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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2019/11/20(水) 7:51 .

In Abu Dhabi this week, the world committed $2.6B to Thank you @MohamedBinZayed for your leadership in h…

4a5103ce3a32408 11/20(水) 7:51
@MohamedBinZayed Hi
AYassinr 11/20(水) 7:52
@MohamedBinZayed Can you help me please
Hassatoujalloh7 11/20(水) 7:52
short_maestro 11/20(水) 7:52
@MohamedBinZayed I hope that works
AYassinr 11/20(水) 7:52
@MohamedBinZayed Can you help me ❤️☎️212675954638
short_maestro 11/20(水) 7:52
@MohamedBinZayed I have a great idea for the bathroom in Africa it does everything at one
tomato007_ 11/20(水) 7:52
@MohamedBinZayed give me 1 real bill gates
veggie_farts 11/20(水) 7:52
henridurand199 11/20(水) 7:53
@MohamedBinZayed I really need your help, my father.
Magret95176570 11/20(水) 7:53
@MohamedBinZayed Nice
Athanyarat1 11/20(水) 7:53
@MohamedBinZayed Can you surrender for my scholarship
TPil03 11/20(水) 7:53
@MohamedBinZayed Why do they hate Bill so much when he’s actually one of the good billionaires, pick on…
WaltChronikite 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed That Abu Dhabi call, that's a strong call. Good luck to all who pledged.
sergii4ua 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed Great!
OneDmw 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed @BillGates you are a legend
heliom789 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed God bless you!
dwallg9290 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed Would appreciate any donation to Salvation Army.
turtlefoam 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed Okay boomer
jeslef21 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed Hi Bill! Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Students are being held back from gradua…
sal2nd 11/20(水) 7:54
@MohamedBinZayed @S_LawrenceTrust could help change the world with 1% off that : )
gapsworld 11/20(水) 7:55
@MohamedBinZayed Pay your fair share of taxes Bill
read7110 11/20(水) 7:55
@MohamedBinZayed Sir, I asked to talk to you a number of times but she did not answer. please reply
MHarmenon 11/20(水) 7:55
@MohamedBinZayed Cool
Bououden5 11/20(水) 7:56
@MohamedBinZayed Est vous Monsieur BillGates vous participez avec Mohamed binZayed.
psychicRuth 11/20(水) 7:56
@MohamedBinZayed Thank you. I still limp a bit from where i was lucky enough at 3 to have had a country…
MurchMop 11/20(水) 7:56
@MohamedBinZayed Thank You Mr. Gates in your continued dedication to making the world a better place. Al…
joeStef56 11/20(水) 7:56
@MohamedBinZayed This doesn’t happen thru Govt bureaucracy. Pls tell Sanders/Warren et al
_MaxiTB 11/20(水) 7:57
@MohamedBinZayed Good luck, I had the impression he is very forward thinking and moderate for rulers in Arabia.
Nelson_Twum 11/20(水) 7:57
@MohamedBinZayed God bless you.
NickWhi78498155 11/20(水) 7:57
@MohamedBinZayed Looks like people will stop calling you crazy Bill Gates
Oldlady12345 11/20(水) 7:57
@MohamedBinZayed ? When are you gonna allow someone like me put small amounts of $ into that solar project: )!
Tigerfan11 11/20(水) 7:58
jkrayi 11/20(水) 7:59
@MohamedBinZayed when are you going to tell us about your relationship with ?
WorkWorldWonder 11/20(水) 7:59
@MohamedBinZayed Leadership is just a slowing love.
pineapplepolis 11/20(水) 8:00
@MohamedBinZayed My wife died
lealeawest 11/20(水) 8:01
@MohamedBinZayed Amazing!!! Love seeing all the hard work and positivity in the world!
Dr_MKUltra 11/20(水) 8:01
@MohamedBinZayed Thank you Mr Gates and Your Higness Mohamed Bin Zayed.
matthewbuobo 11/20(水) 8:01
@MohamedBinZayed Great.
We need such commitments to fight climate change.
