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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2019/8/13(火) 23:32 .

Melinda and I are big fans of @DonorsChoose, and we were thrilled to learn that @WKamauBell is, too. Today, when yo…

BattiniSandeep4 8/13(火) 23:32
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
usmannriaz 8/13(火) 23:33
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
YSGNG 8/13(火) 23:33
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Woooooooow 50%. Congrats to them.
Stephan_Reitzig 8/13(火) 23:33
Shouldn't it be "Melinda and me"?
digit8l 8/13(火) 23:33
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
WendanteM 8/13(火) 23:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell this is wendante misaye. I am from Ethiopia. I am graduated
from debre markos…
Joe_Schmo___ 8/13(火) 23:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Donate away! Help 1 family enjoy their "golden" years.
RobotWhatIsLove 8/13(火) 23:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Schools should be fully supplied through TAXES. Rich guys like you should be p…
WendanteM 8/13(火) 23:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell this is my last resort to
escape from this situation. please save me. help my…
BGray8ful 8/13(火) 23:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell thanks for the geoenginnering bill!!! love looking at the sky n seeing all tho…
masood_74 8/13(火) 23:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell A gifted teacher is as rare as a gifted doctor, and makes far less money.
WendanteM 8/13(火) 23:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell as soon as possible i will try to
return it with in a few years. now i am a va…
MrsLandru 8/13(火) 23:34
@star95011 @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I only need $151 thanks to @BillGates and @melindagates would anyo…
TheDevJB 8/13(火) 23:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell @pulte
Doophenshmirtz 8/13(火) 23:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Were you on
AdnanTahirs 8/13(火) 23:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Good initiative
S_AMTZ 8/13(火) 23:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you and your wife for supporting education sir.
diginagrik 8/13(火) 23:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell What is this business..?..when we donate, it will get a 50% boost.....if not t…
SomeAreDead 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Only in the US?
AnilRajesh6 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Ray of Hope arises from darkness of hopelessness. Those who fall will know the…
ElkaderKaled 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell In the quality of the documentation of the institution and its work in the sco…
TalhaKh30987228 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
FakeNewsBlues 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell You and Melinda are heros!!! @wkamaubell is too!!!
Mohamme78595033 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bill Why don't you come to Sudan
MikeNettey 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Great job!
melissa27g 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Teachers like me are so grateful! Thank you.
BardiGarl 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bill gates my mentor
iAmMujahidShah 8/13(火) 23:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Indian army are behaving with Kashmiris like animals Pray for Kashmir.…
JaredLeiderman 8/13(火) 23:37
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Why should teachers have to fundraise for school supplies?

Change the system, Bill.
JuneBug20485407 8/13(火) 23:37
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I love this teacher's idea for helping students:
via @donorschoose
emrammel 8/13(火) 23:38
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you so donating and helping out so many people.
ajayi_2820 8/13(火) 23:38
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Good day team,
Am an upcoming Entrepreneur who is into sales of stationary and…
MarcusGavi21 8/13(火) 23:40
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Gates is a nutter from hell
hasenabew 8/13(火) 23:41
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Why not your foundation donate directly; if I understood it?
RobertH35083809 8/13(火) 23:42
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bravo how about new computers for libraries Mr Gates?
bonnienorman 8/13(火) 23:42
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I've been a huge fan for 7 years now.

Just browse the website, see what teac…
Zerothree000 8/13(火) 23:43
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Didn’t Mr Bell recently feature a terrorist on his program? Birds of a feather right Bill?
Imuentiyan01 8/13(火) 23:43
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell @BillGates
Bro please I need your support, my dad needed $54,000 to kidney hi…
RamdasKumbhar11 8/13(火) 23:43
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
AngelaTwiss1 8/13(火) 23:43
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you Mr. Gates your continued support is appreciated so very much!
grumpytrooper 8/13(火) 23:44
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell in all honesty teachers don't get enough credit. Many people seem to forget th…
HoganColleen 8/13(火) 23:46
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Amen
bryantom 8/13(火) 23:46
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Mr. Gates, please run for President.
