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Naomi_Osaka_ (NaomiOsaka大坂なおみ) 2019/11/13(水) 23:01 .

Update : Still can’t tell. Yesterday I sounded like Alvin and the chipmunks, this morning I woke up and sounded lik…

erichend13 11/13(水) 23:03
Drank warm tea with peppermint in it
ciarabeautymarx 11/13(水) 23:04
Butters360 11/13(水) 23:05
recepvakvak 11/13(水) 23:05
srtim1971 11/13(水) 23:05
Naomi???????? I am your father. Lol lol. Hey drink hot liquids and rest M
sleepyhead181 11/13(水) 23:06
Get well soon
stoiclord 11/13(水) 23:06
Do you really scroll through your own profile to read your old tweets?
TheFiggyFig 11/13(水) 23:07
uglyfelix 11/13(水) 23:08
Cool! I’m envious
lawanda50 11/13(水) 23:10
I have a cold today and my voice is a mix between Minnie Mouse and Betty Boop.
TriniBev 11/13(水) 23:11
Sorry, can't focus on you right now- sending positive vibes to little Big Sis today in her match - we…
hazukiblue888 11/13(水) 23:12
うがいを してみたら?Please gargle‼️
kujira_dance 11/13(水) 23:12
Get well soon
MHvidtfeldt 11/13(水) 23:17
KellyBobby5 11/13(水) 23:22
Medium. Medium is good!
conga_2 11/13(水) 23:22
Get well soon
caiodark 11/13(水) 23:24
Alvin Vader sounds cool.
thegreatestnao 11/13(水) 23:40
mines both
strange_fruits1 11/13(水) 23:41
Dearth Vader
thegreatestnao 11/13(水) 23:41
but do you have a cold?
mayomayo443 11/13(水) 23:48
get well soon, girl‼️
osushioishi4 11/13(水) 23:49
HA ha ha ha ha。
EMF_7 11/14(木) 0:08
Make Purell your friend.
One in auto, pocket book, at enterence of door: different sizes.
Be well Mis…
Uchiyamadayo 11/14(木) 0:10
Remember you pitched perfect in LA?
ef2bez 11/14(木) 0:30
MoorishBrooklyn 11/14(木) 0:35
Hmm. Going from Naomi to Nathan in the voice is something scary.
abcdef1_2 11/14(木) 0:36
Heh just glad yaz talking ..
U -Always said not your forte .
raya30870321 11/14(木) 1:00
I would go with the dark vater voice
Queen_of_Rats 11/14(木) 1:12
I know I shouldn't have but I laughed
AGAPLATE 11/14(木) 1:16
The force was strong with you sis
sandeep_kurra 11/14(木) 1:17
Hahaha ✌️
harrypotter1994 11/14(木) 1:19
Radi0_Raheim 11/14(木) 1:33
You have the high (soprano ) voice tone of an Japanese girl, but the color & weight of your voice tone…
tg2_yh 11/14(木) 4:30
May the force be with you !
brown_gedge 11/14(木) 4:42
How far into the Karaoke Tour are you.
brown_gedge 11/14(木) 4:52
Peppermint tea,herbal tea or a drop of peppermint oil in coffee. Then you can breath like Darkvader too.
brown_gedge 11/14(木) 4:58
+ Vitamin see.Or get in the Nissan and get outta Dodge.Shutup and drive drive drive,Shutup and drive drive drive!
Carlogunner 11/14(木) 5:24
lord vader*
fretinator 11/14(木) 5:39
Please, oh please use the force for good!! ️
ffsKawhi 11/14(木) 6:09
our voices are always deeper in the morning
m_1926ai 11/14(木) 6:20
お元気ですかー??*\(^o^ )/*
9dzhTFh1eySSQRj 11/14(木) 6:21
あら~なおみちゃん❣️ワオ(;o; )なぜ?大丈夫ですなおみちゃんです
X0fhssPB5c566m6 11/14(木) 6:29
6592ina1 11/14(木) 7:24
Heleon8 11/14(木) 7:54
9HwlbqbkW1z9usS 11/14(木) 8:34
Hello-Naomi-morning JAPANislunch-Natto-OK?
ubu_kras 11/14(木) 9:14
I guess your voice sounds squeaky if you're insecure or in the 'cannot take anything seriously' modus…
niknik_b35 11/14(木) 9:47
Lol hope your voice gets better Naomi❤
kareisyuu1124 11/14(木) 10:01
Are you OK?
brown_gedge 11/14(木) 10:31
Also if coughing and it attack you voice,could be bacterial infection,see doc for antibiotics or can kill you.

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