Horus18990200 11/20(水) 8:02
@MohamedBinZayed While you help the and his mob whitewash…
gigi6412 11/20(水) 8:02
@MohamedBinZayed Evil globalist
solo1642 11/20(水) 8:02
@MohamedBinZayed Great News Mr bill Gates and ABU Dhabi Plus MohamedbinZayed. Bless you all .soLO
RobertGabrielA5 11/20(水) 8:02
waseshahin 11/20(水) 8:02
@MohamedBinZayed Thank you for bing helpful to the needed people.
ikofisupreme 11/20(水) 8:02
@MohamedBinZayed God bless you all
CryptoRevolut16 11/20(水) 8:03
@MohamedBinZayed @BillGates @MohamedBinZayed Great stuff
freeman9547 11/20(水) 8:05
@MohamedBinZayed That is very good news.
RealWorld2018 11/20(水) 8:06
@MohamedBinZayed And thank YOU, Mr. Gates! You are driving these changes. You, sir. Thank you.
leofoxy 11/20(水) 8:07
@MohamedBinZayed Great humanitarian work keep it up sir gates que le bon dieu vous benissez
LiberalabuseCa 11/20(水) 8:08
@MohamedBinZayed Hey @BillGates. I'd like a hand with acouple billion $ industry's if like to get going.…
CooperAmarie 11/20(水) 8:10
@MohamedBinZayed Amazing
allgood_fitz 11/20(水) 8:11
@MohamedBinZayed Trumpster... meh.
4thesakeofpeace 11/20(水) 8:13
@MohamedBinZayed Tell MohamedBinZayed to stop his bloody war in Yemen, stop his support to the Egyptian…
anamdelosreyes 11/20(水) 8:13
When are you going to help Puerto Rico?
Unseentruthsbl1 11/20(水) 8:19
@MohamedBinZayed Can you please stop fighting so hard for world gov and eugenic operations. You do know…
OreziClinton 11/20(水) 8:20
@MohamedBinZayed I love your work sir I wish I can be like you
Cheeseburger4m1 11/20(水) 8:20
@MohamedBinZayed Jeffrey Epstein and you had some weird hang outs.
Global1Check 11/20(水) 8:21
Ahmad46117318 11/20(水) 8:22
@MohamedBinZayed Thanks to you BillGates, but please reconsider the projects when awarding to some of th…
Huk62745696 11/20(水) 8:25
@MohamedBinZayed Sıze çok yazdım bana dönmedın sızı farklı merhametlı olarak tanıyodum kızım hasta madi…
rg_3333 11/20(水) 8:28
@MohamedBinZayed "vaccines, innovations and global partnerships have reduced polio cases by 99.9%" ... i…
Celiades1 11/20(水) 8:29
@MohamedBinZayed Gracias es un excelente aporte, sin lugar a duda
iwobe_s 11/20(水) 8:31
@MohamedBinZayed Sir, you are a gift to this world...wish i could spend my life time working with you. God Bless you sir.
D3m3r1on 11/20(水) 8:37
@MohamedBinZayed Can you match the rest of
Vanoliza76 11/20(水) 8:38
@MohamedBinZayed Mr.Gates! I need your help. Please call about this RudolpH©️ (401 ) 391-6086 Ask for eit…
saedakhtar992 11/20(水) 8:41
@MohamedBinZayed Good luck with good health long life ❤️
yassineldn29 11/20(水) 8:42
@MohamedBinZayed None is talking about my country Algeria, why?
kutunoko1 11/20(水) 8:47
@MohamedBinZayed おはよう☀(^-^ )
dongenic 11/20(水) 8:49
@MohamedBinZayed Bill gate bless your boy even 1billion I would manage it well
SJobs_Stories 11/20(水) 8:53
vivaciouselfi 11/20(水) 9:01
@MohamedBinZayed Amazing.
DharmendraKMis3 11/20(水) 9:04
@MohamedBinZayed Sir plz help me ।
Fainancial problem at my family ।
polapim 11/20(水) 9:12
@MohamedBinZayed What about climat change???
icon_college 11/20(水) 9:18
@MohamedBinZayed Hello Respected Sir Bill Gates
GSarwar01282893 11/20(水) 9:27
@MohamedBinZayed Hi
PaulieRuns 11/20(水) 9:28
@MohamedBinZayed Mr. Gates,
This is a great effort to end this disease. Let's take it back a bit home or…
NomadNotion 11/20(水) 9:29
@MohamedBinZayed If they do it, it will be great without going into their pockets.
