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BillGates (ビル・ゲイツ) 2019/12/12(木) 3:30 .

Diane Tavenner had a simple but very ambitious goal: “We wanted to teach kids not just what they needed to get into…

AYassinr 12/12(木) 3:30
john_antonyy 12/12(木) 3:30
great hero and legend
AitmousseM 12/12(木) 3:30
God bless you Bill
ab28dev 12/12(木) 3:30
IamJr_ethelbert 12/12(木) 3:31
Much love sir
nirvanateyze 12/12(木) 3:31
Where iş my indian friend
Michael90375708 12/12(木) 3:31
slydeblack 12/12(木) 3:31
Do you know About Crypto and $Bitcoin sir? When is Microsoft going Blockchain? With ❤️
Nabori11 12/12(木) 3:31
Hey, is this being recorded?
igorcalka 12/12(木) 3:32
yo whats up bill? you think we.ll ever meet in RL?
eBeReN50 12/12(木) 3:32
SaddiqB25 12/12(木) 3:32
May Allaah bless you with ISLAM.
AQarsada 12/12(木) 3:33
ali_ducharme 12/12(木) 3:34
Sad how our educational system has gone down in quality to just what's needed to pass tests during our l…
Ansir77Baig 12/12(木) 3:34
They must read the philosophy and history of the eastern world as well. Just to boost up there general k…
th_wily 12/12(木) 3:34
Sure am. Breed that way Godfather @BillGates.
MutebiBenon256 12/12(木) 3:34
MOHDZEE39636291 12/12(木) 3:35
Wow.. good Sir.
chulita2234 12/12(木) 3:35
So much money and we got so many homeless in America are you embarrassed sir?
MOHDZEE39636291 12/12(木) 3:35
Love you
KingSquancher 12/12(木) 3:38
Hey, maybe help the public get to the bottom of your friend Epstein? You have the ability to save millio…
DavidKirby1 12/12(木) 3:38
Mr Gates ???????
When are Microsoft gonna build a software package that makes me a android ???
Thanking you ...
melissalrice 12/12(木) 3:39
Love this! If teachers were left alone to do their jobs, this is what would happen.
Muhamme63292577 12/12(木) 3:39
That's very good, great remarks to her
LarryLivinston 12/12(木) 3:39
Rule Avoid drugs, alcoholism, and marrying the wrong person.
Ayobami51994901 12/12(木) 3:40
@BillGates Good for this
Karthik47462730 12/12(木) 3:43
Sir can you help me Sir ??? Please Sir ....
skaltu56 12/12(木) 3:44
Great Superb
HardikC81438096 12/12(木) 3:45
sahita 12/12(木) 3:45
Men and women communication.
Milena_MGR 12/12(木) 3:46
AffanViews 12/12(木) 3:46
Thanks for the recommendation Bill. Appreciate it.

