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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2019/12/6(金) 3:43 .

Thank you, Sue, for your extraordinary leadership. Melinda and I are grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to lear…

AitmousseM 12/6(金) 3:44
God bless you Bill
zekoxz 12/6(金) 3:44
rupeshmalpani 12/6(金) 3:44
Yo yo, I won right? The grand challange
InvestorZ3n 12/6(金) 3:44
All in $XRP
maiyeruth 12/6(金) 3:44
You such am humbled person,God bless your heart
_J_Peso 12/6(金) 3:45
No Mr Gates make it the best
billyja48690681 12/6(金) 3:45
Bill can have some money
short_maestro 12/6(金) 3:45
Thank you!!
_Kimweno 12/6(金) 3:45
You inspire me with your humility.
NilceUchoa 12/6(金) 3:45
bebetosawani 12/6(金) 3:45
ur happines stays strong bill
Fawadyounus7 12/6(金) 3:45
Sir you ignore and denyied me
Iamchinmay10 12/6(金) 3:46
Love from odisha!
HaithamWork 12/6(金) 3:46
waqas_ahmad0 12/6(金) 3:47
She have done best in all aspect and in his era @gatesfoundation worked more on many specail aspects
tryingtobemeag1 12/6(金) 3:47
You are an inspiration
I hope you see my plea for investment
I’m not asking for much.
selamaw27427393 12/6(金) 3:47
Reading is not so much of a culture in the city i live in, Bahirdar. And having noticed that, i wan…
kirankanwar13 12/6(金) 3:48
God bless sir
PatrickNyato 12/6(金) 3:48
Hello Mr.Gates ,certainly your efforts not invain, all the best in the years to come
zekoxz 12/6(金) 3:48
He has a lot of money
kevin_kayende 12/6(金) 3:49
Thank you Mr Gates !
jeancouture6 12/6(金) 3:50
Perhaps.... her own time was fulfill of action and warm kindnesses. I trust the foundation will welcome…
tosh4168 12/6(金) 3:51
sir how to became a member of your foundation please let me know i am willing to be a member of your foundation.
harpreet_2196 12/6(金) 3:51
wa_chipen 12/6(金) 3:54
Bill Gates your humbleness leaves many of us in silence,as to how unique you are to take good care of this earth.
Awood732 12/6(金) 3:57
Muhidee00924142 12/6(金) 3:58
Ed_ukporo 12/6(金) 3:59
Thank you for your service Dr Sue. I don't know you personally but the Gates foundation has impacted imm…
billydon234 12/6(金) 3:59
i bet it was rewarding ker ching
CancelBillions 12/6(金) 4:01
While you sit on tens of billions of dollars, children in America go hungry, sick people ration their me…
AYassinr 12/6(金) 4:01
Izinto_ezimnyam 12/6(金) 4:04
texbest4 12/6(金) 4:05
Is it me that you're talking about. Is it possible? I will ask to do research at your company once you…
Othman116 12/6(金) 4:05
Congrats for a successful retirement, indeed Africa have seen quite a lot of achievements under your leadership.
santhu1988pa 12/6(金) 4:05
Dear sir how to work for your foundation during free time?
MAhtsha29581613 12/6(金) 4:06
Help Uighur muslims in china
ChimdimnmaB 12/6(金) 4:07
Wow... congrats.
As I also wish to enjoy your scholarship program especially now as I need it dearly. I…
ChimdimnmaB 12/6(金) 4:08
But I have not been able to pursue the program owing to lack of funds please come to my aid. Thank you
juniorjuri 12/6(金) 4:08
The best achievement a manager has is to have formed the best team to have only !! They are fantastic Bill and Melinda
akydaky 12/6(金) 4:09
I am available for the job.
chris_ekwunife 12/6(金) 4:13

Please, what will i do to be part of this foundation?
itzbruhjk 12/6(金) 4:15
Can you make the Xbox available in Jordan so I can play games on a console
LynaSarria 12/6(金) 4:16
Tonyirwo1 12/6(金) 4:18
With your tremendous help as a Philanthropist I kindly ask you for a favour to those victims of Landslid…
wams1980 12/6(金) 4:21
One of us does not forget the good words and good treatment with the groups that he deals with, whether…
abcdefewilliam 12/6(金) 4:22
One person may be the technical agent of the Chinese Communist Party.