CeeDee90765644 11/20(水) 9:37
@MohamedBinZayed Cool
clamshu 11/20(水) 9:38
@MohamedBinZayed 钱放您那里,最靠谱。
SolomonMakonnen 11/20(水) 9:51
@MohamedBinZayed Amazing how philanthropy is embraced in the most unexpected corners of our planet. Than…
BhimaraoSubhash 11/20(水) 9:53
@MohamedBinZayed Great man
Sarahi2015yaho1 11/20(水) 9:54
@MohamedBinZayed Hola! Es posible que me lea por favor..
daenelli 11/20(水) 9:58
@MohamedBinZayed Grande Bill Gates!!!! Saludos desde Bolivia
RaderSerge 11/20(水) 10:12
@Made_in_Alsace @MohamedBinZayed Bill Gates and vaccines = the serial killer.
laxmans30698197 11/20(水) 10:41
aly_bandali 11/20(水) 11:01
@MohamedBinZayed One day we will be as audacious to declare the same thing for avoidable blindness in th…
Ruchiers 11/20(水) 15:22
@MohamedBinZayed From India it will be Mr Amitabh Bachchan who did his beat in educating and pushing peo…
SureshS67364410 11/20(水) 15:35
@MohamedBinZayed क्या मैं आप से कुछ उम्मीद कर सकता हूँ
ये जरूर कहूँगा
आप मेरी बात से निराश नहीं होंगे
murprak 11/20(水) 15:35
@MohamedBinZayed 1. Mr. Bill gates should put his brain in organ transplantation and human neural system…
farhancool900 11/20(水) 15:37
@MohamedBinZayed Please build a hospital in our town. There are no hospital in our area. Please do something for our peoples.
VALARIVAN 11/20(水) 15:42
@MohamedBinZayed Great
gillyentrprises 11/20(水) 16:08
@MohamedBinZayed Thank YOU Mr Gates!
You’re an inspiration.
I’m wondering if you’ve any thoughts or blue…
Umarfar95197199 11/20(水) 16:10
@MohamedBinZayed May God bless your efforts!
GiancarloChimie 11/20(水) 16:22
@MohamedBinZayed wish you all the best....
AdeniyiSA1 11/20(水) 16:40
@MohamedBinZayed Sir,I have been hearing about your good gesture, I need you to put an end to poverty in my life,help me
MaryDai90057168 11/20(水) 16:47
@MohamedBinZayed Thank you for sharing this
DebrajMallick6 11/20(水) 17:05
@MohamedBinZayed Proud of you
AbundantBeing1 11/20(水) 17:09
@MohamedBinZayed You're a legend, Bill!
sabahlaw 11/20(水) 17:19
@MohamedBinZayed You eradicate one new or more will come as we hardly understand their roles. Better to research n control
kirankanwar13 11/20(水) 17:20
@MohamedBinZayed Good luck
aftabcanada 11/20(水) 17:21
@MohamedBinZayed Great partnership
abdulrasoul3 11/20(水) 17:22
@MohamedBinZayed Congratulations , thankyou for both your efforts to brink of eradication of any diseases .
AkrmRawh 11/20(水) 17:26
@MohamedBinZayed ❤❤
Karabi25259646 11/20(水) 17:46
@MohamedBinZayed The simple method of immunization and how it saves them from a lifelong disability.
EmmanuelCOdime1 11/20(水) 17:47
@MohamedBinZayed Great Work Guys, keep making the world a better place, @BillGates You are an inspiratio…
Wanderich1 11/20(水) 18:07
@MohamedBinZayed This is the sort of news we love hearing. Thank you Abu dhabi for making the world a better place already ♥️
CHRISTMISSION3 11/20(水) 18:15
TesfayeEbenezer 11/20(水) 18:24
@MohamedBinZayed What a great man
moh_alkhamis 11/20(水) 18:59
@MohamedBinZayed But the need food and energy
JimahLegacy 11/20(水) 19:11
@MohamedBinZayed Thanks @BillGates and @MohamedBinZayed for your great contributions to polio eradicati…
jerrysung888 11/20(水) 19:35
@MohamedBinZayed Why don’t you Run for President?