8xlwyTqEtDlD2XB 8/13(火) 23:47
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I like smart people
amon_nguma 8/13(火) 23:47
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Congrats for your sincerely support to the well being of the people please he…
jakepalenske 8/13(火) 23:49
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Paging DonorsChoose super fan @PamWickham1
RamiMoh78763150 8/13(火) 23:49
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell 2 M$
crashboundaries 8/13(火) 23:52
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Beat trump and become the president!
dineshkanchan73 8/13(火) 23:53
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell @BillGates
parlaypsycho 8/13(火) 23:54
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Follow me and my sports picks to help yourself make some great money.
vikramb_mumbai 8/13(火) 23:55
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Very coincidental. Tweet from @NITIAayog - after successful training of traine…
KatieMelcher1 8/13(火) 23:56
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you!!!! This is truely amazing. Warms my heart! I…
insunlite 8/13(火) 23:56
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell This is pretty gnarly. Lol Bell!
Support your teachers striking for professio…
Patrici40666256 8/13(火) 23:58
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell thank you king bill and queen melinda. i told king david i might initiate the…
iamkraftzmann 8/14(水) 0:01
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Can initiatives like this extend their tentacles to Africa.
PoppyPower00 8/14(水) 0:06
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell There’s still a lot of teachers out there that need your support. Many distric…
bamzook 8/14(水) 0:06
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thanks Bill Gates I'm a big fan of the link in my bio
CarolynEbagua 8/14(水) 0:06
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thanks Mr Bill , tearchers has contributed a lot to our lives. may god bless you for your support.
MaryKomp 8/14(水) 0:06
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for supporting teachers and indirectly all the students!
dang_totoh 8/14(水) 0:08
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I wanna get a good job overseas and I have financial problem. Would…
KHAN14426800 8/14(水) 0:08
Please raise your voice for Kashmir
NadeemAbbassBa2 8/14(水) 0:09
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Sir i am nadeem from pakistan i am poor man please help me
exalted_jupiter 8/14(水) 0:11
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Really appreciable!
Thank you!
Mrs_NashHall 8/14(水) 0:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thanks for your generosity!
man_kan64 8/14(水) 0:16
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Excellent! Don’t forget to support
Help poor women in…
Kolo61132828 8/14(水) 0:21
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell So far from America, I will be grateful to you for getting this MacBook for my…
DroneLimousine 8/14(水) 0:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bill it is imperative that we find a cure for degenerative diseases of the bra…
GaganRishi1981 8/14(水) 0:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Love you bade bhai!
MbuguaKamau6 8/14(水) 0:38
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell you have done alot to help .may God bless you
Salifoukrin 8/14(水) 0:46
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Vous avez un cœur,un cerveau et un esprit qui fonctionne vraiment
AstaraVanderpu1 8/14(水) 0:53
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Will you tell us about the flights you took on Epstein's jet?
jrpilyih 8/14(水) 0:57
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell So happy to see your continued investment in education!
Edelweiss_Wong 8/14(水) 0:58
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
HeruDwiS99 8/14(水) 1:00
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Amazing heart for your passion on world education and make all feel comfort. I…
jontagates 8/14(水) 1:00
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I miss me last someone plurge
MumbereIsaac10 8/14(水) 1:02
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Helo
mrsvaughn6 8/14(水) 1:05
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
ChKumar91143740 8/14(水) 1:06
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
alycsirpazuos 8/14(水) 1:07
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Se eu tivesse dinheiro, eu doaria Bill
jontagates 8/14(水) 1:08
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I m just bored grandfa billgates like thiese always i wanna die grandfa billgates
SamrockAN1 8/14(水) 1:11
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell What about people like us who have the knowledge but don't have the funds.
tiffanykeske 8/14(水) 1:20
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for your continued support! If anyone wants to help my classroom ->
YQTFYPOJcs1yz0H 8/14(水) 1:23
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Nice
CozzoDavid 8/14(水) 1:26
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I wonder Mr. Gates if you have ever taken an interest into solving the problem…
Wwg1W 8/14(水) 1:28
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
Kabeerbuneri 8/14(水) 1:29
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because…
Vijayagayathri1 8/14(水) 1:30
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Real education demands donation of sowing seeds of fruits all across and balan…
chandu53189 8/14(水) 1:48
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Jay swaminarayan
amon_nguma 8/14(水) 1:55
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Am excited to know how incredible you are, regardless of your income but you s…
Monkeybeasts 8/14(水) 1:58
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell im a big fan of you
DineshR39766438 8/14(水) 2:05
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Love from India sirrr
MrsPJhoog 8/14(水) 2:10
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you!!!
