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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2019/12/11(水) 4:21 .

I’ve read a lot of great books this year. Here are some I think you’ll enjoy reading over the holidays.

Dzinertweets 12/11(水) 4:21
Hi, I'm a college student working on a project and if it goes well I stand a chance of getting my ideas…
BenceVarga15 12/11(水) 4:21
Hello Mr.Bill! Where can I talk to you? Only 5 minutes of your time please? It would mean a lot
yungspookzy 12/11(水) 4:21
I'm shitting
yadvendra02 12/11(水) 4:22
Thesanjoy 12/11(水) 4:22
SoonToBeDrNick 12/11(水) 4:22
Thanks! I'll definitely give these a read!!
rupeshmalpani 12/11(水) 4:22
Tweet Your Reply! - _-
Marij19593540 12/11(水) 4:22
I follow you sir
tmbaihaki 12/11(水) 4:22
JoePassmoreIII 12/11(水) 4:22
Do you legit read with the dust jacket on the book?
AravindKHBC 12/11(水) 4:22
Really great sir
DDaitapati 12/11(水) 4:23
Sir please help me nd message in inbox please
rupeshmalpani 12/11(水) 4:23
I am Always Prepared, for Executive Leader @ The Optimist
EsPewynnise 12/11(水) 4:23
¡Adópteme señor Gates!
Falviomachamac2 12/11(水) 4:23
KilatoX 12/11(水) 4:23
Easy and convinient to read a lot of books when you have money in your pocket
NihatBasoglu 12/11(水) 4:23
O kadar para bende olsa, var ya!!
MurchMop 12/11(水) 4:23
You forgot one

The War on Normal People - @AndrewYang
john_antonyy 12/11(水) 4:23
great man of words
yadvendra02 12/11(水) 4:23
its_IAK 12/11(水) 4:23
A must read book well written by @MelindaGates : )
AneesAb21961681 12/11(水) 4:23
Hi my dear @BillGates Sir is passing on my every day and night to the hope that you will see my true fee…
AwaisAh57097258 12/11(水) 4:24
Please recite the holy Quran too....and study will feel satisfaction.... I guaranteed...
LoveyMax 12/11(水) 4:24
ispentforever 12/11(水) 4:24
thank you for this! : )
Katemagnanimous 12/11(水) 4:24
Kinda nicer favour! Thanks alot Sir
MMaketa 12/11(水) 4:24
Unotoverengawo mdhara
Leifco 12/11(水) 4:25
Mike10four 12/11(水) 4:25
Bill, try this book:
KoenvanSeijen 12/11(水) 4:25
Missing books about ! I thought that was a new focus of you?
azurewood 12/11(水) 4:25
I am learning another programming language
naveedahmed 12/11(水) 4:25
Nice, btw do you prefer the electronic version or printed books?
CHAKIRIAhlam1 12/11(水) 4:25
NWeilandMusic 12/11(水) 4:26
have you tried das kapital?
qasimxar 12/11(水) 4:26
Great Human being
Bless u always ❤
Thejadelord 12/11(水) 4:26
Mention @KenMcClureBooks
(UK Medical Research Council )
SetshediJD 12/11(水) 4:27
Hope this finds you in good spirits sir i wrote to you on your website and on your foundation about help…
pp3dp_se 12/11(水) 4:27
"Why we sleep" added, thx Sir❤️
marianneBcruz 12/11(水) 4:27
Lucianawenzel 12/11(水) 4:27
You're an awesome person for to the minimum. I'm a fan!
onno_bos 12/11(水) 4:27
Improving the Design of Existing Code by Martin Fowler
Press2English 12/11(水) 4:27
What a nice coincidence you happen to be reading by a fire when your publicist stopped by and snapped a…
NurseRabbi 12/11(水) 4:27
DNA , toxicology, biometrics on file @DocYilk card hit state of California. @FBIMostWanted vs.…
MyWay88797299 12/11(水) 4:28
I like to read ' the silent book 'without cover that z you ‍♂️
Makcisd 12/11(水) 4:28
I never read any paoer book full.
karljrusnak 12/11(水) 4:28
Billions of dollars and still has to wear multiple shirts for warmth
imentjandyou 12/11(水) 4:29
Love books.
Makcisd 12/11(水) 4:29
Only read in virtual PC.
poorted0 12/11(水) 4:29
Note taken Thank you @BillGates
BrayanMRB1 12/11(水) 4:29
How many books do you read a year?
Makcisd 12/11(水) 4:29
Thanks you.
Nh38XTlRVbtRp7d 12/11(水) 4:30
Bill, родной, я все не упускаю возможности, просить вас о помощи,простите меня, помогите умоляю вас, мол…
sylvia_soul 12/11(水) 4:30
Milena_MGR 12/11(水) 4:30
laurensushii 12/11(水) 4:31
thank you father
Bobmorevc 12/11(水) 4:31
As one of our colleagues at BMGF said, start with the DFW essays. Consider the Lobster will get you ready for Infinite Jest.
santa_care 12/11(水) 4:31
Im still working on Sapolsky’s “Behave”! Is there a slower paced Gates Notes curriculum?
rupeshmalpani 12/11(水) 4:32
I'm sure, We Will Make it Happen!
CookieSmooch 12/11(水) 4:33
Mr. Gates, have you had a chance to read The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
anunnaki1902 12/11(水) 4:33
He likes to read someone else minds
IGEMXROZB 12/11(水) 4:34
starve jalousie
nhvwrites 12/11(水) 4:34
List Missing books: With A Golden Brooch and Before In The Beginning by Noemi H Victoria
Gwydion620 12/11(水) 4:34
How about Richard Dawkins' new book 'Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide' (Random House 2019 )?