FahlmanBrad 11/20(水) 19:41
@MohamedBinZayed i remember working in the polio hospital when i was young bill its a tragic illness t…
ElfoulyKarim 11/20(水) 20:07
@MohamedBinZayed Bill, for what it’s worth if I had a billion or two I’d pledge them to the B&M Gates Fo…
loocianum 11/20(水) 20:10
@MohamedBinZayed 01
loocianum 11/20(水) 20:11
@MohamedBinZayed keep RoCKing DooDe!
jonta_sapria 11/20(水) 20:23
@MohamedBinZayed It doedsnt love or heart grandfa bilgates
JagiChan 11/20(水) 20:26
@MohamedBinZayed @BillGates You are amazing. You have been an inspiration for me to pursue Engineering a…
BradleyWales3 11/20(水) 20:30
triciadoll 11/20(水) 20:41
@MohamedBinZayed Wonderful
inthi_nish 11/20(水) 21:22
@MohamedBinZayed @BillGates
Zaudoi7777 11/20(水) 21:40
@MohamedBinZayed Amazing
AbdullaRubai 11/20(水) 21:57
@MohamedBinZayed Hi Bill , do you know what Abu Dhabi is really doing to our countries ? Or you just don…
AnitaMi25098074 11/20(水) 22:24
@MohamedBinZayed hi sir I m big fan of you..from India. I also want to do some thing but ..sir u are ideal for me
alsayyedhussein 11/20(水) 22:44
@hend_mana @MohamedBinZayed what about famine in Yemen ? MBZ can do a lot no ?
saif22522551 11/20(水) 22:47
@AnwarGargash @MohamedBinZayed Together we shall make a difference
marcelavoyages 11/20(水) 22:51
@MohamedBinZayed How long will take to eradicate it???
yu_sal 11/20(水) 22:53
@MohamedBinZayed It's indeed a success story that ought to be taken forward for other vaccine preventabl…
EtidoPrince 11/20(水) 22:53
@MohamedBinZayed Weldone Sir....More Grace!!!
labib710 11/20(水) 22:55
@Nabtaker_ae @MohamedBinZayed الله يهديك لاسلام
tkp1080 11/20(水) 23:13
@MohamedBinZayed Wonderful initiative
ajalmansouri 11/20(水) 23:28
MRR2091 11/20(水) 23:36
@MohamedBinZayed Me pregunto a que se destinan realmente los fondos cuando se perfectamente que ya exist…
Saadaq 11/21(木) 0:17
@MohamedBinZayed Mr @BillGates it’s Crown prince @MohamedBinZayed please!
SaveHum22494051 11/21(木) 0:28
@MohamedBinZayed Good work
Rhema_Me 11/21(木) 0:47
@MohamedBinZayed Great job Bill. Employ me please
KuNCgoVgsvo1ILo 11/21(木) 0:50
@AnwarGargash @MohamedBinZayed يجسّد منتدى بلوغ الميل الأخير في أبوظبي وبحضور ومشاركة بيل غيتس، اجتماعَ…
VictorEkezie_ 11/21(木) 0:50
@MohamedBinZayed It is giant effort towards the eradication of this untoward Godspeed Bill
PAPAVISION1 11/21(木) 1:10
@MohamedBinZayed you to recognize that i'm your client as producer of Appeasement'words done in Microsoft word. Be blessed
2IbowYVR5clQPWW 11/21(木) 1:17
@AnwarGargash @MohamedBinZayed We are really so proud of his highness Shk Mohamed bin zayed and all his…
HeruDwiS99 11/21(木) 1:23
@MohamedBinZayed This good care and height kindness !
b_canfer 11/21(木) 1:56
@MohamedBinZayed Akbank Gencosman account number: 8628248 Iban no: 840004600307888000082218Can you help me financially please?
2013BBRYP 11/21(木) 2:10
@MohamedBinZayed Great work Sir
69stranger96 11/21(木) 2:15
@MohamedBinZayed sofi analiz yapayimmi
aakarmodel 11/21(木) 2:17
@MohamedBinZayed Dear @BillGates ,

m_dager 11/21(木) 2:52
@MohamedBinZayed Honoured to have leaders and thinkers who care about world's & humanity wellbeing... so proud
AceYamashita 11/21(木) 2:57
@ManuelRabate @MohamedBinZayed I support it with my heart and music.
PoeisR 11/21(木) 3:31
@MohamedBinZayed Hopefully what is next on the agenda is to end HIV in america.they came up with a vacci…
ahmed_helmyrev 11/21(木) 3:51
is killer
mhmele 11/21(木) 4:07
mammambashar 11/21(木) 4:42
@MohamedBinZayed Mr Gates how about poverty it's the number 1 killer 1 disease....and malnutrition too...