For what it’s worth, it’s long been a topic of inter…
Edmund81622290 12/12(木) 3:46
In other word “what we needed for a fulfilled life". Pretty tense
SgY7fH86dZBHiSR 12/12(木) 3:47
Yes, such a book to read is the same as the children's life to break.
sahita 12/12(木) 3:47
Men say Bill Gates and not rude.
akshu6699 12/12(木) 3:50
Your contribution is greatly appreciated sir
SgY7fH86dZBHiSR 12/12(木) 3:54
marc2076 12/12(木) 3:55
Buscar el bien común siempre será loable....
fbjroyal 12/12(木) 3:55
Nice reading, I need to clear the bookshelves before indulging..
rstintegrity1 12/12(木) 4:01
"be prepared" I think I learned in Boy Scouts.
sarfarazaley 12/12(木) 4:03
I will read the book Aries with great interest
Norma90714044 12/12(木) 4:09
Bill I really admire your hard work. I am trying to help my little ones in Nicaragua as much I can. Nic…
SgY7fH86dZBHiSR 12/12(木) 4:10
happy new year, don't drink too much. give 50 thousand dollars to new york to look )
surendragaikwa4 12/12(木) 4:11
wa_chipen 12/12(木) 4:17
I think this book will help also us at our homework center to prepare our children the responsibility wh…
sandrobokuchava 12/12(木) 4:25
Help Georgia it is in crisis!
AizazAkbar2 12/12(木) 4:26
SgY7fH86dZBHiSR 12/12(木) 4:28
randallmbriggs 12/12(木) 4:43
Thank you for sharing!
Imprincesstalat 12/12(木) 4:50
@BillGates Sir! What are your thoughts on the current political situation in India?
tweetpatelneha 12/12(木) 4:57
Great sir...
sahita 12/12(木) 5:11
Have you seen Michael Jordan.
Crystal86717695 12/12(木) 5:11
mr gates i am going to be blunt and 100%, honest. I was shot in the face at 8yrs old. now I have violen…
perrydick 12/12(木) 5:11
PelhamJudy 12/12(木) 5:19
Interesting. But that's already been done! It's called the Bible.
HeruDwiS99 12/12(木) 5:43
Woow... this good and great !. Have nice day for these sir !
Pierre018 12/12(木) 5:45
Good also is youth knowing how to cook to keep themselves healthy in University/college.
Ricardomark15 12/12(木) 5:51
Oh Bill.. I want this
36Kalach 12/12(木) 6:06
Yes, children must be taught not only the general sciences, but also prepared for life in society! I was…
aaron_dustin 12/12(木) 6:06
hvd84327034 12/12(木) 6:31
Thank you Sir and Melinda❤️!
Lizbetharry 12/12(木) 6:43
Who's reading this book too?
KalbaliaPushpam 12/12(木) 7:05
Thanks for suggestion Sir @BillGates
TonyRandazzo8 12/12(木) 7:35
Mr GATES sorry sir, haven't tweeted much some of these enteties! like Facebook; don't know about Twitter…
andrenovakoski1 12/12(木) 7:37
Nice summary of the book, I was curious to know more.
LiberalabuseCa 12/12(木) 7:51
Yup, I agree. I have a game should think about having a chat with myself.
KiranSuniya 12/12(木) 8:03
Well said
man8847 12/12(木) 8:30
Interesting title for a book. If it is ready let me have it now as opposed to later!
namsom2008 12/12(木) 8:34
Bill, have you got any idea what my Windows Key is ? I've lost it
bluemoon3632 12/12(木) 8:39
Good morning.
kishore_nagure 12/12(木) 9:13
Woooooow,sastanga Namaste a Great Teacher,A Sciencist, humanitarian,anesthesia book writer,Iamvery proud…
bigfish0 12/12(木) 9:18
Bill gates stop killing Africans.
W6OI9tC8qylBhT3 12/12(木) 9:46
Helps adopt the Earth Shelf for the climate change infrastructure.
ArhatKarimov 12/12(木) 10:38
weiyehu2 12/12(木) 10:51
well,I love you,so,can you give me a offer
Fasil88064105 12/12(木) 10:57
Sir. I need ur help. Plz give 5Mint. I have an amazing technology. This technology is world first
aryxnsharma 12/12(木) 11:04
I genuinely feel that we need a more skill-based practical system in Indian Colleges. Working on that mo…
SudhirK67259169 12/12(木) 11:08
Thank sir for book.
इन किताब में वो चीज है जो किसी भी पद के ऊपर हो।
GaneshM30425017 12/12(木) 11:57
Good morning sir
I am primary teacher at z p p school Takarkheda ta erandol dist jalgaon State Maharasht…
chulgun77777 12/12(木) 12:19
대학교육의 비용은 졸업후에 높은급여를 주지만 높은교육비용은 감당하기 어려운것 같아요. 입학시 전공취업과 연계하여 돈을벌어 공부하는 시스템도 필요할것 같아요.
WK14136077 12/12(木) 12:23
thx4sharing the info abt the book
gupta21_kirti 12/12(木) 12:32
That school was just amazing. Hope that this kinda schools also existed in real.
softmillionz 12/12(木) 12:33
I follow only You sir @BillGates
ImranKhizar10 12/12(木) 13:22
God bless you sir many blessings always love you
lisa_yeri 12/12(木) 13:29
Omg ok I'm gonna readdddddd....

