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realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump) 2018/1/3(水) 9:49 .

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone fro… 96544RT

Splashj1307 1/3(水) 14:38
What is wrong with you????
TheX_Group 1/3(水) 14:38
Compensating for something, Donald?
ChocoHarveyMilk 1/3(水) 14:38
Hey America remember this. @HillaryClinton using your tweet to remind the world what a MORON Trump…
TreatsMeBrian 1/3(水) 14:38
Can you NOT get us into a nuclear war? I’d appreciate it. I like to be alive.
delaneyjaid98 1/3(水) 14:38
Shut the fuck up
thedocwhooves 1/3(水) 14:38
As much of an ass @realDonaldTrump is being here, we all know KJU will never launch missles at the…
DHoganDoranSC 1/3(水) 14:38
Not feeling much safer, tbh, Mr President.
kaththom1 1/3(水) 14:38
Will someone tell you that your behavior is like that of a baboon? Sorry for the insult to baboons.
rsanderlin 1/3(水) 14:38
You are not qualified to lead us.
drivr3g 1/3(水) 14:38
amyjo2301 1/3(水) 14:38
You’re both impotent twats with tiny penises. Now, you rancid sack of shit.…
marmomachines 1/3(水) 14:38
Idiot stupid twitt
JennLoomis1 1/3(水) 14:38
Your lack of intelligence is misleading you
ChristIscariot 1/3(水) 14:38
Too bad @realDonaldTrump ‘s hands are too small to push such a large button. Good laugh you gave m…
Heathervkobrien 1/3(水) 14:38
Just shut up.
TericHorne 1/3(水) 14:38
The POTUS is literally having a pissing contest about nuclear stockpiles. Unbelievable
rex_albino 1/3(水) 14:38
Whot D:
WTH is wrong with you :$
GeethaViswanat6 1/3(水) 14:38
riab_uddin 1/3(水) 14:38
One idiot kim un was enough and affordable to the world. Trump entry to the list is horriable and unaffordable
RTNochEinmal 1/3(水) 14:38
Proud to have a strong leader working for USA! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP. Please pardon Kristian Saucier!
ThatAssameseGuy 1/3(水) 14:38
Your button isn't bigger... its just your hands are a little smaller.
daddymickz 1/3(水) 14:38
Go to bed you stupid old fuck
scales 1/3(水) 14:38
@jack @ev @biz @twitter are you seriously just gonna stand by and do nothing about this?…
BeatrizZarurV 1/3(水) 14:38
What is this high school? Seriously do you realize what you are talking about and the destruction…
srinathpenjarla 1/3(水) 14:38
Sirji aap har subah naashtey mein Kya khaate ho?
Hesselhoffer 1/3(水) 14:38
this is the best thing I've ever seen.
ddnarich 1/3(水) 14:38
Are you announcing the commencement of nuclear war by Twitter you twat?
Bannierebleu 1/3(水) 14:38
Pourquoi tu n'es pas intelligent?
FraudFix 1/3(水) 14:38
Are you 5?
Ilegirl_BTS 1/3(水) 14:38
arishawnx 1/3(水) 14:38
memes_tz1 1/3(水) 14:38
@innocentmsonga American first
BoPetersen72 1/3(水) 14:38
... And
marianaaperezz_ 1/3(水) 14:38
please stop
DenaldTrump 1/3(水) 14:38
Sorry! I am very tired! Have a country to run! I will not rest until we make America THE GREATEST.…
TheRealBushrat 1/3(水) 14:38
Look at this fucking idiot. He is asking for a way out.
otisjnet 1/3(水) 14:38
We have a very sick and dangerous man acting as the leader of our country. He is putting all of us in danger.
_RedPoe_ 1/3(水) 14:38
Smart move not teaching President Dumbass how launching a nuke actually works.
CIMONCARCINO 1/3(水) 14:38
You're a fucking idiot, what is too much to say to you, idiot.
YvonneTazzer527 1/3(水) 14:38
I have reported this account to Twitter for threatening physical harm to potentially millions. Ple…
TraceyFJones 1/3(水) 14:38
Oh you utter knob. Please stop messing about with people’s lives. You’ve been reported to @Twitter…
MarninaLeilani 1/3(水) 14:38
Ohhh... come on now. For real? This is fake news. Right?
markwmoss 1/3(水) 14:38
Nuclear war imminent.... but at least we will have Blue Passports....