HKARGIN 12/11(水) 4:35
6. Cin Ali
flew_shot 12/11(水) 4:35
thanks, bill!
dearshantanu 12/11(水) 4:35
Please allow me to text you in the message box. I need a conversation urgently
PaweSzulc14 12/11(水) 4:36
Ariana speak about you
Persian_Lioness 12/11(水) 4:36
Great thank you for sharing your insights into dome of these authors and book titles however I often fin…
QueenFaithLuke 12/11(水) 4:36
Will you read mine? " I AM STILL HERE" By Aiyana Luke will be found on Amazon Ebook. Thank you for all o…
kriviyfedor 12/11(水) 4:37
Wait a second, and what about “The Moment of Lift”?
charlieriggle1 12/11(水) 4:37
I am now reading one of these books and I’m very impressed with your selection I hope the others are as good. Thanks again
squadralife 12/11(水) 4:38
Thank you for the recommendation!
JakePoysti 12/11(水) 4:39
Have you read Winners Take All by @AnandWrites? I highly recommend it
alycsirpazuos 12/11(水) 4:39
Suas roupas são tão chiques
abcdefewilliam 12/11(水) 4:40
The Chinese Communist Party has seized technology and lost talent from Microsoft Research Asia.
To build…
AudryJonsdottir 12/11(水) 4:40
I thought you were Mr Rogers here
ahmetyl07856639 12/11(水) 4:42
MR Kuran Oku Kuran
RickIsenberg 12/11(水) 4:43
Always surprised to see a physical book being read, not using a Surface...
kevin_ashu 12/11(水) 4:43
drnkumaribbu 12/11(水) 4:44
You are the best, the best epitome of humanity
With kindest regards
qPUMPp 12/11(水) 4:44
These Truths, by Jill Lepore is A Really good read @BillGates

one of my favorites this year is "behol…
sahita 12/11(水) 4:45
Your not youth education understanding.
VerooshTarot 12/11(水) 4:45
I loved the video - the animations are lovely. The book about education, I will def. check out!
MichaelFerring3 12/11(水) 4:46
Bill - I want to buy a MS computer - that has NO update for the next several years. Why - because I plan…
sahita 12/11(水) 4:46
Only 19 men going to college why you understanding logical things.
PeterEd18 12/11(水) 4:47
Thanks Bill Seeing your post calmed my nerves down after getting all stirred up about all craziness in…
amitabarpanda 12/11(水) 4:48
Enjoyed your book when you spoke of the Internet. Want your next book on and imp…
Muazuyakubumila 12/11(水) 4:48
khalidGabary 12/11(水) 4:48
Ana ta Kai wake ta kaya
nadoshma 12/11(水) 4:49
shadabshahkkr6 12/11(水) 4:49
I books lover
TheOne4630 12/11(水) 4:50
ThilankaKodika1 12/11(水) 4:50
sahita 12/11(水) 4:50
Gitas_ 12/11(水) 4:51
Please Sir I know it's very hard to reach you I have admired how you made it in life.Kindly help me grow…
shonboppin 12/11(水) 4:51
Bill I only read what you recommend. Can you please read Harry Potter so I can read it without feeling guilty?
PsychicCPA 12/11(水) 4:51
I always love this list - thanks for sharing! It turned me on to (@HansRosling ), one of the…
prashantdound1 12/11(水) 4:52

1*'How to crack jee mains in 30days'
ChandiCiva 12/11(水) 4:52
I just bought The Way of a Pilgrim by an anonymous Russian monk.
Sea_Dog_Captain 12/11(水) 4:52
Geez, I would have guessed Bill would have trained Monkey readers reading to him!
baburzk 12/11(水) 4:53
Indian primemanister Narender Moodi's regime massacring kashmiri children in Indian occupied Kashmir and…
ApolideL 12/11(水) 4:54
Thank you Bill for these tips. Hope to see you soon back to Italy and Rome if you pass by. Best regards,
James94851400 12/11(水) 4:54
I've dreamed of reading the notes you put in your books .
MardecaART 12/11(水) 4:54
Good looks bruh
Maman_durria 12/11(水) 4:55
Puto crack. Muy fan
HAJMAJA 12/11(水) 4:56
Read it for us sir. We can only read when we are not hungry.
Andrebeaurepr 12/11(水) 4:58
Boa leitura !!!
Tallarico 12/11(水) 4:58
JohnYou86453587 12/11(水) 4:59
I have invention to put fire out
pjzsbxb 12/11(水) 5:01
LuisHenriqueC9 12/11(水) 5:03
vinaybh74562952 12/11(水) 5:04
well after get failure in my first start up I m also reading a book Zero to one in order to create something new next year
gabrielawest 12/11(水) 5:04
Mahmood05693164 12/11(水) 5:05
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.
BurakoffViktor 12/11(水) 5:05
Hy bill I know how game free in game pass
NomfundoGzwane 12/11(水) 5:06
short_maestro 12/11(水) 5:09
Thank you for the list
kunalta32618438 12/11(水) 5:12
SilahisL 12/11(水) 5:13
Bible... The Book of books !!!
pcrunn 12/11(水) 5:13
Thank you Bill Gates, very cool!
RicardoDemiurgo 12/11(水) 5:14
@HistoriaPedro también se los habrá robado por desafiar al sistema?
lengi_90 12/11(水) 5:14
I bet some people think they too will become billionaires after reading these books .
