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loishh (Loish) 2019/8/19(月) 23:06 .

this cryptic spam message in my inbox, plus the auto-generated responses, combine to form pure poetry.

veeexx4 8/19(月) 23:07
Hahahaha, the universe has been aligned!
aniistoll 8/19(月) 23:07
O m g ~ it’s so cyber punk
twilignArt 8/19(月) 23:08
Hell? Heaven?Virtual Reality? Act Right.
Hotel? Trivago.
AbbasComics 8/19(月) 23:08
RBIllustration 8/19(月) 23:09
These sound like the lyrics of a Virtual Self song
huggywuggy2 8/19(月) 23:11
I'm putting this on t-shirts and will be making millions
bye_yena 8/19(月) 23:12
Love it!
Difumino 8/19(月) 23:14
Dominickvdhoff 8/19(月) 23:18
TheMandii 8/19(月) 23:51
Looks like a great cryptic message for an anime
VelCake 8/19(月) 23:55
How Cyberpunk 2077 should start tbh
rosyclockomaton 8/20(火) 1:22
thegirl_inspace 8/20(火) 1:55
Im sure this Is an inv to a virtual reality game
djbrown720 8/20(火) 3:19
Sounds like the intro to an arcsys game.
f1restart3rr 8/20(火) 3:40
JacobTheOracle 8/20(火) 6:16
This reminds me of the emails from Cook Serve Delicious
Andysomniac 8/21(水) 5:03
@ragzouken All three auto responses are very appropriate

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