AesopDekker 1/3(水) 14:39
So we all get to die because you have a tiny penis?
syzygy10 1/3(水) 14:39
PacificRyn 1/3(水) 14:39
First things first, why did you capitalize "button"?
drivr3g 1/3(水) 14:39
sharadarusia 1/3(水) 14:39
wow. You actually tweeted this. A new low. A truely powerful person doesn’t need to boast about how powerful they are.
Angie35512 1/3(水) 14:39
TerraBorody 1/3(水) 14:39
Dear Lord. So 2018 will be the end then.
BirdieWings80 1/3(水) 14:39
Do you ever work, or just stay on your phone like every other adolescent spoiled brat does all day…
bolivianbabe69 1/3(水) 14:39
shut the fuck up
JohnSmi61376533 1/3(水) 14:39
So the tweet still exists but it only shows up when you link to it directly. It doesn't seem to be…
jurassic_joey87 1/3(水) 14:39
We’re not measuring dicks here, you fucking asshole. Grow the fuck up before you get people killed.
Doofllylol 1/3(水) 14:39
Kkkkkk explode logo c: Um mata o outro e fim
mermchel 1/3(水) 14:39
I just can't believe a POTUS is trying to start a nuclear war via Twitter.
I keep rereading to co…
LaurenItzkowitz 1/3(水) 14:39
I don’t think there’s any winning in nuclear war.
kyungmonn 1/3(水) 14:39
Can’t wait to turn 18 and flee this place
afbizzhop 1/3(水) 14:39
You know what they say about boys who have big nuclear buttons ; )
thegeekflux 1/3(水) 14:39
Unfortunately, both buttons are dwarfed by your bloated asses, your insecure egos, and the fucking…
dgreatestlegen2 1/3(水) 14:39
I kinda wanna see what would happen if he nuked north Korea
DanFistPumps 1/3(水) 14:39
Welp... I was looking forward to this weekend but I guess this is how it ends now. SMDH.
melvinthebird1 1/3(水) 14:39
My reaction when our president tweets such idiotic things
emilytippman 1/3(水) 14:39
This motherfucker is gonna get us all killed
RobertNardin 1/3(水) 14:39
So basically you guys are playing the game "My Dick Is Bigger Than Yours!" Don't mean to offend Mr…
ezridersos 1/3(水) 14:39
President Trump has unorthodox methods but they are effective.
I see now where North Korea wants t…
MiladMasumi 1/3(水) 14:39
tovahleibowitz 1/3(水) 14:39
Mel760858619 1/3(水) 14:39
We are not weak as a nation but to act like a child in a school yard fight undermines our nation.…
jaime_brennan 1/3(水) 14:39
The rest of the world wants you to shut up!!!!
Jones_ATL 1/3(水) 14:39
dickmannd5 1/3(水) 14:39
Our world is wack rn lmao

God tier banter
robertjunebug 1/3(水) 14:39
This ranks among the most insane, dangerous and irresponsible utterances ever.
Donald Trump is a c…
amjad_1970 1/3(水) 14:39
“The art of leadership... consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single a…
ZibaXab 1/3(水) 14:39
@its_a_shu_in this shit to @Twitter ... I am.
GeorgeannBurban 1/3(水) 14:39
Is it really that big or are your hands just that tiny?
KiernanOShay 1/3(水) 14:39
@GOP is it at all possible to get passed the Trump Tribe loyalism and re-start your loyalty to the…
angeldoxie 1/3(水) 14:39
Enough with the pissing contest. You're supposedly the President but you act like a man with a sma…
joestack17 1/3(水) 14:39
Love it.
JoSisenstein 1/3(水) 14:39
I've supported you in the past but this comment is just childish. Grow the hell up and act like a man!
God__is__One 1/3(水) 14:39
@The_1776 Trump is the perfect puppet zioturd shill. Make America look stupid again. Destroy the…
GeethaViswanat6 1/3(水) 14:39
Must give him answer BIG.
leeanne7890 1/3(水) 14:39
Sounds like something a child would say. War is not a game.
patjone76597051 1/3(水) 14:39
Trump you are a fat-assed embarr-ass-ment of a human being. I dealt with ass-holes like you all my…
pontuna2run 1/3(水) 14:39
Is it really tje size of the button or tje performance of that button? Way to go donald
SeekerRedflag 1/3(水) 14:39
Somebody needs to rock your pram 'till you go back to sleep.