MirekGlinka 12/11(水) 5:14
Read books or even one book by Olga Tokarczuk, I recommend. I note that these are books for intellectuals.
igorcalka 12/11(水) 5:16
im reading this im on 5th tom. sarah j. maas throne of glass
dave_billingham 12/11(水) 5:17
According to some sources Matthew Walker's book Why we Sleep contains scientific and factual errors:
wams1980 12/11(水) 5:19
The most beautiful thing that you can take up your time with, with every book read it , grows in your sk…
dineshkanchan73 12/11(水) 5:19
Namaste Ji
colemanrod 12/11(水) 5:20
Thanks, you’re probably one of the most voracious readers on the planet.
Trendy2Chic 12/11(水) 5:20
dineshkanchan73 12/11(水) 5:20
Kaaliyaaa 12/11(水) 5:21
The book by @SadhguruJV
Nathali41423516 12/11(水) 5:21
Monsieur Gates n hésitez pas à consacrer du temps pour la préservation des espèces animales
JakobLawliet 12/11(水) 5:21
Thank you for these great recommendations!
IgeaManuel 12/11(水) 5:23
Thank you for sharing!
Nabori11 12/11(水) 5:23
Collect thoze moneys Billy boy
pierpi13 12/11(水) 5:24
Do you know that there are scammers who use your name to steal money?
EnviormentalD 12/11(水) 5:26
But you Can't be the Nightmare of the Employee's Bill ?
Lillyb33b33 12/11(水) 5:28
Thanks, Bill for reminding me of what used to bring such joy. Time to take a Twitter break. Maybe, I'l…
MessnerEvan 12/11(水) 5:32
This kind of stuff is why you deserve money.
mrojas_43 12/11(水) 5:36
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
AtilaAkbudak 12/11(水) 5:37
Hiç kitap okuyacak zaman olmuyor sadece iş
JoanDWinston1 12/11(水) 5:42
I liked A Gentleman in Moscow. For something different, try The Bells of Old Tokyo: Meditations on Time…
ZaraNanu 12/11(水) 5:48
Why we Sleep by @sleepdiplomat was a game (sleep? ) changer for me a few months ago.
RobertJ57256793 12/11(水) 5:49
The real BOSS!
Jhonattan_89 12/11(水) 5:51
AmolBorude16 12/11(水) 5:54
!! Improving the Knowledge !!
AngelsService84 12/11(水) 5:57
Acuse me?
adejokeAbdulga2 12/11(水) 5:59
_mascione 12/11(水) 6:04
Read ur Bible Son. Here is a brilliant Daily read about 20min/ day of the bible…
br5491304_brian 12/11(水) 6:09
@mrcjharris1 I really don't care for billionaires no one needs a billion dollars you should be ashamed o…
BlueParrotBooks 12/11(水) 6:10
With the monsters and ghouls in our government, it can be hard to distinguish reality from fantasy. Prin…
lsusatyo 12/11(水) 6:13
Controversy aside, I also enjoy reading “Why we sleep” I have been paying more attention to my REM and d…
obeewan 12/11(水) 6:16
I’ve read two of the five you suggested this past summer, Upheaval - turning points for nations in crisi…
HifzaNasir6 12/11(水) 6:16
Pls must read at least once time Muslims holy book Al Qur'aan
LEEJUNE55462469 12/11(水) 6:21
Have you read The Eternity Project Part 1? It’s a near future science fiction adventure and a love story…
igorcalka 12/11(水) 6:25
i read harry potter all toms. teilight dsgs. and this throne of glass is really way better. and its so fat books
lsusatyo 12/11(水) 6:29
Controversy aside, I also enjoy reading “Why we sleep” I have been paying more attention to my REM and d…
FNusetor 12/11(水) 6:30
Thanks for the recommendation, mentor @BillGates
Mana14061552 12/11(水) 6:31
Books are awesome and so are the trees they are made of. Maybe donate to
Raiders4life509 12/11(水) 6:35
Bill Gates doesn't read books any more.
lissettefern 12/11(水) 6:49
“Book talks”
W6OI9tC8qylBhT3 12/11(水) 6:50
The act of reading many books leads the compressor to detoxification.
gulen54 12/11(水) 6:53
mrsaint54 12/11(水) 6:56
can you send me your old books?
Not just Mr Gates

Everybody on this thread send me your old books
Nshimiy91345991 12/11(水) 7:05
Invests in good ENERGY Bill ; with my find from OCEANS SEAS LACS and RIVERS : "never give up " we have to build a machin.
SankarB84616140 12/11(水) 7:11
Sir I want to write a book about youth committed susiside I need financial assistance from your foundati…
Ganeshan 12/11(水) 7:19
Dear Bill, I am so happy to see you and the Gates Foundation @gatesfoundation encouraging, promoting and…
JurisMedici 12/11(水) 7:19
Gates invested into the vegan industry for profit, not because he gives a dam about animals. With his p…
Loxotron1234 12/11(水) 7:20
Did you read 11.23.63 ? )
zimkitabolo 12/11(水) 7:24
yet we eat of the crumbs which fall from masters' table. Stay blessed as you enjoy December holidays
eldahab_elmasry 12/11(水) 7:26
Mr. Gates
since many years ago i knew about your system windows and since i use it i consider you as an…
billjabr 12/11(水) 7:45
Appreciate you sharing book recommendations. Currently finishing Enlightenment Now. Great book!
techfoundme 12/11(水) 7:46
Hello sir, can you please support our project?
NickXiong11 12/11(水) 7:55
Loved it!
mcoomans 12/11(水) 7:56
Super!! Boa ideia. Vou encomendar meus livros para este Natal. Obrigada!!
