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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2019/10/22(火) 23:05 .

Congrats to the 2019 winners of the @NobelPrize in chemistry! Few inventions have changed our lives as much as the…

Johnest94707999 10/22(火) 23:05
@NobelPrize More wins
TerrorizorI 10/22(火) 23:05
@NobelPrize That’s cool
Eljaboom 10/22(火) 23:05
@NobelPrize I like you bill
BuneriOffical 10/22(火) 23:06
@NobelPrize Need a help sirrr plzzzz
ashishsharma020 10/22(火) 23:06
DrUnknown14 10/22(火) 23:06
@NobelPrize Yup
fay79288323 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize @BillGates did u said congrats to our pm @AbiyAhmedAli just wondering
Olbap_Aponte 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize Hi sir money
SanpalSumaira 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize Congratulations
Pronikatel721 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize Rads ochen rads
theSanketMourya 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize ♥️♥️
Lawofl0gic 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize Unfortunately, children are used to mine the cobalt used in lithium ion batteries.
HailPrabhas 10/22(火) 23:07
AgustoCardinal 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize Now for the value
RealPachecoDR 10/22(火) 23:07
Bema88458462 10/22(火) 23:07
@NobelPrize Wow!!
People like you will make the world a better place
VishalP98441901 10/22(火) 23:08
@NobelPrize @VishalP98441901
Please sir follow me
NoushinKananian 10/22(火) 23:08
@NobelPrize I don't give free ride to opponents who steal my bag & mobile. They must go to work & get on…
W4MAUS100 10/22(火) 23:09
@NobelPrize whats wrong with climate change?

polluting batteries are a bigger problem than climate change..
AvinashSinghbj1 10/22(火) 23:09
@NobelPrize Real hero of the world
vinciquest_ng 10/22(火) 23:10
emi_sujarwati 10/22(火) 23:10
@NobelPrize Mantap dan Keren Mr.Bill, i like You
tarunroy1964 10/22(火) 23:10
@NobelPrize Absolutely so
muhamma03773831 10/22(火) 23:10
@NobelPrize great man
HenryJFox 10/22(火) 23:10
@NobelPrize Lets to stop the WAR!
yuvadev 10/22(火) 23:11
@NobelPrize And still you will not be forgotten for the infamous award that you conferred on Modi, Mr. Gates.
albiaggi 10/22(火) 23:14
@NobelPrize Add to this the benefit that these batteries are recyclable and do not constitute a hazardou…
WarsmanStar 10/22(火) 23:16
@NobelPrize It nice the battery kinda started putting coins together
AidaD15840249 10/22(火) 23:16
@NobelPrize save the planet by creating massive heavy metals in landfills and bombarding our brains with…
iamakshayab 10/22(火) 23:19
@NobelPrize But sadly, most of the developing and developed countries are still dependent on fossil fuel…
LDSAgency 10/22(火) 23:20
muhamma25605830 10/22(火) 23:20
@NobelPrize Mr Gate I need your direct support for a personal project.I would like to communicate direct…
Adityabhatyuk 10/22(火) 23:22
@NobelPrize I want to be like you but don't want to become me to you i have to see your personality inte…
savushie 10/22(火) 23:23
@NobelPrize this is the future, am a software engineering graduate... All I pray for is an opportunity t…
Vinoliav95 10/22(火) 23:23
@NobelPrize Good morning sir have a nice day with smile and happiness and congrats @NobelPrize
savushie 10/22(火) 23:24
@NobelPrize this is the future, am a software engineering graduate... All I pray for is an opportunity t…
hotelshotels254 10/22(火) 23:25
@NobelPrize The future of green energy.