MsFasano112Q 8/14(水) 2:10
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell We have only $133 left to go today! WE CAN DO IT!!!
SylviaTyson19 8/14(水) 2:18
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
npulido82 8/14(水) 2:19
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell “Any contribution made to my project:"Differentiating instruction using Techno…
amalreji581995 8/14(水) 2:27
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
bbnfan89 8/14(水) 2:27
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell wanna explain this to your fans?
bbnfan89 8/14(水) 2:29
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell you must be friends with twitter, nice job removing my here goes aga…
ManishJ07247610 8/14(水) 2:29
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Honorable,,
You are great
CAajaysehgal 8/14(水) 2:53
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Nice bill gates sir from Anusha
WrldCit95 8/14(水) 3:07
@wkamaubell @DonorsChoose Thank you for all you do!!
1proudliberal 8/14(水) 3:08
@wkamaubell @DonorsChoose
cabouch53 8/14(水) 3:14
@wkamaubell @DonorsChoose My niece is a Pre-K teacher and did a fund raiser to asked to sponsor kids in…
redlabel911 8/14(水) 3:21
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell You could always help even more but that would involve touching "your" billions...
Shivani49129255 8/14(水) 3:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Love to see you sir
AGrigopan 8/14(水) 3:41
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Ok
lityec 8/14(水) 3:41
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you
Armen_design 8/14(水) 3:42
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
townsend_keneth 8/14(水) 3:44
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Wow.
AshleyBen819 8/14(水) 4:09
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
kloppevansa1 8/14(水) 4:34
@wkamaubell @DonorsChoose Thank you all for your generosity and for spreading the word about…
lacirene 8/14(水) 4:42
@DonorsChoose Thank you! Praying my donorschoose gets funded!!
t_h_bhutto 8/14(水) 4:45
@gatesfoundation @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
cjmark810 8/14(水) 4:46
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell How sad that this is completely necessary for a functional US educational syst…
MsJIllAPrice 8/14(水) 4:49
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for supporting teachers!!
Terrynasr4 8/14(水) 5:06
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Hello, Sir BillGate and Miss Melinda honestly my incomes are very little compared to others Thank God
serendipation 8/14(水) 5:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Just lovely. And such a simple start grows into such a grand solution.

Erin_B_Edwards 8/14(水) 5:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my project finish funding to…
StellaHelms5 8/14(水) 5:23
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
19KWade13 8/14(水) 5:24
@gatesfoundation @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Plz help Balt City students
BhimaraoSubhash 8/14(水) 5:41
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Great man
poorbabyboomer 8/14(水) 5:42
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell We support you teacher as you share information from around the world.
mrstokarz4th 8/14(水) 5:55
@DockRogersNC @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for your continued support!!
VitorJMonteiro 8/14(水) 6:04
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Mr Gates, since I was little you inspired me. Not only due to your technologic…
Ms_Marshe 8/14(水) 6:15
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you ❤️
NbpNigel 8/14(水) 6:28
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
RaoAfza85966925 8/14(水) 6:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell BillGates दुनिया का सबसे अच्छा और ईमानदार आदमी है आपकी आयु लंबी हो
dadsquirt 8/14(水) 6:38
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thanks so much. My project was funded with your help!!!
FitzhughSabrina 8/14(水) 6:53
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I absolutely love @donorschoose I am only $170 short of a rocket for my kindne…
HI_MAMA52 8/14(水) 7:01
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell This is awesome and so easy to donate and support local schools. You guys are amazing!
SuzanneJambo 8/14(水) 7:17
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Noble.