NickXiong11 12/11(水) 8:03
My man
thejameschapman 12/11(水) 8:10
Fell asleep three times reading @sleepdiplomat’s book but he said that’s ok. Might have dog-eared the bo…
queenkathryn999 12/11(水) 8:11
Ah sweet Bill
Leonardofinmecc 12/11(水) 8:17
Mr Gates, you should just read (or read again ) the book "Theory of everything" by Stephen charming!
richardheart11 12/11(水) 8:24
While you sit and read, 300 million people around the world are struggling to stay alive because…
Sephiroth_king 12/11(水) 8:30
If you like, please tell me a recommended book.
AYassinr 12/11(水) 8:30
36Kalach 12/11(水) 8:41
Bill - For me, everything is very, very bad!
AbdallahiYoucef 12/11(水) 8:42
Bill I read one book per week is it enough to become a billionnaire ?
20thCigarette 12/11(水) 8:44
The only book people should be allowed to read.
hvd84327034 12/11(水) 8:55
Thank you Sir❤️!
andrenovakoski1 12/11(水) 9:03
Great choices.
chulgun77777 12/11(水) 9:08
책에서 얻을수 있는것은 많지만
흥미를 가지는 책은 찾기가 어려워요.
kutunoko1 12/11(水) 9:11
おはよう☀(^。^ )
mark_api 12/11(水) 9:16
CTechTW 12/11(水) 9:27
Another good book to read is 'TRANSTAS', about Tasmanian tribe, Britain exterminated them, some survived…
gallentan1 12/11(水) 9:32
horsediewalk 12/11(水) 9:34
Muh_IsraSuandi 12/11(水) 9:46
Help me sir... :(
gapsworld 12/11(水) 9:51
How about you read the books that confront your fear of tax and socialism, & contribute what you owe in those!
ParellelReality 12/11(水) 9:57
reading is such a chore for a lot of people, but you have to read a lot to get places in life,
Avinash79784922 12/11(水) 9:59
Hello sir how r u
kumarag77890746 12/11(水) 10:07
Thank you...My choice is Designing Destiny by Daaji,a global spiritual guide.which explains how we can s…
JurisMedici 12/11(水) 10:10
Apparently you missed th books on animal abuse. Good thing there's Twitter....IF YOU"D ACTUALLY LOOK
AmmarKid1 12/11(水) 10:13
Here are 2 more other books for you to read. Let me know what do you think.
iamslick 12/11(水) 10:14
It'll be interesting to see Amazon Ebook stats after every Bill Gates recommendation and the total value…
Rj49231985 12/11(水) 10:17
SunilDuddula 12/11(水) 10:23
Good Evening sir..Thank God u got a time to read book..

Good Habit ...
esatyabharath 12/11(水) 10:44
Waiting for this post
chim_mezie 12/11(水) 10:48
Thank you for the recommendations @BillGates.
JAYDIPBaria18 12/11(水) 10:51
Great job
bruce_lambert 12/11(水) 10:57
Bill, here’s a nice evidence-based critique of Why We Sleep:
DavidjLaurie 12/11(水) 11:11
Book worm hole! Creators. Tractors Epsilon 5. Theme ride.
herybejo1 12/11(水) 11:15
Luar biasa
DineshK78133807 12/11(水) 11:16
Gates Sir, You're great man, Thank god for you
Zemog20 12/11(水) 11:22
Thank you, @BillGates
amfirs 12/11(水) 11:23
Last night at 21.00 PM Jakarta time, Vietnam won against Indonesia 3-0 in SEA Games 2019 Soccer final ma…
RaturiShivaansh 12/11(水) 11:26
Knowledge is the real key of success
BarbaraLogam 12/11(水) 11:27
GhulamR35212162 12/11(水) 11:33
DavidjLaurie 12/11(水) 11:40
Gravois, gravity well problem solved. Thank son for his Drysdale Clydesdale. A Quasar sucked us in, Crea…
87allahabad 12/11(水) 11:45
The Great books is Inspiring all of us for the Great Life partner
xtuncer 12/11(水) 11:45
banhcuonbahanh 12/11(水) 11:46
Wonderful! Hopefully they could be translated into Vietnamese soon.
umozurikee 12/11(水) 11:56
There is one book I recommend you read. I have read it so many times and i keep discovering new things t…
LDSAgency 12/11(水) 12:12
ThantZinLynn2 12/11(水) 12:28
drjagannath 12/11(水) 12:30
Always look forward to @BillGates book reco. Will start with ‘ why we sleep’ , the universal problem !…
MeAsPankaj 12/11(水) 12:39
@kksinghlive कम से कम 1 तो ले ही लो
Iamrizwanktk 12/11(水) 12:46
Have you ever read Quran ?
I am sure not,,but if you did read it to the end,I guranteed you that you wil…
hemantrailway07 12/11(水) 12:54
Read bhagwat geeta of india u will leave all books
Jay56979673 12/11(水) 13:00
# billgate You have money and time for reading books for me I didn't have to spend in reading.. very bus…
rushme205 12/11(水) 13:04
Reading is always a joy ride
Felixmtweve 12/11(水) 13:12
Wish to see you sir.
CalmingNatures 12/11(水) 13:21
Will you please read Unlabeled “Reflections of Insanity”
mirzasabakarim1 12/11(水) 13:25
reading books is always helpful to improf knowledge @BillGates
sandrobokuchava 12/11(水) 13:46
Dear Bill cone to Tbilisi!
AneshSi28909157 12/11(水) 13:49
paramesti21 12/11(水) 13:55
Pak, gak baca bukunya kang pirsa sih
SyedSha52912659 12/11(水) 13:58
Respected sir I am from India Chennai I need one help.