PoliticianAnwar 10/22(火) 23:26
@NobelPrize Climate change steps yes I m with all world on climate matters often I write themes too on it , please
SushantGiriGos3 10/22(火) 23:26
@NobelPrize Great bill for admiring the champs of chemistry
aparanjape 10/22(火) 23:31
@NobelPrize Indeed. Need to the next discontinuous breakthrough though - in cost and energy storage/weight.
beaven_rich 10/22(火) 23:34
@NobelPrize .....hopefully they will give all of your incredible humanitarian work consideration as well…
ResultandRose 10/22(火) 23:35
@NobelPrize Microsoft made an indelible contribution to mankind
WollisWolf 10/22(火) 23:36
@NobelPrize But the big batteries to store energy from wind and solar panels should be made like saltwat…
RonnySwanson111 10/22(火) 23:38
BinIamreal 10/22(火) 23:42
@NobelPrize Let me ask you one question Mr Bill!
Did you ever know gave a money to person and change his…
ramayanti81 10/22(火) 23:43
@NobelPrize I also dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize
AMaharanwar 10/22(火) 23:44
@NobelPrize It’s going to be a big issue of disposing them after the use. We need to think of landfills…
toSantoJacoboRr 10/22(火) 23:45
@NobelPrize What I do suggest if 2D drawn first then all 3D after and transformed but for the need of ha…
melmanmark 10/22(火) 23:48
@NobelPrize You had me until the last sentence.
AneesAb21961681 10/22(火) 23:52
@NobelPrize Hi my lovely Sir. I have been waiting for 8 years to meet You dear Sir Bill Gates.This is a…
my2cent30992874 10/22(火) 23:55
@NobelPrize Waste of batteries and disposal is an oxymoron to the climate...
PradeepYadavDmo 10/22(火) 23:58
@NobelPrize Congratulations for all ......
Angiemyy 10/22(火) 23:58
@NobelPrize Robin Hood: [He and Little John are dressed as Gypsy women] Ooh-de-la-lay! Ooh-de-la-lay! Fo…
voguekavya 10/23(水) 0:00
@NobelPrize Really!!! i hope u will get soon sir for ur philanthropical activities all over the w…
Rizushikder 10/23(水) 0:01
@NobelPrize congratulate for innovation invention make it.
Yoo12370379 10/23(水) 0:01
@NobelPrize Do you watch Rugby or any other sports?
Rodrigoofisico 10/23(水) 0:03
@NobelPrize I develop with success an alternator to electric vehicles that reduce the time to recharge t…
belay_belayneh 10/23(水) 0:09
@NobelPrize What seems changing our lives to betterment will result damaging our lives. Think of Albert…
fabrizi84 10/23(水) 0:12
@NobelPrize Yes, beautiful discoveries, but more needs to be done using less polluting substances.
PrabathMenaka 10/23(水) 0:12
Abiba06524984 10/23(水) 0:15
@NobelPrize The Ethiopian prime minister; Dr Abiyi Ahmed Ali, has won the Nobel peace prize . Dear respe…
short_maestro 10/23(水) 0:19
@NobelPrize @BillGates I saw your documentary at Netflix. I have a couple ideas for your bathroom and water problem in Africa.
paulyb2014 10/23(水) 0:20
@NobelPrize Well deserved, a positive contribution that sees tangible benefits. More effort is also need…
Homo_mensura 10/23(水) 0:24
@NobelPrize Congratulations for their evolution in chemistry.
its_IAK 10/23(水) 0:28
@NobelPrize In
CraneCalhoun 10/23(水) 0:30
@NobelPrize I kinda feel like that guy who used the Periodic Table of Elements to PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF…
LeviAckermaann 10/23(水) 0:33
@NobelPrize I need a job, sir...