SuzanneJambo 8/14(水) 7:19
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Noble @wkamaubell to feel for kids at school and do such amazing gestures. Tha…
Bklyngurrl 8/14(水) 7:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Love that my donations will be boosted by your giving.
christinajhenke 8/14(水) 7:37
@123MsWilliams @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell That is wonderful and so generous of you! I would love if anyon…
duong_xuong 8/14(水) 8:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Hạ Long trên cạn tại Tuyên Quang
Joseflor238 8/14(水) 8:14
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Congratulations!!! Good job!!!
WK14136077 8/14(水) 8:16
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Amazing philanthropic(donation )-mission! Go Bill & Melinda!
amyclu 8/14(水) 8:19
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Yay!! Thank you!! Hoping to get this 4th gr teacher’s in a rural/remote T1 sch…
QuyenTaylor68 8/14(水) 8:21
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell That’s amazing and teachers everywhere are all celebrating thanks to your kindness!
hasenabew 8/14(水) 8:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Yes, supporting teachers means just like preparing logistics to yield knowledg…
TheOfficial2x22 8/14(水) 8:35
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
Please listen to these kids from Houston tx
VIJAYKU57464898 8/14(水) 9:18
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Very good
goval1957 8/14(水) 9:32
@gatesfoundation @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Very good.
Carmen97685502 8/14(水) 9:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Excelente nos gustaría saber si nos puede hacer una donación para nuestra ONG…
yunuseroktay 8/14(水) 9:43
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Hı Mr gates. I m opera singer form Turkey but,I owe it and I don't have a year…
sbradfield109 8/14(水) 9:47
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thanks for you support to @DonorsChoose year after year. Thank you for giving…
chelsea91015191 8/14(水) 9:48
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thankful
Messi60885627 8/14(水) 9:56
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Hi sir
Mr_Nonycool 8/14(水) 9:56
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell @BillGates If you by any chance see this, Sir i want to know that someone like…
Jesse731R 8/14(水) 9:57
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Big fans
jontagates 8/14(水) 9:59
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I love you kek at the moorning
alanweems23 8/14(水) 10:09
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Did this actually come from your official tweeter?
Trillion3 8/14(水) 10:19
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
Trillion3 8/14(水) 10:19
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
Trillion3 8/14(水) 10:20
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bill gates. Exposed
Jkro328 8/14(水) 10:25
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for this opportunity and believing in teachers and public education!!
Tina92580388 8/14(水) 11:04
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Dear Mr. Bill Gates, one of my brothers needs some money to get married.
Can you help us?
I love you
One5abulousAKA 8/14(水) 11:20
@DonorsChoose Thank You for the boost and my uniform shirt and belt Project was fully funded today!!!
jackch33 8/14(水) 11:25
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Dear @MicrosoftHelps

Recently my Surface pro 3 is broken. I called the servi…
pvmonte1 8/14(水) 11:30
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Aren't we all already supporting public education through our taxes? Maybe sch…
cayman_sartin 8/14(水) 11:55
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Epstein documents prove you were on his pedo island. I guess you’re involved i…
DreamworldVimal 8/14(水) 12:19
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Nice job sir
ryan_weeden 8/14(水) 12:31
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Mr. Gates , you can count on me for $20.00 , on behalf of Jerry "Bubba" Weeden…
CLK36850274 8/14(水) 12:32
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you so much for your generosity ❤️
MuzamilGillani1 8/14(水) 12:56
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I think that you know Arfa karim,when she was alive in her interview she says…
jontagates 8/14(水) 13:02
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I love you kek
kingLT123 8/14(水) 13:04
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell It would be a blessing if someone could send me 30$ PayPal
jbarron65 8/14(水) 13:25
@wkamaubell @DonorsChoose I don't need a donation, what I need to to look back on the last 30 years & st…
ool_ai 8/14(水) 13:38
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell It is good more
baocuongartist 8/14(水) 13:52
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell amizibg
Diegodios5 8/14(水) 13:54
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Te pareces a Bill Gates boludo, saludos desde Argentina
HalTheOriginal 8/14(水) 14:20
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell School is never over
everyone should go back to school what about working out
Bitkingo8 8/14(水) 14:30
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Dear Sir @BillGates. You are become next US President it is really good for the world.