Harry Shum He is a top scient…
abcdefewilliam 12/6(金) 4:23
They are now using technology derived from Silicon Valley and Microsoft to monitor the Chinese people an…
siavash22402016 12/6(金) 4:23
i can work in any situation(bad weather ) in any place(north pole,antarctic ) just i am UN refugee in t…
abcdefewilliam 12/6(金) 4:24
Hurry Shum Is the chief artificial intelligence scientist at Microsoft.
He has repeatedly visited member…
H64396073 12/6(金) 4:37
Dm me
abcdefewilliam 12/6(金) 4:43
The great Mr. Bill Gates has been dedicated to charity and saving the world. However, the Communist P…
AneesAb21961681 12/6(金) 4:46
Hi Great @BillGates Sir is passing on my every day and night to the hope that you will see my true feel…
Blake_S_Davis 12/6(金) 4:55
KwakuBillGates 12/6(金) 4:57
I’ll be next
Prydgee 12/6(金) 5:02
Please Fund our "Open Project for CLWHIV" in Zimbabwe that mainly focuses on provision of a balanced die…
ADEYEMORIDWANO2 12/6(金) 5:04
Got me so exited whenever I read from you.
Your family is a blessing to the universe thank you for caring for the poor.
IGEMXROZB 12/6(金) 5:09
Gates what?
SIverySendBooks 12/6(金) 5:30
Excellent! Knowing when your season is over is to be applauded. Many stay in the Church after God left…
Yassine92418585 12/6(金) 5:34
Hi Mr Gates I wish you the best in business as good as possible asking for help
beevies123 12/6(金) 5:52
@SueDHellmann @gatesfoundatio time will tell. Bill Gates will be reelected top of the world again. Because he has the fear of God
abcdefewilliam 12/6(金) 5:54
Great Mr. Bill Gates, I deeply admire and worship you.I know you saved many people. I know you donated a…
HeruDwiS99 12/6(金) 6:03
Good day for these in respect to someone that bring every change.
avrameugenmirel 12/6(金) 6:17
Mr Bill we beg you for help is one month that we beg you for at least a small help from you.if we are di…
HariGuleria 12/6(金) 6:20
The world is a better place due to your foundation. Thanks to each and every cog in this giving organization.
AlkeJakubik 12/6(金) 6:41
Thank you, Sue !
Mogly215 12/6(金) 6:47
We need some good leadership here in Australia. Would you like to be the prime minister?
DzikowskiJason 12/6(金) 6:48
Bill Gates is killing me using psychotronic weapons.
Pastorjjymailc1 12/6(金) 6:56
God bless you brother
BeltreJoseph 12/6(金) 6:57
God bless you for all the you do yes indeed
Pastorjjymailc1 12/6(金) 7:00
You are great my name is pastor John jeans from Pakistan Karachi city Karachi
ideonki 12/6(金) 7:01
Good work guys
sheron_hendrix 12/6(金) 7:11
Bill, I don't know if you are aware of it or not but you have a scam on twitter. I can't tell you how di…
ahilla11 12/6(金) 7:52
Be beautiful x
Davidvictor97 12/6(金) 8:04
Really wanna to talk with you
PatteeyaDuangsu 12/6(金) 8:17
Hello Bill and Say Hello to Sue Desmond-Hellmann,Thank you for helping The world.