India Chennai.
shiyaqi29 12/11(水) 13:58
syed_82 12/11(水) 14:05
Pori dunya ko computer pay laga kay khud kitaab padh rahey hain bhai jan..
bazaj_harsh 12/11(水) 14:10
Amazing Tweet Sir
loveliness_t 12/11(水) 14:13
Wow! They all sound very interesting! "Prepared, growth and why we sleep" added to my list! Thanks for sharing Sir!
oncovenkat 12/11(水) 14:18
Hi sir read your statement about the problems caused by the ill farmed agriculture produce , since you a…
shushu3d 12/11(水) 14:35
Sir I need a job. Pls help me
mrojas_43 12/11(水) 14:39
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
MundiaMoses 12/11(水) 14:47
I always find the books you recommend very interesting and enlightening
Gulssuni 12/11(水) 14:52
203는 글쓴이 아님.글쓴이는 드라마 속 "동이"가 아닌데 오른 쪽 등의 수술 상처가 조작된 것 같아요.고향 집 님해군 이동면 1706, 등록 주소지인 오빠(1965,9,30?(3,3 ) )…
abhishek_jaypee 12/11(水) 14:54
We r busy in our job..No time to read...
Wakeelk21480798 12/11(水) 15:01
Sir,you can read but we can't.
ahmetyl07856639 12/11(水) 15:05
“Âlemlere bir uyarıcı olsun diye kuluna Furkan’ı (yani hakkı batıldan ayıran Kur’an’ı ) indiren Allah yüc…
semecyanghui 12/11(水) 15:09
As a mother for 2 kids, I really want to read Prepared written by Diane Tavenner, but unfortunately I ca…
VishwacharyaF 12/11(水) 15:11
What do you get from the great books ? ...
What can a writer write more than who he is ? ...
Define wh…
kypros_47 12/11(水) 15:12
Some of us are facing pension cuts, rising prices and using outdated computers. Buying books would be a…
HSayuni 12/11(水) 15:12
exactly !!!
surendragaikwa4 12/11(水) 15:23
Great sir
surendragaikwa4 12/11(水) 15:23
If you don't mind to helf me sir..
saaiien 12/11(水) 15:27
No I'll rather use ur company's products!!!
rajaharrysun 12/11(水) 15:28
God bless you more.
slavehantress01 12/11(水) 15:28
One day i will be like you sir
adsganga1 12/11(水) 15:44
JuhaniLahtinen2 12/11(水) 15:48
I'd rather read People's History of the United States and so should you.
ChopdaMahavir 12/11(水) 15:57
Great source of information and knowledge in addition to most productive use of available time. Regards…
MenikMaharani1 12/11(水) 15:58
Thanks for the suggestion, this hustling business is taking most of my time
kirankanwar13 12/11(水) 16:04
So nice of you sir
Nikitak37394935 12/11(水) 16:08
That's why books are our best friends.....we can spend our best time with books....right??
MeerMuh46738526 12/11(水) 16:15
Great man great parson,,,
Sartaj04485198 12/11(水) 16:16
Good sir
kizz_mike 12/11(水) 16:25
Can't load it... Please list it down here...
TheVksharma 12/11(水) 16:32
Sir, what you got in these books?
ChachaM44823885 12/11(水) 16:38
I will wish to be like you.
Where do you get your appetite for books??
kdgopanikhatri 12/11(水) 16:40
Reading is Lifetime Companion. Readers & Learners R never Alone.
SunnyKu22923563 12/11(水) 16:43
See the health system of the Bihar sir
NouchiManFlex 12/11(水) 16:45
Thanks bro, it gonna be my next deal, read them all
Ven070670 12/11(水) 16:57
Hi,Shri Bill Gates Ji

Your passion in expanding your knowledge,seem to had rooted at your balanced mind…
realblackfelix 12/11(水) 17:45
U are my mentor i always look up to you
tasawar818 12/11(水) 17:47
Uncel @BillGates

I wish ..i can find and read these books ....But i can't..
Sudhanshus9721 12/11(水) 17:48
Sir .. i I want meet you
tajbaryali 12/11(水) 17:56
Mai nay sona hai ap nay her mulk mai logo k madad ki hai par mai chata ho ap pakistan k province balochi…
VDashlin 12/11(水) 17:59
Nice one
NoushinKananian 12/11(水) 18:32
Microsoft is every where. We had Windows 95 at home in 1995 till now. It's ongoing process.
kwang_soo__kim 12/11(水) 18:41
It is hard to read a book that requires time and patience. I respect you for reading many books.
Cabdinasiiry 12/11(水) 18:42
Have you read the greatest of all books - THE QURAN by ALLAH ?
Alitheia_Pylon 12/11(水) 18:54
Thanks very much.
God bless you Bill
that_ayigbe_guy 12/11(水) 19:05
great list thanks Mr Gates. can you all please add the Bible to the list so you know the reason for the holidays.
EyeLightFuture 12/11(水) 19:06
Processing Problematical Parallel Period Probility Proximity Preparing Primary Plan
ADERIBIGBESHINA 12/11(水) 19:10
Thanks Bill
GDopemu 12/11(水) 19:19
abdallahwayne1 12/11(水) 19:32
May God always blessed you with strong health and long life
BigbillsM 12/11(水) 19:33
Awsome wow great USA...peopl
ottokoester 12/11(水) 19:40
Which of them are German-translated?
anwaypasible 12/11(水) 19:44
Kankakee, gala lanes, zion+
add to the cortana text input bar, this: 'tapatalk' is gonna be the name of…
Archana2207 12/11(水) 19:49
Thank you Sir.