W xp
vpshop2 12/12(木) 13:40
You're Avery idea powerfull for everyone.
So thankful Mr Bill Gates G
JurisMedici 12/12(木) 13:41
What Kids need is to coexist with all the rest of life. They need to be taught early the importance of…
HardikJ30184454 12/12(木) 13:50
JimmySomawirya 12/12(木) 13:51
@melindagates @gatesfoundation @Comey @FBI @iingwen @RealKimJong_Un @SenSchumer @FoxNews:Mr&Mrs.Gates(My…
DjukaPulcherie 12/12(木) 13:51
Bonjour monsieur Bill gates je revient vers votre haute personnalité vous supplié a genoux je me venir e…
DjukaPulcherie 12/12(木) 13:56
S'il vous plaît monsieur Bill gates ne me rejeté pas regardé ma situation je suis démoralisé je suis dép…
david_sudhan 12/12(木) 14:29
This is nice sound sir which is here from you, education system what to change to life of nature
Mohamme42068956 12/12(木) 15:21
Yes right you are.
prince_phani143 12/12(木) 16:07
Who is your favourite role model sir
lefeavers 12/12(木) 16:11
My goal, L.E.D. crystal invention procurred amognst Thieves. Usa. It was stolen, n Morons like Gate's wu…
GauravShriwas13 12/12(木) 16:14
I appreciate.
AneesAb21961681 12/12(木) 16:28
Hello my lovely dear @BillGates Sir is passing on my every day and night to the hope that you will see m…
Tapasma81748493 12/12(木) 19:26
Please help me sir
9dorZrUoBGBgS2X 12/12(木) 19:42
Please help me undergo stem cell surgery to treat MS patients
9dorZrUoBGBgS2X 12/12(木) 19:42
Please help me
wams1980 12/12(木) 20:08
It is True, life is the largest school in which we learn what we have not learned in schools, colleges a…
SarahLopezLyte 12/12(木) 20:22
Fawadyounus7 12/12(木) 20:26
Boss you are proudy not attention to me and my msgs
Fawadyounus7 12/12(木) 20:27
My mobile number and WhatsApp number is 03060686977 Pakistan
hjNtFDwBrvYdEiJ 12/12(木) 20:31
SgY7fH86dZBHiSR 12/12(木) 22:07
where's the money time goes⛄️
BombiBittBombi 12/12(木) 22:32
36Kalach 12/12(木) 22:37
Bill, forgive me, but hope does not leave me! I will fulfill any of your instructions! Save us!
pineapplepolis 12/12(木) 23:16
Stability. Sleep deprivation; malnutrition; hyperthermia, and heat exhaustion are just components for failure in this country.
lakhumang 12/12(木) 23:19
Got it free download from the link provided by your honour. Thank you so much for this. Wl go thoroughly…
BeniSossoukpe 12/13(金) 0:10
Hi Mr Gates, how are you ?
RajaMohammadWa4 12/13(金) 0:14
me contact your foundation
DeepakS17897919 12/13(金) 0:40
Good for this thought we do not need
book, we need good life.
mrojas_43 12/13(金) 1:01
I need your direct support for a personal project, I would like to communicate directly with you to pres…
derres158 12/13(金) 1:06
Hi Sir Bill how are you and wishing you a Happy marry Christmas to you and all your Family ant the Nation
jigmitus 12/13(金) 1:55
aitmatov_nurbek 12/13(金) 1:58
A simple and kind person asks You to donate money to Yandex-money No. 410019317200576 for children in an…
LoveIsIt61 12/13(金) 3:03
You referred to yourself as an elite, and a globalist, climate change clown. We, the people, will defea…
joseph984 12/13(金) 6:23
@CrownPublishing Charter schools are designed to destroy Public education.
Purusot00520870 12/13(金) 14:01
Holyspiritminst 12/13(金) 21:08
for Jesus says,Give to t…
thenewchrist78 12/15(日) 6:13
Hotel 31 two years 1 year away comes back see you again cred for us
Anita7Gaikwad 12/16(月) 1:08
Sir, let me start the new business of chemical, help me money for just 1 year.
Will refund your money w…
Tasrif14365043 12/17(火) 6:00
"There are two types of donations - publicly and secretly" which one you have.....
Altamas15903000 12/21(土) 1:20
Sir you are great person am Pakistani I want meet you sir
JohnYou86453587 12/21(土) 2:04
Me 2 have 15 grand kids 2 to go to collage
EricTet49012814 1/20(月) 16:15
Hi sir,
I'm about to start a foundation in Ghana can I get any tips on starting it well. Thank you.

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