’t. You DE…
EarthDying 12/28(木) 16:01
Funny how that cute little animation shows/says nothing about geoengineering aerosol spray or ionosphere…
JooFilh69479400 12/28(木) 16:52
Olá Você Caga Ouro?????
heshihaoDK 12/28(木) 17:29
Microsoft needs you !!
generousdude1 12/28(木) 20:26
Good business takes fruit at the end of the road .... keep going President
KoKaung71234995 12/28(木) 20:42
you are my respect person
vino41639850 12/28(木) 21:28
Suresh86403807 12/28(木) 22:01
Nice sir
ChenCandyenipay 12/28(木) 22:33
Only by stimulating competitiveness can we help it grow.
DenisMurage2 12/28(木) 22:34
That a encouranging quote
ShayvsConnor18 12/28(木) 23:10
I'm sure you're right. If we change our lifestyles- eat less meat, ealk instead of drive, etc and develo…
dc77ae00b817435 12/28(木) 23:25
If u want help world hunger u can do it through bitcoin..
Julio3353976 12/28(木) 23:47
Yes we all can do that! All we have to do is use our hearts and common sense,we have only one Earth .
Julio3353976 12/28(木) 23:51
Yes we can do that.using our Hearts,and common sense,We have only one Beautiful Earth
Arvind21309213 12/29(金) 0:52
Sir you always charity big money all over the world pls do some charity to me 1 million dollars I will f…
cluts_x 12/29(金) 1:32
Bill gates the climate guy Bill Bill Bill , bill gates the climate guy
TheWalrus_IsMe 12/29(金) 3:03
Sorry Bill, but @realDonaldTrump says it all a Chinese hoax. Who am I going to believe, you or Don? Exactly.
TheWalrus_IsMe 12/29(金) 3:09
There's a lag time of about 30 years with CO2. What we released in the 80's is just affecting us now. No…
PavlaSnopkova 12/29(金) 3:39
Amazing how optimistic one can be...truly amazing...who do you tweet for?
Hoodia_Hoodia 12/29(金) 5:08

YOU are the ones destroying humanity, make billions of people suffer, even silencing their…
annalexa1 12/29(金) 5:33
Only if people make the right changes now and continue to do so in the future. Where is a list of how ea…
sweetpb 12/29(金) 7:34
@AklMichael Wish I had your kind of money to help. But I am still glad that you and your wife continue t…
Bandar_7sn 12/29(金) 9:06
When you have 90 billion dollar what you feel ?? I hope to give me some of this money
J_Christ0223 12/29(金) 11:48
mbwanamasoud1 12/29(金) 13:20
I hope so.
ayanda_mankgoe 12/29(金) 13:32
the world cant be changed it will remain the same for centuries
katyrica1 12/29(金) 13:48
Hi. Give me a chance to work with you.
CHRISTOFUR9 12/29(金) 14:14
what about a mosquito that helps old people with their shopping?
Jacob_Mason_CA 12/29(金) 14:49
Trying to get ahold of Bill Gates about donating to my political campaign, my proposal for a clean renew…
HarishG18846976 12/29(金) 15:47
Hi sir
lolipop8104 12/29(金) 17:57