My daughter is 10 years old and she is crazy for book reading.
Could you please suggest s…
rrc143 12/11(水) 20:12
I was captured by the film I saw about you and your interest in the new toilet design, but mostly about…
Anishg69934143 12/11(水) 20:23
rrc143 12/11(水) 20:25
My ideas concerning global sewage control reminds me of a back to nature approach I saw on PBS. I rememb…
radioparrot 12/11(水) 20:32
can you share me some of the book sir?
crush75882665 12/11(水) 20:45
you are my idol, learn from you.
SapanaTembhurne 12/11(水) 21:06
Books is an window,
To see the history.
To understand the plan of success,.
To get an inspiration.
MichelleDurant3 12/11(水) 21:10
Gosh! Do you know what it would mean to me for you to read my novel and tweet about it? A life changing…
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 21:10
We have to same clas to do get it grandfa mr grandfa the grandfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 21:11
RolfMLandaas 12/11(水) 21:14
To busy providing renewable elpower everywhere, anytaime at 0.014 $/kWh to boost health, education and e…
arben_halilaj 12/11(水) 21:18
Hello Mr.Bill Gates please in the name of God for a prosperous age, contact me by email for a great job…
Omprakash2199 12/11(水) 21:23
Sir Excellent
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 21:33
Did you love me
avram_nicusor 12/11(水) 21:50
Riquelme1010 12/11(水) 21:58
Have you read: Zoe-The God kind of Life by Kenneth Hagin?

Please read it and I guarantee you that you’…
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 22:11
You hurt me you kill me you sick me you was alexxis me
marshadoucette 12/11(水) 22:12
thanks for the recommendations, I'm looking forward to reading 'Why We Sleep' (before bed, naturally ).
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 22:18
You hurt me you kill me grandfa billgates
KundiAkram 12/11(水) 22:18
What kind of you like to read....would you kindly study Quran Kareem
yuniawa88651963 12/11(水) 22:19
Happy christmast Bill
ah_aghdas 12/11(水) 22:29
chinnamadhu285 12/11(水) 22:31
Reading is improving our skills
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 22:42
:- ) grandfa billgates hem
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 22:50
Hem mis melinda gates
BadarAbbas81 12/11(水) 22:57
I invite you to read the Quran, you may feel real peace and more way to discover.....
Pierre018 12/11(水) 23:01
Nice and I have one favorite book that is in tech AI and great story line by Greg Iles "Footprints of Go…
Jarod_Dag 12/11(水) 23:01
Here’s a great one
MohitSo16672988 12/11(水) 23:11
Sir gates @BillGates @gatesfoundation @BMGFIndia @melindagates mam..
Plz check and support
Mohit soni…
NiteshKumarSha5 12/11(水) 23:15
Great sir, You are a great man
or_abragamovich 12/11(水) 23:15
Have a nice day! Dear Mr. Bill, please write me your contact details (your own email and your own contac…
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 23:16
Kek you have played it miss melinda gates at miss melinda gates @
SarahLopezLyte 12/11(水) 23:19
jonta_sapria 12/11(水) 23:19
This world at just money at grandfa mister billgates hehehe hahahaha i dont know lah at miss melinda gates
reiwanippon 12/11(水) 23:36
Mohammedakola 12/11(水) 23:41
Nice sir .. I suggest you to read The Holy Quran at least once. If you really a good believer in God.
KamdiRenu 12/11(水) 23:54
"सर्व शक्तिमान परमेश्वर कबीर"
पूर्ण परमात्मा आयु बढ़ा सकता है और कोई भी रोग को नष्ट कर सकता है। - ऋग्वेद
Man_Kei 12/12(木) 0:00
Don't consider this tweet to teach You on how to be Rich or how to make your money grow.

Reading a…
HansBergstrm9 12/12(木) 0:09
Hello Bill! Bless you for all that hard work you make for humanity!! I would very much like to have a co…
menkiti14 12/12(木) 0:10
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 0:16
I think his gonna could be a teacher mr grandfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 0:19
I am still spiesssess disgueib in about him mr grandfa billguests
JuliusAyodejiO1 12/12(木) 0:36
Sir, what about those of us who finds it hard to have to for holiday or to read!
JudyAllencom 12/12(木) 0:37
Thanks for sharing.
RSyankwebo 12/12(木) 0:39
Knowledge and wisdom may apply to greatness like him Billgates.
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 0:41
Where we can gonna play
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 0:43
I am sorry was lose you father way because i am not stay at home i am at my aunty home mr the grendfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 0:43
Thank you
dr_naval 12/12(木) 0:49
@Anurag431241740 Happy reading..
Ekkyqinanprase1 12/12(木) 0:52
I am from Indonesia, assalamualaikum
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 0:53
I just want to know about him mr grandfa billgates
DalatToi 12/12(木) 0:54
I have an idea to change the world again, how do I tell you
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 0:54
Kakek i just want to know my heart sick hurt then you know
ee_haji 12/12(木) 0:55
Thank You Bill :- )
jkcirb 12/12(木) 1:19
Please read An oath of fire written by Dr Roopesh Chaturvedi
Vee59959139 12/12(木) 1:31
I’m a fan of your book lists and as an avid lit fan tho not of your intellect, I suggest “Chances Are...…
saiumesh 12/12(木) 1:40
IrawoA 12/12(木) 1:43
AMZPublications 12/12(木) 1:50
@mitpress : "Why Allama Mashriqi Opposed the Partition of India"

"India’s Part…
AMZPublications 12/12(木) 1:52
YAmhouche 12/12(木) 1:53
Thank you living legend
VillanuevaCagas 12/12(木) 1:55
Ok I will try some
VincentMcLaughl 12/12(木) 2:16
Bill is a great man.