mrsvega2001 8/14(水) 14:44
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for supporting us!
jontagates 8/14(水) 15:12
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Uang uang uang grandfa billgates if must be money
jontagates 8/14(水) 15:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I dont know i dont care about you miss grandfa billgates
jontagates 8/14(水) 15:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Its about money
jontagates 8/14(水) 15:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Okay
jontagates 8/14(水) 15:13
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bye
amyedutech 8/14(水) 15:17
@gatesfoundation @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Wow! This is truly amazing and so generous Mr. and Mrs. Gates…
jontagates 8/14(水) 15:18
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Dont follow me dont jelouse me grandfa billgates i will get justice in hell ne…
jontagates 8/14(水) 15:21
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell The played it is game over if me game over grandfa @melindagates please teach…
IjFubWCLUITaxIt 8/14(水) 15:30
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell 蓋茲導師,當我手機下載推特,造成FB5000萬人各資洩露,我都用安卓手機,如果我用蘋果系統,會發生什麼事。
shahzad181354 8/14(水) 16:07
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell hey bro @BillGates can you give me little favor
JeaDezanet 8/14(水) 16:12
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Good Wednesday !
Rahulsi18855940 8/14(水) 16:16
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell NAME-RIMA DEVI
ACCOUNT NO-572302010000016
IFSC -UBIN 0557234
Bernycaldera 8/14(水) 16:17
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell When are you retiring?
sarobby 8/14(水) 16:38
@wkamaubell Good morning I am waiting for my second donors choose project to be approved! I’m attempting…
124OUNxV9IlLMFN 8/14(水) 18:00
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
ASbarazzino 8/14(水) 18:40
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell PLS BUY FORTNITE AND FIX IT
bjmorgan1977 8/14(水) 19:16
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Lolita Express Bill?
Holyspiritminst 8/14(水) 20:06
@DonorsChoose @twitter Prophecy @BillyGraham
HMngwenya 8/14(水) 20:23
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell The key to living is giving
NseqNIcbxgvi0GG 8/14(水) 20:32
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell negative mass in order to use it with artificial black hole
musab123545 8/14(水) 20:41
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bill can you give me tips on how to invent new things
MsSmithMG 8/14(水) 20:48
@intrepidleeloo @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I have had several projects funded from needed socks for child…
beachavez27 8/14(水) 22:51
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you so much for generosity and support
Gikas02 8/14(水) 22:54
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Sooo grateful for your boost on my project! Half way there so excited to reach…
babsarina 8/14(水) 22:59
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Here’s my idea Bill
Or a tomato plant!
That would collect c…
Goniissak 8/14(水) 23:11
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Can you Mr Bill-ionare donate for me please...?
andrewrcali 8/14(水) 23:23
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell That is a nice idea.
inhHng32042064 8/14(水) 23:25
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
LunzagaTeissa 8/15(木) 0:11
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Hello, Have a greetings day! To My friend, Mr. Bill Gates. I have some words t…
MrJMMiddleton 8/15(木) 0:21
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Ironic, teachers need supplies, go to this site where you can donate, when one…
MMaryMary 8/15(木) 3:28
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell First day of school for kids in my area is after Labor Day. Please, please con…
pvrreddy69 8/15(木) 3:41
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Sir I am great fan of u . & Milind’s madam,Salute your humanity . We all India…
bo_trotter 8/15(木) 3:45
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bill we love you dog❤❤
missquintanilla 8/15(木) 3:52
@intrepidleeloo @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Help me
KellySimms10 8/15(木) 3:55
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
marcoskcond 8/15(木) 5:23
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Dear Bill Gates! I am a teacher in a small public school in a city in the inte…
marcoskcond 8/15(木) 5:23
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell resources. I, as a teacher of Portuguese language and literature, believe that…
marcoskcond 8/15(木) 5:23
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell technology in the classroom. I ask for your help as a philanthropist you are.