CProchot 1/3(水) 14:39
Ha hilarious...when is Twitter gonna realize it may eventually be complicit in the killing of millions of innocent people?!
grammaalice1 1/3(水) 14:39
You can't push yours alone and STOP it before you get us all killed. I realize you're old and going to die soon but STOP
WriteNThrive 1/3(水) 14:39
@HouseGOP @SenateGOP Your President is now casually writing posts on Nuclear war. Your not seeking…
GaryBArnold4 1/3(水) 14:39
Kim Jong Un was right, you really are a DOTARD!! You also have small hands and a small brain.
mjuan3499 1/3(水) 14:39
His slogan should be let's make American tweet again
DownWithDonald2 1/3(水) 14:39
Time to do the right thing @Twitter
Time to pull the plug on @realDonaldTrump
Thisepisodeis 1/3(水) 14:39
I’m sorry the New Year’s resolution for most is to not reward this child like behavior. try again,…
fernetpapi_ 1/3(水) 14:39
Why all know you're bluffing dumbass
mohaseenemran 1/3(水) 14:39
Wo red button dikh raha he , ha daba diya . Nahi dabana tha
annakidrive 1/3(水) 14:39
Oh hell no. The rest of the world ain't gonna pay the price for your dumb ass. Grow the fuck up you mutated Cheeto.
kayladenver 1/3(水) 14:39
Stop. Just stop.
RixIsRed 1/3(水) 14:39
Is he talking about bombs or dicks?
daddymickz 1/3(水) 14:39
this ain't my first pissing contest
mrice2105 1/3(水) 14:39
Good job Mr President, the only way to take down a bully is to stand up to them thank you for brin…
Tony81083994 1/3(水) 14:39
The wall this two leaders are building, will soon collapse.
potentialaction 1/3(水) 14:39
I think that’s what we’re all afraid of. Your stubby little fingers and a button.
jmisraje1111 1/3(水) 14:39
xjadewarrior 1/3(水) 14:39
I'm sorry you are so insecure about your penis that you have to use it to threaten another nation
Ireina_parks 1/3(水) 14:39
OMLI love how Trump always roasts Kim Jong Un!
carolbrumisdead 1/3(水) 14:39
ColbyJensen39 1/3(水) 14:39
Smartgirl6996 1/3(水) 14:39
Kim's people are starving but he isn't! That's for damn sure. He says he is "sending satellites" u…
juarez410 1/3(水) 14:39
You are playing games with a country, do you realize this?
shehusa58039826 1/3(水) 14:39
U.S.A Presedend, DonalTrump, this world you not need to war. Against. During Trump. Era .
VaibhavNegi85 1/3(水) 14:39
So are you both Presidents or small street kids showing off your possession
Sanityreturn2us 1/3(水) 14:39
"Mines much bigger!"
More dick challenge 'diplomacy' from a dick challenged POTUS
TrumpWillWinnn 1/3(水) 14:39
My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed leg…
Murphnik 1/3(水) 14:39
Your button only *looks* bigger because of your tiny, tiny hands.
fuarkylma 1/3(水) 14:39
No one wants to hear about your dick.
TrashPanda11 1/3(水) 14:39
Go kill yourself you ugly cheetoass looking bitch smh.
weiland_jen 1/3(水) 14:39
Does this remind anyone else of a 3rd grade wanna be bully who just sounds laughable? He's so stu…
IamHeretwitting 1/3(水) 14:39
To all the democrats freaking out. Trump said this and a couple of hrs later NK announced they are…
linshartsell 1/3(水) 14:39
Are you sure a junior high kid hasn’t hacked you?
Victori02626328 1/3(水) 14:39
You are literally terrorizing me and my family. When is enough enough for you @realDonaldTrump ? Y…
oldja 1/3(水) 14:39
I'm not for Nuclear war but Kim Jun Un is a total liability to humanity's well being. What a total buffoon!! Go Trump!!
DM8101 1/3(水) 14:39
No matter how insane North Korea's leader is, the mockery of starving people is completely unacceptable.
aaacostaa 1/3(水) 14:39
That's so last year
Jessofalltrade3 1/3(水) 14:40
Kanhi0001 1/3(水) 14:40
But why only nuclear war.....
Lets we spread the war of love...
frank4katana 1/3(水) 14:40
oh goodness you both have small cocks. No amount of nuclear weapons being launched will make your…
Machismo o estupidez, ver quien la tiene más grande ....Que se metan un misil por el fun y lo veremos
Prodigee71 1/3(水) 14:40
Like a little teenaged mean girl, that is how you sound
SteadfastDave 1/3(水) 14:40
Please resign.
trondvtvedt 1/3(水) 14:40
Just like kids. President?