CHsNm6ZLRzbQkWM 10/23(水) 0:34
@NobelPrize الو
ياعمنا جيتس
DavidCh95546017 10/23(水) 0:39
@NobelPrize Regurgitated technology taken from the Baghdad battery.
mrojas_43 10/23(水) 0:42
@NobelPrize MR BILL I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate direc…
abstars007 10/23(水) 0:44
@NobelPrize Thumbs up
ManishJ07247610 10/23(水) 1:00
@NobelPrize Honorable,,
World's mosty Smart & Handsomely
Men.. Dear Mr, Bill Gates Ur,, So Great
sandrobokuchava 10/23(水) 1:08
@NobelPrize Dear Bill come to Tbilisi
HeruDwiS99 10/23(水) 1:10
@NobelPrize This good step in keep the planet and make difference.
Enock46333384 10/23(水) 1:14
@NobelPrize Congratulations
pedrOspinaReyes 10/23(水) 1:26
@NobelPrize that is very good, good. ....for when the nobel for me? .... with my revolutionary and innov…
WK14136077 10/23(水) 1:47
msi_rafi 10/23(水) 1:53
@NobelPrize I appreciate sir
mkchouhan 10/23(水) 2:05
@NobelPrize Lithium ion batteries have a huge potential to revolutionise the future of mobility in India…
noorahm30598844 10/23(水) 2:06
@NobelPrize Hi. I've got a health problem and I need help. I hope to communicate with you to explain my situation
celina97588888 10/23(水) 2:10
@NobelPrize Hoy Emprendió Vuelo. Saludos
BeFC_global 10/23(水) 2:29
@NobelPrize @BillGates Check out our solution for disposable electronics ! Our team at @BeFC_global prod…
mikecanm 10/23(水) 2:42
@NobelPrize what is involved in the manufacture and production of lithium ion batteries is not exactly t…
yasirarfatrana1 10/23(水) 2:44
@NobelPrize Heartiest Congratulations
mikecanm 10/23(水) 2:44
pneubike 10/23(水) 2:51
@NobelPrize The movement towards a battery powered transportation grid is not only an impossible pipe dr…
OrjiEmm04184636 10/23(水) 3:18
@NobelPrize Good evening Sir, how is business
jacobabisoye 10/23(水) 3:30
@NobelPrize Congratulations to the Nobel winners.
MichaelZephyr1 10/23(水) 3:41
@NobelPrize Sure all these batteries aren't gonna degrade and poison us someday.
IMDheett 10/23(水) 3:57
@amitabhk87 @NobelPrize We can still do better sir. Batteries takes a lot of time to recharge and reuse. I think here is a lag.
Tier___1 10/23(水) 4:02
@NobelPrize , - !
theshortseo 10/23(水) 4:09
@NobelPrize Hey Bill why were you hanging out with Epstein?
jamieben55 10/23(水) 4:22
@NobelPrize My chem teacher really genius.
accessana66 10/23(水) 4:28
@NobelPrize Excellent, that has to be one of the most revolutionary advances in the past 30 years along…
JakobyJulian 10/23(水) 4:55
@NobelPrize Still waiting for my nobel Prices...