ForbesSuzan 8/15(木) 6:36
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Do not give directly to the schools, because then the children will rarely rec…
ForbesSuzan 8/15(木) 6:37
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell We will be giving out school supplies on Halloween and again in January. I wou…
AmberHouseCTE 8/15(木) 9:42
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for helping support teachers like me as we strive to make a positive…
jontagates 8/15(木) 11:49
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Everyday is money grandfa i am full grandfa honey he
jontagates 8/15(木) 11:49
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I love you
jontagates 8/15(木) 11:54
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Fun to be young again grandfa billgates with ceremonial agreed rows grandfa bi…
NetworkBots 8/15(木) 16:18
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Hello Bill Gates Introduce My Name Bot Official..
thinkkhera 8/15(木) 16:34
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell You are truly the pride of the world! Big-hearted & such a humane soul. God bless all teachers, too!
MohdZulfequar2 8/15(木) 19:56
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Nyc
Antman40000 8/15(木) 20:57
@BGSIBMOR @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Your are responsibe if created ebola to Mr Bill Gates and the rest t…
31DoQUtLYTGTtTi 8/15(木) 21:49
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell عيد ميلاد سعيد ميليندا
ShwayComs 8/16(金) 2:05
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell NO we will try to not be Chicken in our proposal earmarked for post
MrsStarkeyFife 8/16(金) 5:19
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Thank you for always being so supportive of teachers! I’m a 4th grade teacher…
redirectnj 8/16(金) 6:09
@JOEtheMORTON @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Hello Bill. We are supplemental education with at-risk children…
I_am_JoeBloggs 8/16(金) 9:53
@gatesfoundation @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I don't have a Donors Choose. I only have my Amazon Wishlist
RyderDp 8/16(金) 10:57
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell You are big fans of big donors and you are like top 3 richest person in the wh…
jontagates 8/16(金) 11:56
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Everybody just eat grandfa billgates
jontagates 8/16(金) 12:48
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell We are want fast grow grandfa billgates hahahakhahahhak
PatriciaUsher13 8/18(日) 2:50
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell My oldest daughter is a teacher in Houston, TX. I appreciate your commitment.
lme30122 8/18(日) 19:20
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I wish someone would donate to a single disabled mom who worked 25 years and n…
Christi86994209 8/18(日) 20:53
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell God bless you Mr. Gate
JaimeQu70777783 8/19(月) 7:47
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I have a debt of 500 thousand pesos help me lend me please then I pay you thanks
Mkblack64Black 8/19(月) 18:22
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell
TanZimou 8/20(火) 2:48
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I am selling my original painting to support my school, based on Ezekiel 37, v…
AbdulRa36231391 8/20(火) 5:10
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell support Donors choose
boaz_chungu 8/20(火) 11:14
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell True, we teachers need support. Because we direct impact learner with knowledg…
Rahulsi18855940 8/20(火) 23:46
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell All the paths of my removal have been closed, now you are my last hope
OldHick17800719 8/21(水) 12:14
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell What say you bill?
CCaplanis 8/22(木) 2:30
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Gates tied to auto Nation dealers and Epstein. gates investment pimp leave th…
Justice0164 8/22(木) 5:59
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell President Trump called himself “the chosen one” Wednesday in referring to his…
Rahulsi18855940 8/26(月) 15:51
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Bill sir urgent deposit now.
BMeratiya 8/26(月) 21:39
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Sir, I am inviting you for Dinner at my Home so pls give some precious time....
Thelusmaec 8/27(火) 0:29
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I’m a first year teacher in the Bronx & I will be teaching 4th/5th self contai…
jck53 8/28(水) 11:59
@CharlesBest @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell @Carolbiskner1 @FuelOnline
jck53 8/28(水) 12:00
@CharlesBest @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell @pulte
brians229 8/28(水) 12:01
@jck53 @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell If you like that you need to take a look at what Bill @pulte is doing if you haven't already.
ArmyMussel 9/4(水) 0:44
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Wow
Ernest19790 9/4(水) 3:45
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell hi how are you
MatthewMckibbe9 9/11(水) 8:57
@DonorsChoose @wkamaubell Why don't you build touchscreen computer school desks why don't you build a pl…
mojica_jen 9/15(日) 13:21
@LowellRoemer @DonorsChoose @wkamaubell I can't do donors choose but I have an @amazon wishlist and a…

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