Unbelivable and dangerous!
JAMESBISHOP2347 1/3(水) 14:40
mermchel 1/3(水) 14:40
Could you just go stuff your face with Arby's and KFC and ?
Mussab24 1/3(水) 14:40
daoist 1/3(水) 14:40
you are a stupid small man.
rhuedd 1/3(水) 14:40
@Twitter, tweet below threatens violence. Rules + Policies state “You may not make specif…
colleennewton16 1/3(水) 14:40
Are you kidding me? You are literally comparing button sizes??? The rest of the world doesn’t real…
russowen 1/3(水) 14:40
It's a good thing your hands are too small to push it.
YESemite 1/3(水) 14:40
He didn't just state this. I know you were too busy golfing to pay attention to work. You're late.
unSubtleTees 1/3(水) 14:40
Are you seriously arguing about how big your fucking button is?!? SOMEONE REMOVE THIS ASSHOLE ALREADY!
ohsweetella 1/3(水) 14:40
Truth is the button you have only appears bigger because your hands are so small. You're acting al…
KevinDobies 1/3(水) 14:40
Press this button.
AudreyHYoung 1/3(水) 14:40
Who would like this?! So irresponsible!
AlexKing555 1/3(水) 14:40
SimonIsHott 1/3(水) 14:40
You should just use a ruler for your dick measuring contest. Not nuclear weapons.
Jakerley77 1/3(水) 14:40
Suicide is an option for you, please consider it so you don’t kill all of civilization with your idiocy.
TobyLussand 1/3(水) 14:40
The big BUTTON award goes to the most immature POTUS ever
tryn_times 1/3(水) 14:40
He’s going to have us at war over Tweets.
juniortaeza 1/3(水) 14:40
oh my fuck.
MaryHud2000 1/3(水) 14:40
Call 202-224-3121
Demand your Representatives sign on to bill Restricting First Use of…
Jav1erodriguez 1/3(水) 14:40
NOTHING you do from here out will eclipse that you played chicken with the lives of millions of pe…
Zilly_liz 1/3(水) 14:40
not2deepNu 1/3(水) 14:40
She tried to warn us.
Jordan_G_Finch 1/3(水) 14:40
Best Tweet Ever.
jjjussdoit 1/3(水) 14:40
’m deleted my Twitter I don’t need this shit lol
AndrewWasko 1/3(水) 14:40
Its called fear, they should fear us not us fearing the enemy.
whitetoast69 1/3(水) 14:40
My BuTtOn WoRkS
xendacine 1/3(水) 14:40
Thats a suprise :o
hestyleswn 1/3(水) 14:40
More vamo viver na paz
LeekWhibble 1/3(水) 14:40
some_cracko 1/3(水) 14:40
Just end this already
chefexperte 1/3(水) 14:40
“Mine is bigger than yours!” Bragged like a spoiled teenager.
JorgeSa32186912 1/3(水) 14:40
Can I at least finish college first before I get drafted
14Judy39 1/3(水) 14:40
A 70+ year old man who tweets like a middle school kid. You are a to quote a "clear and present da…
cmcqueen1975 1/3(水) 14:40
Please please please take your position and power very seriously and circumspectly. The world is d…
Tomer_Ben_Yakar 1/3(水) 14:40
If you replace "nuclear button" with "penis", it still works.
alondralgs 1/3(水) 14:40
DenaldTrump 1/3(水) 14:40
Follow THIS account! This is my only real Twitter account! My other one was hacked! I will find wh…
Stowie16 1/3(水) 14:40
This is what america have to be proud of @Rythemz_ @FluidzXI @oAIRo_ @Jpaxster @Dashesz_ @ProdAzrak
muosangeigei 1/3(水) 14:40
I love you!
RealDebbieLynn 1/3(水) 14:40
You’re both pathetic
stevemay41 1/3(水) 14:40
LoriLPringle 1/3(水) 14:40
WTAF IS WRONG WITH YOU??? People have been wondering for a long time, but IMHO, you are a blitheri…
Sadgirlcwl 1/3(水) 14:40
us future is on a kid’s hand who has 12 years old
milesjjohnson 1/3(水) 14:40
I'm sure the button works. Your brain? Not so much.