I have to re-examine my priorities.
Doing the wash,cutting the grass,washing the ca…
tiziana329 12/12(木) 2:48
Thank you! Had in mind to read “why we sleep” for a wile.. definitely my xmas present to myself now
RadjehBouzegho4 12/12(木) 2:52
2011idowu1 12/12(木) 3:01
Thank you very much sir.
SgY7fH86dZBHiSR 12/12(木) 3:10
Hello you
the best class in life, this is nowhere to be seen.this is really a success, I want to congra…
SgY7fH86dZBHiSR 12/12(木) 3:14
shafeeq13996403 12/12(木) 3:26
Sir please do something to make full world in peace
QamaraM 12/12(木) 3:30
AzqaaD 12/12(木) 3:52
AltarHu90306304 12/12(木) 4:07
I want you to read yourself you can find so many interested things in your self
hankmgreene 12/12(木) 4:50
Nice and I have one favorite book about ASI in the very near future by Hank M. Greene "Ten” about three…
sahita 12/12(木) 5:23
They not impressed or into knowledge , clean water love.
habib_baher 12/12(木) 5:44
Sir I need your
contact me
09179992738p 12/12(木) 6:33
What title of the story content that book?
SanjayBDalal 12/12(木) 6:50
Great to see that you are reading and recommending books that are recommended by your daughter Jenn. I…
AndrewCJohnson8 12/12(木) 7:00
NKaffashzadeh 12/12(木) 7:17
Thanks for sharing these books. Two last one sounds interesting for me. I might try them out.
One questi…
JoshuaS53966598 12/12(木) 7:38
For someone who is new to entrepreneurship and really change there Legacy and family Legacy. What would…
hmmmbuzz 12/12(木) 8:03
Hey Bill Gates! I saw this in Seattle Times ... really enjoyed poster in video, nice touch. I just calle…
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 8:50
Kakek grandfa dont make me proud
ahilla11 12/12(木) 9:57
Being at the bottom of the ladder is good. Every day I tidy up for others. I work with little resource b…
Alia02601658 12/12(木) 13:51
You very good... And my read many book
RAhhhuull 12/12(木) 13:53
Plz give me 2 million dollars
Ivy5051 12/12(木) 14:20
A summary of “want to get more sleep” from “why we sleep “ would be nice.
Devilman2299 12/12(木) 15:03
You are still thinking small. You have to change your level of thinking. Graphine water filter could fil…
whiteez150 12/12(木) 17:54
great to you sir, i really love to read the way you read too. sir is edward prince whiteez
MowMeeTheGame 12/12(木) 18:02
Tech firms spent $1.2billion on Diversity programs in Silicon Valley over the last 5 yrs,what alternativ…
You2011H 12/12(木) 18:49
Moscow is not on my must-visit list, but "A-gentleman-in-Moscow" is already on it. 29 years ago I chance…
LijuanGermany1 12/12(木) 18:59
Thanks for your recommendation.
Sanjeev71880354 12/12(木) 19:21
Help me sir no my home me give the home my daughter
NicodamusE 12/12(木) 19:41
I wish I could read and be like you.
SahilGajbhiye00 12/12(木) 20:32
Nice sir
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 20:37
I want to singer kek i lay away but drama self crasy drama self casy thinnking of you made i am mistake…
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 20:37
Kids grandfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 20:38
I want to see agnes mo performance grandfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 20:42
Man kerina kek
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 20:50
Its lookibg it bice track the grandfa billgates looking speares of go the grandfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 20:57
Help dse agnes mo grandfa billgates
un45B1wq93xJZIW 12/12(木) 21:01
I broke in on December 24 and then I was locked out bye and rest, going for a quiet week I promise you
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:03
I am ment to be with you and him together kek hehehe
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:17
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:22
I am kek
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:30
He is not tight anymore mr grabdfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:35
Yoy was still strong mr the grandfa billgates hehehehe
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:39
I love still tight mr grandfa billgates hehehe
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:41
I am still cant learn mr grandfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:41
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:42
It was still love everything mr grandfa billgates
TEFIKOSMANI 12/12(木) 21:48
Good job
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 21:57
I was so cold like aadc mr grandfa billgates
jonta_sapria 12/12(木) 22:01
I believe kek someone coming someone going mr grandfa billgates heh
AnandAAh9 12/12(木) 23:09
Sir really I want meet you one time my life please accept and call me once my no is 917829087837
Franck4114 12/12(木) 23:23
देश की नागरिकता कैसे मिलती है ? इसका अंदाजा दूसरे देशों के सिटिजनशिप की कोशिश करने के बाद पता चलेगा।हमा…
Sriniva41473307 12/13(金) 0:39
I will also read lot of books. Thanks to @BillGates
NickiB11996164 12/13(金) 1:47
aitmatov_nurbek 12/13(金) 1:58
A simple and kind person asks You to donate money to Yandex-money No. 410019317200576 for children in an…
jigmitus 12/13(金) 2:00
Good books.
BurressMb 12/13(金) 2:39
Why we sleep is so important part of 3s sleep, stress, sedentary lifestyle. According to UC Berkeley Neu…
Ale_DeatK 12/13(金) 3:17
Thank you, I will check some of them for me or as presents for my wife.