LKaram12345678 12/6(金) 8:20
Hello Mr Bill can you help me please I've been tricked by some of your agents at Gates Foundation please I need your help
CutAllTaxes 12/6(金) 8:25

Young woman set on fire on way to court by men she accused of raping her

LoveTheCritter 12/6(金) 9:20
I really liked reading all the positive remarks about you retirement. It’s really heart warming to see…
biaapolinariotd 12/6(金) 9:26
Boa noite Bill tudo de bom
PlumbingGod 12/6(金) 9:26
All dotcoms forsale:
SusanHa08401856 12/6(金) 9:54
I'm also a Sue, obviously not the one inteded for, but, I wish you and your good lady all the very best…
NuttyOne21 12/6(金) 10:05
Hig got any Jobs going in New Mexico? I am a gamer with no amazing skills other then peopleing and carin…
ManishJ07247610 12/6(金) 10:19
Honorable,,, Congratulations
Excellent Super
FirdosAlamKhan 12/6(金) 11:53
The legacy must continue from one person to another one....
LDSAgency 12/6(金) 12:03
DineshK78133807 12/6(金) 12:10
Very great man. Mr. Bill Gates Sir, Please help me Sir
shahroztariqtv 12/6(金) 12:10
PrabhuR51137101 12/6(金) 12:24
Willatacat 12/6(金) 12:27
Bill Gates is chaging the world again.
YArunananda 12/6(金) 12:44
Well-behaved women seldom make history. Nice
sandramaramelo2 12/6(金) 12:46
Bill Gates good morning , on story of Foundation Gates , Dr Sue Desmond-Hellmann with your…
ei7KhicOXx7xGbL 12/6(金) 13:17
주님! 저의 기도를 응답해 주세요.Donate 1 billion won!                           국민 035-21-1044-272 남명수
ELSM_Crypto 12/6(金) 14:19
"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fa…
pFG0PjoCQNhcsN1 12/6(金) 14:56
عايز طلب
and_talented 12/6(金) 15:08
Veenaku03192142 12/6(金) 15:35
Thanks you, sir
Mohamme42068956 12/6(金) 16:22
Jr97168051 12/6(金) 16:25
Thank you Sue.
Ssarava02654225 12/6(金) 16:53
நான் உங்களை சந்திக்க வேண்டும் என்றால் என்ன செய்வது
savada 12/6(金) 16:57
Thank you for helping us save our planet!
Gulssuni 12/6(金) 17:00
Sue?18205?Bill,you including your friends and people should distinguish gulssuni's Kt05,19,2(6 )9 from 205,202,115,4 not gulssuni.
Phillyb4022 12/6(金) 18:31
Thank you all for the good work you do here and overseas.
mrojas_43 12/6(金) 18:49
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
SunilDuddula 12/6(金) 19:11
SunilDuddula 12/6(金) 19:12
Good Night
GreenTreeSight_ 12/6(金) 19:49
Thank you.
Abesslam2 12/6(金) 20:21
Humanity is religion free. Being generous is a natural human precious value.
MenikMaharani1 12/6(金) 20:24
Congratulations for her career from the past and moving forward to the next one
agarwalvivek86 12/6(金) 20:58
Sir i want to learn from you....but how don't know
savahahutuu 12/6(金) 21:25
NguynTh85094711 12/6(金) 21:26
Too great Bill and Melinda
HansenBro1 12/6(金) 21:45
am praying for billgate long life with good health
mrliambi 12/6(金) 21:47
Nizam41697839 12/6(金) 22:34
YashJos06461815 12/6(金) 22:49
Give me $1mil
jeremyawatjen 12/6(金) 23:55
MarkusAllen13 12/7(土) 0:18
Sue afraid of tackling her inner demons or is she afraid of yours?
j3tv5 12/7(土) 1:17
I want to see greats like yourself sir give back on a smaller scale with greater scaling!
