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 (Drawing all day err day. 華語/ENG ok!~ ( ‾ʖ̫‾) Instagram Deviantart Tumblr...)
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ttguweiz (GUWEIZ) 2019/7/25(木) 23:32 .


Jujuchiii 7/25(木) 23:32
Rgdraw 7/25(木) 23:33
Awesome work! :D
DarahanBC 7/25(木) 23:34
The selfie is very cute. Great work !
LeninGaston 7/25(木) 23:34
TheCo0k1e 7/26(金) 0:17
So good! Great work :D
MutedGlasses 7/26(金) 1:27
My aesthetic in its entirety
Fv101s 7/26(金) 1:28
@TehGameXD Why wasn't i born looking like this
boarandcrane 7/26(金) 4:16
I like your girls but I wish you would do a larger variety of characters including guys
lazy_zeal1 7/26(金) 4:36
So amazing OwO always love your drawings ! !!!!
tib8tib 7/26(金) 8:50
I took a long time to understand there is no pencil line. Very nice job!
YeZi______ 7/26(金) 10:21
How can I get such a high-definition picture?
EdgarY34215447 7/27(土) 6:54
Toni Kensa
navfello 8/1(木) 23:39
can i use this picture (specifically the girl on the left ) as my profile picture? with credit of course
Nessmain2 8/14(水) 9:36
@Des_bugg this is off brand ryuko

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