GoodmanMlalazi 10/23(水) 5:09
@NobelPrize Congratulations
NickNel45202592 10/23(水) 5:27
@NobelPrize The flip side of things now they think stealing my mail is killing people
toprak_dikici 10/23(水) 5:44
@NobelPrize I really dont like people begging for money on these comments. I mean ı were Bill ı would j…
SIverySendBooks 10/23(水) 5:46
@NobelPrize Amazon is funding computer science classes in more than 2,000 high schools, involving approx…
dhariwal_ranjan 10/23(水) 5:53
@NobelPrize But they are not too good for environment its better to work hard for more better solution n…
coachesfit365 10/23(水) 5:54
@NobelPrize Hi Bill,. I friend of mine has a biotechnology productos that Will help the enviroment .. check agrancocorp OXINOVA
ShwayComs 10/23(水) 6:03
@NobelPrize ☔ private sanitation may not be a most attractive prospect @DanielleFong who knows it is als…
Ahmet06908143 10/23(水) 6:03
@NobelPrize Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects e…
Ahmet06908143 10/23(水) 6:05
@NobelPrize you should choose islam religion bill gates
SaLeBraLe1812 10/23(水) 6:23
@NobelPrize Mister gates ,if you do a good job with vaccines you will have success to reduce 15% of the…
agenksa2 10/23(水) 6:30
@NobelPrize Mr. GATES, How can we sustain our oceans and environment for cleanliness as well as desaliti…
Waleed7285 10/23(水) 7:11
@NobelPrize معندكش شغل ياابو الصحاب
BluBalzTraveler 10/23(水) 7:39
@NobelPrize Is lithium not a fossil fuel? Oh, you’re just assigning arbitrary names to things that come…
seba92653720 10/23(水) 7:48
UtepilsFin 10/23(水) 8:53
@NobelPrize Bill bi git ya
vcvenus 10/23(水) 8:54
@NobelPrize Why when it comes time for Bill Gates to build anything, whether a toilet or a nuclear react…
UtepilsFin 10/23(水) 8:54
OlgaWon63954488 10/23(水) 9:26
@NobelPrize The Hong Kong police attacked the mosque with no reason and the HK protesters were trying th…
IDONTKN43649344 10/23(水) 10:18
@NobelPrize Such a rich boy.
GloriaS13153886 10/23(水) 10:30
@NobelPrize Our pride and joy
CeboCele6 10/23(水) 10:32
@NobelPrize Mr Gates i need a place cold home
christi04752508 10/23(水) 10:36
@NobelPrize Me I say thank you to you my friends. every little bit helps
RajVerm04698548 10/23(水) 10:58
@NobelPrize Slute your inovative think..,.sir you are greatest man of our planet
LBohony19840707 10/23(水) 11:16
@NobelPrize az adapter bateriet szoftver/program támadás érte, olyan ugyan kontár munka, de nem az eggye…
1pp2a 10/23(水) 11:27
@NobelPrize Maybe MATHEMATICS will be recognized for making all this possible. Not a chance, just as it always has been.
BhimaraoSubhash 10/23(水) 11:46
@NobelPrize Great man
KushalG79012385 10/23(水) 11:50
@NobelPrize I wanna meet u bro
Adityabhatyuk 10/23(水) 11:57
@NobelPrize I want to be like you but don't want to become me to you i have to see your personality inte…
Sarita17727320 10/23(水) 12:38
@NobelPrize Please sir help me my family is very problem please help me sarita bharti axis bank 917010034802151
phyllisWookey 10/23(水) 12:42
@NobelPrize Peek preview
WambeleJoseph 10/23(水) 12:48
@NobelPrize N.
RobertK76697378 10/23(水) 12:49
@NobelPrize Wonderful
Chandra37113846 10/23(水) 13:41
@NobelPrize Please help me
takei_mcfarland 10/23(水) 13:41
@NobelPrize Greate post!
MohdTar82324647 10/23(水) 14:10
@NobelPrize Masha Allah sir
MohdTar82324647 10/23(水) 14:10
@NobelPrize Allah Tala always keep you happy and smiling
Run94019162 10/23(水) 14:15
@NobelPrize I like you,man.