WinnerVictoria1 12/7(土) 1:26
Thank you Bill and Melinda , lots thing is from heart not from you famous or so rich.We do beause we all…
val4light 12/7(土) 1:47
I don't actually know u, but thanks for the effort u gave in, within the few years well spent. May poste…
Kengs01089465 12/7(土) 2:09
Long live bill gate
RathodIsabbhai 12/7(土) 3:33
36Kalach 12/7(土) 7:32
Bill and Melinda, I see that you are really good, positive people! Many people both sincerely love you.…
Umaldah 12/7(土) 7:48
Wow!!! You're indeed good dear @SueDHellmann , even the boss praises you. I love @BillGates…
vutuananhvn 12/7(土) 9:26
mrojas_43 12/7(土) 10:13
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
hvd84327034 12/7(土) 13:50
Thank you Sir and Melinda❤️!
sandrobokuchava 12/7(土) 14:20
Dear Bill come to Tbilisi!
PothulaCIO 12/7(土) 15:41
B&M Gates foundation,a true team of Passionate Service Leaders ,MSuzman will raise the bar!Salute for Gr…
anniecait 12/7(土) 16:55
Pay my student loans
RSyankwebo 12/7(土) 18:47
Good morning sir this is Robson from Zambia am am asking for your help, am a student doing degree in nur…
LateefAzimy 12/7(土) 19:16
abcdefewilliam 12/7(土) 19:32
You always think you are a philanthropist, and I know your heart is good.
thank you very much.
But I hop…
abcdefewilliam 12/7(土) 19:32
In fact, the Microsoft company you created has exported a lot of technology to the red autocratic society.
abcdefewilliam 12/7(土) 19:33
I hope you know this. In particular, Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology is flowing into the…
abcdefewilliam 12/7(土) 19:33
After all, the chief scientist of your company is likely to be a spy. Do you think the Communist Party w…
mrojas_43 12/7(土) 20:54
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
abcdefewilliam 12/8(日) 3:53
The digitally centralized society formed by the Chinese Communist Party is even more terrifying than Hit…
snowwhi83868800 12/8(日) 5:15
@Oprah @bishopSarahM @Pontifex @Bishopoftyler @CardinalJWTobin @BishopSeitz @marcorubio @CraigCons
VikasNamdevKam1 12/8(日) 5:43
Hello sir
SistersCoach 12/8(日) 6:23
God All-Mighty Bless!
arturod56888172 12/8(日) 7:22
vlf; )
qqbbjj0 12/8(日) 8:17
Dear Mr. Bill Gates,
This method can save you from treating myopia through laser
treatment, and avoid t…
qqbbjj0 12/8(日) 8:18
I am also a myopia patient. I have been using this product for
about 10 days, and I find it really usef…
qqbbjj0 12/8(日) 8:18
At present, mainstream medicine generally believes that myopia is
But I believe that myopia…
qqbbjj0 12/8(日) 8:18
Then all the trauma that occurred in time could be repaired,
That is to say, the vision mentioned by Mr.…
mrojas_43 12/8(日) 10:55
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
KarenClounch 12/8(日) 13:53
Can i have a few dollars i need to visit the doctor
nature0091 12/8(日) 13:53
Bill, do you know that your country is heavily dependent on oil? And have a lot of debt and no money. W…
Cash4Clickz 12/8(日) 14:41
The most easiest way to start makin money SIGN UP TO START EARNING CASH!!
SomaBha49204306 12/8(日) 15:26
Pls sir help us. I need your help sir. I reopen my shop pls sir help. Very financial problem. Pls pls sir help.
yaseenwarraic11 12/8(日) 16:09
ser your big fan ahmad ali
NurFaishalMult1 12/8(日) 16:36
passion for me who is in college
Navdeep05339102 12/8(日) 17:47
Rare case of being rich by money and heart as well.
ThugLifeBlazer 12/8(日) 19:07
Hey @BillGates check out my twitter sometime, respect.