Meraj82291581 11/21(木) 4:47
@MohamedBinZayed Internent4Iran
donn_morgan 11/21(木) 5:06
@MohamedBinZayed Good for you too,Sir!
russellc1968 11/21(木) 5:40
@MohamedBinZayed This is HUGE, well done Mr Gates for caring enough to do something about helping to era…
JOHNROB79 11/21(木) 6:19
@MohamedBinZayed Another job for you boys end Mike Ashleys reign of pleeeeeeeease
ArielLu26643906 11/21(木) 6:28
@MohamedBinZayed Polio its a horrible disease, it makes me happy when people with a lot of money and pri…
mariade61457661 11/21(木) 10:20
MantriDavid 11/21(木) 13:20
@MohamedBinZayed I'm to work with you
HoseaKambai 11/21(木) 14:52
@MohamedBinZayed More grace upon Mohammed Bin Zayed.
badepinkai 11/21(木) 15:03
@MohamedBinZayed Great
md2lh9c 11/21(木) 15:59
@MohamedBinZayed Sad they won't give up their laws that allow slavery. I don't care how much these arab…
alburypark1 11/21(木) 16:49
@MohamedBinZayed Brilliant . Thanks for all you do for this cause Bill. Any chance of you coming down un…
HPanzarino 11/21(木) 18:01
@FVandenreydt @MohamedBinZayed @JuliaRobertsTV
Jr97168051 11/21(木) 18:36
@MohamedBinZayed What is a quantum diode and why does it like it
T_e_X_a_n 11/21(木) 19:51
@MohamedBinZayed Thanks Bill what a noble cause, keep up the good work!
gloria44524 11/22(金) 2:07
ChhabraGeeta 11/22(金) 2:36
@GatesMiddleEast @MohamedBinZayed UAE Leaders are great visionaries.
Abu Dhabi takes a leap in every thing.
keenpolymath 11/22(金) 4:14
Thank you for the great work, I hope soon we will end the reliance on fossil fuel and your nuclear power…
alikhamis015 11/22(金) 4:40
@MohamedBinZayed That's great , We need this commitment to be fulfilled
mistyswifty1 11/22(金) 5:40
@MohamedBinZayed ☺☺
EdsonMuriloLuc5 11/22(金) 9:53
@MohamedBinZayed Congratulations, Willian and Melinda Gates for the successfull for the combat the pólio…
MutuheObah 11/22(金) 21:12
@MohamedBinZayed Nice
NavaleLakhan 11/22(金) 22:03
@MohamedBinZayed job
Hakim44736415 11/23(土) 8:29
@AnwarGargash @MohamedBinZayed UAE kills children and normal people in Yemen and Many countries to…
Phunggiang11 11/23(土) 11:58
@MohamedBinZayed Ýe
mahaar_arslan 11/23(土) 22:10
@MohamedBinZayed @BillGates Great
ZinnahLivingst1 11/24(日) 1:26
@MohamedBinZayed R
toniOLUMIDE 11/24(日) 7:25
@MohamedBinZayed You're passionate, selfless, focused and Unrelenting @BillGates and @MohamedBinZayed

tomasz 11/25(月) 18:33
MarkusAllen13 11/25(月) 19:16
@MohamedBinZayed Why polio when HIV is still around? Why not ebola or influenza? You just don't hear a…
WorldHealthSys2 11/27(水) 2:38
@MohamedBinZayed Sorry I missed it great people there!
mrahmandesigne1 11/27(水) 23:35
Tam1817 11/28(木) 20:46
@MohamedBinZayed A lucid spirit, in a Healthy body ..
standtall29 11/29(金) 8:25
@MohamedBinZayed Love it keep pushing the positive initiatives.
TheLipstickMUI 12/3(火) 2:07
@MohamedBinZayed You are so humble and so amazing. Bless you Bill. Was an honouyto Mery you and so privileged to photograph you.
Sathish65717021 12/3(火) 18:15
@MohamedBinZayed Thanks god ,, because u give one god at this world mr bill gates
LPM77018973 12/4(水) 2:01
@john_starkin @MohamedBinZayed I thought it was eradicated, What brought it back?

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