intriguing777 10/23(水) 14:31
@NobelPrize We should not be messing around still with archaic technology like batteries when zero point…
and_talented 10/23(水) 14:36
@NobelPrize Interesting
marlenefoodie 10/23(水) 15:01
@NobelPrize Yes. Still duty of Teaching all Countries Recycling of Lithium-ion Batteriets + how to colle…
SunilMishra86 10/23(水) 16:14
@NobelPrize Pl fund money more in energy and energy storage tech like battery research and development.…
yunuzs2 10/23(水) 16:20
@NobelPrize It's true @BillGates Mobile electric transportation ⚡ most powered with Rechargeable batt…
PremkumarKolus1 10/23(水) 18:13
Martin68072602 10/23(水) 18:20
PranavK71820842 10/23(水) 18:46
ChKumar55528066 10/23(水) 19:08
@NobelPrize Hello Mr. Bill Gates , I am a very
big true boy. Trust me , I am
100% true boy.…
JMagnuszewska 10/23(水) 19:46
Mruganda6 10/23(水) 19:57
@NobelPrize Kudos to that! I'm overwhelmed by the joy of further enhancement of a reliable, nature frien…
kirankanwar13 10/23(水) 20:22
@NobelPrize Great
Mark44917923 10/23(水) 21:08
@NobelPrize I wish to meet you, Sir Bill
mrojas_43 10/23(水) 21:28
@NobelPrize MR BILL need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directl…
PetrusMarek 10/23(水) 22:05
@NobelPrize Pán Gates ale zabudol ste povedať ako ťažba surovín ktoré sa využívajú v batériách ničí život najchudobnejších
chinnerador 10/23(水) 22:12
@NobelPrize Bill I don’t need any money I just wanted to say keep fighting the good fight.
hope_nworah 10/23(水) 22:18
@NobelPrize Good afternoon sir
I have prayed and DM’s for years,but no reply,sir my HOPE on u will never…
BadBoyBach 10/23(水) 22:21
@NobelPrize How do you think we could attempt to reduce our dependence on more products? And how feasibl…
Mike59751746 10/23(水) 22:32
@NobelPrize Bill I am wondering if you have given any thought about the price gouging that is occurring…
Pierre018 10/23(水) 22:59
@NobelPrize Congratulations. Now to harness the radiation around us for abundant source of energy that c…
XunThuH1 10/23(水) 23:44
@NobelPrize Sir, yes batteries are a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy reduction a…
allan_mbaga 10/24(木) 1:36
@NobelPrize Your inspiration man of the world. For your good heart
RAHULCH52729030 10/24(木) 2:35
@NobelPrize I am a computer science student but I don't have a computer my father and me work hard for a…
PazKeipper 10/24(木) 4:47
@NobelPrize massa
Armen_design 10/24(木) 11:55
@NobelPrize Congrats!
IkeNweke_ 10/24(木) 12:05
@NobelPrize Fossil fuels. Obviously bad for the environment and public health. 100 % is the way forward.
HoseaKambai 10/24(木) 15:08
@NobelPrize Wel done, for good work.
riverelwy 10/25(金) 1:44
@NobelPrize Yes, but Bill you need to REDUCE YOUR PERSONAL CO2 EMISSIONS. OVER 59 flights in 2019 is too many. Climate equity
VincentMcLaughl 10/25(金) 4:15
@NobelPrize Congratulations
EdwardE16430864 10/25(金) 10:59
@NobelPrize Direct current instead of oil putting electricity underground will not solve problem of global warming. Thanks
Danae_Mattis 10/25(金) 11:39
@Quack_McAntivax @NobelPrize Blah blah blah
Lasanka6 10/25(金) 22:20
@NobelPrize Very good job
Abhilas79501610 10/26(土) 4:14
@NobelPrize We should thankful to all of those who
really make our life so easiest.
LT20179095 10/26(土) 9:14
@NobelPrize This year @NobelPrize awarded Peter Handke who loved Milosevic, attended his funeral and den…
RAKESH42396705 10/29(火) 22:19
@NobelPrize Congratulations world rich man billgates ji my write literature -your openin write me and an…
NeilA_Green 10/31(木) 3:05
@NobelPrize Congratulations to this year’s Chemistry Laureates!
anveshraje 11/3(日) 2:20
@NobelPrize I'm working on Energy Harvesting problem. Doing a PhD research and needs a Windows PC soon.…
UbaidUllahAhm17 11/9(土) 10:18
@NobelPrize Dear Mr.
You are always successful because you appear to be one of the human beings in the w…
SisterResiste11 11/10(日) 19:25
@NobelPrize Lithium batteries ARE NOT environmentally friendly and they are created through the use of CHILD SLAVE LABOR !!!

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