HamidSwati8 12/8(日) 19:09
Plz sir your darict contact nomber
I want. I meet you
mrojas_43 12/8(日) 21:19
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
ROHITAGARWAL___ 12/8(日) 21:55
My UPI ID for money transaction are "rohitgolu@uboi" & "rohitgolu@barodampay" Name - Rohit Agarwal
hadef_ghffar 12/8(日) 22:03
Dear Bill Gates. Peace be upon you, I would like you to invite you to Islam to have happiness in this wo…
RiikoMuje 12/8(日) 22:19
I better warn you. Creators will kill marihuana smokers and violence humans without mercy. Creation is from love.
RohitSi92941983 12/8(日) 22:30
@billgates sir I want some financial help from you please sir I want to join you I am from india please sir reply soon
OmriAmramShahar 12/8(日) 22:46
mikasasentai 12/8(日) 23:05
Taiwan Yilan, the birthplace of Kavalan Whiskey, has some institutions such as The Home of God's Love an…
AbrahamKifle13 12/9(月) 0:28
dear I AM WRITING THIS LETER TO YOU in absolute despersration i am not ablie to raise money to mee…
AbrahamKifle13 12/9(月) 0:28
dear I AM WRITING THIS LETER TO YOU in absolute despersration i am not ablie to raise money to mee…
Sebasti54104167 12/9(月) 0:51
Can you buy me an IPhone 11 Pro ? Serious question, I’m a 15 year old sophomore.
JonGould16 12/9(月) 2:25
KONOKPAL 12/9(月) 3:00
@BillGates You are worlds No: 1 Richest Person. I heard that you distribute your income to some charita…
8Sancta6Lucia4 12/9(月) 6:05
AedanFavale 12/9(月) 6:29
@BillGates Can you please donate 1.5 million trees to You will forever be in my debt. We can't let this die out.
RiikoMuje 12/9(月) 6:31
Creator God explaind word witch because i have wondered about that. Fysicly other humans torturing human…
444shelby17 12/9(月) 7:02
U can either be Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne ... we don’t get to be both
...Hopefully never Lex Luthor...
mrojas_43 12/9(月) 8:46
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
mrojas_43 12/9(月) 8:47
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
abcdefewilliam 12/9(月) 9:10
They used your Microsoft technology to build a network firewall and mind controller to brainwash the Chi…
catelog7 12/9(月) 13:36
So Correct
SonuYad86640185 12/9(月) 16:11
Thank you for your helping us to save our planet.
chulgun77777 12/9(月) 17:41
빌아저씨의 선행에 많은 국가와 사람들에게 도움을 받았은 거에요. 발전이 안된국가도 발전해 세계균형이 생겼으면 좋겠어요
mrojas_43 12/9(月) 23:05
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
sairajazib1 12/10(火) 0:40
illgetmycoat1 12/10(火) 3:54
And you all can continue destroying the world, for years to come.
AneesAb21961681 12/10(火) 4:17
Hi my dear @BillGates Sir is passing on my every day and night to the hope that you will see my true fee…
BairdMacfarlane 12/10(火) 7:18
How's that lawsuit against the Gates foundation going ? You know the one where you killed and injured co…
Armen_design 12/10(火) 10:09
Great Mr bill
FrancisKGyampos 12/10(火) 11:24
Rahulsi18855940 12/10(火) 21:49
ACCOUNT NO-572302010000016
IFSC -UBIN 0557234
MOTIHARI BRANCH Bank -union bank of India…
mizero250 12/11(水) 14:06
Ooooh ! It becomes powerful foundation in world !!!!
ajoteller 12/12(木) 8:59
@wanakee Please allow me to explain my situation. I am a single mom with ataxia (it’s like ms ) my ex per…
Sanil97592134 12/14(土) 3:38
We teach people to grow their own resources for food, clean water and health care, planing. Its time we…
lekariello 12/14(土) 6:35
AlidouMohamed2 12/15(日) 2:14
SneerPressure 12/16(月) 5:36
KomangEris 12/24(火) 13:15
I would like to sell my art and half the price I would like to donations for cancer people...can anybody…

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