Alvino309 1/3(水) 14:40
Cxr1os 1/3(水) 14:40
You’re such a fucking retard holy shit
LdotCastro 1/3(水) 14:40
wannabebassist2 1/3(水) 14:40
AKA my cock is much bigger than yours
DorothyEubank16 1/3(水) 14:40
You are a mindless idiot with the IQ of a doorknob! You show yourself to be totally inadequate and…
MattSheehan1985 1/3(水) 14:40
This should be enough to force you to step down. What kind of moronic fool tweets something like this???
catfishingurman 1/3(水) 14:40
Yeah but be afraid the the illegal mexicans huh!? Not the idiot president who is ignorant, selfish…
ImScoobysFriend 1/3(水) 14:40
You are a child that doesn’t understand that what you think is strength is really weakness. You le…
KatMBoothe 1/3(水) 14:40
@benshapiro I nominate this tweet for the next segment of
RakeshHorkeri 1/3(水) 14:40
there is no dislike button on twitter?
RohitSh62572814 1/3(水) 14:40
Verry nice president
clipzxy 1/3(水) 14:40
y'all sum little kids i swear
john_blinkzz 1/3(水) 14:40
lvlylittlelnly 1/3(水) 14:40
You realize this is not a pissing contest correct?
kaylakc1982 1/3(水) 14:40
Um what happened to Melanias bullshit ass no bullying stance? I guess down the drain with the rest of the swamp water.
APondJumper 1/3(水) 14:40
This is not normal, and it is certainly not Presidential. The sooner you are removed from office,…
Crossfade267 1/3(水) 14:40
You're an embarrassment. Shut up. For the love of god just. Shut up
safimasood 1/3(水) 14:40
You both are just taking the piss out of each other. No one can press the button.
TrumpTorpedo 1/3(水) 14:40
Your just fucking ignorant.
dontapushme 1/3(水) 14:40
Hey Donnie, let’s compare button sizes! I’ll help press your button and see if it really works ; ); ); ); ) )
johnhell 1/3(水) 14:40
Dhimat 1/3(水) 14:40
Who cares, as if which madman could blow up the planet more times than the other was the relevant…
eddietrojan 1/3(水) 14:40
I bet his rocket is bigger than yours.
itsDavisa 1/3(水) 14:40
Liberals on political correctness

Don't insult Kim Jong Un, he may get offended.

It is white st…
JooJi_Marsh 1/3(水) 14:40
ArtyParty37 1/3(水) 14:40
You need to be LOCKED UP For Mental Illness's & Mental Stability! 5150 is no Joke especially comin…
Catwench 1/3(水) 14:40
This is the most "my dick is bigger than yours" garbage I have ever seen.
yblehs199 1/3(水) 14:40
bruh none of us care about your penis insecurities
NiicoleKiing 1/3(水) 14:40
Are you fucken nuts old man? Knock it off.
redrussky 1/3(水) 14:40
You're a joke
MarshmalowMatty 1/3(水) 14:40
Dear Donald,
the fuck you doing? Cut that shit out
Sincerely, the entire West Coast
grayulvie1 1/3(水) 14:40
So your saying....they don’t have Nuclear weapons.
AllanTheRev 1/3(水) 14:40
Arashicage_ 1/3(水) 14:40
i am not even a fan of yours but you've got some balls.
good for you.
iamjamohmwangi 1/3(水) 14:40
Carolynaldridg8 1/3(水) 14:40
And for all u whiners and alt left or whatever u are let me just send a lil something to u all her…
cameron99516 1/3(水) 14:40
So I guess penis references are presidential now?
ViciousKitties 1/3(水) 14:40
curtab7 1/3(水) 14:40
.@Twitter isn’t threatening to kill people grounds for being banned?
steveEspo91 1/3(水) 14:41
Wow. You’d think our president would have outgrown the whole “Mine’s bigger than yours” phase.
AJLarranaga 1/3(水) 14:41
Please, for the love of all things holy, grow a few brain cells, grow up, shut up, and quit playin…
isaquevedo1 1/3(水) 14:41
You're gonna get us all killed! F.... orange moron!!!!
Govt_Issue_Joe 1/3(水) 14:41
We get it, you have a tiny little limp dick.
AbjornSell 1/6(土) 2:42
45 acts as a spoiled kid. Still. He is 71, the governing US. president.
EseMiFake 1/6(土) 14:37
Don't worry. This man does not know how to touch the buttons. Ask his wife's face.
fu_kue 1/6(土) 14:40
Why do you keep asking for Un to launch WHY?? Stop please stop
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