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 (im a digital artist and character designer! )
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loishh (Loish) 2019/6/19(水) 0:55 .

some flowery art I created during my workshop in rome last week!

dyanisart 6/19(水) 0:56
GodessEve 6/19(水) 1:00
Omg, it is very cool
gothfundme 6/19(水) 1:00
Wow, you're just insane. Gorgeous
Larapic 6/19(水) 1:03
that light Lois <3
DevinElleKurtz 6/19(水) 1:04
This is gorgeous Lois! ❤❤
camadjodha 6/19(水) 1:07
wow this is absolutely stunning!! love the lighting and the colors :D
grigineri 6/19(水) 1:11
I'm borrowing this for my phone wallpaper, loving your style since I meet you several years ago!!!
hotarujaejae 6/19(水) 1:13
such lovely lighting!
theGeekOutGirl 6/19(水) 1:20
magicalRdesigns 6/19(水) 1:34
MucaroBlanco 6/19(水) 1:36
So beautiful
meh2406 6/19(水) 1:47
@actionpilot I love your art stile!
pagestillunread 6/19(水) 2:05
this is so beautiful i'm!!
DrumsCL 6/19(水) 2:09
@spoogles_ Cc @Arpegius1997
Izzy_Zel 6/19(水) 2:57
@kat_blaque Wow that’s beautiful
zeinakassem1 6/19(水) 3:11
You've got no idea how much I adore ur work of pure art. I'm such a fan..
Ps: I always make them my phone's wallpaper
Alberte_Karlsen 6/19(水) 3:31
In love
sunshinewolves 6/19(水) 4:09
I loveeew
Rideth_mochi 6/19(水) 4:16
٩(♡ε♡ )۶٩(♡ε♡ )۶
DEC1MUS 6/19(水) 4:33
I adore this.
Zwitschereva 6/19(水) 5:35
Lovelovelooooove. Especially because of all the colors I love recently combined to one pic
dinxters 6/19(水) 5:36
toddy_042 6/19(水) 6:17
This is the most beautiful thing that I saw today
igobyzoe 6/19(水) 6:34
I am so in love with the colours and lighting in this picture. Unbelievable.
FiveStillAlive1 6/19(水) 9:35
So pretty!!
anellmw 6/19(水) 11:40
@TheDaftGurl Eres tú
Cindy102789 6/19(水) 12:27
I will follow u
Caesar_X 6/19(水) 12:46
Clearly you should spend more time in Rome!
DigitalRPL 6/19(水) 13:59
Omg, that nose is simply precious!
ThegamingLily 6/19(水) 14:00
Sooo beautiful
xinyuyuart 6/19(水) 16:41
midluuna 6/19(水) 16:50
@Lykanos_XIX Wait u were in rome? Oh nooo I missed everything
brensdoodles 6/19(水) 22:11
The lighting in this piece is beautiful
Cheri_OwO 6/19(水) 22:51
So beautiful~
AronCaezo 6/19(水) 23:48
Por un momento creí que era Mon Laferte
Perlylol 6/20(木) 0:25
@mizururu love the style! ✨
maria_weier 6/20(木) 1:34
Flowers + tough look
rocco_anders 6/20(木) 3:16
Rosy and adorable.
HScope54 6/20(木) 4:36
U r doing awesome
ArtMiorats 6/24(月) 5:59
Pretty summer roses.
crzy_joy 6/25(火) 10:18
I love your light! So beautiful! <3
MenamiSai 6/29(土) 10:29
Wonderful artwork!!

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