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 (I play tennis )
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Naomi_Osaka_ (NaomiOsaka大坂なおみ) 2019/10/18(金) 15:04 .

Don’t recall, I have selective memory ‍♀️. Also I have a boyfriend lol

dothedirtybird_ 10/18(金) 15:04
Lol it was so awkward last time because y’all were already dating
KingBiscuit2112 10/18(金) 15:05
Why won’t you answer my question?
itsnotprancis 10/18(金) 15:05
AustinNoPowerss 10/18(金) 15:05
Oh she like black men let’s get it. Naomi hmu boo I’ll wake up at 4 am just to help u serve
tessa_juliette 10/18(金) 15:05
Oh Ellen. (Or Ellen’s media team, because let’s be real ) How far you’ve fallen....
Nanabrako7 10/18(金) 15:05
happy birthday
bdill22 10/18(金) 15:06
Great answer!
quetchuppp 10/18(金) 15:07
TacoTansel 10/18(金) 15:07
Cook her Naomi
ladyady2 10/18(金) 15:09
(But thank you for the birthday wishes ).❗️
420crazyjapan 10/18(金) 15:09
yannascsc 10/18(金) 15:10
9dzhTFh1eySSQRj 10/18(金) 15:10
goodguyjam 10/18(金) 15:10
good honest answer
JaydeSoFetch 10/18(金) 15:10
Ellen is determined for drag this to her grave huh
hanjangho76 10/18(金) 15:10
DoitallDro 10/18(金) 15:12
Naomi is really saying; 'Fuck what you heard'

Geeeett eeeeemmmmmm
shesaboutdone 10/18(金) 15:19
b3autiibzv 10/18(金) 15:25
NaomiosakaG 10/18(金) 15:33
....Thanks, but
YuJett 10/18(金) 15:39
sandpaperjiyong 10/18(金) 15:45
Joke is over played also borderline harrassment
sandeep_kurra 10/18(金) 15:47
Hahahahaha ✌️
KyleDHouse 10/18(金) 15:47
adani_14_16 10/18(金) 15:49
She has me
Popsupersta 10/18(金) 16:01
U have a bf? Fccccccckkkkkkkkk
bneelanjan 10/18(金) 16:04
I happen to share the same birthday and a great fan of yours...Keep winning baby....
goodbyeworld19 10/18(金) 16:09
DiRealAde 10/18(金) 16:16
Who's your boy friend ?
OddeOmontle 10/18(金) 17:01
bolayelund 10/18(金) 17:09
Excuuuuuuse me??????
pseudo_k7 10/18(金) 17:13
@d_aniel_O the last part ,wo bleedi
iam_waley 10/18(金) 17:22
jolimeauwesley 10/18(金) 17:30
KawamotoPsalm 10/18(金) 17:38
Happy Birthday!
polosandclarks 10/18(金) 17:52
Bout freaking time. Put some respect on @YbnCordae name.
amauriv 10/18(金) 18:10
kiyoshinakae 10/18(金) 18:26
Bon anniversaire !!
lightmeupswift 10/18(金) 18:31
Finally sis said it
craigmaz7 10/18(金) 18:33
c'mon @Naomi_Osaka_ i thought we were not supposed to tell anyone about us
conga_2 10/18(金) 18:37
I use to like Ellen; then she pulled this corny sh$t on Naomi. Disrespectful. You teach people how yo…
73hINovrjWC7pcf 10/18(金) 18:39
mrF3RDINAND 10/18(金) 19:15
Broduk828 10/18(金) 19:23
Anangel904 10/18(金) 19:24
You can tell that you’re immature. You prefer a negro named ybn Cordae or however it’s spelled over M…
WATLEYIII 10/18(金) 19:37
Never forget what happened to Monica Seles Be careful with this social media Sh..t.
niknik_b35 10/18(金) 20:08
Lol hope you enjoyed your birthday Naomi❤
GabrielTheTenn1 10/18(金) 20:21
AdityaSaragih2 10/18(金) 20:22
Happy birthday Naomi.....Selamat ulang tahun
EMF_7 10/18(金) 20:31
Stay away from the Glitz of Hollywood, stay with those who have proven honor and good character.
negrodamusfree 10/18(金) 20:38
Thank you for putting that IDIOT in her place. Sheeeeesh.
TriniBev 10/18(金) 20:39
LOL You’ve been trying to tell Ellen. I know this song is older than 22 years old, but maybe you need…
DdaGOAT_19 10/18(金) 20:45
juanmeza1993 10/18(金) 20:48
JerrodGuidry 10/18(金) 21:03
it’s all good.
HologramHoop 10/18(金) 21:27
YBN Osaka
TommyHa67349182 10/18(金) 21:50
prehfred 10/18(金) 21:51
Happy Birthday
m_1926ai 10/18(金) 22:02
KellyBobby5 10/18(金) 22:19
What? Shaken and jealous. But happy for you!
mhwelch1211 10/18(金) 22:40
@snbatman I love your friendship with Ellen. It's hilarious. Also, you and your bf are cute!
themosesimman 10/18(金) 23:08
It's undoubtedly the cutest kei...
KevinTud18291 10/18(金) 23:14
I think she has a crush on you. Lol
AlvinRRivera 10/19(土) 0:10
Wait... What?
Oddyssey__ 10/19(土) 0:19
Cordae got a keeper
Lakers53488896 10/19(土) 1:07
What???!!!!! You have a boyfriend??? No!!!!!!!!! Lololol

Date me. I am Japanese
yeehawgrandma 10/19(土) 1:08
Naomi said
albert_fontez 10/19(土) 2:14
Ha,ha,ha..! Amicalement
franturo 10/19(土) 2:45
Glad to hear the Also part “He a Genius”!
c_ukonne 10/19(土) 3:10
Finally, I thought you would hide me forever..
b2526d2d640b492 10/19(土) 3:37
PurePyjamas 10/19(土) 6:03
Hahahaha finding a boy for Naomi should be a show by itself
ptuan_p 10/19(土) 6:12
@CriticaI_FaiI Ya call that a Birthday wish?
torontoHQ4RG10 10/19(土) 6:23
u havent' blocked her yet? what's wrong with u
NewSebr 10/19(土) 8:46
and that's that about that..
Al_BamaI65South 10/19(土) 8:56
Knowing what I know about Ellen now, this is so cringe worthy. Hopefully youre really finding this fu…
pesachyah 10/19(土) 11:08
Great reply Naomi! It's your story and, you're sticking to it! ☺
georgialobbe 10/19(土) 11:52
emilynicole92 10/19(土) 11:58
Sweetie if you are busy I can help you out with that
blitzzkrieggg 10/19(土) 12:55
We love you @Naomi_Osaka_
mariasuzuki 10/20(日) 1:32
Aunts are the same everywhere.she means well
chriseldamm 10/20(日) 7:03
I love your dynamic with Ellen
Alicia4167 10/20(日) 11:59
you can still have a crush! I do on Idris and I have a boyfriend
Thelord1er 10/21(月) 10:06
Where @YbnCordae at?

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