Valerie35915541 12/13(金) 3:18
Dear Mr. Gates I hoping you can help my daughters ages 12 & 13 Christmas wish come true. My daughters w…
BashirHAdamu1 12/13(金) 3:27
Try to include the holy Qur'an in your list.for there's more than expectation if one came across it
JohnPossi3 12/13(金) 4:07
Sir lam a bookworm l like books very much
ADattayzi 12/13(金) 5:08
Nice man
Sivleng_Ung 12/13(金) 11:21
Thank you
Aditya__Arya 12/13(金) 11:39
Hey @BillGates
Can You Buy WB and
manukapoor7 12/13(金) 14:56
@peggyanne Hello sir @BillGates great fan of yours . Love from India .
james_smith1122 12/13(金) 16:34
un45B1wq93xJZIW 12/13(金) 18:01
cajeanpaul1 12/13(金) 20:57
Will look into prepared and growth!
HiIRAN4 12/13(金) 21:17
Oh Bill, reading books is really great,but human beings have been involved in metropol and imperialist e…
DanielT28241411 12/14(土) 3:28
Hello Mr. Gates, I have a book that I think you'll enjoy. I know you appreciate informing the public abo…
KBelamkar 12/14(土) 14:39
Sir thanks for those books, but we r a businessman's our business is our books,we meet lots of person in…
TofaniTF 12/14(土) 21:05
Bill gates finished main quest in life and now doing side quest
AlanarElham 12/15(日) 1:34
I am like you love my books and my reading.
Elham j Alamar
RyanC4rd5s 12/15(日) 4:18
Greetings Mr. Bill Gate .... I am Ryan from Indonesia ... for someone like you who is very extraordinary…
RyanC4rd5s 12/15(日) 4:18
of cultures, ethnicities, languages, religions, races, social and economic backgrounds ... become one in…
RyanC4rd5s 12/15(日) 4:18
father ... because we will not be forever in this hopefully You can grant it ... I think for you it's very easy
alheakimberly 12/15(日) 15:36
Sweet heart
inhHng32042064 12/15(日) 23:48
@billgatesfunds I really admire him. Next time I will break through and have to make it look like him! He is great
xDmtHXnnRbNj9fI 12/16(月) 0:04
Hello Mr. Bill, I want to contact you
xDmtHXnnRbNj9fI 12/16(月) 0:07
Please reply to my message
KamdiRenu 12/16(月) 0:22
✨दहेज एक खतरनाक बीमारी है। इसको जड़ से खत्म करें। दहेज मुक्त विवाह क…
nidalazouzi21 12/16(月) 0:34
would you read my life book lool i .... dont know what to say but i can tell you that : look around you…
TheSelvanotes 12/16(月) 5:16
Still I am catching up with your summer recommendation. Will start with Prepared for christmas.
HJuschitz 12/16(月) 9:07
Merry Christmas Mr. ROGERS! I am a tiny representation of the human race, in need of tiny assistance to…
StrongWeGroup 12/17(火) 15:47
Hi Bill, When will you write your next book?
StrongWeGroup 12/17(火) 15:51
If absorbing five books, you can produce one back at least given your formidable intellect and broad spe…
akshaygond1111 12/18(水) 9:47
Love you sir ♥
Emmaccen 12/18(水) 10:44
Role model !
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 14:51
Kakek grandpha
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 17:55
Did you thini i wanna can fluently in english grandfa i wanna come
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 17:58
He is so wise then i look his looked grandfa maybe she is young grandfa melinda gates he
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 17:59
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 18:00
O i look you so old and gentle he is grandfa but you have young with your photos stand sleep on the tabl…
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 18:02
Okay tommorow we continue or q couple hours then grandfa honey billgates okay bye i love you i am so bus…
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 20:51
Kakek i want fuck
jonta_sapria 12/18(水) 20:57
You fuck grandfa billgates
felQPmjDEle9AXZ 12/19(木) 5:23
Hi Bill Gates, tell me which book you wrote and which topic is your favorite one?
Platinis2 12/20(金) 17:31
@alvinfoo Eh... tvoj pohlep je zjebal svet...
sharif_jnr 12/21(土) 15:26
Oga Dey ur Dey why u no go read books
iamtokkida 12/21(土) 16:33
quansimodo 12/21(土) 17:39
ElbaraAbbas 12/21(土) 19:16
Thanks sir
MuslimMahmood 12/21(土) 23:42
It is a pleasure to converse with you. I believe print and screen should complement each other in bring…
Ahmerd_206 12/21(土) 23:52
magmal11 12/22(日) 8:10
Waoh, of the 5 awesome books he is recommending to escort us to the end of year 2019 or usher us into y…
yahyerh 12/22(日) 9:02
MileHightj 12/22(日) 11:38
You look so Mr Rogerish with that sweater and knee cross i'm sure @melindagates is so supportive of it?…
idle_wind 12/22(日) 14:40
“ Why we sleep “ and a nigerian billionaire who is nicknamed African bill gate, we were talking yesterda…
babayo_ad 12/22(日) 18:20
Learning never end
SusanFourtane 12/26(木) 17:08
@GatesNotes Hi! I sent an email through GN's site, but perhaps is faster here. I'm a journalist and woul…
rafisaba19 1/3(金) 19:23
Sir I need s help from your side I need 2000us$only as I have loans and debts I want o clear I am big fa…
HomeopathicRx 1/5(日) 0:17
I recommend you read Levels Of Health by Professor George Vithoulkas, Bill.
biking1963 1/5(日) 1:29
Dear Bill
Please look also this video from a clever German scientist - who also is able to explain compl…
kin2music 1/6(月) 1:05
Include the Bible in there Bill... There's more wisdom in the Bible than in all the world's libraries co…
np_grwl 1/7(火) 22:41
NP AGARWAL世界一フォローを目指しますAiming best in world.
very much interested in all subjects,sciences,myth…

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