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 (Drawing all day err day. 華語/ENG ok!~ ( ‾ʖ̫‾) Instagram Deviantart Tumblr...)
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ttguweiz (GUWEIZ) 2019/12/2(月) 23:29 .


art_misa 12/2(月) 23:29
C4bslog 12/2(月) 23:29
Love it! Looks really cool
art_misa 12/2(月) 23:30
what an intense look! I really liked the "gray" colors that the drawing has, I really liked it.
marcinterra 12/2(月) 23:30
FrancoDGiant 12/2(月) 23:31
Djtechlive 12/2(月) 23:31
You’re art inspires the hell out of me thank you
TheTrueYammia 12/2(月) 23:36
absolutely beautiful

side note tho, i feel like i'm gonna see a edited version in a lofi hip hop mix soon, i can feel it
GMcFerren 12/2(月) 23:45
Absolutely gorgeous.
Devastated when I check your webpage and no art/prints for sale.
SpriggaN94 12/2(月) 23:46
That's a very cool one.
sasplayer_art 12/2(月) 23:53
never thought cute girls with samurai hats would become my religion
Walter25704685 12/3(火) 0:04
cub_ita 12/3(火) 0:04
@HellyonWorks Congratulations you really do a masterpiece
LuisMez02588207 12/3(火) 0:14
This looks great
Kanazuchibo 12/3(火) 0:28
ghostguild34 12/3(火) 1:36
Your work is absolutely beautiful ❤️
thecoldestlight 12/3(火) 1:57
SamSykesSwears 12/3(火) 3:33
@kristaferanka Amazing!
Rgdraw 12/3(火) 3:34
Incredible work!
BrandonHoang_ 12/3(火) 3:49
@NotLikeFreddy Hey ZEUS
OrionOfTheGala1 12/3(火) 5:36
Your style is eternal!
angel_altair 12/3(火) 13:09
Supa Sugoi!!!
OAlenowolf 12/3(火) 22:41
I love your style, it's so cool
Me encanta tu estilo, es muy genial
Shes_deathProof 12/4(水) 17:23
This is Fabulous,what else is there to say...
sUwUaSYDE 12/4(水) 19:44
Beautiful work, you're an inspiration.
hugothester 12/4(水) 21:37
Wow, amazing
supyo192 12/6(金) 16:40
Beautiful Quiet Fierceness~

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